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Emergency System
Up & Running
2 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021


FEATURE 11 Some students return on Fridays



Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department Assistant
Chief Eric Holtzberger at the temporary firehouse with
County establishes Veterans Commission
ENTERTAINMENT 18 newly reprogrammed equipment in the county’s new
emergency communications system.



Calvert County
Prescription Medication
“Take-Back” Day
Saturday, April 24, 2021
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
• Remove unused and expired
medications from your home.
• Keep prescription medications from
being abused.
• Prevention, treatment and recovery
information will be available.
• Deterra medication drug disposal
packets will be available FREE of
charge for residents. The packets
allow medications to be deactivated
and thrown in your household trash.
Limit of three packets per family,

County Times
P.O. Box 250 • Hollywood, Maryland 20636
while supplies last.
No questions asked!
St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County
For staff listing and emails, see page 23
Calvert County Sheriff’s Office
Prince Frederick
Maryland State Police, Barrack “U”
Prince Frederick
Harriet E. Brown Community Center*
Prince Frederick
Northeast Community Center
Chesapeake Beach
Southern Community Center*
As of March 30

Calvert 5652 66

Sponsored by the Calvert Alliance

Against Substance Abuse, Inc.
For more information, call 410-535-3733
*Resident s visit ing t he Harriet t Brown and Sout hern Communit y centers Information provided by Calvert Health Department
can receive a FREE 15 minute Narcan t raining and receive a Narcan kit .
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Local News 3

Back to In-School Debate Continues

Parents, Students Rally at Board Meeting
By Dick Myers commodations for members of high-risk
Editor groups for complications from COVID; sec-
As the Calvert County Board of Educa- ond, parent workplace safeties and concerns
tion arrived at the school system’s adminis- and considerations; third challenges resulting
trative building for their March 25 meeting, from substitute coverages. We don’t and can’t
they were greeted by dozens of parents and fill sub and other positions in our buildings.”
students rallying outside for a return to in- She said the fourth concern was workplace
Melissa Macuci Goshorn speaking at the March
person education. 25 rally at Calvert County Public Schools’ Brooks safety followed in fifth place by “workload
The rally organized by Melissa Macuci Administration Building in Prince Frederick. and work life balance.”
Goshorn featured speeches by several stu- Ellison added, “More concurrent hybrid She said, “Our members speak volumes
dents and county commissioner candidate, will not fix this problem. Concurrent teach- about educators.”
Steve Jones. ing for me is doable, but it’s not enough for She added that the members average rating
School board members Pat Nutter and An- Parent and student at the March 25 rally. for CEA, out of a possible five, was 4.4.
these kids. I am concerned with how our ath-
toine White stopped by the rally and Nutter Calvert Education Association (CEA), which letes and students view their reality and re- Goldstein noted, “People have said they
reportedly pledged to have the board con- represents the teachers, for allegedly working lationships. Their peers, our athletes are do- support educators, but not the union. That
sider planning now for a full return to school against them. ing their best to enjoy the activities they love can’t be true. Educators are the union.”
in the fall. But one of the public comment speakers, while wearing masks and competing against Another speaker was Ashley Hapenney, a
Later at the meeting, school board mem- a parent and teacher, spoke in favor of a full other athletes who don’t. In addition, they see mother to seven and five-year-old students as
ber Dawn Balinski also said she favored that return to school. many other schools across the country fully well as a four-year-old.
discussion. However, Vice President Pamela Rachael Ellison, a parent of a freshman engaged in sports, as well as music and the- “I am here today to advocate for my chil-
Cousins said she didn’t favor having the and junior at Calvert High School, where she ater programs.” dren and all the other parents, children and
discussion now. Cousins has been a consis- teaches algebra, said, “I am concerned for the Agreeing with the protesters, she said, “I teachers who feel that you are doing a disser-
tent opponent of the return from all-virtual student who told me that after being out of think it is shortsighted to wait until summer vice to them,” she said.
learning. the classroom for so long, it’s hard for him to to start planning for a full fall reopening.” She added, “I have held one or both of my
At the school board meeting the debate on look at people in the eye. I am concerned for Betty Goldstein, a teacher at Barstow El- children as they cry every single day. They
when to return to the classrooms full-time the student that asked to meet with me before ementary, stood up for the CEA. She said of feel unnoticed and left out on the internet.
continued during the public comment sec- school starts before hours because his house 1,227 people who qualify to be members of Computer problems and constant distractions
tion, at which in-person testimony is limited is too loud. I’m concerned for my non-Eng- CEA, 1016 are dues paying members. “We are just a few of the issues. My five-year-old
to eight speakers and the rest via email to the lish-speaking students that for the first time had 667 responses to our survey. That is a even asked Santa to bring the teacher a new
board members. had an ‘a-ha’ moment in math and will only response rate of nearly 70 percent.” computer for Christmas so there wouldn’t be
Some of the parent supporters of return to get to see me four times a month for the rest She said members were asked to rank their any more computer problems.”
in-school learning have been critical of the of the year.” five top concerns. “Most important was ac-

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4 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Local News 5

Some Students to be in

Friday, May 21

School on Fridays

By Dick Myers
Days after Calvert County Su-
Pre-Register by
perintendent of Schools Dr. Dan- May 14 for FREE T-SHIRT*
iel Curry announced dropping & BIKE RAFFLE
plans to bring students into school Free refreshments
on Fridays, the school system & giveaways while
supplies last.
launched plans to bring back on
Fridays the students who are hav-
ing the most difficulty with virtu- 20th A n n
al learning. The new system will iver s a r y
begin April 16.
Assistant Superintendent of In-
struction Diane Workman told
The County Times, “We’ve heard Still working from home? No problem! Bike to your local “pit stop” for your free T-shirt and back home again.
from parents, teachers and stu- Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Diane


dents that students are struggling
with virtual learning. Although system’s leadership and some
some students are coming four principals. Bike Doctor Waldorf
days one week, they continue to “You are told where to be and
struggle in their off weeks. We’re what to do when you’re not active- 3200 Leonardtown Rd, Waldorf, MD 20601
planning a robust summer pro- ly teaching your students. Some- It's fast, free, and easy to register for BTWD at
gram for struggling students, but times your schedules on Fridays
we don’t have enough teachers are so packed, you must rush to
who are choosing to teach. Our the restroom. I see how just a lit-
tle time to grade, create materials,
or by calling (800) 745-RIDE
teachers are exhausted and would
love to have the summer off. Fri- prepare manipulatives, or use your
days are counted as one of the 180 time as you see fit would make all


Register free at
required days of instruction. We the difference in your morale and Visit for pit stop locations and times.
*T-Shirts available at pit stops to first 15,000 registrants.

have eight Fridays which we will how you feel as a professional,” More than 90 pit stops in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia!
Staggered hours and a strict COVID policy will be in place.
be bringing in students, April 16 she said. #BTWD2021 Bike to Work Day is funded by DDOT, MDOT, VDOT, and USDOT.
Cox charged the teachers were


through June 4.”
Workman noted this is a contin- treated like guinea pigs and the
uation of what the school system planning throughout the year was
has been doing all year. “Some “not very well thought out and

schools have been bringing small was shoddy at best.”
groups of students in all year. Cox added, “I see you and your
They have seen progress with dedication, but I also see you in
these students,” she said. your exhaustion, your low mo-
Workman explained, “Each rale, your desire to be part of the Between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
school is identifying students who planning process. That includes
are struggling. Students may be what’s best for CCPs teachers and
struggling in reading, math and/ students.
or social-emotional.” “I see your anger, when one day
What teachers will be involved? you’re told you can keep your Fri-
Workman said, “All teachers as- days asynchronous for students,
signed to a school will be in- but then a few days later you are
volved. It is not voluntary. There given yet another new schedule.
will be three hours where teach- You will be teaching to students
ers will be required to work with who are lacking basic skills but
students each Friday. The remain- given no extra time to plan for
der of the day will be used for what you will teach or the resourc-
teachers to plan individually and es to do so. No one asked you how
collaboratively.” you would choose the students,
The Calvert Education Associa- the logistics of who taught what
tion (CEA), which represents the and when or anything else, but
teachers, is upset at the abrupt you are expected to follow along
change of plans. Amy Cox, CEA and fill in the inevitable holes in
board member and Huntingtown these rushed plans.”
High School teacher, talked about When asked if there were any
it during the public comment sec- plans to expand the new program,
tion of the school board ‘s March Workman said, “Some schools are
24 meeting. also keeping some students for
Cox especially expressed empa- an extended day program. We’re
thy for her elementary school col- starting with elementary but sec-
leagues, who she said have faced ondary schools will also be run-

“a Herculean journey” during the ning a similar program.”
year. The changes were done adminis-
Cox said some elementary tratively, and the school board did
school teachers have been treat- not discuss them in open session.” George Clark, Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland
ed like children by the school 301-643-7257
Bike Doctor, 301-932-9980
6 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

The Bloomin Best

COVID-19 Positivity Rate
“For Your Easter Flower & Gifts” Rises for Fourth Week

Mixed Baskets & Color Bowls Potted Easter Lilies

Spring Blooming Great for Spring celebrations

By Dick Myers members, let everyone have a chance

Editor to get vaccinated who’s in that 16 to 60
The COVID-19 positivity rate has age range with underlying health condi-
been steadily climbing in Calvert tions. And at that point, I think it’ll be
Rhododendron 1 Qt. Perennials County over the past four weeks. From a much better late spring and summer,”
May Colors to choose from Many early season perennials 4.56 percent during the week of Feb. 25 he advised.
to March 3, the rate has gone up each Polsky noted that Calvert has been
week to where it stands at 8.45 percent doing well in getting shots into the arms
for the week of March 19-24, of senior citizens. “In Calvert County
Calvert Country Health Officer Dr. we had the second highest rate of vac-
Laurence Polsky presented the data cination among seniors in the entire
during his regular briefing to the Cal- state, and certainly it’s not accidental.
vert County Board of County Commis- There’s been a lot of work by a lot of
Dogwoods Azaleas sioners (BOCC) on March 30. people to try to really get the most vul-
Pink, white and red flowering Traditional and New Encore Varieties Polsky blamed two factors for the nerable people in. So, when CVS and
rise: Walgreens fell flat with vaccinations in
“We know that there is an increase in nursing homes and assisted living fa-
both the UK variant and the California. cilities, the health department jumped
There’s actually two, almost identical right in and made sure that residents
variants that were first identified in Cal- were vaccinated. We continue to go out
ifornia. So, the California variants and every two weeks to every nursing home
the UK are what we’re predominantly and vaccinate any new residents or any
Boston Ferns New Hardy Drift seeing in Maryland at this point,” he new staff who were there. So, we real-
Huge Beautiful Plants Dwarf Shrub Rose said, noting the data is based on “a kind ized that populations are not static.
of crude surveillance at the state level.” “The Office on Aging and the nurses
He added, “We know that the preva- at the hospital had been doing a tremen-
lence rates of both the UK and the Cali- dous job going to senior centers and ro-
fornia variants are significantly higher tating around the county each week to
than they were a month, six weeks ago. make sure that people who can’t travel
Both of those strains are more easily to mass vaccination sites or other plac-
transmitted from person to person. And es that they can get vaccinated close to
there is very good evidence at this point home.”
Hardy Outdoor Hydrangeas Pansies & Violas that both of them are capable of caus- Still, even with the success, there are
Landscape Size Add Instant Color 3 1/2” Pots ing more severe disease, which we’ve 3,400 seniors who have not been vac-
seen increases in hospitalization rates cinated yet, for whatever reason.
as well as increases in cases.” Polsky observed, “Currently, about
The second reason for the surge, he 25,700 Calvert County residents have
said: “This is just the reality. You have at least begun their vaccination series;
millions of people in this state (and) that accounts for about 20 percent of
we’re all fed up, and all this pent-up the total population or about 35 percent
energy (in the) spring. Biologically, of all the adults.” But the flip side, he
Flowering Cherry Trees Miss Kim Lilac everybody hibernates in one way or noted, there is still a long way to go.
Kwanzan, Yoshino and Weeping Varieties Fragrant Blue Flowers another in the winter. And then when Polsky encouraged everyone 50 and
spring starts to roll around, people want older to register for vaccinations as well
NOW SCHEDULING to go out and do things, and then you as everyone 16 and older with underly-
• Yearly Lawn Care • Spring & Summer have these kinds of subtle messages that ing health conditions or living with
we’re past the worst of it. It’s almost like someone with those conditions. He said,
Hardscape & Landscape Projects. it gives us permission. It gives license however, that the health department has
CALL TODAY for an ESTIMATE: 800-451-1427 for people to start acting in ways that received no supplies this week of Pfizer,
or visit are going to increase transmission.” which is the only vaccine available to
And to add to that double whammy 16-year-olds.
is the impending Easter weekend when Polsky also reported that the mass
people will be attending social and vaccination site in Waldorf is little used
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick Oakville family gatherings, increasing the risk by local residents, with only eight per-
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood of transmission, he said. cent of those being vaccinated there
Charlotte Hall, MD Prince Frederick, MD 41170 Oakville Road “People really need to focus on trying from Calvert, Charles, or St. Mary’s
301-884-5292 410-535-3664 Mechanicsville, MD to hold themselves in check for anoth- counties.
800-558-5292 866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
Spring Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-6, Easter Sun. 9-3 Spring Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5, Closed Sundays
er month, let their neighbors, let their
family members, let their congregation
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Local News 7

