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Abducted by Aliens

Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and

My Mother (a True Story)
by Chuck Weiss

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California 2/26/2011 (Part 2)
“This part of my presentation will be about a part of the ET agenda that was only recently recognized by
the UFO community . . . their interest in Human spirituality. I call it the Human-ET Spirituality
And I’ll want to leave about the last 10 minutes of my time to present the video I promised, showing for
the first time ever an ET abduction in process.”


“The ETs are concerned with the spirituality of specific individuals, but not with their specific religion.
They will use a person’s religious beliefs and associated symbols to test their commitment to higher
spiritual principles, but the specific religion in which they choose to express their spirituality is of little
concern to them. But, more on that later.”


“Right now, let me tell you of the first major test of my spirituality. It had to do with, of all things . . .
with cockroaches!” (Describe)
My old brick apt. building has a roach problem, as such buildings often do.
Killing my last cockroach & how I heard/felt the ETs respond to my pledge not to kill anything again,
including bugs and insects.
Paid my daughter to capture them and throw them out the window. Family thought I was crazy.
“After two years of testing my pledge, the ETs came and cleared my apartment of all cockroaches in
one day.” (Describe) “I haven’t seen one cockroach in my living space for over a dozen years,
although my neighbors in the building have had to have their apartments fumigated many times
since then.”
“I evidently passed the test of cockroaches, but I learned a little later that I actually flunked a much more
important test of my character.”

This story is very personal and embarrassing to tell, but important in what it reveals about who the
Grays are and why they’re here
“Be warned, however, that this might disturb some people in the audience.” Someone burned my book
because of what I’m going to tell you.
“As I said, The ETs I’ve been in contact with are spiritual but not religious. You don’t even have to
believe in one Supreme Being to be the subject of their spiritual testing. I offer myself as a personal
example. I’m a Pagan. I honor many gods and goddess.”


“The majority of a religion’s followers use the Right Hand Path, honoring their deities by giving up to
them (evoking) the power of the faithful through prayer, or some other such heart-felt emotional
release of energy, such as tribal dancing for example.”
“All religions have a corresponding Left Hand Path where practitioners draw down (invoking) into
themselves the power of those deities, so that they may use that power to alter the natural flow of
energies and achieve results that would be otherwise highly improbable. This is the Art of
Sorcery . . . the Realm of Magick.”
Jews have their Kabbalah.
Catholics had their Knights Templar.
And indigenous peoples their shamans.


“For my spiritual quest in this life, I walk the Left Hand Path. I’ve practiced a modern form of ancient
Egyptian Magick for over a quarter of a century and I’m pretty good at it. I also lead a small circle
of fellow Magicians and teach a few selected students.”
“In preparation for the story to follow, let me explain that there are two basic types of magick ritual . . .
those that employ positive energies to create, and those that use negative energies to destroy. As a
Magician I would most often use my talents for the benign benefit of my myself and my family, but
on rare occasion I would muster the negative energies of the universe against those who sought to do
me harm.”
Unlike other victims who are powerless against brutish people, I had the means to come back at them
tenfold, and I did. If they were foolish enough to purposely step on a scorpion, I reasoned, then they
deserved to get stung.”
Let me say that this is not something I would do casually. In almost thirty years of practicing magick, I
can count the number of times I’ve done a ritual in anger on one hand and still have a finger or two
left over. I reserved my “ultimate weapon” for only those I thought to be the most deserving.”


In the mid-1990s, I was hired by a governmental agency in the Bay Area.
I went through orientation with a woman disdainful of my pentagram ring.
We both were assigned to a small 3 person night-shift in the same office.
The three of us (myself and the two women) took our dinner hour together and became friends . . . or so
I thought.
Later, quite by surprise, Maria charged me with sexual harassment in the work place, and I was forced to
This was before there were any guidelines as to what constitutes Sexual Harassment. Today, Maria’s
charges wouldn’t have been taken seriously, because there was only once incident (which she
twisted out of context). She never complained to me about it and it was never repeated.
“The incident is described in detail in my book, so I won’t go into it here other than to say that I would
never sexually harass anyone. It’s just not in my nature.”

This was not a misunderstanding, but a deliberate attack because of my pagan religion.
I was furious and my anger fueled a magick ritual where I summoned some pretty nasty demons to
wreak my vengeance. It worked. (Explain)
I thought that was the end of it, but I was wrong. Two years later I was confronted with the almost exact
same situation . . . at a different company.


