The basic lovemaking positions of chakra puja…

2nd center (sex center, at pubic bone area) swadisthana chakra Increases fluidity, charisma, lower creativity, and physical lubrication Any missionary pose variation. (2nd sex center position often done before root center position in order to help with lubrication and male erection). Gonads, pelvis.

1st center: root center (base of the spine/ perineum) muladhara chakra Increases solidity and security – be careful until you know how you fit together – it’s a very deep pose. Prostate, Cervix, perineum and tailbone. Earth Center. Two variations pictured: 1: Her legs on his shoulders

2: Him squatting, her legs on his shoulders

thyroid and parathyroid – space and the void . Love. anahata chakra. 4th Center – center of chest – the air or wind center. man recumbent. drive. digestive and spiritual fires.vishuddha chakra – Position: couple on sides with legs interlaced as shown. compassion. sense of self. empathy. facing man. Man and woman both need to keep the chest open in the position to allow blood and energy to flow through the chest center. 5th Center – throat center – communication – speech. higher creativity. Digestive glands. compassion – “from behind/ doggy”. ability to balance submissiveness and aggressiveness. empathy. Woman on top.3rd center (manipura chakra). Try to keep both sides balanced by doing both sides of the pose… . thymus gland. love. heart center. navel / fire center – willpower. transformation. hearing. listening.

“reverse cowgirl” Male astride. so move slowly at first.6th Center – third eye/ pituitary/ Ajna Chakra – the higher mind. visual intuition. “man astride/ woman prone” can be deep penetration. ability to visualize and manifest. shared inner sight. Positions: “reverse cowgirl” and “male astride. female prone” – woman and man facing the same direction in both cases. female prone . Reverse woman astride.

female on top of male. by holding on to each other. amygdala – divine or cosmic center.sahashrara. for more vigorous lovemaking. Female sitting in male’s lap. hypothalamus. The latter requires strong gluteal muscles on the part of the man. 1st position – “the x position” – both on back. or.7th Center – crown center/pineal gland. For meditation or vigorous lovemaking. Used for repose or meditation. . with or without penetration. heads facing opposite directions – requires flexible penis or partial erection – may be done without penetration. 2nd position – yab yum (“father/ mother”).

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