CSM Seeks Budget Cuts Restored

Schools Seek $1 More from County
By Dick Myers They’ve had illness, they’ve had unbe- gotiated with their three unions.
Editor lievable food insecurity and we’ve tried Two days later the school board ad-
The March 23 hearing on the Staff our best to meet their needs.” opted Curry’s budget. But school board
Recommended Fiscal Year 2022 Cal- The college is also seeking an addi- member Dawn Balinski said they are
vert County Budget featured only four tional $225,000 to pay for one class for able to tap into their Rainy-Day Fund
speakers. Only one of the speakers re- more than 400 county students. because of “the state and federal funds
quested changes but that speaker repre- The other three speakers, from Jeffer- flowing down to the counties, which
sents a major community institution. son Patterson Park, the Calvert County will help us pay for all COVID related
College of Southern Maryland Presi- Historical Society and Leap Forward expenses, such as subsidizing the free
dent Dr. Maureen Murphy asked for res- thanked the commissioners for their meal distributions that have been going
toration of monies cut from the budget funding support. on since March, paying for PPE, paying
request submitted by the college. The commissioners, however, don’t for technology to do virtual teaching
Dr. Murphy said, “We understand that have an easy road ahead of them as and for additional tutoring and summer
we must be prudent stewards of student they review the staff recommended school efforts.”
tuition and taxpayer dollars. And we’re budget and develop their own budget to Balinski warned, “So going forward
proud that most of our money is directed be presented to the public in May. The to meet contractual commitments that
toward instruction, student services and budget submitted by staff has $1,092,00 include a 1 percent cola and steps, we
academic support. Learning is a human more in expenses than the anticipated will need to continue to grow our bud-
centered enterprise. Consequently, the College of Southern Maryland President Dr. $324,933,241 in revenue. That will ne- get by roughly $5 to $6 million per year.
overwhelming majority of our operating Maureen Murphy. cessitate a reduction in budget requests, Our negotiated salary levels are intended
dollars go to salaries and benefits. And employees at the College of Southern an increase in revenue (taxes) or a com- to help us retain and attract the highest
this focus has become even sharper dur- Maryland have not received an increase bination of both. The commissioners quality teachers and support staff that
ing the pandemic.” since July 2019. This lack of funding has have pledged a tax rate decrease from we can so that we stay competitive in the
Dr. Murphy explained, “Calvert made it increasingly difficult to serve $0.0932to $0.0927 per assessed $100 of state and remain as one of the top three
County is a partner in our operations and our over 4,200 credit students who at- real estate valuation. to five counties for teacher salaries.
it’s disappointing that the recommend- tend the Prince Frederick campus.” The hearing also included a presen- “So, even though we’re not asking for
ed budget doesn’t include our request Murphy added, “CSM has already tation from School, Superintendent Dr. any additional county funding this year,
for $92,939, a two-percent increase of dipped into its rainy-day fund to the Daniel Curry on his proposed budget I just wanted to go on record and state
our maintenance of effort. Indeed, we tune of $2.8 million. Last year, the CO- that includes only a request for a $1 in- that we will need to come back to the
haven’t received an increase since 2018 VID-19 pandemic has been difficult crease from the county but is $6 million commissioners in the future to help us
nor have our one-time requests been for the college and especially for our more than the current year, tapping their keep this district strong.”
honored. Unlike county employees, our students, their families have lost jobs. reserves to pay for salary increases ne-

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8 Local News The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

Former Calvert Settlement Agents Face Federal Charges

Embezzling Client Funds Alleged
A federal criminal complaint has erick, which closed real estate transac- the benefit of both of them. for federal crimes are typically less
been filed charging Brian Edward tions for properties in Maryland and According to the affidavit, in order than the maximum penalties. A federal
Steuart, 52, of Huntingtown and Jamie Virginia.  Steuart and Alford were re- to conceal their fraudulent activities district court judge will determine any
Lynn Alford (formerly known as Jamie sponsible for closing mortgage loans from individuals inside and outside sentence after taking into account the
Lynn Steuart), 44, of Port Republic used to purchase or refinance proper- Company 1, Steuart and Alford falsi- U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other
with conspiracy to commit wire fraud ties, reviewing property titles, issuing fied the settlement statements and al- statutory factors.  At today’s initial
affecting a financial institution, in con- title insurance, facilitating closings, tered or fabricated bank statements.  appearance in U.S. District Court in
nection with an alleged scheme to si- and ensuring that the land records were The fabricated bank statements alleg- Greenbelt, U.S. Magistrate Judge Tim-
phon off a portion of closing funds they properly filed and recorded. Steuart edly had beginning and ending balanc- othy J. Sullivan ordered that the defen-
collected while acting as settlement and Alford also had a fiduciary duty to es that were significantly lower than the dants be released pending trial.
agents in certain real estate transac- all parties involved in each real estate true amounts according to the actual A criminal complaint is not a find-
tions. The criminal complaint was filed transaction, including to accurately ac- bank records.  In addition, information ing of guilt.  An individual charged by
on March 18, 2021, and was unsealed count for, collect, and disburse settle- such as the date or amount for deposits, criminal complaint is presumed inno-
at the defendant’s initial appearance on ment funds from the seller, the buyer, withdrawals, credits, or checks were al- cent unless and until proven guilty at
March 26. and the lender, in order to close a legedly also inaccurate and there were some later criminal proceedings. 
The criminal complaint was an- transaction. checks added or missing in some of the Acting United States Attorney Jona-
nounced by Acting United States At- The affidavit alleges that Steuart and fabricated statements. than F. Lenzner commended the FHFA
torney for the District of Maryland Alford violated their fiduciary duty by As detailed in the affidavit, between OIG and the HUD OIG for their work
Jonathan F. Lenzner; Special Agent in embezzling funds from unsuspecting 2011 and 2017 Steuart received a total in the investigation and thanked the
Charge Mark P. Higgins of the Federal clients during real estate closings from of $735,825.63 from Company 1—both Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, the
Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), Of- at least 2011 to 2017, from both buyers lawfully and unlawfully.  However, Maryland State Police, and the Anne
fice of Inspector General (OIG); and and sellers, from Company 1, and even he allegedly reported his salary to the Arundel County Police Department for
Acting Special Agent in Charge Shawn from a deceased seller’s estate.  The State of Maryland for that time period their assistance.  Mr. Lenzner thanked
Rice of the Department of Housing and fraud was typically accomplished by to be only $208,168.50.  Between 2011 Assistant U.S. Attorneys Michael Mor-
Urban Development (HUD), Office of inflating or inventing various fees or and 2016 Alford allegedly received a to- gan and Erin B. Pulice, who are pros-
Inspector General (OIG). taxes, creating false entries in settle- tal of $653,537.91 from Company 1 for ecuting the case.
According to the affidavit filed in ment documents, and creating forged all sources—both lawful and unlawful.  For more information on the
support of the criminal complaint, or altered checks.  Steuart and Alford However, she allegedly reported her Maryland U.S. Attorney’s Office, its
Steuart and Alford were husband and allegedly wrote checks to themselves, salary to the State of Maryland for that priorities, and resources available to
wife from June 2008 until Septem- wrote checks payable to each other, or time period to be only $302,462.50. help the community, please visit www.
ber 2017.  Beginning in August 2011, were jointly made the payee on checks.  If convicted, Steuart and Alford each
Steuart and Alford were settlement The affidavit alleges that the defendants face a maximum sentence of 30 years in Press Release from U.S. District Court
agents for Company 1, a title and settle- deposited the fraudulently obtained federal prison for wire fraud affecting a for Maryland.
ment company located in Prince Fred- funds directly into joint accounts for financial institution.  Actual sentences

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Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times In Our Community 9

