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Do you know of more sneaky tricks?

1. US Marshals put on a dramatic show of security to bias the judge and/or

jury against the target. Two examples are when they put overwhelming
security out on display during Schaeffer’s trial to make it look like the
jury needed to be protected from the dangerous boogeyman who ran a
militia. They also did something similar when they brought Bryce Cuellar
out in court in belly and wrist chains in a jumpsuit “Hannibal Lecter style”
with oven mittens on his hands for simply making a YouTube video the
government deemed threatening. This action by US Marshals makes an
impression on the judge and makes the jury fearful of the target when
the government goes to great lengths to put on such a public display.
2. Prosecutors bribe jailhouse snitches to lie about the target and offer the
snitch leniency for his own crimes. Many prosecutors use this as
common practice even to convict people on death row. If getting a
jailhouse snitch to lie is not feasible for any reason, then the prosecutor
will plant an informant as the cellmate to the target and have the
informant plant ideas in the target’s mind which might provoke an
actionable response against the target. An example will be to have the
cellmate suggest something which is slightly illegal and then see if the
target bites on the idea. This could be something as simple as mailing a
legal letter in violation of a judge’s order to cease and desist. Example:
Jennifer Wright in Dennis Hick’s case.
3. Since almost everyone is on the government dole anyways, pay
informants all over town to be snitches to rat out their neighbors,
especially pizza delivery boys who get a view often not obtainable by the
cops. For more details on this, see the book “When they come for you”
by David Kirby. If you pay the FBI to find terrorist, they will find terrorist
to justify their budget. If you pay people in society to rat out criminals,
they will find criminals even if they have to create them. Most people
love to pretend to be an undercover James Bond to find terrorists in
their own neighborhood, especially if they get paid. See (T)error
4. The FBI and law officials will illegally and unethically leak information to
the media to bias the jury pool or to create their own lying narrative. This
was done in the case of Ted Stevens in Alaska to demonize the target.

The media reporter and the FBI agent were allegedly sleeping together
and meeting in a hotel room where the FBI agent was giving her the
inside scoop on the case. See the book “Not Guilty: The Unlawful
Prosecution of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens” by Rob Cary.
5. The court reporter is loyal to the judge because the judge appoints the
court reporter and thus the court reporter will do as the judge says to
not lose their job. In the case of Kent Hovind, 8 people signed an
affidavit stating the judge said in open court that Kent was “worse than a
rapist” for his positions on the IRS. However, that statement never
appeared in the trial transcripts. We have heard of other cases where
the court transcripts have been modified.
6. Edward Snowden showed us in his book “Permanent Record” that the
FBI/CIA monitors all our communications, banking transactions, media
posts, emails and phone calls. The CIA director bragged that all human
interactions on Earth can be captured by the CIA. Why did Edward
Snowden not get a pardon? Do you want to live in a society that
monitors your every behavior and uses this data for political advantages
on any dissidents who wish to change the system?
7. Not only does the FBI monitor all communications and actions of the
target but they disrupt any efforts, using COINTEL PRO or other methods,
to prevent people from effectively forming an organization. See movie
about Jean Seberg. When the FBI targeted the black panthers, they
would send anonymous letters to the treasurer claiming the leader was
sleeping with his wife. The result is to disrupt the unity of the
organization. The FBI will do whatever it takes to disrupt the unity of any
organization that they perceive as a threat to their monopoly on power
and control. I believe the FBI has infiltrated every militia group and
Oathkeepers organization across this nation.
8. The FBI pays and/or incentivizes informants for a conviction. See video
about “performance incentives” for FBI informants. They will not say
this publicly but it is discussed in the book “The Terror Factory” by Trevor
Aaronson page 45. Informants expect to make hundreds of thousands of
dollars for their undercover work on the FBI target. This incentivizes the
informants to create a crime by planting evidence or provoking a
response. These same informants can also turn on and off their
recorders and cause statements recorded to be taken out of context by

