Three Bible Faiths versus Man-made Religions

(Life versus Death) Sid Williams

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Three Bible Faiths versus Man-made Religions
(Life versus Death) Sid Williams

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1. Bible Faiths and 7 Spirits of God……………………………………………….………... 4 2. Lying Lexicographers ……………………………………………………………………… 8 3. Faith Defined ……………………………………………………………………………….. 14 Words of Comfort …………………………………………………………………… 16 “Stone Henge” Digression …………………………………………………………… 17 “Tower of Babel” Digression ……………………………………………………… 18 (1) Garden of Eden …………………………………………………………………. 18 (2) Faith in Pre-flood Age ……………………………………………………………. 19 (3) Old Heavens ……………………………………………………………………… 21 (4) New Heavens ……………………………………………………………………… 23 4. Obituaries and Resurrections ………………………………………………………………… 26 5. Big Gap Religions ……………………………………………………………………………


“Religions” are man-made while “Faiths” are God-sent. There is a terrific difference between the two. “Religion” is recorded in the Bible in these words: 1. “My manner of life from my youth, which was first among my nation at Hierusalem [no letter “J” in KJV], know all who know me from the beginning (if they would testify) that after the most strict sect* of our religion , I lived a Pharisee*” – Acts 26.4-5. NOTE *: Paul was not speaking by inspiration of God here, but was merely defending his former Jewish religion. The Law of Moses had no sects, but the Jews’ religion had three sects: Sadducees, Pharisees, and Essenes. The God had described different religions for different ages. It is very evident that the Pre-flood Age had a drastically different religion from the Law of Moses. Also the Law of Moses religion was diverse from the New Covenant. God is “eternally alive” and is also “continually teaching” the “sons of God” – even today. The Miracle of 1997, was God revealing to me, and many on the Internet, the, “Seven Spirits of God.” Many Protestant and “Thousand Year Reign” expositors had declared that they had prayed for the Spirit of “Wisdom and Understanding” (Isaiah 11.2). However, I am a historian of Protestant and “Thousand Year Reign” expositors, and despite many years of research, I have never discovered a man who listed the, “Seven Spirits of God.” Three times I Have compiled an “Exhaustive Commentary of Iesous’ Revelation,” and each time I began anew, so as not to repeat former errors. In 1997, I was shocked to discover that I had not identified the, “Seven Spirits of God” (Rev 4.5). (1) Praying for, “Wisdom and Understanding,” and: (2) Consulting, “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance to the Bible,” published in 1895 – I had the answer in less than ten miinutes. Others had written it is, “One Spirit” – which is childish. Some wrote that, “They are seven functions of the Holy Spirit” – which is partially correct, for “Seven Spirits” = the complete “Holy Spirit.” The “anointing of the Lamb” was with Seven Spirits (Isaiah 11.1-4) and with Holy Spirit (Luke 3.22).


In mathematics, “Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” As, “Three plus two = five” and “four plus one = five”; therefore, “three plus two = four plus one.” In the case of the “anointing of the Lamb”; on one side of the equation we have – “anointing” = “anointing”; and on the other side of the equation, “Seven Spirits” = “Holy Spirit.” ` And, “The Gift of the Holy Spirit” is different and gone (“when comes the perfect” – [Revelation]; First Corinthians 13.8-10). The “Holy Seven” are: “Wisdom and Understanding” (One Spirit) and “Counsel” (One Faith) and “Might” (One God) and “Knowledge” (One Hope) and “Fear of ‘He Is’ (hwhy; One Dipping) and “Judg” (-ment; One Lord) and “Righteousness” (One Body) – Isaiah 11.1-4 and Ephesians 4.4-6. NOTE: The most common error is to attempt to make verse 11.2 = all Seven Spirits. Here is an example: “The Spirit of ‘He Is’** (hwhy; #1) will rest upon Him, the Spirit of Wisdom (#2) and Understanding (#3), the Spirit of Counsel (#4) and Might (#5), the Spirit of Knowledge (#6) and of Fear of ‘He Is’ (hwhy; #7) is the conclusion of the “Isaiah 11.2 – only” believers. NOTE**: The phrase, “Spirit of ‘He Is’ *hwhy) is a generic phrase for all seven Spirits, as “Holy Spirit,” was also a generic phrase for all seven Spirits; and so, this phrase should not be numbered with the other Seven Spirits. Also, “Wisdom and Understanding” are pictured as one Spirit. And the proponents that claim that verse Isaiah 11.2 – alone – includes all seven Spirits do not include “Judge” (vs 11.3) and “Righteousness” (vs. 11.4). Ephesians has a synonymous term for “Righteousness,” which is “One Body,” and it also has a synonymous term for “Judge” (-ing), which is “One Lord.” So then, because they are short two of the Seven Spirits in Ephesians, we have concluded that their work is faulty. Besides that, this error has been promoted for centuries, but only since 1997, have the Seven Spirits been listed from Isaiah 11.1-4. The nine “Fruits of the Spirit” = “The seven Spirits of God.” Love (One Body) and Joy (One Hope) and “Peace and Self-control” (One Lord) and Longsuffering* (One Spirit) and “Goodness and Kindness” (One God) and Faith (One Faith) and Temperance (One Dipping) – Galatians 5.22-23. NOTE*: Longsuffering = One Spirit = Wisdom and Understanding. “… praying and asking that you may be filled [with] the full knowledge of will of Him in all spiritual* wisdom * and understanding*” – Col 2.9. Note*: “spiritual,” and “wisdom” and “understanding” are all in the Dative Case, which means they are the object of the preposition “in.” These three words composing one “compound object” of “in”; then the adjective “spiritual” defines both “wisdom” and “understanding.” “Here is ‘wisdom.’ The [one] having ‘understanding,’ he will calculate the number of the Beast (of the earth – vs 11 = Pope), for it is [number] of a man. The number of him [Pope Gregory, the First] [is] 666” – Rev 13.18. This is: I Protera. “Tenth (I) First of Two” (Protera). The beginning date was: AD 535. Pope Gregory the First reigned from AD 590-604, and he began the “42 Months” (Dark Ages) in AD 600, which was ended in AD 600 when Garibaldi and his “thousand red shirts” won the battle of the, “Two Sicilies.” The


Fall of Babylon in “One Day” was from the Battle of Magenta (June 4, 1859) to the “Two Sicilies” (1860). NOTE: “Wisdom” (which is a Spirit of God) is calculated by “the [one] having “Understanding” (a Spirit of God), and I believe these two (Wisdom and Understanding) are meant to be “one Spirit.” “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from [safety] of the faith, giving heed to deceitful spirits [of prophecy] and to teaching of demons, in hypocrisy of liars, having been seared in their own conscience, forbidding to marry, to abstain from foods which the God created into receiving with thanksgiving in the [ones] faithful, and have come to know the truth. For all creature of God [is] good and no one [is] to be rejected, with thanksgiving being received, for it is made holy (sanctified = Latin word) through word of God and petition” – 1 Timothy 4.1-5. NOTE: … For ‘the testimony of Iesous’ (meaning the interpretation, or Understanding of Revelation) is the Spirit of the prophecy” – Rev 19.10. In other words the Bible is a “dead letter” without the ‘interpretation.” This means Revelation is not alive until God sends His Spirits to man, to guide him in interpreting the prophecy. These beliefs in Timothy define the, “Essenes” who were a sect of the Jews in the First Century, who died out shortly because they taught, “forbidding to marry.” They wrote, “The Dead Sea Scrolls.” Again, “the latter times” also applies to today, for dumb men have translated the Dead Sea Scrolls, and published a “Concordance to the Dead Sea Scrolls.” The church leaders have all “banned the names of the Gods” in their “alleged” Bible translations. Thousands of Jews are on the web, and in books published, teaching, “Banning of all the Greek names of God and substituting, “[e]L and [e]L[o]HYM and Y[a]HW[e]H and Y[e]S[h]U[a]” for the Hebrew names; and some even substitute these non-Hebrew names for “Iesous Anointed” and “Savior” and “Lord” and “King.” Hebrew is 22 consonant letters and no vowels. All four of these non-Hebrew names are “blasphemy against God.” The real words are recorded in the Hebrew manuscripts, la (God) and myhla ((Gods) and hwhy (He Is) and [vwhy = He (Y) The (H) [One] Saving (‘SW) – corrupted to read, “Joshua.” “Here [is] the mind having Wisdom. The seven Heads are seven Hills (Kingdoms) where the Woman (Great Prostitute) sits on them. And seven kings are, the Five fell (Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, MediaPersian, and Greek Empire,) the One is (Pagan Roman Empire), the other has not come” (Eastern Roman Empire) – Rev 17.9-10. These were identified in Chapter 13, by B.W. Johnson, in 1891 (The Peoples’ New Testament; Revelation). Revelation 5.12: (1) Blessing is Love, (2) Honor is Faith, (3) Glory is Knowledge, (4) Power is Forgiveness of Sins, (5) Wisdom is Wisdom, (6) The Riches of the Anointed bring Atonement and Virtue, (7) Strength to Kill and to Save are from God; Revelation 7.12: (1) Blessing/Love, (2) Honor/Faith, (3) Glory/Knowledge, (4) Power/Forgiveness, (5) Wisdom/Wisdom, (6) Thanksgiving/Atonement, (7) Might/Strength; Rev 7.12 and a General List.


