ASCP - 101

A Beginners Guide to Implementing ASCP Sandeep Gandhi Independent Consultant


Scope ASCP v/s MRP ASCP Data Flow Setups Item Attributes Plan Options Execute Plan Q&A

Advanced Supply Chain Planning Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) is a comprehensive planning solution that decides when and where supplies should be deployed within an extended supply chain. demand and resources to simulate changing business conditions Integrated solution 3 .  Key Capabilities       Plan all supply chain facilities simultaneously ShortShort-term detailed scheduling and long-term aggregate longplanning are supported within a single plan Plans that consider both resource and material constraints Configure Oracle ASCP to optimize specific business criteria Allows many types of changes to supply.

sources and alt.ASCP v/s MRP   Oracle s focus product Productivity enhancing UI     QOH shown in supply/demand screen MultiMulti-level pegging Ability to define queries and publish to planners Vertical Plan / Gnatt Chart         Plan alt. resources Plan with optimization rules (inv turns / ontime delivery) and penalty factors Constrained plan (ECC / EDD / lead time constraints) VMI Support New reports Powerful simulations Different calendars for shipping / manufacturing / receiving Multiple instance planning 4 .

ASCP Data Flow 5 .

1) Planning Engine RUP #30 (patch # 7286961) Get Advanced Supply Chain responsibilities Planner Advanced Planning Administrator 6 .Initial Setups Decide configuration Centralized v/s Distributed Apply latest Rollup Collections RUP #25 (patch Patches #6751704) (Note 223026.

Define Orgs Assign Collection Groups 7 .Initial Setups Define Instance Contd.

8 .Initial Setups Run full data collection contd.

Initial Setups   contd. Gather schema stats on MSC Grant Org access 9 .

Key Item Attributes 10 .

11 .Key Item Attributes Contd.

Collecting Sales Orders    Define Demand class Define Master Demand Schedule (MDS) Refresh MDS 12 .

Define Plan 13 .

Plan Options Main Tab 14 .

Plan Options Org tab 15 .

Plan Options Constraints Tab 16 .

Execute Plan       Refresh MDS Run Data Collection Run Custom Data Cleanup Programs Run plan Consider creating request set Access Planner s workbench 17 .

Planner s Workbench 18 .

Release 19 .

Gotchyas     Sales order demand duplicated Inactive items coming over to plan Can not release configured items Planning Data Pull very slow   Run Refresh Collection Snapshots often Run Net change collection Set MSC:Purge Stg Tbl Cntrl to Yes Set MSC: Share Plan Partitions to No Set MSC:Write MBP Flat Files to Yes     ODS Load takes a long time  Plan takes a long time to run  File space issues  Schema stats 20 .

net 513-325513-325-9026 21 .Q&A Sandeep Gandhi sandeep.gandhi@usa.