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November 2010

number 212

30 A Second Look
As the days get shorter, outdoor
lanterns work overtime in two trends:
openly ornate designs that let the
good times scroll or thoroughly
modern minimalists at the peak
of sleek.

38 34 Fan Favorites
Showrooms tell us the ceiling fans
that blow them away.

38 LEDs: Al Fresco and Inside Job

Exterior applications represent one
key area that has embraced solid-
state technology for the home, while
undercabinet LED lights are up to the
task on the inside.

34 42 The Bright Stuff

Bulbrite President Cathy Choi, this
year’s recipient of the Residential
Lighting Industry Leadership Award,
has the smarts to navigate a changing
light source landscape and the
initiative to educate others along
the way.

In this edition of our annual advertorial
section, we profile some of the
industry leaders worth watching.

Fashionable Fans…
To satisfy every customer, you need options
for every décor or specific look. Regency
offers a variety of attractive fans that follow
the latest trends and classic fashions in
home décor, as well as Decor-Match fans
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Regency is the only brand to guarantee

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9jgmf\Qgm LE 1-800-659-5051
November 2010 Departments

10 We’re On

12 The Wire
With a program encompassing the
latest technologies and proven business
strategies, the 2010 ALA Conference
drew 503 attendees to the Encore at
Wynn Las Vegas, Sept. 20-22.

18 Live Wire
The social network at this year’s
ALA Conference.

20 Illuminations

24 Consultant and industry veteran

Jim Fleming says showrooms
should shift thinking away from
new home construction.

22 Point of Sale
Cyclical, seasonal categories pose an
interesting challenge to showrooms.

24 Design Forum
Award-winning designer Deborah Witte
of Witte|Ayotte Light sets up a space
for experiences.

26 Style We Like
SquareWalnut imports LEDs’ answer
to LEGOs®.

56 29 Light Here, Light Now

56 New Products
64 Last Word in Lighting
ABOUT THE COVER Our expert, Randall Whitehead, IALD,
Irregular circles bubble up around checks his sources this month with
the Aqua Collection by Troy questions about AC-driven LEDs and
Lighting, providing a refreshing
new look in outdoor lanterns. induction lighting.
Hand-worked in wrought iron with
a French Iron finish, the frame
surrounds panels of white art
glass in the sconce, flush mount
and post fixture shown here (post
sold separately). The group offers
a dozen configurations and sizes,
plus a sister interior series.

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Las Vegas Market
January 24–28
© 2010 World Market Center LLC. All rights reserved.




Channel Serving
The irony was not lost on me when the announcement came
for the 2011 ARTS Academy of Achievement honoree the
same week I learned of the unfortunate passing of last year’s
recipient Don McEvoy. Like all of the previous luminaries to earn
the distinction, McEvoy was an individual who had devoted
a good portion of his 79-year life to advancing sales of home
accessories. Compare that with the formidable entity set to
receive the 22nd Academy of Achievement Award on Jan. 22,
2011 in Dallas: HGTV.
That’s right. The cable network.
The choice seemed odd to me at first, an impression perhaps
colored by McEvoy’s obituary. I mean, imagine if HGTV got the
nod last year instead. Don McEvoy might have died without
receiving this ultimate recognition from the industry he loved.
Who was on the short list this year and denied the opportunity?
Who will accept the award in January on behalf on an entire
channel? Or is that the point: to create a star-studded ARTS
Awards event elevated by the attendance of design celebrities
such as Candice Olson, Jamie Durie and Vern Yip?
Then it hit me — there wouldn’t even be design celebrities
without HGTV. Or 24-hour broadcasting of home-centric shows.
This programming inspired people at all budgets and all stages
of life to update their décor, even spawning spin-offs elsewhere
on the dial, from TLC’s “Trading Spaces” to ABC’s “Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition.” An appropriately placed throw pillow
(or lamp) was suddenly transformative, and utterly desirable.
Empowered with ideas in an age before the Internet really took
off, consumers craved their big “reveal,” and we were all too
happy to provide the tools.
I’m now convinced that the concept of HGTV deserves our
equivalent of an honorary Oscar®. And why not now? We could
use a little bit of excitement to help sustain the momentum
from a halfway-decent High Point Market in the fall. Who cares
if we fall prostrate to the altar of celebrity culture for one night?
You know the video montage is going to be a killer.
However, I do hope the Accessories Resource Team (ART)
and the Dallas Market Center return to tradition next year and
select an actual person for the Academy of Achievement. The
lighting and accessories industries are full of worthy candidates
for whom the standing ovation and presence
of family to bear witness would validate
an entire career spent among us. And the
clever deviation this time around will be all
the more meaningful by being an anomaly.


Publisher/Editorial Director

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Dispatches from the lighting industry

Another Successful ALA Conference

ith a program encompassing the latest technologies outreach to consumers and seamless educational resources
and proven business strategies, the 2010 American for members. Those resources include a new Certificate
Lighting Assn. (ALA) Annual Conference drew 503 Specialist Manual for Lamps & Light Sources, scheduled to
attendees to the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, Sept. 20-22. be available by Dec. 1. This joins the existing Kitchen & Bath
First-time attendees represented 97 of that group, and 33 of and Outdoor Lighting Certificate Specialist opportunities.
those first-timers were retail lighting showrooms. All 47 existing sections of the Residential Lighting Training
Uniting retailers, manufacturers and sales representatives Course Manual have been updated and two sections have
under a common goal to sell more lighting products, the ALA been added for LED and Regulations. This revised Manual is
addressed the full membership with industry and association scheduled to be available Jan. 1, 2011. The Lighting Specialist
progress while also enabling breakout sessions on topics requirement has also been changed to keep pace with
relevant to each segment. EGLO USA Inc.’s Sam Guye emerging technologies. Instead of automatically maintaining
chaired this year’s Conference Committee. LS status once earned, Lighting Specialists must now
participate in four hours of approved courses every two years.
Upton lauded the work of the Engineering and
Government Affairs committees, which have increasingly
worked together in recent years. ALA is also working
with the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) and the
International Assn. of Lighting Designers (IALD) on a paper
entitled “Proper Application of Lighting,” aimed to inform
legislators about the importance of aesthetic and practical
considerations of lighting in environments. “Any legislation
or regulation has to account for proper lighting application in
every sale,” says Upton.
But even with all of these accomplishments, “everything
we do at ALA is subordinate to what we do with the
Bi-National Advertising Program,” says Upton.
Larry Lauck, Vice President of Marketing and PR,
presented an overview of the program’s latest developments,
which included the resurrection of the popular Home Lighting
Makeover Sweepstakes. Previously a single $10,000-value
Outgoing ALA Chair Lars Bostrom (left) of Bostrom Lighting Sales
with ALA President Dick Upton and their wives Kathy Bostrom and
makeover giveaway, this year’s edition has four winners at
Moira Upton (right) at the ALA Conference Annual Banquet. $5,000, $2,500, $1,500 and $1,000 prize levels.
The monthly Bright Ideas consumer e-newsletter has also
Outgoing ALA Chair Lars Bostrom, CLMR, of Bostrom been well received, going to 90,000 consumers and enjoying
Lighting Sales had made it his goal to increase membership an open rate that’s four times higher than other showroom
and support of the ALA Political Action Committee (ALA- e-mail marketing.
PAC) during his tenure and both goals were met. ALA The fourth edition of Lighting, published by Meredith
welcomed 135 new members in 2010, and the ALA-PAC Corp.’s Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest
has been instrumental in giving the association a voice in Publications, will be released in April 2011. This year,
government affairs. “The funds raised have had a direct 165,000 copies were distributed to 500 showrooms — in
impact on our industry,” says Bostrom. “They have given us addition to the 150,000 newsstand copies and 10,000 issues
a seat at the table in our successful fight for our interests in polybagged with Remodel magazine — but retailers ran out.
Washington, D.C.” So next year’s press run has been increased to 230,000
During conference, Carolyn Overman of Western Montana showroom copies.
Lighting was elected 2011 ALA Chair along with the formal Overall, Lauck reports that the BiNational campaign
member approval of the incoming Board of Governors. created 31,300 showroom leads and 225 million
In his address to the membership, ALA President Dick consumer impressions.
Upton highlighted other progress the association had made Next year’s ALA Conference will be held Sept. 11-13 at
this year, such as a revamped website to allow for better The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL.