These Seven Spirits of God are “tools” to accomplish “tasks.” “Knowledge” and “Wisdom and Understanding” are employed to translate the Bible accurately and also to interpret the Bible correctly. “Alleged” Bible translations all have the names of the Gods banned. NOTE: Hebrew reads from right-to-left. We will represent words this way because that is how you will see it in the manuscripts. The Jews banned, “’He Is’ (hwhy) Gods” (myhla; Genesis 2.4) by substituting, “The Lord (mwdah) God” (la). So then, single God (la) was substituted for plural Gods (myhla) – except that the Jews recorded it correctly 220 times for “pagan gods.” See: Judges 10.6. Also, the Son of God, Iesous Anointed, quoted “plural gods” (Psalm 82.6; myhla) to be “plural gods” in the Greek (John 10.34; Qeoi). And – get this! The vacillating Jews also rendered Psalm 82.6 as “plural gods” (myhla). The Jews were, and still are today, mentally instable. And who is better qualified to translate the Bible than the Son of God? The “Bible Faiths” begin with, “The Pre-flood Age,” and “Old Heavens Age,” and “New Heavens Age.” These were identified by “Rock” (Peter)’ “… mockers … and saying, ‘Where is the promise of the coming of Him? [Iesous in “ten days’ – Rev 2.10 = AD 67-77.] For from which [time] the fathers fell asleep all [things] continue [as] from beginning of creation. [But then, “The Pre-flood Age” did not continue but died in the Flood.] For this of them [is] willingly unnoticed that ‘heavens’ (Governments) were from old, and Earth (nation) from [midst] of water and through water existing in the word of the God through which the then world perished being flooded by water” - [Genesis 6.7 – 7.24 = Death of Pre-flood Age]. “But the heavens (Governments) and the Earth (Israel) [which] are now preserved by the same word, are reserved for fire [“And they will go and look upon the corpses of the men [Israel] who have transgressed against Me. For their worm does not die, and their fire is not quenched (Mark 9.44, 48)] … But the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens (Governments) will pass away with a great noise, and the Elements will melt with fervent heat; both the Earth (Israel) and the works that are in her (auth) [temple] will be completely burned up – [End of Old Heavens Age – AD 77.] ……………….. But we (First Century AD) look for New Heavens (Government on Earth and in Third Heaven) and New Earth (New Jerusalem) according to promise of Him, in which Righteousness (Iesous) dwells” – 2 Peter 3.4-6, 7-10; 13. These are, according to God, “The Three Ages of Man.”*** We will delve into their “commandments” and their “sin offerings” and their ‘resurrections” and their “ending dates.” But these three “General Ages of Man” will have interesting subdivisions in them. One will even have a “partial end” before the “final end” of the entire Age. But first it seems prudent to examine, “Lying Lexicographers,” and, “Enemies of God,” and, “Why you do not know the Names of the Gods” (Father and Son.)


The “Christian” lexicographers, past and present, have all lied about the “plural Gods” (myhla) in the Hebrew Scripture being only a “singular God” (la). NOTE: This means that, “You have never seen a Bible translation” (unless you have read mine). THIS IS SHOCKING! 1) Young’s Analytical Concordance to the Bible, 1879 – 1. mighty one – la (also singular “God”); 4. God, gods – myhla. So then, Mr. Young had two definitions for #4 – “gods” from the Bible, and “God” from the Jews. 2) Handbook of Biblical Hebrew, 1978, William Sanford LaSor – Strong’s Hebrew #430 – myhla – God, gods. Mr. LaSor also had two different definitions for one Hebrew word – God, gods. NOTE: Mr. LaSor said his lessons were based on,”Esther” –which contains no names of God. 3) Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, 1895 – Hebrew #430: myhla; plural of #433 (God, gods); gods in the ordinary sense; but spec., used (in the plur., thus, esp., with the art.) of the supreme God … NOTE: Mr. Strong joined the “club” saying, “’Living God’ was equal to ‘pagan gods.’” 4) The Interlinear NIV Hebrew-English Old Testament, 1979, John R. Kohlenberger III – page xxii: “Hebrew plurals are translated as plurals. If the plural is a fixed form denoting a singular object, it may be rendered as a singular (e.g., Gen. 1,1, myhla, “God”). Mr. Kohlenberger “knows” when Gods (Father and Son) had their names recorded “plural gods” – 2,492 times – they actually meant, “single God” (la). How did Gods send this message to Mr. Kohlenberger? 5) CONCISE HEBREW and ARAMAIC LEXICON of the OLD TESTAMENT, 1988, William B. Hollladay – myhla – God, gods. 6) Basics of Biblical Hebrew, Grammar, 2001, Gary D. Pratico and Miles V. Van Pelt – myhla – God, gods. So then, “What is going on here?” Do all these men, and hundreds more, agree that lexicographers are not bound in their definitions by the “number” of the word? In English, are “trees” defined – Tree, trees? What about “kings”? Are they defined – King, kings? Take “houses” for am example, are they defined, House, houses? In my long career of investigation this kind of monkey business is only allowed in lexicons and “alleged” Bible translations. NOTE: “Permission to quote is not needed when exposing a crime.” Is the Greek translated any differently? The answer is: “Yes” and “No.”


YES: Although the number of Gods is not randomly asserted to be “one” and “plural”; as the Jews did with the Hebrew; nevertheless, NO: “one God” in heaven is linked to “one God in the flesh” and the Antichrists (1 John 4.1-3) insist there is only “one God.” [Although it is insane, “alleged” Christian forums on the web have a Roman Catholic creed as a test of fellowship stating that there is only “one God” – while discussing the Father and the Son. All of these Atheist creeds can be exposed by “reading comprehension” at the grade school level. Most of the Pope’s blasphemies are exposed by grade school grammar.] 1. New King James Version, 1979, Matthew 1.1 – “Iesous Anointed” (Gr., Ihsouj Cristoj) changed to “Jesus Christ” (English). NOTE: The letter “H,” in English, is used to represent the long “E” in Greek, Eta;” “IHSOUS.” 2. Rhiems NT, 1738, same. 3. The NKJV Greek English Interlinear New Testament, Translators: Arthur L. Farstad, Zane C. Hodges, C. Michael Moss, Robert E. Picirilli, Wilbur N, Pickering -- “Ihsou Cristou” (of Iesous Anointed) changed to “of Jesus Christ.” Ihsouj banned 977 times, and Anointed (Cristoj) banned 490 times, 4. The Interlinear Bible Greek English, 1976, Jay P. Green, Sr. – Matthew 1.1 – “Ihsou Cristou” changed to “of Jesus Christ.” 5. The Analytical Lexicon to the Greek New Testament, 1993, William D. Mounce – Matthew 1.1 -“Ihsouj” changed to, “Savior, Jesus” and “Cristoj” translated, “Anointed.” WHOOPE! – half right. I need not tell you that not only the names of the Gods are corrupted. Lexicographers and “alleged” Bible translators consider all words as “fair game.” 1. BAPTIZO == I dip, corrupted to, “I baptize. NOTE: The word “baptize” is a transliteration. In “Webster II New College Dictionary,” AD 2000 – the definition of “transliteration” was changed to “transposed.” The Pope is exposed by “transliteration” and so it is a safe assumption that the Pope had the definition changed. But it is mindboggling to see all the church doctors writing with the new definition in mind. You would think that they had never read a dictionary before AD 2000. TRANSLITERATE (1861) – to represent or spell in the characters of another alphabet - Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1989. That is a “fuzzy” definition, but contrasting with “transpose.” But the men of the “Thousand Year Reign” taught me a better definition (when I was ten years old). TRANSLITERATE: to translate a word using letters from two languages - Millennium teacher. BAPTIZO: baptiz (Greek letters) e (English letter); = baptize – which is fictional. Consider how mentally retarded our dictionary publishers are today compared to 1989 publishers, and my education in 1943. How did all the church doctors learn this phony definition later in life? What is going on? “They are out to get you!” Paul wrote the same message in the First Century. [“There is no new thing under the sun” – Eccl. 1.9.] “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual [hosts] of wickedness in the heavenlies” – Eph 6.12.