Commissioner Election Commissioners

Bill Gets First Senate Establish Veterans
Hearing Commission
By Guy Leonard and Dick Myers argue that going to district voting
Staff Writers could harm minority [candidates] so
St. Mary’s Del. Brian Crosby (D- that all minorities could not join to-
Dist. 29B) continued to defend his bill gether to support that individual.”
that would compel counties, including Commissioner Tim Hutchins, how-
Calvert, which elect their commis- ever, supported the bill in a letter to
sioners at-large to change to selecting the committee. Hutchins, a former del-
them on the basis of districts only, this egate, said the bill “brings to fruition
time in the Senate’s Health, Education the principal embodied in the 1964
and Environmental Affairs Commit- Supreme Court guidance of ‘one man
tee hearing of March 23. one vote.’ The Court’s guidance fo-
The bill remains in that committee cused then generally on reapportion-
as of March 30 and no votes have been ment and resulted in the convening of
taken, according to the Maryland Gen- the Maryland Constitutional Conven-
eral Assembly’s records. tion of 1966-1967. HB655 supports
Crosby continued to argue that that concept today of one person one
electing commissioners at large di- vote, by ensuring that county commis-
lutes the votes of people living in a sioner representation is selected by the
certain district who have a vested in- registered voters of those individual
terest in electing someone to focus on districts in which their representative
those particular interests. is required to be a resident. Calvert County will establish a tary service. Voting members will
The bill would also change the way “Calvert County is ideally appor- Veterans Affairs Commission to consist of one business owner, one
boards of education are elected in tioned to easily fulfill the principle advise the Board of County Com- educator or educational admin-
those at-large counties. purpose of HB655, which is to me to- missioners (BOCC) on programs, istrator, one representative from
“This bill is about fairness, equal- day One Person-One Vote, a concept policies and initiatives affecting each of the four American Legion
ity and diversity,” Crosby said in the of constitutional right. In Calvert there the lives of Calvert County veter- posts in Calvert County and three
virtual hearing. “It simply improves are three Commissioner Districts ans. The BOCC unanimously ap- at-large members.  
democracy at the local level by insti- which already require residency of its proved the measure establishing The Veterans Affairs Com-
tuting in-district voting and ends a commissioners, additionally there are the volunteer commission during mission will meet monthly and
discriminatory and anti-democratic two at large commissioners. Currently their Tuesday, March 23, 2021 provide, at minimum, an annual
policy that has historically prevented all are elected by the total registered regular meeting. report to the BOCC. Those inter-
minority political factions from en- voters in the county who chose to cast “Calvert County has strong and ested in serving may complete an
gaging in the political process.” a vote. Thus the citizens who live in proud ties to the military, and application form through the Vol-
At-large voting, Crosby said, had its a particular Commissioner District, we are pleased to establish this unteer Boards and Commissions
roots in Jim Crow laws that were used are subject to a dilution of their vote commission so that we can better webpage at www.CalvertCoun-
to disadvantage and discourage Af- for their respective District Commis- serve those who have served our
rican-American, minority or minor- sioner by the fact that the entire voting nation,” said BOCC President Earl Formation of the Veterans Af-
ity ideologies from being represented; population of the county may sway the F. “Buddy” Hance.  fairs Commission is part of the
this did not mean those elected under outcome for a particular candidate. Once formed, the commission board’s continuing effort to ensure
this system were racist, however. “Consequently, this current method will work with the community to that positive and impactful sup-
Ellen Kohl, a professor of environ- may unduly influence the outcome of promote and expand existing vet- port and services are available for
mental studies, specializing in human who may represent the residents in eran support and services within Calvert County veterans. The De-
geography, at St. Mary’s College of their particular district. One may prof- the county. The commission will partment of Community Resourc-
Maryland, testified in support of Cros- fer that this concept will hurt minority also be tasked with providing as- es will support the commission. 
by’s bill. groups that are not concentrated in a sistance, guidance and informa- The Board of County Commis-
She said at-large voting methods given district. tion to businesses and other pub- sioners has established over 50
“are a second-generation barrier to Again, in Calvert County no mat- lic entities to ensure adequate boards, commissions and commit-
voting, what some have called Jim ter the dispersion of a given minor- representation of veterans in em- tees that offer Calvert County citi-
Crow 2.0.” ity element of the voting population ployment, education, training and zens an avenue to actively partici-
“These direct structural barriers they have the opportunity to vote for public programs throughout Cal- pate in local government. A list
rose when direct forms of voter dis- the majority of the Board of County vert County.  of all volunteer boards and com-
enfranchisement such as all-white pri- Commissioners. With the passage of The BOCC will appoint nine missions and current vacancies is
maries, poll taxes and [literacy tests] HB655 they will continue to have the voting members to serve three- available online at www.Calvert-
… were ruled unconstitutional,” Kohl opportunity to vote for two at large year volunteer terms, with a limit 
said. candidates and one district candidate. of three consecutive full terms. Press Release from Calvert
Opponents of the bill doubted that it Thus any argument that HB655 will Voting members must be veterans County Government.
would achieve the ends described by unduly hurt any minority population honorably separated from mili-
Crosby and the other supporters; they is simply not true, as everyone will be
also said the intrusion into the affairs able to vote for a majority of the Board
of other counties was unwelcome. of County Commissioners.
Calvert County Board of County
Commissioners President Buddy
During the hearing, Crosby said
he had not counted the bill being
Hance opposed the bill. He said, controversial. SERVING CALVERT COUNTY
“We’ve had minority commission- “To be honest, when I put this bill

ers in the past and we currently have in, I didn’t expect it to get the political
minority members of the board of attention that it got,” Crosby said. ON NEWSSTANDS EVERY THURSDAY & ONLINE AT COUNTYTIMES.NET St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County

education. and

“We have minorities dispersed all
over the county.” Hance said. “I could
10 In Our Community The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021


NEW RETIREMENT $100,000 Prize
LAWS Earned on $30 Insant Ticket
A Lusby man’s pit stop on the
way to a part-time gig made him
Contributing Writer: $100,000 richer, courtesy of the
Lynda J. Striegel Maryland Lottery.
During a short delay in his com-
A refresher while you are over a ten year period, poten- mute, the 45-year-old stopped at a
Calvert County convenience store
preparing your taxes for 2020: tially resulting in income tax
to purchase a $100,000 Extreme
The SECURE Act, the on much larger amounts re- Cash scratch-off. The winner,
“Setting Every Community quired to be withdrawn. For calling himself “Lucky in Lusby,”
Up for Retirement Enhance- deaths in 2020 and later, all told Lottery officials that he was
ment Act” was passed into IRAs must be distributed in commuting from his historic res-
law effective January 1, 2020. full by the tenth calendar year toration job to another part-time
This new retirement law has following death. job. He found his fortune when he
five significant changes, as 3. The new law repeals the stopped at Wawa #591 in Prince
follows: maximum age for traditional Frederick.
1. The new law increases the IRA contributions. Prior to “I had scanned the ticket in
age for Required Minimum 2020, no one over age 70 ½ the store, so I knew I had won, ship came from Wawa #591 lo-
but I figured it was something cated at 305 Market Square Drive
Distribution (the “RMD”) was permitted to make IRA small. When I got to my vehicle, I in Prince Frederick. For selling
from 70 ½ to 72. The RMD contributions. The new law scratched to reveal the prizes and
is the amount you are re- allows anyone over 70 ½ who a $100,000 top-prize winning
that’s when I began to see all those scratch-off, the store earned a
quired to withdraw from your has U.S. earned income to skinny zeroes,” said the winner. $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.
retirement account. Anyone make contributions to a tradi- Since no one was around to The popular $100,000 Extreme
turning 70 ½ in 2020 is not tional IRA. With our popula- share in the excitement of win- Cash scratch-off began selling
required to take RMD. If you tion aging, this is a good ben- ning $100,000, he quickly called at Lottery retailers in September
have been taking RMDs pri- efit for saving. his wife to share the news. “Lucky and features prizes from $30 to
or to 2020, you will need to 4. The new law expands in Lusby” said he plans to use the $100,000. With this win, the game
continue taking them. Start- Section 529 plans. Parents $100,000 prize to move his family now has 41 $100,000 top prizes
ing in 2020, you are required can now use their 529 ac- from an apartment to a house. remaining.
His $30 ticket to home owner- Press Release from MD Lottery.
to withdraw retirement funds counts to cover costs asso-
at age 72 (as opposed to 70 ciated with registered ap-
½ prior to 2020). Those born prenticeships and for up to

State Opens MD 261 in

on or before June 30, 1949 $10,000 of qualified student
must take RMDs at age 70 ½. loan repayments. This should
Those born in July through be a help to those paying stu-

North Beach
December 1949 take RMDs dent loans.
in 2021; those born in 1950 5. The new law increas-
take RMDs in 2022 and those es the maximum credit for
born in 1951 take RMDs in startup business retirement Crews Continue Final Phases
2023. plans from $500 to $5,000.
2. The new law elimi- A new tax credit of $500 is The Maryland Department of
nates the IRA “stretch” op- also available for some small- Transportation State Highway Ad-
tion. This is potentially the er employers who set up au- ministration (MDOT SHA) has re-
most significant law change. tomatic enrollment in their opened MD 261 (Bay Avenue) be-
When you withdraw money plans. tween 9th Street in Calvert Coun-
from a traditional IRA in Everyone with a tradition- ty and the Anne Arundel County
RMDs, you must pay income al IRA or similar retirement line. Crews recently paved the
two-lane roadway,  covered  exist-
tax on the money. Inherited plan should consult their fi-
ing signs and updated the portable
IRAs with death dates prior nancial advisors or accoun- variable message signs used for
to 2020 were able to “stretch” tants about how to cope with the temporary traffic detour.  
the RMDs over the benefi- the changes in the new law. MDOT SHA works hard to main-
The temporary road closure was
ciary’s lifetime. For younger Join me on the third tain safe traffic mobility in work
part of the $6.3 million MD 261
zones for our crews as well as our
beneficiaries, this meant the Wednesday of every month to Roadway Reconstruction Proj-
customers.  Drivers need to stay
amounts of RMD could be discuss this and other topics ect designed to raise the elevation
alert, focus on driving and, look
much smaller and therefore at 11am, 8906 Bay Avenue, of the roadway to reduce f lood-
for reduced speed limits, as well
result in a smaller income North Beach. Call 301-855- ing along Bay Avenue. Flagging
as other driving pattern changes. 
tax. Beginning in 2020, the 2246 to reserve your spot. operations will continue to di-
Drive like you work here and slow
new law requires, for non- We support PROJECT rect motorists through the work
down in work zones.   
zone as crews continue construc-
spouse beneficiaries, that an ECHO, the homeless shelter For a list of all major MDOT
tion of the remainder of the proj-
inherited IRA has to be dis- in Calvert County and urge SHA projects, go to Project Por-
ect, which is scheduled for com-
tributed over 10 years after you to do the same. Donate tal. Visit our homepage at roads.
pletion in summer 2021. Learn
the individual’s death. The to Project Echo at For a look at re-
more about the project athttps://
new provisions make it clear Your support al-time traffic conditions, go
that IRAs must be liquidat- is appreciated. beach-ave-ca1485184-mar yland.
Press Release from MDOT
ed, and income taxes paid,
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Feature 11