Responsible Lighting Defined:

LEDme™ Track Luminaires utilize the latest in energy efficient LED technology
and are engineered for precise thermal and optical performance. These fixtures are
ideally suited for high-end residential accent, general and wall wash applications.
Our high quality LEDme™ fixtures are free of projected heat and UV radiation ‚ Die-cast aluminum construction
and .perfect for showcasing heat or color sensitive products such as ‚ 3000K and 4500K color temperatures
perishables, apparel and artwork. ‚ 50,000 hour potential life
‚ Strong light output
To learn more, visit or call us at 800.526.2588. ‚ Low power consumption

Ber Inducted Into Hall of Fame

The 2010 ALA Conference culminated in a ceremony to
induct Michael Ber, CLC®, President of Lighting Inc., New
Orleans, into the Lighting Hall of Fame. Ber received a
plaque commemorating his status from Rick Wiedemer
(left), President of Hinkley Lighting and Past Chair of the ALA
Awards Committee, and his photo will be displayed in the
Lighting Hall of Fame at the Dallas Trade Mart.
A second-generation ALA member, Ber has nearly 40 years
of experience and has been active in the organization since it
was the American Home Lighting Institute in the early 1970s.
His multiple ALA leadership roles include serving as Chair In his acceptance speech, Ber credited the association’s
of the Board of Directors, Showroom Division, in 1987 and ongoing progress to the dedicated staff that came on board
Chair of the Board of Governors in 2005. He was also named starting in 1993, when the association changed from being
Lighting Person of the Year in 1987. run by an outside management company to its current
Ber attended his first ALA Conference in 1975 and has Dallas-based team. “They make not only what I do, but what
since helped plan several conferences, chairing the Annual others do easier,” he said.
Conference Committees in 1982 and 2003 and the Long- Ber said the programs ALA has provided, with
Range Conference Planning Committee from 1995 to 2002. membership support, have enabled showrooms to stay
He also successfully led the drive to expand the ALA’s informed and keep customers abreast of changes that affect
BiNational Advertising and PR Program financially to more them. “We must all be vigilant,” he said. “You never know
than $500,000. He currently serves on the ALA Long-Range what legislation in a city or state might affect not just your
Annual Conference Planning and Finance committees. business, but every ALA member.”

ALA Honors Pillars of the Industry

year and a half. He is also an active membership recruiter,
serving on several ALA membership campaigns, and a
supporter of the ALA BiNational Advertising and PR Program.
Seidman serves as Chair of the ALA Manufacturers’
Sales Survey Task Force and was instrumental to the
survey’s development and successful launch in 2009. He
helped secure participation from more than 50 member
manufacturers and continues to address survey issues
as they arise. Seidman has also served as Chair of the
ALA Annual Conference Long-Range Planning Committee
since 2008, was a member of the Governors Nominating
Committee in 2008 and 2009, and has been a member of
the Manufacturers Council since 2007.
ALA presented its Pillar of the Industry Awards during the Fleischer, who also received a Pillar of the Industry
Annual Banquet gala to close the 2010 Conference. The awards Award in 2004, has had active involvement in government
recognize up to three ALA members (one sales representative, affairs including serving as Chair of the ALA Political Action
one showroom and one manufacturer) for their meaningful Committee (ALA-PAC). He participated in ALA’s critical
service to advancing the industry and the association during the lobbying trips to Washington, D.C., in 2006 and 2009 and has
previous 18 months. been a member of the ALA Government Affairs Committee
This year’s recipients were (pictured from left) Alan Colker, since 2006. He has also served on the Electronic Technology
President of Alco Lighting Sales Inc. in Richmond, VA; Rick Committee since 2001 and the Annual Conference Long-
Seidman, President and CEO of Quoizel Inc.; and Jack Fleischer, Range Planning Committee since 2008, and he was a
CLC®, President of Hermitage Lighting Gallery in Nashville, TN. member of the 2010 Annual Conference Committee. He was
Colker has supported the ALA educational program by even a runner-up in this year’s ALA membership campaign,
hosting more than 25 regional seminars for his showroom recruiting nine new members. His father Gerald Fleischer,
customers over the past 14 years, including three in the last CLC, was inducted into the Lighting Hall of Fame in 2001.



Lighting for Tomorrow Awards Presented Elk Acquires

Winners of the 2010 Lighting
for Tomorrow Competition were
Sterling Industries
announced at the ALA Conference. Elk Lighting has purchased home
The awards, which recognize furnishings vendor Sterling Industries,
exceptional energy-efficient lighting it was announced recently in a joint
products in an effort to create statement from both companies’ CEOs.
higher consumer acceptance Elk Lighting CEO Bradford Smith
and awareness for the category, says the acquisition will give lighting
are organized by the ALA, the showrooms access to the furniture and
Consortium for Energy Efficiency accessories from the Sterling line, and
(CEE) and the U.S. Department will also be beneficial for Sterling.
of Energy, represented by Pacific “Sterling is a widely recognized
Terry McGowan (left) presented two Lighting Northwest National Laboratory, and name, especially in the furniture and
for Tomorrow awards to Kichler Lighting’s accessories side of the business, and
Tony Davidson and Becky Ross. were founded in 2002.
The competition enjoyed a record as a larger company, we can provide
number of entries this year. Eight winners and three honorable mentions were support in areas like marketing and
selected from a total of 69 LED fixtures, 24 LED bulbs and 14 controls entered. product development to aggressively
Kichler Lighting and Edge Lighting each earned double honors in the LED fixture push the company to a higher level,”
category for Kichler’s Design Pro LED Broad Roof LED Path & Spread Light and Smith says.
Design Pro LED Modular and Disc System, and Edge’s Scope LED Pendant and Customers will also benefit from
Scope LED Monorail/Track Light. Philips Lighting’s EnduraLED A19 Lamp was this union, Smith says, as they will be
the single winner for LED replacement lamps, and Leviton’s Decora® CFL Slide able to do business with a whole-home
Dimmer, Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr™ Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor With Maestro solutions company instead of dealing
Wireless® Switch and Legrand/Pass & Seymour’s RT1 7-Button Timer were the with a lot of different vendors.
lighting control winners. Additionally, Albeo Technologies, Blackstone Intl. Ltd. and Sterling Industries, which specializes
Cree LED Lighting won honorable mentions. The 2011 competition will kick off at in decorative accessories, portable
the January Dallas Market, again with LED and lighting control categories. lighting and accent furniture, will
continue to operate showrooms at
AmericasMart in Atlanta, the World
Trade Center in Dallas and its newly
DOE Announces Consumer Ed Campaign relocated space in the International
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced plans for a new Home Furnishings Center in High Point.
consumer education initiative to help retailers, utility companies and lighting Elk Lighting also purchased
designers inform consumers about upcoming changes in light bulb regulations. Baldinger Lighting earlier this year,
The initiative will seek to prepare consumers for the Energy Independence and and Smith says that while he doesn’t
Security Act of 2007 (EISA), which calls for the gradual phase-out of incandescent have any current plans for additional
light bulbs over the next few years in favor of more energy-efficient alternatives like acquisitions, he is always looking for
CFLs and LEDs. Standard 100W incandescent lamps will be phased out starting in new opportunities that allow Elk to
2012, with 75W, 60W and 40W bulbs being phased out by 2014. The campaign will expand its offerings.
also focus on how to select bulbs based on lumen output instead of wattage. Smith says the end result of these
Marci Sanders, Manager of DOE’s Lighting Facts program, which aims to ensure acquisitions is the future of what a
LEDs are represented accurately in the market, says the idea for the initiative came company in this industry should look
from several retailers and manufacturers who are Lighting Facts partners. like — one that gives customers a wide
“With the phasing out of the higher-wattage incandescent bulbs, we actually range of options.
had retailers coming to us and asking for help communicating the changes to “It’s extremely important for
consumers in an objective manner,” Sanders says. “With this campaign, no matter companies to branch out beyond their
which retailer a consumer walks into to buy light bulbs, they’re going to see the core business because we’re in a tough
same conversion charts and the same objective, third-party information about the economy,” Smith says. “Being able to
changes, so the consumer won’t get confused.” offer a wide variety of products really
The DOE is examining how other countries have handled similar changes, helps a company refresh their offerings
as well as how the United States handled public information during the recent and their showrooms.”
transition from analog to digital television broadcasting.



Wynn Win
The American Lighting Assn. (ALA) Annual
Conference at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
provided numerous networking opportunities
for attendees, from the opening night reception
— complete with a rousing rock n’ roll violin
ensemble — to a Young Executives mixer.
But the grandest gala of all was the Annual
Banquet, honoring Alco Lighting Sales’ Alan
Colker, Hermitage Lighting’s Jack Fleischer
and Quoizel’s Rick Seidman as Pillars of the
Industry, and welcoming Michael Ber of
Lighting Inc. into the Lighting Hall of Fame.

1. (From left) Alan Colker of Alco Lighting Sales, David Stark of
Lighting Concepts Intl., Lizzette Winters of EGLO Canada and
Wayne Falk of Hudson Valley Lighting at the Annual Banquet.
2. (From left) David Davoudi and Gonneke Gros-Gerkema of Philips
Consumer Luminaires, and Steven White of Philips’ Thomas
Lighting division at the Gala Welcome Reception.
3. (From left) Vic Bentley of Dallas Market Center, Brett Robinson,
LS, of Robinson Lighting and Beth Bentley of ALA at the Gala
Welcome Reception.
4. (From left) Bruce Hathaway of Hubbardton Forge, Susan Irie
of Kilohana Lighting, CLC ® course instructor David Craige of
Creek Electrical Group and Susan’s mother Bert Irie at the Gala
Welcome Reception.
5. (From left) Proud mom Doris Fleischer with Jack, CLC, and
Daniella Fleischer of Hermitage Lighting at the Annual Banquet.



Sell More With Décor

An industry veteran and consultant says shift thinking
away from new home construction to ensure success.

