Sigils and seals

What they are, how they work and what to do with them By Josephine McCarthy
When people first begin to work with signs and sigils, they often misunderstand what these signs are and how they work: they assume, in our fine modern world of psychology, that the signs/sigils stand for something or represent something. Wrong. Sigils and seals once formed, are fragments of the power that they come from and they can work as a part of the original hive being, be it demon or angel. So for example, if you work with an order of being that is very powerful, and then later you want to work again with that same quality of power, but without the full on nuclear power hit, then you would work with the sigil of that being in vision or in ritual i.e. a fragment of it. The other way of working with these fragments is to string a few of them together so that they work in harmony and join their powers to create a specific form of magic, usually protective. Just make sure that the powers that you bind together get on: war raging will not a powerful pentacle make! Angelic and demonic sigils The sigil of an angel or a demon is like a fragment of their power, and also a key to their power when used correctly. When you want to work with an angelic or demonic being, firstly you need its name, function or its sigil to bridge to this specific being. There are three basic ways to do this type of work: either you bring the being to you, or you go to them, or you bridge them into something through the sigil or name. The thing to remember regardless of which way you go, is that these powers are not a joke: they will kill without thought and they will bring destruction down upon you if you prompt them to. If you use the sigils to ritually bring the angel/demon to you, then be prepared to use a lot of energy, mess your room up and have fleeting contact. It’s not a very efficient way to work as you never get enough time to actually do anything, and the energy it takes to bridge that being into your world is not eco conscious. And if you are successful and they decide they like it here and you did not attend your sigils correctly, they may decide not to go. Having the name of a demon with not give you power over it ritually. The name of a demon is a small keyhole into its job description, but not its true expression or power. So by banishing by name, you banish only what is expressed through that name, not the whole being itself. So you can end up in a dangerous dance with an unnamed power that you have invited into your world. The whole issue of the power behind named angels and demons is a book in itself and is a complex messy history of ritual power binding The second method is to go to them using the sigil. To do this you work in vision and use the sigil as a guide: you descend or ascend the abyss or pass through the void using the sigil as a key and a guide. When you are at the right area, the sigil will appear on the walls or tunnel entrances in the abyss, or the one you are holding will glow. It is safer to commune with these beings and ask them to help you in their own realm and in their own form.It works well, the work does manifest out into the outer world and they operate at their own power level because they are on home turf. The problem is your ability to hold it together in the depths or heights of

Today’s usage is more or less the same. The sigil itself holds the power of that being and allows you to draw a little upon it: it is like a mini me.e. Once you find the area with the corresponding sigil. So if you are after sealing or protection. just find the least exhausting. and they must be used correctly for it all to work. so stupidity can be a saving grace sometimes. although personally I find it easier to take demons back home and deposit them where they belong rather than end up with a house full of containers that some idiot could open one day. and they were used around the neck to protect the body from invasion and impact. Angels are just as dangerous as demons and demons can be just as helpful as angels: just make sure you know their job description! If you are still at the baby phase of wanting to use magic to get a big car or a big willy. make it more powerful and stop it being messed with). The sigils and script around the bowl would encase the demon and stop it escaping. you make your connection with the being. If you are attracted as I am to red buttons.the abyss. to build or destroy a temple etc. So to work with demons or angels their sigils or names are very important as part of the working tools. and will need to be able to navigate yourself around without being distracted or glamoured. or to smite the neighbours/ex wife/boss. An ancient and impressive version of the use of magical seals is the Babylonian demon bowls. This is a demon ‘prison’. Egypt and Mesopotamia. They were used upon thresholds to affect the person who crossed them. to seal something into a container. it tends not to work. . do your homework. or power in sealing something for example. It takes a lot of energy (all angelic and demonic work will whack you one way or another. The magical seals are made up of a ‘sentence’ of angelic/demonic sigils combined with sacred text and sometimes a deity sigil. working on a seriously magically bound or pinned land. and be clear about what you need from them. Magically they were mainly used for protection. sort out the task that drew you there in the first place. do your inner workouts. human skull or bone with sigils and script upon it.. like the impressive ones used by eighteenth and nineteenth century magical groups are and were used for a wide variety of good and bad intentions. which doesn’t work for everything. but does work well in some circumstances. The third method. The ‘sentence’ would sometimes be encased in an over all sign to contain it and pressurise it (i. The use of magical seals stretches back far in to antiquity. or to keep beings out of a building or area.) and it is more dangerous. and then get out. Sensible reasons for working with such beings would be for major exorcism. Luckily if you don’t know what you are doing. Just make sure you have a very good reason to work with such beings and that you are fully aware of what they are and what they do.. Magical seals Magical seals. simple use the sigil with specific focused intent on what ever needs protecting or sealing. usually by working with other beings. This is where you need to know the power levels of these beings. and move thoughtfully and carefully. to the world of ancient Sumer. a trap in which a demonic entity has been trapped and sealed. is the pure use of the sigil. Such magical sealing is still in use today. Inside is often eggshell. then I can tell you from burned experience: if you want to work directly with one of these beings. I would suggest you do not use these beings: you may be in for a major learning curve if you do. which are vessels covered in script and glued together with pitch. If you are simply looking for their protection. You will have to know how to protect yourself without blocking your ability to work. then you would just use the sigil.