County Activates Emergency Communications System

$21M: Largest Single Contract Ever Awarded
By Dick Myers shop. Now, if anything breaks, we
Editor call Motorola, and it is their respon-
Any area’s emergency services are sibility to repair or replace it. And
only as good as the communications that goes from radios to the infra-
system that supports them. A call structure, to generators, to tower
unheard equates to help not received. lights, to an air conditioner. We’re
That’s why Calvert County in early not going out and finding vendors
2016 awarded its largest single con- to repair things. We call Motorola
tract ever -- $21.4 million to Motoro- and it’s their responsibility to have it
la Solutions, Inc. taken care of.”
On March 23, with Commissioner Harris said Motorola has a shop in
President Buddy Hance doing the Prince George’s County and two em-
honor, the county officially acti- ployees stationed in Calvert full time
vated the new 800-megahertz P25 to respond to problems.
digital communications system that The system isn’t yet fully opera-
replaces the county’s 25-year-old Newly reprogrammed portable radios charging in the temporary Prince Frederick firehouse.
tional, and the equipment isn’t yet in
system. According to a press release everyone’s hands but will be soon.
announcing the accomplishment, it to purchase, how we needed to pur- coverage in Calvert County and ad- Each location has a punch list of re-
provides “enhanced radio coverage chase it, what we needed in the radio dressed the dead spots.” quirements. “We’ll have about six
and interoperability for the Calvert system. So, they were hired. They Harris said the old system was de- months of cleanup of those punch list
County Sheriff’s Office, fire depart- helped us write an RFP for a radio signed for “industry coverage,” not in items,” Vaughan said.
ments, rescue squads and county system, which hit the streets in 2015. buildings but 90 to 95 percent street The new towers were one of the
government agencies.” “And then we had an internal eval- coverage. “We designed for in-build- biggest parts of the project. Vaughan
“The vital importance of radio uation committee in the county that ing coverage. So, it doesn’t mean that said, “I expected to meet some resis-
communications for emergency per- reviewed the proposals that were re- we went into people’s homes and did tance on the towers because they are
sonnel cannot be overstated,” said ceived. And the contract was award- coverage testing, but we did go into there and you know, they’re tall.” But
Hance. “This new system will pro- ed in March of 2016 to Motorola. We what we deemed critical buildings she said, “When we really explained
vide a new level of safety and service started working with Motorola to de- in the county and tested coverage in to them what the tower was for and
that our citizens and first responders sign the system based on our RFP.” those buildings. If they failed as cov- why they were being built, where
deserve.” She admitted, “There were some erage with the 15 (tower) sites that they were being built, no one really
“The old system has served us well, delays,” but, “Tower construction and were designed, we had installed what complained about it.”
but we are excited for the increased equipment installation began in 2017 we call a BDA bi-directional ampli- There was also buy-in from the
coverage and capabilities that the and system testing began in 2019. fier, which amplifies radio signals in emergency responders. “We includ-
new system provides,” said Public Five existing towers were replaced, those buildings. Some of those criti- ed the users in the process, law en-
Safety Director Jackie Vaughan. “In four new towers were constructed. cal buildings were schools, nursing forcement or county government in
addition, Calvert County will main- and communications equipment was homes, any place that has had the our user group that actually helped
tain full control of the entire sys- installed on other existing structures potential to having large capacity of write the RFP and then evaluated the
tem, including the new towers and throughout the county.  people in them. And we designed to vendor. So, they all had buy-in into
radios, and the technology is pro- With a total of 15 sites, the new 95 percent coverage in the county.” it,” Vaughan said.
tected against obsolescence so we system provides more reliable in- Some of the former dead spots, Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire
can expect this new system to serve building coverage, increases the Harris said, were “Brownie’s Beach, Department Assistant Chief Eric
the needs of our citizens and first re- number of available communications Driftwood Beach and the Ranch Holtzberger called the system “Pret-
sponders for the next 20 years.” channels from five to 10, and pro- (Chesapeake Ranch Estates in ty good. It’s working the way it was
Vaughan, who has been with coun- vides 1,200 new mobile and portable Lusby).” intended to operate.” He said being
ty government for 39 years, remem- radios to first responders and public Harris explained, “There were digital, the sound quality is superior.
bers the beginning of the long pro- safety personnel. places just on the cliffs. If we went Holtzberger said the previous sys-
cess that led up to last week’s mile- “The system is also designed to down Breezy Point Road, for exam- tem had a dead spot in Dares Beach
stone. She said, “It was probably back enable police and fire departments ple, we lost coverage. Well, this one but the new system is working fine.
in the thousands when I approached to better communicate with other lo- was designed to address that.” North Beach VFD Chief Chris
the finance department about putting cal, state and federal agencies when The system was also designed, Mills agrees. “It’s been good so far.”
a CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) a multi-jurisdictional response is Harris said, to address interoperabil- He said the main advantage has been
project in the budget. At that time, required. ity. “If you weren’t on the exact mod- the added channels.
it was estimated to be anywhere be- “In addition to 20-year mainte- el radio system, you couldn’t talk to Vaughan said another feature that
tween 17 and 20 million, which is nance and life cycle protection, the St. Mary and St. Mary’s couldn’t talk the new system has that’s causing
a large hit or almost all of the CIP system comes with new features, to Calvert County,” he explained. other counties to salivate over is its
money in one year. So, the project such as GIS mapping with automatic The project involved replacing all Wi-fi program. She said, “Typically
kept getting pushed out and pushed emergency personnel location and the portable radios in very squad somebody would have to take a lap-
out for a couple of years to the point ‘man down’ emergency alerts.” car, every fire truck for every offi- top and touch all 2000 radios in the
that our old system, it was reliable at Vaughan proudly boasted during cer, firefighter and EMT. And they county, go to one radio, plugging into
that point and working well, know- a March 26 interview, “In the end, replaced the alerting system at every the laptop, get the next radio plugged
ing the technology had changed. We I think we ended up with a state- firehouse. into the laptop. We were able to sit
needed to replace it. of-the-art system that is definitely The system can be adapted to in our office and hit one button and
“So, I approached the finance de- going to last the county at least 20 changing technology, Vaughan said, program radios over the Wi-fi net-
partment that I know it is a big hit years, if not longer.” “Because it was using tax dollars, work. Wow. That probably would’ve
in your CIP budget. Let’s spread this Director of Emergency Communi- it was in the CIP project that it had taken us a week to complete; we’ve
over several years. At that time, it cations Stanley Harris, who has been to be up and running for 20 years. finished in less than six hours.”
was estimated to be about $21 mil- with the county for 15 years, said of Which means they have to maintain “When you have your surrounding
lion. And that was probably around the previous system, “I don’t know if it for 20 years. And no part of the counties calling you, saying, “Hey,
2010, 2011. So, we broke it up into there were actually deficiencies, but radio system can become obsolete how does this work? That’s pretty
three separate year CIP budgets.” we lacked channel capacity.” He said in 20 years. So, if one part breaks cool.’ You know, I think we definite-
She continued, “In 2013, I wrote communications were shared with and they can’t fix it, they have to put ly did a good job on designing the
an RFP (Request for Proposals), police, fire and rescue as well as something else in that will allow us system,” Vaughan said.
went out to bid and hired a consult- county government users.” And as to to continue to operate at the level we
ing company to come in and help coverage, “We went from five sites are now for the next 20 years.”
give us direction on what we needed to 15 sites. We directly increased the Harris said, “We have a one-stop
12 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

of Southern Maryland Feature

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14 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

Join local businesses encouraging everyone

to celebrate responsibly this Easter

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Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Cops & Courts 15


During the week of March 15 - 21, deputies of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office responded to 1, 379 calls for service throughout the community.
Burglary: 2021-13634 $1160.00. nating from of 5th Street and N. Side Drive
On March 15, 2021, Deputy Theft: 2021-14773 Y o u n g ’ s in Owings, MD. Upon making
Norton responded to 2600 block On March 21, 2021, Deputy Os- breath. A contact with
of Lowery Road in Huntingtown, tazeski responded to 8100 block of search of the the driver,
MD for the report of a burglary. Cardinal Lane in Lusby, MD for vehicle was Khoury Der-
The complainant advised an un- a report of a theft. The complain- conducted and rell Bethea,
known male suspect was stand- ant advised sometime between 12 an unloaded 30 of Suit-
ing in the kitchen of his residence. a.m. and 9:45 a.m., an unknown handgun that land, MD, a
The suspect f led the scene as the suspect(s) stole her faded black did not be- Jason David Young strong odor of
homeowner approached. No prop- metal mailbox and white plas- long to Young marijuana was
erty was taken from the home. tic post. The total value of stolen was found emitting from
Burglary: 2021-14542 property is $40.00. along with several pills for which the vehicle. A Khoury Bethea
On March 20, 2021, Deputy Theft: 2021-14318 Young did not have a prescription search of the
Shoemaker responded to 1100 On March 19, 2021, Deputy for. Young was transported to the vehicle was conducted and a large
block of Monterey Dr. in Lusby, Holt responded to the 8000 block Calvert County Detention Center amount of marijuana was found.
MD for the report of a burglary. of Silver Fox Way in Chesapeake and charged with CDS: Posses- Bethea was transported to the Cal-
The complainant advised some- Beach, MD for a report of a theft sion-Not Marijuana, Possession of vert County Detention Center and
time between March 7 and March from a vehicle. The complain- CDS While Detained in a Place of charged with CDS: Possession of
15, an unknown suspect(s) at- ant advised between March 18 at Confinement, Possession of Hand- Marijuana 10 GM+.
tempted forced entry into the 7 p.m. and March 19 at 7:35 a.m., gun in a Vehicle and Possession of On March 20, 2021, Deputy
residence through a French door, unknown suspects broke into her Handgun on Person. Denton conducted a traffic stop
however nothing inside the home unlocked vehicle and stole a pair On March 17, 2021 Deputy Idol in the 100 block of West Dares
was taken. The approximate value of Tory Burch sunglasses, $50 in conducted a traffic stop in the area Beach Road in Prince Frederick,
of damaged property is $1,300.00. change, and a $100 Amazon gift of Rt. 260 and Skinners Turn Lane MD. Upon making contact with
Damaged Property: 2021-14638 card. The total amount of stolen in Owings, MD. Upon making the driver of the vehicle, Chade
On March 20, 2021, Deputy property is $350.00. contact with the driver, Ellis Eu- Annette Hall,
Wilder responded to a residence Theft: 2021-14564 gene Gray Jr., 24 of Waldorf,
in the 900 block of Lubbock Lane On March 20, 2021, Deputy Holt 36 of Wash- MD, Deputy
in Lusby, MD for report of dam- responded to the 7000 block of C ington D.C., a Denton no-
aged property. The complainant Street in Chesapeake Beach, MD strong odor of ticed a strong
advised unknown suspects dam- for a report of a theft from a ve- marijuana was odor of mari-
aged a rope swing in front of his hicle. The complainant advised emitting from juana emitting
residence. The estimated value of an unknown suspect(s) had stolen the vehicle. A from the vehi-
damaged property is $50.00. air fresheners, chargers, and oth- search of the cle. A search
Theft: 2021-13572 er miscellaneous items from the vehicle was of the vehicle
On March 15, 2021, Deputy vehicle. The total value of stolen conducted and Ellis Gray Jr revealed five Chade Hall
Durnbaugh responded to the 300 property is $30.00. a large amount plastic bags
block of Solomons Island Road ARRESTS of marijuana containing marijuana, a Xanax
in Prince Frederick, MD for re- On March 16, 2021, Deputy was found. Ellis Jr. was trans- pill, and a loaded Tarus 9mm hand-
port of a theft from a vehicle. The Parks conducted a traffic stop in ported to the Calvert County De- gun. Hall was transported to the
complainant advised sometime the area of Rt. 4 in front of the tention Center and charged with Calvert County Detention Center
between March 8 at 6 p.m. and Walmart in Prince Frederick, MD. CDS: Possession of Marijuana where she was charged with CDS:
March 11 at 2 p.m., unknown sus- While making contact with the 10 GM+ and CDS: Possession of Possession of Marijuana 10+ GM,
pects stole two sets of golf clubs driver, Jason David Young, 43 of Paraphernalia. CDS: Possession-Not Marijauna,
and a Bushnell Rangefinder. The Huntingtown, MD, Deputy Parks On March 20, 2021, Deputy Idol and Loaded Handgun in Vehicle.
total value of stolen property is observed an odor of alcohol ema- conducted a traffic stop in the area

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16 Education The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

