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The DVB Glossary

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100BaseT Networks 100BaseT Ethernet over copper at 100 B/s GGBREF

10BaseT Networks 10BaseT Ethernet over copper at 10 B/s GGBREF
16-CAP Networks 16-CAP Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation with 16 GWREF
constellation points: The modulation technique
used in the 51.84 Mb Mid-Range Physical Layer
Specification for Category 3 Unshielded Twisted-
Pair (UTP-3).
2G General 2G Second Generation - Generic name for second GWREF
generation networks, for example GSM.

3G Networks 3G Third Generation - Generic name for third GBREF

generation networks
64-CAP Networks 64-CAP Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation with 64 GWREF
constellation points.
8-level Vestigial Sideband Radio Frequency 8VSB The form of modulation specified by ATSC for PBREF
terrestrial transmission
AAL Connection Networks Association established by the AAL between two GWREF
or more next higher layer entities.
AAL Management Networks AALM GGBREF
AAL-1 Networks AAL-1 ATM Adaptatation Layer Type 1: AAL functions GWREF
in support of constant bit rate, time-dependent
traffic such as voice and video.
AAL-2 Networks AAL-2 ATM Adaptatation Layer Type 2: This AAL is still GWREF
undefined by the International standards bodies.
It is a placeholder for variable bit rate video
AAL-3/4 Networks AAL-3/4 ATM Adaptatation Layer Type 3/4: AAL GWREF
functions in support of variable bit rate, delay-
tolerant data traffic requiring some sequencing
and/or error detection support. Originally two
AAL types, i.e. connection-oriented and
connectionless, which have been combined.

AAL-5 Networks AAL-5 ATM Adaptatation Layer Type 5: AAL functions GWREF
in support of variable bit rate, delay-tolerant
connection-oriented data traffic requiring
minimal sequencing or error detection support.

AC-3 Generic Broadcast AC-3 The coding of audio using the Dolby AC-3 TM1217R10
System (SI) method. Recommendation ITU-R BS.1196-E
(1995) - ANNEX 2 "Digital Audio Compression
ACKnowledgement Networks ACK TM2451R2
ACR Decrease Time Factor Networks ADTF The time permitted between sending RM-cells GWREF
before the rate is decreased to ICR (Initial Cell
Rate). The ADTF range is .01 to 10.23 sec. with
granularity of 10 ms.
AFUTT General AFUTT Association Francaise des Utilisateurs du GWREF
Téléphone et des Télécommunications (FR),
medlem ETSI.
ANEC General ANEC European association for the co-ordination of GWREF
consumer representation in standardization
ANIEL General ANIEL Asociación Nacional de Industrias Electrónicas GGBREF
y de Telecommunicaciones
ARD General ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öff.-rechtl. GWREF
Rundfunkanstalten der BRD
ASI Multiplexer Networks ASIMUX PBREF
ASYNChronous data transfer Networks ASYNC Not synchronised to another signal or clock. GGBREF
Start-stop working.
ATM Adaptation Layer 5 Networks AAL 5 The ATM Adaptatation Layer is the standards TM2361R1
layer that allows multiple applications to have
data converted to and from the ATM cell. A
protocol used that translates higher layer
services into the size and format of an ATM cell.

ATM Inverse Multiplexer Networks AIM A term discontinued because of conflict with an GWREF
established product. Refer to AIMUX.
ATM Inverse Multiplexing Networks AIMUX A device that allows multiple T1 or E1 GWREF
communications facilities to be combined into a
single broadband facility for the transmission of
ATM cells.

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The DVB Glossary

ATM Virtual Channel Identification Networks VCI ITU-T Recommendation I.361, B-ISDN ATM TM2361R1
layer specification
ATM Virtual Path Identification Networks VPI ITU-T Recommendation I.363, B-ISDN ATM TM2361R1
layer specification
ATM-attached Host Functional Group Networks AHFG The group of functions performed by an ATM- GWREF
attached host that is participating in the MPOA
Above Ground Level Terrestrial agl TM1825R5
Absolute Volume Based Dynamic Capacity Networks AVBDC TM2451R2
Abstract Syntax Notation Computing ASN TM2451R1
Abstract Syntax Notation One Conditional Access ASN.1 TM2117R2
Abstract Windowing Toolkit Computing AWT TAM232R32
Academic Computing and Instructional General ACITS Academic Computing and Instructional GWREF
Technology Society Technology Society
Access Control Copy Protection AC The process of ensuring that content is CM282
accessed only by those entities authorised to do
so, and only in a manner for which they have
been authorised.
Access Criteria Conditional Access CA system specific information needed by the TM2117R2
ECMG to build an ECM
Access Criteria Generator Conditional Access ACG TM2117R2
Access Granted Channel Television receivers AGCH GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Access Point Node Networks APN Access Point Node GWREF
Acquisition Copy Protection Retrieval of content for local storage and/or CM282
Acquisition Group Copy Protection The Acquisition Group is the set of one or more CM531
devices in the Authorised Domain that is within
the immediate locale (for example, the home) of
the acquisition point.
Acquisition burst Networks ACQ TM2451R2
Active Server Page World-wide Web ASP GGBREF
Ad-Hoc Group General AHG GGBREF
Ad-hoc Expert Group on the Global Information General AEGIS Ad-hoc Expert Group on the Global Information GWREF
Society Society, arbetsgrupp inom EWOS.

Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation. Television receivers ADPCM A reduced bit rate variant of PCM audio GGBREF
(incl. Plasma) encoding (see also PCM). This algorithm
encodes the difference between an actual audio
sample amplitude and a predicted amplitude
and adapts the resolution based on recent
differential values.
Adaptive Mobile Access Protocol Television receivers AMAP GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Adaptive Predictive Coding Television receivers APC GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Adaptive Transform Coding Television receivers ATC GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Additive White Gaussian noise Radio Frequency AWGN TM2451R2
Additive Increase Rate Networks AIR An ABR service parameter, AIR controls the GWREF
rate at which the cell transmission rate
increases. It is signalled as AIRF, where AIRF
Address Complete Message Networks ACM A BISUP call control message from the GWREF
receiving exchange to sending exchange
indicating the completion of address information.

Address Prefix Networks A string of 0 or more bits up to a maximum of GWREF

152 bits that is the lead portion of one or more
ATM addresses.
Address Resolution Networks Address Resolution is the procedure by which a GWREF
client associates a LAN destination with the
ATM address of another client or the BUS.

Adjacency Networks The relationship between two communicating GWREF

neighbouring peer nodes
Adjacent Channel Interference Television receivers ACI GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Administrative Domain Networks A collection of managed entities grouped for GWREF
administrative reasons
Advanced Audio Coding Digital Television AAC PBREF
Advanced Audio Coding Low Complexity Television receivers AACLC GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Advanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada General ABSOC Advanced Broadcasting Systems of Canada GWREF

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The DVB Glossary

Advanced Common Application Platform Digital Television ACAP GGBREF

Advanced Communications Technologies and Terrestrial ACTS Research programme supported by the TM1825R5
Services Broadcasting European Commission
Advanced Digital Television Technology General ADTT Advanced Digital Television Technology GWREF
Advanced Modulation and Coding Schemes General AMCS Advanced Modulation and Coding Schemes GWREF
Advanced Research Projects Agency General ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency (USA). GWREF
Advanced Television Research Consortium General ATRC Advanced Television Research Consortium GWREF
Advanced Television Systems Committee General ATSC GGBREF
Advanced Video Coding DVB Organisation AVC GGBREF
Adversarial Attack (Active) Copy Protection An attack by an entity on a system, the purpose CM282
of the attack being to steal information, to inject
false information into the system, or to corrupt
information already present in the system. See
also Inadversarial Attack.

Advisory Committee on Advanced Television General ACATS Advisory Committee on Advanced Television GWREF
Service Service
Aeronautical Telecommunications Network General ATN Aeronautical Telecommunications Network GWREF
Agent Personal Digital Application that performs a function as a proxy PVR005
Recorder for a consumer, such as searching based on a
personal profile
Aggregate Measurement Table Networks AMT TM2451R2
Aggregation Token Networks A number assigned to an outside link by the GWREF
border nodes at the ends of the outside link. The
same number is associated with all uplinks and
induced uplinks associated with the outside link.
In the parent and all higher-level peer group, all
uplinks with the same aggregation token are
Ai Networks Ai Signalling ID assigned by Exchange A. GWREF
Alarm Indication Signal Networks AIS GGBREF
Alarm Indication Signal. Television receivers AIS Alarm indication incorporated into bitstream on GGBREF
(incl. Plasma) digital transmission.
Alliance for Telecommunications Industry General ATIS Alliance for Telecommunications Industry GGBREF
Solutions Solutions. Focus on e.g. SHDSL, HDSL2,
HDSL4, modems etc. see
Allowed Cell Rate Networks ACR An ABR service parameter, ACR is the current GWREF
rate in cells/sec at which a source is allowed to
Alternate Access Providers Networks AAP GGBREF
Alternate Mark Inversion. Television receivers AMI Type of digital line code. GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
American Broadcast Corporation General ABC American Broadcast Corporation GWREF
American Mobile Phone System Networks AMPS American Mobile Phone System GWREF
American Mobile Satellite Corporation General AMSC American Mobile Satellite Corporation GWREF
American National Standards Institute General ANSI American National Standards Institute (USA). GWREF
American Standard Code for Information General ASCII American Standard Code for Information GWREF
Interchange Interchange
Amplitude Imbalance Television receivers AI GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Amplitude Modulation Television receivers AM GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Amplitude Modulation - Frequency Division Radio Frequency AM-FDM GGBREF
Amplitude Modulation - Vestigial Sideband Radio Frequency AM-VSB GGBREF
Amplitude Shift Keying General ASK Amplitude Shift Keying GWREF
Analogue to Digital Converter. Television receivers ADC GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Ancillary Page Teletext A means of conveying subtitle elements that TM1398R6
may be shared by multiple subtitle services
within a subtitle stream.
Antenna subsystem Networks ANT TM2451R2
Apogee Boost Motor Television receivers ABM GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Apogee Kick Motor General AKM GGBREF
Application Multimedia Home App A functional implementation realised as software TAM232r32
Platform running in one or spread over several
interplaying hardware entities.
Application Entity Digital Television AE GGBREF
Application Level Interface Computing ALI GGBREF
Application Program Interface Computing API An interface between an application and another TAM232R32
particular feature, function or resource.

Application Specific Integrated Circuit Hardware ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit TM2451R2

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The DVB Glossary

Application boundary Multimedia Home A concise general description of the data TAM232r32
Platform elements (HTML documents, code files, images
etc.) used to form one application and the
logical locator of the entry point, the application
boundary is described by a regular expression
over the URL language.
Application instance Multimedia Home A unique invocation of an application. i.e. TAM232r32
Platform running the same application twice results in two
distinct application instances.
Application manager Multimedia Home The Application Manager is the entity in the TAM232r32
Platform MHP that is responsible for managing the
lifecycle of the applications in the MHP. It
manages both the DVB-J applications and non-
DVB-J applications.
Approvals Committee for Telecommunications General ACTE Approvals Committee for Telecommunications GWREF
Equipment. Equipment. Sekretariat: European Commission,
Apriori Motion Detector Hardware AMD Apriori Motion Detector GWREF
Archive Copy Protection A Move of the original for the purposes of CM282
preservation of the content. The copy protection
status shall not be altered by the Archiving.

Argument Computing ARG GGBREF

Asia-Oceania Workshop. General Asia- Asia-Oceania Workshop. GWREF

Asset Distribution Interface Television receivers ADI GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Assisted GPS Networks A-GPS Assisted GPS GWREF
Associacion Española de Normalizacion General AENOR Associacion Española de Normalizacion (ES). GWREF

Association Francaise de Normalisation General AFNOR Association Francaise de Normalisation (FR) GWREF
Association of Commercial Television General ACT Association of Commercial Television. GWREF
Association of Designated Laboratories and General ADLNB Association of Designated Laboratories and GWREF
Notified Bodies. Notified Bodies.
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses General ARIB Association of Radio Industries and Businesses, GGBREF
Associazione Nazionale Utenti Italiani di General ANUIT Associazione Nazionale Utenti Italiani di GWREF
Telecommunicazioni Telecommunicazioni (IT), member of ETSI.
Astra Digital Radio Networks ADR Astra Digital Radio GWREF
Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line Networks ADSL GGBREF
Asymmetric Encryption Copy Protection Type of encryption in which encryption keys are CM282
different from decryption keys, and one key is
computationally difficult to determine from the
Asynchronous Serial Interface Networks ASI GGBREF
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Networks ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode. See TM2361R1
Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio Radio Frequency ACR One of the factors that limits the distance a GWREF
signal may be sent through a given media. ACR
is the ratio of the power of the received signal,
attenuated by the media, over the power of the
NEXT crosstalk from the local transmitter,
usually expressed in decibels (db).

Attractor Personal Digital Used by the service providers to advertise their PVR005
Recorder content and services.
Audio Access Unit Television receivers AAU GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Audio Data Encoder Television receivers ADE GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Audio Data and Teletext Television receivers ADT GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Audio Descriptive Service. Television receivers ADS System providing commentary on an extra GGBREF
(incl. Plasma) sound channel on TV transmissions for blind
and partially sighted people.
Audio Engineering Society General AES Audio Engineering Society GWREF
Audio Presentation Unit General APU GGBREF
Audio and Visual material Personal Digital AV Sometimes A/V PVR005
Audio video and/or data Personal Digital AVD PVR005
Audiovisual Multimedia Service General AMS GGBREF

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The DVB Glossary

Audit Trail Copy Protection A process that provides a date and time CM282
stamped record of the usage of a system. It
records what a device was used for, allowing a
security manager to monitor the actions of every
user, and can help in establishing an alleged
fraud or security violation.
Australian Telecommunication Standardisation General ATSC Australian Telecommunication Standardisation GWREF
Committee Committee (AU), associate member of ETSI.

Authentication (Entity) Copy Protection Entity authentication: provides assurance about CM282
the identity of the sender and his active
participation (timeliness guarantee).
Authentication (Message) Copy Protection Message authentication: provides assurance CM282
about the identity of the sender (timeliness
Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting General AAA Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting GWREF

Authorisation Copy Protection An act of empowering an individual or device to CM282

perform a specified task.
Authorised Domain Copy Protection AD The Authorised Domain shall be defined as a CM531
distinguishable set of DVB CPCM compliant
devices, which are owned, rented or otherwise
controlled by members of a single household.