asking provocative questions not being recorded. The response by the
target is then played to the jury out of context. An example would be an
informant says off the recorder “What are you going to do if they come
for your children?” and then only the targets response is recorded and
played for the jury about what the target said he will do to anyone who
comes for his children.
9. The courtrooms use overly complicated magical language in order to
make the judges and attorneys seem special when in reality they are the
parasites of this world and children of Satan destined for an eternal lake
of fire.
10. Lawyers, also known as liars, use fantasy forensics to get a
conviction. See “Dr. Frank Whitehurst FBI lab scandal” or “Brandon
Mayfield Erroneous Fingerprint”. See "Fallible DNA evidence can mean
prison or freedom". There are several books that discuss how junk
science or forensics have been used to convict someone who is innocent.
They manipulate testimony from toddlers as well. See the documentary
titled OUTCRY about how they brought false charges against Texas
football player Greg Kelley. Other similar people are sitting on death row
for manipulated testimony from toddlers by overzealous law
enforcement. Example: Kamala London in Outcry, University of Toledo
11. The false prestige of the courthouse and the long black robe of the
judge is a farce. It makes people think they are entering a place of
justice and virtue when in reality the place is inhabited by the devil’s
children and is a stinkhole of rancid human depravity. You can have
more honesty and integrity over a lunch at Denny’s than most American
courthouses which are nothing but temples to the false god of Baal.
12. The devil judges do not allow anyone to discuss JURY
NULLIFICATION in front of the jury. We should be able to pass out
pamphlets on jury nullification to every jury in America.
13. The book “Let Freedom Ring: A Collection of Documents from the
Movements to Free U.S. Political Prisoners” by Adolfo Perez Esquivel
discusses 24 points of Chinese thought reform that began in Marion, IL.
These methods are used to break the will of any man they consider a
dissident to the US establishment.
14. If the target is capable of raising funds to mount an effective legal
defense, the FBI will infiltrate and disrupt any and all fundraising efforts.

If you don’t believe this, you can ask Schaeffer Cox. Oh wait, you
probably can’t communicate with Schaeffer because they put him in an
illegal CMU prison that was never authorized or funded by Congress and
they control everything that Schaeffer says because they are terrified
Schaeffer will influence anyone to think about liberty and freedom,
15. If you file any legal motions PRO SE, expect all your motions to go
into the garbage. See “Sotomayor voices concerns in case stemming
from court staffer’s suicide note about pro se appeals”. The staffer who
committed suicide was Jerrold Peterson and he said in his suicide note
this has gone on for 13 years. Don’t expect anything to have changed just
because one man with a conscious offed himself.
16. Prisoners across America are suffering massive silencing and
censoring. They do this under the guise of POLICY. It is policy that only
books can come from Barnes & Noble. It is policy that all envelopes must
be white. It is policy that no more than 3 pieces of paper per envelope,
etc…. etc… etc… Covid has made the situation much worse.
17. The FBI will send people after the target’s children using CPS.
If/when the target responds to this threat, the FBI will be ready to
murder the target to finally “fix the Schaeffer Cox problem”, or
whomever is their target of the week.
18. If a plea deal is offered and the target doesn’t take it, you might
face LWOP (LIFE without Parole). Is it normal for innocent people to take
a plea deal? They threaten you with such brutally long prison sentences
and then they make taking a plea deal seem tempting even if you are
innocent. Also, they will interrogate you for days and isolate and even
torture you in hopes that you will break down and take a plea deal.
Karen Howell was pressured to take a plea deal for LWOP even though
she was a minor and was not eligible for the death penalty. Why would
anyone accept a plea deal for the worst possible outcome of LWOP
unless they were pressured to do so?
19. The FBI, also known as children of the devil, interferes in free and
fair elections. Of course, you have free speech in America and you can
say what you like, BUT….. if you get popular and people start listening to
you, you no longer have free speech. If you get popular, expect the FBI
to target you and silence you by whatever means necessary. This is why

