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FOG HORN April 2021

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Vortex Optics Viper Micro Red Dot

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Vortex Optics Viper Micro Red Dot 2021

Vortex Optics Viper Micro Red

By: Sal Palma

The sight is adjustable for both windage and

elevation in 1 MOA increments.

Vortex Optics is one of a few premier purveyors

of outstanding optics. The HD line of optical
accessories requires no introduction; enjoying a
global reputation for superb optical clarity and

Vortex offers a full line of red dot sights of

which the Viper and Venom are two. In the
micro red dot line, the senior citizen is definitely
the Viper, having been introduced in 2015. But,
do not underestimate its senior status, the
Viper is very capable.

The Viper is
powered by a single
CR2032 that keeps
its 6 MOA dot
Vortex has included two locking screws, one for
illuminated for 150
wind and elevation. The screws prevent any loss
hours in the
of zero from recoil or impact. You’ll need to
brightest setting and up to 30,000 hours in its
loosen the locking screws to zero the sight, but
lowest setting.
once zeroed you’ll need to tighten the locking
screws to maintain zero during firing.

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Vortex Optics Viper Micro Red Dot 2021
3. The Viper shares the same footprint as
the Company’s Venom Red dot, the
Burris Fastfire and the Docter red dot,
so finding a mounting plate won’t
require scouring the planet.

Having identified those positive points, the

Viper’s senior status is revealed by its battery
placement and the use of locking screws to
maintain zero, both designs commonly found
on the original micro red dot sights entering the
My range session consisted of firing 50 rounds
of .45 ACP 230 gr ball through the FN FNX 45 Replacing the battery requires removing the
Tactical – it would have been 100 rounds had I sight from the slide or its Picatinny mount.
been able to find .45 ACP 230 gr ball, I’ll leave it Adjusting zero on a pistol where the rear sight is
at that. Throughout my shooting, there was no retained requires removing the sight.
shift in zero from recoil or a slight impact I
included in the interest of thoroughness.

There were three features that I truly

appreciate in the Viper.

1. The 6 MOA dot is very visible and in my

opinion ideal for pistol work or PDW
platforms. Target acquisition is
extremely fast and will keep you in the
2. The sight sits low on a competently
machined slide. This makes a co-
I felt that the Viper’s ideal platform is a PDW
witnessing arrangement possible, as
like the FN P90 or PS90. Here, locking screws
there’s nothing like quick access to your
are easily accessible making adjusting zero less
iron sights when your red dot goes
The Vortex Optics Viper is a robust, waterproof
and shockproof micro red dot that will serve
you well. When combined with the Vortex
Optics VIP warranty for life program it’s a
winning proposition regardless of where it is


Copyright 2020, Twobirds Flying Publications, All Rights Reserved

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