Authorised Usage Copy Protection The permitted Copying, Moving, and CM282
Consumption of Content.
Authority and Format Identifier Networks AFI This identifier is part of the network level TM2896A1
address header.
Auto-Tracking Antenna Television receivers ATA GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Automatic Frequency Control Television receivers AFC GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Automatic Gain Control Networks AGC TM2451R2
Autostart applications Multimedia Home This terms has different definitions depending TAM232r32
Platform on the application format:
Auxiliary Power Unit Hardware APU GGBREF
Available Bit Rate Networks ABR ATM layer service category for which the limiting TM2451R2
ATM layer transfer characteristics provided by
the network may change subsequent to
connection establishment. A flow control
mechanism is specified which supports several
types of feedback to control the source rate in
response to changing ATM layer transfer
Avalanche Photodetector Television receivers APD GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Axial Ratio Television receivers AR GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
BPN General BPN EBU numbering system for documents TM1825R5
Back Office Copy Protection BO The system of content delivery equipment, CM282
network and subscription management systems
and usage control systems, including CPCM
and/or CA specific equipment as owned,
managed and/or supervised by the Service
Backup Copy Copy Protection A Copy of the original the sole purpose of which CM282
is to replace or restore the original if the original
becomes lost or damaged. The copy protection
status shall not be altered by the Backup
Copying process.
Backward explicit congestion notification Television receivers BECN GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Backwards Compatible General BC PBREF
BandWidth General BW TM2361R1
Bandwidth on Demand Networks BoD TM2451R2
Base Band Radio Frequency BB TM2361R1
Base Station Control Networks BSC Base Station Control GWREF
Baseline CPCM System Copy Protection The minimum set of requirements that must be CM282
met by a DVB compliant CPCM system.
Basic Input/Output System Computing BIOS Basic Input/Output System GWREF
Basic Rate Access Networks BRA TM2361R1
Bayonet Neil-Concelman Hardware BNC Widely used bayonet coax connector GWREF
Beam Forming Network Television receivers BFN GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Bell Operating Company General boc Bell Operating Company GWREF

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The DVB Glossary

Best effort Multimedia Home an implementation dependent approximation TAM232r32

Platform which is as close as reasonable to what has
requested in the circumstances concerned.
Bi-directional General Two way flow of content and/or information PVR005
Bi-directional Multiplexer Interface Television receivers BMI GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Bi-directionally predicted Frame Digital Television B-Frame In video compression, a video frame that is PBREF
derived from interpolation between two others
Bi-phase shift key modulation Radio Frequency BPSK Bi-phase shift key modulation GWREF
Bidirectional Chrominence Estimation Television receivers BCE GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Billions of Operations Per Second Computing BOPS GGBREF
Binary Coded Decimal Computing BCD TM2267R4
Bit Computing Contraction of 'binary digit' - the smallest unit of GGBREF
information in the Binary system.
Bit Error Rate Networks BER Bit Error Rate. (Errors per second), Duplicate of GGBREF
Bit Error Ratio, please use Bit Error Ratio in
Bit Error Ratio Networks BER Bit Error Ratio. (e.g. 1 in 10^3) GGBREF
Bit Rate Reduction General BRR Bit Rate Reduction GWREF
Bit string, left bit first Computing bslbf TM2117R2
Bluetooth Networks Bluetooth Short-range radio link standard. Uses GWREF
unlicensed spectrum @ 2.45 GHz to provide 1
Boot Protocol Networks BootP GGBREF
Bose - Chaudhuri - Hocquenghem. Television receivers BCH Forward error correcting scheme. TM2896A2
(incl. Plasma)
Bouquet Generic Broadcast A collection of services marketed as a single TM1217R10
System (SI) entity
Bouquet Association Table Generic Broadcast BAT BAT provides information regarding bouquets. GGBREF
System (SI) As well as giving the name of the bouquet, it
provides a list of services for each bouquet.
Breitband ISDN General B-ISDN Breitband ISDN GWREF
British Approvals Board for General babt British Approvals Board for GWREF
Telecommunications Telecommunications.
British Broadcasting Corporation General BBC TM1825R5
British Standards Institution General BSI British Standards Institution (GB), GWREF
Broadband Content Delivery Forum Networks BCDF Broadband Content Delivery Forum, see GWREF
Broadband Optical Network Termination Networks BONT GGBREF
Broadband TV Digital Television BTV GGBREF
Broadcast Channel Networks BC a unidirectional broadband Broadcast Channel TM2361R1
including video, audio and data. BC is
established from the service provider to the
users. It may include the Forward Interaction
Broadcast Channel Television receivers BCH GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Broadcast Interface Module Networks BIM TM2361R1
Broadcast Network Adapter Networks BNA TM2361R1
Broadcast Satellite Service General BSS TM2451R2
Broadcaster (Service provider) General organization which assembles a sequence of TM2117R2
events or services to be delivered to the viewer
based upon a schedule.
Broadcaster or Service Provider Generic Broadcast An organization which assembles a sequence of TM2267R4
System (SI) events or programmes to be delivered to the
viewer based upon a schedule.

Broadcasting Satellite Service Television receivers BSS GGBREF

(incl. Plasma)
Built-In Test Equipment Television receivers BiTE GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Bundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation General BAPT Bundesamt für Post und Telekommunikation GWREF
(DE). EN: Federal Office for Post and
Bundesministerium für Post und General BMPT Bundesministerium für Post und GWREF
Telekommunikation Telekommunikation (DE), medlem ETSI.
Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Industri General BMWI Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Industri GWREF
Burst Structure 1 Radio Frequency BS1 See Burst Structure (BS) TM2361R1
Burst Structure 2 Radio Frequency BS2 See Burst Structure (BS) TM2361R1
Burst Structure 3 Radio Frequency BS3 See Burst Structure (BS) TM2361R1
Burst Time Plan Networks BTP TM2267R4

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The DVB Glossary

Burst structure Radio Frequency BS the arrangement, in time & frequency, of TM2361R1
symbols used to transmit the basic container of
144 symbols. It contains data symbols, pilot
symbols and Nyquist symbols if needed. There
are three possible Bursts Structure (BS1, BS2,
Byte Computing A group of eight 'bits' forming a digital 'word'. GGBREF
E.g. an ASCII character with parity bit.
Byte Code Verifier Computing BCV GGBREF
CA components Conditional Access components brought by a CA provider for TM2117R2
integration into a host head-end system
CAbleTeleVision Cable Systems CATV GGBREF
CCITT General CCITT Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique GWREF
et Téléphonique. EN: Consultative Committee
on International Telegraphy and Telephony,
today ITU-T.
CCITT No 5 Hardware CCITT No 5 Seven bit code also known as 1S07 and IA-5. GGBREF
Almost the same as ASCII.
CENELEC General CENELEC Comité Européen de Normalisation GGBREF
CGMS/A Copy Protection CGMS/A an analogue standard that secures content GGBREF
recorded through personal video recorders
COST General COST European Cooperation in the field of Scientific GWREF
and Technical Research.
CREN General CREN Committee for Research and Educational GWREF
Networking (USA). Centre for
Telecommunications Research and Testing
Cable Modem Digital Television CM TM1899R1
Cable Modem Termination System Cable Systems CMTS GGBREF
Call for Contributions General CFC PVR005
Caller Line Identification Networks CLID Caller Line Identification GWREF
Calling Line Identification Networks CLI Calling Line Identification GWREF
Canadian Advanced Broadcast Systems General CABSC Canadian Advanced Broadcast Systems GWREF
Committee Committee
Canadian Radio-Television and General CRTC Canadian Radio-Television and GWREF
Telecomunnication Commission Telecomunnication Commission
Capacity Request Networks CR TM2451R2
Capture Copy Protection Storing the acquired content (to local storage). CM282

Carousel in the (P)SIG Conditional Access CiP TM2117R2

Carousel in the MUX Conditional Access CiM TM2117R2
Carrier Spacing Radio Frequency CS TM2361R1
Carrier over Noise Ratio Radio Frequency C/N Duplicate of Carrier to Noise Ratio, please use TM2361R1
Carrier to Noise ratio in future
Carrier to Noise ratio Radio Frequency C/N The ratio between carrier power and noise PBREF
power, usually expressed in decibels (dB)
Carrierless amplitude/phase Radio Frequency CAP GGBREF
Cascading Style Sheet World-wide Web CSS GGBREF
Cathode Ray Tube Television receivers CRT GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Cell Radio Frequency a geographical area made up of one or more TM2361R1
cell sectors.
Cell sector Radio Frequency a geographical area covered by one or more TM2361R1
DVB T downstream transmitters with one or
more upstream channels controlled by one or
more Base Station(s) (INAs).
Central Office Networks CO GGBREF
Central Processing Unit Hardware CPU Central Processing Unit GWREF
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales General CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales GWREF
Centre National d´Etudes des General CNET Centre National d´Etudes des GWREF
Télécommunications Télécommunications - National Study Centre
for Telecommunications.
Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni. General CSLET Centro Studi e Laboratori Telecomunicazioni. - GWREF
Certificate of Completion Multimedia Home A certificate delivered to the Custodian when an A066
Platform implementation has completed conformance
Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol Networks CHAP TM2451R2

Channel Conditional Access Chan Application specific representation of an open TM2117R2

TCP connection, allowing the association of
application specific parameters with such a
connection. Channels correspond on a one to
one basis to TCP connections

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The DVB Glossary

Channel Allocation Table Generic Broadcast CAT GGBREF

System (SI)
Character Multimedia Home char A specific "letter" or other identifiable symbol, TAM232r32
Platform e.g. "A".
Character encoding Multimedia Home A character encoding is a mapping between an TAM232r32
Platform integer input value, and the textual character
that is represented by this mapping, e.g. in
ASCII value 65 (decimal) is character "A", or
shift-JIS for Japanese characters.

Charged Coupled Device Hardware CCD Charged Coupled Device GWREF

Chrominance value Teletext Cb or Cr As defined in ITU-R Recommendation 601 3 [4] TM1398R6
(see sub-clause 7.2.3)
Cipher Block Chaining Networks CBC TM2361R1
Circular Recursive Systematic Convolutional Networks CRSC TM2267R4
Circular Systematic Redundant Code Networks CSRC TM2361R1
Clear Sky Margin Radio Frequency Under clear sky condition, the received signal
level is C(min)+M in dB, where signal power
C(min) the signal powerr sufficient to guarantee,
in the service area, quasi-error-free DVB
decoding under clear sky conditions and M is
the maximum rain attenuation (dB) which is
expected to take place in the whole service area
for a given percentage of time (e.g. 99.6%).

Client General software entity on a host making use of one or TM2117R2

more resources offered by a server
Club Informatique des Grandes Entreprises General CIGREF Club Informatique des Grandes Entreprises GWREF
Francaises Francaises - member of ETSI.
Co-Channel Interference Television receivers CCI Sometimes cochannel GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Coax to the Curb Networks CTTC GGBREF
Coax to the Home Networks CTTH GGBREF
Code Division Multiple Access Television receivers CDMA GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Terrestrial COFDM TM1825R5
Multiplex Broadcasting
Coder-Decoder pair. Television receivers Codec GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Colour Look-Up Table Teletext CLUT A look-up table applied in each region for TM1398R6
translating the objects' pseudo-colours into the
correct colours to be displayed.
Combined Free/Demand Assignment Multiple Television receivers CFDMA GGBREF
Access (incl. Plasma)
Comite Consultatif International des General CCIR Comite Consultatif International des GWREF
Radiocommunications Radiocommunications
Comité Européen de Normalisation General CEN GGBREF
Commercial Module DVB Organisation CM GGBREF
Commission of the European Communities General CEC Commission of the European Communities GWREF
Commission of the European Union. General CEU Commission of the European Union. GWREF
Common Image Format Digital Television CIF An image format of 352x240 pixels PBREF
Common Information Model Conditional Access CIM TM2117R2
Common Interface Conditional Access CI Standardised interface between a host device CM282
(e.g., a set-top box or DTV) and a removable
security module.
Common Object Request Broker Architecture Computing CORBA TM2117R2

Common Phase Error Radio Frequency CPE Phase errors applied equally to all carriers in a PBREF
COFDM signal. See TR 101 290.
Common Presence and Instant Messaging Networks CPIM Common Presence and Instant Messaging GWREF
Common Scrambling Algorithm Conditional Access CSA See ETR 289 PBREF
Common Service Information Digital Television CSI PBREF
Common Signalling Channel Networks CSC TM2451R2
Common Signalling Channel Table Networks CSCT TM2451R2
Communications network Multimedia Home A system of interconnected entities providing TAM232r32
Platform data interchange between points or from a point
to multiple points.
Community Antenna TeleVision (System) Television receivers CATV TM1899R1
(incl. Plasma)
Compact Disc Interactive Hardware CD-I Compact Disc Interactive GWREF
Compact Disc Read Only Memory Hardware CD-ROM Compact Disc Read Only Memory GWREF
Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Hardware CMOS TM2451R2
Complex Programmable Logic Device Hardware CPLD TM2451R2
Composition page Teletext A means of conveying subtitle elements for one TM1398R6
specific subtitle service.

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The DVB Glossary

Computer Based Teaching (Training) General CBT Computer Based Teaching (Training) GWREF
Computer Generated General CG TM2451R2
Computer Systems Policy Project. General CSPP Computer Systems Policy Project. GWREF
Concatenated Code Networks CC TM2361R1
Conditional Access General CA The transport layer system the purpose of which CM282
is to ensure that content is accessible in
intelligible form only by entities which have
obtained the appropriate authorisation.
Conditional Access System Conditional Access CAS system to control subscriber access to TM2117R2
broadcast services, programmes and events
Conditional Access Table Conditional Access CAT The CAT provides information on the CA TM1217R10
systems used in the multiplex; the information is
private and dependent on the CA system, but
includes the location of the EMM stream, when
Confirmation Networks Conf TM2117R2
Connected Limited Device Configuration Computing CLDC Java Profile GGBREF
Connection Block Descriptor Networks CBD TM2361R1
Connection Identificator Networks Connection Duplicate of Connection Identifier - please use TM1899R1
ID Connection Identifier in future
Connection Identifier Networks Connection TM2361R1
Constant Bit Rate Networks CBR GGBREF
Consumer Electronics General CE Electronic products bought or rented by the CM282
general public.
Consumer profile Personal Digital Data that represents the interests and PVR005
Recorder preferences of the consumer
Consumer-centric Personal Digital Viewing the system from the perspective of the PVR005
Recorder consumer
Consumption Copy Protection V Means viewing of, and/or listening to, Content CM282
(and 'to Consume' means to view and/or listen
to Content).
Content Copy Protection Video audio, subtitles, images/graphics, CM282
animations, web pages, text, games, software
(both source code and object code), scripts or
any other information which is intended to be
delivered to and consumed by a user.

Content Personal Digital Video audio, subtitles, images/graphics, PVR005

Recorder animations, web pages, text, games, software
(both source code and object code), scripts or
any other information which is intended to be
delivered to and consumed by a user.

Content Creator Copy Protection CC The entity that was the CM282
author/composer/performer/or other original
creator of the content.
Content Distributor Copy Protection An entity that acts as the agent for or is the CM282
prime distributor of the content The distributor of
the content.
Content Owner Copy Protection An entity that owns the intellectual property CM282
rights in the content.
Content Protection Copy Protection The control of access to content and use CM282
through usage rights and rules.
Content Protection and Copy Management Copy Protection CPCM The means whereby rights owners can control CM282
the copying and/or re-distribution of content
which is broadcast or otherwise distributed.

Content Provider Copy Protection CP An entity that acts as the agent for or is the CM282
prime distributor of the content.
Content Reference Copy Protection A pointer to a specific content item. CM282
Content Reference Identifier Personal Digital CRID An identifier for content that is independent of its PVR005
Recorder location specified by TV Anytime S-4: Content
reference specification
Content Wrapper Copy Protection A logical layer accompanying the Content for the CM282
purposes of describing and/or protecting it,
including without limitation Metadata, CA and
Copy Protection. This is distinct from
Content creator Personal Digital Producer of content PVR005
Content owner Personal Digital Entity that owns the intellectual property rights to PVR005
Recorder content
Content provider Personal Digital Entity that acts as the agent for and is the prime PVR005
Recorder distributor of content

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Contention Slot Networks CS TM2451R2

Contention access Networks The contention access is used by the RCTT to TM2361R1
transmit a MAC message to the Base Station,
using a slot unallocated to any RCTT. Then,
several RCTT can try to access the same slot at
the same time.
Contention based SYNC Networks CSYNC TM2451R2
Continuous Bit Rate Networks CBR TM2451R2
Continuous Rate Assignment Networks CRA sometimes Constant-Rate Assignment TM2451R2
Control & Monitoring Functions Networks CMF TM2267R4
Control Word Conditional Access CW data object used for scrambling TM2117R2
Control Word Generator Conditional Access CWG This component receives a CW request from TM2117R2
the SCS and returns a CW
Control/Management virtual channel Networks CTRL/MNG Control/Management virtual channel used in TM2267R4
Copy Copy Protection C Any reproduction, duplication, replication, CM282
recording, storage, or capture of signals or data
for whatever purpose or whatever duration.

Copy Control Not Asserted Copy Protection CCNA The DVB-CPCM system does not assert copy CM282
control of the Authorised Usage of that Content.

