Moral Reasoning


Moral Reasoning AED/202

Moral Reasoning


I am choosing a teenager who is 14 years of age. I think a 14 year old should be at a level 2; conventional morality. Reviewing the stages, a 14 year old should be at a level 3. The reading states that a child at the age of 14 understands that he/she has the capability to be aware of the difference between right and wrong. At this age they are old enough to comprehend that there are policies and rules put in place for their protection, and are expected to follow these rules and policies. They also understand that if they should break any rules or policies that are set, that there will have to be consequences to their actions. Those who make decisions based upon the needs of those around them, referrers to stage 3. While making these decisions, young individuals learn to take others feelings into consideration and are also concerned with social status and relationships.

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