1. 2. 3. 4.

Principalities = Pagan Roman Empire. Powers = Kingdoms of Pagan Roman Empire. Rulers of Darkness = Pagan Religions. Spiritual [hosts] of Wickedness in the Heavenlies = Heretics in the congregations.

“Every body is out to get you.” “We wrestle not against flesh and blood” means that these were all corporations [as we are struggling with them today]. Empires and kingdoms and Pagan Religions are all corporations. But, “How are heretics a corporation?” Perhaps this was intended to mean heretics are incorporated with Satan. Because the first three were corporations, it is necessary that “heretics” also be a corporation. This introduction is sufficient, now we will identify: “Religions in the Bible.” But first we will treat you to a ‘Real Words Bible Translation.” Particularly notice the names of the [plural] Gods. CHAPTER TWO OF GENESIS. 2.1. And they ended (wlkyw); the Heavens (mymwh Governments) and the Earth (#rahw Israel & New Jerusalem), and all Host of them (Suns, Moons, Stars, Trees, Vines, etc.). 2.2. And He ended (MYHla lkyw), Gods, in the seventh Day from all of work of Him that doing, and He rested in the seventh Day from all of work of Him that doing (hv[ rva). 2.3. And Gods (The God and The Word - Jn 1.1) He blessed of the seventh Day and He made holy of him, for in him Gods resting from all of work of him that Gods creating (arb) to doing (twv[l). 2.4. These generations of the Heavens and of the Earth in the creating them (marbhb) in day He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) doing (twv[) Earth and Heavens. 2.5. And all of bush (2 Xs – meditation – 8 Xs; xyv) of the Field before he will be in Earth, and all of Grass (bv[) [of] the Field before he will grow, for He Is Gods [sent] not rain on the Earth, and man [there] not to serving of the ground. 2.6. And mist he profited her (hl[y daw) from the earth, and the watering (hqvhw) of all of face of the ground. 2.7. And He Is Gods (myhla hwhy), He formed the man from dust of the ground, and He blew (xpyw) in nostrils of him breath of life (myyx tvmn); and the man being [changed] to living soul. 2.8. And He Is Gods, He planted ([jm [jyw) a garden in Eden from east; and He put (mvyw) there with the man whom He had formed. 2.9. And He Is Gods (myhla hwhy) He made to grow from the ground all of tree he is pleasant (dmx n) to sight, and good to [taste] from eating; and Tree of the Lives in middle of the garden. And Tree of the Knowledge: Good and Evil. 2.10. And a river went out from Eden to the watering of the garden; and from there he parted, and being to four heads. 2.11. Name of first: Pison; this one compassing of all of earth of the Havilah where there the gold. 2.12. And gold of the earth, the-this good; there the bedolach (bdellium) and the shoham (onyx) stone. 2.13. And name of the second river this Gichown (Gihon); this one compassing in all of earth of Kush (Ethiopia). 2.14. And name of the third river, this Chiddeqel (Hiddekel); this one going east [of] Asher (Assyria). And the fourth river; this Perat (Euphrates). 2.15. And He Is Gods, He took of the man, and He put him in Garden Eden to serve her and to do her.


2.16. And He Is Gods, He brought the man to saying, ‘From all of tree of the garden eating, you will eat . 2.17. And from tree of the Knowledge: good and evil, you will not eat from him, for in-day you eating from him dying, you will die.’ 2.18. And He Is Gods, He said, ‘Not good, man, you living to alone him; I will do (hv[) to him helper, as telling him; [talking to him] ‘. 2.19.* And He formed (awb abyw), He Is Gods, from the ground all of Beast of the field, and all of Bird of the heavens; and He brought (aby) to the man to seeing, what he would call to him, and all of that the man he called to him, being soul (hyh vpn), this name of him. NOTE: “soul:” means “flesh and breath.” 2.20. And the man, he called names of her (t w mv), to all of the Beasts and to Bird of the heavens; to all of life of the field; and to Man (Adam) there was not finding a helper, as telling him; [talking to him]. 2.21. And He Is Gods (myhla hwhy), He made fall ‘you sleep her’ on the man, and he slept; and He took ‘brother her’ (h xa) from side of me to Him (Gods) (! yt [lc m) and He shut flesh under [place of] her. 2.22. And He built, He Is Gods, of the side that to taking (xql) from the man; to woman (hval), and He brought her to the man. 2.23. And the man, he said, ‘This the-time (m[ph) bone from bones of [me], and flesh from flesh of [me]; to this the precious (arqy) Woman (hva) for from man to this taking of her.’ NOTE: “bone plus flesh equals side.” 2.24. For this a man, he will leave from father of him and from mother of him, and clingiing (fast – 29 Xs) in wife of him; and they will be to one flesh. Mark 10.8: And the two (duo) shall be into (eij) one flesh. 2.25. And they were both of them naked ones (mymwd[), the man and wife of him, and they were not them ashamed. NOTE* (1) man formed first, verse 2.7; and: (2) beast formed later, verse 2.19; and: (3) man named the beast, verse 2.19; and: EVOLUTION IS SIN. And (4) woman formed last verse 2.23. NOTE: "Rib" is recorded "one-time-only"; and is recorded "side" 19 times; and is an obvious error. Added to that, Man (Adam) was recorded to have said that woman was his "flesh and blood"; and not a rib only. SUMMARY: Two "creations" have been recorded, one literal (Gen 2.4-25), and one is a parable (Gen 1.1-2.3). The determining factor is "before the herb of any field had grown" (2.5); "in the day that 'He Is Gods' (myhla hwhy) made the earth and the heavens." In Chapter One "seven days" are used to describe "creation" to the last element, which was, “Morning of the Seventh Day” (AD 77). But in Verse 2.4, "the day" was employed to picture a second "creation." The Hebrew words are different, "mwy" (2.4), for a singular word for “day;” and "mymy" (1.14) for plural "days." Added to this, in Chapter One, the "herb" was created on the "third day" (1.11); but in Chapter Two (2.4), "Gods" made the earth and the heavens, BEFORE any bush was in the field. An Atheist writer pointed this out to me. So I wrote a book, "The Parable of the 7 Days of Creation." Since then, another Atheist on the Internet has shared this knowledge. But the "servants of God" (self-proclaimed), do not receive these facts. Below is an outline of these seven days. OUTLINE OF THE PARABLE OF THE 7 DAYS OF CREATION 1) THE FIRST DAY: LIGHT (Gen 1.1-5). The “generations of Man (Adam),” began the creation of “the Heavens and the Earth.” This was The Beginning of Time in 4148 BC, according to the Hebrew manuscripts. A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS).


