Objective/ Aim
In recent years, new technologies have enabled disabled persons specifically visually impaired persons (VI) to live more comfortable lives. Despite these new technologies, many of the things they do are still reliant on other people. The goal of our project team is to design a device that is easy to use, simple, and powerful enough to allow the user to perform the aforementioned tasks. Through current research, we have found that sight-impaired individuals prefer to actually go out and move independently, rather than stay home. We will constantly improve our product by designing, prototyping, and evaluating.


Infrared Sensor Water Sensor Remote Sensor

Micro Controller Unit



Figure 1: A schematic representation of the smart blind-stick ( D I V I N E )

If the stick is in the room then eye respond with the sound buzzer. In light sensor we use LDR. We use this eye in t. Remote sensor : In the remote sensor we attach one infra red eye with the circuit. this change is sense by the controller and buzzer gives a sound. Any blind person wanted to locate his blind stick then first of all he have to press the remote in all direction. SENSORS LOGIC: In this project we use thermistor for the temperature sensor. This eye is respond a small signal when any remote of 36 khtz produce a signal . In this stick we use five different sensor with microcontroller interface. Main part of this project is software. This eye is a special frequency decoder eye. With the help of this eye we catch a 36 kHtz signal and then proceed to the microcontroller circuit. Along with the infra red transmitter we use photodiode to sense a interruption and controller produce a sound. car headlight in night. due to excessive heat there will be small change of resistance in thermistor .v receiver. . Here in this project we use ic 89s51 as a main microcontroller to interface the blind stick with the different sensor’s and different sound. sense a interruption and when controller sense this interruption then produce a sound. Infra red transmitter and receiver circuit .Technical details In this project we show that how we modify the blind stick for blind person. We convert the normal blind stick into robotic blind stick. on every sensor alarm sound is different. Water sensor is simply a two conducting wire when sense a water then act automatically and produce a sound from the controller. LDR is basically use for a excessive light like. ldr sense a excessive light and due to this light our circuit trigger and alarm is on .

Figure 2: Circuit diagram for smart blind stick ( D I V I N E ) .

on this function we switch on the buzzer automatically. heat light or any thing then jump to specify location jnb p1. so our first command is to be written on the 0000h location.3 acall buzzer ret buzzer is a special function.remote sjmp main Our first work of this stick is to be monitor the all the sensor’s if there is any interruption from water. sjmp main our next command is sjmp main. so buzzer rings for only one time and stop automatically.light jnb p1. main: jnb p1. water: clr p2. It means that jump to the main function automatically.0. when water touches on this stick then buzzer is on and at this time we set a counter on for one buzzer.1.water jnb p1.2. . But if there is continuous water sensing then buzzer is switch on regularly.3 acall delay setb p2. because when the microcontroller is reset then auto reset circuit force the controller to move the program counter on 0000 location .int jnb p1.Programming concept org 0000h our program is to be written on the 0000 location.4.3.  for the water sensor we use two metallic plate under the stick .

 fire sensor: in the fire sensor we we use one thermistor with transistor circuit.1 acall buzzer ret  In the light sensor we use ldr as a sensor. light: clr p2. inter: clr p2. When we heat the thermistor then thermistor value is to be decreased and circuit activate and buzzer is on.0 acall buzzer ret  In the interruption mode we use one infra red led and photodiode in pair.2 acall buzzer ret .0 acall delay setb p2.2 acall delay setb p2. fire: clr p2. When controller sense a negative signal on the pin then processor provide a four time buzzer sound.1 acall delay setb p2. When controller sense a negative signal on the pin then processor provide a five time buzzer sound. When light fall on the ldr then ldr shows a low resistance and due to that transistor provide a negative signal to the controller. If there is any object in the front of the stick then infra red light is reflected from the object and due to that photodiode gives a negative signal to the controller.

#200 mov r2. buzzer is on acall delay setb p2.0 .sim djnz r1.0 .#100 mov r1.sim djnz r2.#200 sim: djnz r0. buzzer is on acall delay ret delay: mov r0.buzzer: S1: clr p2.sim ret Usefulness .

This device will be surely in use for those who are visually impaired. LDR input . It is also help for old peoples by guiding them if they are unable to find or see the problems or interruptions during their walk.It will be very useful for the persons who are visually impaired and want to be self dependent.

Infrared sensor input Remote sensor Thermistor Water sensor .

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