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we know how to create and manage integrated. then twice daily it automatically shifts more dollars towards those high-performing elements. See for yourself where your dollars yield more conversions. effective and easiest way to bring more local consumers into your showrooms. And whether your potential consumers are spending time on a site that’s all about autos. The Broadest Reach Online. The result? Better performance and higher ROI on your advertising spend.                  © 2009 ReachLocal. in Reach. you have more control over building your brand name and getting more exposure to stand out from the pack. Whether you want national campaigns. you already know how valuable online advertising is to your business. With ReachLocal. web solutions or more. ReachDisplay Behavioral for Auto ensures your ad is seen by consumers who actually want to hear from you. Spend less for leads with the most efficient. local-focused marketing strategies available. or just surfing variety sites (like the local newspaper). Our search engine advertising solution that covers 98% of the places  North Americans search online. Auto Groups get: Strong Brand Control. Privacy Policy   Sitemap . and get the nitty-gritty breakdown of how your budget is bringing in more phone calls and visits with our detailed online reports. multi-level Internet marketing campaigns that address your specific goals and needs. We deliver best-in-class online advertising solutions and the deepest publisher relationships that put your brand in front of consumers at every purchase readiness level as they surf. Inc. *Estimate based on comScore and ReachLocal proprietary data. entertainment. Your brand is your most valuable asset. REACHLOCAL® is a registered trademark.5467 Auto UK Australia Canada Xchange Media Xchange Solutions Directory Follow us:       . we’ll work with you to find the perfect blend. lifestyle and automotive sites. l Ready to see what ReachLocal can do? Contact us today for your free customized proposal! Publishers Services Consulting Creative Solutions Display Advertising Search Engine Advertising Tracking Performance Success Stories Facts and Figures Reporting Reverse Proxy Conversion Based Optimization Remarketing Corporate Main About ReachLocal Investors Contact Us Careers Press Team Call Ron Goodman Digital Media Consultant Sites Recognition (228) 243 . As a pioneer and leader in the local online advertising industry. Reaching the right audience at the right time has never been easier. and socialize online. So let us put our experience to work for your organization. Our display advertising network reaches over 90%* of US Internet  users across thousands of their favorite national and local news. Only ReachLocal offers automotive businesses like yours a chance to advertise directly to the consumer – not through a third party. Performance-Based Optimization. regional co-ops or single-dealership strategies.5467 ePark10 Call (228) 243-5467 ePark10 Call Ron Who We Help Agencies Automotive Groups Corporate Brands Franchise Systems Manufacturers & Dealers Multifamily Home › Who We Help Local Online Marketing Solutions for Automotive Businesses. What you may not know is that a locally-targeted Internet marketing campaign is the most affordable. l The Power of Independence. search. By advertising directly to potential consumers online.ABOUT REACHLOCAL CONTACT US REACHLOCAL SITES A u t o m o t i v e G r o u p s ReachLocal Partner Goodman at (228) 243 . Whether you’re an OEM. So whether you need brand guidelines. Monitor the ROI of your campaigns with deeply detailed reports that track all web activities and phone calls generated by your ads. best practices. All Rights Reserved. dealer group or single-point auto dealership. we’ll develop a program that delivers and protects your brand message consistently across all the locations you serve. then apply those key learnings to different regions to turn up the performance for other campaigns. We’ve run thousands of successful digital advertising campaigns for auto groups with multiple locations. *Hitwise 2009 ReachDisplay™. Built into every ReachLocal campaign is conversionbased optimization: technology that learns over time which sites and keywords drive the most conversions. l Detailed Reports That Prove Performance. ReachSearch™.

3 478 $ 28.1 300 $ 28.txt Optimization W3c Validation Working on HTML Source Code Image & Hyperlink Optimization Header Tag Optimization PageRank Sculpting 15 25 52 84 120 Local Search Website Optimization Local Search Engine Submission Customer Review Submission hCard Integration Updating Pages for Local Search .ePark10 – Call Ron Goodman Digital Media Consultant at (228) 243-5467 VALUE Total 6 Months Cost Total Man Hours Hourly Rate BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM 100 $ 29.2 812 $ 19 On-page Optimization Keyword Research Title Tag Optimization Robots.9 168 $ 29.

Website Usability & Conversion Installing Usability Tool on Website Monthly Website Conversions Tracking Content Optimization Website Content Writing Blog Writing Article Writing Press Release Writing Total Social Bookmarking Blog Submission Press Release Submission Article Submission PowerPoint Presentation Submission Video Submission Photo Sharing RSS Feeds 5 3 6 1 15 10 6 12 2 30 15 9 18 3 45 Web 2.0 and Social Media Optimization 20 30 50 75 100 10 15 10 20 15 30 15 20 25 15 40 15 30 35 15 50 15 Link Development Manual Link Requests to Related Sites One Way Links 450 50 600 75 1140 100 1475 125 1625 150 .