Copy Never Copy Protection CN Means that the Content is not to be Copied CM282
(except for incidental and transient copies
necessary for the purposes of distribution and/or
decoding of the Content: such incidental Copies
must be inaccessible to the user and erased as
soon as practicable).
Copy No More Copy Protection CNM The same effect as 'Copy Never' in that the CM282
Content thus protected shall not be Copied.
However, this Usage State has the purpose of
allowing an audit of Copies produced from Copy
Once originals.
Copy Once Copy Protection C1 Content received via a broadcast or online CM282
distribution may be copied once and once only
such that at the end of the copying
process\there is one Copy only and any other
local Copies are either erased or made
permanently inaccessible.
Copy Protection DVB Organisation CP GGBREF
Copy Protection - Technical DVB Organisation CPT GGBREF
Copyright General The protection of content by law for defined CM282
uses and for defined durations according to
international conventions and legislation world-
Core Network Networks CN Physical infrastructure linking wireless base GWREF
stations. Predominantly circuit switched, core
networks will increasingly become packet
Core Network Access Point Networks CNAP PBREF
Corporation for National Research Initiatives General CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives GWREF
Correction Message Table Networks CMT TM2451R2
Cross Industry Working Team General XIWT Cross Industry Working Team (USA). GWREF
Crypto Period Conditional Access CP period when a particular Control Word is being TM2117R2
used by the scrambler
Custodian Multimedia Home custodian under the DVB Conformance Testing A066
Platform Custodian Agreement - in the case of MHP the
custodian is ETSI
Customer Premises Equipment Hardware CPE GGBREF
Cyclic Redundancy Check Computing CRC TM2361R1
Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and General COSMT Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and GWREF
Testing. Testing.
DEMUltipleXer Digital Television DeMUX GGBREF
DENIC Networks DENIC German Internet addresses (IntraNet GmbH) GWREF
DFC77 Terrestrial DFC77 High precision standard frequency transmitter TM1825R5
Broadcasting (77,5 MHz) in Germany
DTV Application Software Environment Digital Television DASE GGBREF
DVB - Measurement Group DVB Organisation DVB-MG DVB - Measurement Group GWREF
DVB Cable DVB Organisation DVB-C TM1825R5
DVB Handheld DVB Organisation DVB-H was DVB-X GGBREF
DVB Integrated Receiver Decoder Digital Television DVBIRD ACTS project AC 108 TM1825R5
DVB Professional Interface DVB Organisation DVB-PI TM1825R5
DVB Satellite DVB Organisation DVB-S GGBREF
DVB Terrestrial DVB Organisation DVB-T A Standard for Terrestrial Television TM2361R1

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

DVB network Multimedia Home A collection of MPEG-2 Transport Stream TAM232r32

Platform multiplexes transmitted on a single delivery
system, e.g. all digital channels on a specific
cable system.
DVB-HTML actor Multimedia Home The locus of activity or process involved in TAM232r32
Platform running the specific set of DVB-HTML
documents for some DVB-HTML application,
plus any instantiated context for that data.
DVB-HTML application Multimedia Home A DVB-HTML application is defined as a set of TAM232r32
Platform documents selected from the DVB-HTML family
of elements and content formats as defined in
the specification. The extent of the set is
described by the application boundary.
DVB-HTML application states Multimedia Home DVB-HTML application states are logical states TAM232r32
Platform that a DVB-HTML actor can be in, (as opposed
to states the user agent may be in), these states
may have instance data logically associated with
them (e.g. the application id and entry point).

DVB-HTML document: Multimedia Home A complete unit of one the HTML family of TAM232r32
Platform elements or content formats defined in this
DVB-J Multimedia Home DVB-J The Java platform defined as part of the MHP TAM232r32
Platform specification.
DVB-J API Multimedia Home One of the Java APIs standardised as part of TAM232r32
Platform the MHP specification.
DVB-J application Multimedia Home A DVB-J Application is a set of DVB-J classes TAM232r32
Platform that operate together and need to be signalled
as a single instance to the Application Manager
so that it is aware of its existence and can
control its lifetime through a lifecycle interface.

DVB-X DVB Organisation DVB-X now DVB-H GGBREF

Data Communication Equipment Computing TM2361R1
Data Communication Equipment Networks DCE TM1899R1
Data Encryption Standard Copy Protection DES CM282
Data Integrity Verification Copy Protection Methods and practices to check for CM282
unauthorised alteration of data.
Data Link Networks DL TM1899R1
Data Link Control Networks DLC TM2361R1
Data Terminating Equipment. Hardware DTE Data Terminating Equipment. e.g. a VDU, PC or GGBREF
a printer
Data Unit Labelling Method Networks DULM TM2451R2
Data-Over-Cable Service Interface Networks DOCSIS GGBREF
Decode Time Stamp Digital Television DTS An instruction to a decoder to decode a PBREF
particular piece of information at a particular
Decoder state Teletext Pixel and composition buffer memory allocations TM1398R6
and values.
Delivery Network Gateway Networks DNG TM2846
Delivery chain Personal Digital The system that provides the distribution of PVR005
Recorder content and information from providers to
Delivery system Generic Broadcast The physical medium by which one or more TM2267R4
System (SI) multiplexes are transmitted e.g. satellite system,
wide-band coaxial cable, fibre optics, terrestrial
channel of one emitting point

Demand Assignment Multiple Access. Television receivers DAMA Method of arbitrating between many uplink sites GGBREF
(incl. Plasma) requesting access to transponder bandwidth at
the same time. Used in VSAT networks.

Demodulator Digital Television Demod GGBREF

Department of Culture Media and Sport General DCMS A UK regulatory authority PBREF
Department of Trade and Industry General DTI UK Department of Trade and Industry - ETSI GWREF
Desktop Publishing Computing DTP Desktop Publishing GWREF
Deutsche Elektrotechnische Kommission General DKE German Electrotechnical Commission in DIN GWREF
and VDE.
Deutscher Arbeitskreis für CB- und Notfunk e.V General DAKfCBNF Deutscher Arbeitskreis für CB- und Notfunk e.V GWREF
(DE), member of ETSI.
Deutsches Institut für Normung General DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung German GWREF
National standardisation body

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Device Copy Protection A device is a collection of one or more CM531

functional elements as discussed in CPT017.
Differential Amplitude Phase Shifting Keying General DAPSK Differential Amplitude Phase Shifting Keying GWREF
Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying Radio Frequency DBPSK TM2896A2
Differenz-Puls Code Modulation Networks DPCM Differenz-Puls Code Modulation GWREF
Digital Addressable Controller Television receivers DAC GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Digital Audio Broadcasting DVB Organisation DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting TM1217R10
Digital Audio Visual Council General DAVIC TAM232R32
Digital Beam Forming Television receivers DBF GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Digital Beam Forming Network Television receivers DBFM GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Digital Cable Cable Systems DCAB PBREF
Digital Compact Cassette Hardware DCC Digital Compact Cassette GWREF
Digital Enhanced Cordless Networks DECT A digital radio technology used for portable TAM232R32
Telecommunications home-based telephones in a number of
countries. See
Digital Interoperability Forum General DIF GGBREF
Digital Light Processing Hardware DLP Digital Light Processing GWREF
Digital Mirror Device Hardware DMD Digital Mirror Device GWREF
Digital Radio Mondial Radio Frequency DRM New digital broadcasting standard for replacing GWREF
AM modulation in e.g. short wave bands.

Digital Rights Management Copy Protection DRM DRM is a type of server software developed to GWREF
enable secure distribution - and perhaps more
importantly, to disable illegal distribution - of
paid content over the web. DRM technologies
are being developed as a means of protection
against the online piracy of commercially
marketed material, which has proliferated
through the widespread use of peer-to-peer file
exchange programs.
Digital Satellite Satellite Broadcasting DSAT PBREF
Digital Satellite Equipment Control Terrestrial DiSEqC TM245R3
Digital Satellite Radio Hardware DSR Digital Satellite Radio GWREF
Digital Signature Copy Protection A data element that binds a message or CM282
transaction to its originator to verify the integrity
of the message or transaction.
Digital Signature Algorithm Copy Protection DSA An algorithm used in creating the digital CM282
signature for a given message transaction
usually involves two parties).
Digital Storage Media Command and Control Generic Broadcast DSM-CC GGBREF
System (SI)
Digital Subscriber Line Networks DSL GGBREF
Digital Television Digital Television DTV CM282
Digital Television Action Group General DigiTAG Forum to promote and harmonize digital GGBREF
terrestrial TV. See
Digital Television Group General DTG GGBREF
Digital Terrestrial Television Digital Television DTT GGBREF
Digital Theater Systems General DTS TM2525
Digital VHS Television receivers D-VHS Digital VHS GWREF
(incl. Plasma)
Digital Versatile Disc Hardware DVD An acronym that officially stands for nothing, but TM1217R10
is often expanded as Digital Video Disc or
Digital Versatile Disc. The audio / video / data
storage system based on 12- and 8-cm optical
Digital Video Television receivers DV Digital camcorder format. Moving JPEG, GWREF
(incl. Plasma) compression factor 5:1
Digital Video Cassette Hardware DVC Digital Video Cassette GWREF
Digital Video Recorder Personal Digital DVR Please use PDR GGBREF
Digital to Analogue Converter. Digital Television DAC Digital to Analogue Converter. GGBREF
Digital-to-Analogue converter General D/A TM2896A2
Direct Broadcast Satellite General DBS Direct Broadcast Satellite GWREF
Direct Current Hardware DC TM2361R1
Direct To Home Networks DTH GGBREF
Direction Division Multiplexing Radio Frequency DDM GGBREF
Direction Générale des Postes et General DGPT Direction Générale des Postes et GWREF
Télécommunications Télécommunications (FR).
Disc Operating System Computing DOS Disc Operating System GWREF

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The DVB Glossary

Discontinuity Information Table Generic Broadcast DIT used only in "partial" (i.e. recorded) bitstreams. TM1217R10
System (SI) It is inserted where the SI information in the
partial bitstream may be discontinuous.

Discrete Cosine Transform Digital Television DCT GGBREF

Discrete Fourier Transform Computing DFT TM2896A2
Discrete Multitone Networks DMT Discrete Multitone GWREF
Display Teletext A completed set of graphics TM1398R6
Display Control Interface Hardware DCI Display Control Interface GWREF
Display sequence Teletext A sequence of one or more displays TM1398R6
Display set Teletext The set of subtitle segments of a specific TM1398R6
subtitle service to which the same PTS value is
Document Object Model World-wide Web DOM GGBREF
Domain Name Server Networks DNS Internet name resolution server GWREF
Domain of an application Multimedia Home The domain of an Xlet characterizes the "space" TAM232r32
Platform within which the Xlet is able to execute. This
includes both the "connection" where the Xlet is
delivered and other "connections" where an
already executing Xlet is allowed to continue
Down-Converter Television receivers D/C GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Down-Stream Networks DS TM2361R1
Download Data Block Digital Television DDB PBREF
Download Info Indication Networks DII TM2896A1
Download Server Initiate Networks DSI TM2896A1
Dual Tone Multifrequency (dialling mode) Networks DTMF TM1899R1
DxB General DxB Generic term for DAB and DVB GWREF
Dynamic HTML World-wide Web DHTML GGBREF
Dynamic Host Control Protocol Networks DHCP Method of supplying Addresses and other set- TM2846
up information to IP devices. DHCP is defined
in a number of RFCs of which the main ones are
RFC 2131 and 2132.
Dynamic Random Access Memory Hardware DRAM GGBREF
E-Mail World-wide Web E-Mail Electronic Mail. System for sending messages GGBREF
between suitably networked devices.

ECITIC General ECITC European Committee on Information and GWREF

Telecommunication Testing and Certification
(BE)- ETSI observer.
ECTEL General ECTEL European Association of the European GWREF
Telecommunications and Professional
Electronics Industry (BE) - ETSI Observer
ECTRA General ECTRA European Committee of Telecommunications GWREF
Regulatory Authorities.
ECTUA General ECTUA European Council of Telecommunications Users GWREF
EICTA General EICTA European Communications and Consumer GGBREF
Electronics Technology Industry Association.
EICTA Cable Receiver Specification General ERCS GGBREF
EIT - Present/Following Generic Broadcast EIT-PF Event Information table - Present/Following GGBREF
System (SI)
EIT - Schedule Generic Broadcast EIT-S Event Information table - Schedule GGBREF
System (SI)
ELOT General ELOT Greek national standards organisation GWREF
ELSECOM General ELSECOM European Electrotechical Sectoral Committee GWREF
for Testing and Certification
EMCIT General EMCIT Electromagnetic Compatibility of Information GWREF
Technology Products
EPOC Networks EPOC An operating system designed for small, GWREF
portable computer-telephones with wireless
access to phone and other information services.

ESPRIT General ESPRIT European Strategic Programme for Research GWREF

and Development.
EUROBIT General EUROBIT European Association of Manufacturers of GWREF
Business Machines and Information Technology
Industry (DE) - ETSI Observer

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Edifact General Edifact Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, GWREF

Commerce and Transport. A set of
internationally agreed syntax standards,
directories and guidelines for the structuring and
exchange between independent computer
systems of data that can be generated in
character format.
Effective Radiated Power Radio Frequency ERP TM1825R5
ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Hardware EMC ElectroMagnetic Compatibility GWREF
Electronic Commerce World-wide Web e- Term used to describe transactions that take GWREF
commerce place on-line where the buyer and seller are
remote from each other
Electronic Content Guide Personal Digital ECG Means of presenting available content to the PVR005
Recorder consumer, allowing selection of desired content

Electronic Data Interchange Computing EDI Electronic Data Interchange GWREF

Electronic Industry association of America General EIA Electronic Industry association of America GWREF
Electronic Payments Forum General EPF Electronic Payments Forum GWREF
Electronic Program Guide Digital Television EPG A means of presenting available content to the CM282
consumer, allowing selection of desired content.

Electronic Service Guide Digital Television ESG PBREF

Elementary Stream Generic Broadcast ES GGBREF
System (SI)
Elementary Stream Component Generic Broadcast One or more entities which together make up an TM2267R4
System (SI) event, e.g. video, audio, teletext.
Elementary stream Buffer Generic Broadcast EB Memory used to hold elementary stream data PBREF
System (SI)
Emitter Coupled Logic Hardware ECL GGBREF
Encryption Conditional Access A process of disguising information so that it CM282
cannot be recovered by an unauthorised entity.

End-to-end General From the point of content origination to the point CM282
of content consumption.
Enhanced Broadcast Profile Multimedia Home A digital interactive services mode allowing the GGBREF
Platform user to interact with content present in the
broadcast stream without requiring the presence
of an active return channel.
Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution Networks EDGE A further enhancement to TDMA systems that TM2466R4
allows for data speeds to 384 kbit/s.
Enhanced Definition TeleVision Television receivers EDTV TM2896A2
(incl. Plasma)
Enhanced Graphics Adapter Hardware EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter GWREF
Enhanced Observed Time Difference General E-OTD Enhanced Observed Time Difference GWREF
Enhanced TV Digital Television eTV GGBREF
Ensemble Transport Interface General ETI Ensemble Transport Interface GWREF
Entitlement Control Message Conditional Access ECM Message that carries content descrambling keys CM282
and a brief description of the content (content
ID, date, time, cost, etc.). ECMs are tightly
bound with the associated content and may be
delivered simultaneously with it.
Entitlement Control Message Generator Conditional Access ECMG this generator produces the ECM messages but TM2117R2
does not support ECM repetition.
Entitlement Management Message Conditional Access EMM Message that specifies service-related CM282
authorization levels for the customers. N.B.
EMMs are not usually directly related to content
items and can be delivered together with or
independently from service distribution
Entitlement Management Message Generator Conditional Access EMMG generator produces the EMM messages and TM2117R2
repeatedly plays them out at the appropriate
Epoch Teletext A period of time for which the decoder maintains TM1398R6
an invariant memory layout.
Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power Radio Frequency EIRP TM2451R2
Equivalent Noise Degradation Radio Frequency END TM1825R5
Equivalent Noise Floor Radio Frequency ENF The level of noise power that would have the PBREF
same effect as the sum of interference,
distortion products and thermal noise
Essential IPR Licence Multimedia Home A licence offered to implementers covering IPRs
Platform essential to MHP implementations
European Association of Consumer Electronics General EACEM GGBREF
European Backbone Network. General EBN European Backbone Network. GWREF
European Board for EDI Standardization. General EBES European Board for EDI Standardization. GWREF

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

European Broadcasting Union General EBU European Broadcasting Union TM2117R2

European Cable Communications Association General ECCA European Cable Communications Association - GGBREF
ETSI Observer
European Citizen´s Band Federation. General ECHO European Citizen´s Band Federation. GWREF
European Citizen´s Band Federation. Radio Frequency ECBF European Citizen´s Band Federation. GWREF
European Community General EC European Community - See also CEC, CEU. GGBREF
European Computer Manufacturers Association General ECMA An International Europe-based Industrial TAM232r32
Association for Standardizing Information and
Communication Systems
European Conference of Postal and General CEPT European Conference of Postal and Telecomms PBREF
Telecomms Administrations Administrations
European Economic Space General EES European Economic Space. = EU and EFTA GWREF
European Forum for Standards Distribution. General EFSD European Forum for Standards Distribution. GWREF
European Free Trade Association. General EFTA European Free Trade Association. gwref
European ISDN User Forum General EIUF European ISDN User Forum, see CEC/DG XIII. GWREF

European MAP/TOP Users Group. General EMUG European MAP/TOP Users Group. GWREF
European Norm General EN TM2267R4
European Organisation for Testing and General EOTC The European Organisation for Testing and GWREF
Certification Certification (BE) - ETSI OBSERVER SEE
European Platforms Union General EPU European Platforms Union GWREF
European Programme on Information General EPII European Programme on Information GWREF
Infrastructure. Infrastructure.
European Radio Communications Committee General ERC TM2451R2

European Radiocommunications Office. General ERO European Radiocommunications Office. GWREF

European Research Co-operation Agency. General EUREKA European Research Co-operation Agency. GWREF
European Satellite Operators Association General ESOA GGBREF
European Space Agency General ESA European Space Agency (NL) - ETSI observer GWREF

European Standardisation Organisation General ESO GGBREF

European Switched multi-megabit Interest General ESIG European Switched multi-megabit Interest GWREF
Group. Group
European Telecommunications Informatics General ETIS European Telecommunications Informatics GWREF
Services. Services.
European Telecommunications Network General ETNO European (public) Telecommunications Network GWREF
Operators Operators' association (BE) - ETSI OBSERVER

European Telecommunications Office. General ETO European Telecommunications Office. GWREF

European Telecommunications Report General ETR GGBREF
European Telecommunications Satellite General EUTELSAT European Telecommunications Satellite GWREF
Organization. Organization.
European Telecommunications Standard General ETS TM2267R4
European Telecommunications Standards General ETSI SEE TAM232r32
European Union. General EU European Union. GWREF
European Workshop for Open Systems General EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems (BE) - GWREF
ETSI Observer.
Event Generic Broadcast A grouping of elementary broadcast data TM1217R10
System (SI) streams with a defined start and end time
belonging to a common service, e.g. first half of
a football match, News Flash, first part of an
entertainment show.
Event Info Scheduler Generic Broadcast EIS or Event Information System TM2117R2
System (SI)
Event Information Table Generic Broadcast EIT contains data concerning events or programmes TM1217R10
System (SI) such as event name, start time, duration, etc.

