Role of the Front Office Department
The Front Office Department is the control center of the hotel, providing 24hours attention towards the handing and serving of all guests’ requirements and needs. Through it flows communications with every other department; from it come instructions and directions for the care and service of the guest; to it comes changes for final billing and settlement. Simply, the Front Office Department Global Role is Providing All guest Direct Needs like accommodation, Telephone, Cashier …etc., and also to communicate to the Guests all other services of other Hotel Department.

The Hierarchy

        

The Front Office Manager The Front Office Assistant Manager The Shift Leader Front office assistants Guest service agents Communications agent Front office trainees The bellboy The doorman

The Hotel Terminology:
Onl y if you get to know about the commonly used wor ds in the hotel, you can be able to study about the same.

 ARR: Hotel revenue divided by the number of rooms sold. Hotels use this measure to calculate the average price at which they are booking hotels each night. So, if a hotel made $50,000 and sold 200 rooms, its ADR would be 50000 / 200 = $250. ARR is also known as Average Daily Rate, and Average rate per occupied room.  ATR (Average Transient Rate): Hotel revenue divided by the number of paying rooms (number of rooms sold - complimentary rooms - house use rooms). So, if a hotel made $50,000 and sold 200 rooms but had 10 complimentary rooms and 30 house use rooms, its ATR would be 50000 / (200 10 - 30) = $ 312.50.  RevPAR: (Revenue per Available Room) room revenue divided by the number of room nights that are available (can be mathematically derived from occupancy rate multiplied by average daily rate).  Advance Payment: Money requested by the receptionist at the check-in from a guest who has not made an advance reservation and who is unable to produce any of the credit cards accepted by the Hotel.  Authorization Approval Code: A code given by credit card Company to the hotel to indicate that they have extended credit limit for one of its cardholder.  Cash Basis: The guest pays for the room, service and tax for the duration of his stay upon checking into the hotel. No facilities are provided by the hotel for charging other items to his account i.e. restaurant, laundry bills etc. If the guest wishes to charge items to his account, he will have to put down as extra deposit to cover his incidental charges.  Daily Reports: A set of reports prepared for Management by the midnight shift daily. These reports on hotel statistics are used by Management in their daily planning; forecasting and marketing D. N. A. (Did not arrive when accommodation was reserved)  Double Rooming: When two unrelated guests are mistakenly accommodated in the same room.  Due in: Numbers of expected guests/rooms for the day.  Due out: Room expected to be vacated.  Duplicate Folio: Folio that has several copies duplicated for control purpose i.e. guest folio, deposit receipt, room bills etc.

 Extend Stay: An in-house guest who is expected to check-out, extends his stay for a day or more depending on the room's availability.  Early Arrival: Refers to guest checking in before 12 noon.  Guest Folio: A statement of the guest's hotel charges.  Hot Card: A credit card which has been reported lost or stolen.  Hold for Arrival: Holding the items that arrived in advance before the guest check-in.  In-House Guest: All guests that are registered with the Hotel.  Key Rack: A rack that is used to placed the room keys.  Lockout: Denying the guest access to the room, usually because of unpaid bill.  Luggage Claim Check: A tag that indicates the belongings of the guest that are kept with the Concierge.  Non In-House Guest: Guest that are not registered with the Hotel.  Rebate: An adjustment made to the guest folio (bill). This is always a negative figure and is an adjustment due to unsatisfactory services or for a posting error.  Rate Change: An occupied room which rate is changed due to certain reason.  Register: Process of filling in the registration card at check-in.  Registration Card: Card used by the guest to register at check-in.  Room Change: When a guest moves from one room to another during his stay.  Room Count: The number of occupied rooms.  Rooming: The entire procedure by which the desk greets and assigns new arrivals and the bellman directs them and brings their luggage to their rooms.  System Down: The duration of time when the computer is shut.  Sleep Out: When a guest keeps the room but does not stay in.

 Skip: When the room is vacant but the bill is not settled.  Stay over: An anticipated checkout but remains beyond his departure date or any guest who stays overnight.  Travel Agent Voucher: Document used by the travel agent to instruct the Hotel to provide accommodation or meals and payment is to the travel agent.  Walk-in: Guest requesting accommodation at the Front Desk without a reservation

Duty Timings of FO staff:
 Morning Shift : From 8.00 am to 5.00 pm  General Shift: From 9.00 am to 6.00 pm  Afternoon Shift: From 1.00 pm to 9.00 pm  Night Shift: From 8.00 pm to 8.00 am.

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Reservations Systems for both centralized guestroom and function space sales, Enterprise Information System and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Hot soft: key features • • • • • • • • • • • User-wise Parameterization Travel agent/source wise tariff Business Centre Front office budget Guest History multi process sorting quick check-in/reservation Permission setting to delete/edit/discount Reservation slab settings Auto GRC/C-form printing Finance Module Interface Multiple Check In Check Out Hot soft: reports • • • • • • Room revenue report Sales register Front office collection Night audit reports Cash-Credit flow Guest history

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Room occupancy chart Reservation reports Occupancy forecast Business centre bills High bills Receipts/paid-outs reports Advance register Complimentary bill reports Performance analysis Guest tariff details Source-wise sales TAC report C-form Luxury Tax statements Transaction log Agent & Organization wise sales CHECK INS: The Essentials during Check-Ins: .

present the pen with back of the pen facing the guest. Same time welcome drinks count should be passed to the F/B. greet the guest good morning/afternoon/evening Mr. Welcome Drink. Guest ID proofs and Vouchers. Checking In the system. Garlands Tikkas and Towels. “may I know your name please”  While giving the GRCs to fill. the other one should be ready with the GRC. Bell Boys to be ready.etc The night duty staff should re-check all these things. and garlands. Welcome To TEC. [guest if known] or sir/ ma’am. the FO staffs should align themselves for different needs of the guests.            Authorized Arrival Chart with Proper Informations. The room which is spotlessly ready.  Greet the Guest  Once the bell is ringed. Greetings should be warm and personalized. Peter. Exact no of Pax and extra beds. have a pleasant smile on the face.  If the guest name is not known. Hotel Facilities and activities List. Check in Procedure:  Always remember that the guest should be registered within 10 minutes with complete information.  While providing tikka. /Mrs.. Within seconds. confirm that it is a new arrival.. While 2 persons are ready with tikka and garlands. GRC. The timing. . Coordination with other departments Regarding Group Arrival. ask guest for their name saying.