the FBI needs to be disbanded and treated as an enemy to the American
20. The devils have to bring some targets to trial 3 or more times to
get a conviction. In each successive trial, they learn how you defended
yourself and then they create satanic Motion in Limines to stop you from
defending yourself. It’s like entering a boxing match with both hands tied
behind your back.
21. The indictment will list a large number of charges, in some cases
thirty or even more. When the jury sees this, they feel compelled to
convict them on something. So, when they get a conviction on even one
charge out of all the ones they indicted, you can get 30 years in prison.
They basically throw as many charges at the wall as they can to see what
will stick. It only takes one or two guilty verdicts to send you up the river
for decades or even LWOP.
22. The FBI is instrumental in setting up false flag events to drive an
agenda like gun control. Sandy Hook anyone? Did someone else say
Covid? Any research on false flag topics is HEAVILY censored.
23. Don’t think that just because you are in a non-extradition country
that you are protected from the American government. In many cases,
the FBI has unethical relationships with their counterparts who will
kidnap you and deliver you to Florida for prosecution even though you
thought you were in a non-extradition country. Just ask Eddie Ray Kahn.
24. If the target has any codefendants that are not high value, expect
the government to approach your codefendants to lie about the high
value target on the witness stand. This helps ensure the target gets as
high a sentence as possible while the rat-snitch gets a slap on the wrist in
exchange for cooperating with the devil prosecutors.
25. When the FBI has you isolated for questioning, they will outright
lie to you. They will tell you that your mother has provided them
evidence of your guilt and all your friends have sold you down the river.
These people have no ethics at all and their goal is to get a conviction so
that they can advance their own careers at your expense.
26. The FBI will go after your wife and your family. Just as the
Matusiewicz family. Or you can ask Mike and Pat Parsons, or Lonnie and
Karen Vernon.

27. The courtroom will become a Hollywood movie when they play
dramatic footage of a brown man firing an automatic weapon in slow
motion to impress the jury how dangerous you are. Do you have JB
Weld, dummy grenades or a flare gun to scare away the Alaskan moose?
If so, you live in a compound (not a home), you have an arsenal (not just
50 bullets) and your 22 firearm is now a weapons cache. After your
conviction in this Hollywood trial, the prosecutors, US Marshals and FBI
agents will attend a fancy dinner at the Kennedy Center where the
Attorney General of the United States will pass out awards for taking
down such a dangerous domestic terrorist.
28. They will use weaknesses in your family relationships to leverage
against the target. They especially like custody disputes. If anyone in
your family is at odds with you, expect them to be approached by the FBI
to be bribed to lie against you.
29. All defense lawyers will tell the you “Don’t talk to the media.” And
that will be your biggest mistake as you sit in prison for 25 years because
you never got to tell your side of the story during that sham of a trial and
the media slandered you with the government’s narrative. So, you are
stuck trying to locate whatever family and/or friends that will still talk to
you and get them to tell your story.
30. During trial, they can also place an 80,000 volt SHOCK COLLAR on
you which can make you piss or defecate yourself. You will be told to
not say anything truthful in front of the jury or they will jolt you with
80,000 volts. You think I am exaggerating? Send a letter to Jeffrey
Weinhaus in a Missouri prison.
31. They usually will not arrest you while you are in the hospital
because that would make them responsible for your hospital bill. So if a
deranged cop tries to kill you while on SSRI drugs and you don’t die from
2 hollow point bullets to the head and chest, you will be free while the
doctors try to save your life. But as soon as the cop learns you didn’t die
in the hospital, you will get arrested and spend the next 30 years in
prison for having the audacity not to die.
32. You may think that you should talk to the police because you have
an alibi. But when you tell the cops that you could not have been
involved because you have a full proof alibi at 8:30 am on Saturday, now
they know all they have to do is change the time of the crime to 10:30