Event forwarding discriminator Conditional Access EFD TM2117R2

Events Multimedia Home Asynchronous communication between TAM232r32
Platform applications and the MHP on which they are
being executed. They provide communication
between solution elements.
Exclusive or Function Computing XOR Exclusive or Function GWREF
Execution engine Digital Television an API with the exclusion of that part containing GGBREF
the presentation engine, regardless whether the
presentation engine is integrated into the API,
plugged into the API of running as an
application on top of the API
Explicit Key Exchange Networks EKE TM2361R1
Extended BCD Interchange Code Computing EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange GGBREF
Code. An 8 bit code which includes the ASCII
character set.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Extended Hypertext Markup Language World-wide Web XHTML Mainly by using XML technologies in HTML. See GWREF
Extended Industry Standard Architecture Hardware EISA GGBREF
Extended Markup Language World-wide Web XML An open standard for describing data from the GWREF
W3C. See
Exterior Gateway Protocol Conditional Access EGP TM2117R2
Extra High Tension Hardware EHT PBREF
Farb-, Bild-, Austast, Synchronsignal General FBAS Farb-, Bild-, Austast, Synchronsignal GWREF
Fast Fourier Transform Computing FFT TM2361R1
Fast Information Channel General FIC Fast Information Channel GWREF
Federal Communications Commission General FCC Federal Communications Commission (USA). GWREF

Federation of American Research NETworks. General FARNET Federation of American Research NETworks. GWREF

FernmeldeTechnisches Zentralamt General FTZ FernmeldeTechnisches Zentralamt GWREF

Fernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt. General FTZ Telecommunications Centre (DE). GWREF
Fernseh- und Kino Technische Gesellschaft General FKTG Fernseh- und Kino Technische Gesellschaft GWREF
Fibre Distributed Data Interface Networks FDDI GGBREF
Fibre in the Loop Networks FDDI GGBREF
Fibre to the Curb Networks FTTC GGBREF
Fibre to the Home Networks FTTH Fibre to the Home GGBREF
Fibre to the Node Networks FDDN GGBREF
Field Effect Transistor Hardware FET GGBREF
Field Effect Transistor Amplifier Hardware FETA GGBREF
Field-Programmable Gate Array Hardware FPGA TM2451R2
File Transfer Protocol Networks FTP File Transfer Protocol GGBREF
Fingerprinting Copy Protection A process in which every individual content item CM282
can be assigned a unique identifier (which can
be inserted at many places in the end-to-end
First In First Out Computing FIFO GGBREF
Fixed Satellite Service Networks FSS TM2451R2
Floppy Disc Drive Hardware FDD Floppy Disc Drive GWREF
Font Multimedia Home A font is a mechanism that allows the specific TAM232r32
Platform rendering of a particular character to be
specified e.g. Tiresias, 12 point. In practice a
font file format will incorporate some aspects of
a character encoding.
Forbidden Generic Broadcast The term "forbidden" when used in the clauses TM1217R10
System (SI) defining the coded bit stream, indicates that the
value shall never be used.
Forward Error Correction Networks FEC Forward Error Correction. Type of error TM2451R2
correction not requiring a return path.
Forward Link Signalling Networks FLS TM2451R2
Frame Alignment Signal Networks FAS TM1899R1
Frame Composition Table Networks FCT TM2451R2
Free Capacity Assignment Networks FCA TM2451R2
Free To Air Television receivers FTA A receiver not equipped to de-scramble PBREF
(incl. Plasma) encrypted transmissions
Frequency Division Radio Frequency FD TM2361R1
Frequency Division Duplex Radio Frequency FDD TM2361R1
Frequency Division Multiple Access Radio Frequency FDMA TM2361R1
Frequency Modulation Networks FM GGBREF
Frequency Shift Keying Radio Frequency FSK TM245R3
Frequency and Time Division Multiple Access Radio Frequency FTDMA TM2361R1

Full Service Network General FSN Full Service Network GWREF

Function Multimedia Home A function is a process which conveys or TAM232r32
Platform transforms data in a predictable way. It may be
effected by hardware, software of a combination
of the two.
Functional receiver specification Hardware specification of an interactive digital television GGBREF
device, usually including hardware and software
performance definitions and requirements in
order to support the provision of interactive
digital television services with a given quality
Fédération Francaise de la Citizen Band Libre General FFCBL Fédération Francaise de la Citizen Band Libre GWREF
(FR) - ETSI observer
Gallium Arsenide Hardware GaAs GGBREF
Gateway GPRS Support Node Networks GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node GWREF
Gateway Mobile Location Centre Networks GMLC Gateway Mobile Location Centre GWREF

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

General Packet Radio Service Networks GPRS Data transfer rate of eight GSM traffic channels TM2466R4
of 14.4 kbit/s may be achieved, resulting in a
total throughput of up to 115.2 kbit/s.

General Purpose Interface Computing GPI General Purpose Interface GWREF

General Switched Telephone Network Networks GSTN TM2361R1
Generator Conditional Access component producing data TM2117R2
Generic Data Broadcasting and Service DVB Organisation GBS GGBREF
Information Protocols
Generic Flow Control Networks GFC TM2361R1
Generic Routing Encapsulation Networks GRE TM2451R2
Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellite Broadcasting GEO TM2267R4
Global Engineering Network Networks GEN Global Engineering Network GWREF
Global Information Infrastructure General GII Global Information Infrastructure GWREF
Global Navigation Satellite Systems Satellite Broadcasting GNSS TM2896A1
Global Positioning System General GPS A satellite-based positioning system. TM2451R2
Global System for Mobile communications Networks GSM The most popular standard for 2G mobile TM2361R1
networks. See
Globally Executable MHP DVB Organisation GEM A specification building on the core elements of A066
MHP and completed by functional equivalents
offered by a sister standards forum

Graphical User Interface Computing GUI GGBREF

Graphics Communications Association General GCA Graphics Communications Association GWREF
Graphics Interchange Format Computing GIF TAM232r32
Group of Pictures Digital Television GOP In video compression, the number of frames PBREF
between adjacent I-frames
Guard Interval Radio Frequency GI The period of time over which the effects of EN 300 744
echoes are eliminated in COFDM systems
H.323 General H.323 ITU-T multimedia standard See GWREF
HEX a decimal notation Computing HEX HEX a decimal notation (base 16) GGBREF
Handheld Device Markup Language World-wide Web HDML Handheld Device Markup Language GWREF
Hard Disc Drive Hardware HDD Hard Disc Drive GWREF
Hardware General HW TM2451R2
Hardware entity Multimedia Home An independent piece of hardware which forms TAM232r32
Platform part of a (multiple) local cluster of elements
which as a whole is called MHP.
Hash-based Message Authentication Code Networks HMAC TM2631R1
Head End Device Hardware HED TM2451R2
Head End or Headend Hardware HE TM2453R3
Head-End Control Device Hardware DeCD TM2453R3
Header Error Control Networks HEC TM1899R1
High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line Networks HDSL High Bitrate Digital Subscriber Line GWREF
High Definition MAC General HD-MAC High Definition MAC GWREF
High Definition System for North America General HDS-NA High Definition System for North America GWREF
High Definition Television Television receivers HDTV GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
High Electron Mobility Transistor Hardware HEMT GGBREF
High Frequency Radio Frequency HF High Frequency GWREF
High Level Data Link Control Networks HDLC High Level Data Link Control GWREF
High Level Strategic Group General HLSG High Level Strategic Group (on Multimedia) GWREF
High Power Amplifier Hardware HPA TM2451R2
High Priority bit stream Networks HP TM2896A2
High Quality Videotelephone and High General HIVITS High Quality Videotelephone and High GWREF
Television Systems Television Systems
High Speed Circuit Switched Data Networks HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data GWREF
High Speed Data Networks HSD GGBREF
High Speed Download Packet Access Networks HSDPA High Speed Download Packet Access GWREF
Higher Medium (layer) Radio Frequency HM TM2631R1
HiperLAN Networks HiperLAN An ETSI standard that operates at up to 54 gwref
Mbit/s in the 5 GHz RF band. HiperLAN2 is
compatible with 3G WLAN systems for sending
and receiving data, images, and voice
Home Access Network DVB Organisation EAN GGBREF
Home Local Network Networks HLN GGBREF
Home Location Register Networks HLR Home Location Register GWREF
Home Network End Device Networks HNED GGBREF
Home RF network system Networks HomeRF Home RF network system GWREF
Home network Personal Digital Distribution system within the consumer’s local PVR005
Recorder home environment
Home server Personal Digital Networked storage device within the consumer’s PVR005
Recorder local home environment

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The DVB Glossary

Horizontal market General market where equipment for the reception of GGBREF
digital interactive television services, based on
technology available to all manufacturers and
other relevant entities under equal
circumstances, can be purchased by end-users
in a retail market
Host Computing computer system uniquely identified by its IP TM2117R2
address, and as such addressable in a
computer network. It may take both client and
server roles
Host Security Module Copy Protection HSM A tamper resistant, hardware security module CM282
which connects as a peripheral to a host device.
The HSM provides the host with a secure
environment in which to perform its
cryptographic processing.
Host head-end Conditional Access system which is composed of those components TM2117R2
required before a CA provider can be introduced
into the head-end.
Household Copy Protection The social unit consisting of all individuals who CM531
live together, as occupants of the same
Hub Return Channel via For the purpose of SNMP, this term is TM2451R2
Satellite equivalent to the Network Control Centre (NCC).
The word hub is used in some names that do
not originate from the DVB RCS specification
and guideline documents.
Hybrid Fibre Coax Networks HFC GGBREF
Hyper Text Mark-up Language World-wide Web HTML Hyper Text Mark-up Language TAM232R32
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol World-wide Web HTTP TAM232R32
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - Secure World-wide Web HTTPS GGBREF
IBPT General IBPT Institut Belge des Services Posteaux et des GWREF
Télécommunications (BE) - ETSI observer
ICTSB General ICTSB Information and Communications Technology GWREF
Standardisation Board.
IISP Networks IISP Framework for Identifying Requirements for GWREF
Standards for the National Information
Infrastructure (ANSI, USA).
IMIMG Networks IMIMG ISDN Memorandum Implementation and GWREF
Management Group.
IMUnified World-wide Web IMUnified IMUnified is a coalition formed in July 2000 to GWREF
generate a technical specification to enable
functional interoperability and open standards
for IM.
INRIA General INRIA Institut National de Recherche en Informatique GWREF
en Automatique (FR), medlem ETSI.

INSTA General INSTA Nordic standardization GWREF

IP Notification Table Networks INT TM2896A1
IPv6 Networks IPv6 The emerging standard, which aims to rectify GWREF
some of the problems, seen with IPv4, not least
the address space.
ISDN PBX Network Specification Forum. General IPNS ISDN PBX Network Specification Forum. GWREF
ISO-IEC Joint Technical Committee-1 General JCT-1 Main activity area signal compression and GWREF
presentation technologies like MPEG or or
ITU Radiocommunications Sector General ITU-R PBREF
ITU Telecommunications Sector General ITU-T PBREF
Identifier General ID TM2361R1
Identity General ID TM2451R2
Impulse Pay per View Digital Television IPPV GGBREF
Impulse Video on Demand Digital Television IMVoD GGBREF
In Band, Adjacent Channel Radio Frequency IBAC In Band, Adjacent Channel GWREF
In Band, On Channel Radio Frequency IBOC In Band, On Channel GWREF
In adversarial (passive) Attack Copy Protection An attack on a system which extracts CM282
information and makes use of it, but never
injects false information or corrupts any
information. See also adversarial attack
In-Band Networks IB TM2631R1
In-Home Digital Networks DVB Organisation IHDN TAM232R32
In-phase General I TM2267R4
In-phase and Quadrature Components Radio Frequency IQ TM2361R1
Indication General Ind TM2117R2
Indoor Unit Hardware IDU TM2451R2
Industrial Technology Research Institute General ITRI Industrial Technology Research Institute GWREF

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The DVB Glossary

Information Element Networks IE TM2267R4

Information Element Identifier Networks IEI TM2361R1
Information Infrastructure Task Force Networks IITF ANSI Information Infrastructure Task Force, see GWREF
also .
Information Society Standardization System General ISSS Information Society Standardization System GWREF
Information and Communication Technologies General ICTG Information and Communication Technologies GWREF
Group Group
Infra Red Hardware IR GGBREF
Infrared Data Association Hardware IrDA An industry-sponsored organisation set up in GWREF
1993 to create international standards for the
hardware and software used in infrared
communication links.
Initialisation Vector Networks IV TM2361R1
Input Multiplexer Networks IMUX Input Multiplexer GWREF
Input/Output Hardware I/O PVR005
Installer Return Channel via A person authorized by the network and/or TM2451R2
Satellite service provider(s) to install a RCST according
to operational and legal requirements.

Instant Messaging World-wide Web IM Instant Messaging GWREF

Instant Messaging and Presence Services Networks IMPS Instant Messaging and Presence Services GWREF
Institut für Mobil- und Satellitenfunktechnik General IMST Institut für Mobil- und Satellitenfunktechnik (DE), GWREF
ETSI observer
Institut für Rundfunktechnik General IRT Institut für Rundfunktechnik GWREF
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers General IEEE US based technology development forum. See TM2451R2
Institute of Radio Engineers General IRE Institute of Radio Engineers GWREF
Institution of Electrical Engineers General IEE Institution of Electrical Engineers (GB). GWREF
Instituto das Communicacoes de Portugal General ICP Instituto das Communicacoes de Portugal (PT), GWREF
medlem ETSI.
Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas General INESC Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas (PT) - GWREF
ETSI member
Institutul Roman de Standardizare General IRS Institutul Roman de Standardizare (RO), GWREF
member ETSI.
Integrated Circuit Hardware IC PVR005
Integrated Digital TV Digital Television iDTV GGBREF
Integrated Digital Television Digital Television IDTV CM282
Integrated Receiver Decoder Digital Television IRD TAM232R32
Integrated Reception System Networks IRS A cable system for distributing off-air signals PBREF
from both satellite and terrestrial sources
Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - General ISDB-T Japanese DTT standard PBREF
Integrated Services Digital Network Networks ISDN A telephone service that offers high speed TAM232R32
digital services (in 64K chunks) for devices
connected to a telecommunication network.
Integrated System Architecture Hardware ISA Integrated System Architecture GWREF
Intellectual Property Rights Module DVB Organisation IPRM GGBREF
Intelligent Network Networks IN Term used to describe the entities that go to GWREF
make up a network which exhibits some form of
embedded intelligence allowing services such
as number portability and pre pay.
Inter-Carrier Interference Radio Frequency ICI Distortion arising e.g. from a lack of PBREF
orthogonality in an OFDM signal
Inter-Symbol Interference Radio Frequency ISI Distortion arising e.g. from group delay in single PBREF
carrier modulations
Interaction Channel Networks IC a Bi-directional Interaction Channel is TM2361R1
established between the service provider and
the user for interaction purposes.
Interaction Interface Module Networks IIM TM2361R1
Interactive Broadcast Profile Multimedia Home GGBREF
Interactive Network Adapter Networks INA TM2361R1
Interactive TV Digital Television iTV GGBREF
Interactive Text Transmission System Television receivers ITTS Interactive Text Transmission System GWREF
(incl. Plasma)
Interactive broadcast Digital Television A digital interactive services mode requiring an GGBREF
active return channel in order for all its features
to function properly
Interactive platform Digital Television The combination of receiver and infrastructure GGBREF
capabilities enabling the realisation of interactive
Interface Definition Language Computing IDL TM2117R2
Interfacility link Networks IFL TM2451R2
Intermediate Frequency Radio Frequency IF TM2361R1
Intermodulation Product Radio Frequency IP An interfering signal arising from non-linearity PBREF

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The DVB Glossary

International Chamber of Commerce. General ICC International Chamber of Commerce. GWREF

International Communications Round Table. General ICRT International Communications Round Table. GWREF
International Corporation for Assigned Names Networks ICANN International Corporation for Assigned Names GWREF
and Numbers and Numbers
International Electrotechnical Commission General IEC Global standards organisation for e.g. electrical TM2267R4
safety, EMC, Multimedia Systems and
Equipments, recording systems etc.