 . voucher and the system.  >>guest name. amount. address with ph. plan. billing  If the guest arrival source is through travel agent. source of booking. Pax. company name.  Click on ok.Check for the check in – check out date and any extra bed. the two options given.  Right click the particular room which is to be checked in.  There are specified columns for each room.  If the guest is foreigner.60% to Room Tariff + 40% Plan Rate CP . nationality.  Do not interrupt the guest while filling the GRC  While receiving the Filled form. Never miss to buy the telephone no.  If there are additional guests. click on the option and fill the same as mentioned above. don’t miss to add the name in  . Etc. room no. which is mentioned in the arrival list./Mrs.  Back to the main menu. Plan instruction. Checking In the hotsoft:  Open the room status menu in the hot soft. Click on save.90% to Room Tariff + 10% Plan Rate .  The system GRC will be open with the certain options.  The room is now occupied in blue color. tariff. of the guest. Tariff Calculation:    Split the rate and enter the same into the system like: AP .Check the meal plan. payment mode..  Click on ok. say “Thank you Mr. click on the pointed hand on the right side and fill the passport

also enquire about their nationality.  Voucher.5 = 1777.  While making this confirmation. naming list and passport details may have been received through mail. Rest. E. Rest. get the Xerox copies and replace them.04 (Room tariff) 5000 * 10/112.g.  If some FITs checked during the same time.87 (Room tariff) 5000 * 25/112.  Keep in touch with the tour guide for getting the exact time of arrival.5 = 1111. inform the same to F/B service & production departments.70 (Room tariff) 5000 * 40/112. because the system will take the tax automatically.5 = 444. 5000 on APAI 5000 * 60/115 = 2608.  Keys should be set in a tray ahead of the arrival.78 (Plan Rate) E. . Rest.g.75% to Room Tariff + 25% Plan Rate All the above should be less tax.g.44 (Plan Rate) E.5% less. If yes keep them ready. 5000 on MAPAI 5000 * 75/115 = 3260.11 (Plan Rate) CHECKING IN GROUP  group arrival time should be well known before.  Learn the features of the group and be prepared. like room tariff 15% less and Plan rate 12. If yes. isolate them from the group and one of the staff have to take care of them.  Do find whether they will be having food from the property. 5000 on CPAI 5000 * 90/115 = 3913.  If the passports or the copies are given by the guide.     MAP .  Let the housekeeping department know the timing for the easy moment of luggage and for getting the room ready.

or the person escorting should be able to study the nature of the guests and canvass the likeness of the guests and thereby the maximum revenue. All the other facilities. While the guest is escorted:           Introducing You. flower arrangements…etc should be arranged and the informations should be passed to the other departments as early as possible through an IOC. Enquire about Activities if necessary. there should be a bouquet or similar items depending on the guest. fruit basket. Pool Timings. [During this time. cookies. Explain the restaurant timings and about Pebbles.During VIP arrivals: A Very Important Person or VIP is a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her status or importance. budvase. it would be better to treat him/her in an enhanced manner. If it is possible to know the nationality and the characteristics of the VIP arriving. For this the reservations can give an extra help. the GRE. Supplementary items like. When the VIP is checking in. The person should always aim at the result ie. Check out timing. About saree sale and the Ayurvedic facilities. During a VIP arrival the reception will get the information prior to the guest arrival from the reservations. without letting the guest note this] .GM/RM should be informed when the guest is in the lobby to make them feel an additional care. Hot water facilities. revenue. Asking about them. Enquire about Extra Bed.

Knock On The Door. He Ask The Guest Politely For His Luggage. Without The Guest Notice. Check if there is any Minibar consumption Luggage To Be Taken Away.  The hotel guest’s name is used and effort to be made to address and remember  Convince the guests to have a massage or some beauty treatments. HANDLING CHECK – OUT        Check Out Process Should Be Smooth. The Bell Person Will Check The Room Supplies Are There with No Damage. Efficient. Bell Person Will Go To The Room. Then. And Pleasant Experience For Our Guests.  Ask the feed backs whenever you meet them. With A Glance. Drawers To Be Checked For Any Forgotten Items As Well As Bathroom. Upon Guest’s Request For Checking-Out Bell Service. It Is The Last Opportunity The Hotel Staff Has To Personally Interact With The Guests. “Good morning/afternoon/evening followed by Can I help you” the guest’s name. hotel guests and members are acknowledged on arrival with eye contact and a warm smile followed by a verbal greeting. .During The Stay:  Any  The hotel guest and member walking past the working area or waiting to be served by you must be acknowledged “how are you” with a warm smile always regardless of your situation with another staff/guest. Accurate.

Check For Any Last-Minute Messages. Mail. Ask If They Are Checking Out. Pull The Folio. The FO staff will greet The Guest with Magic Words and Smile. .               The Bell Person Will Ask The Guest Politely For The Room Key. Get the comments card filled. Ask If The Guest Has Made Any Additional Charges Within The Last Thirty Minutes. Check if there is some ‘unsatisfactory’ marked and enquire and clear the same. Guest is requested to sign both the copies. The Bell Person Will Politely Remind The Guest Not To Forgot The Flight Ticket And The Passports. Tell The Guest The Amount Owed. Follow Up With The Guest Mode Of Payment And Finalize The Account. and check with the housekeeping boys for any mini bar consumption & any lost & found items etc. And Repeat Their Name To Make Sure There Is No Mistake. get the first copy (merchant copy) signed by the guest and attach the second copy (customer copy) with the bill and give the same to guest. In case of credit card. Check By Asking About Guest Satisfaction. Check room key. Close The Door And Make Sure It Is Locked. Or Any Additional Charges Not Yet Posted. Ask For Their Room Number.

Thank The Guest For Staying With The Hotel.  After the process. 2nd folio is for all the extras collected from the guest and cash receipt is issued to the guest. copy of which may send to agents.   Ask If There Is Any Thing Else The Hotel Can Do. the concerned column will be green in color which have to be saved later on. take one copy of the second folio and attach it with the accounts copy of the first folio. Get all the bills signed by the FOM & RM. As They Leave The Desk Area. . room tariff as per the meal plan should be posted to the concerned travel agency and accounts send it for realization. take a copy of the voucher and attach the same with both bills (original with the accounts bill & copy with the agents bill).  All the bills need the supporting voucher. to settle their TAC. Wish The Guest A Safe And A Pleasant Trip Check out Process in hotsoft:  Crosscheck the GRC with the system for the details by right clicking in the concerned room number.  If it is a voucher payment.[click on guest details]  Right click for Final bill and is split as two folios one for the room tariff. And Invite Them To Come Back Again. one for the accounts and the other to be send to the travel agent with the voucher. And collect from the guest.  Take two copies of the first folio.  If it is a company payment. the bill should be posted to the company.  All the extras bills have to be split & to be posted in the second folio.

