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Business of Bank of Rajasthan:

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#8#*97c0c'c'"%c c *c77*9#c0*c

Bank of Rajasthan Financials:

4c cc+ c''c
 %c1#2c&334cc  c)c *c#*#9c0*c
4c :cc''c%0 c1#2c&334ccc)c *c3*#3c0*c

Business of ICICI:

ccc';c%'< c0c)ccc c *c 1*61c c'c'cc

c  c c 52c3&8c%  cc&3#3*cccc) c c&2334c0 %c'c82&#4c 

The Deal:
c2c'=c0c "c% c0ccccccc 'c%> cc+ *c
 cc" ccc'cc c
' 2ccc  'cc%>  cc c *c
 c- cc%>  'c cc c! 0cc&3372cccc0c
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'  +*c

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%c'cc" cc cc0 c c12333c%  *c$cc  2cc " c cc
c) 'c% c 52c332333c%  *c cccc0 c c" c &12c333c%  2cc
 +c 12c952333c%  c cc*c
4c ccc  'cc)c'c c&8##9*ccccc c c
 ' c)cc&8c c ccc  c" +c##9c c cc c c
cc c c5*7&#c

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c0c" 'cc *c#99*5&cc% 'cc *c93ccc'c #7c
 " ccc'+c c %*c

„ views about this „erger:

Benefits of the Acquisition to ICICI:

4c % 'c 0 c c0 %c'c %cc *c

4c %  c%*c

Drawback of the Acquisition to ICICI:

4c /"cc
4c   c  %c
4c ) cc  c
4c c 'c"c
4c B)c c%c

cc+cc cc)ccc %c cc c cc  cc" +c+c

0% cccc c  cc c ccccc c *c3*#3c0ccc0c
"c *c1333c%  c)%c)c cc =c c" *c

'c cc)ccc %c cccc  cc" +c+c0% c0+c c' c

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) c0+c<  *ccc'cccc/"c0 c0+cc" ccc c c
+ccc" +c0c c0% cccc "c%+c'cccc" +c+c
%c0+c c "c**c /c2c- cc%*c

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