Man (Adam) and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and were cast out of the garden of Eden. They died in “the-day,” which was the 1656 years until the Flood (4,148 to 2492 BC). Man (Adam) lived to be 930 years old (4148 BC; Gen 5.3). Man (Adam) died in the-1656 years. B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). Men began to call on the name of “He Is” (hwhy) [3913 BC; Gen 4.26, 5.24]. 2) THE SECOND DAY: THE HEAVENS (Gen 1.6-8; Gen 37.9-10). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS); Heavens = Governments; Sun, Moon, Stars = kings, priests, prophets. Men became continually wicked; “He Is” (hwhy) destroyed them in a Flood (2492 BC; Gen 7.17-24). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). Gods (myhla is plural; la is singular) revealed Himself to Abram (2056 BC; Gen 12.1-7). This was one of many “new religions” from Gods. 3) THE THIRD DAY: THE EARTH AND SEAS (Gen 1.9-13). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). Jacob and 70 souls went into Egypt (1841 BC), and were later mistreated (1841 BC; Gen 46). This was punishment for selling Joseph into slavery. B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). 603,550 men of war came out of Egypt (1626 BC; Num 1). 4) THE FOURTH DAY: SUN, MOON, STARS (Gen 1.14-19). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). The Israelites forsook “He Is” (hwhy) and followed Him no more (1258 BC; Judg 10.6). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). David was declared by “He Is” (hwhy) to be king of Israel (1043 BC; 2Sam 7). David = Sun, Levitical Priesthood = Moon, Nathan = Prophet = Star. 5) THE FIFTH DAY: SEA CREATURES (Gen 1.20-23). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). “Sea creatures;” Babylon, Persia ... were created to punish Israel (601 BC; Dan 7.1-7). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). Babylon was fled from by the Israelites; and the second temple was begun (518 BC; Hag 2). 6) THE SIXTH DAY: MAN IN OUR IMAGE (Gen 1.24-31). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). Antiochus Epiphanes polluted the tabernacle; tried to destroy the law (167 BC; Dan 11). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). See: John 9.4-5, “Day & Night.” Iesous (Ihsouj) confirmed the New Covenant with many for one Week (AD 28-35; Lk 3). 7) THE SEVENTH DAY: GOD RESTED (Gen 2.1-4). A) THE EVENING (DARKNESS). See: John 9.4-5 & Rom 13.12, “Night & Day.” The servants of the Lord Iesous (O Kurioj Ihsouj) were persecuted (AD 35-77; Acts 8). B) THE MORNING (LIGHT). The “coming of the Lord with multitudes of His messengers” (AD 77; Jude 14). The “firstfruits” were resurrected to Third Heaven and became “priests and kings over the Earth” (New Jerusalem - Rev 5.10). New Jerusalem was founded, being 1500 miles square, with a Street of Gold from Egypt to Assyria (Rev 21, Isa 19 & 35). Isaiah named this Street, the Highway of Holiness, and the declared that “the nation was born in One Day” (Isa 66.8; AD 77-78). New Jerusalem is the New Covenant congregation. NOTE: Protestant commentaries consulted all agreed, “Adam did not die in the day he ate of the forbidden tree for he lived 930 years” (Gen 5.5). Men are very quick and very bold to deny the words of their Maker, and the Creator of the Heavens and of the Earth. You would think that they would consider


the wisdom of God compared to the lesser wisdom of man. And once this terrible blasphemy was introduced it became, “the traditions of man” – condemned by the Lord Iesous (Matthew 15.3). So then this single verse (”930 years” – Gen 5.5) is contrasted with our Parable of the Seven Days of Creation (from Genesis 1.1 to Revelation 21.1-3). And we have found that the “First Day” was 1,656 years, from 4,139 BC to 2,483 BC, when the Flood destroyed man.. And Adam’s 930 years was within the 1,565 years of the “First Day.” Praise Lord, the God! “The wisdom of God has been proven greater than the wisdom of man.” You should always bear this fact in mind. When the Pope teaches, “Jesus was in the tomb from Friday evening to Sunday morning,” and Iesous taught, “For as Jonah was three days AND three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days AND three nights in the heart of the earth” (Matt 12.40, NKJV) – who are you going to believe? NOTE: New American Bible (with Notes), 1986, has no explanation why the Roman Catholics changed the words of Iesous. And, when the Pope teaches, “David was the second king of Israel,” and the book of Samuel teaches, “King Saul was followed by his son, Ishbosheth, and after 5 years without a king, Ishbosheth was followed by David,” who are you going to believe? And when the Word of God teaches that, Iesous told His eleven apostles, “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also … And I will pray the Father and He will give you another Helper, that it (H.S. is neuter gender) may dwell with you into the age” (John 14.3. 16) and the Pope teaches that the Day of Pentecost (another Helper) was “the coming of the Son of Man into His kingdom,:” will you believe that Iesous “went away” or that “Iesous came”? You cannot believe both God and the Pope. NOTE: Matthew 16.28; New American Bible, 1986, Roman Catholic, Note 16.28: “Coming in his kingdom: since the kingdom of the Son of Man has been described as “the world” and Jesus’ sovereignty precedes his final coming in glory (Mt 13, 38.41), the coming in this verse is not the parousia [Rapture] as in the preceding [Matt 16.27] but [is instead] the manifestation of Jesus’ rule after his resurrection; see the notes on Mt 13, 38.41.” Editor’s Note (Sid Williams): This is, “The Mark of the Beast in the Forehead (Mind) is: 3 = 2.” The Savior’s words about “this generation” (Mt 24.34), and “we (you and me) will all be changed in a moment” (1 Cor 15.51), and “he (John) will remain till I come” (Jn 21.22) are all denied by these words (outside the Bible). “And the field is the world (kosmoj) [Roman Empire] … The Son of the Man will send forth the messengers of Him and they will collect from [place] of the kingdom of Him the offensive [ones] and the [ones] doing lawlessness, and they will throw them into the furnace of the fire [Jews’ War with Rome]. There will be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth” – Matthew 13.38-41. The Parable of Creation was (Genisis 1.1 to 2.4) then God described the “Literal Creation” (Genesis 2.5 to 2.25), and then He had Moses declare a record of the “Sin unto Death” (Chapter 3). We will examine these now.


RELIGION: “Greek #2356 from Strong’s Concordance – Qrhskeia … ceremonius in worship: “religion” – 4 XS; “worshipping” – 1 X. These verses contain the word: 1. Acts 26.5: “They knew me from the first, if they were willing to testify, that according to the strictest sect of our religion I lived a Pharisee.*” 2. Galatians 1.13 & 1.14 (2A): “For you have heard of my conversation in time past, in the Iewes religion, how beyond measure I persecuted the, “From Calling’ (ek klhsia) of God, and wasted her.” NOTE: Johnny-come-lately had changed, “Iewes religion” to “Judaism,” Worrell New Testament, 1904. 3. James 1.26: “If any among you seem to be religious, and bridles not his tongue, this religion is vain.” 4. James 1.27: “Pure religion and undefiled before God and Father is this: to look after orphans (Jews – Isa 50.1) and widows (cities of Israel) in the affliction of them, keeping one unspotted from the world.” NOTE: “Sect of Pharisees” (Paul’s former faith) was man-made, producing the belief in “Oral Traditions” – described by Josephus in Antiquities 13.10.5 to be opposed by the Sadducees over this issue of “traditions.” So then, the Law of Moses had no Pharisee sect – which was man-made. But the “faith” from God was in, “The Law.” This monkey business has continued unchecked to the present day. Josephus recorded that the Pharisees’ “man-made” religion was more popular than the Sadducees appeal to stick to the letter of The Law. [But then, their denial of the resurrection did them in.] The apostles were formerly “divorced” (Isaiah 50.1) and “blinded by God,“ (Isaiah 6.9-13), as were the rest of the Jews. Also, the Hebrew fathers had worshipped other gods on the other side of the river (Euphrates – Joshua 24.14.) So then, various “faiths” from different “Ages of Man” are from God. But, in our opinion, “Religions” are from man or “creed-makers.” Some men “tasting the heavenly gift” (of the Holy Spirit) were recorded, “being cursed, whose end is to be burned.” FAITH DEFINED: “But faith is the assurance of things hoped for*, the proof of [things] not being seen**” – Heb 11.1. NOTE *: This could mean the resurrection (in this generation – Mt 24.34). NOTE **: In my life, “the proof of things unseen” is the “presence” of the Spirit of the Living God.” MEN WITHOUT THE SPIRIT OF GOD ARE DEAD:


“And when the unclean spirit [sin] goes out from [heart] of the man, he goes through waterless places seeking rest , and does not find. Then he says, ‘I will return into the house of me, from where I came.’ And coming he finds [it] standing empty, swept, and put in order. Then he goes and takes along with him seven other spirits more evil [than] himself, and going in he dwells there. And the last of the man, he becomes himself that [is] worse [than] of the first. Thus it will be also the evil, this, in the [this] generation” – Matthew 12.43-45. NOTE: This is the fundamental message of, “The Saved Going to Hell.” The “saved” who are found “empty” (without the Spirit) are doomed to Hell. God was not unclear about His operation, for it is repeated several times. “But you are not in flesh, but in Spirit, if indeed Spirit of God remains in you. But if anyone does not have Spirit of Anointed, this [one] is not of Him” – Romans 8.8-9. John 6.60, 66: “Therefore many having heard from [number] of the students (saved) of Him said, ‘This is the hard word, who is able to listen [to] [words] of him?’ … From this [time] many went away of the students of Him into the [lusts] behind and no longer they were walking with Him” – John 6.60, 66. We assume that Iesous’ students had been “dipped” and were saved at that time. However, the Gift of the Holy Spirit was not received until the Day of Pentecost (after the Lord Iesous’ crucifixtion – Jn 7.39). In like manner as the one saved in the parable (Matthew 12.43-45), these went to the Judgment Day “empty” (without the Spirit). Therefore, God has repeatedly emphasized the “saved” going to Hell. This is a dreary picture, and not producing much hope. But our next Scripture is even more appalling. Men who had formerly “possessed” the Spirit are declared to be “beyond reformation.” NOTE: Having received much joy and blessing from the “presence” of the Spirit, it seems almost unbelievable that men so extremely blessed would finally be lost. But here is the declaration of this sad fate: “Therefore leaving the [principals] of the beginning of the anointed word on the perfection, we will be moved, not again laying a foundation of reformation from dead works and of faith on God, of teaching of dippings, laying on both hands, of resurrection both of dead ones and of eternal judgment. And this, we will do if indeed, the God permits. It is impossible for the [ones] once having been enlightened, having tasted the heavenly gift [of the Holy Spirit], and having become sharers of the Holy Spirit word of God, both powerful deeds of coming age and having fallen away again to renew to reformation, crucifying [again] for themselves the Son of the God and holding [Hum] to contempt. For earth, the [one] drinking the often coming rain upon her, and bearing suitable vegetation for those on account of whom indeed she is cultivated, receives a blessing from [throne] of the God. But [it is] worthless [the one] bringing forth thorns and thistles [is] near cursing of which the end [is] into burning” – Hebrews 6.1-8. “But the Iesous said to him, ‘No one having put the hand of him on a plow and looking to the [things] behind, is usable for the kingdom of the God’’ – Luke 9.62. SO THEN! – we are saved by works – and by words. “For the all sinned and are lacking [presently too] of the glory of the God, being justified in the gift of Him through Favor [archaic – Grace] of the redemption of the [salvation] ‘in anointed [Body] of Iesous’ (evn cristw Ihsouj) whom the God set forth a ‘sin offering’ (propitiation) through faith in the blood of Him” – Romans 3.23-25. SO THEN – our salvation is a “free gift.”


Alexander Campbell, a reformer in Virginia, in the 1800s, wrote, “We are saved without works, we stay saved through works.” This seems to agree with the descriptions of, “The Judgment Day.” Matt 16.27: “For the Son of the Man is going to come in the glory of the Father of Him with the messengers of Him, and then he will pay back each according to the activity of him.” “Matt 25.35-36: “I was hungry and you gave Me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave Me drink, I was a stranger and you took Me in, naked and you clothed Me, I was ill and you visited Me, I was in prison and you came to Me.” These are the resurrected – saved by works. But only after, “saved by a free gift.” Seems that Mr. Campbell was right. WORDS OF COMFORT. That is enough condemnation for the moment. Now we will discuss the “receiving process” of the Seven Spirits of God. “The throne of the God and of the Lamb is in Her (New Jerusalem)” – Rev 22.1, 3. “She” (New Jerusalem) was “anointed” with the Spirit of the Living God. A) “Look days, coming ones, saying, ‘He Is’ (hwhy), and measure of Me (YT) with house of ‘He is Prince of God’ (Israel) and with house of ‘He the [one] Praising’ (Judah) a new covenant, not as covenant that cutting of Me (YT) with fathers of them, in day the strengthening in hands of them to going from earth of Egypts (always plural) that they, the breaking of them of covenant of Me (YT), and as I, Man of Me (Husband), in them,’ saying ‘He Is’ (hwhy). For this [is] the covenant that I will take with house of ‘He is Prince of God’ (Israel) after the days, the-them, saying ‘He Is’ (hwhy), giving of Me (YT), of the law of Me (YT), IN MIDST OF THEM (New Jerusalem) and on heart of them I will write her, and being of Me (YY) to them to GODS (myhla; The God and The Lamb – Rev 21.3, 22-23), and the-them, they will be to Me to people” – Jeremiah 31.3133. But then, you know how God loves repetition, and “the Law of Me in midst of them,” is stated differently by another prophet: B) “And pouring of Me (YT) on house of David (meaning, “Iesous” who had key of David – Rev 3.7) and on dwellers of Yerusalem, Spirit of Favor (archaic – grace) and Supplications, and the bringing of them on [wrath] of Me that pierced, and mourning them against [sorrow] of Him as mourning for the child of [them] and bitterness against [death] of Him as bitterness for the first born. In day, the-this, he will be great the weeping in Yerusalem as weeping of Hadad Rimmon in plain of Meggido. And she will mourn the Earth (Israel) from family of her, from family of her alone, family of house of David (Sun -Judah), alone, and wives of them alone, and family of house of Nathan (Star – Prophet) alone, and wives of them alone, and family of house of Levi (Moon – Priest) alone, and wives of them alone, family of Shimei (Moon – Scribe) alone. All of families, the ones being left (Israel = Earth) alone, families alone and wives of them alone. In day, the-this, he will be fountain opening to house of David (Rev 1.7 and 5.12) and to dwellers of Yerusalem to the sin and to iniquity” – Zechariah 12.10-13.1. This pictured the saving of, the ones “left behind,” after the resurrection in AD 77, and the annihilation of “unsaved” part of Israel. This, without any symbolism, is the most accurate record of, “Heavens and Earth” (Israel). “Heavens” were “Governments” (Sun, Moon, Stars; or, King, Priesthood, Prophet). And, “Earth” equaled, “subjects of the government.”


So then, since the holy Jews were Raptured to Heaven, or saved on earth – there is no hope for confessing Jews today. They are, “The Big Gap Religion” with no Messiah. The Roman Catholics, and Ecumenical Movement Churches, and the Jews, and churches boasting, “We are not Ecumenical Movement” (like the Baptists), but still preaching, “The Big Gap Message of the Pope,” are FAKE RELIGIONS – denying 80 percent of the Bible. So then, the “presence” of the Spirit is necessary to be saved, and it is received” in a “spiritual environment.” And this environment is recorded to be, “New Jerusalem” or “Kingdom of God.” And there is no “church” in the kingdom for the word “church” is from the “papists” (in the 1400s), and is not in the Bible. Children of the citizens of New Jerusalem, and recent converts to New Jerusalem, observe the “nine fruits of the Spirit” in the older members of the kingdom. They submit themselves to no, “boy preachers” or “aliens” from Bible Colleges, but have “witnesses” raised up in the kingdom. These verses condemn “alien” witnesses: A) “And the [words] which you (Timothy) heard from me (Paul) through many witnesses, these commit to faithful MEN who will also be competent to teach others” – 2 Timothy 2.2. NOTE: There is no defense for “alien” teachers in this statement. B) “And you, the anointing which you received from [sending] of Him in you remains and you need not that anyone should teach you, but as the anointing, it teaches you concerning all [words], and is true, and is not false, and just as it taught you, you will remain in it*” – First John 2.27. NOTE *: The Spirit (pneuma) is neuter gender, reading, “it.” Again, “alien” teachers” were, and are, condemned. I am 77 years old, and have attended many churches. But I have never heard a lesson on, “New Jerusalem.” Also, “The Spirit of God” is not of any lessons that I can recollect. I never heard a message about, “Rapture AD 77.” [This was first heard in a public debate, in 1992 (at the age of 59 years), when a “Preterist, Don Preston,” presented indisputable Scripture confirmation of, “The First Century Resurrection.” But then, sad to tell, he denied the, “Final Resurrection” (Rev 14.9-23; 20.11-15; 21.7-9). I had previously published, ”Exhaustive Commentaries on Revelation,” and had read many solid commentaries on Revelation, declaring, “The Final Resurrection” in these verses. So, “Lord, the God” (Rev 4.8) had blessed me with a good Bible education, superior to any preacher that I had ever heard. [This reason my education was, ”superior,” was that the Ecumenical Movement (Gog and Magog) had, “banned the Bible message, and had, “denied the Living God,” from AD 1948 to AD 1959. God continued to send me “messengers” exposing my “false beliefs.” 1) The “alleged” Bible translations were made known to me to have, banned the names of the Gods (Father and Son). 2) An Atheist taught me of the church’s false interpretation of the Creation. [From this fact, I discovered the, “Parable of Creation.” The Baptists had many men attempt to explain this, but they all lacked scriptural support for their conclusions.] 3) The Lord led me to the Jews’ boasting of, “changing the name of God.” 4) A multitude of Protestant expositors exposed Papacy and Pope as, “Beast and False Prophet.” Therefore, God has sent me a very liberal education about, “His will and His way.” This is the proper environment to learn about, “The Living God.” [I am extremely depressed when I share things with friends, and they all agree (about the names, “Iesous Anointed” for instance) – “You can’t say that!” They are partially right, that no one has accepted the truth – except my loving wife. But they are dogmatically wrong that, “I can’t say that.” I will continue to witness these things until I die.] In summary, “Receive the Spirit in spiritual surroundings.” Consider the opinion of, “The Savior of the World,” about those, “Outside the Holy City.”