Residential Lighting: What advice

do you have for showrooms? The number
Jim Fleming: The first order of
business is generating more sales. one opportunity isn’t
Most showrooms are down 30 to 50
percent. One of my standard strategies
new construction
with clients is to reduce inventory by 50 or remodeling. It’s
percent, and I guarantee a minimum 25
percent sales increase. If showrooms home decorating.
ever surveyed their customers, they
would find the number one thing RL: How would you market?
customers say is the showroom is JF: Find a way to speak to the average
overwhelming. We confuse people homeowner who still has the home’s
with too much selection. We should original lighting fixtures installed. Say:
take cues from successful retailers. and baths being remodeled than “How about updating your lighting
Walk into Nordstrom. Walk into Target. there are new homes being built. Our fixtures? You’ve replaced your carpet,
Look at their use of in-store signage industry has focused so much attention painted your walls, done your draperies,
and graphics. Adopt that. Create on new home construction for so long, bought a new sofa and TV. How about
good, better and best presentations. and it was never the biggest market. I buying a light? Lighting is important.
You have a wall of $49 to $89 bath was with Expo Design Center. The data Do you want to make a significant
lights, another with $89 to $149 and and research I was exposed to was statement in your home? Well, grace
a third with $149 to $249 fixtures. out of this world. It showed how big the outside of your home with beautiful
Make it easy for people to narrow their the remodeling market was going to lanterns. Grace your hallway with mini
selection. And make it easy for your be. Well, the number one opportunity chandeliers instead of that piece-of-
salespeople to sell up. isn’t new construction, and it isn’t even crap melon ball.”
Showrooms are too big. I’d remodeling. It’s home decorating. It’s Sell the benefits. Imagine walking
rather have three 5,000-square-foot what Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports, through a showroom and seeing a
showrooms in a marketplace than one Crate & Barrel and Williams-Sonoma dozen big posters showing beautiful
15,000-square-foot showroom. Also, have built their businesses on: mirrors, bathrooms, beautiful kitchens, beautiful
we suffer from “chandelier-itis.” I’d art, candles, florals, wind chimes, living rooms, illuminated beautifully
put chandeliers on the periphery of the fountains, mailboxes and things of that with beautiful fixtures. Imagine 42-inch
showroom. Right dab in the center, I’d nature. Several showrooms have done monitors. You walk into the bath
have a bathroom remodeling gallery it well — Susan Dressel of Naples lighting gallery and you see rotating
with everything I could possibly show Lamp Shop, Arthur Lebersfeld at images of beautiful bathrooms with
for bathroom lighting and bathroom Capitol Lighting, the folks at Farrey’s beautiful lighting fixtures. You walk into
décor. I’d also feature kitchen Lighting. When was the last time you the outdoor lighting gallery and you see
remodeling and as much outdoor living visited an ARTS Award nominee or an rotating images of beautiful homes with
décor as I could get my hands on. ARTS Award winner in your region? beautiful outdoor lighting and landscape
Visit the best of the best, learn from lighting. Same in the crystal gallery and
RL: Where are our opportunities? them and come home and implement in the contemporary-modern gallery.
JF: There are 10 times more kitchens some of those strategies. That’s selling the benefits.


When quality counts,
we’re more than the sum of our parts!

Quality, selection & service—it all adds up!

Arms Candle Cups Cord Sets Globes Nuts Stems
Balls Canopies Couplings Harps Pipe Switches
Bandings Cased Glass Cross Bars Hickeys Plugs Swivels
Bases Castings Crystals Holders Reducers Tubing
Bobeches Chain Dimmers Lacquer Risers Turnings
Bodies Check Rings Felt Loaders Sockets Vase Caps
Bulbs Chimneys Finials Loops Spiders Washers
Bushings Clusters Fitters Necks Spinnings Weights
Candle Covers Collars Flanges Nipples Stampings Wire
Glass Shades Nozzles

Grand Brass Lamp Parts LLC

We’re Redesigning the Lighting Industry.
51 Railroad Ave., West Haven, CT 06516
Phone: 212-226-2567 • Fax: 212-226-2573 • E-mail:

The Off Season

Cyclical categories pose an interesting challenge to showrooms.
and we sell LED string lights, wreaths and custom products.
Whatever we don’t sell, we box up for next year.


Accent Lighting, Wichita, KS
January/February: People aren’t doing a whole lot around
the house, and the average homeowner is focusing on
paying off the bills that build up around the holidays, so we
tend to focus on contractors. Instead of markdowns, we
stock accent furniture and accessories as a way to boost our
retail business. We also ramp up our advertising efforts.
March/April/May: Outdoor lighting flies off the shelves.
June/July/August: Ceiling fans are a hot item. We do two
sales — and two sales only — every year. One is a tent sale
Holiday merchandise helps Connecticut Lighting’s Restoration around Labor Day. We discount older and scratch-and-dent
Lighting Gallery boost sales during winter months, when
seasonal categories like fans and outdoor are slower. products, and we bring in new products we bought at a big
discount from manufacturer closeouts.

ike trying on sweaters in July, shopping for September/October/November/December: In the fall,
floods and bollards when there’s snow on the we see an increase of customers coming in with home
ground seems wrong. So what’s the best way improvement projects to prepare for the holidays. Around
to move merchandise when your customers aren’t daylight savings time, more table and floor lamps move. After
thinking of your key categories? Here’s how three Halloween and Christmas, markdowns help those lingering
savvy retailers plan around their selling cycles. products move, or we’ll hold onto those products until next
year. The second of our two sales is during the last two
BRUCE PAUL, PRESIDENT weeks of October. It helps us clear out older merchandise
Passion Lighting, Grapevine, TX to make room for products from the January Dallas Market.
January/February: Business starts to pick back up across It’s also good for our customers’ holiday fix-up projects.
all categories after the holiday slump. We don’t sell a lot of
ceiling fans during the winter season, but we planned for DAVID DIRECTOR, PRESIDENT
that slight dip in business when we purchased our inventory. Connecticut Lighting, Hartford, CT
We’ll rarely do sales on specific categories. Our customers January/February/March: In January, we’ll run a sale on
aren’t going to buy ceiling fans just because they’re on sale. holiday product, and we’ll pack up whatever is left for next
March/April/May: We design and sell landscape lighting, year. In the middle of the winter in the Northeast, it gets
so we start to get really busy with that part of the business pretty cold, so our outdoor lighting definitely slows down, but
in the spring, and it usually lasts up through the fall. it never completely dies away. During those slow times, we’ll
promote slow-moving products, using price as an incentive.
June/July/August: Business is steady, but many of our
customers are busy with summer activities and vacations, April/May/June/July/August: If April and May are warmer
so they’re not as focused on buying lighting. Ceiling fans are than normal, the fan season has begun, and it may extend
another story; we’ll move 50 percent of our ceiling fans in itself if it stays warmer into the fall. Outdoor lighting sales
the summer months. begin to really pick up, too.
September/October/November/December: In Texas, September/October/ November/December: Table and
we have a lot less weather variation, but still have a fall floor lamps are going to sell better for third and fourth
season, and that’s when our customers start to fix up their quarters because people are getting their homes ready for
homes for the holidays. To boost profits, we do holiday the holidays. Accessories and holiday merchandise are also
lighting installations from late October to early December, big during this time of the year. — as told to Jennifer Pinto



Emotional Rescue
Award-winning lighting designer Deborah Witte of
Witte|Ayotte Light sets up a space for experiences.

Deborah Witte specified art lighting

with minimal decorative layers to fit
this modern home near Carbondale, CO.


Witte: My goal is to improve peoples’ from and what angles they need to be emotions. That’s what lighting layers
lives, and I do that through lighting. I’m at to do something with the materials. do for individuals.
always looking at how lighting impacts If I can’t make a decision about In terms of inspiration, I live in the
individuals and their experiences. If it’s something, it’s because I don’t have mountains in Colorado, and I worked
a hotel environment and people are enough information. for many years in San Francisco.
sitting out by the pool, I think about I build layers of lighting to I have studied light in nature and
where they are. Are they in Costa Rica? accommodate all the experiences how light interacts with things. In
Are they on the California coast? If it’s they are going to need. If I know that San Francisco, I used to admire driving
an office building, I have to get into they are going to read in a particular over the Bay Bridge into the city at
the corporate culture. Are these young chair, I build some task lighting for sunset. The city would be this blue
people? What’s the energy level like? it. If they are people who entertain a silhouette, and the sunset would be
Is it a stoic environment? I imagine lot, I’m going to program the lighting pinkish red. Red advances and blue
myself having their experience. control system for different effects. recedes, so it had this surreal effect.
Eventually, I study the plans of I might program a bedroom with In Colorado, in the mountains, the
the architect or the interior designer, a relaxed theme for the evenings. weather is always changing. You can’t
absorbing as much information as I But if the couple is giving a house separate sunlight from the weather.
can. I want to know every piece of tile, tour, they won’t want something too It can be a clear day and low humidity,
every piece of fabric, everything that intimate to showcase the interiors. So, or a cloudy day and early in the
they are putting in this space. What are the finished lighting will have levels morning. What kind of emotions does
the possibilities with these surfaces tailored to the different uses and it bring out? What kind of feelings
and shapes? I draw cross-sections experiences of the space. Theatrical come up? I look at how light affects
where I think beams of light will come lighting is set up to evoke certain people — at any moment.



We already loved the groovy moods of
user-controlled color-changing LEDs.
But put them in hexagonal blocks that snap together
like the construction toy sets we all played with as
kids? Now we’re talking obsession. The Crystal Light
by Taiwan’s Qis Design is now distributed stateside
by SquareWalnut and uses magnets to attach each
module to one another in any configuration. It comes
with a remote control to adjust the modes from afar,
but frankly, we don’t know how you could keep your
hands off of it anyway.















