Octavius Winslow Died 5th March 1878 

Oh that among God's dear saints there were less talking of

ministers, and more of Jesus; less of sermons, and more of the power of the truth in their souls; less of "I am of Paul," and "I of Apollos," and more of "I am of Christ." 
You know so little of God, my reader, because you live at such a

distance from God. 
Cultivate meditation my reader, this holy and useful habit. In a

world of incessant action, and in an age of restless excitement, we have great need to imitate these holy examples, and to retire to the "calm retreat, the silent shade," and there abandon ourselves to devout meditation upon Divine, heavenly, and eternal things. 
Doctrine should not outstrip experience.  Prayer is the truest, safest test for the spiritual state of the soul. 

Grace is the germ of Glory,

Glory is the full blown flower of Grace, Grace is the first degree of Glory, Glory is the highest degree of Grace. 
Be careful of making a savior of faith.  Reverse the state of the BELIEVER and you have the exact state

Oh, it is an alarming condition for a Christian man, when the

heart contradicts the judgment, and the life belies the profession! ² when there is more knowledge of the truth than experience of its power ² more light in the understanding than grace in the affections ² more pretension in the profession than holiness and spirituality in the walk! 
You will know more of Jesus in one sanctified trial, than in

wading through a library of volumes, or listening to a lifetime of sermons. 
The life of God in the soul on earth is a life of communion of the

soul with God in heaven. Prayer is nothing less than the Divine nature in fellowship with the Divine, the renewed creature in communion with God. 
Are there things in one·s spiritual life, that you always seem to be

going to sort out, attend to, be obedient under God to, ´tomorrowµ? Yet, tomorrow, always remains tomorrow? We are told in Scripture to redeem the time well, and that includes not putting off to tomorrow what we can or should do today. 

The astonishing, the marvelous love, He has exhibited in giving

you His beloved Son to die in your stead, are cords by which He would draw your loving heart to Himself. 
It is by an act of simple, prayerful faith we transfer our cares and

anxieties, our sorrows and needs, to the Lord. 
A believer may lose the answer to his prayer, by dictating to the

Lord the mode, as well as the time, of answering. 
The love of Christ! Such a precious theme! Of it can we ever

weary? Never! Its greatness can we ever know? Never! Its plenitude can we fully contain? Never! Its depths cannot be fathomed, its dimensions cannot be measured! It passes knowledge! 
Give yourself to prayer. Supposing your state is the worst that

can be, your frame of mind the most unfavourable, your heart the hardest; still go to the throne of grace. 
The smallest measure of real faith will take the soul to heaven.  The Lord never intended that His people should live on anything

below Himself. The life within us is divine, and its nourishment must be divine. It is from heaven, and its nourishment must be heavenly; it is supernatural, and its food must be spiritual. 
It must be admitted, that the character and the tendencies of the

age are not favorable to deep and mature reflection upon the hidden, spiritual life of the soul. 
When because of our state of limited knowledge, we cannot fully

understand ² let reason reverently adore and faith implicitly trust. 

We really know as much of the gospel of Christ , and of the

Christ of the gospel as by the power of the Holy Ghost we have the experience of it in our souls. All other acquaintance with divine truth must be regarded as merely intellectual, theoretical, speculative and of little worth. 

Return, O wanderer, return!

And seek an injured Father·s face; Those warm desires that in thee burn, Were kindled by reclaiming grace. Return, O Wanderer, return! Thy Saviour bids Thy spirit live; Go to His bleeding side and learn, How freely Jesus can forgive. Return, O wanderer, return! Regain thy lost, lamented rest; Jehovah·s melting bowels yearn, To clasp His Ephraim to His breast. 
The character and the degree of our spiritual knowledge begins

and terminates in our knowledge of Christ. Christ is the test of its reality³the measure of its depth³and the source of its growth. 
A rope of sand, a spider's web, a silken thread, a passing

shadow, an ebbing wave, are the most fitting and expressive emblems of all things belonging to this present earthly state. ¶Friend, remember that it is better to read 1 quote 10 times (meditatively) than to read 10 quotes 1 time (superficially).· Gathered by Totaf.

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