I was hired two years later at that company where my ETs had shown me their proprietary paperwork.
(The ET Employment Agency)
Assigned to another small office with someone hired the same day as I was.
I gave out detailed printed horoscopes for my three workmates as Christmas presents, because I had no
money. Jason (not real name) asked me if I had read his. I said that I did, when I didn’t, but I
should have. It might have warned me of what was to come. (Explain)
Jason ingratiated himself with the supervisors. I could see through the plate glass him sitting in their
office with his feet up on their desks chatting with the door closed. He then poisoned them against
me. I don’t know what he told them, but they started giving me the cold shoulder, even though the
quality of my work (measured statistically every week) was always exemplary.
I saw what Jason was doing and started to consider another destruction ritual, but then was
thunderstruck with the similarity between the situation and what happened two years prior. Don’t
believe in coincidences and saw this as second chance, a make-over of the test if you will, of the one
I had flunked earlier.
I didn’t know what to think. Did the Grays dislike my practicing Magick? Was that the problem?
After thinking about that question, I decided that it wasn’t the magick and its power, it was the way I
had used it. I chose to react differently this time. Jason had said he wanted to work in television. I
did a ritual to entice him away with another job. Three months later he left to work for KQED.
My relationship with the supervisors improved and I was later offered stock options as a reward for
outstanding performance. I had passed the test.


As I said, I don’t believe in coincidences.
The period between “tests” was two years (the same as with the cockroaches, and with the healing I
received with my lungs), seemingly a standard time interval for ET testing.
Both tests involved someone hired the same day as I was, who went through the orientation process with
In both cases, that person and I were assigned to a small office within a much larger organization.


As I said, the testing was over a two year period.
Large numbers of people had to be manipulated both times.
In both cases, Maria and Jason came to the job from a different employment agency than I did.
So, the people working at those temp agencies were manipulated to send them to the same jobsite
that I was.
The supervisors at both jobsites had to pick from a large pool of recent hires as to who to place in
which vacant positions. They were manipulated into sending me both times to a small office
within their organization, where I would my “test.”

Who ARE These People?

Not an accident. I was meant to be struck with the unlikely similarities of the two situations that,
although years apart, were almost identical in nature.
I wouldn’t have thought to have dealt with Jason’s back-stabbing any differently than I had done with
Mary’s treachery, if it weren’t for that revelation. It was only then that I was able to grow
spirituality, by putting self-imposed limits on my use of power. I still practice magick, but I hope
more responsibly now.
The “coincidence” of Mary and Jason was a graphic illustration to me of the power that the ETs have
over our lives. I had been shown earlier the extent of their power (Missing Time in Bumper-to-
Bumper Traffic in Part 1), Now they showed me that they can, with equal ease, manipulate the life
of anyone they choose, and will do so in order to offer a specific individual the opportunity to grow
spiritually. Who ARE these people?
I’ve come to understand that the Grays are Interdimensional Beings from the next higher plane of
existence, and that they are specifically charged and guided by even higher Beings with maintaining
the cosmic mechanism of reincarnation.
They program the lives of us flawed human beings so that major events set up opportunities that help us
to grow spiritually. While we have our own set of individual “tests” to undergo throughout life, we
are also manipulated so as to be a part of the testing of other people. Life on this Earth is one big
school and, through our interactions, we teach each other the lessons we’re meant to learn. This is
the major principle of reincarnation, a spiritual belief held by the majority of the world’s population.
I’m certainly not the first person to suggest that the Grays are spiritual in nature. [Quote researchers, Dr.
John Mack (Grays as “emissaries from the Divine”) and Raymond Fowler (They come “from behind
death’s great door’), as well as experiencer Whitley Strieber (Grays told him they “recycle souls.”]
UFO researchers were reluctant for years to publicly comment on what they were talking about in
private, that there is a strong “spiritual” component to the ET agenda.
The evidence of spiritual testing, as described by Jim Sparks, myself and others, is building and can no
longer be ignored. If we are indeed being visited by the Masters of Reincarnation, as I believe I
have confirmed, then their interest in our spirituality is certainly understandable.
Through my years of interactions with the Grays, I’ve come to understand that they are Higher Beings,
some would call them “angels.” Being pagan, I see them as the gods and goddesses with whom I
communicate in ritual. In truth, it doesn’t really matter what you call these Higher Beings. As
Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name . . .”
Orthodox Jewish tradition holds that everyone walks around with an entourage of “spirits.” (The word
“angel” was a Christian adaptation of a Greek work meaning Divine Messenger.) I believe the
group of Grays that are assigned to an individual IS that “entourage,” with the tall “Supervising”
Gray being what we call one’s Guardian Angel. They administer the lessons we’re meant to learn,
each one programmed before we are born to unfold as they do.


Explain how the video came to be and show it for the first time publically.