. we shall submit to various sites with optimized tags. Press Releases. Yahoo & MSN Sitemap Creation Google Base Feeds * Upto 25 products Upto 50 Upto 75 products products Upto 100 products Reports Google Analytics (Statistics) Current Performance Monthly SEO Report Customer Support Email Chat Telephone We also provide À la carte service for $20 per hour in which you can decide which services you want.If you have video presentation of your business.If you are offering products. NOTE: * Google base feeds . Social Media Optimization Google and other search engines have started including Local search. This can be as simple as submitting your website to select few local directories to a complex task of creating a video about your business and making it popular on sites like You Tube or rank the video on Google search for your website keywords. Products. etc in their main search results. Videos. Hence the overall SEO strategy should include some form of Web 2.0 and Social Media optimization.from Directory Submissions Other Activities Google. * Video Optimization .

significantly reducing costs.epark10. This is our most popular solution for directory advertisers. Original Style Videos Original combines original footage captured at your customer’s location with a professionallywritten script and voiceover narration to create the most effective video ad. require different types of Page 1 of 4 . even in the same industry. This style eliminates the need for an on-location shoot.ePark10Product Options Video Solutions One size definitely doesn’t fit all. Montage Style Videos The Montage Style will provide an option for customers who do not want to appear in their video or do not have a need for us to capture original footage. easy to buy and fast to produce. Video Styles We recommend offering three styles of videos to your customers in a good. if we should find the need to create a new video package for your advertisers. recording customized voiceover and inserting customer-provided images. Video Solutions Pricing Below is a snapshot of your pricing for all of the video packages. best product suite. we will be happy to work with your team to create a new product. better. We have included both 30second and 60-second pricing options for our Montage and Original packages. This style combines pre-existing images and/or footage provided by the advertiser or from our extensive library of stock images and footage with a professionally-written script and voiceover narration to create a unique custom video ad. In our extensive experience with online marketing firms. ePark10. The ads include industry specific ads for many of the most common businesses as well as general concept ads. However. Offering all of these packages to a customer would probably confuse them and slow the sales process. | T 228-243-5467 | F 702-442-6355 | www. Many of the Ready Ads allow for various degrees of customization to fit the needs of the advertiser including customizing on-screen text. we have found that this set of products will meet the needs of nearly all of your advertisers. This approach gives you the flexibility to meet the varying needs of your customers. we have found that different customers. Ready Ads Our Ready Ad product is an online library 15-30 second pre-produced videos ads which could be customized by the advertiser via an online application. The products we recommend are the Ready Ads. As a result. In our experience. so we can work with you to select the most appropriate options. we have used the knowledge we have gained to simplify the product offerings and our production process to make it simple to sell. so we’ve created a range of solutions to meet the varying needs and budgets of your customers. Montage Style and Original style videos.

ePark10 Product Options Video Style Length Customized Text Only Cost $249 $279 $299 $649 $799 $1249 $1399 ReadyAds Customized Text and Voiceover Customized Text. • • PixelFish will receive orders electronically or via a web interface provided by PixelFish Orders will include the following: o Company name as it will appear in the ad o Company Page 3 of 4 . phone number and URL as it will appear in the ad o Contact name and email address o Shoot date. time and location for videos requiring a shoot o Any images or logos provided by the advertiser o Answers to a few brief questions about the advertiser PixelFish will provide a single videographer who will be on-location for 1 hour to capture video footage for a 30-second video and 2 hours for a 60-second video PixelFish will contact the advertiser to confirm the shoot date If a shoot is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the shoot. | T 228-243-5467 | F 702-442-6355 | www. Voiceover and Images Montage Style Montage Style Original Style Original Style 30 Second 60 Second 30 Second 60 Second Video Package Assumptions Below are the associated assumptions for the Video packages priced and described above. either in advance or while our videographer is on-location. a re-edit fee of $200 will apply • • • • • • ePark10. a fee of $200 per hour will apply The advertiser will have one review and re-edit of their video Should the advertiser request any changes to the video beyond what is allowed. a shoot cancellation fee of $200 will apply (we are charged this by the shooter as they are unable to fill the time with other work with such short notice) If the advertiser requests additional field production time.epark10.

ePark10 Product Options Video Package Details The following are the details for the Montage and Original video packages priced above. graphics.epark10. including voiceover dialogue • One hour on-location video shoot for a 30-second video (2 hour for 60-second video) by a one person crew • Record professional voiceover narration • Post-production required to create your video including editing. royalty free music and narration • One video review and revision Original Style Video • Production of a video up to 30-seconds or 60-seconds in length • Pre-production planning and scheduling • Create original concept design and script development. Page 4 of 4 . Description Montage Style Video • Production of a video up to 30-seconds or 60-seconds in length • Pre-production planning and scheduling • Create original concept design and script development. | T 228-243-5467 | F 702-442-6355 | www. including voiceover dialogue • Integrate client supplied images and logo as well as our stock footage • Record professional voiceover narration • Post-production required to create your video including editing. royalty free music and narration • One video review and revision ePark10.

Epark10 “Let Us Show You How” Call Digital Marketing Consultant 243Ron Goodman at (228) 243-5467 .

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