tb: still, censorship=bad 4:41 0equals2: we'd need to attack them in a way that doesn't infringe on the fr eedom of speech thing

4:41 [GOP] Bush: did you guys know Barrett Brown is a heroin addict 4:41 tb: so am i 4:41 [GOP] Bush: who has heptatis c 4:41 tb: exactly 4:41 [GOP] Bush: no seriously 4:41 tb: srsly 4:42 [GOP] Bush: he really does, look up his criminal background 4:42 tb: lulz 4:42 [GOP] Bush: he has a conviction for driving while on heroin 4:42 Barrett Brown: lol it's a DUI 4:42 [GOP] Bush: the arresting officers noted in the log that he has heptatis c 4:42 0equals2: you say heroin addict like its a bad thing... 4:42 Barrett Brown: lol they knew that from arresting me? 4:42 tb: weak, should have gone for aids 4:42 Barrett Brown: they must have been serious cops! 4:42 [GOP] Bush: Do you deny being a junkie? 4:42 Barrett Brown: I deny being a current junkie 4:43 Barrett Brown: please lurk moar 4:43 [GOP] Bush: as of when? 4:43 [GOP] Bush: six days? 4:43 Barrett Brown: there's a fucking article coming out on it 4:43 Barrett Brown: 11 days 4:43 [GOP] Bush: five days? 4:43 Barrett Brown: I got clean forFeds 4:43 [GOP] Bush: that's not clean 4:43 Barrett Brown: I love heroin 4:43 Barrett Brown: and you know what? 4:43 Barrett Brown: when I'm done with all this 4:43 Barrett Brown: I'm going to get rrightt back on it 4:43 [GOP] Bush: you're going to shoot up and die from an air embolus ? 4:43 Barrett Brown: lol it's really hard to die from that 4:43 Barrett Brown: and why do you care? 4:43 tb: speaking of which, i'ma go appease my personal devil now 4:43 unnamed: :P 4:43 tb: nn all 4:43 Barrett Brown: you dislike me enough to make shit up 4:43 Barrett Brown: about hep C, etc 4:43 [GOP] Bush: Because I don't want some junkie loser pretending he's the face of Anonymous like Gregg 4:44 Barrett Brown: oic 4:44 Barrett Brown: so your concern is not for Anon 4:44 Barrett Brown: but for you being able to be the equal of those who do the h ard work? 4:44 [GOP] Bush: My concern is you're a shit person to be a namefag 4:44 Barrett Brown: how familiar 4:44 Barrett Brown: it's almost as if 4:44 Barrett Brown: I don't give a shit 4:44 Barrett Brown: and you can;'t stop me 4:44 Barrett Brown: ! 4:44 Barrett Brown: ljajajajajajajajajajajaja 4:44 [GOP] Bush: It's almost as if you're girlfriend fucks everyone in your town ? 4:44 tb: bushie, it don't matter, balls are rolling already 4:44 Barrett Brown: lol my gf livs with me 4:44 tb: so go back to your corner 4:44 FakeGreggHoush: as long as we're being honest btw 4:44 FakeGreggHoush: =)

4:44 Barrett Brown: oh hai 4:44 tb: put back on the duncehat 4:45 Barrett Brown: Jennifer Emerick 4:45 FakeGreggHoush: OH HAI 4:45 FakeGreggHoush: I'm not Jennifer dude 4:45 Barrett Brown: loved the fake name you gave Tim Roger 4:45 Barrett Brown: s 4:45 Barrett Brown: the one that doesn't exist 4:45 Barrett Brown: enjoy your wicca, you Fed collaborator 4:45 FakeGreggHoush: It does exist you can look it up idiot 4:45 Barrett Brown: Tim did 4:45 Barrett Brown: maybe youshould talk to him 4:45 Barrett Brown: oh, and Forbes 4:45 Barrett Brown: you know, those media people I've run with for ten years? 4:45 Barrett Brown: have fun 4:45 FakeGreggHoush: my names Donald Wasylana idiot 4:45 Barrett Brown: also I'm busy 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: go look it up 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: your friend Tim is probably a retard like you 4:46 Barrett Brown: lol 4:46 Barrett Brown: he kind of is 4:46 Barrett Brown: tell him I said that 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: I don't want to? 4:46 Barrett Brown: k 4:46 Barrett Brown: thanks anywayt 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: My names Donald Wasylana 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: I work at Leo Moffit Cancer Research Center 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: I live in Lutz Florida and Debary Flordia 4:46 Barrett Brown: great, go back to your hug box and twitter 4:46 Barrett Brown: I don't care 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: you can go look it up ass hat 4:46 FakeGreggHoush: no, go look it up junkie 4:46 Barrett Brown: I've got bigger fish to fry and then eat 4:47 Barrett Brown: nope, too busy shooting up 4:47 Barrett Brown: SHOOTING UP RUIN! 4:47 tb: ok jen, we believe you, now go away and let people be productive 4:47 FakeGreggHoush: shooting up is gonna be hard when you go to Guantanamo 4:47 FakeGreggHoush: You're gonna die in a prison just like your dad probably sh ould have 4:47 Barrett Brown: my dad never did time, sweetheart 4:47 Barrett Brown: you need to learn how to dox 4:47 Barrett Brown: like we do 4:48 FakeGreggHoush: I didn't say he did? 4:48 Barrett Brown: you got Emma's country wrong 4:48 Barrett Brown: srsly 4:48 FakeGreggHoush: I said he should have died in prison 4:48 Barrett Brown: no one cares 4:48 Barrett Brown: oh, 4:48 Barrett Brown: then you're right 4:48 FakeGreggHoush: SHOULD HAVE 4:48 Barrett Brown: my dad is an idiot 4:48 Barrett Brown: I know, I agree 4:48 FakeGreggHoush: Oh ok 4:48 Barrett Brown: jajajjajajjajajja 4:48 Barrett Brown: plus he has Hep C! 4:48 FakeGreggHoush: Why'd you tell me in #anonleaks two weeks ago you were upse t cause the fed ruined your dads life then and broke up your family 4:48 Barrett Brown: lololololololol 4:48 FakeGreggHoush: I almost felt you shooting up to stave off the tears 4:48 Barrett Brown: because I didn't want my family broken up

4:49 tb: trollz trollin trollz 4:49 FakeGreggHoush: so then perhaps your dads not such an idiot? 4:49 tb: night fags 4:49 nigger: Barret Brown going to prison??? 4:49 nigger: noooo 4:49 unnamed: Mr. Brown, in the lancaster room with the lead pipe 4:49 Barrett Brown: lol 4:49 unnamed: soap opera is soapy 4:49 Barrett Brown: HEP C 4:49 FakeGreggHoush: Hey Barry 4:49 Barrett Brown: HEP C 4:49 FakeGreggHoush: I'll brb 4:49 FakeGreggHoush: Don't go anywhere I got a surprise for you 4:49 Barrett Brown: you talking to BarryEisler? 4:49 Barrett Brown: oh, you mean me 4:49 Barrett Brown: go e-mail Barry Eisler 4:50 Barrett Brown: srsly 4:50 FakeGreggHoush: Barrett 4:50 FakeGreggHoush: I have logs from #hq 4:50 FakeGreggHoush: cause I've been sitting in it for like a month 4:50 Barrett Brown: ok 4:50 Barrett Brown: run them 4:50 FakeGreggHoush: Did you know Kayla is actually a dude? 4:51 Barrett Brown: can you please not delete our stuff? 4:51 FakeGreggHoush: since you asked nicely, ok 4:51 Barrett Brown: also, please summarize? 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: changes reverted 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: there's no summarization - I have logs of the AnonOPS faggo ts doing illegal faggot shit 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: about two months of them 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: mostly from #hq and other channels 4:52 Barrett Brown: really long 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: long logs are long indeed 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: illegal doings are illegal though 4:52 FakeGreggHoush: wanna protest America? That's cool do it the legal way 4:53 nigger: lol nice work with the "there is no god but __ and __ is His prophe t" 4:53 Barrett Brown: k, take it to media 4:53 Barrett Brown: but this pad is for our op 4:53 FakeGreggHoush: I am taking it to you 4:53 FakeGreggHoush: Because you're the new Gregg Housh 4:54 unnamed: do you have a point? 4:54 Barrett Brown: nah, Gregg Housh remains Gregg Housh 4:54 FakeGreggHoush: I know Kayla is the one who did HBGary, I know Kayla is Cor ey from Harrison NJ 4:54 Barrett Brown: I'm the guy who's going to end your shit 4:54 unnamed: yes anon does illegal things...so what 4:54 FakeGreggHoush: my suggestion? Go legal somehow or go away 4:54 Barrett Brown: because you are a fascist 4:54 FakeGreggHoush: Because I will ruin you are 4:54 Barrett Brown: and a collaborator 4:54 FakeGreggHoush: I'm glad you believe that Barry 4:54 Barrett Brown: really? WILL I GO TO PRISON?!?! 4:54 Barrett Brown: jajajajajajajajaj 4:54 nigger: fakegregghoush: whats your problem? 4:54 nigger: seriously.. what is it? 4:54 FakeGreggHoush: I have to have one? 4:54 Barrett Brown: butthurt 4:54 Barrett Brown: ignore him 4:54 Barrett Brown: also

