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A. B there. Has A any cause of action against B Ans 2: No. rather he should have inspected it. Comment on the legal position.000. The industrialist offers to buy it for Rs. The cannon bursts before it is paid for. so he has to responsibility to tell all the true facts about the mare he sold. 8. After attaining the majority. which is not accepted. Secondly B didn’t ask about any problems and thirdly B had all the resources to . A offers to sell a cannon to B.000 and asks the artist to sell the painting to him. 10. The estate is subject to a mortgage. The industrialist then sends a cheque for Rs. A invites B to see a picture with him. Therefore both situations didn’t complete a contract and if the industrialist wants to buy the painting for the initial cost. B accepts the cannon without examining it. 4. B does not turn up. 10. 2. borrows Rs. A cannot take any legal actions against B as they had a social contract which is not a legally enforced contract 3. the artist can refuse to do so. An artist offers to sell a painting to an industrialist for Rs. A executes another pronote in settlement of the first pronote. B accepts the offer.000 and executes a pronote for the amount in favour of B.000 but the industrialist rejects the offer and then offers to pay Rs 8000 and the artist rejects.000. A knows that the cannon has a defect in it and puts a metal plug to conceal the defect. If B want to keep the contract as it is.upon buys the estate. Moreover the contract was completed ie: The revocation was made after the acceptance was given. Ans 1: The Contract is voidable as B signed the contract on the basis of the fact that the property was free from any kind of encumbrance. Is it a void or voidable contract? State reasons. A. he can do that or he could take actions against A. Is B liable to pay the price ? Ans 3: Yes B will be liable for the price as it’s not the seller’s duty to point out all the flaws within an item. Ans 5: Any contract made with a minor is void and therefore there will be no consequences against him. Will B succeed in recovering money from A? Give reasons in support of your answer.Homework I 1. 5. 10. sold a mare to B with the knowledge that the mare had a cracked hoof which A had filled up so as to prevent detection even after a diligent examination. a dealer in horses. A fraudulently informs B that A's estate is free from encumbrance. a minor. 6. Discuss the right of B when he subsequently detects it. A purchase a ticket for B and waits for him outside the cinema hall. Ans 4: Basically first the artist offers the industrialist to sell the painting foe Rs 10. Ans 6: A is the seller .

without caring to know whether it was true or false. A afterwards. because this is a contract entered through an agent (B). by a telegram.find out any problem. Can B's son sue A on the agreement? Yes. 500 to anybody discovering the boy. 10. revokes B's authority. and agrees to give B.000.B's son can sue. on the ground that the sale was not binding upon him. after the telegram is sent. When the servant had left. Will he succeed in his attempt? Give reasons. Ram. He sent his servant in search of the boy. (iv) in good faith and without negligence? Ans 7: (i) This would turn out to being a case of fraud and C could be sued for losses (ii) This would turn out to being a case of fraud and C could be sued for losses as C is misrepresentating to induce D into entering a contract. (ii) recklessly. a commission of 10 per cent of the sale price. The servant came to know of this offer only when he had already traced the missing boy. Ans-9 no the servant will not succeed in this situation as the communication between the offerer and offeree was not complete. Decide (i) whether A's contention is valid ? (ii) whether B is entitled to commission on the sale price ? (iii) what are the provisions of the Indian Contract Act in this regard ? Ans-10 (i) gfb . sells the camera to C for Rs. A authorises B to sell a camera for him. brought an action to recover the reward. 8. untrue and thereby induces D to enter into the contract. What are D's rights. in fact. A later refuses to deliver the camera to C and pay commission to B for the sale. A stranger to the contract Ans-8 Yes B’s son can sue A despite being a stranger to the contract. C is also not aware of the revocation of authority by A. A agrees with B to give a motor car to B's son in consideration of his marrying A's daughter. C with the intention of inducing D to enter into a contract with him. but before he receives it. 10. 9. So if there was a contract signed B would have to go through it. (iii) This would turn out to being a case of fraud and C could be sued for losses (iv) It would be a misrepresentation case in which C could be still sued but it wouldn’t be considered as a crime. if the statement is made by C : (i) knowing that it was untrue. (iii) in good faith but negligently. Other than that B had the resources to find the truth. however. by handbills. 7. offered to pay Rs. makes a statement to D. He. Ram's son absconded from home. which is. B.

entered the shop. a clothier. Ans-14 This was a void contract but since A lied about his age to enter the contract B could sue him for lying to enter the contract although he would not receive the full amount. The same day D entered into an agreement with P to pay her the agreed amount. 15.therefore. who broke his right leg in a football match. a sum of Rs. sues D. Is B bound to sell the watch ? Give reasons. . X. Ans-15 16. by a deed of gift made over certain property to her daughter D. 12. placed Rs. 5.(ii) Yes B is entitled to the commission as the contract would have been accepted when B sold the camera. who is the sister of the old lady. buys on credit from B. A is a minor aged seventeen years. Is B entitled to any payment in respect of the goods? Ans-12 Yes because despite A being a minor. 14. A. borrowed Rs. He engaged B. 200. A. 13. he didn’t complete the communication in time. seven suit lengths for his own use. although A should ethically pay him for checking his leg but legally he has to duty to fulfil so. 200 on the counter and asks for the watch. (iii) F 11. staling that he was a major and executed a receipt in his favour. with the specific directions that she should pay P. the above amount on the plea that no consideration had moved from P to D. a minor.000 on loan from B. any contract entered by a minor for necessities like food and clothes is valid. an old lady. Does the doctor have a valid claim for his services? Give reasons. P. seeing a watch in B's shop. Ans-13 no this is a Void contract." Is the agreement valid? Ans-11 No it is not as there is not clarification/accuracy in the contract. a minor and an undergraduate student of a university. A agrees to sell to B "my white horse for rupees five hundred or rupees one thousand. Is the suit maintainable and can D be held liable to pay the amount? Decide. marked for sale for Rs. 100 per month. And despite A sending the revocation statement. A. Discuss the remedies available to B to recover the money lent by him. D now refuses to pay her aunt P. to set it. a doctor.

who was sitting in the next room. Is the agreement between A and C (a) Express or implied (b) Executed or executory (c) Valid. Ans-17 18. Is the minor liable to pay the amount? Ans-18 Although it’s his moral duty to pay the coach. M enters into a contract to sell the property to 0. Rs. C orally offered to pay A. N accepts the offer and delivers to M the letter of acceptance. A agreed and tested the car. On Friday. 50 in cash for his services. not on the spot while making the contract. voidable or void Ans-20 (a) Implied as there was no written down paperwork. 19. (c) It is Valid as the agreement was two sided and met all the requirements of the law. Can the jeweler recover the necklaces from the third party ? Ans-19 No the jewellers cannot recover the jewellery from the third party. as this is an exception to Fraud cases that intervention of third party will not be involved in the contract. M agreed on Monday to sell his property to N by a written agreement which stated "that this offer to be left open until Saturday 10 a. A minor. N. an auto mechanic. C paid A Rs. She subsequently sold those necklaces to a third party." In the meantime on Wednesday. hears about the deal between M and 0. but No a minor is always on the beneficiary side in a contract and if he wants he won’t have to pay him. Is N's acceptance valid? Give reasons. .50 for testing a used car which C was about to purchase from D. stamps etc involved.Ans-16 17. who wanted to become a professional cricket player. 20. (b) Executor as the favour is to be paid for in the future.m. A woman fraudulently represented to a firm of jewellers that she was the wife of a certain minister and thus obtained two pearl necklaces on credit on the pretend of buying them. entered into a contract with a coach and agreed to pay him certain amount to learn the game.

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