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http://www.macombdaily.com/articles/2011/03/02/news/doc4d6ef1a2d34d1554146535.txt macombdaily.com 37 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · • Justin Hicks likes this. • Jack Brandenburg An article from the Macomb Daily yesterday explaining why I will NOT support taxing pensions 36 minutes ago · LikeUnlike •
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Tami Pepperman rather than playing POLITICS, should you not stop the circus itself, and mandate that PENSION be DEFINED in the QDRO ? you can always stick a tax on RETIREMENT, but you are screwing over females, by writing the QDROs as such, KNOWING he is... usually going to end up taking it as a disability, then dying quite early... MAN {hu} up!!! We are human beings, not politics...stop adhering to the politically correct! Hitler walked his liability into ovens, and gas chambers and in front of firing squads, here, attorneys are allowing the liability to freeze, and starve to death thanks to LOBBYING efforts of such as your self, protekkkting us to death as to PC....See More 31 minutes ago · LikeUnlike • George Graves Stick with it Jack....keep the Gold Diggers at bay..... 14 minutes ago · LikeUnlike •

Tami Pepperman it has nothing to do with gold-digging, during your divorce, the attorneys already got your house, and all your shit, your ex wife gets half your PENSION in the QDRO...however, you are usually one of the 26,000 male "suicides" a year after that, or one of the other three MILLION accidental hosptial deaths, prescription medication deaths, or "other" after you happen to fall prey to disability, turning your PENSION into that INDIVISIBLE asset, that

is NOT marital property... neither one of you win, but the attorneys and the IBT laugh hysterically on the way to the bank:) Topolski, v Topolski was recently heard in the Wisc. Supra...you should hear Attorney Owens, and his retard cohorts defend the crap out of the definition of Retirement, and Disability {sarcasm intended} as they protect your money, from you possibly getting it into your hands... the thing is, is that Disability, the definition CANNOT change...why did Topolski end up at the higher court? • Tami Pepperman http://www.wicourts.gov/supreme/scoa.jsp? docket_number=2009AP002433&begin_date&end_date&party_name&sortBy=d ate Date Docket number Caption Audio Mar 01, 2011 2009AP002433-FT Patrick A. Topolski v. Ellen J. Topolski Playback

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