“Blessed the [ones] doing the commands of Him, so that the right of them will be on the Tree of Life (Iesous), and they may enter in the gates into the city. Outside [meaning, “you”] the dogs, and sorcerers and the fornicators and the murderers and the idolaters and all the [one] loving and doing a lie” – Rev 22.14-15. The “presence” of the Spirit makes us “super-human,” and we are able to overcome “in Him.” And, even if we fall, God has “extreme Love” (agaph) and bottomless wells of “forgiveness” (if we confess our sins and reform), “The Lord is not slack concerning [His] promise (Rev 22.14), as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to reformation” – 2 Peter 3.9. The way things stand today, we are faced with certain doom, as the Pre-flood Age all died in the Flood, but God has promised us, “Revival 2015,” in which, “Devil, Papacy and Pope” will be doomed, and we will be the “spoil” of God in His victory over Satan. We will sing to, “Lord, the God” (Rev 4.8), “Happy days are here again, our lives are full of cheer again – Praise The Living God!” (1) Garden of Eden had No Faith. The Man (corrupted to read, “Adam” [mda to m[a]da after vowels were added to the manuscripts, in AD 750 to AD 950) and the “Being” (corrupted to read, “Eve”) needed, “Fear of ‘He Is’ (hwhy) to enjoy eternal life, but being without sin, there was no need of a sin offering, and they needed not faith, recorded to be, “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11.1). A) “Things hoped for,” were the presence of God and eternal life” which they already had. B) “Things not seen” (in Hebrews), were guidance from Gods (myhla – Genesis 1.1), which was supplied by the “indwelling” Holy Spirit. The victory was theirs if they obeyed only one command. [Look how many commands we must obey today.] But then, that was too much to bear. The nosy woman had to eat of the forbidden tree” and entice the man to eat of him also. So this was not a “Bible Faith,” for no faith was required. There final state, after being banned from the Garden of Eden, was recorded about 4,217 years later, in these words (Romans 5.13-15): “For until the Law (1625 BC) sin was in world, but sin is not imputed being no law. But the death reigned from Adam [from Septuagint – with vowels added] until Moses even over the [ones] not sinning on [foreknowledge of sin] in the likeness of the transgression of Adam who is a pattern/print (2 Xs) of the coming one. But not as the offense, so also [not] the free gift, for if in the offense of the one the [many] died, much more the favor of the God, and the gift in the gift favor of the One Man, of Iesous Anointed, into the many abounded” – Romans 5.13-15. Now then, “Isn’t that clear as mud?” “Cain” killed “Abel” – but it is recorded an act of passion, or, mamslaughter – and not as Adam an act of rebellion against God. Then the “sons of God” (sons of Seth) were seduced to ignore, “the mark of Cain,” and to go a lusting after the “daughters of man” (Cain). And this was giving in to seduction, and not a sin of foreknowledge – for after 1,656 years, they had forgotten God’s mark on Cain. But they all died, except Noah and his seven member family. Therefore, “sin” is typified here, as “on [foreknowledge] in likeness of transgression of Adam”, and not in the same “likeness.” What does this mean? “But not as the offense, so also [not] the free gift.” “One man sinning to condemnation of all” is not now the rule of the day, Also, “”Favor of God in offering of Anointed,” is not now the rule of the day. “He died once for all.”


Who then, was saved in the Garden of Eden Age? Not a one! COMMANDMENTS: 1) Do not eat of Tree of Knowledge. 2)”Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife, and they will become one flesh (Gen 2.24). [NOTE: This is an eternal message for they were run out of the Garden of Eden having no children. NOTE: This is also illogical, and so, it is a prophecy about, “He [caught] heel” (Jacob – the type), and “Iesous Anointed – the antitype. Jacob left home and served 21 years for his wife, Leah. Iesous Anointed left His Father (God) and His mother (Mary), and searched for His Bride (The Body). But normally, men did not leave father and mother for a bride, but the bride left father and mother for the husband SIN OFFERINGS: none. FORGIVENESS: none. (2) Faith of the Pre-flood Age (Beginning of Time – Genesis 5.1 – 4,139 BC to 2483 BC and The Flood). SIN OFFERINGS: “Mourning” (bla; L[e]BA) - “firstborn of flock” – ACCEPTED. SIN OFFERING: “Cain” (nyq; NY[a]Q – 18Xs; “Lamentation” – 17 Xs) – “fruit of ground” – NOT ACCEPTED. Leviticus 17.11 (next Age, “Law”) – “For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the altar to make atonement for your souls, for it is the blood making atonement for the soul.” COMMANDMENTS: “And as for Seth (tv; [h]T[e]S = 6 – 2Xs) , to him also a son was born, and he named him, ‘Enosh’ (vwna; [h]W[o]N[e][A]; Enos – 1; Man – 507 Xs). Then [men] began to call on the name of ‘He Is’ (hwhy).” Genesis 5.24: “And He/She (man and Soul) !wnx ((K[o]N[e][ch] = camp – 47 Xs) walking with the

Gods (myhlah), and not him for Gods (myhla) taking him.” NOTE: Here we have “The Type”of the resurrection (for the Pre-flood Age) recorded. “Elijah” was recorded to be the “Type” of the resurrection (for the Old Heavens Age), recorded in 2 Kings 2.11. Then The Lamb of God, Iesous Anointed, was the “Power” of the resurrection, in AD 32, and “The Resurrection of the Dead and The Living,” in AD 77 (Mt 16.27-28, 1 Cor 15.51, 1 Thes 4.16-17, Rev 5.11) was “The Antitype” of Enoch and Elijah’s “Types of the Resurrection.” We know not if the Pre-flood Age understood this “Type” or not. However, the Jews questioning John of the Dipping were expecting the “Anointed” and the “Kingdom of God.” Why do the churches today not grasp this fact? See John 1.19-21. Therefore, the resurrection of the Dead was foretold in all Three Ages. Darkness followed later on. “STONE HENGE” DIGRESSION. There is not much information about the Pre-flood Age – in the Bible. However, we have archeological evidence of their architectural works (possibly). “The Stone Henge” (Hanging) in England has three massive stones each weighing two to four tons (estimated) in equal lengths and widths. Two of them ate standing upright, exactly ninety degrees to the earth. The third one