‘Getting Southern Maryland Back to Work’ Progress Cited

Program Helps Businesses, Citizens with Workforce Challenges
The progress made by the regional ef- actually respond to immediate pain points,” Maryland can help workers who plan to gram and professional development path-
fort aimed at ‘Getting Southern Maryland was very important, according to Flowers- return to their former employer as well as way which would assist our local employers
Back to Work’ is the latest topic of “Inside Fields. “So it was important for us to engage those who are looking to change careers with recruitment and retention of valuable
Your County Government,” a podcast that as many individuals as possible to ask the by offering free and unlimited access frontline caregivers by relieving the burden
brings an inside look at the people and question, first and foremost, ‘what do you to more than 5,000 high-quality online of new employee training and existing em-
events that shape Charles County and the need?’ Second [was] to educate them about training courses for 180 days. Whether ployee professional development from the
Southern Maryland Region. During the the capacity we have to respond to work- they are looking for a first job, a new job or employer and moving it to the college.”
podcast, host Brent Huber was joined by force needs. Also engaging our K through to advance in their chosen field, residents Additionally, CSM added COVID-
College of Southern Maryland (CSM) As- 12 and our economic development partners can take advantage of this service to reach 19-specific educational materials and skills
sociate Vice-President of Continuing Edu- in those conversations so that we are ensur- their career goals. The platform also offers to all its allied health course content to
cation and Workforce Development Ellen ing that the full spectrum of people entering business services to assist with recruitment, prepare students with the information and
Flowers-Fields and Ruthy Davis, director the workforce – whether you’re just com- hiring and internal training. skills necessary to safely deliver patient
of Regional Workforce and Business De- ing out of high school, or whether you are Approximately 7,500 unemployed South- care in the community.
velopment for the Tri-County Council for in a GED program or whether, as Ruthy ern Maryland residents receive weekly out- In the fall of 2020, CSM also launched
Southern Maryland (TCCSMD) to discuss said, you’re are a career changer – that the reach providing relevant information and educational/career pathways in several
the significant headway being made to cre- conversations were happening across the useful resources. healthcare areas. Continuing Education
ate transparent, accessible and coordinated full spectrum of the workforce. More im- Industry Engagement students completing CSM’s Certified Clini-
pathways to skills upgrade training and re- portantly was having the conversations that To date, more than 240 industry and cal Medical Assistant can earn credit for
employment for individuals who became we are here to help this economy reposition community leaders have convened through courses in the academic certificate/degree
unemployed or underemployed as a result itself. That is the work we have been doing.” this initiative to discuss solutions to COVID program – allowing an individual to earn
of the pandemic. “Our road to recovery actually moves impacts on existing and future workforce an entry-level industry credential in a con-
CSM and TCCSMD partnered to launch through CSM and the Tri-County Council needs (in collaboration with TCCSMD). densed period of time, gain employment,
the Getting Southern Maryland Back to at bringing together the businesses and then Getting Southern Maryland Back to and continue an educational pathway (while
Work effort one year ago when the nation’s training the people to help recover us eco- Work delivered customized employer-spe- working in the industry) to earn an academ-
business shutdowns began. nomically,” said Huber as he heard details cific workforce and professional develop- ic certificate/degree that will increase earn-
“This all started with a compelling con- of the many results already provided by the ment training for 26 regional employers, ing potential on the job.
versation between Ruthy and I immediately initiative. supporting 734 incumbent workers gaining Nine individuals were awarded federal
following the shutdowns back in March of To identify issues and leverage prog- skills upgrade training in areas from lead- Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act
2020,” said Flowers-Fields of her and Da- ress, Flowers-Field and Davis held virtual ership development, technology skills, CO- (WIOA) funding to support their education
vis’ partnership. “We talked about the very Town Halls meetings with leaders from VID safety to employee wellness and more. and attainment of an industry recognized
important role that we play in supporting healthcare, retail/hospitality, construction A regional virtual hiring event held in credential in the healthcare industry.   
our regional economy in terms of connect- and IT/professional services industries – September 2020 connected 64 hiring em-   Meeting the needs of the IT/Profes-
ing people with jobs and providing skills all considered essential trades during the ployers with 952 individuals seeking em- sional services community
training.” Recognizing the foreshadowing pandemic and all largely reshaped by CO- ployment and resulted in 52 confirmed The needs of the IT community are be-
impact of prolonged shutdowns, the pair VID-19. A snapshot of results include:  hires. ing met at CSM through offering multiple
moved quickly “to align the federal, state Workforce Preparation Fifty customized recruitments were held different scheduling options; daytime,
and local resources that we each receive so Equity & Access in Instructional Delivery for 44 employers and 127 individuals were week-long accelerated courses and evening,
that we could respond to business needs, During the pandemic, more than 90 per- hired as a result. multi-week exam prep courses for the most
help individuals being laid off and get in cent of CSM instructional learning was Meeting the needs of the construction in-demand certifications. Courses include
front of some of the emerging trends,” she switched to web based, Real Time Technol- industry computer systems support (A+), networking
added, “and from that conversation, the ogy or hybrid learning modalities allowing In response to the regional needs of the (Network+) (CCNA), security (Security+)
Getting Southern Maryland Back to Work existing students to continue their studies construction industry and to assist the K-12 (CEH) (CISSP), cloud security (CCSP), and
Initiative was launched.” and providing new students access. public school CTE programs, CSM entered software development security (CSSLP).
Davis pointed out that she and Flowers- Aligned workforce training efforts with into an agreement with Independent Elec- The needs of the professional services
Fields had long been partners in local work- those of the Workforce Development Board trical Contractors (IEC) last fall, according community are being met through offer-
force development and they knew early on with the goal of meeting the needs of dis- to Flowers-Fields. This agreement focuses ing both contract training and open enroll-
that every business and citizen in Southern advantaged populations in the community. on early entry into formal apprenticeships ment courses in leadership, supervision
Maryland would become a stakeholder in From March – December 2020, 28 indi- through the delivery of an Electrical Pre- and management, soft skills, and project
the effort. viduals were awarded nearly $106,000 in Apprenticeship training program. This management.
“Our local businesses … immediately federal Workforce Innovation & Opportu- 200-hour Pre-Apprenticeship Electrical To help students realize their education
needed help to sustain and continue to oper- nity Act (WIOA) funding to support their Helper Hybrid training program provides and career potential, CSM has developed
ate and grow and thrive in the midst of the education and attainment of an industry classroom, skill lab and online instruction Guided Pathways to also provide its stu-
pandemic shutdowns,” Davis said. “Second recognized credential.  preparing participants to enter full-time dents with academic credit for continuing
[were] our citizens. Now there are citizens In 2020, CSM conferred 1,426 certifi- employment as an electrical helper and en- education courses and recognized industry
who are unemployed or under-employed cates and associate degree graduates, try into formal apprenticeship training to credentials.
as a result of the pandemic. There are citi- CSM delivered workforce and continu- become an electrician. “For example, a student completing the
zens – who data shows us from previous ing education training to 4,298 individuals. In addition, Flowers-Fields said the first workforce course CIT 5020 A+ Exam Prep
economic upheavals – are going to want Of those, 3,458 enrolled in courses leading cohort with Charles County Public Schools and earning the CompTIA certification can
to be career changers at this point. We saw to an industry recognized certification or is scheduled to begin training in early 2021. receive academic credit for the academic
this after 9/11, when some first respond- credential. While many are still enrolled, Ten individuals were awarded federal ITS 1050 Computing Essentials course in
ers wanted to get out of that business and 290 students completed workforce training Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act the AAS degree program,” Flowers-Fields
people who weren’t first responders said “I certificates by the end of December 2020. (WIOA) funding to support their education explained.
want in [that career].” The highest number of completers were and attainment of an industry recognized In addition, nine individuals were award-
Another compelling issue, according in Electrical Helper and Certified Nurs- credential in the construction industry.  ed federal Workforce Innovation & Oppor-
to Flowers-Fields, is that many resources ing Assistant/Geriatric Nursing Assistant Meeting the needs of the healthcare tunity Act (WIOA) funding to support their
are available to businesses and individuals providing a skilled and readily available community education and attainment of an industry
within the community but very often they workforce. “One of the hardest hit industries dur- recognized credential in the IT/Professional
either are unaware of them, or uncertain as SkillUp© Southern Maryland was ing this pandemic has been our healthcare Services industry.
to whether or not the services are actually procured providing an online training providers, specifically our local/regional For more information about the Getting
available to them. platform to upskill our local workforce and Developmental Disability Administration Southern Maryland Back to Work Initia-
“So being able to communicate to the increase the pool of qualified candidates (DDA) providers,” said Flowers-Fields. tive, or to listen/view the Town Hall meet-
community and through the community to support our existing and potential local “CSM and representatives of local DDA ings, visit online at
about the availability of the resources, and businesses. Accessible 24/7 from anywhere providers have been meeting to discuss the backtowork/.
to make sure the services we are providing, with internet access, SkillUp® Southern development of a standardized training pro- Press Release from CSM.
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Sports 17

Men's Soccer Concludes

2021 Spring Season

Love Letter
The St. Mary's College of Maryland
men's soccer team hosted the Salis-
bury University Sea Gulls on Friday
(Mar. 26) in Coast-To-Coast Athletic
Conference action. The Seahawks
played to a 0-0 draw to conclude their
2021 spring season.
St. Mary's College - 0, Salisbury
University - 0 By Ronald N. Guy Jr. has introduced your flaws. Perfect
How It Happened Contributing Writer you are not, even if my early draw-
kicks compared to the Sea Gulls one.
• The first half of action was score- To my always: ings were. The air of purity you’ve
In all, the Seahawks placed four shots
less and both squads struggled to find A blank piece of poster board always maintained – it’s about the
on goal compared to Salisbury's three
legitimate scoring chances. Salisbury foretold your annual arrival. One al- kids! - has eroded to such a point of
in the game.
held the slight advantage in shots (4- ways seemed to show up just before pure fiction now. Of course, given
Inside the Box Score
3) and both teams earned one corner the break of spring. Whether it was recent events, alternate realities are
• Isaac Ekobo led the Seahawks
kick each. The first half of play was requested or mom just knew that it apparently in vogue.
with four shots. Roshawn Panton add-
also chippy as three yellow cards was time, my memory can’t defini- Amateur athletes are the core of
ed three on the night. Liam Delone-
were handed out. Two were charged tively say. Rolled out on the table, your beauty. And yet, those respon-
Bellsey and Matthew Kopsidas split
to the Seahawks, while one was hand- carefully pinned down in each sible for your fabulous show are the
time in goal this evening. Kopsidas
ed to the Sea Gulls. corner and surrounded by all the only stakeholders failing to benefit
collected three saves.
• Both the Seahawks and Sea Gulls necessary equipment - a yardstick, from the swollen revenue stream
Up Next for the Seahawks
picked up the pace in the final half ruler, pencil and pen – it didn’t look created by your broad appeal. How
• This concludes the 2021 spring
of play as both squads fired off sev- like much more than lame school long will this charade continue?
season for the St. Mary's College of
en shots apiece. St. Mary's College project. But with your inspiration, There is talk of compensation.
Maryland men's soccer team.
finished the frame with four corner I knew, like a blooming spring, a Even reparations. And what of the
Press Release from SMCM.
magical and essential transforma- disgraceful inequity between the
tion was in the offing. men’s and women’s games, a gap

No. 20 Women's Lacrosse

To properly capture your beau- willfully perpetuated by your gov-
ty, the poster board was divided erning body?
into four identical quadrants. Each We missed our date last March,

