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It’s the little things…
Rest assured that the important people and events in your life will never go unrecognized.

A true story of psychological and emotional abuse.

In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

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son, just before passing she looked up at her son and said “Where is Jessica?! I‘m so sorry Michael”, a tear rolled down her cheek as she took her last breath and she was gone forever. Oh God!, what just happened?! Jessica’s paternal grandmother died mourning the loss of her grandchild for over ten years and her grandchild was alive and well in the same metropolitan area for all of those years. She died in this manner as a result of secret custody papers drawn up by her grandchild’s mother, her current husband and their lawyers. How can a family quantify the loss of a beloved child for over thirteen years and the death of that child’s loving grandmother, who died with that child’s name on her lips and her love in her heart? I can't, but I can feel it every second of my life; it shall never leave me. I want you to think hard about it for a moment, those of you that love your children more than yourself can imagine the weight of these years on one's family; on one's soul. Our child’s loving grandmother was a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul, her artistic talent was absolutely incredible she could bring anything to life with any type of media. I only mention this because her grandchild is also a very talented artist and looks just like her grandmother as a young lady; yet her grandmother died as if she never existed, or wasn't worthy. Our child's paternal grandfather passed away before she was two years old, he also loved his grandchild with all of his heart; it hurts to think this let alone write it, only by the grace of God he didn't have to live through these last thirteen torturous years. How could such a loss happen?! And why would anyone go to such lengths?! And who would perpetrate such psychological and emotional abuse onto anyone?!

Imagine if you will a child’s paternal grandmother passing away in the arms of her

very tumultuous relationship, she was habitually unfaithful to me throughout our entire experience and subsequently I had serious trust issue's; inevitably the relationship ended before our child was two years old, about a month or so before her paternal grandfather passed away. In the end I got into some trouble for trashing our apartment and our car; my experience with her was THE most confusing time in my life. I decided to move to Vancouver in an effort to stay out of trouble, I spent eleven months in Vancouver with some friends. I was always in continual contact with our daughter on the phone; through letters and cards but I couldn't bare to be away from our child any longer, so I returned to Toronto. I was ready to do whatever I needed to, so that I could share in our beautiful daughters life; things were great for the next three and a half years or so. Our daughter and I shared weekly visits for lunch or dinner, visit her grandmother, sometimes a movie at the theatre, whatever we wanted, Jessica Dawn and I loved each other very deeply.
In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

Well first; how could such a loss happen?! My first born child’s mother and I had a

Parental Alienation Syndrome 3

Then one week her mother told me our visit would be downtown. When I arrived downtown our daughter was not there, only her mother standing in front of the Children's Aid Society head office. Once inside we were ushered into a small conference room with I think four or five lawyers and C.A.S. workers and a stack of documents on the table; immediately these lawyers told me “If I don't want to endure a lengthy custody battle I should sign everything they want me to sign”. Nobody asked me if I had council; nobody asked me if I wanted council, but that was just the point of our little pow-wow; our child’s mother knew that I didn't have any legal council ever. Therefore everyone in that room knew I didn't have council, as a matter of fact everybody in that room knew that I would not contest whatever they had in front of me, because I had always told her mother that I would never contest any issue's she had, as long as we could share in our daughters life, whatever her mom wanted. I looked at her mother and asked “Is this what you want me to do?!” she said “Yes”, so without reading a single sentence from hundreds of pages I signed everything she wanted me to sign. And there it is; how a loving family lost a loving child, a loving grandchild and a loving niece, pretty special. I still don't know what I signed on that day, but I do know now that whatever I signed for her gave them the power to choose to abuse; to this day not a single soul has ever told me that we wouldn't see our child again and believe me I've seen her mother many many times since, begging her to let us see our daughter and she has never told me that we would never see our child again. She asked me the last time I was in front of her “Why didn't you fight for her?!”. I am very sorry; I did something far worse; I've begged to share in her life time and time and time again, I was not aware having legal council was a prerequisite to love our daughter.

on why; but I've had twelve years to peel away the layers. I do know that there is nothing that can be said to justify the psychological and emotional abuse of our daughter and my entire family. I know that when she was six years old my daughter asked them “Where is my daddy?!” and they did not say “We don't want you to see your father ever again.” So it has been only their untruth's since I signed a stack of documents for them. I am going to say what I need to say, I will not go away and die quietly as they would wish it, I am going to share the truth's of our story with the world. Hard-copies by the thousands at family courts, Children's Aid Society offices, where you all work and live, posted on facebook and blogspot; everywhere I can. But let's get back to why?! In it's most basic form convenience, go a little deeper you find fear, a little deeper still and you find Parental Alienation. Obviously there was some friction between Laura and Steve Craig over our weekly visitation rights, so what’s
In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

