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April 2021

The Cornerstone
Volume 43 Number 4

Minden United Church of Christ

Pastor Brian Wohlhuter
Phone 712-483-2903
Parsonage 712-407-2370
106 Lincoln St. Box 218, Minden, IA 51553

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

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Amy Larivere Kathy Kirkpatrick Brian Wohlhuter

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Easter Worship 7:00 Emily Murley Cassie P:rice
Jason Schneckloth
Bruce Price
Gene & Bonnie
Dollen Anniversary
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Worship 10:00 George Conn Rebecca Hill Tracey Fox Deni Richard
James Watson Eric Shriver
Chelsey Parks
Traci Ring
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Worship 10:00 Calvin Manhart Sydney Murley
Brian Lund Vivian Dau
David W. Bintz Wendy Barrett

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Worship 10:00 Jill Shriver Dianne Ehlers
Marlene Campbell Jamie Calhoon Jason Ehlers
Terri Conn
Easter Service
April 4, 2021
7:00 a.m.

Maundy Thursday Tenebrae Service

April 1, 2021
6:30 p.m.


Worship at the

on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Face Masks Suggested

and on Facebook Live

Annual Mee)ng – 1/10/2021
37 Members present.
Will have special mee5ng to discuss selling/not selling land across highway
No Sunday or Group 3:16 this year due to COVID-19
Big projects this year: fix steps out front. Need more bids and ideas
Will look into cost to get sound system controls moved to back of church. Possibly pay with
Memorial fund money

Nomina)ng Report:
Mary Campbell, Jennier Bruck nominated to church board-approved- Joyce O./Charlie Leaders

Budge 2021:
PPP Loan from last year was forgiven. Secretary salary lower since she is working from home.
Mid-American bill is also lower because we don’t heat the educa5onal unit because no Sunday
Budget for 2021 approved- Charlie L./Mary Campbell
Mee5ng adjourned.
Maundy Thursday
April 1, 2021
Minden UCC
Board Mee)ng – January 2021
Members present: Rod & Michelle O., Mary C., Tracey, R., Jerry M., Jennifer B., Bonnie D., Pastor
Minutes: minutes from last month approved. Pam/Michelle
Pastor’s Report: Kelly Manhart wedding on Jan. 2. Evan Manhart passed away this morning. Prayer
updates: Richard Dau and Dick Jensen. There will be an Ash Wed. Service but no soup supper on
February 14th. One Easter service at 7:00am, April 4th. Pastor Martha from First Presbyterian in
Neola and Pastor Brian will do a video series for an online Lent devo5onal.
Treasurer’s Report: Deb’s salary will stay the same this year. Mid-American bill went down because
of no Sunday school. PPP Loan from last year has been forgiven.
Mission Fund: Nothing new to report
Trustee’s: door closer broken on fellowship hall outside door. Talked a bit about the need to update
parsonage bathroom. Pam D. has been in contact with Mid-American about ge_ng LED’s lights or
fixtures in church. There is a rebate program available so she is working to see what it would cost to
get LED lights in some fixtures. S5ll looking for bids on step repair. Bell tower leaks a bit and
wooden slates need to be painted.

Memorial Fund: Looking at moving sound system controls to the back of the church. Will get some
bids and see if this is prac5cal/affordable.
New Business: Chicken Dinner March 7th 11 to 1:00pm. To-Go orders only. Plan for 150 people,
have Jeff Hodges do chicken and he’ll have some more ready to make. Potatoes, buns, veggies,
coleslaw and everything else will be donated. Free will dona5on.
Voted Bonnie Dollen and President and Dana Martens as Vice President. Mary/Jerry
Voted to pay music license again. Pam/Mary
Scooby only bid for snow removal.
Mee5ng adjourned
Easter Service
April 4, 2021
7:00 a.m.
Minden United Church of Christ
Special dates
• Maundy Thursday, April 1, 2021
• Good Friday, April 2, 2021
• Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021
• Administrative Professionals Day, April 21, 2021

Holy hilarity!
LILY—The lily that blooms More churches lately have been
around Easter is a symbol resurrecting (pardon the pun!) the
of Christ’s resurrection early-church tradition of celebrating
because it rises from a the second Sunday of Easter as Holy
seemingly lifeless bulb Humor Sunday, affirming the season’s
joy. Need some jokes for April 11? Try

Easter is the only time when it’s

perfectly safe to put all your eggs in
one basket.

Knock knock. Who’s
there? Hatch. Hatch who? God bless

What should you do after eating so

many Easter treats? Eggs-ercise!

Why shouldn’t you tell an Easter egg a

joke? It might crack up!

An irate subscriber called the

newspaper, demanding to know where
her Sunday edition was. “Ma’am,” said
the employee, “today is Saturday. The
Sunday paper isn’t delivered until
Sunday.” After a brief pause, the caller
spoke with a ray of recognition: “So
that’s why no one was in church
Minden UCC Board Mee)ng March 14th, 2021
Those acending: Mary, Tracey, Rob, Michelle, Pam and Pastor Brian
Pastor’s report
• Maundy Thursday Service have it in the church not the chapel this year
• 1 service at Easter 7:00am
• VBS with Neola and Minden this year
• This is Tracy’s last year to head this
• Prayers for those who are healing in our church
Treasurer’s report
• Was read and approved by Mary and seconded by Michelle
• To keep our website domain $28/year—approved
• To stream music on line $68/year—approved
• To buy a cord for the camera for the internet, online service, $60--approved
Mission Fund -no report
Someone needed a night in the hotel, we paid ½ price for a night
• Leak in the chapel especially with the wind/rain
• Ted Denning, Mary suggested to come help us with the problem
• Mowing bids came in and EZ Enterprizes, owned by Steve Christensen, would like to donate
their 5me as a dona5on as a memorial for his Dad, Jerry Christensen for 3 years.
• Water spout in bathtub has a hole in the parsonage, call plumber per board
• Mary wondered if we could epoxy the steps by a professional, will check when they can come
look at the steps

Congrega)onal mee)ng in 2 weeks to discuss if the congrega)on would want to sell or not sell land
across from the church.
Minden United Church of Christ
Box 218, 106 Lincoln Street
Minden, Iowa 51553