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A Goodman 1.0
Extrapyramidal adverse effect is commonly seen with the use and Gilman
of this antipsychotic agent: 10th ed
Haloperidol C. Chlorpromazine p.488
Thioridazine D. Fluoxetine

An anti-malarial agent which also exerts an amebicidal effect A Goodman 1.0

Chloroquine C. Primaquine and Gilman
Chloroguanide D. Mefloquine 10th ed
An anti-arrhythmic drug that predominantly block the slow A Goodman 0.25
calcium channels and Gilman
Verapamil C. Lidocaine 10th ed
Amiodarone D. Metoprolol p.949
Repeated exposure to which of the following anesthetic B Goodman 0.33
agents is most associated with liver damage and Gilman
A. Isoflurane C. Nitrous oxide 10th ed
B. Halothane D. Enflurane p.351-352
5. The pharmacokinetic parameter which determines the C Basic and 0.50
speed of drug input that must balance the speed of drug Clinical
elimination to achieve a steady state concentration Pharmacol
clearance C. dosing rate ogy 9th Ed.
bioavailability D. volume of distribution Katzung
If a drug has a high distribution volume, it indicates that: D Basic and 0.25
it is highly bound to plasma proteins Clinical
drug is highly retained in the vascular compartment Pharmacol
the plasma drug concentration will increase ogy 9th Ed.
there is extensive tissue uptake Katzung
p.35 & 47
In what condition are the drugs phenoxybenzamine and A Basic and 1.0
phentolamine useful? Clinical
pheochromocytoma C. essential hypertension Pharmacol
migraine attacks D. benign prostatic hyperplasia ogy 9th Ed.
A college friend consulted you regarding the suitability of the B Basic and 0.33
therapy his doctor prescribed for severe hypertension. He Clinical
complained of postural and exercise hypotension Pharmacol
(“dizziness”), diarrhea and problems with ejaculation. Which ogy 9th Ed.
of the following is most likely to produce the effects that your Katzung
friend has described? p.166
Propanolol C. Hydralazine
Guanethidine D. Captopril
Norpepinephrine acts as a neurotransmitter at: C Basic and 0.33
all preganglionic neurons Clinical
parasympathetic postganglionic neurons Pharmacol
sympathetic postganglionic neurons ogy 9th Ed.
neuromuscular junction Katzung
In the treatment of organophosphate poisoning, the D Basic and 0.33
mechanism of action of pralidoxime is: Clinical
competitive inhibition with acetylcholine Pharmacol
non-competitive antagonism with acetylcholine ogy 9th Ed.
regeneration of acetylcholine Katzung
regeneration of acetylcholinesterase p.103
A patient was given digitalis for heart failure, complained of C Basic and 0.25
nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. PE revealed irregular cardiac Clinical
rhythm. Which of the following is the most appropriate thing Pharmacol
to do? ogy 9th Ed.
increase the dose of digitalis Katzung
add a beta-blocker p.993
discontinue digitalis
administer potassium
A 52 year old man consulted at the clinic due to hypertension C Basic and 0.33
(BP 190/90). Except for mild wheezing, his PE findings were Clinical
unremarkable. The drug given can depress AV conduction, Pharmacol
hence the use of beta-blocker is contraindicated. The drug ogy 9th Ed.
