From: Chantler, Michael To: Chantler, Michael Sent: April 17, 2008 9:09 AM Subject: CVB Board of Directors Announcement

Dear Member, I will begin by thanking you for your patience during this time of transition at the Convention & Visitors Bureau of Windsor Essex County & Pelee Island. As we continue to promote the region and deliver visitor and member services, there has been a great deal going on “behind the scenes” with regard to our evolution as a destination marketing organization. At a joint City/County Council meeting on March 19th, a motion was approved to strike a transitional CVB Board of Directors to develop a regional strategy for tourism that would include such things as funding and governance. Based on this discussion, the current advisory board is being dissolved. Their last meeting will occur in May/June. We thank them for their time and commitment serving on our board. In many cases they have dedicated years to the CVB and the tourism industry for which we are grateful. Current CVB Board members, as well as stakeholders from the tourism industry, are welcome to apply for the Tourism Windsor Essex Transitional Board. Interested parties should identify the sector they wish to represent (please refer to the attached advertisement outlining board recruitment). The striking committee will consist of three elected representatives from our primary funding bodies City, County and Pelee Island - and they will determine the transitional board. The transitional board's work will take them to late fall/early winter at which time City and County Councils will be approached with their findings/discoveries. Once deliberation has concluded, and the recommendations approved, it is expected that the current CVB organization will morph into a new entity known as Tourism Windsor Essex. Until such time, the CVB will continue to promote this great region of ours and will continue to support its membership. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we travel down this transitional road fully embracing the regional approach to tourism in Windsor, Essex County & Pelee Island. Sincerely,

Gordon Orr Managing Director

----- Original Message ----From: Chantler, Michael To: WAYNE STRONG Sent: April 18, 2008 9:31 AM Subject: RE: CVB Board of Directors Announcement I would love for you to apply Wayne. The process is simple. Just send a letter to the CVB stating your interest, qualifications (stake in the industry, knowledge, experience, organizational ties) and the sector you would be interested in representing. The striking committee will consist of 3 elected officials who will review and select the board members. This board will definitely be a "working" board and anyone with experience creating business plans/strategic plans will contribute significantly to this process. I know you're busy, but if you have the time, we could put your expertise to good use as we move the organization forward. Mike Michael G. Chantler Director of Membership Services & Communications Convention & Visitors Bureau of Windsor, Essex County & Pelee Island

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