The Perfect Storm Is Approaching...

Transformer Specialist Certification Program

. So....A Looming Set of Conditions is Forming the Perfect Storm .. How Do You Prepare? Introducing a comprehensive transformer maintenance certification program designed to equip and empower both the current and the next generation of transformer experts.

. Inc. Transformer Specialist 2 (TS2) and Master Transformer Specialist (MTS) are designed to create a complete immersion experience with multiple formats and learning processes: • Classroom instruction from our world class instructors with over a century of combined experience Hands on transformer lab activities The world’s largest diagnostic analytical lab access Case studies using your own work environment.SD Myers. Transformer Specialist 1 (TS1). Wrote the Book on Transformer Maintenance .. Literally The Certification Experience Each of the three certification courses. creating practical application of the knowledge gained Independent learning before and after the classroom sessions Access to current research and peer specialists as part of the Alumni program Equipped and empowered to provide Intelligent Transformer Management for MaxLife of your transformer resources • • • • • • .

. practical application and casework Ongoing instructor access and support Each level consists of . reduced down time and in-house transformer maintenance expertise at a time when it is most needed. For You and Your Staff Preparing the Next Generation Besides being a great investment in career development and recognition for the attendee. prepare for new. Certification prepares the next generation of transformer maintenance and management professionals to help them go deeper in their knowledge. more demanding standards built into the newest transformers while building a network of peer experts.The Right Stuff .. • Three levels to meet the needs of the industry • • • • • • • Transformer Specialist 1 Transformer Specialist 2 Master Transformer Specialist Five Days of hands-on classroom and lab training Ten hours per month of independent. Ultimately your company benefits with reduced capital spending.

Class Content: 1. Substation Fundamentals 2. 5. 3. 5. develop and manage service specifications. 4. Electrical Testing II 4. 4. Class Content: 1. Class Content: 1. Mechanical and Electrical testing and maintenance fundamentals.Certification Course Content Transformer Specialist 1 TS1 provides the complete foundational knowledge of the internal and external components of the transformer. perform condition assessments. 2. Pad Mount and Dry-Type Transformer Basics and Maintenance Master Transformer Specialist MTS provides an advanced transformer maintenance management education for those who will be making end of life capital recommendations and decisions involving millions of dollars. Transformer Purchasing and Specifications (New or Remanufactured) Transportation. Transformer Maintenance II 5. along with the Chemical. 3. Assembly. based on the analysis and interpretation of chemical and electric test results and history. Electrical Fundamentals Transformer Fundamentals Dielectric Fluid Testing and Analysis I Electrical Testing I Transformer Maintenance I Transformer Specialist 2 TS2 provides the knowledge and tools to develop or customize a maintenance plan. 2. and qualify service providers. Dielectric Fluid Testing and Analysis II 3. Acceptance Testing and Startup Load Tap Changer Operating Principles and Maintenance Field and Shop Repair High Voltage Circuit Breakers and Auxiliary Equipment .

TS1. repairs and switchgear. age of the cable in the k-sub. Insurance Risk Specialist responsible for inspection of transformers or transformer records (test and or maintenance). . TS2 & MTS The retiring transformer expert with tremendous knowledge and the desire to pass it on. has customer contact and oversees most projects. relays. Risk Manager or Underwriter responsible for liability management and equipment protection policies.A Certification Specialist Program that Fits the Need TS1 Only High voltage electrician who knows meters. The Plant Manager has 1 or more plants and can literally make $1MM decisions . TS1 & TS2 The engineer out of school for a few years and has a bright future. dielectric fluid processing... Plant Engineer who knows maintenance schedules. Site Supervisor who understands high voltage. TS1. transmission and distribution. Utility Contractor Field Tech who knows high voltage distribution. Manager who has all the responsibilities and liabilities and is responsible for the growth of the company and scope of projects. TS2 & MTS The Senior Manager who knows Power Grids and Transformers. Risk Manager or Senior Underwriter involved in making key decisions on insurance coverage or claims relating to transformers. and who is responsible for avoiding critical failures. Industry Plant Electrician or maintenance man who walks past the transformer on a daily basis. Risk Manager responsible for directing clients in the actions required for maintenance or reactive maintenance. The Head of Maintenance who has his hands full with more responsibilities and less resources than ever before. Degreed Project Manager who knows job specifics.

Since then has been all over the globe and has both developed curriculum and served as an instructor since then. overseeing our Engineering Services and Products and PCB operations.E. Professional Engineer with extensive experience in the operation. Instructor and Writer. Randy Stebbins Randy has more than 20 years experience in . Inc. Stan Myers. P. He retired from Consumers Energy. Retired from GE. Kenneth L. Risk Management Administrator. Rasor. Kelly Field Technician. He retired from FirstEnergy Corporation. Survey Specialist. Learn more. He Coauthored the SD Myers Transformer Maintenance Guide.TransformerEducation. Charles E. Bob has been with SD Myers for over 30 years. maintenance. design and construction. Millard Kenneth has over 40 years experience in power systems engineering. application. he now serves as MaxLife Engineer and Instructor at SD Myers. please visit: www. Dennis worked for First Energy for 25 years. Robert T. consulting and contracting related to the power distribution industry..Storm Trackers: Guiding You Through the Storm Joe Kelly Joe presented the first seminar in 1976 with our founder. For additional information. P. Dennis Ledel. and design of electrical power systems. Chuck has both developed curriculum and served as an instructor.E. commissioning. Dick West Dick has over 40 years experience as a transformer Specialist. Terry Troop Terry has 40 years in the electric utility business..

TransformerEducation.180 South Avenue Tallmadge.7000 .630. Ohio 44278 330.

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