AVW-31 AFL-22 AHB-11AR ASM-727


ASM-354 ASM-707


A R LV- 2 5 0 0 A R LV- 3 0 1 0 A R LV- 4 0 5 5 A R LV- 3 0 8 0 A R LV- 4 0 6 0
35W MAX. NO HOUSING REQUIRED. MR-16, 35W MAX. MR-16, 50W MAX. MR-11, 35W MAX. MR-11, 35W MAX.

1 4 3 5 W. 1 3 9 T H S T R E E T G A R D E N A C A L I F O R N I A 9 0 24 9 FA X 3 1 0 . 3 2 3 . 6 2 7 5 T E L 3 1 0 . 3 2 3 . 2 2 7 5 ( T O L L F R E E ) 888.ARK.LIGHT
© 2 0 0 9 A R K L I G H T I N G . A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D . S P E C I F I C AT I O N S A R E S U B J E C T T O C H A N G E W I T H O U T N O T I C E .

garden variety
Outdoor lanterns are like your customer’s winter coat. At this time of
year, and in the months ahead, folks may compose elaborate interior ensembles,

but the public only sees what’s on the outside — perhaps selected in a
more hospitable season, but really getting to shine now as days grow shorter.

As with apparel, there are myriad ways to express oneself,

but locking into a lantern look is obviously far more committal.

The good news is, whether your client is Auntie Mame or Mr. Clean,

there are plenty of choices, as illustrated in “A Second Look,” page 30.

It seems LEDs as well have taken the lawn way home,

finding apt applications in landscapes and patios. But as we

see in “LEDs: Al Fresco and Inside Job” (page 38),

undercabinet lighting is equally receptive to a solid

state of affairs. But enough about what we think;

we wanted to know which ceiling fans you found

superior in style and function (“Fan Favorites,” page 34).

Again, a broad range reigned supreme. RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING | NOVEMBER 2010 29
As the days get shorter,
outdoor lanterns work
overtime in two trends:
openly ornate designs
that let the good times
scroll or thoroughly
modern minimalists
at the peak of sleek.

This pendant lantern from

Murray Feiss’ Dakota Collection
Progress Lighting’s Georgian lantern features a features a simple design of
Gilded Iron finish with opaque white art glass. aluminum with an Espresso
This cast-aluminum lantern also has an integral finish. Aged Oak glass
electronic photocell and is Energy Star ® -compliant. completes the look for this collection, which also includes
a post and wall lantern.


Linear frosted glass allows Quoizel’s Dover lantern to
provide soft light to outdoor areas. A Royal Ebony finish
gives this simple aluminum lantern a contemporary touch.
Also available in a Hearst Bronze finish with Champagne
Marble glass for a more classic look.

This Mission-styled, cast aluminum wall

lantern from Elk Lighting’s Lapuente
Collection features an energy-efficient
LED bulb and water glass with a Matte
Black finish. Measures 17 inches high by
10 inches wide.

The Beacon Hall Collection from Hubbardton

Forge is modeled after classic coach lanterns
but with a modern twist. The aluminum
lanterns offer different glass and finish options,
and are made in Vermont. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 31

The Los Olivos Collection from Troy
Lighting features hand-forged iron
lanterns with a decorative overlay
pattern. Shown here with Amber Mist
glassware and an Old Iron finish.



The Franceasi lantern

from Kichler features a
four-sided traditional filigree
pattern against a durable
aluminum backplate in an
Olde Bronze finish. This LED
lantern uses 75 percent less
electricity than incandescent
and comes in four sizes.

Styled after the intricate iron gates and

“peek-throughs” of grand entrance doors in
Europe, the Sevilla Collection from World
Imports is made of steel, iron and clear glass.
The fixture is also UL-listed for wet locations.


Hinkley Lighting’s Sorrento Collection
is an elegant, Old World interpretation
of the traditional outdoor lantern.
The acorn-shaped lighting element,
along with an Aged Iron finish and
clear seedy glass, add a level of visual
interest to this aluminum fixture.

Detailed scrolls provide a decorative touch

to this wall bracket lantern from Kalco’s
Anastasia Collection. This hand-painted
aluminum fixture is also available as a post
or hanging lantern and in Textured Matte
Black (shown) or Burnished Bronze finishes. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 33

d Marco Gutierrez, owner of Jambu Fan and Lighting in San Jose,
Costa Rica, likes fans from Quorum Intl. because of the variety
of modern and wet location fans, both of which are important in
Latin America. “We are teaching people to use wet location ceiling
fans in this tropical climate where it’s so humid,” says Gutierrez.
“Also, the Latin American market is asking for very modern
designs.” One such fan is the Dragonfly Patio fan, shown here
with gray water-resistant canvas blades and a Satin Nickel finish.

Showrooms tell us the ceiling fans that blow them away.


d The Maui Bay fan from Emerson is a big seller at the
Moinar Electric Lighting and Fan Showroom in Sanibel
Island, FL. “Being located on a barrier island, the Maui Bay
does a good job of holding up to the elements, including
the salt and everything, and it has a nice tropical look,”
says Showroom Manager David Brown. The Maui Bay is
light kit adaptable and comes with several blade options,
including wood, wicker, bamboo and palm leaf (shown).

d Kendal Lighting’s Copacabana fan is a favorite at Howe’s

Lighting and Fan Co. in North Bay, ON. Owner Murray Howe
describes it as more of a “Canadian-style fan,” since it
has blades shaped like leaves in addition to palm fronds.
The 52-inch fan is available in a choice of five blade styles,
including Leaf Style Walnut, as shown. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 35


c The Fanimation line is a popular pick at

Fan and Lighting World in Boynton Beach,
FL. Manager Mary Ann Ungerland said the
company’s patio fans, such as the Cancun and
Belleria, are particularly good sellers given the
store’s home in the Sunshine State. The Belleria
(shown) has an antique finish and 22-inch woven
bamboo blades.

e Louise Kocoras from Great West Electrical

Supply in Berwyn, IL, favors Regency Ceiling
Fans because it allows customers to tailor a
fan to a specific room. “You can pick whatever
blades, light kit and color you want, which is a
big selling point,” Kocoras says. Shown here is
Regency’s Decor-Match™ Lafayette fan, available
in 10 finishes along with hundreds of blade styles
and light kit options. Pictured here with 52-inch
Antique Copper wood blades and an Antique
Copper finish.

f Casablanca fans are big at FanDiego in San Diego,

particularly the Stealth fan. “It’s one of those fans that’s
considered the Cadillac of fans,” says Assistant Manager
Ira Beltran. “It’s guaranteed silent, and it’s got all the
bells and whistles.” Customers can also choose from
several blade and motor housing combinations, as well as
a variety of finishes.


c Savoy House fans are popular at Progressive
Lighting in Braselton, GA. Director of Training Leslie
Killingsworth credits this to the brand’s updated styling.
“They have a lot of really nice numbers that are all
inclusive with good light kits and remote controls,” she
says. “Everything about it looks very pulled together.”
The Bristol fan is one example of this, shown here
with an Antique Copper finish, and also available in
Autumn Gold.

d Geri Rauschuber of Passion Lighting in

Grapevine, TX, prefers the Palladian fan from
Ellington. “The Palladian is a really elegant fan,
very ornate, and it works well in big rooms —
and in Texas, we have a lot of big rooms,” she
says. Shown here with an Aged Bronze fan finish
and Dark Oak/Mahogany blades. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 37

AL FRESCO Exterior applications represent one key area
that has embraced solid-state technology for
the home: landscape lighting, architectural
accents, and deck and step lights

Progress Lighting’s LED step light provides

warm, white illumination while using 40
percent less energy than incandescent. This
long-life LED is also rated for use in wet


The SUN3 recessed light from Edge Lighting uses a high-
powered warm white LED and accepts any color of Rosco
or Lee color filter gels. Available in 3-inch square or round
fixtures, it is rated for outdoor use using a wet location
electrical box.

c Hinkley Lighting’s Nexus LED 15V

High-Performance Landscape Lighting
System has a clean, contemporary
style and four flexible lighting
applications. Each element is made
of solid aluminum with a 350-degree
head rotation, and uses 75 percent less
electricity than incandescent halogen

The new Design Pro LED Hardscape, Deck, Step and

Bench light from Kichler provides an efficient way
to light retaining walls, fences, steps and handrails.
These wet-location-approved fixtures can be installed
on virtually any surface and are available in several
finishes and sizes. Also pictured is the LED Cast
Hammered Roof path light with a pierced shade that
creates a decorative pattern of light. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 39

e With Elco’s new LED Tape Light, you can
choose from Warm White, Cool White or
RGB rope lights, and waterproof versions
are also available. Each roll is 16 feet long
and is made of 16 foot-long detachable
sections with 3M adhesive tape on the back.
Elco also offers a full range of accessories,
including drivers, controller units and

The new cool-to-the-touch Lightbar from Nora

Lighting provides warm, even illumination with up
to 175 lumens per foot and color temperatures of
3000K or 4200K. It is low profile, measuring ¾ inch
wide and ½ inch deep, and comes in five lengths:
6, 12, 24, 26 and 48 inches.

c The new LED undercabinet lights from Sunset Lighting come
with a swivel feature to help direct the light where it’s needed.
Helpful for kitchens, desks and work stations, these fixtures can
be linked for additional lighting up to 100W per string and can
be plugged in or hard-wired with the proper accessory.

c The LUL Undercabinet Series from American Fluorescent boasts full

dimming capabilities and 90 percent energy savings compared to line
voltage xenon task lighting fixtures. Available with an integrated high/
low switch for dual light output levels, or in a simple on/off switch
model that is Energy Star ® -qualified.

fThe Ledra Orion Sword from Bruck Lighting features clustered

LED chips for better color consistency and delivers 230 lumens
per foot. Available in lengths of 1, 2, 4 and 5 feet, it also offers
10-inch flexible connectors for angled applications. Comes in
Black and Matte Chrome.