International Federation of the Phonographic General IFPI International Federation of the Phonographic GWREF
Industry. Industry.
International Marine Satellite Organization Networks INMARSAT International Marine Satellite Organization. GWREF
(GB), associate member ETSI.
International Mobile Subscriber Identity Networks IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity GWREF
International Mobile Telecommunications Networks IMT-2000 International Mobile Telecommunications GWREF
International Multimedia Teleconferencing General IMTC International Multimedia Teleconferencing GWREF
Consortium. Consortium.
International Organisation for Standardisation General ISO See PVR005

International Standard Audiovisual Number General ISAN PVR005

International Telecommunication Union General ITU see TAM232R32
International Telecommunications Satellite General INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite GWREF
Organization Organization (USA), assocate member ETSI.
International Telecommunications Standards General ITSUG International Telecommunications Standards GWREF
User Group User Group (GB), observer ETSI.
International Telecommunications User Group. General INTUG International Telecommunications User Group. GWREF

International Television Symposium General itsITS International Television Symposium GWREF

Internationale Funkausstellung General IFA Internationale Funkausstellung - Runs German
trade show in August in Berlin
Internet Access Profile Multimedia Home GGBREF
Internet Architecture Board. World-wide Web IAB Internet Architecture Board. See GWREF
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority General IANA TM2451R2
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. World-wide Web IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. GWREF
Internet Engineering Steering Group World-wide Web IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group. GWREF
Internet Engineering task Force General IETF A standards orientated group that works on TM2451R2
specifying and developing Internet standards.
Internet Group Management Protocol Computing IGMP TM2451R2
Internet Network Information Centre Networks InterNIC Internet Network Information Centre GWREF
Internet Protocol Networks IP The dominant network layer protocol used with TAM232R32
the TCP/IP protocol suite. See

Internet Protocol Infrastructure DVB Organisation IPI GGBREF

Internet Protocol Security Networks IPSEC A technology for encrypting IP packets. An GGBREF
additional feature for IPv4 but a standard feature
of IPv6.
Internet Protocol version 4 Networks IPv4 The version of IP in common use today. GWREF
Internet Relay Chat World-wide Web IRC GGBREF
Internet Research Task Force. World-wide Web IRTF Internet Research Task Force. GWREF
Internet Server API World-wide Web ISAPI GGBREF
Internet Service Provider Networks ISP TM2451R2
Internet Society World-wide Web ISOC Internet Society. GWREF
Intra AD Distribution Copy Protection Intra AD Distribution addresses the transfer of CM531
an instance of content between DVB CPCM
compliant functional elements within an
Authorised Domain after it has been acquired
through a DVB CPCM compliant Acquisition
Intra-coded Frame Digital Television I-Frame In compression, a video frame that is encoded PBREF
without reference (e.g. extrapolation from or
interpolation between) other frames
Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform Networks IDCT Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform GWREF
Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform Computing IDFT TM1825R5
Inverse Discrete Fourier-Transform Networks IDFT Inverse Discrete Fourier-Transform GWREF
Inverse Fast Fourier Transform Computing IFFT TM2361R1
Italienska Nationella Standardiserings General CONCIT Italienska nationella GWREF
Organisationen. standardiseringsorganisationen.
JPEG File Interchange Format Computing JFIF TAM232R32
Java Computing A technology promoted by Sun Microsystems A066
Inc. and a central element of MHP

Java World-wide Web Java Java is a programming language expressly GWREF

designed for use in the distributed environment
of the Internet.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Java 2 Enterprise Edition Computing J2EE GGBREF

Java API Multimedia Home A standard interface for use by platform TAM232r32
Platform independent application software. It is
expressed in the Java language.
Java Development Kit Computing JDK TAM232R32
Java Management API Computing JMAPI TM2117R2
Java Media Framework Computing JMF TAM232R32
Java Virtual Machine Computing JVM GGBREF
JavaScript World-wide Web JS GGBREF
Jitter Tolerant Networks JT TM2451R2
Joint ETSI/EBU Committee. General JEEC Joint ETSI/EBU Committee. GWREF
Joint Photographics Experts Group General JPEG Compression standard for still pictures. See GWREF
Joint Picture Expert Group Computing JPEG The correct name for JPEG is Joint TAM232R32
Photographics Experts Group
Key Conditional Access The data which is used by an encryption CM282
algorithm to transform plaintext data into
encrypted (ciphertext) data, and vice versa.
(N.B. does not preclude asymmetric keys)
Key Escrow Conditional Access The retention of encryption keys by a third party CM282
so as to allow access to authorised parties (e.g.,
law enforcement agencies) if third-party
decryption of ciphertext is necessary.

Key Management Conditional Access Key generation, distribution, storage, CM282

replacement and destruction of keys.
Kilo Bits Computing kbits TM2896A1
Landesanstalt für Kommunikation General LfK Landesanstalt für Kommunikation GWREF
Least Significant Bit Computing LSB TM2361R1
Legacy platform Digital Television API or presentation engine deployed in one or GGBREF
more of the digital interactive market across
Europe, prior to the conclusion of the MHP
Lifetime of an application Multimedia Home The lifetime of an application characterizes the TAM232r32
Platform time from which the application is Loaded to the
time the application is Destroyed.
Light Emitting Diode Hardware LED A special type of diode that emits light when GWREF
electricity is applied to its anode and cathode.

Lightweight Stream Control Protocol Video on Demand LSCP GGBREF

Limited Definition TeleVision Television receivers LDTV TM2896A2
(incl. Plasma)
Line of Sight Networks LoS GGBREF
Linear Feedback Shift Register Networks LFSR TM2361R1
Link Access Procedure/D-Channel Networks LAPD Link Access Procedure/D-Channel GWREF
Link encryption Copy Protection Encryption of data transmitted across a link CM282
between two devices.
Liquid Crystal Display Hardware LCD LCD is the technology used for displays in GWREF
notebook and other electronics devices. LCDs
allow displays to be much thinner than cathode
ray tube (CRT) technology. LCDs consume
much less power than LED and gas-display
displays because they work on the principle of
blocking light rather than emitting it.

Local Area Network Emulation Networks LANE TM2451R2

Local Area Network. Networks LAN Usually a network for connecting together a TM2451R2
number of desk-top computers, terminals, and
file servers etc. within the same building.
Several LANs can be interconnected using LAN
bridges, or routers.
Local Hub Manager Networks LHM NCC's element and network management TM2451R2
system (non real-time functions).
Local Intra AD Distribution Copy Protection Local Intra AD Distribution is defined as Intra AD CM531
Distribution of content within the Acquisition
Local Multi-point Distribution systems Networks LMDS TM2117R2
Local Multipoint Distribution System Networks LMDS TAM232R32
Local Oscillator Hardware LO TM2451R2
Location Measurement Unit Networks LMU Location Measurement Unit GWREF
Location Resolution Copy Protection The process of establishing the address CM282
(location and time) of a specific content instance
from some unique identifier.
Location-Based Service Networks LBS Location-Based Service GWREF

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The DVB Glossary

Logical Link Control Networks LLC Refers to the standards ISO/IEC 8802-2 Logical TM2361R1
Link Control
Low Noise Block converter Hardware LNB TM2451R2
Low Noise Block. Satellite Broadcasting LNB First stage of a satellite receiving system. TM2453R3
Contains the first frequency changer. Usually
mounted on the aerial.
Low Noise Converter General LNC v GWREF
Low Priority bit stream Networks LP TM2896A2
Low-earth-orbit General LEO Low-earth-orbit (satellite) GWREF
Luminance value Television receivers Y As defined in ITU-R Recommendation 601 3 [4] TM1398R6
(incl. Plasma) (see subclause 7.2.3)
MHP Experts Group DVB Organisation MEG A body within DVB responsible for developing A066
the MHP Test Suite
MHP Test Consortium Multimedia Home A group of companies developing test A066
Platform applications for the MHP Test Suite
MHP Test Suite Multimedia Home A set of test applications delivered by DVB to A066
Platform the Custodian for conformance taking of MHP
MHP connected resource Multimedia Home A resource used as part of the MHP which, on TAM232R32
Platform its own, is not conformant to the specification
but which is connected to an MHP Terminal in
such a way that the whole is part of the MHP.

MHP mark Multimedia Home The trademark owned by the DVB Project, A066
Platform granted under the MHP Mark Licence
Agreement to implementers submitting a
Certificate of Completion
MHP service Multimedia Home A logical service in an MHP which can be TAM232R32
Platform selected through the service selection API or
functional equivalents. This includes broadcast
DVB services and extensions defined in future
versions of this specification.
MHP solution Multimedia Home The MHP solution encompasses the whole set TAM232R32
Platform of technologies necessary to implement the
MHP including protocols and APIs.
MHP terminal Multimedia Home A single piece of physical equipment conforming TAM232R32
Platform to the MHP specification, in particular in that it
contains a Virtual Machine and an instance of
the MHP API.
MOS Field Effect Transistor Hardware MOSFET Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect GGBREF
MP3 General MP3 The term has become synonymous with the GWREF
MP3 player that delivers CD quality music. It is
the MPEG 1/2 audio layer 3. See
MPEG LA General MPEG LA an administrator of patent licensing A066
programmes, including the DVB-T patent pool

MPEG-2 Digital Television MPEG-2 refers to the standard ISO/IEC 13818-1. TM2117R2
Systems coding is defined in part 1. Video
coding is defined in part 2. Audio coding is
defined in part 3.
MSF Networks MSF High precision standard frequency transmitter TM1825R5
(60 kHz) in England
MUSICAM Digital Television MUSICAM Masking Pattern Adapted Universal Subband GWREF
Integrated Coding and Multiplexing
Magnetische Bildaufzeichnung General MAZ Magnetische Bildaufzeichnung GWREF
Mail Application Programming Interface Computing MAPI Mail Application Programming Interface GWREF
Main Key Exchange Networks MKE TM2361R1
Main Profile, Main Level Digital Television MP@ML In broadcast television, the most commonly PBREF
used profile and level of the MPEG-2
Main Service Channel Digital Television MSC Main Service Channel GWREF
Man-Machine Interface General MMI A term used to describe the environment that TM2453R3
encompasses the activities surrounding a user
and their interaction with a device.
Management Information Base Computing MIB TM245R2
Master Antenna TV Terrestrial MATV Shared terrestrial antenna e.g. in a block of flats TM2453R3
Master Identifier Radio Frequency MID TM2453R3
Maximum Aposteriori Probability General MAP TM2451R2
Maximum Transmission Unit Networks MTU TM2361R1
Mechanical subsystem General MECH TM2451R2
Media Access Control Networks MAC or sometimes Medium Access Control TM2361R1

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Medium Access Scheme Networks A particular mapping of one or more Burst TM2361R2
Structures onto a transmission frame.
Mega-frame Initialisation Packet Networks MIP TM1825R5
Megabits Computing Mbits Note small b is bits, if spelt with large B its bytes TM2896A1

Memorandum of Understanding DVB Organisation MoU The Statutes of the DVB Project, as amended A066
and restated in December 1997
Message Sequence Chart Networks MSC Message Sequence Chart. ITU-T TM2361R1
Recommendation Z120
Message Transfer Unit Networks MTU GGBREF
Metadata General Data about data. Metadata is structured CM282
description of content elements, their
relationship, form, related usage rules,
obligations and options. Metadata may be
embedded in or otherwise associated with the
content elements.
Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Hardware MOS GGBREF
Millions of Instructions per second Hardware MIPS GGBREF
Millisecond General ms TM2896A1
Minimum Scheduler Latency Networks MSL TM2451R2
Minstero delle Poste e Telecomunicazioni General ISPT Minstero delle Poste e Telecomunicazioni (IT), GWREF
member ETSI.
Mobile Commerce World-wide Web m- Similar to e-commerce but the term is usually GWREF
commerce applied to the emerging transaction activity in
mobile networks .
Mobile Satellite Systems Networks MSS TM2466R4
Mobile Station Networks MS Mobile Station GWREF
Mobile Switching Centre Networks MSC Mobile Switching Centre GWREF
Mobile Wireless Internet Forum Networks MWIF Mobile Wireless Internet Forum See GWREF
Modified Discrete Cosine-Transformation Radio Frequency MDCT Modified Discrete Cosine-Transformation GWREF
Modified Julian Date Computing MJD TM2117R2
Modulation Error Ratio Radio Frequency MER A measure of signal distortion, particularly TR 101 290
applicable to Cable and Terrestrial RF systems

ModuleInfoBytes Networks mi TM2896A1

Monitoring and Control General M&C TM2267R4
Monolithic Microwave IC Hardware MMIC Monolithic Microwave IC GWREF
Most Favoured Nation General MFN GGBREF
Most Significant Bit Computing MSB TM2361R1
Motion Pictures Experts Group Digital Television MPEG Standard for compression of moving pictures TM1398R6
and sound. MPEG 4 and MPEG 2 are both in
use. See WG11 in SC 29 of
Moulded Interconnection Devices Hardware MID Moulded Interconnection Devices GWREF
Move Copy Protection M The process of making a Copy wherein the CM282
original is then removed, erased or made no
longer accessible. In the case of copy protected
content the copy protection status shall not be
altered by the Move.
Movement for Consumption outside AD allowed Copy Protection MAD GGBREF

Movies on Demand Video on Demand MoD GGBREF

Moving JPEG General MJPEG See GWREF
Multi Frequency Time Division Multiple Access Networks MF-TDMA TM2451R2

Multi User Dungeon Interactive Television MUD Multi User Dungeon GWREF
Multi-Frequency Network Networks MFN TM1825R5
Multi-Media Communications Forum. General MMCF Multi-Media Communications Forum. GWREF
Multi-Protocol Encapsulation DVB Organisation MPE GGBREF
Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution Systems Networks MMDS TM1899R1

Multi-channel Multi-point Distribution Systems Radio Frequency MMDS TM2361R1

Multi-channel Service Operator General MSO GGBREF

Multichannel Video Distribution Channel Networks MVDS Multichannel Video Distribution Channel GWREF
Multimedia Home Platform DVB Organisation MHP The Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) consists CM282 &
of an MHP viewer terminal, including all possible TAM232R31
low to high functionality implementations, its
associated peripherals and the in-home digital
Multimedia Hypermedia Experts Group Digital Television MHEG Presentation and interactivity standard used in GGBREF
UK DTT and others. See
Multimedia Messaging Service World-wide Web MMS Multimedia Messaging Service GWREF

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Multiple Access Scheme Networks MAS A particular mapping of one or more Burst TM2361R1
Structures onto a transmission frame.
Multiple Access Scheme 1 Networks MAS1 See Multiple Access Scheme (MAS) TM2361R1
Multiple Access Scheme 2 Networks MAS2 See Multiple Access Scheme (MAS) TM2361R1
Multiple Access Scheme 3 Networks MAS3 See Multiple Access Scheme (MAS) TM2361R1
Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data General MIMD Multiple Instruction/Multiple Data (Architecture) GWREF

Multiple Protocol Encapsulation Networks MPE GGBREF

Multiple Subsampling Encoding Digital Television MUSE Multiple Subsampling Encoding GWREF
Multiplex Digital Television stream of all the digital data within a single TM2117R2
physical channel carrying one or more services
or events
Multiplex Generic Broadcast A stream of all the digital data carrying one or TM1217R10
System (SI) more services within a single physical channel

Multiplex Buffer Digital Television MB PBREF

Multiplex Configuration Information Networks MCI Multiplex Configuration Information GWREF
Multiplex Control Computer Digital Television MCC A computer controlling the operation of a PBREF
transport stream multiplexer
Multiplexed Analogue Components Television receivers MAC Multiplexed Analogue Components GWREF
(incl. Plasma)
Multiplexer Digital Television MUX Sometimes Multiplexor TM2117R2
Multipoint Microwave Distribution System Networks MMDS TAM232R32
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions World-wide Web MIME TM2896A1
NOREK General NOREK Nordic electrotechnical standardisation GWREF
NRCCS&TB General NRCCS&TB National Research Council's Computer Science GWREF
and Telecommunications Board (USA)