Also note the cash voucher amount. GRC & System. and cross check for the credit and non-credit travel agencies. If there is any non credit agency check in. or any instructions are written down on the GRC.Night shift and night Auditing:   Read Log Book and clarify if any special instructions are written. Check cash and take over the cash box key and all the vouchers. Check if any encashment are done or to be done. In logbook write the denominations of the cash by the person to hand over the cash. Also compare with the cashbook and bill point wise collection report tally with the actual cash taken over. and the reservation is been made for. Crosscheck with the voucher for the check in & check out date. The people who take over the cash count the cash and both of them sign with date and time. Check rates with the arrival list and cross verify the same with the system and the GRC. and cross verify the same with the system and the rates which is been entered. Enter passport details in the system and take three copies of it and which has to be entered in the book of IB Office Recheck cashbook to accounts with the help of the settlement summary and front office bill point wise collection summary. If any discrepancy correct it. FOM physically verify the cash with reports on a random basis. .         Check the payment details of all the check in rooms. Check meal plan with the voucher. check whether the payment is been received or any authorization letters or mail copies are attached with the GRC.

. After restaurant closes & all the rate verification is over do the Night Audit for the day. blocked rooms. Getting a print out of the day’s transactions while doing the batch closing. Go to the menu for the credit cards machine and select the batch closing. Restaurant and other departments posted the bills and bring the signed copies to FO to keep it in guest folders.  Check all the other petty cash vouchers and verify that all those have prompt sign or the ref bill numbers are noted down. Take the Occupancy report of the day and security will check it physically and anything unusual reports it to the FO. ARR. total pax. Check keys and find out if any key is missing or any sleep out rooms are noticed. If important things make a written letter (Inter department communication) give the copy to the H O D and get sign in the original and file in the FO Pass information to all the departments if there any special events are happened. ARP etc. Restaurant settles their cash directly to the accounts on the following day.     ACCOUNTS SETTLEMENT • • Prepare the cash book Enter all bill amounts against the bill number. outside activities income complementary rooms. Co ordinate with other departments for the guest request . It will go to accounts for the next day. Cross check all the billings. plan.For routine things just call up the department head and inform the matter and later follow up to make sure that the request is executed. Do Batch closing of the credit card machine. Prepare Front office report and the daily report.No editing is possible after night auditing. details of VIP staying. The report will have all the revenue generated on that particular day and no of rooms sold. In the system there is an option for night audit just click after make sure the tariff and other details are given correctly . which have been done by the day shift like the Business center billings etc. which should be submitted to RM. expected occupancy of the following day.

Enter all the bill amount of the Business center sales against the bill number. authorization mail/ fax (if needed). it may be considered as the extra person. 5. Always remember to inform the guest during the time of arrival itself about the extra bed details to avoid unnecessary confusions during the time of check out. Special Instructions:     During the time of check in itself. If any excess cash than the float amount.30am for his signature.00 is to FOM for his signature. Submit all the bills.000/. If we need any extra cash for forex encashment etc it can be collected from accounts and mention it in the cashbook. and it will be chargeable the entire amount as an extra person. All the above can be entered with the help of the settlement summary and front office bill point wise the float amount. If there is any extra person. if they are not taking the extra bed half of the meal charges will be applicable. If the extra person is above 10 yrs. transfer the same to accounts showing cash to accounts. count total how many pax are there. Normally Rest. . attendance sheet and telephone report of the previous day by around 9.• • • • • • • • Enter if there are any petty cash vouchers. vouchers. between 5-10 yrs will be charged half of the extra bed charges if they are taking the extra bed. All the bills should have the supporting documents like vouchers. and it should be signed by the FOM & RM. Then submit all the above to RM by 9. Always get the cashbook signed by the accounts manager/ executive once the bills and the vouchers are handed over.

if you don’t know anything. inform CRS about the same immediately without any fail. guest with children. If the guest is opting for a lower category of room. If you have committed anything to the guest. give the copies to Restaurant & Housekeeping to keep Fruit basket/ Cookies. credit card or driving license etc. and not involving the travel agent. .   In case of any walk in guest. The guest is always right. Give more attention to aged guests. listen what they are saying first. raise an amenities voucher. so do not argue with the guest at any point of time.      Always give correct information to the guest.    If the up gradation is happening through the travel company. do not say “no”. handicapped etc. tell the guest that will get back to you in a minute. rather than that give options to the guest to avoid complaints. it has to be done by the reservation department with proper documentation to ensure the smooth collection of the relevant payment. if you are free go along with the guest and show them around. no refund is allowed from the units. flower arrangements in the room. With ladies we make sure that it is genuine couple by asking there positive identifications like visiting card. Taxes will be applicable and the same is to be collected from the guest. Walk in without much baggage will requested pay full amount of the rack rate. it has to be fulfilled at any cost.* In case of any VIP or VVIP arrival. The difference between the relevant rack rates of the respective rooms is to be charged. Always be ready to help the guest. If a guest who has already checked in through a travel agent wants to upgrade his room to a higher category by his own discretion.

Raise a voucher against the same and send that to the accounts on the next day during settlement. Kerala travels. Apologize the guest for the problem and check the complaint is addressed properly in time. If any major complaints come to the reception it will be noted in the complaint book and inform the concerned department to fix the problem and report back to FO.  The doctor used to give the bill book after the treatment and which should be taken by the FO staff.   In case of any medicine bill.  Explain the guest about the massage and about the rates. Local complementary requests will forwarded to GM for consideration For Doctor on call we call him over telephone and doctor will come to the resort. Air ticketing can be done through the local travel agent. Normal request will be informed to the departments to get the things done.  Ayurveda  If the guest is asking for any Ayurvedic treatment. When Fire accident happens. get in touch with the doctor at the Ayurveda center.  Get an appointment with the doctor & take them to the Ayurvedic center. Personal injuries give first aid and admit the hospital if required. the same should be signed by both the parties and FO should post the bill in guest’s bill write the bill number on the Ayurveda bill book. enter the same into the cash paid out book and post the same in the payments of guest’s bill. . call fire brigade over phone and assemble at poolside. Missing baggages do through enquiry and if still not able to trace file a case with the police station.

The connection is of Linksys. date of expiry. Take copy of the C-form.Game Area and health club: Game area consists of the facility of various indoor games. Health club is near the game area which includes:     Treadmill Multi Jim Cycling machine Vibrator Wifi facilities: Wifi can be accessed only in the lobby area for which the guest will be charged Rs. C-form:  With the copy of the Passport. place of issue. enter the details in the system mentioning the Passport number. date of issue. date of birth. 100 per hour. visa number. These copies to be send to: . place of issue and date of arrival in India etc. date of issue. it should be signed by the FOM & sealed. both for kids and adults which include:  Snake and ladder  Chess  Table tennis  Carom board  Playing items for kids… etc Badminton court is near the pool. date of expiry.

