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Company Profile
● What we do
● 84inspired shop
● Creative
Web design
Graphics and print
Presentation design
● Web development
● Content Management
● E-commerce
● Marketing

What we do
● Supported digital services
● Our team

1 Creative WEB Products Supported services

2 WEB Creative WEB Products
4 Supported services Marketing WEB Creative
5 Products Supported services Marketing WEB
● What we do
● 84inspired shop © 84inspire
● Creative

Web design
Graphics and print

Presentation design
● Web development
At 84inspired it’s not just about meeting expectations, but exceeding them. In fact, our dedicated team
● Content Management wouldn’t settle for anything less. From first contact through to final delivery, we strive for excellence every
● E-commerce step of the way.
● Marketing There’s a vast wealth of expertise in the multi-disciplined field of digital design at 84inspired. That’s what
● Supported digital services makes us so capable of delivering a wide range of solutions to an even wider range of clients. Variety is
● Our team the spice of life as they say, and the team here are always poised to find new ways to do things.
If you’re looking to use digital media to develop or promote your business, 84inspired can offer you all
the design and technical services you’ll need.

For more information about what we do, why not get in touch and we can chat further.

84 Inspired Email:

P.O. Box 76354-00508 Nairobi, Kenya Website:
● What we do
● 84inspired shop
● Creative
Web design
Graphics and print
Presentation design
● Web development
● Content Management
● E-commerce
● Marketing
● Supported digital services
● Our team
• Brand
• Web design
• Graphics and print
• Animation
• Presentation design
At 84inspired, every member of the team thinks Creative by name, creative
● What we do innovatively and applies their creative streak to by nature
● 84inspired shop every part of their working life.
All departments are encouraged to work closely,
● Creative Our creative team are some of the best in the to contribute to the creative process and not to be
Brand industry. Their individual skills as well as their limited by department or job title. Our clients can
Web design ability to work as a team mean that projects be assured that if there is an inventive, expressive
coming out from the studio forever impress both
Graphics and print and striking concept to be found, 84inspired will
clients and the broader design community. find it!
Presentation design
● Web development
● Content Management
● E-commerce
● Marketing
● Supported digital services
● Our team
● What we do
Y our brand is a crucial part of your business.
It’s the face of your organisation, and your
corporate identity. In a world where image is
Getting it Right!
So getting your brand right is fundamental. We
● 84inspired shop everything, it’s vital that your brand accurately understand that a brand isn’t just about a logo - it’s
your complete visual identity. We can work with you
● Creative reflects your attitude and ethos.
to explore just what kind of identity you want to
Brand portray, and then deliver a complete brand solution
Your Brand
Web design that ticks all your boxes.
Your brand is who you are and the proprietary
Graphics and print Our comprehensive branding services include:
visual, emotional, rational, and cultural image that
Animation you associate with any organisation or product. • logo development
Presentation design The fact that you remember the brand name and • brand guidelines
● Web development have positive associations with that brand makes • full brand application
your selection easier and enhances the value and
● Content Management
satisfaction you get.
● E-commerce
● Marketing Identity
● Supported digital services Brand identity includes brand names, logos,
● Our team positioning, brand associations, and brand
personality. A good brand gives a good first
impression and evokes positive associations with it.

Kenya Ltd
web design
A window to your A website can portray a million messages to
organisation your customers, some more subtly than others.
● What we do Through the creative and technical process,
● 84inspired shop
● Creative
T he nature of modern marketing dictates
that your organisation should have a strong
online presence. With the Internet so widely
84inspired will work closely with the client in
order to achieve set goals for both the creative
and technical specifications. Our specialist teams
Brand accessible through many mediums, it’s imperative of designers, coders and content developers
Web design to be at the forefront of your sector. create immersive, engaging and relevant online
Graphics and print Users of the internet are notoriously unforgiving. If experiences.
Animation a website doesn’t load, doesn’t inspire interest or
Presentation design doesn’t provide instant satisfaction, your potential Our passion
customer could be lost forever!
● Web development 84inspired has extensive experience in
designing and developing websites to exacting
● Content Management 84inspired understands Internet users, appreciates
requirements. From e-commerce, Intranets,
good design and welcomes logical navigation! If
● E-commerce your website is complicated, fussy or confusing, Extranets, Content Management Systems and
● Marketing your customers will make the same assumption much, much more, we have the skills, passion and
● Supported digital services about you and your organisation. commitment to deliver successful websites on-
time - every-time.
● Our team
Inspirational websites
Unlike any other form of advertising, the website
is the most accessible form of customer-facing
marketing in the modern world.
Graphics and print
● What we do W hile digital media has undoubtedly become
one of the fastest growing and most popular
forms of marketing, the need for printed media has
Our creative team consists of web designers,
● 84inspired shop not completely disappeared! Graphic Designers and computer engineers. Our
● Creative designers are able to work across all mediums,
84inspired is able to offer traditional media services applying their skills and knowledge to the clients’
Brand to compliment the entire marketing mix with a media choice. Printed collateral can be most
Web design consistent and cohesive style. effective when coupled with a digital campaign.
Graphics and print • Identity
Animation • Character Design & Illustration
• Brochure & literature
Presentation design
• Direct Mail
● Web development
● Content Management A powerful combination!
● E-commerce Combining printed and digital media can be one
of the most effective ways to reach your target
● Marketing
audience. By keeping your media design in one
● Supported digital services place, 84inspired can guarantee a structured and
● Our team consistent approach. Although the Internet is the
most widely accessed form of marketing, graphic
design and print can reinforce your message
and work to further instill your brand into your
audience’s mind.
84inspired has been creating Flash and variety. The predominance
animations for many years and for an of animation on television, web
● What we do array of high profile clients. Marketed and cinema is obvious, with the
● 84inspired shop and positioned correctly, animation medium finding a place in a range
of work, from historical visualization
● Creative can inspire, invoke and impress! Used
and feature film production, to
within website banners, kiosks and
Brand more obscure non-narrative and
for visual productions, the medium
Web design of animation can rapidly convey key
experimental work.