am. So, talking to the police did you no good at all. Don’t ever talk to
the police. They are not your friends.
33. Of course, the FBI destroys and withholds exculpatory evidence on
a routine basis.
34. If you believe that God’s Law is above man’s law as all Christians
do, then you are “BEYOND REHABILITATION” and should be sent to the
pokey even longer. This is the exact phrase used by Schaeffer’s
prosecutor during his sentencing hearing.
35. I believe there are many compromised organizations that work
both sides of the FBI fence. Oath keepers, most media outlets, and even
some organization that pretend to be advocates for prisoners such as US
Observer. I believe these organizations have unethical relationships with
the FBI and may even get kickbacks for providing tips while snitching out
their fellow Americans. If your primary incentive is to make money while
America goes down the tubes, then may you rot in hell. Lookup “Chief
Mark Kessler” who pretended to be a birther all while working for the FBI
to collect and report information on terrorists. Or lookup “Longbow
Productions” associated with the Bundys. If you still operate under the
fairytale that the FBI are the good guys, you might justify in your mind
that you can work for them in an undercover capacity and help make a
boogeyman out of an old man cleaning his rifle in the garage. Maybe you
will feel compelled to turn in your neighbor as a domestic terrorist if it
puts a few bucks in your pocket. See Red Flag Laws.
36. The IRS agents and other government officials are allowed to sit at
the prosecutors table even though they will testify in court. That is
wrong and not supposed to be allowed. When defense witnesses are
going to testify, they are not allowed to sit in the trial at all but
prosecution witnesses are allowed special privileges. See video “IRS
Agent Scott Schneider's Illegal Special Privileges In Court”.
37. If there are zero or not enough complaints about the target, then
find the client list of the targets business and “cold call” each and every
one and ask them provocative questions such as “Did the target treat
you unethically in any way?”. If you do this to enough people and come
as FBI agents with 302 forms, then people will get the general idea that
maybe they can play the victim and get a lawsuit since the FBI is looking
for information anyway. Anthony had over 500 clients and not one

initiated a report of wrong-doing. The FBI had to “cold call” hundreds of
clients before they could locate anyone willing to testify of wrong doing.
No business in America could withstand this sort of scrutiny and
opportunism by overzealous police to entrap the target. Something
similar was done to Daniel Holtzclaw by a lesbian internal affairs
investigator when she “cold called” many of Daniel Holtzclaw’s contacts
to ask them the same provocative questions about indecent behavior.
When asked to describe Daniel in appearance, many of the alleged
victims did not even come close to describing Daniel’s stature and
appearance or ethnicity.
38. The prosecutors will get a vehicle that looks like the targets or a
family member of the target and park it out where the jury parks with a
rifle on the dashboard. Then the prosecutor will lie and claim the vehicle
is the targets or a family member of the target in order to send a
message to the jury that the target is a dangerous man who is trying to
intimidate the jury. If you want to know more details about this dirty
trick, then write a letter to Ronald E. Turner in Colorado.
39. When they want to arrest you or your family members, they will lie
and put up a ruse and tell you to meet them at the police station or
another place like a gas station to “collect your property”, then they will
arrest and/or kill you to avoid a confrontation with you having a home
field advantage at your home. To learn more details on this, ask Jeffrey
Weinhaus about the lie they told him about returning his computers at a
gas station or the lie they told Amy Gonzalez to come and collect her
brother’s property after he had been arrested. Then they used the good
faith of Amy and her mother Lenora to arrest both of them while at the
police station. Amy is serving LWOP and her mother has now died in
prison. The police are liars and they are children of the father of all lies.
40. When officer Philip Brailsford murdered Daniel Shaver in a La
Quinta hallway in Mesa, Arizona, they jury was not allowed to know that
Philip has inscribed on his police rifle the two words “You’re Fucked”
because the judge thought it might bias the jury. However, when the
prosecutors bring us in their satanic courts, they march us in front of the
jury in wrist and belly chains in a jumpsuit with oven mitts in order to
bias the jury against us to paint a narrative that we are domestic
terrorists. Just ask Bryce Cuellar who had a YouTube channel with over

200 million views. The court will use every Facebook post you have ever
liked, the contents of your phone and all your emails in order to slander
and defame you in front of the jury. So, when a cop has “You’re Fucked”
engraved on his police rifle, it is off-limits to the jury. But everything you
have ever done will be used to paint a negative picture of you in court.