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Sample Family Reunion

“July 27 – 29, 2007”

Dear Family Members,

Hello! The official reunion hotel is the Doubletree Hotel. The cost for a
double or single occupancy room is $109.00 per night. Please call the Doubletree at
215-671-9600 to reserve your room. Be sure to ask for the Sample Family Reunion
Attached you will find several forms. One form included is the t-shirt form.
Shirts are available up to size 5x. Also included is the family reunion activities form.
We need a count of how many people are planning to attend. Please complete the
form and send it in along with a payment.
The third form is for the family update. Please complete the form by
including the name of any family member who falls into one of the categories as well
as the date of the occurrence. We wish to share this information during the “White
Night” on Friday.
As you may know, we are honoring the fourth generation at this reunion.
There will be a collage of pictures of the fourth generation on the cover. Please send
in a photo from their younger years if one is available. If no younger photos are
available, any clear photo will do.
We would also like to include a biographical page of each fourth generation
relative in the reunion program booklet. Each branch should submit a one-page
biography of the fourth generation member along with the family tree (on a
separate sheet of paper) stemming from the 4th generation member. The biography
should be typed in Times New Roman font size 12 or 14, standard margins. If the
biography does not fill the page, you may want to include a photo of the 4th
generation member. Please submit the biography and family tree by April 28, 2007.
Each branch will elect someone to read the biography at the “White Night”.
Please limit the readings to 5 minutes. If a photo CD or a PowerPoint slideshow of
the 4th generation member and their family is submitted in advanced, we will play
the slideshow during the reading of the biography.
We are excited about the reunion, and hope to hear from you soon! Please send
completed forms and payments to:

Sample Family Reunion

c/o Ms. Wanda Campbell
1520 N. Bailey Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121

The Sample Family Philadelphia Reunion