Name and Address Translation Networks NAT Name and Address Translation GWREF
National Association of Broadcasters General NAB National Association of Broadcasters - Trade GWREF
Show held in Las Vegas
National Institute of Standards and Technology. General NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology. GWREF
National Science Foundation General NSF National Science Foundation (USA). GWREF
National Standards Systems Network General NSSN The National Standards Systems Network GWREF
National Television System Committee Television receivers NTSC The NTSC is responsible for setting television www.pcwebopaedia
(incl. Plasma) and video standards in the United States .com
Navigator Multimedia Home A resident application, typically provided by the TAM232R32
Platform manufacturer, which the end-user can activate
at any time. The navigator can be used to select
services, applications, and initiate Interoperable
Near Instantaneously Companded Audio Television receivers NICAM Digital transmission system for high quality GGBREF
Multiplex. (incl. Plasma) audio. Uses include: 2-channel sound-in-syncs ;
Stereo TV sound system used in the UK;
cordless phones and much of the BBC’s
national radio distribution network to their
Near Video-on-Demand Video on Demand NVoD TM1217R10
Negative Acknowledgement Networks NACK TM2451R2
Netherlands Electrotechnical Committee General NEC Netherlands Electrotechnical Committee GWREF
Network Generic Broadcast A collection of MPEG 2 Transport Stream (TS) TM1217R10
System (SI) multiplexes transmitted on a single delivery
system, e.g. all digital channels on a specific
cable system.
Network Access Server Computing NAS TM2451R2
Network Clock Reference Networks NCR TM2451R2
Network Control Centre Networks NCC A NCC provides monitoring & control functions. TM2451R2
It generates control and timing signals for the
operation of the Satellite Interactive Network to
be transmitted by one or several Feeder
Network Information Centre Networks NIC Network Information Centre GWREF
Network Information Service Networks NIS TM2846
Network Information Table Generic Broadcast NIT Provides information about the physical network. TM2451R2
System (SI)
Network Interface Unit Networks NIU TM2361R1
Network Management Networks NM TM2117R2
Network Management Forum Networks NMF Network Management Forum (USA). GWREF
Network News Transfer Protocol World-wide Web NNTP GGBREF
Network Operations Forum Networks NOF Network Operations Forum (USA). GWREF
Network Operator Networks NO The organisation responsible for the operation of GWREF
the infrastructure that forms a network, who
could also be a service provider.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Network Service Access Point Networks NSAP TM2361R1

Network Terminator Networks NT GGBREF
Network Time Protocol World-wide Web NTP GGBREF
Network provider Personal Digital Entity responsible for content distribution PVR005
Recorder infrastructure
New Technical Regulations Application General NTRAC New Technical Regulations Application GWREF
Committee. Committee.
News Server protocol World-wide Web NNTP GGBREF
No Movement for Consumption outside AD Copy Protection NOMAD GGBREF
Non Programme Associated Data General NPAD Non Programme Associated Data GWREF
Non-Backwards Compatible General NBC PBREF
OCTal Computing OCT OCTal notation (base 8) GGBREF
OFCOM General OFCOM Regulator (CH) and (UK) GWREF
Object Teletext A graphical unit that can be positioned within a TM1398R6
region; examples of an object include a
character glyph, a logo, a map etc.
Object Carousel (DSM-CC) Generic Broadcast DSM-CC TAM232r32
System (SI) OC
Object Identifier Multimedia Home OID X.509 Object Identifier. TAM232R32
Object Management Group General OMG Object Management Group (USA). Open GWREF
Network Provision Consultation and Co-
Object carousel Multimedia Home OC A repetitively broadcast file system. TAM232R32
Observed Time Difference of Arrival General OTDOA Observed Time Difference of Arrival GWREF
Octet Computing OCT Group of 8 bits not necessarily forming a byte. GGBREF
e.g. two, 4-bit words.
Off-Line Computing Off-Line Equipment not ready for sending to, or receiving GGBREF
from, a transmission channel.
On Screen Display Television receivers OSD TAM232R32
(incl. Plasma)
On-Board Processing Hardware OPB TM2451R2
Open Cable Application Platform General OCAP GGBREF
Open Information Interchange General OIC Open Information Interchange. GWREF
Open Internet Access Digital Television OIA GGBREF
Open Software Foundation General OSF Open Software Foundation (USA). GWREF
Open Systems Interconnection General OSI A 7-layer reference model defined by the TM2361R1
International Standards Organisation, for the
interconnection of computer based systems.
Defines protocols and physical interconnection
Operating System Computing OS TAM232R32
Operation, Administration and Maintenance General OAS TM2451R2
Operational Support System General OSS GGBREF
Organisation Internationale de Radiodiffusion- General OIRT Organisation Internationale de Radiodiffusion- GWREF
Television Television
Organization for Economic Co-operation and General OECD Organization for Economic Co-operation and GWREF
Development. Development.
Organizational Unique Identifier Networks OUI TM2896A1
Original network id Generic Broadcast A unique identifier of a network TM1217R10
System (SI)
Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access Radio Frequency OFDMA TM2361R1

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Radio Frequency OFDM TM2361R1

Out of Band Cable Systems OOB TM1640R8
Out of Band Networks OoB TM1899R1
Outdoor Unit General ODU TM2451R2
Output Back off Computing OBO TM2451R2
Output Multiplexer Networks OMUX Output Multiplexer GWREF
Over-The-Air General OTA Over-The-Air GWREF
OverHead General OH TM1899R1
Packet Error Ratio Networks PER TM2451R2
Packet Identifier Generic Broadcast PID See ISO/IEC 13818 1 [1]. TM1398R6
System (SI)
Packetised Elementary Stream Generic Broadcast PES See ISO/IEC 13818 1 [1]. Sometimes called GGBREF
System (SI) Program Elementary Stream
Page Teletext A set of subtitles for a subtitle service during a TM1398R6
certain period. A page consists of one or more
page instances.
Page Composition Segment Teletext PCS TM1398R6
Page composition Teletext The composition (use and positioning) of TM1398R6
regions that may be displayed within the page.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Page instance Teletext The period of time during which that page does TM1398R6
not change ie. There is no change to the page
composition, to any region composition, to any
object within a region or any applicable CLUT.

Parts per million General ppm TM2267R4

Password Computing PWD TM2451R2
Password Authentication Protocol Networks PAP Password Authentication Protocol, used with TM2451R2
Pay Per View Television receivers PPV GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Pay TV Personal Digital Any service in which consumers can elect to PVR005
Recorder access specific content for a fee, such as pay-
per-view, content rental, etc.
Pay per Channel Digital Television PPC Pay per Channel GWREF
Peripheral Component Interconnect Hardware PCI PCI is an interconnection system between a
microprocessor and attached devices in which
expansion slots are spaced closely for high
speed operation
Permanent Virtual Circuit Networks PVC Used in ATM networks TM2267R4
Persistent end-to-end control Copy Protection A CPCM system which allows management of CM282
content at any point in the process of
capturing/editing/distributing content and which
persists through all of these processes including
use and distribution within the home network
Persistent storage Multimedia Home Memory available in the MHP which can be TAM232R32
Platform read/written to by an application and which may
outlive the application's own life.
Personal Automatic Branch Exchange Networks PABX Personal Automatic Branch Exchange GWREF
Personal Communications Industry General PCIA Personal Communications Industry Association. GWREF
Personal Communications Services General PCS Personal Communications Services GWREF
Personal Computer Hardware PC Common term to describe the personal GWREF
computer, usually based on a common
Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Hardware PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card Industry GWREF
Association Association
Personal Data Assistant Hardware PDA PVR005
Personal Digital Assistant Hardware PDA Sometimes called Personal Data Assistant GGBREF
Personal Digital Recorder Personal Digital PDR Personal Digital Recorder GGBREF
Personal Identification Number General PIN TM2453R3
Personal Information Management General PIM Personal Information Management GWREF
Personal Video Recorder Personal Digital PVR PVR005
Phase Alternation by Line Television receivers PAL Phase Alternating Line. TM2896A2
(incl. Plasma)
Phase Lock Loop Radio Frequency PLL TM2451R2
Phase Shift Keying Radio Frequency PSK A form of modulation in which information is PBREF
conveyed by changing the phase of the carrier

Physical Computing PHY GGBREF

Physical layer Networks Phy TM2361R1
Picture Element or Pixel Television receivers PEL GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Pilot Release Computing PIL GGBREF
Piracy Copy Protection Unauthorised use of copyrighted content. CM282
Pirates can be grouped in several categories
depending on the hacking tools they possess.

Pixel-data Teletext A string of data bytes that contains, in coded TM1398R6

form, the representation of a graphical object.
Plain Ordinary Telephone system Networks POTS See PANS GGBREF
Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy Terrestrial PDH TM1825R5
Plug-in Digital Television A set of functionality which can be added to a GGBREF
generic platform in order to provide
interpretation of DVB registered, but non-DVB-J,
application formats; e.g. HTML3.2 or MHEG-5.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Plug-in Multimedia Home A set of functionality which can be added to a TAM232R32

Platform generic platform in order to provide
interpretation of DVB registered, but non-DVB-J,
application formats; e.g. HTML3.2 or MHEG-5.

Point of Interest General POI Point of Interest GWREF

Point-to-Point Protocol Networks PPP TM2361R1
Portable Content Format DVB Organisation PCF A format for Interactive TV Content that enables GGBREF
it to be rendered on a number of different
Portable Font Resource World-wide Web PFR TAM232R32
Portable Network Graphics World-wide Web PNG TAM232r32
Portable Video Research Group Personal Digital PVRG Portable Video Research Group GWREF
Post Meridian General PM Afternoon GGBREF
Post Office Protocol 3 World-wide Web POP3 Email protocol GGBREF
Power Supply Unit Hardware PSU TM2451R2
Predicted Frame Digital Television P-FRAME A frame of video that is constructed by PBREF
extrapolation from previous frames
Presence and Availability Management Forum General PAM Forum Consortium formed by Lucent, Bell Labs and GWREF
Novell in March 2000.
Presentation Time Stamp Digital Television PTS PBREF
Presentation Time Stamp Generic Broadcast PTT See ISO/IEC 13818 1 [1]. TM1398R6
System (SI)
Presentation engine Digital Television PE Software device, presenting interactive content GGBREF
contained in a broadcast stream on a screen
without interfacing with or having access to
features, functions and/or resources provided by
a digital interactive receiver platform.

Pretty Amazing New Stuff Networks PANS See POTS GGBREF

Pretty Good Privacy Computing PGP Pretty Good Privacy GWREF
Private Data Conditional Access PD TM2117R2
Private Data Generator Conditional Access PDG TM2117R2
Profile Copy Protection A description of a series of minimum CM531
configurations, defined as part of the
specification, providing different capabilities of
the MHP. It maps a set of functions which
characterise the scope of service options.
Profile Multimedia Home A description of a series of minimum TAM232R32
Platform configurations, defined as part of the
specification, providing different capabilities of
the MHP. It maps a set of functions which
characterise the scope of service options.
Program Association Table Generic Broadcast PAT For each service in the multiplex, the PAT TM2451R2
System (SI) indicates the location (the Packet Identifier (PID)
values of the Transport Stream (TS) packets) of
the corresponding Program Map Table (PMT). It
also gives the location of the Network
Information Table (NIT).
Program Clock Reference_Packet Identifier Generic Broadcast PCR_PIR TM1234R8
System (SI)
Program Map Table Generic Broadcast PMT Defined in ISO/IEC 13818 1. The PMT identifies TM1217R10
System (SI) and indicates the locations of the streams that
make up each service, and the location of the
Program Clock Reference fields for a service.

Programmable Gate Array Hardware PGA GGBREF

Programme Generic Broadcast A concatenation of one or more events under TM1217R10
System (SI) the control of a broadcaster e.g. news show,
entertainment show.
Programme Associated Data General PAD Programme Associated Data GWREF
Programme Clock Reference Generic Broadcast PCR TM2451R2
System (SI)
Programme Delivery Control Generic Broadcast PDC TM1217R10
System (SI)
Programme Specific Information Generic Broadcast PSI TAM232r32
System (SI)
Programme Stream Generic Broadcast PS GGBREF
System (SI)
Promotion Conference for Open System General POSI Promotion Conference for Open System GWREF
Environment Environment (JP).
Promotions and Communications Module DVB Organisation PCM GGBREF

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Proprietary Conditional Access this term details the fact that the interface will be TM2117R2
specified by the head-end provider, or by the CA
Protected Content Copy Protection Content which is protected by means of a CM282
CPCM system.
Protection Ratios Networks PR TM1825R5
Protocol Computing Standardised communication procedures used GGBREF
for man-machine and machine-machine
interfaces. Used for data communications and
computer applications control.
Protocol Data Unit Networks PDU TM2361R1
Pseudo-Random Binary Sequence Networks PRBS Sometimes Pseudo-Random Bit Sequence TM2361R1
Pseudo-Random Number Generator Networks PRNG TM2361R1
Public Key Certificate Conditional Access Data that is digitally signed for the purposes of CM282
verifying its integrity. Issuance of certificates
may require a Trusted Third Party.

Public Key Infrastructure Conditional Access PKI A PKI enables users of a basically insecure GWREF
public network such as the Internet to securely
and privately exchange data and money through
the use of a public and a private cryptographic
key pair that is obtained and shared through a
trusted authority.
Public Land Mobile Network Networks PLMN Public Land Mobile Network GWREF
Public Relations General PT GGBREF
Public Switched Telephone Network Networks PSTN The network, or groups of networks, consisting TAM232R32
of switches and transmission that provide the
bulk of switched services to the general public.

Pull content Personal Digital Content that is delivered only after a consumer PVR005
Recorder requests it
Puls-Dichte Modulation Radio Frequency PDM Puls-Dichte Modulation GWREF
Pulse Modulation Radio Frequency PM TM2361R1
Pulse Width Keying Networks PWK TM2451R2
Pulse Width Keying Radio Frequency PWK TM2453R3
Pulse-Code Modulation Radio Frequency PCM Pulse-Code Modulation GWREF
Push content Personal Digital Content that is delivered to consumer(s) without PVR005
Recorder their intervention or request, i.e., broadcast.

Quadrature Networks Q TM2267R4

Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Digital Television QAM TM2361R1
Quality of Service Networks QoS Subjective and objective metric sets that PVR005
quantify the performance of a network and its
suitability for use with some applications and
Quantiser Scale Factor Radio Frequency QSF In video compression, the value controlling the PBREF
coarseness of the quantiser
Quarter Common Image Format Digital Television QCIF See CIF PBREF
Quasi Error Free Networks QEF TM2896A2
Quaternary Phase Shift Keying Networks QPSK Sometimes Quadrature Phase Shift Keying TM2361R1
Quick Key Exchange Networks QKE TM2361R1
R & D in Advanced Communications- General RACE Research programme supported by the TM1825R5
Technologies European Commission
RCS Map Table Networks RMT TM2451R2
Radio Data Service. Television receivers RDS Broadcast radio information services transmitted GGBREF
(incl. Plasma) as code and text using a 57kHz subcarrier on fm
transmissions. Contains information on radio
broadcasts, and codes for automatic receiver
Radio Equipment & Telecommunications General R&TTE Radio Equipment and Telecommunications TM2451R2
Terminal Equipment Regs Terminal Equipment Regulations
Radio Frequency Television receivers RF TM2361R1
(incl. Plasma)
Radio Frequency Interference Television receivers RFI GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Radio Link Protocol Radio Frequency RLP Radio Link Protocol GWREF
Radio Technical Commission For Maritime General RTCM TM2896A1
Random Access Memory Computing RAM TAM232R32
Ranging access Radio Frequency The ranging access is used by the NIU in order TM2361R1
to synchronise in time and power with the INA.
This is done in specific ranging slots.