Improves to 3-1
quadrant contained five columns another sacred tradition claimed
consisting of 16, eight, four, two by COVID. The time apart should
and one line, respectively. After have made your presence all the
reaching the last single line, the more special this spring, but alas,
Notches Victory Over Randolph-Macon quadrant had to connect with the your brackets arrived with a dash
one above or below to form one last of guilt. This year was always
The No. 20 St. Mary's College of line. The quadrants had to be sym- certain to happen – or at least at-
Maryland women's lacrosse team metrical, the column lines had to tempted. The machine – athletic
(3-1) took on the Randolph-Macon be of equal length and the final line department coffers, big money
College Yellow Jackets (2-2) on the drawn from the two merged quad- coaches and hungry television net-
road on Sunday (Mar. 28) afternoon rants on the left and right of the works – demanded it. And so, the
in non-conference action. The Se- poster board had to meet precisely amateur athletes played. Some got
ahawks improved to 3-1 with a 12-7 in the middle. There was no room sick. Many games were cancelled.
victory over the Yellow Jackets. for close or good enough. This ex- But an irregular regular season was
No. 20 St. Mary's College - 12, ercise demanded my best – because completed and a chosen few squads
Randolph-Macon College - 7 11-7 with 13:15 remaining. you, my love, deserved it. were sent to various gyms in Indi-
How It Happened • The Seahawk defense buckled Once the structure was complete, ana to play this thing out and de-
• The Yellow Jackets struck first down for the remainder of the game names were carefully written on clare a champion – for good or ill,
with a goal in the first 35 seconds of by holding the Yellow Jacket score- each line in the first column of four as Hunter S. Thompson would have
play. However, the Seahawks com- less. On the other end of the field, quadrants and the masterpiece was surmised.
pletely took over the game for the Erin Carmody tacked on another goal displayed proudly…regally even… Business. Dirty. Business.
remainder of the opening half, scor- for the Seahawks to seal the 12-7 on the wall next to cherished pho- But enough of that, dear. Perfect
ing eight-straight goals while hold- victory. tos and our family’s coat of arms is a fool’s illusion; basketball sim-
ing Randolph-Macon scoreless. Lily Inside the Box Score - you mingled with this important ply imitates life. Your warts will
Davison netted three goals during the • Davison and Gussio led the Se- company flawlessly. Over the next work themselves out. It all pales in
run, while Kelly Emge tallied two. ahawks on the offensive end. Davison several weeks we faithfully tracked comparison to our electric moments
Additionally, Jayne Barkman, Lucy finished the game with four goals, your progress until all lines were – those childhood bracket builds,
Gussio, and Erin Carmody all found while Gussio recorded three goals filled and a champion was crowned. trips to D.C. and Charlotte for re-
the back of the net during the run. and one assist. This was my original version of gional games and so many gather-
The Seahawks headed into halftime • Defensively, MC Mortimer caused “bracketology.” ings with you, a few friends and
with a comfortable 8-1 advantage. six turnovers and also tied for the Many years have passed now. We lots of frothy beverages. Now I am
• Randolph-Macon opened up the team lead with three ground balls. have both aged, you more graceful- even completing virtual brackets
second half with back-to-back goals Emge and Francesca Ziccardi were ly than me, and my youthful poster with my kids (alas, no poster board
to cut the Seahawk lead to 8-3. St. the other two Seahawks who collected board projects have transitioned to requests). It has been an amazing
Mary's College responded with back- three ground balls as well. Stephanie printouts and now, like so much in journey, my dear friend.
to-back goals of their own from Gus- Heffron played a key role in the vic- life, to the virtual realm. Ah, but I love you, March Madness.
sio and Davison to jump out to a 10-3 tory by collecting nine draw controls. my love for you is neither defined P.S.: Don’t leave me hanging
lead. In goal, Aimee Uibel collected nine nor bound by form. Still, our rela- again. While we all learned to live
• Next, the Seahawks and Yellow saves and earned the victory. tionship has evolved. No more am without last year, let’s not make it
Jackets exchanged scores to bring the • McKenzie Hynson and Natalie I fueled by blind passion. Age has a habit.
score to 11-4 in favor of the Seahawks. Webster led the Yellow Jackets with increased my realism and cynicism, Send comments to Ronald-
From there, the Yellow Jackets made a two goals each. and our consistent acquaintance
strong comeback attempt with a three Press Release from SMCM.
goal run to cut the Seahawks lead to
18 Sports & Entertainment The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

St. Mary’s College Seahawks Fall in Final

Presents Original Match of Spring
The St. Mary's College of Maryland
volleyball team (0-4, 0-0 C2C) traveled
to the Knights of Neumann University
(2-2, 0-0 AEC) Friday evening (Mar.
Deals with Healing During COVID 25). The Seahawks dropped the match
“Checking In,” an original theater ing that works for everyone, the acts to the Knights by a final score of 3-2.
piece on the powers of healing during of storytelling and of listening have St. Mary's College - 2 Neumann
a COVID-19 lockdown, opens with power. University - 3
a recorded Zoom performance on “Checking In” continues profes- How It Happened
Thursday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m. Pre- sor Steiger’s collaborative work with • The Seahawks came out hot and
sented by the St. Mary’s College of students and local community mem- and fired out to a 15-10 lead over the
Maryland Theater, Film and Media bers on subjects of race, gender, class Knights. The two teams split the next 10
Studies, the show performs through and social justice, begun with “Be- points until the Seahawks found them- would go the way of the Knights as they
Sunday, April 18, with a final mati- yond the Sunset” and the 10-minute selves up 20-15. From there St. Mary's claimed the win 15-11.
nee performance at 2 p.m. play festival of student-written plays, College won five of the next six points Inside the Box Score
“Checking In” evolved from col- “Humanizing Histories.”  and took the first set 25-16. • Meghan Stevens finished her season
laborative work between students in Access to the recorded Zoom per- • The second set was also very com- like she started it by once again leading
Assistant Professor of Theater Amy formance is by ticket registration petitive as the two were tied early on the Seahawks offensively with 14 kills
Steiger’s fall 2020 course on devising through Eventbrite at https://www. at 6-6. Both teams traded points until and Chanel Lucas was second with 12.
community-based theater and the St. e ve n t b r it e.c o m /e /14 69 9 9 614 8 05. Neumann was up 19-17 and they would • Nicole Gibson had a huge night as
Mary’s local community. Based on Registration is required; perfor- extend that lead into a 25-22 second set she tallied 33 assists.
interviews students conducted with mances are free. The first 10 patrons win. • Lucas, Erin Krauss and Katelyn
community members on subjects of for each performance who register • Neumann jumped out to a 13-3 lead Kluh all lead in blocks by contributing
race, gender and healing, a play took for tickets will receive a "care pack- in the third and never looked back, tak- three each.
shape that focused on a group of peo- age" to make the Zoom performance ing the set 25-13. • Stevens also led the Seahawks in
ple forced into lockdown in a medical an interactive experience. • Neumann took a 1-0 lead in the digs with 21 and Nicole Gibson was
waiting room. To keep themselves oc- “Checking In” performs at 7:30 fourth and that would be the only time right behind her with 16.
cupied, they share stories about their p.m. from April 15-17, with a mati- the entire set that they would be ahead. Up Next for the Seahawks
lives. As they transform the waiting nee performance at 2 p.m. on Sunday, St. Mary's College won the next six • This concludes the Seahawks 2021
room into a place for creativity and April 18.  points after going down 1-0 to be up 6-1 Spring season.
community, the group discovers that Press Release from St. Mary’s Col- and cruised on to a 25-18 fourth set win. Press Release from SMCM
while there is no single path to heal- lege of Maryland • The fifth and final set of the day

Seahawks Edged by
Fal Shorewomen in Season



The St. Mary's College of Mary-
land women's soccer team hosted
the Washington College Shore-
VEMEN women on Sunday (Mar. 28) af-

GUIDE T ternoon in an exhibition contest.

The Seahawks were edged 1-0 in
their season finale.
St. Mary's College - 0, Wash-
ington College - 1
How It Happened
• The Seahawks were held
scoreless throughout the contest
and struggled to find legitimate Washington College earned one
scoring chances in the first half. corner kick each.
St. Mary's College fired off four Inside the Box Score
shots and earned one corner kick, • Tazza recorded a team-high

but couldn't convert for a score. three shots, while Baker added
The Shorewomen tallied 10 shots two. The Seahawks did not have
in the first frame of play and a player from their team in goal.
scored on one of them in the 32nd Washington College goalkeepers
minute. split time in goal for St. Mary's
• The second half of action was College.
Calvert County News competitive and had both the Se-
ahawks and Shoremen tally five
• The Shorewomen received
their game-winning goal from El-
shots each. Megan Tazza, Lauren
In Print & Online
len Daly.
Baker, Haley Bullis, and Madi- Up Next for the Seahawks
son Webb recorded shots for the • This concludes the 2021 spring
Seahawks in the second half but season for the Seahawks.
couldn't manage to find the back of the net. St. Mary's College and
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Calendars
Obituaries 19

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Nancy Camille Bell teeth.

Arrangements will be provided
service at this time. A celebration
of life will be held at a later date.
moved into their newly built home
in Prince Frederick. Growing up,
Nancy Ca- by Rausch Funeral Home, Port In lieu of f lowers, contributions Karen attended Prince Frederick
mille Bell (81) Republic, and MD. A Celebration in Martha’s name may be made Elementary School, Calvert Junior
of Port Re- of Life will be held on April 29th, to Cedar Grove United Methodist High, and graduated class valedic-
public, MD 2021 at 11:00am. Prayers and ser- Church , 5965 Deale-Churchton torian from Calvert Senior High
received her vice will be by her nephew, Chris- Road, Deale, MD 20751 or School. Blessed with a full schol-
angel wings topher Romig, Pastor of the Ven- Deale Volunteer Fire Depart- arship, Karen entered the Union
on March 26, ice Presbyterian Church, Florida. ment, P.O. Box 114 Memorial School of Nursing, then
2021. She was Interment will be private. 6007 Drum Point Road, Deale, associated with John’s Hopkins
born in Bowl- In lieu of f lowers, donations MD 20751; Link: University, where she again ex-
ing Green, can be made to Waters Memorial h t t p : // w w w. d e a l e 4 2 . c o m / celled with highest honors, even-
Ohio on May United Methodist Church, 5400 donate/ tually scoring in the upper 5%
29, 1939 to David and Kathryn Mackall Road, St. Leonard, MD Funeral arrangements are by nationally when completing her
Beard of Adelphi, MD. She at- 20685. Rausch Funeral Home. nursing board examinations.
tended High Point High School, High school sweethearts, Karen
in Beltsville, MD. Her eleventh Martha Elizabeth Karen Thomas and David shared their first date
on October 7, 1970, and were mar-
grade year in March of 1956 she
met the love of her life, Joseph Gibson Mohler ried on August 17, 1974 while Da-
Dubois Bell. They courted until vid was serving in the U.S. Navy
August of 1958 when they became Martha Eliz- “And the stationed in Key West, Florida.
engaged. They married on Sep- abeth Gibson, King will say, They often liked to share with
tember 3, 1960 at the University 92, of Tracy’s ‘I tell you the friends that their first year of mar-
of Maryland Chapel, College Park Landing passed truth, when riage was a yearlong honeymoon
where she attended college. She away on March you did it to in Key West.
received a degree in Commercial 22, 2021 at one of the least After David’s final military as-
Advertising in Arts. Nancy and Anne Arundel of these my signment was concluded, Dave
Joe then moved to Port Republic, Medical Cen- brothers and and Karen moved to Springfield,
MD in 1981. Nancy began working ter. She was sisters, you Missouri where Karen, now a reg-
at Calvert Career Center as a Vo- born in Friend- were doing it istered nurse, served at the Lester
cational Evaluator. She returned ship, MD on to me!’ – Mat- E. Cox Regional Hospital and Da-
back to college and received her August 23, 1928 to parents Wil- thew 25:40 vid pursued formal preparation to
Master’s Degree at George Wash- liam Riley and Sadie Elizabeth Karen Thomas Mohler. To know serve as a pastor, counselor and
ington University. She continued Tucker. her was transforming. To interact chaplain. Karen and Dave spent a
her career at Calvert Career Cen- Martha attended Tracy’s El- with her was to recognize that you total of seven years in Springfield,
ter until her retirement in 2008. ementary School and graduated mattered. To be served by her was and were honored to serve on the
Nancy was preceded by her par- from Southern High School in to experience the presence of Je- pastoral staff of Tampa Assembly
ents, David and Kathryn Beard as Lothian, MD in 1946. She mar- sus with skin on. of God where they were blessed
well as her daughter in law, Robin ried Samuel Gibson, Sr. on Febru- After enduring a brief battle with many enduring friendships,
Bell. ary 27, 1948. She retired from the with metastatic melanoma, Kar- including those who are now serv-
She is survived by her hus- Prince George’s County Board of en peacefully stepped from this ing in churches, on military bases,
band, Joe of 61 years of marriage. Education in 1991 after 36 years life into the arms of Jesus her and upon foreign fields around the
Her children, David Scott (San- of service as administrative sec- Lord and Savior, Sunday evening, world.
dra), John Patrick, James Glenn retary to four superintendents. March 21, 2021, while resting gen- Karen actively served as a regis-
(Misty) Bell. Four grandchildren, Martha was a member of Cedar tly in the arms of her husband Da- tered nurse for nearly forty years,
Rachel Tiffany Bell, Rebecca Grove United Methodist Church vid, with her boys, daughters-in- spending the majority of her time
Marie Bell, Breannea Christian where she served as Treasurer of law and grandchildren at her side. in obstetrics as a labor and deliv-
Dean, Brendan James Bell and the Martha Lydia Women’s Circle Karen Thomas was born on No- ery nurse. As a certified obstet-
Brooke Camille Bell. Two great for 20 years. In her younger years, vember 1, 1955, at Calvert County rics nurse, Karen established the
grandchildren, Jaxon and Bryson. she was an active member of the Hospital, the first of five daugh- bereavement program within the
She leaves behind a sister, Joan Ladies Auxiliary Deale Volun- ters born to Lester and Dona Rae Calvert Health System obstetrics
Marion Beard Romig of Sarasota, teer Fire Department, the South Thomas of Prince Frederick, MD. unit and served as its first coor-
FL and brother, Timothy Victor County Democratic Club and the After spending their early years in dinator. Through the years she
Beard (Susie) of San Antonio, TX. Landing Garden Club. She loved Dares Beach, the Thomas family walked along side many couples
Nancy and Joe attended Trinity spending time with her family and
United Methodist Church from friends, especially her grandchil-
dren who affectionately called her
1981 to 2017. Nancy was very in-
“GiGi”. Where Life and Heritage are Celebrated
volved with her faith and her love
of God. There wasn’t a hymn she In addition to her parents, she
did not know. If she wasn’t tak- was preceded in death by her hus-
ing pictures at church you would band, five brothers, four sisters, During a difficult
and a granddaughter Kimberly
find her on a ball field watching
her family play. They transferred Gibson Stafford. time… still your best choice.
membership to Waters Memorial She is survived by two daugh-
United Methodist Church until ters, Sue Farmer (Steve) of Ijams-
ville, MD, Jane Osborne (Jack) of Affordable Funerals, Caskets, Vaults,
she received her angel wings. Cremation Services and Pre-Need Planning
Nancy’s passion was her pho- Faulkner, MD, three sons, Samu-
tography. You would never see her el Gibson, Jr. (Debra Wilson) of Family Owned and Operated by
without a camera. She loved to Edgewater, MD, Barton Gibson Barbara Rausch and Bill Gross
(Deborah) of Dunkirk, MD and
travel and take pictures. She had a
David Gibson (Linda) of Lothian,
library of albums. Her hobbies in-
cluded ceramic work and sewing.
She had a green thumb and loved
MD. She is also survived by ten
granddaughters, one grandson, 19 Owings Port Republic Lusby
great-grandchildren and numer- 8325 Mt. Harmony Lane 4405 Broomes Island Rd. 20 American Lane
nature. She also enjoyed walk-
ing the beach looking for shark’s ous nieces and nephews. 410-257-6181 410-586-0520 410-326-9400
Due to Covid-19 there will be no
20 Calendars
Obituaries The Calvert County Times Thursday, March 18, 2020