2. like the guest name.  The duration is one hour normally.] .  For IB office we have register books in which name and Ref. we arrange the cultural programmes. of the C forms submitted is written. C Form along with books is sending through PRO who got the sign from the officers there in the book.IB Office 3. which we are maintaining.SP Office For the police station and the SP office. The records maintained:  Log book [daily updated book containing Pax details initialed by GM/RM]  Next shift log [any info to be passed on to the next shift staff.  When the occupancy is more than 35 rooms and if more guests are arriving than staying back.  The nature of the programme also depends on the request of the guest or the crowd. include various programmes like bharathanatyam.  This can be arranged on guest request also yielding the amount from the guest.  It is arranged considering the availability of the group and the other guests.Police Station. Cultural Programmes:  Cultural Programmes kuchuppudi… etc. about the internal operations.1. No.  This should be entered in the register. you have to mail the c-forms. passport number and Nationality.

]  bill book [details of handed over bills to a/c]  VIP amenities voucher [the form in which the extra supplies to VIP guests is noted and handed over to the concerned departments with time and sanction.]  activity register [daily checked register with the updates of activities]  internet register [daily checked and signed register with the guest details who used the internet]  guest relations log [daily updated book containing guest comments submitted to GM/RM]  c form register [Daily updated book with the details of foreigners sent to the IB office through PRO or Driver]  Attendance register [FO staffs start their day by giving a commitment to the company through their signature.]  Fo issue register [Issues and complaints in the FO is noted in the register checked by the AFOM for the solution and the prevention of the same.]  Passport handover report [a proof of handing over of passports with the signature of the guests. Eg.]  Cash receipts [the receipt given to the guest after collection of cash for certain payments by the guests after keeping a copy in the register itself.]  GRCs [the form which the guest details are filled useful in the check in process sent to a/c with the final bill. ]  Cash book [details of handed over cash to a/c. Saree sale]  Cash payment vouchers [Forms where the payments of cash from FO is noted and after receiving the signature from the concerned person. Eg. Daily notes book [where the staff on duty can note even the minor informations which is also helpful for a revision of the day later.Diseal. milk.] .]  Telephone register [indented to prevent misuse checked by AFOM.

]  FO Guest details register.]  Comments cards [The most valuable form in which the guest give their feed backs submitted to GM/RM daily.]  Job orders to maintenance [the form handed over to the maintenance department for getting certain works done.]  Register for Saree sale [the document for recording the sales of saree. Bills [the document with the payment details of the checked out guests handing over to a/c after receiving the signature of RM. This will be handed over to a/c b the end of the month.]  Passport copies (previous day) [the copies of passports collected from the guests during checkin. [File with the GRE to note down the details collected from the guest.]  Material requision forms [the form in which the needs of FO is noted and handed over to stores.]  Fam Visits Register [the document where we store the details of travel agents or the property visitors and handover the same to Marketing dept later. registers. ]  brochures [The booklet which holds all the details of TEC needed for the guests ]  Tariff cards [Rack rates and the off season Rates given to the guests arrival lists (3-4 days) the mother document which each and every FO staff is well aware about. materials and machines are noted.  FO inventory [where all the details on reports.]  TA vouchers of Staying guests [the confirmation from the travel agent collected from the guests during the time of check-in.]  Leave application [the form which is filled by the staff supposed to be on leave for the particular days and handed over to RM.] Stationeries required for the proper functioning of FO .

                 A4 papers Calculator Swiping machine rolls Display board Luggage trolleys Garlands holders Staplers Punches Scales Writing pads Folders Clock Chairs Writing tables Printers Pens Batteries The equipments required for the Front Office Operations:  Computers  Swiping machines  Printers  Scanners  Photostat machines  Telephones .

Bank locations. Identify typical service requests that guests make at the front desk and describe general approaches to handling guest complaints. Guest communications should be noted down clearly in a register which is an apt record for further reference. Guest complaints/requests. Speakers Additional bits and pieces:         The staff should work for their own satisfaction and not as an outcome of some one’s forcing. Unusual events. Transaction file/log book which includes Chronological journal. It will add more to the tips and add more to the guest satisfaction. Shopping locations. A display board for easy communication. Proper allocation of Duties. there should be a telephone operator always available at the desk. Special events schedules . Information directory which embrace Area maps. Taxi telephone numbers. Theater locations. Airline telephone numbers. It will be good if different guests are divided for different persons and taking care of all their requirements by that person. For this. Shift recap. Church locations.

 Travel agents priority last month & this month. walk ins. last month and this month.etc Daily Briefing: .Inter departmental communication:        House keeping Room service/ restaurant F/B Production Engineering Security Accounts There should be a system of IOC [Inter office communication] between the departments for the appropriate communication.  The expenses of FO last month and this month. VIPS. Only if proper relation and coordination survive between the departments.  No of new arrivals. there will be smooth functioning of the organization. online bookings.  The priority of guests last month & this month. Monthly report  Revenue generated in FO through various outlets same month and the no.. cancellations. website visitors. date postponing.  ARR of the last year same month and this year. fam trips.  Man hours this month last month and this month. of room nights the previous year and this year at the end of the month.

HOD should be in a place where all the others could be able to see and                     Night duty staff and all the staffs for the morning and general duty should attend the briefing. Any complaints ALL THESE HAS TO BE HANDED OVER TO THE DAY TIME STAFF BY THE NIGHT DUTY STAFF No. of arrivals for the day No. No of garlands ordered and received Informations about pending payments Collection of the previous day.   hear. Number of calls from security system GM’s and RM’s involvement. Number of calls from the rooms No of calls from each department. Maximum time used should be 30 minutes. Should be done by the HOD or the responsible person. of stay backs for the day Special instructions if any No of VIP arrivals and the arrangements for the same. Number of enquires. Appreciation for the special efforts Issues of the previous day No of staff on duty Duty allocation . Number of staff in night duty Number of rooms sold at night.

      Log book messages discussion and allocating various persons for getting it done.      Total no of staffs in the department Total No of leaves taken No of room nights per month No of working days per month Total working hours per day These informations are necessary for calculating the man hours. but in the hotel business. What differentiates a hotel from another is the way they take care of their guests. service is our prime product. we are selling services. Man Hours: Man-hour is the average amount of work performed by a staff. While there are certain technical skills involved in Front Office work. Each hotel offers different kind of rooms and outlets. Staff on leave ALL THESE HAVE TO BE DISCUSSED DURING THE DAILY BRIEFING. Principles of Good Service Most businesses are selling goods or products. Target of the day Nature of various groups arriving that day Arrival time and nationality of the groups of the day Issues management and follow ups. The Four Principles of Good Service .

the employee must strictly follow the rules and regulations such as not to smoke. use his or her name every time. Research the matter later. Front Officer Personnel must have the following standards:  Neatness: employees must be well-groomed with clean and pressed uniform.  Grooming: Because of high degree of contact with guest. This may even involve performing tasks outside your area of responsibility. Streamlined procedures: We cannot have a rule or procedure that applies to every guest.   Prompt Attention: Even if you are busy. .  When on duty. Extended services: Do not leave the guest unattended after performing your specific function. If a guest is standing in front of the desk. Make sure you have provided Bell service or have explained to him the hotel services and the location of various facilities.  Whenever you talk to fellow employees. go ahead and room him. Common sense must prevail and every employee should be flexible in his approach. but make sure you handle the guest as quickly and efficiently as possible. name tag should be worn in a right position at all times. you must recognize when the guest is trying to get your attention. You have to tactfully advise him that you will be attending him as soon as possible. Try to anticipate guest needs. not to chew gum or do anything that might discredit the Front Office Department. Attitude: You must go out of your way to take care of a guest’s needs. the staff cannot find his reservation and does not expect to be sold-out.