The slim profile that solid-state sources enable make them

a logical option for undercabinet lighting. These flexible
tapes and modular bars are up to the task. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 41

Bulbrite President Cathy Choi, this year’s recipient of the
Residential Lighting Industry Leadership Award, has the
smarts to navigate a changing light source landscape
and the initiative to educate others along the way.

hen Cathy Choi started at Bulbrite in 2001, the before being promoted to Vice President in 2004 and

W company was celebrating the 30-year anniversary

of her parents Andrew and Barbara Choi founding
the company. Although it was already known
for its quality service, Choi was looking for a way to make
Bulbrite stand out. And it wasn’t long before she found it in
President last year.
Since then, Choi and Bulbrite have become known as
a driving force behind education in the industry. Bulbrite’s
website features a robust information center, which covers
everything from energy-efficient lighting to new legislation
the green movement that was just beginning to take shape. and requirements, and the company also offers seminars
“Bulbrite has always been known for our great service on bulb and LED basics. “Light bulbs are very technical
and light bulb expertise, but I was trying to find a way and with the emergence of LEDs as a viable residential
to validate that to our customers and leverage that to light source, the information in the marketplace can be
distinguish ourselves from others in the industry,” Choi overwhelming,” Choi says. “And with the new FTC labeling
says. “And then the legislation started happening and new requirements as well as EISA regulations, I can only
technologies emerged, and it was the perfect storm.” imagine how confusing it must be for our customers.”
A decade later, education has indeed become Bulbrite’s In addition to her work at Bulbrite, Choi also promotes
trademark, and one of the tenets of the Bulbrite promise — education through her work on the American Lighting Assn.
a three-part pledge the company makes to its customers, (ALA) Education Foundation Board of Trustees. “She’s
promising education, high-quality products and outstanding great to work with, and gives great opinions and feedback
service. And over time, these values have become hallmarks on training materials, including a lot of good technical
of not just Bulbrite, but also of Choi herself, a major reason information that salespeople will need,” says Nicole
Residential Lighting readers chose the 38-year-old executive Juneau, ALA Director of Education.
as this year’s Industry Leadership Award winner. As a result of the changing requirements and
legislation, Choi also started an education initiative at
EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS Bulbrite that required everyone in the company to receive
After earning a B.A. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. ALA certification. This way, Choi explains, every Bulbrite
from New York University, Choi worked at Price Waterhouse employee the customer comes into contact with, either
and then New Line Cinema for almost 10 years before directly or indirectly, is certified to some level.
joining Bulbrite. She started out in sales and operations, Working with a group of such dedicated individuals is part


of what makes her job worthwhile,
Choi says. “I come to work everyday
and I love what I do, and it’s really
exciting to lead a group of very
committed people,” she says.
And Choi’s passion for her
work is apparent to others in
the industry as well. “I think
Cathy adds a great deal of
professionalism and energy that
infuses a lot of much needed
progress,” says Shelley Wang,
President of WAC Lighting.
“She’s a force that champions
forward motion.”

In addition to education, Choi and Bulbrite are also committed to
(top left)
Bulbrite President Cathy Choi receives the Residential providing customers with the best product available. The Bulbrite
Lighting Industry Leadership Award from Residential promise guarantees innovative, high-quality products, thanks in part
Lighting Publisher Laura Van Zeyl at the 2010 ALA to the company’s in-house, state-of-the-art testing lab, which was
Conference in Las Vegas.
recently updated with sophisticated equipment to test LEDs. And
high-quality product is another thing Bulbrite, under Choi’s direction,
(top right)
Choi (front row, far left) is a member of Vistage, has become known for.
an organization of CEOs. Here, she takes part in a “One thing I admire and respect is that [Bulbrite is] leading
leadership program at the Strozzi Institute along with the way and doing it with quality product,” says David Director,
her sister, Dorothy (front row, center), who is also President of Connecticut Lighting Centers. “Even if they’re not
part of the Bulbrite leadership team.
necessarily first to the line, they’re the ones that when I get
product from them, I know it’s going to be quality product, and
Choi helped lead a successful lighting effort to
that’s very important in our industry.”
support Hortons Home Lighting’s Goombay Bash This combination of superior products and customer service
cancer research fundraiser in 2010: (from left) Choi, has indeed helped Bulbrite distinguish itself from the competition.
WAC Lighting President Shelley Wang, Hortons “The great part about Bulbrite is they are always on the forefront of
Home Lighting owner John Rot and Fanimation
President Nathan Frampton. what’s available,” says Daniel Pfeffer, CEO of Lighting by Gregory.
“They lead the way, and are the first people to bring technology NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 43


mainstream, and they make the process of buying bulbs Cathy Choi with her
very comfortable and easy, which isn’t always the case.” husband, Scott Lee,
and their daughters,
And others in the industry are quick to attribute this Samantha (left) and Sofia.
success to Choi. “Especially with light bulbs, technology
and regulations changing so quickly, and it being such a
competitive industry, it’s a testament to her that Bulbrite is
doing so well,” said Fanimation President Nathan Frampton.

The third tenet of the Bulbrite promise, outstanding service,
is something that Choi and her company take very seriously.
“Cathy is very customer-oriented. The Bulbrite promise
is at the core of everything she does,” says Patrick Laidlaw
of Laidco Sales. “The thing I respect her for the most is
when you talk to her, you don’t feel like you’re talking to the
President of the company. You feel like you’re talking to a
Choi also gets to know her customers on a personal
level, Pfeffer says, which is important in the lighting
industry, where one’s personal relationships are often
paramount. “Cathy is unique to the industry because of
the customer service that she and her team provide,” says
Pfeffer. “She knows every person in my showroom, and
that’s pretty impressive.”
Choi’s focus on relationships goes beyond the industry,
however, as she also places a great deal of importance
on her relationship with her family, including her husband,
Scott Lee, a senior architect at Morphosis, and their two With “Rep of the Year” winners in 2010: (from left) Patrick Laidlaw,
Anita Laidlaw, Choi, Bill Bondy, Martin Strick and Brian Creeley.
daughters, Sofia, 7, and Samantha, 3. “Cathy does a really
good job of doing the work-family balance,” Frampton
says. “She really manages her time well. With any family very good teacher because he’s a very honorable man.”
business, there’s going to be challenges, but she seems Choi has also shown how a family business can really
to do a really good job of being President and still being grow, says Frampton, who also took over for his father at
there for her family.” Fanimation. “I think she sets an example that a second
In fact, sharing experiences with family is Choi’s favorite generation family member can be as successful as [the
way to spend time outside of work, although she also previous] family member and even take things to the next
enjoys having great food and continuing to develop her level, just by her being out there and spreading the gospel
leadership skills through organizations like Vistage, a of light bulbs in a tough economic environment,” he says.
leading organization for chief executives. In the end, as Choi said when accepting her award,
As part of a family-run business, many of Choi’s she feels her work is “just beginning,” and there’s still
personal relationships overlap with her professional ones, much more to do. And the greater purpose behind all of
including working with her sister, Dorothy Choi, who runs that work, she said, quoting a post-9/11 letter from Meyda
a key part of the business. And many of the values that Tiffany President Bob Cohen, is giving people light.
have become her trademarks are part of a legacy passed “While everyone’s in the business of buying and selling
on from an earlier generation. things, the thing we’re selling at the end of the day is
“I started doing business with her father, who was very light, and light affects how people see and experience
much the same, and a wonderful man to do business with, things,” Choi says. “We’re responsible for providing really
and I’m sure a lot of that has been passed on,” says Director. beautiful light, and I look forward to leading Bulbrite to do
“Someone has to be your teacher and mentor, and she had a so for many years to come.”




5)&30$,GSPN4&#$0 is a fully functioning, multi-tap, double-insulated 120-volt

transformer hidden within an unobtrusive garden rock. So now you can power low-
voltage landscape lighting without having to bury the transformer or find a place to
mount it. THE ROCK comes with a 6-foot line cord, but it also may be hard-wired
using watertight connections.



In today’s economy, it’s essential to know as much

as possible about your current and potential business
partners. So in this edition of our annual Spotlight section,
we profile some of the industry leaders worth watching.

