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Jeonghyun Johanna Oh

#113-1003 Lottecastle Apt. 947 Wolge-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea 139-912

Tel: 82-07-7637-6172 Cell: 010-6329-6765 E-mail: Date of Birth: 08.19.1991

To apply for college education. To equip myself with profound knowledge and experience to utilize for
poor people in African continent who are disadvantaged by corrupted social system, bureaucracy and
ineffective infrastructure.

Seigakuin Elementary School: Tokyo, Japan Grade 1-2
Hwarang Elementary School: Seoul, South Korea Grade 3-6
Tokyo Korean School: Tokyo, Japan Grade 7-8
Christian Academy in Japan: Tokyo, Japan Grade 8-10
Yongsan International School of Seoul: Seoul, South Korea Grade 11-12

SAT SUBJECTS: Japanese with Listening 800
United States History 740
Math IIC 730
AP: World History 5
Japanese Language and Culture 5
United States History 4
Comparative Politics and Government
TOEFL: 110

UNICEF Club: In student-sponsored UNICEF club, I focused on fund-raising. I mainly took responsibility
for advertising the campaigns including flee markets and UNICEF doll. As a club, we decided to donate
our money to women in Southeast Asia who needs capital for running small businesses. I also contacted
to local orphanages where we taught English and Western culture to Korean children.
Period: Grade 11-12
Reference: Mr. Parrish, High school Principal
๏ School Orchestra: The string orchestra periodically met two days a week before school. I played violin
for community festivals, Christmas and Easter concerts in various churches, and school graduation. I was
the member of 2nd violin, and held position of first chair.
Period: Grade 9-10
Reference: Mrs. Sasaki, orchestra conductor
๏ Kanto District Honor Orchestra: Annually, string players throughout Kanto District (the biggest district
among four in Japan) were selected through competitive audition. Selected members were met and prac-
ticed together to perform in winter concert.
Period: Grade 10
Reference: Mrs. Sasaki, orchestra conductor
๏ Comic Caricature Club: Under the supervision of club president, I learned how to draw professional
manga on tablet and how to publish it on-line. I also created commodities for fund-raising.
Period: Grade 11-12
Reference: Mr. Velasquez, club sponsor
๏Newspaper Matsu: I published serial comic stripes and seasonal illustrations for student-sponsoring
school newspaper that was issued once a quarter.
Period: Grade 9-10
Reference: Mrs. Potter, Chief Editor
Debate: I was the captain of School Debate Junior Varsity team A. Although I started Debate in order to
improve my English speaking skill while I was in ESL, I learned to analyze data conclusively and organize
arguments effectively as well.
Period: Grade 9-10
Reference: Mr. Durkhoop, coach
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๏ God’s Will Justice Church 1st Choir: I play 2nd violin in official church choir. Every week, I perform in
church service that starts at 9 am. For the performance, choir member practice from 8am in the morning
till noon. Singers are largely voluntary, but instrument players are professionals that church hired for the
part-time.Thus, I earn $200 a month.
Hours: 5 hours/week, Jan 2010- Aug 2011
Reference: Haijeong Kim, choir conductor
๏ Tokyo Church Junior Ensemble: Junior Ensemble met on Sunday to practice church music. Once a
month, we performed in senior church service. We also practiced Classics and famous children’s song for
annual concert. We also participated with senior choir for Christmas cantata.
Hours: 10 hours/month, Feb 2003- Oct 2009
Reference: Tokyo Church, 81-3-3260-8891
Mission Trip, Mongolia:I went to Mongolia under the supervision of God’s Will Justice church. I visited a
town in the middle of the desert and worked to improve public facilities. I mainly worked for fixed water
tanks and teaching town people how to drink water safely.
Hours: Summer 2010
Reference: God’s Will Justice church
๏ UNICEF Committee for Korea Summer Internship: I worked as a junior intern in UNICEF Committee
for Korea. My main job was to manage Awoo Doll project - the campaign that sells the doll made by vol-
unteers; By purchasing one doll, the donors can afford four vaccinations to a child. I organized the entire
program from registering the new dolls to market them to the donors. I also proposed a new system to
advertise Awoo Doll. Occasionally, I was responsible for interpreting and translating for Japanese custom-
ers and guiding Japanese tourists around the office.
Hours: 120 hours, Summer 2009
Reference: Korean Committee for UNICEF
๏ UNICEF Cambodia Youth Volunteer Service: I participated in Youth VOlunteer service held in Cambo-
dia under the supervision of UNICEF. I built a public toilet in shanty town, planted trees in the playground
to prevent air pollution, and worked with local high school students to show cultural heritage of Korea.
Hours: Winter 2008
Reference: Korean Committed for UNICEF
Tutor: I volunteered to tutor ESL students in Christian Academy in Japan with recommendation of my Eng-
lish teacher. For three years, I have taught three students - two middle schoolers and one high schooler -
with their English as well as homework. I also taught two of them privately, two hours a week.
Japanese Translation: I translated numerous Japanese documents for individuals and companies. Among
all, I spent most of my time creating Japanese website for International Democratic Education Conference
Hours: Summer 2009
Reference: IDEC Korea


๏Honor Roll: Throughout my entire high school career, I have received Honor Roll (granted to students
who have GPA higher than 3.6) each semester.
๏Distinguished Recognition: In 11th grade, I received Distinguished Recognition from my AP UNited
States History teacher, Ms. Brown, for my analyzing and writing skills.
๏Artsccape 2009: Annually, good pieces of art design, 2D, 3D) were selected among high school students
in Kanto District. Upon the awards, those were displayed in public art gallery. For two years, three of my
art works were displayed.

Korean: Very fluent. It is the language I use to communicate with my family and friends outside of school.
Japanese: Very fluent. I finished local 9th grade level Japanese. I have certificate for highest level in JLPT.
English: Very fluent. I learn every subject in English.
Spanish: Fairly fluent. I completed three years of foreign language class on Spanish.

Ever since I visited Cambodia in 2009, I learned the importance of Taekwondo, which was the easiest way
to communicate through language barriers and to advertise Korean culture. Since then, I took private les-
sons on Taekwondo and got certification for 1st Dan (Black belt). During my mission trip to Mongolia, I
successfully demonstrated Taekwondo in local festival. In upcoming January, I will take test for 2nd Dan.