mo^.t va`i ddo^.

ng tu*`

some verbs

da^'u sa('c ---------nho*' to miss, remember muo^'n to want uo^'ng to drink to bring xa'ch la.i he^'t to end, finish, expire no'i to speak hi't inhale ca('n bite ha't sing tha^'y to see la^'y to take nha('n to send message to*'i to come, arrive, reach dde^'n to come, arrive, to get in gio*'i thie^.u to introduce no'i chuye^.n to chat dde^'m to count [ dde^'m tu*` 1 dde^'n 3 ] ti'nh to count dda'nh to beat,strike dda'nh thu*'c to wake co' the^? can pha't hie^.n to discover chu' y' to*'i to pay attention to la`m cho co' hie^.u lu*.c validate no'i vo*'i to tell ba'o ca'o to report no'i la.i to report ba('t to capture ba('t dda^u to start da'n to attach ddu*'ng to stand ghe't to hate ca(m ghe't to hate ga('n va`o to apply ba'o tru*o*'c to notice chu*' y' to notice thi'ch to like la'i xe to drive xoa' to erase la^'y to take, remove no^'i la.i to join no^'i to connect pha't ddie^.n to generate electricity kie^'m to get chu*'a ddu*.ng to contain ro't dda^`y to fill ma^'t to lose, misplace cu*' to continue , to keep on dda'nh mo^.t gia^'c ngu? tru*a to take a noon nap dda'nh to beat, strike, fight, combat da^'u huye^`n -----------nhi`n to look at

du`ng to use need ca^`n need ddo`i ho?i la`m to do xay du*.ng to build ca^`m la.i to bring cu*o*`i to smile ddie^`n va`o cho^~ tro^'ng to fill in the blanks du`ng tru*o*'c to anticipate ti`m to search ti`m tha^'y to find lo*` ddi to ignore la`m ngo* to ignore kho^ng dde^? y' to ignore [ not notice ] mo*`i to invite la`m chu? to control tha`nh co^ng to succeed ngo^`i to sit va`o to enter, come in ca^`m to handle ca^`m to hold ba`y ra to display phu` ho*.p to correspond ca^`u kha^?nh to invoke cho*` to wait dde^` pho`ng to prevent la`m ta(ng to enhance ddie^`n to fill in ddie^`n va`o cho^~ tro^'ng to fill in blanks bi`nh to recite mu*`ng glad, happy [ verb: to rejoice, congratulate ] da^'u ho?i --------thu*? to try thu*? to test ngu? to sleep su*?a to correct hie^?u to understand kie^?m tra to verify ca?m tha^'y feel gia?i thi'ch to explain gia?i thi'ch to demonstrate dde^? to put [ also: 'in order to' hay 'so that' ] dde^? to let, to keep, dde^? y' to notice, pay attention tra? lo*`i to answer ho?i to ask, to question qua?n ly' to manage na?y to bounce gu*?i to send chuye^?n giao to deliver mo*? to open chi? ro~ to specify nghi? to rest nghi? ngo*i to rest gia?m to reduce, to decrease

cha?y to flow chua^?n bi. to prepare ddo^? dda^`y to fill bo? to quit thi?nh ca^`u to request chuye^?n to move da^'u nga~ --------nghi~ to think nghi~a to mean dda~ modal - did nga~ to fall ha~y let's [ imperative ] goes b4 verb , imperative ddi goes after verb giu*~ to keep tru*~ to store da^'u nga.n ----------ga(.p to meet ddo*.i to wait mu*o*.n to borrow ta^.p to practice thu*.c ha`nh to practice du*o*.c can cha.y to work, to function , to operate cha.y to run ta.o to create cho.n to choose go.i to call go.i to name co^.ng to add bi. tha^'t ba.i to fail do^.ng to move, to collide thu*.c hie^.n to realize ta^.p trung to focus [ your attention ] ta^.p trung su*. chu' y' to focus ones attention phu. thuo^.c va`o to depend on lo.c to filter cha^.m hie^?u to be slow at understanding nha^.n to accept lu*.a cho.n to select ho*.p to suit, to fit, to agree buo^.c to force, compel ta^.p luye^.n to exercise ho.c to study kho^ng da^'u ----------ra to go out xem watch xin please give a(n to eat cho*i to play/go out ro*i to drop nghe to hear ddang modal verb happening now

du*a la.i to bring mang la.i to bring ddem la.i to bring tha(m to visit cho xem to show quen get to know , become acquainted with que^n forget xong finish ne^n should sao la.i to copy thay ddo^?i to change, to transform du*a pass [ the salt ] ddi to go ddi ve^` to go back co^ng nha^.n to recognize ghi che'p to take notes ghi nho*' to notes xem xe't ky~ to inspect mong cho*` to expect nga(n ngu*`a to prevent cho phe'p to allow ga^y ra to cause hy to hope thoo^i to stop no more, ever mong to hope, expect lo to worry ke^u to cry kho^ng the^? cannot o^m to embrace, hug hy to hope dde^` nghi. to suggest ddi ngu*.a to ride mo* to dream