Regency Ceiling Fans energy savings compared to ceiling fans with traditional
motors. And the Gladiator fan is controlled by a six-speed
Offers Customization remote control, which allows for customized airflow for every
situation. Engineered with the highest-quality materials, you
can rely on a meticulous dedication to quality, efficiency and
COMPANY NAME: Regency Ceiling Fans durability for every Regency ceiling fan you choose.
fans, which allow you to customize a ceiling fan to match
OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR a wide selection of your personal style and home décor. Many Regency fans
timeless classics to unique contemporary designs. With feature Mood Glow™ uplighting. This fills the room with a
so many options, you can express yourself with Regency soft, diffused light that creates a mood of sophistication.
ceiling fans. With the innovative Décor-Match™ system, you Transform any room into a tropical paradise with Regency’s
can select from a wide variety of fans, blades, light kits and Tropical ceiling fans, and complement nature’s own breeze
controls inspired by the latest trends. It’s possible to create a with Regency’s outdoor fans.
fan specifically for you.
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE offering several unipack
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Regency is one of the few (motors, blades and light kits) selections from the most
fan companies offering a ceiling fan with a direct current popular Décor-Match fans and outdoor light kits.
(DC) motor, the Gladiator. A DC motor is a fairly simple
electric motor that uses electricity and a magnetic field to PICTURED HERE Regency’s Gladiator (GL3) with DC motor
produce torque, which turns the motor. The primary benefit in an Antique Copper finish
is energy savings. The Gladiator delivers up to 60 percent NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 47


Affordable Contemporary GM Lighting Is a

at Access Lighting Full-Range LED Source
COMPANY NAME: Access Lighting COMPANY NAME: GM Lighting
OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR contemporary lighting OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR an eclectic selection
that is exclusive and vogue, yet affordable. of energy-saving LED undercabinet, puck, linear, task and
outdoor lighting that is backed by GM Lighting’s reputation
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? First, there is the company’s for excellence, reliability and superior customer service.
commitment to customer service and developing a personal
relationship with every customer. Second, there is Access WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Product reliability in unique,
Lighting’s dedication to sourcing exclusive, contemporary proven UL- or ETL-listed LED fixtures that are favored by
lighting that is affordable. Lastly, there is a devotion to contractors, designers and lighting showrooms. Unique
staying abreast of the latest technology and trends, from products like PaverBrick and black light LEDTask linear,
sourcing the most durable paint available to incorporating along with high-output and wet location linear products
energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting into its line. make GM Lighting unique.
collection of outdoor lighting, flush mounts and wall and LED undercabinet, LED puck lighting kits, standard
sconces, many available in fluorescent configurations and output, high-output and wet location LED light bars and
Energy Star® listed. Access Lighting offers an expansive flexible linear lighting, LED PaverBrick outdoor lighting and
range of LED outdoor lighting, including a fluorescent/ a full line of accessories and power supplies.
LED combination, for the ultimate in energy savings. The
company also has a tremendous collection of pendants, with OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE continued expansion of
a variety of light sources including fluorescent and LED, and GM Lighting’s product line of energy-saving LED fixtures
a fabulous glass collection with a number of exclusive Italian and dimmable power supplies, including high-output LED
designs and handmade Italian craftsmanship. Access sells pucks, light bars and other commercial and residential
bath bars galore, all keeping with its contemporary designs. lighting products.
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE expansion of creative PICTURED HERE GM Lighting’s new corporate offices.
options and flexibility to existing lines. The company will
introduce breathtaking LED fixtures that will leave you
speechless. Access Lighting will continue to expand its
energy-efficient product, with more and more meeting both
Title 20 and Title 24, yet still providing contemporary style.

PICTURED HERE: Glass cylinder pendants from Access

Lighting come in a range of glass styles and hardware finishes.



Ellington Fans Show

Commitment to Perfection
COMPANY NAME: Ellington pride in offering the right choice of fans at the right time
HQ LOCATION: Grand Prairie, TX for the right price. The company also offers a full line
WEBSITE: of accessories.


OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR its great styles at a choice of beautiful ceiling fan styles for inside and outside
great value. A respected player in the ceiling fan business, the home. From the most elegant traditional fan dressed
Ellington and its parent, Litex Industries, have been with crystal bead accents to sleek contemporary designs,
manufacturing and importing ceiling fans and lighting Ellington has the look. No wonder Ellington is the first
fixtures for more than 25 years. When it comes to high- choice of designers and discriminating consumers. For that
fashion and reliable fans, precision and attention to detail special touch, silk shade accessory kits give Ellington fans
are not luxuries; they are a necessity. Ellington brings that a fresh face and considerable style. Interesting textures
same level of perfection to every fan it creates — and with and impressive finishes give Ellington outdoor fans all the
it, a touch of high fashion to every ceiling. panache of its indoor styles.

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Ellington offers value on a OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE an expanded showroom
full range of ceiling fan designs, from traditional to modern in the Trade Mart building at the Dallas Market Center.
to outdoor. Ellington also offers a full range of builder fans, Ellington will introduce new lighting, additional ceiling fan
from the basic Ellington Collection to the Builder Deluxe designs, light kits and Energy Star-rated products.
with “Quick Connect Blades.” In addition, the ELN52 Series
is Energy Star® -rated. Ellington’s strong factory partnerships PICTURED HERE: The Morrow Bay fan (#E-MR56ESP4C1)
provide greater supply chain management. Ellington takes from Ellington is rated for outdoor wet location use. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 49


Social Media Help From Green Practices Set

World Market Center WAC Lighting Apart
COMPANY NAME: World Market Center Las Vegas COMPANY NAME: WAC Lighting

OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR its state-of-the-art OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR being a leading
campus with a comprehensive array of home furnishings — manufacturer and designer of award-winning lighting. This
from furniture and lighting to gifts and accessories. year, WAC has received the Green Design Award for its
LEDme™ Recessed Downlights and the Lightfair Innovation
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Shopping at WMCLV is Award for the PALOMA track line. President Shelley Wang
convenient, efficient, effective and fun! It provides world- received last year’s Residential Lighting Industry Leadership
class value and affordability in one of the world’s most Award. WAC Lighting is associated with its “Responsible
exciting destinations. In addition to an outstanding selection Lighting” brand standard, a holistic approach to business
of international exhibitors, WMCLV hosts dynamic and with environmentally friendly manufacturing, social progress
pertinent educational programming and networking events. and giving back to employees, customers and community.

Las Vegas Market, with a tremendous variety of over a clean, family-owned ISO 9001-certified manufacturing
1,200 permanent home furnishing showrooms and campus with responsible manufacturing practices, energy-
temporary exhibitors showcasing a broad assortment of efficient technologies, water recycling, lead-free and zero-
product categories including furniture, lighting, decorative landfill capabilities and in-house UL-approved testing labs.
accessories, floor coverings, gift, home textiles and more. Its reputation for high-quality decorative and task lighting
Dates for 2011 are Jan. 24-28 and Aug. 1-5. lines is backed by an extraordinary level of service, an
unprecedented shipping record and a five-year warranty.
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE January’s Las Vegas
Market will again feature “Illuminated: A Lighting and OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE art glass pendants;
Accessory Showcase for Success,” as envisioned by low/line voltage track; line and low voltage downlights;
Christopher Lowell. This unique destination will show line/low voltage single- and two-circuit monorail systems;
retailers new merchandising techniques for integrating both INVISILED® indoor and outdoor LED tape systems; wall
lighting and accessories in a retail environment. While there, sconces; mono- and multi-point fixtures; counter-balance
buyers are also invited to check out Hot Spot: A Social adjustables; SMART transformers; sustainable CFL, OLED
Media Bar where — at no charge — experts will help them and LED lighting products, and other specialty items.
set up their social media accounts and show them tips
and techniques to incorporate these new media into their OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE new Gaia Collection
marketing plans. Learn more at decorative families, plus innovative LED and OLED offerings.

PICTURED HERE: World Market Center Las Vegas campus. PICTURED HERE: WAC Lighting’s LEDme downlights.



Holtkötter Focuses on
Manufacturing and Design
COMPANY NAME: Holtkötter Intl. Inc.
HQ LOCATION: South St. Paul, MN
Product Development OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR beautifully designed
Reigns at Kendal Lighting products combined with superb engineering and innovative
lighting technologies. Holtkötter has been manufacturing
COMPANY NAME: Kendal Lighting chandeliers and lamps in Germany for more than 45 years.
HQ LOCATION: Delta, BC Holtkötter is one of a handful of companies left that still
WEBSITE: designs its own fixtures and does its own manufacturing,
from the raw metal to the finished product. The result is
OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR contemporary styling at chandeliers and lamps of lasting quality.
a great value, continuous development of new products and
investment in designs and tooling. WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? The Holtkötter Difference:
a continued devotion to the technical, functional and design
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Kendal Lighting is a challenges of lighting. The Ultimate Lighting Machines
25-year-old company, with multiple locations that enable Holtkötter manufactures are the result of decades of
the company to service markets immediately. Kendal dedicated research and development in various areas of
also offers outstanding customer service and is always lighting and design. The company combines its Bauhaus-
offering leading-edge designs. inspired design with a focus on the future of lighting:
new lamping technologies that will save energy and natural
OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE portables, ceiling resources, including Halostar ECO/IRC bulbs, energy-
fans, vanities, track lighting and pendants. efficient LEDs and responsible fluorescent bulbs.

OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE new portables, ceiling OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE a wide range of
fans and contemporary vanities. fixtures and lamps including: contemporary pendants and
low voltage chandeliers, swing-arm and decorative wall
PICTURED HERE: This desk or table lamp from Kendal sconces, table and floor lamps, torchieres and spotlights.
Lighting has an aluminum finish and a slide touch dimmer. The newest introduction is the Lichtstar system, which
features Osram’s new low voltage Halostar ECO bulb
with IRC energy-saving technology. Holtkötter’s LED line
is expanding to include portables and wall sconces. The
company is also in the process of developing a line with
responsible fluorescent bulbs: the Volkslampe Series.