4:55 nigger: yeah 4:55 Barrett Brown: blank thispage again and I rededicate my time this weekened 4:55 unnamed: obvious troll is obvious 4:55 Barrett Brown: seriously, do it 4:55 Barrett Brown: I fucking dare you 4:55 nigger: heh 4:55 Barrett Brown: censorship-loving fascist 4:55 unnamed: oi... 4:56 nigger: uh oh 4:56 FakeGreggHoush: Barret, you're kind of good at trolling and ironically you' re almost the same age as me 4:56 Barrett Brown: fucking miracles 4:56 FakeGreggHoush: it's a shame really 4:56 Barrett Brown: it is a shame 4:56 FakeGreggHoush: In another life, we might have been friends 4:56 Barrett Brown: we could have worked together 4:56 Barrett Brown: to improve this country 4:56 FakeGreggHoush: maybe we're accidentally working to the same end :) 4:56 Barrett Brown: and save this broken sysytem 4:56 Barrett Brown: maybe so 4:57 Barrett Brown: how about we sit down and talk? 4:57 Barrett Brown: without the trolling 4:57 FakeGreggHoush: No because you record phone conversations 4:57 Barrett Brown: yep 4:57 FakeGreggHoush: and I know it's legal to do that in Texas 4:57 Barrett Brown: you record logs, though 4:57 Barrett Brown: and give them to feds 4:57 Barrett Brown: you and I are alike 4:57 FakeGreggHoush: I haven't given anything to the feds :) 4:57 Barrett Brown: why not both record everything? 4:57 Barrett Brown: you should, they need it 4:57 anon142369: i'm pretty sure the feds have thier own logs 4:57 Barrett Brown: lololololol 4:58 FakeGreggHoush: So ...I blanked the page three times 4:58 FakeGreggHoush: where's the retort? 4:58 Barrett Brown: as long as you're not Jennifer 4:58 Barrett Brown: I am fickle 4:58 FakeGreggHoush: I'm not jennifer 4:58 Barrett Brown: and I prefer to make allies than enemies 4:58 Barrett Brown: I know lol 4:58 FakeGreggHoush: but do you really know that or are you saying that to abate me? 4:58 Barrett Brown: I know it now due to things you said and didn't say 4:59 Barrett Brown: but was ppretty sure before because of some things that happ ened 4:59 Barrett Brown: my bad on the intel 4:59 Barrett Brown: not an exact science, as Barr found 4:59 Barrett Brown: so, chat here or skype or what? 4:59 Barrett Brown: I'd like to get this resolved 5:00 Barrett Brown: if I can talk to jester I can talk to you 5:00 FakeGreggHoush: I don't chat on Skype, I know how to get IPs off Skype :) 5:00 Barrett Brown: k 5:00 Barrett Brown: Blink? 5:00 FakeGreggHoush: Nope here is ok 5:00 Barrett Brown: ok 5:00 Barrett Brown: so 5:00 Barrett Brown: what are our common goals? 5:00 Barrett Brown: you know more about mine that I know about yours 5:01 Barrett Brown: incidentally, I'dfeel bad about Emerick were it not for the fact that she did try to talk to press about hackers

5:01 Barrett Brown: and get them arrested 5:01 FakeGreggHoush: Why do I need to have a goal? 5:01 Barrett Brown: I will apologize to her in a limited fashion] 5:01 Barrett Brown: you don't 5:01 Barrett Brown: if you don't feel like it 5:01 FakeGreggHoush: I do have one though 5:01 Barrett Brown: ok 5:02 Barrett Brown: will you tell me? 5:02 FakeGreggHoush: "bring order" 5:02 FakeGreggHoush: I intend to bring order to a chaotic form 5:02 FakeGreggHoush: order, unveils a lot of things 5:02 Barrett Brown: ok 5:02 FakeGreggHoush: for instance 5:02 Barrett Brown: that's not something I oppose 5:02 Barrett Brown: and am considering a bit 5:02 FakeGreggHoush: do you know Gregg Housh's real last name isn't Gregg or tha t he has a half-brother living in Illinois? 5:03 FakeGreggHoush: His real last names Hawn 5:03 Barrett Brown: continue 5:03 FakeGreggHoush: Ever wonder what Gregg did before 2000? I know I can't find out 5:03 Barrett Brown: he hacked 5:03 FakeGreggHoush: Gregg appeared in the software scene around 99-00 writing s hitty mail bombing software 5:03 Barrett Brown: a lot 5:03 Barrett Brown: ok 5:03 FakeGreggHoush: Anyway 5:03 unnamed: anyways 5:04 FakeGreggHoush: You ever wonder how Anonymous seems to ordered yet so chaot ic? 5:04 FakeGreggHoush: It's because of things like #marblecake #hq #pr #reporters 5:04 Barrett Brown: no, I don't 5:04 Barrett Brown: I know 5:04 FakeGreggHoush: I will explain how Anonymous is chaos and order at the same time 5:04 unnamed: ordered? its not. 5:04 FakeGreggHoush: and also leadered 5:04 Barrett Brown: first off 5:04 unnamed: sometimes focused. 5:04 Barrett Brown: before you begin 5:04 FakeGreggHoush: want me to explain it? 5:04 Barrett Brown: do you oppose those things? 5:04 Barrett Brown: yes 5:04 Barrett Brown: I do 5:05 unnamed: i vote lullz 5:05 FakeGreggHoush: say I have 100 people in a room who are voting on a union b ill in wisconsin 5:05 FakeGreggHoush: I have a dissenting view as do five other people 5:05 unnamed: is there cake being served? 5:05 FakeGreggHoush: the easiest way to win the is for the six of us to spread o ut, work the room and social OTHER people into our views/opinions 5:05 Barrett Brown: yes 5:05 FakeGreggHoush: that early six becomes thirty thirty becomes forty and the bill is fillibustered 5:05 FakeGreggHoush: that's what Anonymous is with Gregg 5:05 unnamed: not in the least 5:05 FakeGreggHoush: He's the lone man in the room working the crowd for his goa ls 5:06 unnamed: but ok 5:06 FakeGreggHoush: Ok because I'm a big man ...i'll let you tell me why that's

not the case 5:06 unnamed: the idea of anon working a room to gather followers is silly 5:06 FakeGreggHoush: no no 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: the rooms already full of anons 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: Gregs just swaying views towards his view 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: Gregg's not smart 5:07 Barrett Brown: how does he do this? 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: but he is extremely charismatic 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: charisma man 5:07 unnamed: anon sees thru stupid people quickly. 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: Hitler was a mental midget 5:07 unnamed: neck beards dont like charisma 5:07 FakeGreggHoush: but he ruled 2/3 of the world 5:08 Barrett Brown: not two thirds 5:08 FakeGreggHoush: Anons didn't USED TO tolerate namefaggotry either 5:08 Barrett Brown: but go on 5:08 Barrett Brown: no 5:08 Barrett Brown: it also enforceed rules one and two 5:08 FakeGreggHoush: but now Gregg goes on television/radio/etc talking to peopl e saying he's an "observer" 5:08 unnamed: we are all observers on the stage 5:08 FakeGreggHoush: well lemme ask you this 5:08 unnamed: someone wrote down rule one and two? shit 5:08 FakeGreggHoush: who among you thought at the beginning "hey this gregg hous h guy should totally do pr for us" 5:09 FakeGreggHoush: anybody? 5:09 FakeGreggHoush: nobody right? 5:09 FakeGreggHoush: somehow he did though 5:09 unnamed: snon is everyo e and no one 5:09 Barrett Brown: well 5:09 Barrett Brown: he was outed by CoS 5:09 unnamed: we cant even say as a majority want. 5:09 Barrett Brown: and thus lost his anonymity 5:09 unnamed: youre trying to label it. 5:10 FakeGreggHoush: See, I'm doing that thing where I ramble about namefaggotry again 5:10 FakeGreggHoush: that's not even the biggest problem in all of this 5:10 unnamed: newfag new fag 5:11 Barrett Brown: what's the biggest, him controlling things, as you say? 5:11 FakeGreggHoush: no 5:11 FakeGreggHoush: him going on CNN and advocating DDOS as a new form of prote sting 5:11 unnamed: can we talk bout loic? igot an idea... 5:11 FakeGreggHoush: but then decrying it as illegal 5:11 Barrett Brown: has he called it illegal? 5:11 FakeGreggHoush: on IRC? several times 5:11 Barrett Brown: because a lot of people consider it illegal 5:11 Barrett Brown: including our lawyers 5:11 FakeGreggHoush: He called it perfectly fine on CNN 5:12 unnamed: because it is 5:12 Barrett Brown: and the Feds 5:12 FakeGreggHoush: He said people should do it because it's a new form of sitin 5:12 Barrett Brown: right 5:12 FakeGreggHoush: I don't think DDOS is a bad thing 5:12 unnamed: when does it go from legal to illegal 5:12 FakeGreggHoush: I think it's illegal and you should know that 5:12 unnamed: an argument that was by the way developed in mid december 5:12 Barrett Brown: dude, I do not talk about the legality of it 5:12 FakeGreggHoush: Sort of like the cigarettes I smoke

5:12 Barrett Brown: I have reasons 5:12 FakeGreggHoush: I know it causes cancer 5:12 anon142369: bb has been telling people not to ddos 5:12 Barrett Brown: legal reasons 5:12 FakeGreggHoush: but I choose to do it anyway because I have all the informa tion available to me 5:12 unnamed: dont we all? 5:12 Barrett Brown: no I haven't lol 5:13 FakeGreggHoush: People who load LOIC don't know it's illegal some times to do this stuff 5:13 Barrett Brown: where did I tell people not to DDDOS? 5:13 FakeGreggHoush: so they fire their lazers 5:13 FakeGreggHoush: and go to jail 5:13 mong: there is no 'illegality' of it as it's never been tried in court 5:13 Barrett Brown: I wrote an article in favor of it for Guardian 5:13 FakeGreggHoush: cause they saw some asshole from Texas who lives in Maldon now advertise it as a new sit in 5:13 unnamed: zzzz boring. I remember convos like this in irc warez channels. nu bs sitting around talking like they were internet gods. *eyerolls* 5:13 unnamed: have fun. bye 5:13 dildolord: i ams interwebs gods 5:13 unnamed: ok bye. 5:14 unnamed: i still dont even see why this is all an issue 5:14 unnamed: i mean 5:14 Barrett Brown: so, you blame him for their raids 5:14 unnamed: seriously 5:14 unnamed: who amongst the public gives a shit about anon 5:14 FakeGreggHoush: oh and btw 5:14 Barrett Brown: can I ask you a question, please? 5:14 mong: n o 5:14 unnamed: who? 5:14 mong: you 5:14 mong: @) 5:14 unnamed: not i 5:14 Barrett Brown: Are you concerned about those people? 5:14 Barrett Brown: Who were raided? 5:14 FakeGreggHoush: who? 5:14 mong: nope 5:15 Barrett Brown: and the five arrested in UK? 5:15 mong: it will never get further than a slap on the wrist FakeGreggHoush: I am concerned that they were not informed of what potential con sequences were available to them 5:15 mong: they wont test it in an open court 5:15 Barrett Brown: so you are concerned for their well-being 5:15 Barrett Brown: right? 5:15 mong: of course 5:15 unnamed: uh 5:15 mong: but the issue isnt that 5:15 FakeGreggHoush: I am concerned that impressionable kids are being convinced something is legal when it's not 5:15 Barrett Brown: okay 5:16 unnamed: werent the people vanned for being irc ops? 5:16 Barrett Brown: here is my concern 5:16 FakeGreggHoush: and even if they're not convicted in America, that leaves a stain on your record 5:16 unnamed: teens will be teens 5:16 Barrett Brown: I amm providing legal assistance to them 5:16 mong: its the trial of actitivty n the internet 5:16 unnamed: show me someone who thinks ddos is legal 5:16 Barrett Brown: and you just revealed name of an alleged hacker