In Remembrance
The Calvert County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

who suffered the loss of a child, try of Life Church Calvert led by Ann (Martin) could work for the Federal Gov-
offering her love and friendship, Dave and Karen that encourages Brown and ernment in Washington, DC.
and would follow up with years of and supports caring for those men Donald Everett Rose devoted her next 13 years
caring. She was a genuine friend and women serving within our lo- Poole. to raising their two children, Car-
and caregiver at heart to many. cal law enforcement community. Sarah grad- ol Ann and Charles. She loved
Karen cherished being a wife, Please mail your designated gift uated from gardening and f lower arranging,
mother and grandmother. Over for Shield Bearers to Life Church P a t u x e n t crafts, and ceramics. She taught
the years God blessed Dave and Calvert, P.O. Box 3003, Prince High School and modeled the values of thrift,
Karen with a daughter, Karie, who Frederick, MD, 20678. in 2006. She service, and generosity. Ever the
was born with birth defects and Funeral arrangements by Rausch was incredibly volunteer, Rose applied her gar-
later died from those complica- Funeral Home. smart. Sarah loved reading books, dening and artistic skills in a va-
tions, and three sons: Kevin (Leo), learning about history, and swim- riety of ways, ranging from serv-
Andrew (Jen), and Timothy (Ka-
ity). God also smiled upon them
Joanne Carole ming...she was a fish in the wa-
ter. She played the violin and was
ing as Vice President of the local
Garden Club and making f lower
and blessed them with four beau- Chaillet-Phipps passionate about music. Spending arrangements for the church al-
tiful grandchildren: Denali, Abby, time with family and friends were tar through selling crafts to raise
Drew, and Olivia. Being with her Joanne Carole important to her. Sarah loved to money for a new church. Rose’s
family was one of the greatest joys Chaillet-Phipps, travel she visited Mexico, Ohio, children always got drafted into
of Karen’s life. 63, of Chesa- Alaska, Texas, and Tennessee. helping and spent many hours
Karen enjoyed serving, encour- peake Beach Traveling to Japan was on her cutting felt, shaping bread-dough
aging, and simply spending time passed away wish list. f lowers, and gluing together pom-
with others. She was an excellent March 19, 2021. Sarah is survived by her moth- pon critters and banners. Every
organizer and communicator who She was born er, Pamela Ann Brown and step- parish they joined had a building
enjoyed mentoring, teaching and September 2, father Kevin Richard Brown; her fund, and over the course of forty
leading various women’s groups. 1957 in Chever- father, Donald Everette Poole and years, Rose and Joe helped build
Karen also liked to sew, cook, ly to John Jess step-mother Brenda Ann Poole; four Catholic churches.
run, exercise, and write. She was Sr. and Carole Lenora (Orndoff ) her son, Aiden Bradley Bliss- Once her children became teens,
asked by the editors of the peri- Chaillet. Joanne was raised in Wells; her sisters, Melissa Ann Rose decided it was time to broad-
odicals Christianity Today and Holland Point and graduated from Messinese (Sissy), Jessica Lynn en her horizons. She volunteered
Leadership Journal to contribute Southern High School in 1975. Coppage (Sissy) and husband, for two years in the Flower Room
articles on the subjects of caring She enjoyed reading, crafts, plant- Sean Richard Coppage, Michelle at the White House and then was
for those who are mourning, in- ing and tending to her roses, es- Lynn Drayer and husband Mi- hired as an Executive Secretary,
cluding how pastors, churches and pecially yellow roses, which were chael Drayer II, Stacy Lee Brown, answering correspondence for
caregivers can help grieving par- her favorite, taking and looking at April Christine Keemer, Angie Presidents Carter and Reagan.
ents. She was also asked to help pictures, collecting Precious Mo- Renee Keemer and Shelby Ann She worked for a dozen years in
write a daily devotional for teens. ments, and spending time with Murphy; her brother, Samuel F. the Department of the Army at the
Her published articles and devo- her family, especially her children Murphy and wife Jordan Murphy; Pentagon, retiring in 1995.
tionals touched the lives of many. and grandson. and her nieces and nephews, Mi- In 2008, Rose and Joe moved
A devoted wife, Karen relished Joanne is survived by her chil- chael Drayer III, Jaxson Drayer, to Solomons, MD for their retire-
serving with David within each of dren Christopher Thomas Chaillet Camdyn Drayer, Skylee Coppage, ment. Unfortunately, Joe passed
the seven churches to which God and his girlfriend Lexie Jorgensen Anabella Lewis, Jace Coppage, away just six months later. Rose
called them, including two church- of Nanjemoy and Melissa Chail- Lacey Moore and Duffy Moore. made the best of things and made
es that they helped establish. She let-Phipps of Chesapeake Beach, Family will receive friends on many new friends over the years,
and David were a team from day grandson Rhett Walker Chaillet, Wednesday, April 7, 2021 from participating in numerous trips
one, serving side by side, loving twin brother John Jess Chaillet, Jr. 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m. at En- and activities.
one another, and always hoping of Bayard, sisters Theresa Strong counter Christian Center, 30080 Rose always enjoyed traveling.
their marriage modeled the life of Sarasota,
HonorFL, Michelle
the memory Dillon
of your cherished Henry Lane, Charlotte Hall, MD She traveled across the United
A Tribute to the Loved One
changing power of Christ to those
around them.
of Owings, one and
with friends,
ton of Deale,
by sharing the story of Shen-
as neighbors
well as
their life
20622. A Memorial Service will
be officiated by Pastor Dennis
States, visited Hawaii, Mexico and
the Caribbean, and toured many
Whose Memory Lives
Now enjoying eternity with the
Lover of her soul, although Karen
ous cousins, and extendedhere in the community.
members. She was preceded in
For details
family Gillikin at 2:30 p.m.
Condolences to the family may
countries in Europe. A highlight
for the entire family was a trip to
may no longer be with us physical- death by her parents andand herto place
be- be made at www.rauschfuneral- Italy in 1999.
On Forever in Your Heart
ly, may her legacy of loving God
and loving others live through
loved dog Pickles.your notice of remembrance,
Funeral callarrangements
301-373-4125 for assistance.
were Like any good Italian, Rose
took great pleasure in dining and
made by Rausch Funeral Home.
each of us.
Karen is also survived by her
Rose Connolly in sharing food with others. Fam-
ily get-togethers always involved
four loving sisters: Kathy Ho- Sarah Katherine Rose Con- an abundance of food, and no one
lian (Brian), Kimberly Moulton ever left the table hungry, nor left
(Glen), Kristin Ritchie (Mark) and Poole nolly,
away her home empty-handed!
Karol Brannon (Mark). Sarah Katherine Poole, age 32, on March 22, Rose is survived by her two sis-
Expressions of love by send- of Lusby, MD passed away on 2021 at her ters and her children. She was
ing f lowers for Karen’s celebra- March 21, 2021. Born April 11, home in Solo- preceded in death by her husband,
tion of life are welcomed. In lieu 1988 in Prince Frederick, MD, mons, MD with parents and brother.
of f lowers, you may also make a she was the daughter of Pamela her children A Celebration of Life and re-
gift to Shield Bearers, a minis- singing her fa- ception will be held at a later date
vorite hymn at when it is safe to do so.
her side. She In lieu of f lowers, donations
was born in 1927 to Italian immi- may be made to the Our Lady
grants, and grew up in New Jersey Star of the Sea Building Fund,
during the Great Depression. She Calvert Hospice, or the Asbury
worked for Union Carbide Corpo- Foundation.
REMEMBRANCES ration for 19 years. In 1962 she
married Joseph Connolly, and the
Condolences to the family may
be made at www.rauschfuneral-
IN PRINT & ONLINE two moved to Virginia so that Joe
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times Calendars 21