In a conversation address the guest by name (Mr. Again the reception gets busy from 7. Greet the guests with a smile and polite manners. the check ins will be started and the busy period lasts till 3.  Do never insult a guest or loose composure..00pm Usually the check outs start at 8. From 3. excuse yourself politely and ask a supervisor to take over. By 12. Crust and the trough of FO Schedules: • • • • • • The common check out time is 12. Mrs. however. This person has to be decided during briefing itself.00. the check outs will be almost refined and will be free time till 12. the reception will be calm normally. By 10. Whenever a problem occurs and you start to feel that you cannot handle the situation..).00. do not exceed the limits of cordiality. Never ever the reception to be seen vacant. Organizing the busy schedule:  The busy period will be when more than one arrival at a time and same time few number of guest is at the reception with doubts accompanied by the phone calls. Remember that you could be the most important factor in the guest’s stay and the reason he may never come back. if possible.00.00 pm. This person should attend all the calls and should be a telephone expert efficient   .00. For this the staffs have to align themselves with the duties with more priority.00 am and the busy period will be till 10. or Miss ..00pm. One has to be always at the reception counter..00 pm..

This person is liable for making the GRC set at the time of realizing the check in itself alone with the ordering of welcome drinks. The main wish one should posses is to be always busy. or paper-based organizer.  Block in appropriate contingency time to handle unpredictable interruptions.. you can schedule efficiently. one should schedule their time effectively to indulge in the things that can give the best result and knowledge. accompanying the guests. . Scheduling is then a five-step process:  Identify the time you have available. Than chit chatting around. calendar.  Schedule in high priority urgent tasks and vital "house-keeping" activities. Growing a mentality of being busy all the time is the best part of your positive thought.enough to handle unnecessary calls and to switch the urgent matters over phone. This can be a diary. you can both reduce stress and maximize your effectiveness. you need an effective scheduling system.  Block in the essential tasks you must carry out to succeed in your job.  Scheduling  Before is the process by which you plan your use of time. The best solution depends entirely on your circumstances.     There should always be a person to be with the guests to clear the doubts without letting them feel the disturbance of the busy time. Group arrival time should be known and all the necessary arrangements for them should be done beforehand. The other person should organize the welcoming of the guests with a wonderful smile which emboss the dignity of the hotel However any staff who pass by the reception can help the FO staff by assisting them in welcoming. By scheduling effectively. Utilizing trough period of the schedules:  An idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop.

If you know the name. schedule the activities that address your priorities and personal goals. Check the back office board every day. then revisit the assumptions you have made in steps one to four. uniform must be neat and clean and nametag should be worn at all times. Rules & Regulations for Front Office Department • • • • • • • • • • • • • Always bear in mind your working hours. Be polite to guests and fellow workers. Always Smile Every time you have to leave your station inform your fellow workers where you will be and when you will be back. No food. . You should always be well groomed. Greet guests politely every time you see them.  If you have little or no discretionary time left by the time you reach step five. In the time that remains. do not exceed the limits of courtesy and politeness. Be ready to work at your station at least 15 minutes before schedule. Do not leave your shift until you have been replaced. Pick up the telephone at your station within 3 rings. no chewing gum. greet them by name. no smoking around working area. Sign in and sign out in the assigned book. Never leave your station when nobody else is there. Always greet your fellow workers when you first arrive at your station. if you do not use Sir or Madam every time. however.

 Require the Front Office staff to act positively to all Guest.• • • • • • • Any staff who is unable to come to work must phone to his supervisor at least 4 hours before the shift starts. Front Desk. Working area must be kept neat and clean at all times. through his Management and Supervision. . Duties & Responsibilities:  Guide the Assistant Front Office Manager the Functions to ensure optimum Occupancy with maximum Average Room Rate. Including Reservations. All equipment should be used carefully with routine maintenance. the Front Office Manager will strive to achieve optimum Operating results while providing Guests with the highest possible level of Guest Service and satisfaction. Do not stay around the working area when off duty or have finished the shift. Report all unusual situations promptly to your supervisor. Uniformed Service and telephone Operation.  Ensure that all guests receive Promptly Cordial attention at all times and encourage personal recognition of all Guests.  Being responsible for the Completion and timely submission of all required Statistics and performance reports when needed. Job Descriptions: Position: Front Office Manager Supervisor: Hotel Manager Purpose: Responsible to the Hotel Manager for the Operation of the Front Office. Changing shift or days off with other employees will not be permitted unless approved by supervisor. Personal calls other than emergency are not made or received while on duty. with a special care to VIPs.

Reception desk . as well as any matters which may effect the interest of the Hotel which should be brought to the attention of the Executive Office. .  Supervise the Activities of the Front Office Personnel to be matching with the Company Policies & Procedures. Concierge Counter.  Personally inspect V.00 AM every day. as well as the Telephone Operator area are kept in a clean state at all the Times.  Ensure that when the Hotel is overbooked the operations are totally handled. otherwise delegate this responsibility to a dependable Assistant or Supervisor. minutes of the Meeting will be typed and posted on the Front Office Display Board. Be especially aware of the Importance of the close cooperation with other Hotel Departments and keep them thoroughly informed of Front Office Matters that concern them. and follow up with on the Job Training all the Times.  Take personal Pride in the responsibility of ensuring that the Lobby area.P Lists are accurate and distributed to the concerned departments before 09. likely to the Interest to him.  Develop and Train Junior Staff to Perform their Functions with Maximum productivity and efficiency so as to prepare them to assume greater responsibilities.  Coordinate the activities of the Assistant Managers and ensure that the guestrooms are inspected with Schedule on rotating Basis.  Prepare and implement and conduct all training plan for Front Office Staff whenever needed.  Communicate to the General Manager all Necessary information.I.  Hold Front Office Departmental Communication Meetings to review procedures that need Careful Handling and explanation.  Actively Participation In the Planning and the preparation of the annual Budget with providing historical data on day to day basis which will provide a sound basis for future projection.  Ensure that all V.P Rooms Prior to Guest’s Arrival time whenever Possible.I.