5:16 FakeGreggHoush: Barrett - that's fine they shouldn't be in legal trouble to begin with 5:16 Barrett Brown: so you're going to have to give me a reason that convinces m e 5:16 Barrett Brown: um 5:16 FakeGreggHoush: of an alleged hacker? 5:16 Barrett Brown: neither should the person you named ten minutes ago 5:16 unnamed: but they are... 5:16 Barrett Brown: and you posted those logs 5:16 FakeGreggHoush: oh you mean Corey Barnhill ? 5:16 Barrett Brown: I'm afraid 5:17 mong: they arent in legal trouble as the illegality of it has never been es tablished 5:17 FakeGreggHoush: yeah Corey's an idiot 5:17 FakeGreggHoush: I used to chat with him on DigitalGangster 5:17 Barrett Brown: that you do not seem to be speaking in good faith 5:17 FakeGreggHoush: he's a retard 5:17 Barrett Brown: your concern is not about Anons 5:17 FakeGreggHoush: as they say "he know what he do" 5:17 Barrett Brown: your concern is about facefags 5:17 unnamed: agenda what? 5:17 Barrett Brown: so 5:17 mong: Barrett you're talking crap mate :) 5:17 Barrett Brown: we don't seemto have much in common 5:17 Barrett Brown: if you try to dox a hacker 5:18 Barrett Brown: and then tell me you're concerned about people going to jail 5:18 Barrett Brown: I'm going to not believe you 5:18 mong: ... 5:18 Barrett Brown: and then 5:18 mong: so? 5:18 Barrett Brown: I'm going to ruin you 5:18 Barrett Brown: now get the fuck out 5:18 mong: ok please try 5:18 mong: go on :) 5:18 Barrett Brown: I'll deal with you soon enough 5:18 mong: kool 5:18 mong: do it now 5:18 unnamed: im not sure what just happened.. 5:18 Barrett Brown: mong: who the fuck are you? 5:18 mong: Barrett blew a rod 5:18 Barrett Brown: yeah 5:18 mong: who are you Barrett ? 5:19 Barrett Brown: FakeGregg is trying to figure out how to get out of his medi ocre and demonstrable contradiction 5:19 Barrett Brown: and several others here are with him 5:19 unnamed: i musta missed what mong did. 5:19 Barrett Brown: that's what happened 5:19 FakeGreggHoush: Strangely enough 5:19 mong: i spanked his buttocks with my charm and wit 5:19 FakeGreggHoush: Somebody called me on my blackberry 5:19 unnamed: aaron all over again 5:19 dildolord: argue somewhere other than piratepad chat maybe? 5:19 tb: ignore mon 5:19 Barrett Brown: I can't 5:19 tb: g 5:19 Barrett Brown: he came here 5:19 FakeGreggHoush: So your question is 5:19 Barrett Brown: and the argument is over 5:20 FakeGreggHoush: I doxed a hacker who leads kids into ruin 5:20 FakeGreggHoush: and you find that to be an ethical dillema?

5:20 Barrett Brown: no, I don't 5:20 Barrett Brown: I find it to be a provoccation 5:20 tb: noone thinks ddos is legal 5:20 unnamed: anyone with a botnet can do that... putting marks in people. 5:20 FakeGreggHoush: What you're saying is that there's a difference between som ebody convinced into illegal activities and someone who willingly does them? 5:20 tb: they find it legitimate though 5:20 Barrett Brown: I'm saying that one who seeks to get a female arrested 5:20 Barrett Brown: by running logs 5:20 Barrett Brown: is not my friend 5:20 FakeGreggHoush: female? 5:20 FakeGreggHoush: what female? 5:21 mong: lol 5:21 unnamed: logs arnt anyones friends. 5:21 FakeGreggHoush: I think I told you already Kayla isn't a chick 5:21 FakeGreggHoush: Kayla's a guy who pretends to be a girl 5:21 mong: you know 5:21 FakeGreggHoush: Kayla and "Corey" on AnonOPS are the same person 5:21 unnamed: dun dun dun.... 5:21 Barrett Brown: oh, I meant Corey 5:21 FakeGreggHoush: different shells 5:21 Barrett Brown: apparently it's a guy 5:21 Barrett Brown: very well 5:21 Barrett Brown: not a female 5:21 mong: yeh we know :) 5:21 Barrett Brown: a male 5:21 FakeGreggHoush: In fact 5:21 Barrett Brown: a male Anon 5:21 dildolord: someone is fucking with actual pad btw 5:21 Barrett Brown: who is involved in seeking out corruption 5:21 unnamed: get outta town girlll.. so shes a he? 5:21 dildolord: fyi 5:21 FakeGreggHoush: btw 5:22 FakeGreggHoush: I'm not the one editing the pad 5:22 Barrett Brown: I know 5:22 FakeGreggHoush: you asked me to stop so I did 5:22 Barrett Brown: you nicely stopped doing that 5:22 tb: don't worry bout the pad its saved 5:22 FakeGreggHoush: you asked nicely so I did 5:22 FakeGreggHoush: Strangely enough if people actually asked me nicely to do o r not to do stuff I'd probably do it 5:22 Barrett Brown: me too 5:22 unnamed: can you send me some hoo,ers and blow? 5:23 unnamed: hookers. 5:23 FakeGreggHoush: btw 5:23 FakeGreggHoush: you can tell Topiary that I know where he lives 5:23 FakeGreggHoush: I Just don't care 5:23 tb: hey gregg, can you please leave, we are no longer productive with your presence 5:23 Barrett Brown: I don't have to tell him 5:23 FakeGreggHoush: Because he's just some idiot 5:23 Barrett Brown: he's watching this 5:23 unnamed: gregg why the threat? 5:23 FakeGreggHoush: awesome 5:23 Barrett Brown: jajajajajajajajaja 5:23 mong: @)= 5:23 FakeGreggHoush: I figured he was, Gardens always around somewhere 5:23 Barrett Brown: And I can tell you 5:23 Barrett Brown: that if Topiary is raided 5:23 Barrett Brown: You will go down

5:24 FakeGreggHoush: No I won't 5:24 mong: ok ) 5:24 Barrett Brown: I'm asking nicely 5:24 Barrett Brown: oh! 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: But I don't want to bother Topiary 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: he's a troll 5:24 Barrett Brown: well shit! 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: I like trolls 5:24 Barrett Brown: you've already bothered him 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: I could bother him much worse 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: =) 5:24 Barrett Brown: I can do same to you 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: inconvenience is a better word for it 5:24 Barrett Brown: let's keep it friendly though 5:24 Barrett Brown: because again 5:24 Barrett Brown: I have many goals 5:24 unnamed: what happened to working together for a greater good? 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: I am being friendly, I said I'm not going to touch him - th at's an HBGary thing 5:24 Barrett Brown: and fighting you is not one of them 5:24 Barrett Brown: oh, by the way 5:24 FakeGreggHoush: for whatever reason, HBGary is convinced Topiary is the bos s nigger of the Internet 5:25 mong: lol 5:25 FakeGreggHoush: even though we know that's Gary from Chicago :O 5:25 FakeGreggHoush: oh shi- I did it again =\ 5:25 mong: they really are clueless fucks 5:25 FakeGreggHoush: SORRY 5:25 Barrett Brown: You know how you tried to dox Emma? 5:25 FakeGreggHoush: Yeah it was funny 5:25 unnamed: lol 5:25 Barrett Brown: yeah, how you got the country wrong? 5:25 FakeGreggHoush: Cause she actually responded with some butt hurt 5:25 Barrett Brown: she's my ex 5:25 Barrett Brown: and we still get along 5:25 Barrett Brown: so 5:25 Barrett Brown: yeah FakeGreggHoush: yeah cool I knew that from talking to Robert McCain actually :P 5:25 Barrett Brown: you kind of fucked with one of my women 5:25 unnamed: fuck me. is fakegregg actually aaron? 5:25 Barrett Brown: and you fucked with my Anons 5:25 Barrett Brown: McCain has her confused 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: Robert McCain actually suggested that would be a funny butt on to push 5:26 Barrett Brown: with someone else 5:26 Barrett Brown: oic 5:26 Barrett Brown: sorry, that is kind of cool 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: I pushed it, response and butthurt ensued 5:26 Barrett Brown: that he said that 5:26 Barrett Brown: he's an interesting guy 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: I like Robert 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: then again, he reminds me of an uncle I used to have who tr ied to touch me 5:26 Barrett Brown: well, he's a white nationalist 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: so I don't know if that's cool or not 5:26 mong: :) 5:26 Barrett Brown: lolololololol 5:26 unnamed: topiary is from sweden 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: I know he belongs to the same southern drinking group my un cle does