Now; why would anyone go to such lengths?! Understand that I can only speculate

Parental Alienation Syndrome 4

convenient?! Share in our child’s love once a week?! Or get lawyer-ed up and get rid of her father and all of his kind forever?! Easy one for Laura and Steve. Now on to fear, I know Laura grew up in a divorced family with a step father and a step mother, I also know that she cherished her time with her biological father much more than her time at home with mom; Laura feared our daughters love for me. The syndrome comes to play when Laura and Steve decided they were going to condition a loving six year old child to a new reality concerning her loving father, her loving grandparent's and her loving aunt's; Convenient and special.

anyone?! Well it started as the will of only two people, but now thirteen years later their entire family's share in their harvesting of human souls. I know that our child’s paternal grandparent's nor her paternal aunt's nor myself would've ever considered denying an entire family the special love of a child, that would be cruel and abusive. So thirteen years on it doesn't matter if the rest of their family's were also deceived, because a loving grandparent, a loving aunt or a loving uncle should be naturally inclined to ask questions. Questions like doesn't her loving father wish to see her again?! Doesn’t her loving grandmother wish to see her again?! Doesn’t her loving aunt's wish to see her again?! I can assure you that no one has ever asked any of my family any of these questions; ever. Loving relatives don't carry on in their own little bubbles and perpetuate the alienation, being a loving relative of a child you should understand that the love of all her family members would only enrich that child’s life and love, loving relatives should understand alienation and denigration of that child's extended family will only have life long psychological and emotional repercussions for everyone that cares. This is a very sad story full of heartbreak, sorrow and profound loss for some of us; yet for others it means absolutely nothing. This was clarified for me when I sent Laura an email through facebook, about the passing of our daughters grandmother and that her last words spoken were our child’s name. Laura responded with an angry message telling me I had no right to post my photo's of our daughter on facebook and I'd better not try to contact our daughter. Not one word about my mothers passing; again pretty special. The only thing in this letter that will mean anything to these people is the fact that everyone around them will know the truth’s about thirteen years of emotional abuse and the embarrassment of playing a role in such a terrible story, for they have suffered no loss, it has always been a contest they've won; congratulations. So the following thanks’ are meant only for the people in these family’s that were adults in the year 1997; Laura Craig, Steve Craig, the rest of the Craig family; Barb Batten, Fred Batten, the rest of the Batten family; Lisa Carruthers-Parkin, Tom Parkin, the rest of
In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

Finally; who would perpetrate such psychological and emotional abuse onto

Parental Alienation Syndrome 5

the Parkin family; Dave Carruthers and the rest of the Carruthers family. You all share in Laura and Steve's conquest of a child’s love. On behalf of that young lady's deceased grandmother Pamela Mae of the family Webb, her living paternal aunt’s and myself her father, Michael David of the family Webb, thank you very much. These past thirteen years have been excruciating and we are still here, you can never take our love for her away from us, all the lawyers and secret papers in the world can not do that for you.

Jessica Dawn's grandmother did not have to die the way she did and the pain my family has endured has all been completely unnecessary. My signature does not represent the wishes nor the psychological and emotional welfare of my entire family, it never has and never will. I'm not a lawyer so it should be quite clear that I absolutely could not have understood any of the legal ramifications that stack of paperwork held behind it; yet I signed everything for Laura because that is what she wanted. I had always been willing to do whatever Laura was comfortable with, so she wouldn't be concerned about custody of our child, I would never remove a child from their parent. Laura has always known all of these things; yet because I gave her the paperwork that they wanted, our child, our child’s grandparent's, our child’s aunt's and myself her father are completely ostracized. Those are special papers, it's wrong and it will always be wrong. I'm curious to know if anywhere in all of those special papers it says that we don't love Jessica Dawn; I think not. Our daughter was six years old the last time we were allowed to hug each other and say “I love you”, I will never forget. Jessica Dawn before I stop breathing I need you to know that I've missed you all along, I've needed you all along, I've loved you all along, we all have, we all will – Always & Forever.

If my main point has been missed by all of you loving and caring people, it's this;

Sincerely; Michael David of the family Webb

“The goal of the alienator is crystalline; to deprive the lost parent, not only of the child‘s time, but of the time of childhood.” Cartwright (1993)

In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

Parental Alienation Syndrome 6

This is the first book to give me insight into these behavioural and personality disorders: An alienated child is an abused child: We love Jessica Dawn:

“All truth passes through three stages; first it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, third it is accepted as being self evident” Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

Parental Alienation Syndrome 7

We will love you Always & Forever Jessica Dawn XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

In loving memory of Pamela Mae of the family Webb (1952-2007)

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