Ranging sub-channel Networks A set of carriers used to transmit Ranging TM2361R1


Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Ranging sub-channel number Radio Frequency A number identifying a specific Ranging Sub- TM2361R1
Rate Compatible Punctured Convolutional Networks RCPC TM1825R5
Rate-Based Dynamic Capacity Networks RBDC TM2451R2
Re-distribution Copy Protection A process of forwarding content by digital CM282
means to another destination outside the
domain of the licensed user of the content.
Read-Only Memory Hardware ROM TM1398R6
Real Time General RT TM2451R2
Real Time Clock Computing RTC GGBREF
Real Time Operating system Computing RTOS PBREF
Receiver General Rx TM2361R1
Receiver Data Interface General RDI GWREF
Red Green and Blue General RGB The three primary colour components of a video PBREF
signal, corresponding to the three phosphors of
Reduced Instruction Set Computer Computing RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer GWREF
Redundant Array of inexpensive disks Hardware RAID GGBREF
Reed Solomon Networks RS or Reed-Solomon TM2361R1
Regenerative Satellite Multimedia System Networks RSMS TM2451R2
Region Teletext A rectangular area on the page in which objects TM1398R6
can be positioned
Region Composition Segment Teletext RCS TM1398R6
Region composition Teletext The composition (use and positioning) of objects TM1398R6
within a region
Regional Bell Operating Company General RBOC Regional Bell Operating Company GWREF
Regional PlayOut Centre General RPOC PBREF
Regular expression Multimedia Home A method of capturing a large, possibly infinite TAM232R32
Platform set of strings in a compact representation.

Relational Database Management System Computing RDBMS GGBREF

Remainder polynomial coefficients, highest Computing rpchof TM1217R10
order first
Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service. Networks RADIUS TM2451R2
Remote Intra AD Distribution Copy Protection Remote Intra AD Distribution is defined as Intra CM531
AD Distribution of content beyond the
Acquisition Group.
Remote login application Computing RLOGIN GGBREF
Renewability Copy Protection The capability to replace, update, re-instate or CM282
alter one or more elements of the CPCM system
e.g. to allow recovery from a security breach.

Renewable Security Copy Protection The characteristic of design and CM282

implementations that allow for easy, efficient,
cost-effective changes to security protocols and
security elements.
Repeater Generic Broadcast equipment which receives and re-transmits a TM1217R10
System (SI) DVB-T signal. It can not change the TPS bits
and thus the cell_id.
Request Networks Req TM2117R2
Request For Comment General RFC IETF technology implementation procedure. TM2896A1
See Sometimes Request For
Request for Comments General RfC TM2451R2
Reseaux Associés de la Recherche General RARE Reseaux Associés de la Recherche Européenne GWREF
Reseaux IP Européenne. Networks RIPE Reseaux IP Européenne. GWREF
Reservation Identifier Networks Reservation TM2361R1
Reserved Conditional Access term "reserved" when used in the clause TM2117R2
defining the coded bit stream, indicates that the
value may be used in the future for ISO defined
Reserved for future use General RFU TM2117R2
Reserved to Future Addition General RFA TM2361R1
Resident application Multimedia Home An application available from non-volatile TAM232R32
Platform storage in an MHP device which may be
expressed in DVB-J but need not be so. Its
delivery route is not specified.
Resource Conditional Access A well defined capability or asset of a system TM2117R2
entity, which can be used to contribute to the
realisation of a service. Examples: MPEG
decoder, Graphics system.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Resource Multimedia Home A well defined capability or asset of a system TAM232R32

Platform entity, which can be used to contribute to the
realisation of a service. Examples: MPEG
decoder, Graphics system.
Resource Description Framework Computing RDF A type of XML document, which can be used to GWREF
describe an information object.
Restseitenband-Amplitudenmodulation Radio Frequency RSB-AM Restseitenband-Amplitudenmodulation GWREF
Return Channel Terrestrial Terminal Networks RCTT TM2361R1
Return Channel over Cable Cable Systems RCC GGBREF
Return Channel via Satellite Networks RCS TM2451R2
Return Channel via Satellite Terminal Satellite Broadcasting RCST TM2451R2
Return channel General A means of communication between the devices CM282
in the consumer domain and the Back Office
that also allows interaction and transactions
between security elements in the home and the
Back Office.
Return channel Multimedia Home RC The communications mechanism which provides TAM232R32
Platform connection between the User and the Service
Return path Personal Digital The part of a bi-directional distribution system PVR005
Recorder over which data flows from the consumer to the
service provider
Revocation Copy Protection The removal of access or usage privileges CM282
previously granted by the rights holder.
Root Mean Square General RMS TM2451R2
Run Length Coding Hardware RLC Run Length Coding GWREF
Running Status Table Generic Broadcast RST gives the status of an event (running/not TM1217R10
System (SI) running). The RST updates this information and
allows timely automatic switching to events.

SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence General SIMPLE A working group formed in May 2001 within the GWREF
Leveraging Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
SPECTRE Radio Frequency SPECTRE Special Purpose Extra Channels for Terrestrial GWREF
Radio Communication Enhancements

Sandbox Multimedia Home Unsigned applications and signed applications TAM232R32

Platform without a permission file have access to all the
APIs for which there is no permission signalling
defined. This is commonly called the sandbox.

Satellite Access Control Satellite Broadcasting SAC TM2451R2

Satellite Access Control Table Networks SACT TM2451R2
Satellite Interactive Terminal Satellite Broadcasting SIT TM2267R4
Satellite Master Antenna Television Satellite Broadcasting SMATV Shared Satellite antenna e.g. in a block of flats TM2453R3

Satellite Master-Antenna Television Television receivers SMATV TAM232r32

(incl. Plasma)
Satellite Position Table Satellite Broadcasting SPT TM2451R2
Satellite Service Provider Networks SSP TM2451R2
Satellite User Terminal Hardware SUT TM2451R2
Scale Factor General ScF TM1217R10
Scrambler Conditional Access SCR TM2117R2
Scrambling Control Group Conditional Access SCG A data structure gathering together in one same TM2117R2
logical set the list of A/V streams scrambled at
the same time with the same control word and
the list of ECMs with their respective Access
Second Generation Enhanced General 2G+ Name given to 2G networks enhanced with
Section Generic Broadcast A section is a syntactic structure used for TM1217R10
System (SI) mapping all service information defined in the
present document into ISO/IEC 13818 Transport
Stream packets
Secure Authenticated Channels Copy Protection SAC CM282
Secure Hash Algorithm 1 Networks SHA1 TM2361R1
Secure Socket Layer World-wide Web SSL GGBREF
Securely Bound Copy Protection Objects that are inextricably linked. For instance CM282
content cannot be used without referencing the
associated layers of metadata, access control
Security Association General SA TM2451R2
Segmentation And Re-assembly Networks SAR TM2267R4

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Selection Information Table Generic Broadcast SIT used only in "partial" (i.e. recorded) bitstreams. TM1217R10
System (SI) It carries a summary of the SI information
required to describe the streams in the partial
Senior Officials Group on IT Standardisation General SOGITS Senior Officials Group on IT Standardisation GWREF
Senior Officials Group on Information Security General SOGIS Senior Officials Group on Information Security GWREF

Serial Copying Copy Protection Making a Copy of a Copy. CM282

Server Computing software entity exporting a resource. More than TM2117R2
one server may reside on a single host. A
server is uniquely identified by an IP address
and TCP port number
Service Conditional Access sequence of events under the control of a TM2117R2
broadcaster which can be broadcast as part of a
Service Multimedia Home A sequence of programs under the control of a TAM232R32
Platform broadcaster which can be broadcast as part of a
Service Access Point Networks SAP TM2361R1
Service Channel Number Radio Frequency SCN TM2361R1
Service Description Table Generic Broadcast SDT Contains data describing the services in the TM1217R10
System (SI) system e.g. names of services, the service
provider, etc.
Service Information DVB Organisation DVB-SI Digital data describing the delivery system, TAM232r32
content and scheduling/timing of broadcast data
streams etc. It includes MPEG 2 PSI together
with independently defined extensions.
Superseded by DVB-GBS
Service Information Data Broadcasting DVB Organisation SI-DAT Superseded by GBS GGBREF
Service Information Generator Generic Broadcast SIG TM2117R2
System (SI)
Service Insertion Point Digital Television SIP The point in a transmission network after which PBREF
no further changes are made to the content of
the signal
Service Insertion Point Service Information Digital Television SIPSI PBREF
Service Location Protocol Networks SLP SI that is injected at a SIP TM2846
Service Provider General An aggregator and supplier of content which CM282
may include gatekeeper & management roles.

Service Technique de la Navigation Aerienne General STNA Service Technique de la Navigation Aerienne GWREF
(FR), member ETSI.
Service component Multimedia Home A part of a service. For a DVB service, service TAM232R32
Platform components are normally the MPEG elementary
streams listed in the PMT for the service.

Service id Generic Broadcast A unique identifier of a service within a TM1217R10

System (SI) Transport Stream
Service provider Personal Digital An aggregator and supplier of content which PVR005
Recorder may include gateway and management roles
Serving GPRS Support Node Networks SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node GWREF
Session Return Channel via A session represents the period of time during TM2451R2
Satellite which a RCST is connected to the RCS network

Set Top Unit Television receivers STU TM2361R1

(incl. Plasma)
Set-Top Box Digital Television STB General term for an additional receiver external CM282
box for TV, e.g. digital TV receiver box

Shared User Bus Hardware SUB Shared User Bus GWREF

Shared Wireless Access Protocol Networks SWAP Shared Wireless Access Protocol GWREF
Short Message System Networks SMS The system that enables the sending and GGBREF
receiving of short text messages o and from
mobile phones up to 160 characters. This
system has proved phenomenally successful.

Signal to Noise Ratio Radio Frequency SNR The ratio of signal power to noise power, usually PBREF
expressed in decibels (dB)
Signalling Link Extended SuperFrame Networks SL-ESF TM1899R1
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Computing SMTP A protocol designed for the seamless GGBREF
transmission of electronic mail across an
internetwork using email servers and clients.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Simulcrypt Conditional Access An architecture that allows a service to be CM282

transmitted with the entitlement messages for
multiple CA systems. A decoder supporting a
particular CA system can extract the relevant
entitlement messages and ignore the others.

Simulcrypt Identification Module Conditional Access SIM TM2117R2

Simulcrypt Integrated Management Framework Conditional Access SIMF addresses the requirements for interoperability TM2117R2
between management components of multiple
conditional access systems (CASs) at a head-
Simulcrypt Management Information Base Conditional Access SMIB TM2117R2
Simulcrypt Synchronizer Conditional Access SCS logical component that acquires Control Words, TM2117R2
ECMs and synchronizes their playout for all the
Conditional Access Systems connected

Single Channel per Carrier Radio Frequency SCPC Single Channel per Carrier GWREF
Single Frequency Network Networks SFN TM2896A2
Single Frequency Network Radio Frequency SFN TM1825R5
Slave Identifier Radio Frequency SID TM2453R3
Slot Radio Frequency The slot is the basic unit of allocation with 144 TM2361R1
data symbols in time and in frequency (allowing
a multiple or sub-multiple of ATM cell). A time
slot number and a sub-channel number
determine it.
Small Computer System Interface Hardware SCSI Interface used mostly for disk drives GGBREF
Smart Card Personal Digital An IC card that contains data such as personal PVR005
Recorder profiles, access keys, etc.
Societe Europeanne des Satellites General SES Societe Europeanne des Satellites GWREF
Society of motion picture and television General SMPTE Society of motion picture and television PVR005
engineers engineers
Société Internationale de Télécommunications General SITA Société Internationale de Télécommunications GWREF
Aeronautiques Aeronautiques (FR).
Soft Hyphen General SFN TM1234R8
Soft In/Soft Out module Hardware SISO TM2451R2
Software General SW TM2451R2
Solid State Power Amplifier Hardware SSPA TM2451R2
Sony/Philips Digital Interface Hardware SPDIF S/PDIF is a standard audio transfer file format.
It is usually found on digital audio equipment
such as a DAT machine or audio processing
device. It allows the transfer of audio from one
file to another without the conversion to and
from an analogue format, which could degrade
the signal quality.
The most common connector used is the RCA
connector, an optical connector is also
sometimes used.
Source Input Format Computing SIF Sometimes Source Intermediate Format GGBREF
Space division multiple access Networks SDMA TM2466R4
Specification and Description Language Networks SDL TM2361R1
Spoofing Conditional Access Pretending to be someone or something else CM282
(e.g. using someone else's password).
Standard Definition TeleVision Television receivers SDTV TM2896A2
(incl. Plasma)
Standardiseringen i Sverige General SIS Standardiseringen i Sverige GWREF
Standards Development Organisation General SDO Standards Development Organisation GWREF
Standards Institution of Israel General SII Standards Institution of Israel (IL). GWREF
Static Random Access Memory Hardware SRAM Static Random Access Memory GWREF
Steering Board DVB Organisation SB The governing body of the DVB A066
Storage Media Interoperability Generic Broadcast SMI TM1217R10
System (SI)
Stream Conditional Access independent bi-directional data flow across a TM2117R2
channel. Multiple streams may flow on a single
Stream Multimedia Home A unidirectional continuous flow of content. TAM232R32
Platform Example: MPEG2 video.
Structure of Management Information Computing SMI TM2451R2
Stuffing Table Conditional Access ST used to invalidate existing sections, for example TM1217R10
at delivery system boundaries.
Sub Network Access Protocol Networks SNAP Sometimes Sub Network Access Point TM2267R4
(TM2896A1) or SubNetwork Attachment Point
ISO/IEC 8802-1a.
Sub table Generic Broadcast A sub_table is collection of sections with the TM1217R10
System (SI) same value of table_id and various version
numbers - see TM1217R10

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part without prior permission of the DVB Project Office is forbidden.
The DVB Glossary

Sub-channel Radio Frequency A set of carriers used to transmit an Upstream TM2361R1

Burst Structure. The number of carriers used in
a Sub-Channel is depending on the Burst
Structure (BS1, BS2, BS3).
Sub-channel number Radio Frequency A number identifying a specific Sub-Channel TM2361R1
Subcell Generic Broadcast A subcell is a geographical area that is part of TM1217R10
System (SI) the cells coverage area and that is covered with
DVB-T signals by means of a transposer. In
conjunction with the cell_id the cell_id_extension
is used to uniquely identify a subcell.

Subscriber Authorization System General SAS TM1825R5

Subscriber Identity Module General SIM Subscriber Identity Module GWREF
Subscriber Line Interface Circuit Networks SLIC Subscriber Line Interface Circuit GWREF
Subscriber Line Internet Protocol Networks SLIP Subscriber Line Internet Protocol GWREF
Subscriber Management System General SMS The SMS is the NCC subsystem which TM2451R2
maintains the RCSTs profiles. The SMS enables
the RCS Service Administrator to update data
associated with a particular subscriber.

Subtitle element Teletext Subtitle data used within a page composition TM1398R6
and contained within a subtitle segment.
Regions, region compositions, CLUTsand object
data are examples of subtitle elements.

Subtitle segment Teletext The basic syntactical element of a subtitle TM1398R6

Subtitle service Teletext A service that provides subtitling for a program TM1398R6
for a certain purpose, such as subtitles in a
specific language or for the hard of hearing.

