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August 15, 1985 BRIEFING

BRIE EFING; Of Cle emenc cy
By Irvin Molo otsky and Warren Weaver Jr.

Since tak king office, President R P Reagan has c commuted t sentence of 13 peop who had the es ple d been in p prison for vi iolations of Federal law One was a boyhood friend of Pr ws. rime Ministe er Rajiv Ga andhi of Ind Adil Sha dia, ahryar, who was serving 35 years fo setting of a firebomb g or ff b, fraud an other viol nd lations in Fl lorida. Mr. R Reagan sign the clem ned mency paper June 11, th rs he day Mr. Gandhi arri ived in Wash hington for a visit with the Preside h ent. Unlike o other Preside ential paper grants of clemency a not routinely publis rs, f are shed by the White H House and made availab to the pre account m ble ess, ting for the action's lack of notice. The k Shahryar commutat r tion was rep ported in the Indian pre and conf e ess firmed by th White Ho he ouse press off fice, which referred a ca r aller to the J Justice Department for comment. A departme r ent spokesm man, Joseph Krovisky, s said he could not go bey d yond the tex of the offi xt icial clemen ncy grant, wh hich stated that Mr. Sh hahryar, then in the Fed n deral peniten ntiary in Le eavenworth, Kan., wo ould not hav been eligi ve ible for paro until 199 He said, ''It has been made to ole 91. n appear th the ends of justice d not require that the said Adil Sh hat s do hahryar serv the afore ve esaid sentence in its entirety.'' e While th White Ho he ouse would n commen Mr. Gandhi did. Acc not nt, cording to th newspap he per India Ab broad, he sai he had no asked tha his friend sentence be commut id ot at d's ted, but add ded, ''We do b believe that he has been wrongly im n mprisoned.'' Besides h 13 comm his mutations, M Reagan has issued 2 pardons. By compa Mr. 245 arison, Jimm my Carter is ssued 31 com mmutations and 534 pa s ardons.