OUR PLANS FOR 2010 INCLUDE a goal to become the

most innovative lighting design and technology company.



Grand Brass Lamp Parts:

Committed to Quality
COMPANY NAME: Grand Brass Lamp Parts LLC
Capable, Friendly Staff OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR high-quality lamp parts
Is Feiss Trademark and lighting components. The company is well-known for its
extraordinary customer service. Grand Brass has been making
COMPANY NAME: Murray Feiss Lighting lamp parts, lighting parts and chandelier parts since 1913,
HQ LOCATION: Bronx, NY making them the country’s oldest lamp supplies vendor.
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Grand Brass strives to
OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR great introductions all provide the best quality lamp parts available to the industry.
year round, excellent sales programs, knowledgeable and The company’s motto is “Grand Brass Lamp Parts is
friendly staff, strong and valued business. redesigning the lighting industry” because not only are
they designing new products, they are redesigning current
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Beautiful window displays, products to make them better. With so many years in the
a great location, and a warm and friendly environment. lighting industry, the company understands what lighting
designers want and need to make their vision a possibility.
beautiful accessories, portables, fixtures, wall sconces, OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE a large selection of
mirrors, vanities, outdoor lighting, flush mounts, semi-flush quality lamp socket and cord sets that are made exclusively
mounts, hanging shades, pendants, medallions and for Grand Brass Lamp Parts.
many more.
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE “going green” with
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE more contemporary a large selection of fluorescent and LED products. The
looks, great innovative designs, more variety and listening to company will also have a new selection of lamp sockets
our dealers’ needs for consumer demands. designed by Grand Brass, and it will expand its line of
high-quality lamp parts for clients who demand a quality of
PICTURED HERE: From the Murray Feiss Aria Collection, product that is unavailable from other suppliers today. The
this table lamp features a linen shade, and a Polished Nickel company is also becoming a UL wiring workshop that will
finish with black pearl shell. offer consultation and wiring for clients to meet today’s
lighting codes and standards.

PICTURED HERE: No other company in the country has

been selling parts for lamps and lighting fixtures longer
than Grand Brass.



Energy Efficiency Spurs

Education at Bulbrite
HQ LOCATION: Moonachie, NJ
Vaxcel Intl. Offers OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR being a leading supplier
of innovative, energy-efficient light source solutions and
Stylish Security Lighting the premier educational resource for lamping technology.
Bulbrite President Cathy Choi recently received the
COMPANY NAME: Vaxcel Intl. Residential Lighting Industry Leadership Award.
HQ LOCATION: Carol Stream, IL
WEBSITE: WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Bulbrite is a family-owned
business renowned for its commitment to innovation,
OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR good value and education and new technology. ALA-certified customer
good service. service, sales and operations teams and a national sales
force achieve top-notch service. Ninety-nine percent of
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Vaxcel has a diverse selection the company’s orders are processed and shipped same
of products: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, track lighting day using a state-of-the-art order entry, warehousing
and ceiling fans. and distribution system. Bulbrite hosts a broad range of
webinars, product training and seminars on light bulbs,
OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE complete indoor LEDS and sustainable lamping options.
and outdoor lighting, including our new Smart Lighting.
Security with style, Smart Lighting incorporates the function OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE the KX-2000®,
of a security light into today’s best outdoor lighting designs. Dark Sky, Purify 02, and Halogen R111 GU10, plus 2012
With photocell and motion sensors, these outdoor lanterns EISA-compliant Halogen A19 and Turbo LEDs. Bulbrite also
save energy and reduce light pollution. offers an extensive line of light bulbs and lamping options
including LEDs, HID, compact fluorescents, fluorescents,
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE looking for new halogens, krypton/xenon, incandescents and a broad range
decorative transitional indoor and outdoor collections. of specialty lamps.

PICTURED HERE: Vaxcel’s new Robie Collection is a OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE celebrating Bulbrite’s
Prairie-inspired design with an Espresso Bronze finish 40th anniversary and continuing to introduce energy-efficient
and Honey Linen glass. lamps and light bulbs. Bulbrite will help lighting showrooms
and distributors prepare for EISA, effective Jan. 1, 2012,
which states that general service incandescent light bulbs
must operate up to 30 percent more efficiently than current
standards require. To meet those needs, the Eco-Friendly
Halogen A19 lamp is energy-saving, fully dimmable and
available in four wattages, all of which use significantly less
energy than standard incandescents.


Ark Lighting Stands

Behind Its Products Customer Service and
COMPANY NAME: Ark Lighting
Quality Define SEBCO
quick shipping and standing behind its products. The staff
is knowledgeable and able to walk a customer through the OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR premium-quality,
entire process, from picking the correct fixtures to installing American-made low voltage lighting transformers for interior
them properly. Ark has been adapting its catalog to be able and exterior applications. SEBCO is known in the industry
to offer its customers the most current lighting trends. for quick attention to our customers’ needs and special
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? The founder of Ark Lighting
started in the industry as an electrician, then switched WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? SEBCO’s ability to move
to running a successful electrical and lighting distributor, quickly and ship most orders the same day they are
and finally to founding Ark Lighting in the early ’90s. Ark’s received. The company is also known for honesty, the best
technical team is therefore equipped with the firsthand customer service, one-on-one help and quick answers to
knowledge of what a distributor needs, what a showroom questions regarding low voltage lighting.
requires and most importantly the perspectives of the end-
user. This knowledge maintains Ark’s standing as a leader in OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE magnetic
high-quality yet affordable lighting. transformers for indoor and outdoor applications. They are
fully dimmable and work with most dimming systems.
OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS INCLUDE HID, fluorescent SEBCO also stocks electronic transformers and LED
and LED lighting for indoor decorative lighting, garage and drivers to round out its product line for OEM and
warhouse lighting, as well as many more applications. wholesale distribution accounts.
Although the company started primarily as a RLM (barn
light) manufacturer, Ark’s product line continues to expand. OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE continuing to offer
Join our mailing list to get the most up-to-date information “The Rock” transformer, an outdoor transformer in
on Ark’s innovations by contacting a decorative rock enclosure, which is now listed to
UL 1838. In addition, SEBCO will also be introducing
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE a new line of induction new DC magnetic solutions for LEDs.
lighting. With three times the lifespan of fluorescent lighting
and more power than LED, Ark believes that induction is the PICTURED HERE: Hidden in a natural looking enclosure,
most innovative lighting solution in the market. SEBCO’s outdoor transformer is called “The Rock” for
obvious reasons.
PICTURED HERE: Ark Lighting is excited to introduce a new
line of induction fixtures, similar to fluorescent but without
electrodes or filaments.



Uttermost Focuses on American-De Rosa

Product Development Known for Wide Selection
HQ LOCATION: Rocky Mount, VA COMPANY NAME: American-De Rosa Lamparts
OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR fashion-forward home
furnishings, ranging from mirrors and art to botanicals and OUR COMPANY IS KNOWN FOR a wide range of hand-
furniture to accessories and lighting. All of Uttermost’s forged iron lighting and onyx shades. American De-Rosa
products are exclusive designs by the most talented Lamparts offer customers full custom capabilities.
designers in the industry.
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? ADL is widely recognized as
WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? Unparalleled customer the single source lighting product supplier. ADL carries the
service. This covers all aspects of the company, from broadest selection of lighting components, light bulbs, glass,
quality control to quick shipping to guaranteeing customer fixtures and ceiling fans in America.
satisfaction. At Uttermost, the customer is always right.
Uttermost is also one of the few companies in the industry OUR CURRENT OFFERING INCLUDES antique
to do significant advertising in the top shelter magazines reproduction light bulbs, all types of light fixture
such as Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Veranda and replacement glass, a wide range of Energy Star ® -
Traditional Home. listed light fixtures and ceiling fans, and a family
of very high-quality landscape lighting fixtures.
fixtures, art, mirrors, clocks, furniture including accent OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE new upscale ceiling
upholstery, accessories and botanicals. fans, innovative CFLs, amazing “quick-release” light fixtures
that are easy to maintain, lighting controls and even more
OUR PLANS FOR 2011 INCLUDE a tremendous amount electrical and hardware components.
of product development in India and Indonesia that features
great artisan work with natural materials, as well as further PICTURED HERE: The Venice family from American-
expansion of Uttermost’s accent furniture business. De Rosa features an elegant sweeping Rubbed Bronze
finish on oval iron with blossoming Turismo glass.
PICTURED HERE: Uttermost’s Porano buffet lamp features
distressed porcelain finished in a mossy green glaze with
rust undertones and dark bronze metal details. NOVEMBER 2010 | RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING 55


e The Low Down

Ideal for low-ceiling settings, Fanimation’s
52-inch Multimax™ ceiling fan is Energy
Star ® -rated. At high speed, the fan has an
airflow efficiency of 103 cubic feet per minute
per watt, excluding lighting. A Frosted Opal
glass kit comes with two 18W, low-profile CFL
bulbs. The energy-efficient fan’s hand-held
remote device has touch-screen controls.

c Refreshing Design
Meyda Lighting has teamed up with Coca-
Cola ® to create lighting fixtures featuring
the colors and shapes of the brand’s iconic
original bottles. Shown here, the 16-bottle
chandelier is made of recycled bottles and
measures 14½ inches wide. Also available are
a three-light flush mount or a mini pendant.
e Luck of the Irish
Named for an Irish castle, the Balfour table lamp
from Nessen is an original contemporary design with
a weighted, polished metal base. The cylindrical
translucent shade provides non-glare light and
is available in 14 colors.

c Freshly Picked
Inspired by the colors and landscapes of
Tuscany, the Tuscan Collection from Vietri
features the Umbrian Grapes lamp, which
was handcrafted in Italy with a cream,
e Sweet as Honey softback shade and Oil-Rubbed Bronze
This lamp from the new Isadora
Collection by Murray Feiss has a
honey marble mosaic body and
a gold, faux silk hardback shade.