is a bar seated on the two upright stones. The site is surrounded with markers believed to judge the seasons of the year when the shadow of the stones from the sun strikes them. This would require astrological expertise that is unrecorded until the age of the Chaldeans about 1,000 BC or later. Also the architectural expertise to life two ton stones was unrecorded in the “Old Heavens Age” for an undetermined long period of time. In my research, only one archeologist ventured to put forth a “speculation” of how this was done. He wrote, “The Ice Age probably moved these stones.” Ha! Ha! How would the “Ice Age” cut these three stones to matching rectangular size? How would the “Ice Age” lift the “bar” and seat it perfectly on the “legs” with no overlapping of the top “bar” stone – on the sides (the bar did overlap on the ends)? The foundation of scientific discovery is, “cause and effect.” 1) What was the cause of these three stones (two to four tons) being “cut to size”? 2) What was the “cause” of their shadow striking markers for the twelve months of the year? [According to “Ice Age Nonsense” there were no 12 months of the year yet.] 3) What was the “cause” of the “Ice Age” capping the “bar” stone perfectly on the two “post” stones? 4) Who directed this man-made marvel? The superior-advanced technology of the, “Pre-flood Age” is a possibility. This suggestion is much more rational than, “The Ice Age” solution. But then, excluding new findings of information, this is one of God’s “little secrets.” Possibly all that God is going to share with us is found in Romans 5.13-15. (See: above.) “TOWER OF BABEL” DIGRESSION: A second speculation for this mystery would be, “The tower of Babel.” See: Genesis 11.1 to 11.19. This was after the Flood noted in Genesis 7.24. Four generations are recorded from Shem, and the Flood in 2483/82, until the “Tower of Babel.” Shem was 100 years old, Arphaxad was 35 years old, Salah was 30 years old, and Peleg was “division,” or “scattering of Tower of Babel. If he were 50 years old at the “Division” this would total 215 years; or, “division was in 2,267 BC. The “sin” is recorded like this: “And they said, ‘Come, we will build ourselves a city and a tower whose top [is] in the heavens [stratospheres]; we will make a name for ourselves lest we be scattered abroad over the face of all of earth’” - Genesis 11.4. The punishment is recorded in these words: “And ‘He Is’ (hwhy) came down to see the city and the tower which they built, sons of the Man (lba). And He said, ‘He Is’ (hwhy), ‘See, people [are] one, and lip (language) ones to all of them, and this the beginning to doing, and now, nothing is impossible from them all of that they plan to do. Come, we will go down and we will confuse there that lips (languages) that they will not understand man that lip (language) of fellow of him.’ And He scattered, ‘He Is’ (hwhy), from there over face of all of the earth, and they stopped to building the city. For this, He called name of her, “Babel” (confusion), for there ‘He Is’ (hwhy) confusing lip of all of the earth, and from


there He, ‘He Is’ (hwhy) scattered them over face of all of earth, and they stopped to building the city” – Genesis 11.5-8. My point is this: “Both the Pre-flood people, and the Post-flood people, extending to the ‘Tower of Babel’ were mentally superior to the “Old Heavens Age.” Why was this? “Does God want dummies?” There sin was, “We will make a name for ourselves.” AND – they were successful! But not for the reason they had hoped for. They made a name of “infamy” for displeasing God! Now if their hearts had been set on glorifying God, they would not have entered into this disastrous endeavor. [For centuries, the parable has endured, “Keep your feet on the ground.”] But why were the following generations made mentally inferior? “The Seven Wonders of the World,” named by past century men, had a big gap between the Egyptian Pyramids and – 1) Mausoleum at Haliicarnassus (Greek), 2) Temple of Artemis (Ephesus), 3) Walls of Babylon, 4) Statue of Helios (Rhodes), 5) Gold Statue of Zeus (Olympia), 5) Lighthouse (Alexandria). (3) The “Old Heavens” Age (2483 BC – AD 77).
LAW: Promise to Abram (2056 BC). “… I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you, and in you (your descendent, Iesous Anointed) all the families of the earth will be blessed … And He appeared, ‘He Is’ (hwhy) to Abram, and He said, ‘To Seed of you ($[dzl) I will give of the earth …’” – Genesis 12.1-3. NOTE: Plural “seeds” is not listed in the Hebrew. [dz is singular, “Seed.” “Now to Abraham and His Seed were the promises made. He does not say, ‘And to seeds,’ as of many, but as of one. And to Seed’ who is Anointed. And this I say, ‘A covenant, previously confirmed under [direction] of God into Anointed, the Law made after 430 years (2056-1626), does not annul for the making the Promise (to Abram) of no effect. For if the inheritance (resurrection) is of the Law, it is no longer of Promise; but God gave to Abraham by promise” – Gal. 3.116-18. LAW OF MOSES; 1625 BC. AAHHYYII! “No Ten Commandments in the Bible!” My soul is extremely tired of discovering false words in the “alleged” Bible translations. These false words are from: 1) The Jews’ Greek Septuagint, and: 2) The Flat Earth People. The Jews are not responsible for the false translation, “Ten Commandments.” Instead they preferred, “touj deka logouj.” This reads, “the ten words.” However, their English translation, from 1998, reads, “the ten sayings” – to which we agree. So then, “Who invented, ‘The Ten Commandments?’” NOTE: Webster’s Dictionary dates the original use of many phrases. But they failed to supply this date. The Primary Goal of the Jews’ work was to, “Deny the Names of the Gods.” They did not concentrate very much on anything else – in 250 BC. However, the “Masoretes” added the evil vowels from AD 750 to AD 950.



[God uses His enemies to perform His works – sometimes. And the corrupting “Masoretes” preserved the “Word of God” – if you are diligent in disregarding their “self-invented” vowels. Isn’t God wonderful?] “… speakings of (yrbd) the speahing of her (tyrbh)* ten of her (trv[) the speakings** (myrbdh)” – Exodus 34.28. NOTE* *&**: Here we have an inconsistency in the Hebrew. At times*, but not always**, a prefix (reading right-to-left [= h]) suppresses (meaning, “unwritten”) the first letter of the noun; in this case, “speaking”* (rbh), which is spelled, “rbd”. The first letter “d” was suppressed by the prefix “h.” In the second case** (rbdh), the first letter (d) was not “suppressed” (unwritten). These are the ”inconsistencies” of the Hebrew language, but then, this has “nothing to do with the price of eggs” in changing, “speaking” (rbd; #1697) to “commandments” (#6310 or #6680 or 4687). Number 1697 was translated, “speak, spoke, speakings” 2,243 times. The King James translators, in a Preface to, “Gentle Reader,” promised to “lie” – and not translate words the same every time. They had 50 definitions for Number 1697, including, “commandment” - 19 times. “We will not be bound by words and syllables, ‘Is not the kingdom of God more than words and syllables?’” – KJV translators. Now ponder this error a moment, and let the fact sink into your head, that no English translation has ever translated this word correctly, that is, “saying of the sayings of her, ten of her (the tablets txlh) the sayings.” Children are brainwashed from their youth to believe the “lie.” In over 1900 years, the churches have never translated this Scripture correctly. What does that indicate about, “Their love for the truth? – or, lack thereof?” How long will we continue in darkness and captivity? But we have been unable to assess responsibility for this fake term, “ten commandments.” It may have been the Jews, after the Septuagint in 250 BC. Or, perhaps the current Septuagint has been “whitewashed.” Then the greatest enemies of “truth” are, “The Flat Earth People,” and their continuous supporters. Who were these “Flat Earth People?” Pope Urbanus VIII condemned Galileo (for the second time) and placed him under threat of torture. Having heard of John Calvin and the independent Protestants in Switzerland, Galileo arrived there safely only to be burned at the stake. [Calvin and his co-elders believed in death for sin. “What sin?” The sin of teaching that, “The sun is the center of the universe.” Until that time, everyone believed that, “The earth is flat.” Several Scriptures seem to support this idea: “… He will assemble from four quarters of the earth” – Isaiah 11.12. But we speak of the “four winds” and “four quarters of the earth” today and we do not believe the earth is flat. This “independent thought” is not considered worthy of death today. This was, “The 42 Months” (Dark Ages). Men of these thoughts wrote your “alleged” pagan Bible translations which you read in your churches today. 1) All of your alleged” Bible translations have the, “Names of the Gods” (Hebrew and Greek) banned. 2) “Saved by dipping” is translated, “saved by baptism” in your translations. 3) “The meek inherit (kleros) name (onom[a]) of earth” (New Jerusalem; Mt 5.5 and others), 4) “Many others” (Jn 14.2; monai), translated “mansions” by the Flat Earth People. [If you had a “mansion” you would be