5:26 FakeGreggHoush: I know he is 5:26 FakeGreggHoush: and I don't care 5:27 FakeGreggHoush: what's supremely funny though 5:27 Barrett Brown: Sons of Confederate Veterans? 5:27 unnamed: you say it a lot for not caring... 5:27 FakeGreggHoush: I do indeed 5:27 mong: he does 5:27 mong: here's some more 5:27 FakeGreggHoush: MAN I MUST BE CRYING THEN 5:27 unnamed: if we are going to school yard taunts... 5:27 FakeGreggHoush: Anyways 5:27 FakeGreggHoush: Topiarys just a troll 5:27 mong: i love all this closet opening tho 5:27 Barrett Brown: I know what Topiary is 5:28 unnamed: 'sup jen 5:28 unnamed: are you a troll? 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: although I'd advise you to delete your YouTube account from a couple years ago 5:28 unnamed: which is fine 5:28 Barrett Brown: I will not do that 5:28 unnamed: jen's a troll 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: no you 5:28 Barrett Brown: it is against my principles 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: Topiary 5:28 Barrett Brown: oh 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: jen's a nut burger 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: and a sham troll 5:28 Barrett Brown: I know 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: and quite frankly 5:28 FakeGreggHoush: it's offensive that you think she's me 5:28 Barrett Brown: look 5:28 Barrett Brown: for thatt 5:28 Barrett Brown: I would apologize to anyone 5:28 Barrett Brown: including you 5:28 unnamed: lol 5:29 mong: disinformation 5:29 unnamed: common ground achieved? 5:29 Barrett Brown: so sorry for getting you confused with a fat wiccan chick 5:29 unnamed: but fgs = jen? 5:29 unnamed: ooo ouch. 5:29 unnamed: sorry, fgh = jen? 5:30 Barrett Brown: look 5:30 Barrett Brown: one reason was 5:30 Barrett Brown: sanguinrose FakeGreggHoush: so if you were to troll anonops and it's legions of nerds from t he internet 5:30 FakeGreggHoush: wouldn't you want people to think you were someone else? 5:30 FakeGreggHoush: welna was a smoke screen dude 5:30 Barrett Brown: no one knows who sanguinrose is 5:30 FakeGreggHoush: I do 5:30 FakeGreggHoush: Because he used to post on DigitalGangster 5:31 FakeGreggHoush: he kept telling me about his stupid proxy thing for some WW P Iran thing 5:31 mong: so anon is no longer hip ? 5:31 FakeGreggHoush: Anon was never hip? 5:31 unnamed: how many people to do know about? 5:31 Barrett Brown: I dont think you get it, none of us had ever heard of the pe rson 5:31 unnamed: it's hop 5:31 unnamed: you seem really confident on them all..

5:31 mong: hop! 5:31 FakeGreggHoush: Barrett - he's part of AnonOPS brah 5:31 unnamed: anons are goin down for hacking... 5:31 Barrett Brown: "and when we looked, the only person who seemed to know who he was, was jennifer who was trolling him 5:31 FakeGreggHoush: you just never know it 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: like I said 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: smoke screen 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: welna talks a lot in his creeky polish voice if you talk to him enough 5:32 mong: lol love this state of anarchy 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: He talked to me about how he hated that chick jen 5:32 unnamed: do you prefer reyonds wrap for your lil hat? 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: about his stupid iran thing 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: So I used welna as a way early on of making you all think i t was her 5:32 FakeGreggHoush: it was boring after a while 5:33 unnamed: just like this conversation. 5:33 unnamed: +1 5:33 FakeGreggHoush: +6 5:33 unnamed: = 5:33 FakeGreggHoush: =7 5:33 Barrett Brown: I was just telling you why we thought you were jennifer. She is the only one who seems to know that this welne guy even exists. 5:33 unnamed: +i 5:33 unnamed: so can we focus on the lulz? 5:33 Barrett Brown: not quite yet 5:33 unnamed: cut to the chase, is anyone sucking chamber of commerce dick in he re or not 5:33 David: so the tl;dr version was what? 5:33 unnamed: yes master 5:34 unnamed: i have over 9000i twitter followers 5:34 unnamed: browns one of the few i truely respect. 5:34 unnamed: i know kung fu 5:34 dildolord: so basically the point of this conversation is fakegreg has a rl y big e-pen0r? 5:34 FakeGreggHoush: Barretts ok he's just incredibly misguided and hates the go vernment 5:34 unnamed: massive 5:34 unnamed: any feds here? lot's of unamed. let's go around the table and intr oduce ourselvs. 5:34 unnamed: hi i 5:34 FakeGreggHoush: so this is his way of attacking perceived wrongs against hi m 5:34 dildolord: and barrettbrown disagrees with fakegreg 5:34 unnamed: am unnamed 5:34 FakeGreggHoush: and that's cool he doesn't hide it 5:34 unnamed: why would we do that? 5:34 dildolord: and errr none of this has to do with the pad 5:35 unnamed: so what exactly is the problem here? 5:35 unnamed: this is more interesting than the pad 5:35 unnamed: so y r we here 5:35 FakeGreggHoush: I don't remember, Barrett Brown wanted to talk w/ me 5:35 Barrett Brown: we have to resolve a conflict 5:35 unnamed: +1 5:35 unnamed: i tell u 5:35 Barrett Brown: just ignore us 5:35 Barrett Brown: keep working 5:35 unnamed: FGH, how many anons have you outed?? 5:35 dildolord: doneanddone

5:35 unnamed: i find it facinating 5:35 unnamed: we r here to surf the lol 5:35 unnamed: i cant spell english. 5:35 unnamed: help the nekkid 5:35 unnamed: /me grabs beer 5:35 unnamed: boob lulz ftw 5:35 unnamed: let's do this in IRC.. 5:36 unnamed: no way 5:36 FakeGreggHoush: I have outed about 20 so far 5:36 unnamed: in surface of the lol there comes many mirages 5:36 FakeGreggHoush: I'm mostly looking to have the power structure arrested 5:36 unnamed: whydid they get outed? 5:36 unnamed: BB is boring. he think's he's king. 5:36 unnamed: why arrested? 5:36 unnamed: i'm king first 5:36 Barrett Brown: so, how can I get you to stop outing Anons? 5:36 Barrett Brown: what do you want? 5:36 FakeGreggHoush: That's an interesting question that will require a lot of t hinking 5:36 unnamed: we are all king and we are non kings 5:37 Barrett Brown: okay 5:37 Barrett Brown: please get back to me 5:37 unnamed: take your time. i think its important. 5:37 Barrett Brown: we have to work now 5:37 unnamed: i'm lolking u r working 5:37 FakeGreggHoush: Why should I stop is a good question? 5:37 Barrett Brown: well 5:37 Barrett Brown: we can't stop you 5:37 FakeGreggHoush: That wasn't my question 5:37 FakeGreggHoush: My question is why should I 5:37 Barrett Brown: because it is causing damage to an important movement 5:38 unnamed: FGH shouldn't stop. good for lulz. 5:38 unnamed: do you think anon does n good at all? 5:38 Barrett Brown: that is itself the first thing I have ever been proud of bei ng a part of 5:38 unnamed: no 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: What is so important about DDOSING Quantico, Koch Brothers and corporations that moonbats have problems with 5:38 unnamed: we should fuind him someone else to get his rox off like i don't k now child molesters 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: You know what I think the biggest problem here is 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: a lot of you guys are really nice 5:38 Barrett Brown: we exposed the complex 5:38 Barrett Brown: we helped Tunisia 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: and I've figured that out from being on AnonOPS IRC for the last four weeks or so 5:38 Barrett Brown: we helped Egypt 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: But the problem is 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: There's a lot of crazy in this movement of yours 5:38 unnamed: we are step 5:38 FakeGreggHoush: anarchists, communists 5:38 unnamed: ping on your turf 5:39 unnamed: well 5:39 unnamed: In your minds you help these foreign countries... 5:39 tb: you mean sane people? 5:39 dildolord: oh noes not anarchists! heaven forbid... 5:39 Barrett Brown: communists have no power here 5:39 FakeGreggHoush: people who believe in moonbat shit like the NWO and that th e Bilderbergers are ruling the world 5:39 unnamed: you do realize we're quite capable of castrating our own trash

5:39 tb: strawman 5:39 Barrett Brown: we do not ever advocate increased intervention 5:39 dildolord: i believe we should privatise prisons and schools 5:39 unnamed: @ FGH - it is important because those Orgs are greedy planet fucke rs. 5:39 unnamed: and? welcome to the internet, there are crazy people on EVERY stre et corner in here 5:39 mong: i am an anrchistic commie 5:39 dildolord: and have longer prison sentences for people who carry/smoke weed 5:39 Barrett Brown: and every movement has crazies 5:39 Barrett Brown: why not dox U.S. gov't? 5:39 unnamed: he sure is stirring the pot... 5:40 unnamed: my left testicle is a nazi from Jersey 5:40 FakeGreggHoush: So it's important to parrot the causes of things like Loose Change, Alex Jones, NWO movements 5:40 Barrett Brown: excuse me 5:40 FakeGreggHoush: Your left testicle is hal turner? 5:40 Barrett Brown: Alex Jones calls us CIA 5:40 unnamed: the military has just as many insane people in its ranks 5:40 unnamed: FGH is on a fucking crusade 5:40 unnamed: and they get training in explosives 5:40 mong: so FGH just who is running the show then? 5:40 tb: no, their conspiracy theorists 5:40 mong: do tell :) 5:40 dildolord: fakegreg we should privatise prisons should we not? 5:40 unnamed: hes gotta check with aaron first... 5:40 FakeGreggHoush: So you're saying the ends justify the means? 5:41 mong: always 5:41 dildolord: the means justify the ends 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: Anons should throw in with the likes of conspiracy nuts and whoever else can help? 5:41 unnamed: in a revolution yes. 5:41 mong: yup 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: Ok so if this is a real revolution 5:41 tb: what? 5:41 mong: and ufo nuts too 5:41 unnamed: revolutions are for morons 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: Where's the fighting? 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: All I see is bitching on the Internet 5:41 mong: int he virtual man 5:41 Barrett Brown: well, sir 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: take your fight to the street 5:41 Barrett Brown: you'll see soon 5:41 unnamed: in this pad chat currently. 5:41 Barrett Brown: starting with you 5:41 mong: this isnt the middle ages 5:41 Barrett Brown: and your firm 5:41 Barrett Brown: and your life 5:41 Barrett Brown: http://www.corporationwiki.com/Florida/Lutz/donald-wasylynallc-5765998.aspx 5:41 unnamed: there we go 5:41 tb: conspiracy theorists are crazies 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: I work for a cancer hospital dude 5:41 Barrett Brown: which we are now going after 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: I don't work for a firm 5:41 dildolord: yeah you're right fake gregg we shouldn't have freedom of inform ation 5:41 Barrett Brown: you own a firm 5:41 unnamed: WE have FGH calling for real world violence 5:41 FakeGreggHoush: oh please