Graphics and print brand and sales messages to mass Some companies are wary of
Animation audiences. animation as it may not be suitable
for the industry they operate
Presentation design in. Animation can portray many
● Web development different messages and, even if it’s
Working closely with the client,
● Content Management not traditional for the sector, why
84inspired’s team will draw up expert not be the first to market to your
● E-commerce story boards for approval before the audience in this way?
● Marketing animation process begins. Blending a
● Supported digital services mix of media solutions with timeline- Success!
based animation, we are then able to
● Our team 84inspired will research your
bring the story to life.
operation, your sector and your
competitors to ensure that the
Animate, illuminate, solution we offer will be successful,
excite ground-breaking and exciting.
For clients who regularly adopt
Evocative and immersive, animation
Animation shots © 84inspired

animation pieces, we will always

is a broad and eclectic art form, and
stretch the boundaries backed up
as a medium of human expression,
with phenomenal creative.
is unsurpassed in its richness
Presentation design
● What we do
D oes your business give regular presentations,
either internally or externally? Do you want
your presentations to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’?
Active Presenter
84inspired has developed the Active Presenter to
enable your organisation to standardize content
● 84inspired shop 84inspired specializes in high impact multimedia
presentations that stand out and make a difference. delivery, ensuring universal brand implementation
● Creative and authorized message execution. The solution
Brand Successful presentation ships with your Flash based presentations pre-built
Web design planning in any language and can even create multi-platform
standalone (MAC & PC) presentations for CD-Rom
Graphics and print A successful presentation is only as good as the delivery.
Animation content it contains and delivery mechanic. We
• Web development
Presentation design work closely from the outset in deriving your core
objectives and messages to convey, then produce • Content management
● Web development • Application development
a detailed plan for creative and animated delivery.
● Content Management Interactive sequences are storyboarded and • Ecommerce
● E-commerce delivered for final approval pre-development. • CSS and accessibility
• silverlight
● Marketing
● Supported digital services Tailored presentations
● Our team 84inspired specializes in bespoke Flash Here at 84inspired we naturally
presentations. Used for sales meetings, training, like to make things look beautiful.
conferences or events they consistently have far However, someone has to make sure all
more impact than more traditional solutions. our solutions actually work, and that’s
Tailored to suit your specific product, service, or where the technical team come in and
message, we incorporate animation sequences, bring their big tech brains with them!
moving image, video and 3D to add impact,
dynamism and creativity.
● What we do

Television presentations © 84inspired

● 84inspired shop
● Creative
Web design
Graphics and print
Presentation design Fit for purpose Pure talent
● Web development Involved from pitch to plan and build stages, Our Technical team are some of the most talented
● Content Management the technical team not only take ideas and turn in the industry, coming from a number of
them into working applications and websites; development backgrounds and bringing a wealth
● E-commerce they are more often than not the creative minds of experience with them.
● Marketing behind these ideas. We don’t build technology
With the ability to work across any platform, they
● Supported digital services for technology sake! After careful consideration
continue to develop some pioneering systems.
● Our team of the brief and requirements, our technical team
has R&D time to develop and put forward the Take some time to look at our technical services
right idea for technical deployment - even if this and case studies to find out more
involves a new technology such as Silver light or about what we can deliver.
Commerce Server 2007.
● What we do
● 84inspired shop
● Creative
Web design
Graphics and print
Presentation design
● Web development
● Content Management
● E-commerce
● Marketing
● Supported digital services
● Our team
Web development
● What we do O ur web development team at 84inspired
work across many exciting digital
technologies and have produced some
It blends years of expertise and experience from a
dedicated team of professionals into honing down
and producing an online solution that’s relevant,
● 84inspired shop seriously good developments over the years. expandable and exciting!
● Creative Web development is at the centre of our
Brand online offering, with our team able scope, Content management
plan and deploy online solutions whatever the
Web design requirement!
Many online solutions, whether a corporate
Graphics and print website or bespoke web application require
a level of content management. With years of
Animation Any language - expertise building content management systems
Presentation design any requirement (CMS) for clients, our technical department
● Web development Sometimes a difficult concept to grasp but we can plan and build in any language and on any
● Content Management develop across many platforms and for any platform for a pure bespoke solution; or equally
necessity. A typical starting point is a problem to work with off-the-shelf packages if required.
● E-commerce overcome or a core development requirement -
● Marketing but by careful planning and specification we then Management System
● Supported digital services choose the appropriate technology to develop in;
In a nutshell - it enables a website administrator
● Our team whether c#, .NET 3.5, AJAX or even Silverlight - we
to edit or create site content and imagery such
find the right solution for your project.
as latest news or PDF downloads. By accessing a
secure section of the website using a username
A passion and password, the administrator can make rapid
Web development is more than building a website changes to a live environment.
- and more than applying a content management
system. It’s a starting point for any online venture,
whether a rewards application or engaging Web
2.0 system.