 Preparing and submitting the Front Office Attendance sheets on Monthly Basis. And During the Absence of the Front Office Manager. set recommendation with to promotion.I. and coordinate with the Departments Concerned if needed. to ensure that Groups. Conventions are properly Handled and that Sales is Kept informed as to occupancy levels. Welcome and escort V.  To Maintain Close working relationship with the Hotel Sales.  Handling all the Travel Agents and Tour Operators Fam Trips to the Hotel. with maximizing the Rooms Revenue. he should transmit the Front Office Manager Plans and Effectively Participate in its implementation.  To be fully aware of the Booking situation Together with the Reservation Manager to avoid any Uncontrollable Situation. or to delegate this responsibility to a dependable Assistant. Duties & Responsibilities: .P guests to their rooms.  To develop and maintain a high degree of Management Philosophy he will conduct himself in the best possible manner so as to encourage and motivate his subordinators.  To be fully aware of the Market Situation.  To maintain a good Relationship with potential Tour Operator / Travel Agents / Corporate Account to increase their Materialization with the Hotel and to solve any problem could affect the Smoothness of the work with the Hotel. Position: Assistant Front Office Manager Supervisor: Front Office Manager Purpose: Responsible to the Front Office Manager for the General Supervision of the Front Desk. Through His Supervision.  To supervise the scheduling and discipline in His Department as well the evaluation of performance. to conduct at least twice a year a survey of Market and competitors. salary considerations. as well as the Competitors. and control the Vacation Balance for the Front Office Staff. for the supervision of the Front Office Department Entire Operation.

 Ensure that the various reports required for the Day to Day Operation are completed accurately. amenities. as well as preparing in advance the Vacation Plan for the Department and submitting it to the Front Office Manager.  Review the No Show’s from the previous day to ensure that the Billing or the action taken is appropriate..  To Inspect the VIP’s Arrival’s Rooms Before arrival Time.Etc. to be able to give a decisive supervision to the staff when needed.  Select and Block the Rooms for the VIP’s and Regular Guests. and distributed to the Concerned Departments. Mini bar …. to report to the Front Office Manager all guest Complains or comments and the action Taken at the end of the day. and coordinating with the Housekeeping Department for the proper preparation for these Rooms. Position: Night Manager .  Prepare the Weekly Front Office Staff Roster with the Working Hours. Be fully aware of the General Booking Situation for the Current and the Future Dates.  Be thoroughly Knowledgeable of all Policies and Procedures and systems used in each sector of the Front Office Sectors.  Ensure that Credit Extended to Guests is strictly controlled and that the Mode of Payment is clearly understood within the limits of the Hotel Credit Policy. To handle all Guest Request and Complains addressed to the Front Desk.  Extend His Scope of Supervision beyond the Front Desk when there is no Duty Manager available. by checking Fruit basket. especially During Heavily Booked periods. and escort them to the Rooms. and to make sure that everything is ready.  To Participate in the Requested Monthly Statistics and Reports. or when he delegate.  Review all the Night Reports Each Morning before Distribution to ensure it is accurate.  Constantly review the Expected arrivals for the day to identify possible no show in order to maximize room utilization.  Personally Greet the VIP guests in the absence of the Front Office Manager.

Duties & Responsibilities:  Ensure that the Front Office Staff are on duty. . and up to the Standard of the Hotel Policy. and Hotel Outlets to insure the Good Security and orderliness. and to report the Problems and action done to the Front Office Manager to be discussed next Morning.  Make Frequent Visits to the Restaurants and Bars to ensure service levels and those problems are dealt with promptly.  Completely Involved in any problem occur During the Night Hours.Supervisor: Front Office Manager Purpose: Responsible to the Front Office Manager for the Front Office Operation During the Night Hours.  Ensure the Night Staff services are Done efficiently. he should maintain and control the Night staff performance with a special attention to the Front Office Operation.  Ensure the Security Staff are on duty as scheduled. and for the General Supervision of the Hotel Entire operation.  Ensure that the Lighting levels through the Hotel Hotel are appropriate in view of Power conservation and Management Policy.  Make spot Check on Night Cleaning Staff to ensure their Productivity.  Review the Rooms Availability and to be familiar with the Expected VIP Arrivals or any other Likely Irregular situation to occur. Through his supervision. as well as the rest of the Department is running the smooth operation.  Keep Close to the Front Desk for giving any needed advice and supervision during the Night Hours.  Make Regular Random Patrols through the Hotel including Guest Corridors and back of the House. or any Guest Complaint. and to check the Standard Required.  Ensure that all Hotel Stores are locked.  Ensure that all access to the Hotel Are secured as required in the Hotel Policy.

etc. and Wake up Calls…. Air Port Pick Up.  Check all Registration Cards before Filing.  Supervise and Coordinate room assignment with concerned Front Office Sections and other Hotel departments.  Be aware of the early arrivals and departures. and to supervise the Front Desk and Bell Staff preparation. especially for Groups. Breakfast Box. and as per the Required Standard.  Inspect staff cafeteria cleanliness and that Night Meal is served during the allowed Time in a smooth atmosphere. to be handled to the Front Office Manager. and interact and coordinate with the Hotel Guest as appropriate. Boiler room and Power station. Duties & Responsibilities:  Supervise the Guest Service Agents and Bell Staff.  To Record any Activities which may be of interest to the Management in the Night Manager Report. Luggage Down.  With the Engineering on Duty. Ensure that the Wake up Calls are done efficiently. provide supervision to the reception staff.  Ensure that all Guests receive a courteous welcome upon check in. . check Hotel Refrigerators.  Supervise and participate in all activities related to the process of rooming Hotel Guests. FO Assistant: Supervisor: Front Office Manager Purpose: Responsible to the Front Office Manager or Assistant Front Office Manager for the Supervising of the Front Desk Operation and Coordinate its Activities with other Hotel Departments. cooperate with other front office sections and other Hotel Department through the assigned communication methods. Revising the Shift Duties List completed Efficiently.  Ensure Proper Shift Hand Over. Responsible for their Good Appearance and Conduct. Position: Senior Receptionist.

 To Participate in the Evaluation of the Guest Service Agents and the Bell Staff with the Front Office Manager. ensure that the Guest completes his registration card completely and legibly.  Perform related Duties and special Projects as assigned.  Greet all Guests at all the time in a friendly and helpful manner.  Prepare and submit all reports requested by the Front Office Manger. Messages and Parcels.  To communicate all Management decisions to the Front Desk Staff to ensure proper follow up and implementation.  Make Necessary arrangements for groups check in – Out.  Handle Complaints with immediate action and through Proper follow up.  Provides Inputs for Departmental Meetings.  Fully responsible of all in house Folios.  His Personal appearance and behavior will always represent the Hotel in the Best way. .  Acts as a Salesperson in order to maximize the Rooms revenue. and attempt to learn and use Guest’s names at every opportunity.  Ensure Proper Key Control.  Supervise Room / Rate change closely. credit Travel Agents Vouchers with close communication with the account receivable and the Income Auditor.  Ensure proper Handling of Guest Mail.  Establish and maintain effective employer relations. Ensure that Billing Instructions are accurate and clear.  Upon Check in.  To be prepared for replacing the Night Manager whenever needed. and that the guest is assigned a room of the type and the rate indicated on the Reservation.