5:41 Barrett Brown: and it's going to be destroyed 5:42 Barrett Brown: like HBGary 5:42 FakeGreggHoush: It's a firm I setup to sue somebody who stole a domain from me 5:42 FakeGreggHoush: You can google it if you want 5:42 FakeGreggHoush: look up gamesnet vs wasylana 5:42 unnamed: fgh: are you a neck beard? 5:42 Barrett Brown: sweetheart 5:42 FakeGreggHoush: most definitely a neckbeard 5:42 unnamed: FGH wants the revolution on the streets - his lot know how to beat up civilians 5:42 unnamed: lulz 5:42 unnamed: youre ok in my book. 5:42 Barrett Brown: your googling has already begun, long ago 5:42 FakeGreggHoush: "know how to beat up civillians" 5:42 FakeGreggHoush: the problem is that if you were to take your shit to the st reeto FakeGreggHoush: you'd find out there's only about 200 of you 5:43 mong: wrong 5:43 unnamed: so much faggotry in here 5:43 FakeGreggHoush: because most of these agitators and idiots are from Europe and shit 5:43 unnamed: not if we make it a racism thing 5:43 Barrett Brown: ok 5:43 tb: i'm lost 5:43 unnamed: FGH You rgument is invalid 5:43 unnamed: helooooooo jessi 5:43 mong: it might take a bit more of a push 5:43 FakeGreggHoush: DAMN I HATE WHEN MY ARGUMENT IS INVALID 5:43 Barrett Brown: did you used to go by "Entropy," sweetheart 5:43 Barrett Brown: ? 5:43 FakeGreggHoush: no? 5:43 mong: something like the Poll Tax int he UK 5:43 Barrett Brown: ok 5:43 Barrett Brown: thanks 5:43 mong: a few 100 thousand on the streets of london 5:43 FakeGreggHoush: that's a pretty common name btw 5:43 mong: thats all it would take 5:43 unnamed: i think he went by mojobastard 5:44 unnamed: majicuncle 5:45 unnamed: I WANT CYAN. WHY CAN'T I HAVE CYAN?!! 5:45 mong: i r green 5:45 unnamed: green rules 5:45 unnamed: +1 green crew 5:45 unnamed: Cyan has some blue in it. much moar better than green.. 5:46 FakeGreggHoush: So Barrett I thought we weren't being confrontational 5:46 unnamed: Emma's your ex-girl? 5:46 unnamed: greens the color of money. 5:46 unnamed: this him? http://image.wink.com/_i/1_a3705b4f_cHM6KzAwMDAwMDYwMTgy MTJkNjc_96c96_ffffff00.jpg 5:46 unnamed: Did you motorboat them or what? 5:46 unnamed: he's touchy 5:46 FakeGreggHoush: *sighs* 5:46 Barrett Brown: lol @ fake sigh 5:47 unnamed: is there a point to all this 5:47 unnamed: no 5:47 unnamed: ok cool 5:47 unnamed: lulz 5:47 mong: this is what i found on an image search of FGH 5:47 mong: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2097/2273558919_5c3d51cd2a_m.jpg

5:47 unnamed: BB is like Asasange. He think's Anons is all about him.. sigh.. 5:48 FakeGreggHoush: Eh, I still maintain that BB is actually a fairly decent pe rson 5:48 unnamed: assange thinks anon's all about him? 5:48 FakeGreggHoush: despite the times that he's not an acts like a real spick 5:48 mong: i think anons all about you unnnamed 5:48 unnamed: fgh: you ever go to the strip club with the ufo room? 5:48 unnamed: Assange has an infoglut problem 5:48 FakeGreggHoush: Topiary - nice mushroom pics 5:48 unnamed: unnamed is anonymous.. 5:48 RodneyKing: I think FakeGreggHoush is actually unnamed. 5:49 mong: ;) 5:49 unnamed: anonymous is unnamed 5:49 unnamed: no im unanmed 5:49 unnamed: Fake greg housh wants to arrest people who argue on youtube 5:49 Barrett Brown: how do you know McCain? mong: you're schizo unnamed 5:49 Barrett Brown: quick 5:49 FakeGreggHoush: I'm a Republican 5:49 unnamed: mccain is unnamed? 5:49 unnamed: shocking 5:49 RodneyKing: I am sparticus 5:49 FakeGreggHoush: I've been reading his blog for a while 5:49 unnamed: you know of the ufo room i speak of? 5:49 unnamed: wow blog 5:49 Barrett Brown: really? 5:49 Barrett Brown: you know about our pat? 5:49 FakeGreggHoush: I just know he doesn't really like you 5:50 Barrett Brown: that's it? 5:50 FakeGreggHoush: I sorta do, you grow on me 5:50 Barrett Brown: jajajajajajaj 5:50 FakeGreggHoush: why do you say "jajajajajaja" for 5:50 FakeGreggHoush: that's really weird 5:50 Barrett Brown: I play games with Brazilians online 5:50 FakeGreggHoush: you know what's great? idiots who try to vamp pads that can have changes reverted 5:50 unnamed: god 5:50 unnamed: fucking brazillians 5:50 unnamed: stop being paranoid fgh 5:50 unnamed: jajaja all day long 5:50 FakeGreggHoush: I'm not being paranoid? 5:51 FakeGreggHoush: Barrett are you done trying to "ruin" me now? 5:51 Barrett Brown: jajajajajajaj is > lololololololol 5:51 FakeGreggHoush: I need to go eat my ribs 5:51 Barrett Brown: I haven't dediced, to be honest 5:51 RodneyKing: Best ribs in the world, memphis TN airport. 5:51 unnamed: you are afraid of people who google bomb every shit the anti-NWO N WO tell them 5:51 FakeGreggHoush: they're really good and from outback 5:51 mong: a lot of czechs i know all say jajajajajaja 5:51 Barrett Brown: on the one hand 5:51 unnamed: im still confused as to what the fucking problem is 5:51 Barrett Brown: you seem to have struck at one of my females 5:51 mong: the rpblem is there is no problem 5:51 mong: problem # 5:51 Barrett Brown: which is an offense here in Texas 5:52 unnamed: RodneyKing, are your ribs healed? 5:52 mong: we need to make one 5:52 unnamed: how did fgh strike out. 5:52 RodneyKing: They are not

5:52 RodneyKing: unamed: he doxed you, David Davidson 5:52 unnamed: fuuuuuu 5:52 Barrett Brown: on the other hand 5:52 Barrett Brown: you struck at my females 5:52 FakeGreggHoush: "my females" 5:53 Barrett Brown: which is an offense here in Texas 5:53 unnamed: this is perversely entertaining 5:53 Barrett Brown: yes 5:53 Barrett Brown: I say things like that 5:53 FakeGreggHoush: that's kind of a derogatory way to refer to a woman 5:53 Barrett Brown: because I'm a fucking nut 5:53 unnamed: how long we ya'll together? 5:53 tb: indeed 5:53 unnamed: you are a pimp? 5:53 Barrett Brown: No shitr 5:53 RodneyKing: FakeGreggHoush, its texas, they think of it that way 5:53 Barrett Brown: I said, I'm from Texas 5:53 RodneyKing: your a republican, you do to. 5:53 Barrett Brown: I'm like cattle 5:53 FakeGreggHoush: Oh ok 5:53 unnamed: queers n steers. do you moo? 5:53 FakeGreggHoush: so that's sorta like how Bikers refer to women as their pro perty 5:53 Barrett Brown: nope, I 'ma faggot 5:53 Barrett Brown: sort off, except bikers are fags 5:53 Barrett Brown: and I''m a queer 5:53 Barrett Brown: and a steer 5:53 unnamed: only in fgh's eyes 5:53 FakeGreggHoush: well, I'm gay there's nothing wrong with being gay 5:54 Barrett Brown: I know 5:54 unnamed: great, problem solved 5:54 Barrett Brown: I work for gay rights 5:54 unnamed: on the internet we are all gay 5:54 unnamed: ^^ 5:54 unnamed: nothing wrong with a lil dick in the morning. 5:54 mong: except the gays 5:54 FakeGreggHoush: I didn't type that ... 5:54 Barrett Brown: and anarcho-libertarianism causes 5:54 FakeGreggHoush: oh somebody reverted the changes 5:54 FakeGreggHoush: I was like "wuuuuut?" 5:54 mong: i just gained as lot of respect for you BB 5:55 FakeGreggHoush: you can leave my dox on the pad if you like 5:55 dildolord: i'm a pussy <-- you are what you eat 5:55 unnamed: what about morning wood? that's big dick. 5:55 TheRealGregHoush: o hay 5:55 mong: Greg!!! 5:55 TheRealGregHoush: sup guyz? 5:55 mong: nm 5:55 FakeGreggHoush: that's so convincing it has to be the real gregg 5:55 TheRealGregHoush: totally. 5:55 dildolord: just a suggestion : bb and fgh could pm instead? 5:55 unnamed: fuck it i am getting the source the etherpad 5:55 Barrett Brown: now I'm not going to dox you at all 5:55 Barrett Brown: out of spite 5:55 Barrett Brown: lololol 5:55 TheRealGregHoush: wut? 5:56 FakeGreggHoush: well whatever you do it's up to you 5:56 TheRealGregHoush: you hate him so much youre gina sit on your hands? 5:56 Barrett Brown: I know 5:56 Barrett Brown: I am fickle