To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

vices and Technology Act, adminis- Lutheran Church in Lusby. Masks Body, Soul, Peace, and Harmony
Thursday, April 1 tered by the Maryland State Library. and social distancing required. All Artworks@7th Gallery; Thursday
COVID-19 and Vaccine Informa- Featured panelists are: are welcome. - Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
tion Virtual Event Julia Alvarez, National Medal of Masks, limited gallery numbers,
Online; 5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Arts Winner (“Afterlife,” 2020) Tuesday, April 6 and physical distance precautions are
The Enoch Pratt Free Library has Angie Cruz, Inaugural Good required. Shop the gallery 24/7 on-
Science for Citizens
coordinated a timely discussion of Morning America Book Club Author line at and
Virtual; 7 p.m.
the COVID-19 vaccine with clini- (“Dominicana,” 2018) Instagram or call for an appointment
Presented by Dr. Victor Kennedy.
cians, researchers, vaccine recipi- Reyna Grande, American Book at 410-286-5278. Attached below are
In 1940, H.L. Mencken referred to
ents, and other health professionals Award Winner (“A Dream Called featured works from the gallery's co-
the Chesapeake Bay as "the immense
discuss vaccine access, vaccine hesi- Home,” 2019) operative membership of 25 artists,
protein factory." In the late 1800s,
tancy, recent pandemics, and virus Juan Felipe Herrera, U.S. Poet one of whom is always on hand to
its oyster and shad fisheries led the
variants. The program features: Laureate (2015-2017) (“Jabberwalk- greet visitors to the gallery and talk
world in harvests and economic val-
Dr. Sherita Hill Golden, the Hugh ing,” 2018) about the show and fellow artists.
ue. Waterfowl rafts covered miles
P. McCormick Family Professor of Lupita Aquino, Moderator, @Lu- Multi-talented in multi-media Su-
of its winter surface. Sturgeon and
Endocrinology and Metabolism and pita.Reads Bookstagram zanne Shelden is the gallery's newly
terrapins were everywhere. Dr. Vic
Vice President and Chief Diversity Registration is required for this themed "Featured Artist". Her beau-
Kennedy, author of Shifting Base-
Officer for Johns Hopkins Medicine event, which will be broadcast on tiful Southern Maryland landscapes,
lines in the Chesapeake Bay, will
Dr. Tracey Murray, Dean of the the Prince George’s County Memo- seascapes give the viewer a feast
use eyewitness reports by early colo-
College of Health Professions at rial Library System’s YouTube and to behold. 'Body and Soul, Peace
nists, newspaper articles, and man-
Coppin State University Facebook. Visit MDLibraries0401. and Harmony' offers new works in
agement reports from the 1800s to
Dr. Kim Sydnor, Dean of the for more informa- stained glass, acrylic, silk painting,
describe a cornucopia that we can
School of Community Health and tion. The event will be presented in ceramic arts, scratchboard, mixed
now only imagine.
Policy at Morgan State University English. ASL interpretation and cap- media, sculpture, and jewelry.
and serves as Associate Professor for
the Department of Behavioral Health
tions will be provided. Viewers can
obtain copies of the panelists’ books Thursday, April 8 Calvert Library Openings
Sciences through Loyalty Bookstores or Cu- Sea Squirts - O is for Otter Thanks to declining COVID-19
Dr. Kawsar Rasmy Talaat, Assis- rious Iguana. Free and open to the Calver Marine Museum; various positivity numbers, Calvert Library
tant Professor in the Johns Hopkins public. times is welcoming customers back in for
School of Public Health. She holds a Children 18 months to 3 years, short visits. Customers are still asked
joint appointment in medicine at the Sea Squirts - O is for Otter with an adult, are invited to discover to keep visits as short as possible and
Johns Hopkins University School of Calver Marine Museum; various the museum together through music, no longer than an hour, wear an ap-
Medicine. Her areas of clinical ex- times stories, and special activities. Join propriate mask over your nose and
pertise include vaccine clinical trials Children 18 months to 3 years, us for storytime and a carryout craft, mouth, maintain a social distance
and vaccine safety. with an adult, are invited to discover available while supplies last. Ses- of 6’ from others and help your chil-
Dr. Jonathan Mark Zenilman, the museum together through music, sions are 15-20 minutes. Capacity is dren do the same. At all four library
professor of medicine at the Johns stories, and special activities. Join limited to 10 people per session. No locations, in-person library hours
Hopkins University School of Medi- us for storytime and a carryout craft, pre-registration; sign up at the Ad- will be Monday-Thursday, noon to
cine. He is known internationally available while supplies last. Ses- missions Desk when you arrive. This 5pm, Friday, 1-5pm and Saturday,
for his work in infectious disease sions are 15-20 minutes. Capacity is program is now offered at various 10am to 2pm. Curbside pickup ap-
epidemiology. limited to 10 people per session. No times throughout the day, to accom- pointments will continue Monday-
This event is free and open to the pre-registration; sign up at the Ad- modate guests during all sessions. Thursday, 10am to 7pm; Friday,
public via Zoom and Facebook. See missions Desk when you arrive. This For specific times, please visit www. 1-5pm and Saturday, 10am to 2pm.
more details on the Calvert Library program is now offered at various Call any Calvert Library location for
calendar at or times throughout the day, to accom- assistance or appointments. Custom-
Enoch Pratt Free Library website. modate guests during all sessions. Maryland in the Age of Sail ers can also follow and interact with
For specific times, please visit www. Virtual; 5 p.m. library staff on Facebook and Twit-
Viva Latino: Own Voices Writ- What role did the Chesapeake Bay ter. More information about corona-
ers in Conversation Virtual Event play in the War for Independence? virus is available in the Research &
Online; 7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Saturday, April 3 Join Mark Wilkins, CMM Curator Learn section of the library website.
Leading and award-winning con- of Maritime History, as he explores Call 410-535-0291 or email getan-
Open House and Tack Sale
temporary Latin American writers the tactical and strategic importance with any
Freedom Hill Horse Rescue; 3 p.m.
gather to discuss their perspectives of the bay during the Revolutionary reference questions you may have.
- 4 p.m.
on the importance of own voices War, including important battles and
Come visit FHHR and our horses
narratives in providing representa- associated naval engagements and Flora or Fauna Exhibit
at our Open House & Tack Sale!
tion for readers. This program of- strategies. Visit https://www.calvert- Calvert Marine Museum; April 1 -
Entry is free to the public. We'll
fers Latino/a/x and non-Latin Mary- mar /235/ Lect u res May 15
have $5 pony rides, a wide selec-
landers with an opportunity to learn for more information and link to the In partnership with the Maryland
tion of gently-used tack, and tours
about the diversity of the Latin zoom meeting. Federation of Art (MFA), the Cal-
of the grounds and barn! Masks are
American community, as represent- vert Marine Museum is pleased to
ed in literature and poetry. The panel
required for entry and hand sani-
tizer stations will be made available Ongoing introduce Flora or Fauna, fine art-
is presented by the Prince George’s work depicting a broad range of ani-
throughout the barn area. United Way Wine Fundraiser
County Memorial Library System mal and plant life. This MFA juried
Our wine fundraiser is still going
(PGCMLS), Frederick County Pub-
lic Libraries (FCPL), and Charles
Sunday, April 4 on...and now there's a twist! Support
art exhibition will display selected
works at the Calvert Marine Muse-
the United Way of Calvert County by
County Public Library (CCPL). This Easter Sunrise Service um. The show will be located on the
purchasing your favorite One Hope
program is supported in part by the Lighthouse at Calvert Marine Mu- mezzanine level and is included with
wines, open until April 10. https://
Institute of Museum and Library seum; 6:30 a.m. museum admission.
Services, through the Library Ser- Conducted by Shepherd of the Bay
BusinessDIRECTORY The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021

Loving Arms ChiLdCAre Center JustCuttsLawns Free

Spring Cleanup Special
2 YeAr oL

Lawn Mowing Lawn Fertilizing

(Weekly or Bi-weekly)
(443) 404-4069 Pressure Washing
Flowerbed Mulching
700 Yardley Drive Prince Frederick, MD Call 301-556-8335
Service helper to work from Pomfret
46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD
location and in store workers for Pomfret
301-863-9497 & Mechanicsville. Serious applications only, must be reliable and have no drug history.
Will train qualified candidate.




Call 443-677-8324
Call 443-677-8324
EQUIPMENT 443-677-8324
Call 443-677-8324
Call 410-991-3864
443-677-8324 410-991-3864
Call 443-677-8324
Southern Maryland Paints LLC. Chesapeake Window
or Cleaning Co.
Inside and outside, by hand. Residential specialists serving the local
301-475-0448 •
area full-time for 30 years. Locally owned and operated.
Working owners ensures quality. No pick up labor.
410-280-2284 • 301-656-9274
Licensed, bonded and insured.

Would you like to assist local Ask about our low- pressure, no damage power washing
services, using a soft brush to remove deeply embedded dirt.

business owners with their marketing

& advertising? If you are a self starter
with a desire to help local businesses 40,000 Reasons
grow their customer base To Promote Your Business Here!
CALL THE COUNTY TIMES Just call The County Times
301-373-4125 @ (301) 373-4125
Thursday, April 1, 2021 The Calvert County Times
Fun & Games 23

CLUES ACROSS State 17. Semitic peoples

1. One who 51. Upset 20. Beats per minute
manufactures 52. 1991 men’s 21. Family of drugs
6. Science degree Wimbledon champ 23. Atrocious
9. Database 54. Central Chinese 25. Type of microscope
management system province (abbr.)
13. Desert 56. Predisposition 26. _ _ or bust
14. Inventor Musk 60. A notice of 27. Icelandic poems
15. Welsh valley someone’s death 29. A citizen of Pakistan
16. Round Dutch cheese 61. One-time Kentucky 30. Very pale
17. Saying Rep. 32. Metric linear unit
18. Comedian and TV 62. Swiss river 34. Sea eagle
host 63. Dried-up 35. Biblical judge of
19. Uppermost portions 64. Finger millet Israel
of the brain 65. _ _ Allan Poe 37. Isaac’s mother (Bib.)
21. City in Transylvania 66. German river 40. Sino-Soviet block
22. Where astronauts 67. Brew (abbr.)
go 68. Kenyan river 42. Cool!
23. Men’s hairstyle 43. Large hotel room
24. Indicates position CLUES DOWN 47. Type of boat (abbr.)
25. One point east of 1. Millisecond 49. Picked
due south 2. Acts as military 50. Type of hookah
28. Businessmen may assistant 52. Attack
have one 3. Knot in a tree 53. Directs
29. Grass part 4. Husband-and-wife 55. Belgian WWII
31. Running back Gurley industrial designers resistance fighter
33. Unwavering 5. The Ocean State 56. Finished
36. Options 6. Point the finger at negotiation
38. Annoy 7. Parts in a machine 57. Heroic tale
39. Greek mountain 8. Midway between 58. Middle Eastern
41. Pastas northeast and east country
44. Fishes 9. Portray precisely 59. Protein-rich liquids
45. Wrap 10. Blister 61. Malaysian Isthmus
46. Potentially a 11. Mental illness 65. Spielberg’s alien
criminal (slang) 12. Nose of an animal
48. Seize 14. What students
49. The Constitution receive


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24 The Calvert County Times Thursday, April 1, 2021


Open House
April 27 u 4-6 p.m. u 301-994-3080



Summer Camp pe r at a Time



ra cter, O n e C a m
B u i ld i n g C h a ww w.K in g s C h ri s ti a n
• 3 0 1 -994-308 0•
C a ll a w ay
20738 Poin t Lookout Road •

guSt 6
, 2021
02 1- Au
JunE 7, 2
g ES 4
OV ER 50
P.M. •
9A.M-. 3