Discounts and how to handle each. Accommodate Guest’s special requests whenever preregistration and room blocking whenever necessary. early check in.  Develop Detailed Knowledge of the Hotel’s Key Personnel. and hours of operation for each.  Read and initial pass on logbook and Front Office Display Board to keep updated and current. Special Packages. and How to Handle Cash Properly and efficiently.  Communicate with all other departments through the proper channels. .  Use proper Telephone manners.  Maintain the Cleanliness and neatness of the Front Desk Area at all the Times. the Guest should be sold a room with the Highest Possible room rate. Facilities and Types. and be aware of the cancellation procedures.  Be thoroughly aware of the Hotel Reservation System.  Promptly notify the Housekeeping of all check outs. possible. service.  Develop a working Knowledge of the Reservation Department.  Report any unusual occurrence or request to the Manager on Duty or the Front Office Manager. assist in  Stay up to date on Room Rates. special requests in the rooms.  To use the up-selling techniques in order to maximize the Rooms Revenue. and through the Communication Forms.  Develop Detailed Knowledge of the Rooms Locations.  Handle the Cash drawer according to the Hotel procedures.  Being Knowledgeable of all the Credit cards and cashing Policies. Take same day reservations.  In the case of Walk in. and cancellation policy. outlets.

and know what to do in case of emergency. Outlets. and those numbers used in the emergency situations are clearly posted in view of all Telephone Operators.  call the Guests by their Names at every Opportunity. shops and function Rooms. Policies and adhere to them. Etc. guests.  To Provide Inputs concern the Telephone Department to be discussed in the Departmental Meetings.  To be able to deal efficiently with Hotel Guests. Position: Guest Relation Officer Supervisor: Front Office Manager .  Ensure that the Most frequently used Telephone Numbers.  To participate in preparing the Telephone Operator Roster by providing Suggestions to the Front Office Manager.  Ensure that the Staff calls are served only During the Time Determined by the Hotel Management. Hours of Operation.  To have a full knowledge of the Hotel Room Types.  Be Fully aware of the Emergency Procedures. and to make sure that it is maintained for acknowledgement. and department heads receive the best possible service.  Full control and Revise on the Telephone Operators logbook. Employees and Department Heads. who to call upon fire alert. and to report any failure immediately.  To Check the Hotel Lines twice a day. what to do in case of Earthquake …. Facilities.  To be aware of all Hotel Rules. Constantly be aware of the volume of calls being handled and shall personally handle calls to ensure outside callers.  To submit to the Front Office Manager all requested Reports should be Collected over the Phone.

 Be fully aware of the Hotel Room Types.  Prepare and distribute the V. and escort to the Rooms. note the e-mail address or the details of the travel agent to which they booked and send the same to the marketing division so that the business could be more enhanced.P Arrivals.I. providing assistance with specific queries or problems. and to assist in responding as per the prepared script for each case. giving special care to the VIP and Regular Guest.  Prepare Release Forms for Cancelled V.P Reservations. Position: Bell Man .  Inspect V. Assisting in Booking / Reconfirmation of the Flight Ticket.  To report to the Front Office Manger the statistics required of the Guest Questionnaire.I. Facilities.I.P Rooms Prior to the Arrival Time.  Be aware of the root of the guest’s booking.  Meet guest upon arrival.  Help and Assist in organizing the Hotel theme Nights with the Coordination of the Food & Beverage and Animation Team.  Pre-register the Expected V. Accepting Reservations for the next destination.Purpose: Responsible to the Front Office Manager for the Efficient Follow up on the Hotel Guest’s special requirement . and Outlets to be ready for any Guest inquiry.P Amenities Orders.  Contact Selected Guests by telephone to obtain information concerning Customer reaction.I. Assisting the Hotel Guest through all the Hotel Departments.  Bid Farewell to Guests. Duties & Responsibilities: Guest Relation Officer Time spent at the Lobby Desk should be maximized in order to properly attend to guest’s specific requests such as. noting their Comments.

and to be able to make the Room presentation upon Arriving with the Guest to the Room. Large Bed….  Be thoroughly aware of all the Hotel Out lets and Facilities. etc.  Be Familiar of all the Room Facilities. Duties & Responsibilities:  Welcome Guests at the Main entrance.  Deliver Messages.  Relieving the Guest From the Luggage from the Hotel Entrance till the Guest Room and From the Room to outside the Hotel During Check out. polished shoes and clean pressed uniform.  Making a quick check on the Room upon Guest Luggage Down for Check out. Extra Bed. Baby Cot.  Always be well Groomed. with taking particular note to repeat guests..  Be prepared to action the Room Changes.  Being alert to the Reception Clerk for any Information should assist the Guest during Check in. perform various other functions related to the guest needs.  To carry to the Reception any comment or Guest request During the Check in. and inform the Bell Captain or the Front Desk about any damage or lost Items From the Guest Room. in this process never pack guest belongings without the Guest being present and under no circumstances ever move any guest belongings without the Knowledge of the Guest.Supervisor: FOM Purpose: Responsible to the Bell Captain for welcoming and escorting Guests with their Luggage to and from their Rooms during check in and checkout. including working Hours.  Be prepared to raise and lower the Flags as appropriate.  Be Available to perform any other function assigned by the FOM . Packages and undertaken any other activities necessary for the Guest Comfort. neatly cut hair.

 After 5 rings. even under pressure and stressful situations.  Release the line after informing the guest that he has an incoming call and the guest agrees to accept it. friendly and helpful.Good bye or Good Night”. ask the Manager first if he would like to answer the phone or you should ask the caller to leave a message. ANSWERING INCOMING CALL FOR A GUEST  Pick up the phone within 3 rings  Use the dialogue “Thank you For Calling The Elephant Court Resort. courteously and to be handled with business-like efficiency.  Connect the call to the guestroom saying: Pleased to connect you.  If the Caller asked to be connected to one of the Management Team or General Manager Office. At the same time the call should be answered in a clear and pleasant tone of voice. Gilu Speaking. The operator’s position is one of the most important and demanding jobs in the hotel. (Your Name) Speaking How May I Help You?  If you are asked to be connected to other extension.Telephone Operator: The telephone department is a communication center. If you know the guest’s name. the call will bounce back. connect the Caller Saying: Pleased to connect you.  Pick up the phone within 3 rings  Answer “Reception” (or whatever to mention your own station) “Good morning” (afternoon. The hotel operator is many times the first person the public has any contact with. evening). It is imperative that every effort is made to be courteous. Guest expects their calls to be answered quickly. address them by name every time. inform the caller that there is no answer and ask to take a message. if there is not answer. operating 24 hours to handle all incoming and outgoing calls from the hotel. A guest’s initial impression of your hotel will frequently be the manner in which telephone calls are handled. . How May I Help You?”  Listen to the caller and note down the details of his request.  To close conversation use “Thank you Sir/Madam .