Pendant Power
NEW PRODUCTS Besa Lighting’s new line of LED pendants
offers full 360-degree illumination for optimal
appearance and downlighting and has a rated
life of 50,000 hours. The dimmable pendants
eBubbly Personality are available in stand-alone and quick-connect
Troy Lighting’s Fizz chandelier designs, as well as in a variety of handcrafted
has a unique style that embodies glass styles.
modishness, playfulness and
elegance. This distinctive fixture
features a hardback shade, Chrome
stem finish and acrylic accents.

Easy Green
Comprised of three components, the T5 Retrofit Kit
from the Green Savings Co. is a complete conversion
system designed to save energy, reduce costs, and
help the environment. The lamps are rated at 20,000
hours with only 10 percent lumen loss in the first
10,000 hours.


Connect with your customer


1623 Main Street
PO Box 1172
communications Quechee, VT 05059
Metal Antiquing Solutions LED Recessed Downlight
Recycled Glass Bath Fixture Triple-S Chemicals is a Los Angeles-
The Fascination two-light halogen Royal Pacific’s new and innovative
based company that specializes in lineup of LED products includes
bath fixture from Varaluz was inspired the manufacture and sale of metal
by the ruins of an old Nevada mine, a complete line of LED recessed
antiquing solutions and patina solutions downlighting. Leading this product
where the walls were constructed for copper, brass, bronze and steel. Its
of vintage wine bottles and mud in group is the 8115HA Series can. This
antiquing and patina solutions range 6-inch recessed downlight is 120V to
order to reflect the sunlight. The look in color from browns/blacks to rusty
is recreated here using recycled steel 277V, air-tight and IC-rated. It is also
reds/oranges to greens/blues. dimmable up to 100 percent and is
circles of varying sizes filled
with recycled glass discs. offered for both new construction and remodeling projects.

Durable Glass Alternative Glass Candle Sconce

“Designed to be fine at any time,” Hans Duus is pleased to introduce a Old-Fashioned Bulbs
the new ACROlite Collection from second generation of the successful Ferrowatt antique reproduction
Access Lighting is impact-resistant and Candelite Series. The resin candles light bulbs from AAMSCO are
available in a host of colors and sizes. have been replaced with mouth- in compliance with the Energy
In addition, this lightweight alternative blown glass candle shades, which Independence and Security Act (EISA)
to glass is easy to install, has no can accommodate up to 60W as their low lumen output exempts
seams and stands up well to the incandescent lamps as well as GU24- them from any regulation.
daily wear and tear of life. base CFL lamps. The glass candles
Custom color shades are also are available in sizes up to 8 inches in
available for commercial jobs, diameter by 14 inches high, allowing
with a minimum order required. full flexibility for custom applications.


Modular LEDs
Using advanced LED technology,
Linkable Slim Stix from Jesco provide
the maximum light output in the
smallest diameter possible, with
simple plug-in connector installation High-Quality Fixtures
and a slender low-scale design that fits The Jefferson Collection from
Reclaimed Wood Lamps any space. The S601 Series is available Livex Lighting offers a variety of
The Ghostwood table and floor lamps in 3000K for residential and hospitality high-quality fixtures. Choose from
from Western Heritage Furniture are applications, 4000K for use in retail either ceiling-mount or chain-hang
100 percent reclaimed barn wood, and displays and 6000K for jewelry-case fixtures in Bronze, Antique Brass,
accented with an authentic rawhide displays and merchandise showrooms. Polished Brass, Polished Nickel or
lamp shade. In an intense six-step Brushed Nickel finishes. Fixtures are
restoration process, old barn wood also available in clear or seeded glass.
is transformed into Ghostwood and
is artistically integrated into refined
rustic masterpieces. Suitable for even
the most discriminating furniture
collector, each piece tells a story.
Rich in American history, each piece
is unique, reflecting the superior
craftsmanship of the early pioneers.

Fan With Reversible Blades

Unique in the ceiling fan arena, Ellington operates
by a simple equation: great style and great
prices. Stunning, well-priced fans that ship on
time and work every time. Ellington has built a
long list of satisfied dealers by recognizing what
customers want most: service. The Brilliante
52-inch fan, shown in brushed nickel with
reversible blade finishes of ash and mahogany,
comes with a 15-year warranty.
Advertiser Page Website Phone
AAMSCO 60 800.221.9092
Access Lighting 60, Inside Back Cover 800.828.5483
American-DeRosa Lamparts 25 800.777.4440
Ark Lighting 28 888.ARK.LIGHT
Bulbrite 17 800.528.5555
Clark Communications Group 58 800.886.2522
Dallas Market Center 10-11 800.DAL.MKTS
Efficient Lighting 23 888.808.0885
Ellington Fans 2-3, 61, Back Cover 800.527.1292
GM Lighting 1 866.671.0811
Grand Brass Lamp Parts 21 212.226.2567
Hans Duus Blacksmith Inc. 60 877.640.0012
Holtkötter Intl. 27 800.899.5444
Jesco Lighting Group 61 800.527.7796
Kalco 63 800.525.2655
Kendal Lighting 15 888.306.FANS
Kowa Optimed Inc. Inside Front Cover 800.966.5692
Livex Lighting 57, 61 800.761.8056
Meyer Lighting Products 61 800.432.3527
Murray Feiss 19 n/a
Regency Ceiling Fans 7 800.659.5051
Royal Pacific Ltd. 60 800.937.6925
Sebco 46 888.SEBCO4U
Triple-S Chemical Products Inc. 60 800.862.5958
Uttermost 45 800.678.5486
Varaluz 60 702.792.6900
Vaxcel Lighting Group 5 630.682.8767
Viz Glass Inc. 59 510.261.1988
WAC Lighting 13 800.526.2588
Western Heritage Furniture 61 800.616.1424
World Market Center Las Vegas 9 888.416.8600

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by randall whitehead, iald

Lamp Up the Volume

Our expert checks his sources this month with questions
about AC-driven LEDs and induction lighting.
Q: As one of the most influential lighting experts around, will you be
addressing the paradigm of the highest-quality solid-state lighting lines
that use AC LEDs (versus DC-driven LEDs)?
A: I love it when you butter me up before asking a question. This would be my
first paradigm, which is not as exciting as a space/time continuum, but I am still
fair shake
The Shotoku Glass Co., which
intrigued. Here’s the short answer: Yes, I am for AC-driven LEDs. They have fewer started in the light bulb business,
components, are easier to implement and can be less expensive. Still, they are fairly is now using their G-lamp shapes
new, so the optics are still emerging and there are fewer suppliers. On the plus to make herb shakers. Available
side for DC LEDs, you can get more online at
lumens per watt and the suppliers
are more plentiful. On the downside,
the DC needs to be converted to
AC, which can add to the cost and
the component designs are more
complex. ? ?
Q: What’s the difference between
induction and LED lighting? Antsy for answers? He’s your man.
A: Is this a pop quiz? What do I win if Submit questions online at:
I get the answers right? An induction
lamp is a light source in which the
power required to generate light Or send questions to:
is transferred from the outside Residential Lighting magazine
of the lamp envelope by means Attn: Last Word in Lighting
of electromagnetic fields. Typical 3030 W. Salt Creek Lane, Suite 201
incandescent lamps or fluorescent Arlington Heights, IL 60005
lamps use electrical connections Fax: (847) 390-0408
through the lamp envelope to transfer E-mail:
power to a filament or phosphors.
The AC-driven B10 lamp from Borealis An LED uses energized diodes to Randall Whitehead, IALD,
produces the equivalent of 15W with just 2W create light. is a professional lighting
and comes in a clear or frosted version. Induction lamps have a high lumen designer and author.
output and were developed for the His eight books include
most part to replace high-intensity “Residential Lighting,
discharge (HID) lamps, such as mercury vapor, metal halide and high- and low- A Practical Guide” and
pressure sodium. Induction lamps are “instant-on,” whereas HID lamps take from his latest collection of
two to eight minutes to come up to full brightness. photography titled “Lost
I foresee that high-lumen-output LEDs are gearing up to replace HID lamps Dolls, The Hidden Lives of Toys.” Whitehead has
and may take over the lead from induction lamps in commercial and public space worked on projects worldwide, appeared on
applications. Their uni-directional way of projecting light lends itself nicely to the Discovery Channel, HGTV and CNN, and
roadway, parking lot and warehouse lighting applications. Induction lamps do have he is a regular guest on Martha Stewart Living
Radio. Visit his website for more information
mercury in them, but it is in a solid form and can be easily recovered if the lamp is
on books, upcoming seminars and the latest
broken or when recycled.
lighting trends at