Subtitle stream Teletext A stream of subtitling segments carried in TM1398R6

transport packets identified by the same PID. A
subtitle stream contains one or more subtitle
Super Distribution Personal Digital Process by which consumers redistribute PVR005
Recorder content to third parties
Super High Frequency Radio Frequency SHF 3 GHz to 30 GHz TM1825R5
Super User Return Channel via A person who can access a higher level of TM2451R2
Satellite RCST functionality than the normal user. This
can be thought of as a local RCST
administrator. The Super User is local to the
RCST Domain
Super Video Graphics Adapter/Array Hardware SVGA GGBREF
Super-Distribution Copy Protection A process in which content is securely Re- CM282
Distributed via consumers such that usage by
the secondary consumers remains under the
control of the rights owners.
Superframe Composition Table Networks SCT TM2451R2
Surface Acoustic Wave Radio Frequency SAW TM1825R5
Surface Mount Technology Hardware SMT Surface Mount Technology GWREF
Svenska EOTC-kommittén General SEOTC Svenska EOTC-kommittén GWREF
Svenska Elektriska Kommissionen General SEK Svenska Elektriska Kommissionen GWREF
Switched Multimegabit Data Service Interest General SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service Interest GWREF
Group Group (USA).
Switched Virtual Circuit Networks SVC Used in ATM Networks TM2267R4
Symmetric Encryption Conditional Access Type of encryption in which encryption and CM282
decryption keys are the same or can easily be
derived from each other. DES is a well known
symmetric encryption algorithm.
SyncML Networks SyncML Technology for joint utilization/merger of GWREF
different ML systems
Synchronization General SYNC TM2451R2
Synchronization Time Stamp Networks STS TM1825R5
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Radio Frequency SDH TM1825R5
Synchronous Frequency Division Multiple Radio Frequency SFDMA TM1825R5
Synchronous Serial Interface Hardware SSI See EN50083-9 PBREF
Synchronous Transport Module Radio Frequency STM TM1825R5
System Clock Reference Hardware SCR System Clock Reference GWREF
System Networking Management Protocol Computing SNMP Protocol for remote management of networks, TM2451R2
processes and systems
System Release Computing SYS GGBREF
System Software Update General SSU TM2896A1

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The DVB Glossary

System software Multimedia Home Software implementation below the API for a TAM232R32
Platform specific platform entirely under control of the
Systeme Sequential Couleur A Memoire. Television receivers SECAM Système Sequentiel Couleur A Mémoire. TM2896A2
(incl. Plasma)
Systems for Interactive Services Digital Television SIS TM2896A1
TINA-C General TINA-C Telecommunications Information Networking GWREF
Architecture Consortium.
TV Anytime General TVA PVR005
TV Anytime devices Personal Digital Components that comply with TV Anytime PVR005
Recorder specifications and requirements
TV-Anytime Generic Broadcast TVA GGBREF
System (SI)
TV-Anytime Forum General TVAF PVR005
Table Generic Broadcast A table is comprised of a number of sub_tables TM1217R10
System (SI) with the same value of table_id.
Tamper Evident Conditional Access The property in data security equipment that CM282
provides facilities for detecting attempts to
tamper with the equipment, and ensures that an
appropriate response is made.
Tamper Proof Conditional Access The property in data security equipment that CM282
provides facilities for preventing attempts to
tamper with the equipment, and ensures that an
appropriate response is made.
Tamper Resistance Conditional Access The property in data security equipment that CM282
provides facilities for resisting attempts to
tamper with the equipment, and ensures that an
appropriate response is made.
Tamper Resistant System Conditional Access Systems which are sufficiently difficult/costly to CM282
modify to prevent misuse.
Technical Aspects of MHP DVB Organisation TAM GGBREF
Technical Module DVB Organisation TM GGBREF
Technical Regulations Application Committee. General TRAC Technical Regulations Application Committee. GWREF

Technical Specification DVB Organisation TS A form of standard under ETSI rules A066
TeleVision Receive Only Television receivers TVRO TM2451R2
(incl. Plasma)
Telecommunication Development Bureau General BDT Telecommunication Development Bureau (ITU). GWREF

Telecommunications Industry Association General TIA Telecommunications Industry Association (USA) GWREF

Telecommunications Technology Association General TTA Telecommunications Technology Association GWREF

(KR, Syd-Korea).
Telecommunications Users Association General TUA Telecommunications Users Association (GB). GWREF

Telecommunications management network Networks TMN TM2117R2

Teletext Television receivers Generic name for information services GGBREF
(incl. Plasma) transmitted as data on field blanking lines on
broadcast television signals. e.g. CEEFAX.
Uses a 7-bit character set based on the CCITT
NO. 5 code.
Television Television receivers TV GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Temporary Copy (includes caching) Copy Protection Specifically defined, "Copies" that are endemic CM282
and technologically essential to a system into
which content is authorised to be placed.

Temporary Logical Link Identity Networks TLLI Temporary Logical Link Identity GWREF
Terminal Adapter Networks TA GGBREF
Terminal Burst Time Plan Networks TBTP TM2451R2
Terminal Information Message Networks TIM TM2451R2
Terrain Clearance Angle Radio Frequency TCA The smallest angle between the direct path from PBREF
a transmitter to a receiver and terrain in
Test Application Licence Multimedia Home A licence required for use of the MHP Test Suite A066
Platform covering test applications within the MHP Test
Third Generation General 3G Generic name for third generation networks, for GWREF
example UMTS.
Third Generation Partnership Project Networks 3GPP A co-operation between regional standards GWREF
bodies to ensure global interworking. See
Time Base Corrector Hardware TBC Time Base Corrector GWREF
Time Difference Of Arrival General TDOA Time Difference Of Arrival GWREF
Time Division Networks TD TM2361R1

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The DVB Glossary

Time Division Multiple Access Networks TDMA TM2361R1

Time Of Arrival General TOA Time Of Arrival GWREF
Time Offset Table Generic Broadcast TOT gives information relating to the present time TM1217R10
System (SI) and date and local time offset. This information
is given in a separate table due to the frequent
updating of the time information.
Time and Date Table Generic Broadcast TDT gives information relating to the present time TM1217R10
System (SI) and date. This information is given in a separate
table due to the frequent updating of this
Time slot Radio Frequency Elementary time unit for allocation of a slot TM2361R1
Time slot number Radio Frequency sequential number of the time slot TM2361R1
Time to Live Networks TTL TM2451R2
Time-slot Composition Table Networks TCT TM2451R2
To Be Confirmed General tbc TM2451R1
To Be Defined General tbd TM2451R1
Traffic Networks TRF Burst type traffic TM2451R2
Traffic Gateway Networks TG a TG receives the RCST return signals, TM2267R4
provides accounting functions, interactive
services and/or connections to external public,
proprietary and private service providers

Traffic Manager Networks TM The TM is the real-time NCC subsystem which TM2451R2
provides the connection management for RCST
connectivity, by co-ordinating and updating
various servers and databases, controlling the
return link bandwidth and resource availability,
and updating route tables

Traffic Message Channel Digital Television TMC Traffic Message Channel GWREF
Trans-European Education and Research General TERENA Trans-European Education and Research GWREF
Networking Association Networking Association (BE).
Transceiver Networks TRX TM2451R2
Transistor Transistor Logic Hardware TTL GGBREF
Transmission Control Protocol Networks TCP A transport layer protocol that offers connection TAM232r32
orientated, reliable stream services between two
hosts. This is the primary transport protocol
used by TCP/IP applications. See

Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Networks TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol / Internet GWREF
Protocol Protocol
Transmission Disabled Networks TxD TM2451R2
Transmission Parameter Signalling Networks TPS TM2361R1
Transmission frame Radio Frequency The organisation of the Upstream RF channel, TM2361R1
repeated cyclically. Two types of transmission
frames are defined to provide the Base Station
with the tools for ranging, data reception and
system synchronisation.
Transmitter Generic Broadcast Tx Equipment, that allows to modulate a baseband TM1217R10
System (SI) transport stream and to broadcast it on one
frequency, is called transmitter.
Transmitter Networks Tx TM2361R1
Transparency value Teletext T TM1398R6
Transport Buffer Digital Television TB A memory buffer used to overcome jitter and PBREF
Transport Packet Stream Generic Broadcast TPS A sub-set of the packets in a transport stream TM1398R6
System (SI) sharing a common Packet Identifier (PID).

Transport Protocol Experts Group General TPEG TM2896A1

Transport Stream Generic Broadcast TS See ISO/IEC 13818 1 [1]. A data stream TM1398R6
System (SI) carrying one or more MPEG programs.
Transport Stream ID Generic Broadcast TSID A unique identifier of a Transport Stream within TM1217R10
System (SI) an original network
Transport Stream Modifier Digital Television TSP A form of transport stream multiplexer designed PBREF
e.g. to drop or insert services
Transport Stream Packetiser Generic Broadcast TSP GGBREF
System (SI)
Transport Stream Processor Generic Broadcast TSP GGBREF
System (SI)
Transport System Target Decoder Networks T-STD TM2896A1
Transport packet Generic Broadcast See ISO/IEC 13818 1 [1]. TM1398R6
System (SI)
Transposer Generic Broadcast A transposer is a type of repeater which TM1217R10
System (SI) receives a DVB-T signal and re-transmits it on a
different frequency.

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The DVB Glossary

Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier Hardware TWTA TM2451R2

Trickle Cast Personal Digital Download of content to a consumer device PVR005
Recorder (PDR) over time, when possible via the return
path connection between the consumer device
and the content/service provider
Trigger Multimedia Home An event that may cause a change in the TAM232R32
Platform behaviour of a DVB-HTML application that
registers interest in such events.
Trivial File Transfer Protocol Networks TFTP GGBREF
Trusted Third Party Copy Protection A person (or company or other entity) which is CM282
trusted by the security organisation and its
customers to act as a notary (e.g. to issue
and/or to validate certificates).
Tuning Multimedia Home The act of switching between two MPEG TAM232R32
Platform transport streams or multiplexes. Switching
between two DVB services carried in the same
transport stream is not tuning.
Two's complement integer msb (sign) bit first Computing tcimsbf TM2117R2

Type, Length, Value Conditional Access TLV TM2117R2

U Hardware U 44.45 mm of rack height GGBREF
UCS Transformation Coding Networks UTF TAM232R32
UMTS Forum General UMTS Non profit, independent forum that gives GWREF
Forum guidance to standards and other bodies in terms
of market requirements and issues to be solved
to allow for a smooth deployment of UMTS.
UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Networks UTRA UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access GWREF
UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network Networks UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network GWREF
Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency UHF 300 MHz to 3 000 MHz TM2361R1
Unequal Error Protection General UEP Unequal Error Protection GWREF
Uni-directional Personal Digital A system that allows one-way flow of content PVR005
Recorder and information
Uniform Resource Locator World-wide Web URL Used to identify Web pages on the Internet. GGBREF
Sometimes Universal Resource Locator
Unique Word Computing UW GGBREF
Universal Bandwidth Router Cable Systems UBR GGBREF
Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems Networks UMTS Known as International Mobile TM2466R4
Telecommunications 2000 (IMT-2000) within
ITU. Target bit rates are 144 kbit/s for vehicular
environments, 384 kbit/s for pedestrians and up
to 2.048 Mbit/s for in-building coverage. See
Universal Multiple-Octet Character Set Computing UCS TAM232R32
Universal Plug and Play Computing UPandP GGBREF
Universal Time, Co-ordinated Computing UTC TM2117R2
Unsigned integer most significant bit first Computing uimsbf TM2117R2
Up Converter Hardware U/C TM2451R2
Up-Converter Television receivers U/C GGBREF
(incl. Plasma)
Up-Stream Networks US TM2361R1
Upstream Channel Networks A set of carriers (2k or 1k) that constitutes an TM2361R1
upstream DVB-RCT link. Several upstream
channels can be defined inside a Cell.

Usage Rights Copy Protection The privileges that have been granted by rights CM282
holders. Usage rights are associated with
specific content elements.
Usage State Extension Copy Protection Additional rules which rights owners may use CM282
specify for the Authorised Usage of "Copy
Once" content.
Usage State Information Copy Protection USI The information, which is distributed (tightly CM282
bound to the content) in order to describe the
Authorised Usage of that Content.
Usage States Copy Protection Status attached to a piece of content that CM282
indicates restrictions placed on the subsequent
copying and/or use of that content.

User Datagram Protocol Networks UDP Internet distribution protocol. See TAM232R32

User Interface Computing UI TAM232R32

User Interface Unit Computing UIU TM2451R2
User Network Interface Networks UNI TM2267R4
User to Network (DSM-CC) Generic Broadcast DSM-CC U- GGBREF
System (SI) N

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The DVB Glossary

User to User Networks UU TAM232R32

User to User (DSM-CC) Generic Broadcast DSM-CC U- GGBREF
System (SI) U
User-User Generic Broadcast U-U TM2896A1
System (SI)
Validate General Validate Verification and Launch of Integrated Digital TM1825R5
Advanced Television in Europe (ACTS project
Value chain Personal Digital A group of entities that interact to deliver PVR005
Recorder content and services to users
Variable Bit Rate Networks VBR Sometimes used to distinguish MPEG-2 GGBREF
encoders in a statistical multiplex (e.g. Reflex)
from Constant Bit Rate (CBR ) encoders.

Variable Length Coding Digital Television VLC In video compression, a process for assigning PBREF
shorter symbols to more commonly occurring
Variable Rate Networks VR TM2451R2
Verband Deutscher Electroingenieure. General VDE German Association of Electrical Engineers GWREF
Versioned-International Standard Audiovisual General V-ISAN Versioned-International Standard Audiovisual PVR005
Number Number
Vertical Blanking Interval. Television receivers VBI The lines of an analogue television signal, after TM1217R10
(incl. Plasma) the field synchronizing pulse, during which no
picture information is sent. This is 22 lines in the
PAL system.
Very High Frequency Radio Frequency VHF 30 MHz to 300 MHz TM2361R1
Very Large Scale Integration Hardware VLSI GGBREF
Very Small Antenna Terminal Satellite Broadcasting VSAT TM2451
Very Small Aperture Terminal Networks VSAT TM2451R2
Vesa Local Bus Hardware VLB Vesa Local Bus GWREF
Vestigial Side band Radio Frequency VSB GGBREF
Video Cassette Recorder Hardware VCR TM1234R8
Video Graphics Adapter Hardware VGA Video Graphics Adapter GWREF
Video Home System Hardware VHS Video Home System GWREF
Video Programme System Television receivers VPS TM1217R10
(incl. Plasma)
Video on Demand Digital Television VoD PVR005
Video-RAM Hardware VRAM Video-RAM GWREF
Video/Audio Digital Interactive System Interactive Television VDIS Video/Audio Digital Interactive System GWREF
View Copy Protection To present the content in intelligible form on a CM282
display contemporaneously with delivery of the
content from a transmission or recorded media
without the production of further copies save for
transient incidental copies which cannot be
viewed separately.
Viewer Multimedia Home End-user of the MHP terminal. TAM232R32
Virtual Channel Connection Networks VCC TM2451R2
Virtual Channel Identifier Generic Broadcast VCI ATM Virtual Channel Identification, defined by GGBREF
System (SI) ITU-T Recommendation I.363
Virtual Circuit Networks VC TM2451R2
Virtual Circuit Identifier Networks VCI TM2451R2
Virtual Machine Computing VM TAM232R32
Virtual Private Network Networks VPN Virtual Private Network GWREF
Virtual Reality General VR TM2451R2
Visitor Location Register Networks VLR Visitor Location Register GWREF
Voice eXtensible Markup Language Networks VXML A markup language designed to make GWREF
resources on the web accessible by phone
Voice over Internet Protocol Networks VoIP The generic term used to describe the GWREF
techniques used to carry voice traffic over IP.
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Radio Frequency VSWR TM2361R1
Volume-Based Dynamic Capacity Networks VBDC TM2451R2
WAP Forum World-wide Web WAP Forum Wireless Application Protocol Forum GWREF

WTVML World-wide Web WTVML Adds TV to WML GGBREF

Watermarking Copy Protection A method for embedding data electronically CM282
within content in such a way as not to
compromise the ability to use the content as
originally intended but can later be detected
electronically e.g. to establish the provenance of
What you see is what you get Computing WYSISYG What you see is what you get GWREF
Wide Area Information Services Networks WAIS Wide Area Information Services GWREF

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The DVB Glossary

Wide Area Network Networks WAN A data network too large to be classed as a TAM232R32
LAN. Generally one that extends beyond a local
group of buildings.
Wide Screen Signalling Generic Broadcast WSS TM1217R10
System (SI)
Wireless Access Protocol World-wide Web WAP Used to allow the transmission of simple web GWREF
pages in 2G networks. Consists of a protocol
stack that covers layers 4 to 7 of the OSI model.
Uses IP but replaces TCP and HTTP with UDP.
Web pages are written in WML.
Wireless Cable Association General WCA Wireless Cable Association GWREF
Wireless In-home Network DVB Organisation WIN GGBREF
Wireless Information Networks Forum. General WINFORU Wireless Information Networks Forum. GWREF
Wireless LAN Networks WLAN GGBREF
Wireless Markup Language World-wide Web WML Wireless Markup Language GWREF
World Administrative Radio Conference General WARC World Administrative Radio Conference GWREF
World Intellectual Property Organization General WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization GWREF
World Radiocommunications Conference. General WRC World Radiocommunications Conference. GWREF
World Trade Agreement. General WTA World Trade Agreement. GWREF
World Wide Web Consortium World-wide Web W3C Body that sets WWW Standards GGBREF
Write Once read many Hardware WORM GGBREF
X/OPEN Applications Group General X/OPEN X/OPEN Applications Group GWREF
Xlet Multimedia Home Interface used for DVB-J application life cycle TAM232R32
Platform control.
Zapper-box Digital Television Digital TV receiver not equipped with interactive GGBREF
differential GNSS Networks dGNSS TM2896A1
digital Terrestrial Television broadcasting Terrestrial dTTb TM1825R5
interactive Digital Television General iDTV GGBREF
n-valued Phase Shift Keying Generic Broadcast nPSK n-valued Phase Shift Keying (other than TM1217R10
System (SI) quaternary)
physical layer Hardware OSI Layer where all the physical (electrical) TM2267R4
transmission parameters are defined
transport layer Networks OSI Layer for the interactive application TM2267R4
software and runtime environment (e.g. home
shopping application, script interpreter, etc.).
xDSL Networks xDSL A group of technologies that allow higher speed GGBREF
access over standard connections to a
telecommunications network, for example
ADSL, which offers up to 512 kbit/s in one
direction and up to 8 Mbit/s in the other. See or

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