separated from God and His “one house.”] 5) The Flat Earth People could not translate the personal pronouns, “her” (auth) [Rev 21.22] and “of her” (authj) [Rev 21.22; and many others]. Instead, these feminine pronouns were recorded “it.”] 6) “Son of Baros” (son of burden; 1 Cor 14.11) rendered “barbarian”; barbaroj). “Bar-Jonah” and “bar-Iesous” mean, “Son of Jonah” and “Son of Iesous.” NOTE: “Iesous” was a mistranslastion of “Johsua” and there were probably many men with that name. (4) New Heavens Kingdom (No Churches: AD 77 to Final Resurrection). LAW: “The book with seven seals opened by the Lamb from Revelation 6.1 to Revelation 11.15.” “The Mystery of God was ended” – Revelation 7.10 and 11.15. – September 20, 1870. The “Kingdom” was undetected by the “world” that was out to kill them. “And when the Dragon (Satan) saw that he was thrown to the Earth (meaning out of Pagan Rome’s Government [heaven]), he persecuted the Woman (New Covenant) who gave birth to the Male (Iesous). And to the Woman were given two wings of the great Eagle so that She might be nourished there a Time, and Times, and Half of a Time [3-1/2 Years = 42 Months = 1260 Years], from face of the Serpent (Satan). And the Serpent cast from [place] of the mouth of him water as a River (Mark of the Beast in the Forehead [Mind]) after the Woman [New Testament] so that he might make her to be carried off. And the Earth (European Nations) helped the Woman, and the Earth opened her mouth and drank up the River [Mark of Beast in Mind] which the Dragon (Satan) cast out of the mouth of him. And the Dragon (Satan) was angry over the Woman (New Covenant), and he went to make war with rest of the Seed of her, the [ones] keeping the commands of the God having the Testimony (Revelation) of Iesous” – Rev 12.13-17. During the Second Dark Ages (Satan Loosed A Little: Rev 20.1-3), I have read many church Doctors boldly proclaim that this never happened. There was not a single man to oppose their blasphemy. Promise from God for you: “And the Devil (preacher), the [one] deceiving them was thrown into the Lake of the fire and of holy God (Qeiou)* where the Beast (Papacy) and the False Prophet (Pope) [is] also. And they will be tormented day and night into the ages of the ages” – Rev 20.10. NOTE *: This is a double-abbreviation (and, there are others) meaning: Qe[ou] [Ag]iou. This is translated, “of Holy God.” This phrase is mistranslated, “brimstone” 18 times. But we know better. Now then, because this “throwing in the lake” has been accomplished before (Rev 19.20), and is historically described, and because it is preceded by other prophecies (made known by God), we find no difficulty with this verse. “The fall of Babylon in One Day/Year and in One Hour/15 days” was from June 4, 1859 (Battle of Magenta) to 1860, Battle of Two Sicilies (won by Garibaldi) to September 20, 1870 (Battle of Rome). The expositors of the, “Thousand Year Reign” referred this secular historical record to Revelation 16.10-11 and Revelation 20.1-2. An eleven year period was being referred to then, and now. June 4, 1859 to September 20, 1870. AD 2004 to AD 2015. We are on the threshold of victory with God. Several systems of Atheism will be exposed: 1) “The Death of God Theology” from the 1960s will be deserted, and men will return to the, “Living God Faith.” 2) The Bibles banning the names of the Gods will be shunned. 3) The God of prophecy will be believed again. 4) “Preachers” and “Doctors” will be banned. 5) “Receiving the Seven Spirits of God” will empower the kingdom of God, “New Jerusalem.” 6) Governmental associations will be deserted. 7) The “1900 Year Gap” with no living God (of the Jews and of the churches) will be exposed.


This is the simple (and non-speculated) Bible message. Next we will survey the obituaries and resurrections in the Bible. It is my sad duty to inform you that millions of people today believe that they are still back in the First Century AD. God warned you that the, “Little Horn” (“Beast” in Revelation) would control your minds, and teach you that, “Three equals two.” God even named, ”Three Blasphemies of the Beast” (Rev 13.6) that you would believe. Aahh me! All for naught! All for naught! [You do not trust your Living God!] “… He (Little Horn) thinks to change times and law” – Dan. 7.25. “And he opened the mouth him in blasphemy against the God to blaspheme the name of Him (“Iesous Anointed” changed to “Jesus Christ” in AD 17.38), and the dwelling of Him (New Jerusallem – Rev 21.3), the [ones] who dwell in heaven (Resurrection in, “ten days” – Rev 2.10; AD 77” – Rev 13.6. Nobody believes God – everyone believes the Pope. Look at “eight” of the Pope’s “3 = 2” blasphemies. PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT A.D. 70 DEBATE Don Preston of the Ardmore Church of Christ in Ardmore, Oklahoma, will defend the proposition, “The Bible teaches that the second, or final coming of Christ occurred at A.D. 70 in the destruction of Jerusalem.” Bill Lockwood of the Marlow Church of Christ in Marlow, Oklahoma, will defend the proposition, “The Bible teaches that the second, or final coming of Christ is yet future and will occur at the end of the Christian dispensation.” Place: Civic Auditorium in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Time: November 30 through December 4 (except Wednesday) at 7:00 each night. A second debate will be held in Marlow on this topic in May, 1993. [This was in 1992.] COMPARE THE BIBLE: “For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. For as in Adam all die, even so, in the Anointed all shall be made alive. But each in his own order: The Anointed (Cristoj) the firstfruits (#1 - AD 32), afterward those who are the Anointed’s at His coming (#2 - AD 77), then the End, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father” - 1 Cor 15.21-24. Final Resurrection at End of Time - Rev 20.11-15; Rev 21.7-8 (#3). 1. Iesous (Cristoj) teaches: Saul (#1), Ishbosheth (#2), and then David (#3). See: Saul - 1 Samuel 9.16, 10.1; Ishbosheth - 2 Samuel 2.10; David - 2 Samuel 5.5. A) The False Prophet (Pope) teaches; David is #2. (3 = 2.) 2. Iesous teaches: Iesous was 3 Days and 3 Nights in the Earth. Matt 12.40, Acts 10.40. A) The Beast teaches; 1.5 days = Good Friday. (3 = 1.5.)


3. Iesous teaches: 3 General Resurrections - 1 Cor 15.21-24; Rev 1.18 (#1), 14.14-16 (#2), 20.1115 (#3). A) The Pope teahes - only two! (3 = 2.) 4. Iesous teaches: 6 Particular Resurrections. Enoch (3466 BC), Elijah (896 BC), Iesous our Savior (AD 32), “this generation” (AD 32-77) or the “Old Heavens,” and the “First Resurrection” (AD 1775), and the End of Time, or the “New Heavens” resurrection. A) #666, and his progeny teach - only two! (6 = 2.) 5. Iesous teaches: 3 Dispensations of Man on earth. Pre-flood (2Pet 3.6), and Old Heavens (3.7-10), and New Heavens (3.13); 2 Pet 3.6-13. A) The Pope teaches - only two!. (3=2.). [First Century resurrection (AD 77) = First Resurrection (AD 1775); End of Time = Resurrection of the "lost only".] 6. Iesous teaches: Blessed are those Who - Read (#1), Hear (#2), Keep (#3). See: Rev 1.3. A) The Pope teaches - only two! “Keeping the word” is scorned. (3 = 2.) 7. Iesous teaches: 3 Dippings of the Holy Spirit. The Jews - Acts 2, the Gentiles - Acts 10.44, New Jerusalem - Zec 12.10, Rev 1.7, 22.1-2. A) The Pope teaches only two! (3 = 2.) [The Jews and Gentiles only are taught.] 8. Iesous (Cristoj) teaches: 3 Traits of a Prophet: Immediate Message, and Short-term Prophecy, and Long-term Prophecy. A) The Pope teaches - only two! (3 = 2.). [Long-term prophecy is dogmatically denied.] Iesous is not allowed to be a Prophet in the churches today. They deny the Lord's prophecies in these ways: 1) Revelation is confined to the First Century, 2) God is only in the future, 3) They teach that prophecies completed before AD 77, are about today. They really teach that the majority of the Old Testament prophecies are uncompleted. These include: The End of the Law (AD 77), and The End of the "70 Weeks" (455 BC - AD 35), and "the death of Gog" (Nebuchadnezzar; 572 BC; Eze 38 & 39), and the End of the 2300 Days (167 BC - AD 77; with a multiplier of "38"), and the End of the 1335 Days (1258 BC - AD 77), and The Founding of the Kingdom of God (AD 77). Besides this the churches deny almost all of the prophecies in Revelation that the Protestant expositors had identified as being completed. The major ones are: Rome, Five Months, Constantinople, Fall of Babylon, Armageddon (AD 1820-1923), The Mark of the Beast is in the Forehead (Mind) and in the Hand (Utility & Donations). Next we will discuss obituaries and resurrections. This will define the “dead” faiths today.








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