5:56 Barrett Brown: I see no positive for us in hurting you 5:56 Barrett Brown: hurt us all you want 5:56 FakeGreggHoush: Well you probably have doubts that that's really my name 5:56 TheRealGregHoush: texas should be its own country. 5:56 Barrett Brown: I hope you'll reconsider 5:56 Barrett Brown: well, I'll be honest 5:56 Barrett Brown: I believe it is 5:56 Barrett Brown: your real name 5:56 TheRealGregHoush: what does fgh have to gain by doing this? 5:56 Barrett Brown: just kidding 5:56 unnamed: i'm gonna change the meaning of DAWX 5:56 TheRealGregHoush: and what is this? 5:56 FakeGreggHoush: I don't have anything to gain 5:56 unnamed: lulz 5:57 Barrett Brown: are you really gay? 5:57 unnamed: except lulz 5:57 unnamed: amirite? 5:57 TheRealGregHoush: just for the lulz then? fake me? 5:57 Barrett Brown: serious question 5:57 FakeGreggHoush: Yes and my names really Donald 5:57 FakeGreggHoush: and I'm really from Debary florida 5:57 FakeGreggHoush: I've said it from day 1 5:57 unnamed: let's all retreat to the man cave.. 5:57 RodneyKing: Wait, shouldnt that real greg have 3 g's? 5:57 unnamed: beers on BB!! 5:57 FakeGreggHoush: no that's old greggg 5:57 FakeGreggHoush: this is newgregg 5:58 unnamed: where's newegg? 5:58 TheRealGregHoush: the kapd doesnt like it when rodney speaks up. 5:58 unnamed: this is absolutely fascinating a bunch of queers doxing their publ ic info 5:58 TheRealGregHoush: lapd 5:58 FakeGreggHoush: Then again BB, I might actually be Jennifer Emick 5:58 unnamed: i'm the real Oswald 5:58 Barrett Brown: Fake: are you an only child like me? 5:58 FakeGreggHoush: no 5:58 unnamed: I though Jen was a lesbo?? 5:58 Barrett Brown: because I get that 5:58 TheRealGregHoush: newsflash: im not the real greg. lulz 5:58 Barrett Brown: from you 5:59 FakeGreggHoush: I am not 5:59 TheRealGregHoush: i dont see many hugs in fgh's childhood 5:59 Barrett Brown: no kids? 5:59 unnamed: Does Jen like to carpet munch? 5:59 TheRealGregHoush: true or false? 5:59 FakeGreggHoush: I don't wanna answer the question about kids - figure that one out on your own 5:59 FakeGreggHoush: you know 5:59 Barrett Brown: well, you're gay 5:59 FakeGreggHoush: the other possibility here 5:59 Barrett Brown: less likely 5:59 FakeGreggHoush: is that I'm not even FGH 5:59 LAPD: anyone seen rodney? i owe the man a beating 5:59 FakeGreggHoush: or Jennifer 5:59 unnamed: wtf planet am i on 6:00 FakeGreggHoush: I could just be somebody capitalizing on a really great fuc king troll 6:00 RodneyKing: fuck! run! 6:00 Barrett Brown: yes 6:00 Barrett Brown: that is possible

6:00 LAPD: halt! 6:00 FakeGreggHoush: maybe I do actually know who FGH is though 6:00 LAPD: i think brown is fgh. 6:00 LAPD: o fuck 6:00 LAPD: mind bender 6:00 unnamed: he is a terrified little man 6:00 unnamed: lol 6:00 unnamed: Rodney says his ribs are still hurtin! 6:00 unnamed: watch BB be FGH... 6:00 Barrett Brown: well, the thing is 6:00 LAPD: repost 6:01 LAPD: fgh =emma 6:01 unnamed: LOL 6:01 unnamed: FGH is Jen.\ 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: maybe I'm just somebody here being a time waster 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: because I'm bored 6:01 Barrett Brown: You control the Fake Gregg Housh account 6:01 RodneyKing: fgh = kayla 6:01 LAPD: shut yer face darky 6:01 Barrett Brown: and knew who Tim was 6:01 Barrett Brown: so, yeah 6:01 Barrett Brown: try again 6:01 LAPD: remember the 90s 6:01 spinachvacuum: hi 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: maybe I read the tweets? 6:01 Barrett Brown: I knnow you don't respect me 6:01 Barrett Brown: dude 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: your fight w/ FGH is pretty well publicized 6:01 Barrett Brown: you talked to Tim 6:01 Barrett Brown: directly 6:01 Barrett Brown: nice try 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: maybe I didn't 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: maybe FGH id 6:01 FakeGreggHoush: did* 6:02 FakeGreggHoush: and I'm just here to be a dick 6:02 LAPD: who is tim 6:02 Barrett Brown: you need to learn to respect your opponents 6:02 unnamed: I thot Top talked to Jenn?? 6:02 Barrett Brown: you're not 6:02 Barrett Brown: you're trying to seem clever 6:02 Barrett Brown: that's your problem 6:02 LAPD: attempting 6:02 Barrett Brown: you need to know your limitations 6:02 Barrett Brown: and you don't 6:02 spinachvacuum: BB he can't even gauge his own intel skills how can he respe ct shut 6:02 unnamed: Aaorn was very clever. 6:02 Barrett Brown: so I can't work with you 6:02 LAPD: dude bb, fgh knows it all bro. just like arron did 6:02 Barrett Brown: and thus you are not a potential ally 6:02 spinachvacuum: AaOrn 6:03 spinachvacuum: LOL 6:03 Barrett Brown: and you tried to get my ex-girlfriend arrested 6:03 Barrett Brown: and now your life is over 6:03 FakeGreggHoush: damn that sucks 6:03 LAPD: shes an ex, give her up. 6:03 FakeGreggHoush: should I say my prayers? 6:03 Barrett Brown: I am holding off on OpEternalRuin 6:03 Barrett Brown: yes, to Honorable Elijah Muhammed 6:03 FakeGreggHoush: How are you going to find me?

6:03 FakeGreggHoush: as jester points out 6:03 Barrett Brown: well 6:03 FakeGreggHoush: twitter, facebook you can't fight that 6:03 LAPD: backtraced interwebs police!! 6:03 Barrett Brown: I'm going to talk to a certain person 6:03 Aaorn Barr: Where the fuck is Topiary!! 6:03 RodneyKing: you dun goofed! 6:04 Aaorn Barr: I gotta bone to pick with him! 6:04 LAPD: so did you rdney. so did you 6:04 Aaron Barr: And that tflow dude too!! 6:04 FakeGreggHoush: So if I'm so doomed can you at least share with me your mas ter plan? 6:04 RodneyKing: LAPD: I am still spending your money, thanks for the court case 6:04 Barrett Brown: and wiill explain that either he is you 6:04 Aaron Barr: lulz at my expense.. 6:04 Penny: hey aaron. can you return your macbookz. 6:04 Barrett Brown: or someone controlling a twitter account is pretending to be him 6:04 Barrett Brown: and causing him to get ruineed by Anon 6:04 Aaron Barr: I restored my iPad you little shits.. My porn tunes too! 6:04 Barrett Brown: and then he can talk to Twitter 6:05 Barrett Brown: and then I will talk to Eisler 6:05 FakeGreggHoush: oh good 6:05 Barrett Brown: whom you don't know 6:05 unnamed: all of you are sockpuppets 6:05 Barrett Brown: and then fun things will happen 6:05 Barrett Brown: to you 6:05 FakeGreggHoush: really? 6:05 Penny: bb: are you typing with heavy fingers? 6:05 Barrett Brown: no 6:05 ferdanond: Barrett this guy is obviously not worth your time. 6:05 FakeGreggHoush: cause you know what's funny 6:05 spinachvacuum: you're all different i'm not 6:05 Barrett Brown: sure he is 6:05 Aaron Barr: I got my own PA and ya'll are goin down!! 6:05 FakeGreggHoush: You know what's funny? 6:05 Penny: not you 6:05 Barrett Brown: no 6:05 FakeGreggHoush: Twitter won't shut jester down 6:05 Barrett Brown: I don't 6:05 spinachvacuum: it's not funny to see you type that twice 6:06 FakeGreggHoush: or Westboro 6:06 FakeGreggHoush: or FakeSteveJobs 6:06 Barrett Brown: I don't want them to shut you down 6:06 FakeGreggHoush: you haev about as much chance as a snowball in hell bro 6:06 spinachvacuum: because they have a sense of humor 6:06 Barrett Brown: I want my CIA friends to find out everything about you throu gh our people 6:06 Aaron Barr: Who created the Real_Jester Twitter account? 6:06 Penny: what is fgh's twitter? 6:06 Barrett Brown: my ex-CIA friends 6:06 unnamed: heh, how long was barr's twitter up for again? 6:06 Barrett Brown: so I suggest 6:06 FakeGreggHoush: lol CIA friends 6:06 Barrett Brown: that you cease hostility 6:06 Barrett Brown: Barry Eisler 6:06 Barrett Brown: google my anme and his 6:06 Penny: really? cia friends? 6:06 FakeGreggHoush: Barrett - if I stop now will you leave me alone? 6:07 Barrett Brown: yes

6:07 Barrett Brown: I'm not out for revenge 6:07 Aaron Barr: BB, you don't have any ex-CIA friends.. 6:07 FakeGreggHoush: I give up then 6:07 spinachvacuum: not ex 6:07 Barrett Brown: I want my Anons safe 6:07 RodneyKing: Barrett might, but Aaron wont. 6:07 RodneyKing: that guy's a dick 6:07 FakeGreggHoush: I'm really worried your ex-CIA friends might get me 6:07 Barrett Brown: AAron Barr: lurk moar, it's not even a secret 6:07 Barrett Brown: Barry Eisler now controls my book 6:07 Barrett Brown: my next book 6:07 Barrett Brown: and is Anon 6:07 Barrett Brown: Google 6:08 Barrett Brown: is your friend 6:08 Barrett Brown: and there are others 6:08 Penny: they are evil 6:08 Aaron Barr: What was the secret then? 6:08 Barrett Brown: I know your first instinct here is to act tough 6:08 Barrett Brown: pretend that you don't care Barrett Brown: for your sake, I'll ask you to think about what you are doing 6:08 Penny: bb arnt you doing that by three letter agency dropping? 6:08 Barrett Brown: and what it will prompt from me 6:08 Barrett Brown: Penny: yes 6:08 Barrett Brown: I think 6:09 FakeGreggHoush: I'll tell you what 6:09 FakeGreggHoush: How about you and I call truce 6:09 Barrett Brown: go on! 6:09 Penny: i dunno man. fgh seems a few screws loose. 6:09 FakeGreggHoush: or I leak the logs of you and I talking for the last three weeks on IRC about all the shit you're planning to do 6:09 Barrett Brown: leak them 6:09 Barrett Brown: now 6:09 Penny: im planning to shit soon. can that be included? 6:09 FakeGreggHoush: although granted you and I haven't chatted in about a week 6:09 FakeGreggHoush: I'm sure you're still doing something stupid 6:09 Barrett Brown: yep 6:09 FakeGreggHoush: Actually let's be friends 6:10 FakeGreggHoush: I'm really worried about those CIA dudes 6:10 Aaron Barr: Can I be friends with ya'll too? 6:10 Barrett Brown: I know you're not 6:10 Barrett Brown: thst's why I don't respect your judgment 6:10 Aaron Barr: Join hands in a circle.. 6:10 Barrett Brown: you dont seem to know what I'm threatening you with 6:10 Penny: fuck you aaron. 6:10 Barrett Brown: I'm not saying CIA folks will come kill you 6:10 Barrett Brown: Im saying 6:10 Aaron Barr: #WBC will now lead us in prayer. 6:10 Barrett Brown: talk to Aaron Barr 6:10 Barrett Brown: or Karp of Palantir 6:10 Penny: all this over a girl. 6:10 Barrett Brown: and talk to to McCain again 6:11 Barrett Brown: because you reelease anything that incriminates Anon 6:11 Aaron Barr: Shirley, you take this one, K? 6:11 Barrett Brown: and I will release e-mails between myself and him 6:11 Penny: id fuck megan. hate fuck idb 6:11 Aaron Barr: CIA will poison your water? 6:11 Barrett Brown: and I will let him know that you are the cause of that 6:11 Barrett Brown: I have dirt on MCCain 6:11 Barrett Brown: more than what's available now 6:11 Penny: as in john mccain?