what particles. If an angelic being appeared before you as a cube. then they will draw the being or power to them and the being gets trapped in the endless patterns as though mesmerised. i. It is logical.In modern magic. It is best to use them when you have to do heavy magic and you are under the weather or under a major attack. seals are most often used as protection. stones and chambers. swords. cool power and dress up using images from our own minds so that we can interact with them and understand what they are about. they will trap whatever is in there: the whole surface needs to be covered in interlocking swirls. nice hair do. teeth. and they are both littered with workers who are maladjusted. If you are so heavily protected that nothing can ever get near you. you would blink and scratch your head before finding yourself fried to a crisp. fancy armour. not curiosity and fear. Physics and magic are basically the same thing with different names: they both work with and are aware of the powers that flow through space. Large magical seals are used in certain branches of magic to keep out spirits while the magician works. This again has its drawbacks. it makes sense and it is a natural part of the universe. powers and energies do. The other danger that can happen from over use of magical symbols is that you never get to learn how to deal with all the various beings that are in the inner worlds. The swirl or series of interlocking swirls are extremely effective at sealing in power and trapping solar (sun temple) power. The wisdom of the constant use of protection is debatable but the seals do work when done properly and using the right powers. If an angelic being appeared before you with a flaming sword. you know you are in for a bit of a bumpy ride. it can be drawn upon an object or marked out over an area. One of the dangers of magical seals is that life can become too comfortable and safe with them if they are used too many times for everything that you do. When the angel of death and destruction appears before you as a cube. The forms that beings take to appear to us. If the swirls are on the inside of the container. big wings etc then you know you have reached a form of an angel that is really down playing it for the ants (or it is more commonly a cross dressing parasite out for a meal). . used sensibly in context it is very powerful. Platonic solids and geometric shapes often appear in magic simply because they are a natural part of our world. If the swirls are on the outside and are shiny. which is part and parcel of the experiential learning of the young initiate. and it is about the realisation that magic works like a mathematical poem. One of the oldest magical seals seen around the British Isles is the swirls that cover some of the Neolithic tombs. Platonic solids/geometric shapes in magic Magic is like a science: it is about learning how the universe works. It is best to keep them for sealing in things that need to not see the light of day ever: it will guard something for you so that you can get on with your work.e. wings. then you will end up never knowing any inner world beings. The seal would be marked out upon the floor or on the altar and it would keep out any beings other than the one being summoned. Like all magic. The seals can be used as a wearable amulet. fire etc is their way of talking slowly to us: they play down size. but it must be used from a place of knowledge and calm. eyes. They are the purest form of a power expression in harmony with itself and when a being appears to you as a platonic solid you know you have reached its deepest and most powerful unfiltered form.

But those forms can be used to bring in that power to use at a non personal level: if you work that way it is usually in temple construction or a similar practical job. Today it is the spiritual centre of the Islamic faith but before that time it was already an ancient structure that housed many deities. standing before a confused cube is rather entertaining. So back to platonic solids: if you see one in vision then chances are you are hitting an angel full on.They are beings of our universe but not of our form: they are pure form without being ‘nothing’. sounds and energy. It works in a very specific way to do with utterance and the magical power of breath/sound and the myth goes that it was built to house paradise on earth: it is a balanced harmonic form that mediates a pure power of air into the consciousness of humanity for us to work with. etc are just our feeble way of trying to understand the enormity and conditionality of that which is all around us. If the angel appears to you in that form. then best not to call them in that form: having a pre menstrual emotional ritual artist in the flows of power outputting. An ancient example of this is the Kaa’ba: a perfect cube temple. horns. or something connected with angels: platonic solids or geometric shapes are often used as angelic sigils. holding an ancient sacred stone that stands at the centre of an ancient power site. they are eternal harmony. of harmony. You will have to communicate in mathematics. you have to learn to communicate at a level that uses no imagination or emotion: angels are really like Aspergers physicists. the more you begin to see that the inner worlds are like a conversation of pure form. The more you work the Abyss. Its legend is that it was built by Adam to the heavenly specifications of the Angels. shapes. wings. how closer to paradise can we get? © Josephine McCarthy 2009 . The beings with faces. If you cannot communicate in that form. physics and logic. work the thresholds and the void.

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