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Member Application form


Dear student,

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-driven organization. AIESEC enables young people to explore and
develop their potential and to learn more by experiencing the unique development and exchange programs.

The steps of the selection process are as following:
Application form;
The application deadline is the 29th of September, 2010. Kindly, submit a soft and hard copy of this
application form.
Attachments with the hard copy:
A fee of Rs. 100 must be attached with the hard copy of the application.
A picture
3. Whyof the
havecandidate must also
you decided tobeapply
to with the hard copy of the application.
Group activity
The group activities are scheduled for 1st to 3rd October 2010 TENTATIVELY. Dates will be
communicated to all the short-listed applicants.
The interview takes approximately 30 minutes and will be held after the group activity.TENTATIVE Dates
for Interviews are 5th to 10th October. Dates will be communicated to all the short-listed applicants.
Please specify campus mail as well as another email ID in the Application Form.

Good luck!

It is going to be a great learning experience for me to interact with people belonging to different social and cultural backgrounds .h@gmail. What do you think AIESEC is/does (from your point of view)? AIESEC is an organization which helps to develop students by providing them a platform to interact with people of different Cell phone e-mail +923217511113 s. Lahore School of Economics field and year of BBA (Hons) with Double Majors in Marketing and Finance (2008-2012) study What are your first impressions of AIESEC? 1. Pakistan University.Personal data Name and surname Syed Tajammul Hussain Contact address 22. specially my leadership skills. Why have you decided to engage into AIESEC? 2.Developing my professional skills in the field of finance and/or marketing and effectively grooming my personality. Date of birth 21/12/1989 Hometown Lahore. In fact it is an institution which grooms the young minds of students and turns them into leaders for a better tomorrow.tajammul. Zafar Road Lahore Cantt Pakistan +923214065884 tajammul786@hotmail. What do you think you will gain out of it? AIESEC would be helpful in fulfilling my childhood dream of exploring new cultures and meeting new people in a very interactive way.

This is also a major source of creating terrorism. Young individuals are known as the fate of the country and being the rulers of tomorrow we can spread the message of peace. We had four days and we had to cater 100 families (approx 500 people). Obedience of basic rules and patience can help us create peace at basic level. What do you think you can do about it. How well did you do? Did you fulfill what you planned? While working for my family run NGO (UM healthcare Trust). now. At university level many things can be done for the establishment of peace. Racism is spreading at a fast rate and the “unfortunate” ones are ready to do anything and everything for money. while being a university student? The global issue these days is the destruction of peace. The greatest reason of violence is due to the fact that basic rights of humanity are not fulfilled. MashaAllah through effective communication and cost management I managed water supplies for 2000 people in three days time only. 3 Which part of the AIESEC promotions caught your attention? Why? AIESEC provides an opportunity to students under its global exchange program. you. the chance to visit so many places and interact with people of different backgrounds and above all enhance my leadership / management qualities. What is the biggest global issue in your point of view? And why? 5. Describe a situation when you took on a task that you considered a challenge for 4. . we figured out that there was a severe shortage of water supplies in Charsadah and in Mardan where most of the flood effected had taken refuge.

6. student organizations. Previous working experience (companies. • Revised medical insurance lists for all the employees of Coca- Cola Pakistan . GOs…) Organization Area of responsibilities Duration What did you learn from it? • Analysis and auditing of financial documents archive • Comprehensive evaluation and construction of BPV • Approval and endorsement of PCV and APV Coca-Cola Beverages Internee Finance Department Three weeks • Analysis of expenses to Pakistan Ltd call centers • Overview of SAP (System Application Programming) • Analysis of RFA (Request For Authorization) forms • FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) Income Tax Challan review Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd • Updated Employee Profiles • Short listed CVs for Health and Safety Manager (Plant Location) • Designed wall magnets and coasters for coke Internee Human Resource Department Six weeks • Reviewed employees/workers job descriptions • Updated Institute Training Courses (PIMS) schedule for the company. NGOs.

fluently . traveling)? No I have not been abroad. Which foreign languages do you speak? What level? English. • Inter/Intra sports events Beaconhouse Sports • Bridging the gap Society President Two years between the student council and the administration Pakistan has immense talent. product placement and (designer) Marketing Management Trainee ongoing market penetration Understanding and evaluating the UM Healthcare Trust situation is hard. • Taking care of all the sports functions. Sonic Peacemakers Member ongoing Understanding and adapting to new NGO ways of socio media marketing 7. . In my opinion one of the major Lahore Learning Table Tennis Coach Two weeks reasons behind this failure is the fact Campus that we treat masses and not individuals. Tayyab Bombal Market research. 8. but explaining it to NGO Member ongoing others and convincing them to give donations is more difficult yet possible. yet we lag behind . Have you been abroad for more than a week? Where and how (study.

interests (TV. What do you expect to take from AIESEC? Allocate 10 Points in order of importance to you (1 – most important.g. Table Tennis. Movies). HIV/AIDS. Marketing. N. B – Islamic Bayan (Islamic lecture). Your schedule during a week: S – school. F – family and friends. Tourism. J – job. Human Recourses) 4 Other (please specify) GOOD LUCK . empty. Entrepreneurship) 3 Meeting new people and cultures 2 International Internship 1 Personal discovery & orientation 7 Project Management 6 Professional skills development (etc. PR- ( personal responsibilities). R (course revision). Finance. I – hobbies. IT. time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 08:00 N N N S N N N 09:00 R/PR F/PR S F/PR PR/R F/PR 10:00 R/PR F/PR S S F/PR PR/R J (NGO 1) 11:00 R J (NGO 1) S N I PR/R J (NGO 2) 12:00 S J (NGO 2) S PR I S J (MM) 13:00 S J (MM) S R I S F/PR 14:00 S PR S S I S F/PR 15:00 I PR I S J (NGO 1) I F/PR 16:00 S PR S S J (NGO 2) S F/PR 17:00 S J (NGO 1) S S J (MM) S F/PR 18:00 S J (NGO 2) S S I S F/PR 19:00 F J (MM) I I I F/PR 20:00 F R I I B I 21:00 J ( MM) R I R B I 22:00 J (MM) PR I R B 23:30 R / PR PR I R B 10. 10 – least important) Leadership experience Issue development (e.Reading Newspaper 9. Submit the hard copy (in an envelope with the FEE and PICTURE) at the Sports Complex. Room 5A till Sunday. 29th September. 11:59 PM . Thank you for your application! Email the soft copy at ayesha.