6:11 Barrett Brown: also 6:11 Barrett Brown: now 6:11 Barrett Brown: no 6:11 Barrett Brown: R.S. McCain 6:11 Barrett Brown: this cump 6:11 Barrett Brown: chump, even, lol 6:11 Aaron Barr: Who the fuck is RS McCain? 6:11 Penny: o. i heard that john mccain was a pow or smething. 6:11 Barrett Brown: I mean he's got his nice qualities 6:12 Barrett Brown: anywwho 6:12 Barrett Brown: that is not all, my friend 6:12 RodneyKing: Aaron: some idiot blogger who actually has some pull around the world 6:12 Barrett Brown: Lou Sessions 6:12 Aaron Barr: And why would FGB worry about RS McCain? 6:12 Barrett Brown: brother of Pete Sessions 6:12 Barrett Brown: will be told 6:12 Barrett Brown: that a video will be released 6:12 unnamed: this is weird. 6:12 Barrett Brown: if you release another Anon dox 6:13 Barrett Brown: don't believe me? 6:13 Barrett Brown: http://www.thetechherald.com/article.php/201109/6905/Anonymo us-plans-defense-for-Bradley-Manning-promises-a-media-war 6:13 Barrett Brown: I've already announced that I have it 6:13 Barrett Brown: and shown it to NBC 6:13 Barrett Brown: I won't be the one ruining you 6:13 FakeGreggHoush: Hmmmm 6:13 Penny: what did nbc say? 6:13 FakeGreggHoush: I am considering your offer Barrett 6:13 Barrett Brown: it will be several other groups 6:13 FakeGreggHoush: so you say you will have CIA people come and kill me? 6:13 Barrett Brown: lol 6:13 FakeGreggHoush: or will they just beat me to a pulp? 6:13 Penny: fgh even i saw he said no thats not the case 6:13 Aaron Barr: FGH, why would you worry about RS McCain? 6:13 Barrett Brown: I don't think so 6:14 Barrett Brown: I think what they'll do 6:14 Barrett Brown: is help me dox you 6:14 FakeGreggHoush: how dude? 6:14 Penny: jerk you off to collect a semen sample so they can clone you. mainly cause youre awesome 6:14 FakeGreggHoush: the only thing you got is a twitter 6:14 FakeGreggHoush: and you don't even really have that cause I vpn 6:14 Barrett Brown: yes, I only have a twitter 6:14 Barrett Brown: I certainly have no other assets 6:14 Barrett Brown: like the mags I still write for 6:14 Penny: i vpn here ti there 6:14 Barrett Brown: and the ones where I know editors 6:15 Barrett Brown: some of whom are Project PM ops 6:15 FakeGreggHoush: sure they are 6:15 Barrett Brown: you did a bad job of doxing me 6:15 FakeGreggHoush: you're 27 bro 6:15 Barrett Brown: lol 6:15 FakeGreggHoush: you're still wet behind the ears 6:15 Barrett Brown: I'm 29 6:15 Barrett Brown: you need to learn how to dox, son 6:15 Barrett Brown: for evidence 6:15 David: So I was out, is FGH still planning on bringing down the structure? 6:15 Barrett Brown: of what I just told you about editors being PM 6:15 unnamed: nah ur good david

6:16 Barrett Brown: see my Vanity fAir piece on Michael Hastings 6:16 FakeGreggHoush: Barry 6:16 Barrett Brown: then come back and apologize within twenty minutes 6:16 Barrett Brown: or this begins tonight 6:16 FakeGreggHoush: I don't care about the shitty articles you get paid a coupl e bucks a word for 6:16 FakeGreggHoush: stop telling me about them 6:16 FakeGreggHoush: "I write for vanity fair" "I do this ..." "I jerked off thi s guy in college" 6:16 Penny: ice burnn 6:16 Barrett Brown: yes you do 6:16 FakeGreggHoush: no one cares dude 6:16 Barrett Brown: you make claims about me 6:16 Barrett Brown: you care quite a bit 6:16 FakeGreggHoush: it's self ingratiating and obnoxious 6:16 Barrett Brown: and now 6:16 Barrett Brown: I care about you too! 6:17 Barrett Brown: srsly, done here 6:17 FakeGreggHoush: to be honest 6:17 Barrett Brown: release my logs 6:17 Barrett Brown: do it 6:17 Barrett Brown: I have work to do 6:17 FakeGreggHoush: actually maybe I'll just ruin your friends to put you into a tizzy again 6:17 David: yes please, i'd be interested, too. 6:17 FakeGreggHoush: so you go whining and screaming like a baby 6:17 Penny: pics of ex gf? 6:17 Barrett Brown: k 6:17 Aaron Barr: Yes, release the hounds! I mean logs.. 6:17 FakeGreggHoush: "UGGGGGGGGG HE RUINED MY FRIENDS AGAIN!" 6:17 Barrett Brown: do it somewhere else 6:17 Barrett Brown: pplz 6:17 FakeGreggHoush: Topiary are you still here? 6:17 David: FGH: can you quickly tell me how you plan to do any harm if you have nothing? 6:18 FakeGreggHoush: where that topiary at? 6:18 Penny: fgh is aaron. he has it all remember? 6:18 RodneyKing: He is going to go after all the people he thinks are in charge! 6:18 Aaron Barr: I'm still pissed at Topiary for screwing me over.. 6:18 RodneyKing: those leaders you report to David 6:18 Topiary: FakeGregg? 6:18 Penny: o snap 6:19 Aaron Barr: Top, we got some talking to do.. 6:19 FakeGreggHoush: Topiary - why do you tolerate a shit troll like Brown? 6:19 Topiary: Okay, meet me in WoW chat Mr. Barr 6:19 FakeGreggHoush: you're better than this, a lot better 6:19 Penny: want yer twitter back? 6:19 FakeGreggHoush: And you tolerate this fucking asshole who thinks he's gonna send CIA assassins after people 6:19 David: Did Aaron start a new WoW account? 6:19 Aaron Barr: Can you give me my WoW password? 6:19 Barrett Brown: uh 6:19 David: wat lol 6:19 Barrett Brown: Eisler isn't an assassin 6:19 Penny: hahahahahaha zomg 6:19 Barrett Brown: he's a journalist 6:19 FakeGreggHoush: Seriously this guy just sits and talks about himself all fu cking day on the Internet 6:20 FakeGreggHoush: that's all he does 6:20 David: this is getting really entertaining :)

6:20 FakeGreggHoush: "I did this I know this guy" 6:20 Barrett Brown: you said he aqs an assassin 6:20 Topiary: @FakeGregg - I haven't known Brown for very long and I'm not invol ving myself in his past troubles 6:20 Topiary: so no judgement from me 6:20 Barrett Brown: he's a fucking author 6:20 FakeGreggHoush: it's fucking gross 6:20 Penny: fgh: youve done a lot of that in here 6:20 Barrett Brown: you talk about me more than I do 6:20 FakeGreggHoush: Topiary - but you agree the self ingratiating bullshit is a nnoying right? 6:20 Barrett Brown: which is a lot jajajajajajajaa Barrett Brown: fuck, even I agree with that 6:20 FakeGreggHoush: it's sad dude 6:20 Barrett Brown: is it? 6:20 Barrett Brown: I didn't notice 6:21 Penny: :( 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: like when you were on IRC the other day talking about how t he guy who tried to break into anonleaks has to be doxed and made an example of 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: you really think you have some kinda functional "vengeance" role in this don't you 6:21 Penny: omg flash back time 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: you're a small pathetic country bumpkin 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: who thinks he's a big dude 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: cause he's attached now to "hackers on steroids" 6:21 Penny: a\s\l?!?!?! 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: eventually, these guys like Topiary who are REAL trolls 6:21 Barrett Brown: country bumpkin? 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: will eat your ass alive 6:21 RodneyKing: Penny you have DSL! 6:21 Topiary: Brown talks too fast to keep up, that's my only judgement 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: yes mother fucker 6:21 Topiary: like really fucking fast 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: you're just a poor redneck 6:21 Barrett Brown: I've lived in several large cities.... 6:21 Penny: Dick sucking lips? 6:21 FakeGreggHoush: who wants to pretend he's a fucking big timer 6:21 Barrett Brown: including Dar es Salaam 6:22 RodneyKing: yes mam 6:22 Barrett Brown: and MExico City 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: dude shut up 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: you never lived anywhere 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: you're a small pathetic fucking redneck 6:22 Barrett Brown: lolololololl 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: who wants desperately to have peoples attention 6:22 Barrett Brown: I mean 6:22 Barrett Brown: it's even public record 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: "Look at me, look what I wrote, look what I know look who I pretend to know" 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: SHUT UP ITS NOT 6:22 Barrett Brown: wtf? 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: stop talking about yourself 6:22 Barrett Brown: ? 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: for like five fucking minutes 6:22 Barrett Brown: you mad? 6:22 RodneyKing: why dont you two just get married? 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: im not mad, shut up 6:22 Penny: fgh. you contacted those people. did they seem to know him? 6:22 Barrett Brown: we are married 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: you talk too goddamn much