HANDLING MESSAGE  Message can be received verbally or through the telephone. go back to the caller every now and then telling him that you are trying to locate the guest. ask him to hold on and check with reception whether the guest is in the hotel or not. connect the line to the reception and give them some details. try to locate him in the hotel outlets. Gilu Speaking. How May I Help You”  Listen to the caller and note down the details of request  Connect the call: If the requested person has his own secretary. connect to secretary.  When the caller will ask for a guest in house. ANSWERING INCOMING CALL FOR A MANAGEMENT  Pick up the phone within 3 rings. ask for the following information : Name of the person who will receive the message. If the caller has an urgent matter.- If the caller wants to leave a message.  Use the dialogue “Thank you For Calling The Elephant Court Resort. inform the caller and ask him if he would like to leave message.  If the caller prefer to leave a written message. While trying to locate the guest. The Caller’s name. If the guest is in the hotel. If he has no secretary connect the call to him personally. inform the caller and find if the guest left any message clarifying his next destination. ask the person who picks up the phone to take the call and message. .  If the called person is not available. if the guest has checked out.  If the guest still in house but he is not available at the moment. check first that the guest is still in house.

 Attached Copy of the Message & Parcel delivery form.  Repeat the message back to the caller in order to avoid any confusion.- The Caller’s phone number.  The bellboy should put the message from under the guest room door.  Enter the message into the System and print it out and log it down in the Message & Parcel Delivery Form. Time of the call. and to be kept at the reception desk all the time full detailed. which should be printed on a4 size. MESSAGE & PARCEL DELIVERY Day: Date : Time Room Type Of Delivery Delivered By Signature Message: Revised By: Universally accepted Alphabetic Codes: Alpha Beta Charlie .  The bellboy should not knock the door of the guest room for any reason when delivering a message.  Give the message to the bellboy who will sign the Message Delivery form with the time of receiving the message. Text of message. especially when the message contains a flight numbers or time of any numbers or important information.

 Obtain The Specific Details Such As What Type Of Room Is Desired? How Many People in the Party? What Is Their Anticipated Length Of Stay? What Rate Is Acceptable? Methods of Payment (Cash Or Credit Cards)?  Based On The Above The Room FOA Should Matches Rooms Available to The Customers Wishes. Ask You Guest To State His/her General Needs.  Offer Options By Using Room Location.  If The Guest Has No Reservation. . Pool Side…Etc.Delta Echo Foxtrot Golf Hotel India Juliet Kilo Lima Mike November Oskar Papa Quebec Romeo Sierra Tango Uniform Victor Whiskey X-ray Yankee Zulu CHECKING IN GUEST WITH WITHOUT RESERVATION  Greet The Guest Warmly With Smile & Ask If You May Help. Such As: forest View.

 Isolate the guest.  If The Credit Card Will Be Used. And no matter what happens. NEVER INSULT A GUEST. so that other guests would not be affected.  Follow up  Inform your supervisor and record all details and what has been done till the time being in the log book. Do never under estimate his complaint. down the key facts will reassure the guest and will certainly calm him  Tell the guest how and when the problem could be solved.  Recognize and acknowledge the guest’s feelings and try to make him feel that we care more about his concerns.  Do not say that the hotel is at fault simply to be understanding. Remain calm and do not argue with the guest. .  Always show personal interest in the guest’s problem. Obtain Credit Data.  Locate The Room And Complete Normal Check-In Procedures HANDLIING GUEST COMPLAINT  Listen with concern to guest complaints and stay calm. After You Cover The Entire Guest Needs Present The Registration Card And Ask The Guest To Fill. if possible.  Noting down.  Inform the concerned department to take the necessary action.

HANDLING GUEST REQUEST      Both Front Office & Housekeeping departments will keep a guest request logbook to record all guest requests by time of receiving the request. The GRE / HK Order taker should inform and follow up on the completion of the request by contacting the department concerned to fulfill the request and log the time and the name of the person who received and complete the request. All the logbook items should be filled in details as soon as the request is received. it must be recorded in the logbook immediately with the time of receiving the request and the guestroom number. If you feel that the problem is more than you can handle and that it needs higher level for a solution. inform the guest accordingly. guest should be informed and to be given the estimated time to complete it. as well as type of request. and to be delivered to the Department Concerned Immediately. If the request will take time to be completed. As soon as the GRE or H. The GRE to Complete the Housekeeping/Maintenance request form.  When the problem is solved. it should be reported to the direct supervisor who should contact the guest personally and offer alternative solution. take the handle the matter to your supervisor or to the Department Head. If the guest request will take more than a reasonable time to be completed.    . A follow up telephone call to the guest should be made after the completion of the request to be sure that the guest is satisfied.K Order taker will receive a guest request.

K. place the item in a cover and seal it. In case of an item found to be left in the lobby by the guest after check out:     If an item is found to be left by the guest in the lobby area. The amount in the vouchers subtracted from the sum of opening balance and cash collection of the day should always be in the cash drawer. receipts. In both F. The entire amount received in the reception should have supporting receipt and the signature of the person updating it. If the room no could not be found. 5000. and the system in the amount should be always in tally. The cash book. In case of cash Discrepancy in FO:   Cash discrepancy means depart from expectations or the variation from the actual amount which is supposed to be. find the room no of the guest. There will be an opening balance of Rs. if the item has the address on it. guest request logbook should be part of the shift handover procedures. Place the item in the left luggage room which will be manned for 24 hours. Wait for further call or follow ups from the guest.O & H. GM/ACM should be informed and asked for the explanation from the cash incharge. Soon after the item is found. [(opening balance + cash collection)-the voucher]= the amount in the drawer. The cash book should have all the cash entries at the time of receiving money itself. If any kind of excess/short of amount is found in the department any time. . The amount short should have proper vouchers else will be deducted from the cash incharge. There should be an immediate sequence of actions taken.

If somebody else is coming representing the guest. the guest needs the item to be parceled. handover the same. If the guest is back for the item.     If no follow ups happened for 48 hours. Never be panic or confused. handover the same to HK department. let all assemble at the pool side and make the maximum utilization of the equipments and other safety measures available. In case of emergencies:      Immediately inform your supervisor and the top management. find the telephone number of the guest or the driver from the security. isolate the body and never let any other guest to know the same. inform the security and others. If the guest informed that they no need the item. If the room number of the guest is identified. handover the item to the HK department. Also buy the signature from him. and let all the guest and others quit the room to a safer area. make use of the PA system. Do the same after getting approval from RM/GM for the action. get the letter and signature of the guest from him. . In case of fire. If incase. If it is a death. In case of an earthquake. that he received the item from us. Inform the guest / driver about the missed item.