8086 Addressing Modes


– May be a part of the instruction – May reside in one of the internal registers of the microprocessor – May be stored at an address in memory • Register Addressing Mode – MOV AX.625 .Addressing Modes • • When the 8088 executes an instruction.AX – MOV AL.BH • Immediate Addressing Mode – MOV AL. it performs the specified function on data These data.2550h – MOV CX.15h – MOV AX. BX – MOV ES. called operands.

[03] BEED 02003 FF AL=? . [address] Example: MOV AL.Direct Addressing Mode MOV CX.

Register Indirect Addressing Mode MOV AX. BX DI SI BEED .

AX DS (Shifted Left) + SI = 13698. SI=2498 and AX=17FE show the memory locations after the execution of: MOV [SI]. Low address 13698 High Address 13699 FE 17 .Example for Register Indirect Addressing • Assume that DS=1120.

[ DS:BX SS:BP ] + 1234h BX AX + 3AH DS 1234 .Based-Relative Addressing Mode MOV AH.

BL if DS=200 & DI=30h ? DS:200 shift left once 2000 + DI + -8 = 2028 . [ DI ] + 1234h Example: What is the physical address MOV [DI-8].Indexed Relative Addressing Mode SI MOV AH.

[SI][BP]+29 The register order does not matter .[BP+SI+29] or MOV AH.Based-Indexed Relative Addressing Mode • • Based Relative + Indexed Relative We must calculate the PA (physical address) PA= CS SS DS ES BX SI : BP + DI + 8 bit displacement 16 bit displacement MOV AH.[SI+29+BP] or MOV AH.

MUL CX MOV SI. [BX + SI + 3] . 0010h . AX MOV AL. 4 records. MOV CX. 004h . 0600h MOV AX. [BX + SI + 3] OR MOV BX.Based-Indexed Addressing Mode MOV BX. 4 elements each. 0600h MOV SI. MOV AL.04.

Summary of the addressing modes Addressing Mode Register Immediate Direct Register Indirect Operand Reg Data [offset] [BX] [SI] [DI] [BX]+disp [BP]+disp [DI]+disp [SI]+disp Default Segment None None DS DS DS DS DS SS DS DS Based Relative Indexed Relative Based Indexed Relative [BX][SI or DI]+disp DS [BP][SI or DI]+disp SS .

10 MOV AH.Example Copy the contents of a block of memory (16 bytes) starting at location 20100h to another block of memory starting at 20120h MOV AX. [SI] MOV [DI]. 100 MOV DI. AH INC SI INC DI DEC CX JNZ NXTPT 100-10f NXTPT: 120-12f . 120 MOV CX.2000 MOV DS.AX MOV SI.

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