Ford Motors Company Today, Ford is one of the largest car companies in America and currently owns Lincoln

, Mercury, and Volvo cars. It is the F on the stock market. The Ford Motors Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. The company was based in Michigan where Henry Ford grew up in. The Ford Motors Company was one of the few companies who were able to survive the Great Depression at that time. The company has been owned by the Ford family for nearly one hundred years. On December 18th, 1999, the Ford Model T was called the ³Car of the Century´ according to a group of 133 automotive journalists and professionals.

I first got interested in Ford after my brother told me how the Ford brought down the economy in the Great Depression. At that time, I had no idea what went in the Great Depression. When I started reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, one of the characters described how immigrants during the Great Depression did not like Henry Ford. With this, I came up with a question, ³How has Ford affected history?´ After research and time, I learned many things about how the company has done helpful or bad things.

The result of a large car company was that there needed more gas stations and roads. Henry Ford actually brought the idea of assembly lines. Today, assembly lines are used in various factories and work to help speed up the process. The idea of the assembly lines that Henry Ford brought was called Fordism. The company has was also one of the first companies to make FFV- Flexible Fuel. This meant that they were able to combine different kinds of fuel that would still be able to run. I think these things that Ford has done is helpful because they advanced life that made it livable.

cars have been available to wide ranges of people. cars were considered luxuries. Did you know that Ford actually helped NASA get the first man to the Moon? According to the Ford Milestones. . When Henry Ford laid off workers. Back then. Ford because he was laying off workers. Some of the films that were made were some of people¶s first motion pictures in their life. the Ford Model T was used as one of the main vehicles for the Allied Military Forces. the unemployment rate in Detroit. Thanks to models such as the Model T. Henry Ford started the $5 a Day revolution which paid workers five dollars a day basically. Desdemona from Middlesex. Imagine how much faster transportation was thanks to the Model T. we might not have cars parked in the parking lot right now. ³Ford-Philco engineers unveiled the sophisticated system that became known as "Mission Control" in 1965.During the Great Depression. Without Henry Ford. During the Great War (World War I). Michigan rose up to nearly 30%. The Ford Motor Company¶s Motion Picture Department also developed motion films. who lived during the Great Depression. In the Great Depression.´ The Ford Company has actually helped cars become more available to common people. the Ford Motors Companies was a large company which gave lots of job opportunities. explained how many people at the time were angry at Mr.

As you can see. Ford has helped our history evolve. Has this changed your view on Ford? . This research that I have done on Ford has changed my initial thought on Ford. It also helped me understand more on World War I. Ford has impacted us in a way that is unforgettable. Although some might consider some of the things unhelpful and some might argue that all the things done by the company were helpful. so it is helping me read further on than my Social Studies class. The company has done various accomplishments that have advanced our world.

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