6:22 RodneyKing: FGH is the power bottom 6:22 FakeGreggHoush: you're like the worst fucking troll ever 6:23 Barrett Brown: okay, you're creeping me out now 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: and a pathetic excuse for even a redneck 6:23 Barrett Brown: I gott aowkr 6:23 Barrett Brown: lol 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: I'm sick of listening to you bable all goddamn day 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: That's all the fuck I read on IRC 6:23 Barrett Brown: gotta work 6:23 unnamed: so dont listen? 6:23 Barrett Brown: sorry 6:23 Barrett Brown: maybe you should get a hobby? 6:23 unnamed: i didnt realize IRC was forced reading 6:23 Barrett Brown: that doesn't involve me? 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: <BarrettBrown> I did this, look who I know, guess where I l ived ...oh snap ...I'm getting revenge on this dude 6:23 Penny: if fgh is so connected why doesnt he just gi deeper? 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: Topiary - please goddamnit dude you're an oldfag 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: just tell me I'm not wrong 6:23 Barrett Brown: heh, I do say that a lot 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: this guys fucking insae 6:23 Aaron Barr: Anyone know of a good computer security job??? 6:23 FakeGreggHoush: and no one realizes it 6:24 Aaron Barr: I got skillz and shit.. 6:24 Barrett Brown: sure tyhey do 6:24 Barrett Brown: everyone knows I'm a douche 6:24 FakeGreggHoush: He just sits and blathers on all fucking day about who know s, what he does, what he writes 6:24 Barrett Brown: it's like not a secret 6:24 FakeGreggHoush: it's impossibly annoying 6:24 Penny: you sound insane..... fgh. the way you are doing this. 6:24 Barrett Brown: can we please work now? 6:24 RodneyKing: they deserve each other 6:24 Penny: its got some lulz 6:24 Barrett Brown: okay, starting new pad 6:24 unnamed: srsly, fgh has an obsession 6:24 Penny: ok bye 6:25 FakeGreggHoush: yeah you wanna start a new pad cause I'm right 6:25 FakeGreggHoush: you're a fucking headcase 6:25 Barrett Brown: damn limited pad technology 6:25 Penny: i dont disagree with him. 6:25 FakeGreggHoush: a small pathetic wimp who wants to be a big timer 6:25 Barrett Brown: dude, keep this pad 6:25 Barrett Brown: write about me on it 6:25 Barrett Brown: we've got stuff to do 6:25 FakeGreggHoush: no you don't 6:25 Barrett Brown: okay? 6:25 Barrett Brown: oh 6:25 Penny: fgh has points but i hope he isnt in sales. 6:25 Penny: he cant communicate them very well 6:25 Barrett Brown: then I need to go stare into a mirror and jack off 6:25 unnamed: whats the topic 6:25 FakeGreggHoush: I don't doubt that you do that 6:25 Barrett Brown: topic is craziness 6:25 Aaron Barr: Good idea Penny! Maybe I could do retail sales. 6:25 FakeGreggHoush: you're a straight narcissist 6:26 unnamed: ok 6:26 unnamed: hey 6:26 Barrett Brown: maybe I'm gay! 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: You know what

6:26 Penny: hahah aaron. sell washers n shit 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: fuck BarrettBrown 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: I'm not bothering this kid w/ dox anymore 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: he drives me crazy 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: I'd have to listen to him bitch on IRC tomorrow I bet 6:26 Penny: it shows 6:26 unnamed: awww trollllllls 6:26 Aaron Barr: I KNEW you didn't bang that Emma chick.. 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: "Oh god this guy doesn't know who I know/ blah blah blah" 6:26 FakeGreggHoush: I don't wanna listen to it anymore 6:27 Barrett Brown: ok 6:27 unnamed: Barr = loser 6:27 Barrett Brown: I guess go outside? 6:27 spinachvacuum: why did fgh flip out 6:27 Penny: fgh: hit me up on wow. got something for you. 6:27 unnamed: he mad 6:27 FakeGreggHoush: Because I'm sick of him being a weirdo 6:27 Barrett Brown: cause I'm a narcisist 6:27 FakeGreggHoush: All he ever does is talk about himself 6:27 Barrett Brown: weirdo? 6:27 unnamed: lol 6:27 RodneyKing: he needs more drugs 6:27 Barrett Brown: thought it was narcisist? 6:27 Barrett Brown: yeah, mail me some smack, fakegregg 6:27 spinachvacuum: narcisto-libertarian that's a new one 6:28 Barrett Brown: I mean 6:28 Aaron Barr: What was that spoon sound in the audio recording? 6:28 Barrett Brown: and I'm not just saying this 6:28 Penny: aaron. were you using your ipad when top wiped itz. 6:28 Barrett Brown: you seem to be losing the crowd a bit 6:28 Barrett Brown: honestly 6:28 FakeGreggHoush: I don't want to earn a crowd 6:28 FakeGreggHoush: they know I'm right 6:28 Barrett Brown: do you need help? 6:28 Aaron Barr: Penny: yes, iPorn.. 6:28 FakeGreggHoush: yes get me some please 6:28 Barrett Brown: I'm an insecure person 6:28 FakeGreggHoush: who works on you? 6:28 FakeGreggHoush: and your brain problems? 6:28 Penny: hahahaha dick in hand fuuuued 6:28 Barrett Brown: I desire respect from people 6:28 FakeGreggHoush: of course you do 6:29 Barrett Brown: I have substance abuse problems that stem from childhood 6:29 spinachvacuum: fgh is tormented by the Alex Joneses 6:29 Aaron Barr: Penny: couldn't even finish my jerk. Bastard! 6:29 Barrett Brown: I love every bit of attention I get 6:29 unnamed: CONGRESS- The valet of Woodrow the First. 6:29 spinachvacuum: they talk to him at nite 6:29 Penny: sorry dont dox us 6:29 Barrett Brown: I have trouble relating to people 6:29 Barrett Brown: I'm going to end up in prison soon 6:29 FakeGreggHoush: what are you reading your journal now? 6:29 Penny: with your math science gut research 6:29 Barrett Brown: and I'm a douche 6:29 Barrett Brown: I try to hide it 6:29 Topiary: I have an addiction to the lulz, sometimes I pop 50 lulz a day, ca n't help it 6:29 Topiary: it's a serious problem 6:29 Barrett Brown: and it makes me fucking nuts to see my own douchebaggey 6:29 Aaron Barr: Barrett, now you're releasing turmoil that isn't true..

6:29 FakeGreggHoush: oh fuck this 6:29 Barrett Brown: it hurts 6:29 Penny: thats a lot of lulz 6:29 Barrett Brown: no come back! 6:30 Barrett Brown: we are making progress! 6:30 FakeGreggHoush: you people are all insane 6:30 Penny: us? 6:30 Barrett Brown: I.... I'm having a breakthrough! 6:30 Penny: we cant all be insane 6:30 Aaron Barr: Dox or ducks? 6:30 Barrett Brown: dude, losing crowd.... 6:30 David: FGH, will you answer my question? I guess not. 6:30 Barrett Brown: (don't insult the crowd!) 6:30 RodneyKing: duckroll motherfucker 6:30 spinachvacuum: you are talking to us what does that make you 6:30 Barrett Brown: /protip 6:30 Penny: if the world around you appears insane, its you 6:30 FakeGreggHoush: yeah that's a good point ... 6:30 FakeGreggHoush: I guess that makes me crazy too 6:30 unnamed: yay 6:30 unnamed: common ground 6:30 unnamed: ftw 6:30 9000th wonder of the world: weee 6:30 Penny: circle jerk time 6:31 Barrett Brown: can you go now please? 6:31 unnamed: it rubs the lotion 6:31 FakeGreggHoush: yeah I'm gonna go 6:31 Topiary: why don't we have a beer and troll /soc/ 6:31 Penny: else it gets the hose again 6:31 FakeGreggHoush: FYI 6:31 Penny: drive by threat incoming 6:31 Penny: fgh: go 6:31 David: /me haz beer and listens to trolling here. really, /soc/ cant be muc h better. 6:31 Aaron Barr: What time is it? It's Hammer time!! 6:32 Aaron Barr: Ok, back to working on my resume.. 6:32 Penny: did anyone else talk with mrs barr? 6:32 9000th wonder of the world: Anonymous Refreshments - sorry you can't bottle this 6:32 unnamed: lol 6:32 FakeGreggHoush: I actually don't have any intention of getting Topiary raid ed 6:32 FakeGreggHoush: I like Topiary, old fags are few/far between shit like this 6:32 RodneyKing: he says, the day before it happens 6:32 Barrett Brown: that's nice 6:32 Barrett Brown: doesn't change anything 6:33 Barrett Brown: I'm going to come after you unless you stop now 6:33 Penny: o thank you old fag. you are so kind. 6:33 Barrett Brown: stop doxing Anons 6:33 9000th wonder of the world: FGH what kinda fag am I? 6:33 Barrett Brown: stop trying to get people arrested who are trying trying to fight tyranny 6:33 RodneyKing: 900th: a samefag 6:33 Barrett Brown: and get over me 6:33 FakeGreggHoush: I'll tell you what 6:33 FakeGreggHoush: If you can prove tyranny to me 6:33 FakeGreggHoush: I'll help you 6:33 Barrett Brown: go on! 6:33 Barrett Brown: very well 6:33 Barrett Brown: or

6:33 6:33 6:34 6:34 6:34 6:34 6:34

FakeGreggHoush: you know my twitter Penny: libya? 9000th wonder of the world: by waht fucking standard can you deny it FakeGreggHoush: I participated in Libya Barrett Brown: I do indeed remember you havign a twitter, lol FakeGreggHoush: notice no one who lead that got outted? :) Barrett Brown: good

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