that was given is: Katzung
Methyldopa C. Verapamil p.235-236
Enalapril D. Hydrochlorothiazide
A patient noted to have elevated cholesterol, LDL, and VLDL. C Goodman 1.0
Which among the following drugs act by blocking HMG-CoA and Gilman
reductase to inhibit cholesterol synthesis? 8th ed
Probucol C. Lovastatin p.881-884
Clofibrate D. Nicotinic acid
A 20 year old female was treated for endometriosis for 6 C Pharmaco- 0.25
months. She claims to have been given a drug with logy 4th ed
androgenic effects such as hirsutism, deepening of the voice, page 447
and acne. Which of the following drugs could have been
GnRH agonist
Combined oral contraceptive pills
Medroxyprogesterone acetate
A patient underwent hip replacement and was given morphine C Pharmaco- 1.0
for pain relief. At present her RR was noted to be at 8 logy 4th ed
cycles/min with prolonged episodes of apnea. What will you Rang
give this patient to reverse the present condition? Page 598
atropine sulfate C. Naloxone
Flumazenil D. Protamine sulfate
A 7-year old was admitted because of pneumonia. On routine A Pharmaco- 0.33
stool exam E. histolytica cyst 5-8/hpf was noted. What will logy 4th ed
you give? Rang
Diloxanide furoate C. both A& B Page 736
metronidazole D. no treatment necessary
A patient with septic shock was noted to have absent urine C Pharmaco- 0.33
output for the past 12 hours. Which of the following drugs logy 4th ed
would be most helpful to this patient? Rang
A. Furosemide C. Dopamine Page 288
B. Norpeinephrine D. Epinephrine
A 40 year old male was seen at the ER because of C Pharmaco- 0.33
anaphylaxis immediately given epinephrine. Apparently, the logy 4th ed
patient has taken prazosin for his hypertension. Which of the Rang
following may be observed in this patient? Page 152
He may develop hypertensive crisis.
There will be no effect on his blood pressure
He may develop hypotension.
he may develop severe difficulty of breathing due to
Two drugs A and B have the same mechanism of action. Drug B Pharmaco- 0.50
A at a dose of 5 mg produce the same magnitude of effect as logy 4th ed
drug B at a dose of 500 mg. This means that Rang
drug B is less efficacious than drug A Page 29
drug A is 100x more potent than drug B
toxicity of drug A is less than that of drug B
drug A is more effective than drug B
A diabetic patient developed hyperlipedemia (elevated LDL, D Pharmaco- 0.25
and triglycerides, normal HDL). Which of the following is least logy 4th ed
appropriate for the patient? Rang
Colestipol C. Lovastatin Page 308
Gemfibrozil D. Niacin
A patient with tachyarrhythmia and hypertension would be D Pharmaco- 0.25
given an antihypertensive. What agent would be the best logy 4th ed
choice for this patient? Rang
Felodipine C. Nifedipine Page 275
Isradipine D. Verapamil
Which of the following conditions will NOT benefit from the B Pharmaco- 0.50
use of vasodilators? logy 4th ed
hypertension C. angina Rang
migraine D. peripheral vascular disease Page 290
A patient at the delivery room is having uterine atony after B Pharmaco- 1.0
giving birth toan 8-lb baby boy. Her BP at present is 150/90 logy 4th ed
mmHg. What agent should you give her: Rang
methyergonovine maleate Page 450
The 2nd generation cephalosporin which crosses the blood B Pharmaco- 1.0
brain barrier: logy 4th ed
Cefoxime C. Cefoxitin Rang
Cefuroxime D. Cefoperazone Page 694
A G2 P1 term, will be given prophylactic antibiotic prior to CS. C Pharmaco- 0.33
Which of the following should be recommended? logy 4th ed
Cephalexin C. Cefazolin Rang
B. Cefoxitin D. Ceftriaxone Page 695
After prolonged treatment with penicillin, the patient D Pharmaco- 0.25
developed pseudomembranous colitis. What antibiotic will logy 4th ed
you give for this case? Rang
Aztreonam C. Imipenem Page 702
Ceftriazone D. Vancomycin
This agent inhibits topoisomerase II (DNA gyrase) B Pharmaco- 0.25
Clindamycin C. Spectinomycin logy 4th ed
Ciprofloxacin D. Tetracycline Rang
Page 720
A neonate was given IV antibiotics for 3 days. However, the C Pharmaco- 1.0
baby developed hypothermia, diarrhea and grayish color of logy 4th ed
the skin. The baby was probably given: Rang
Amikacin C. Chloramphenicol Page 692
Erythromycin D. Gentamycin
The purpose of giving compound drug therapy in the C Pharmaco- 0.25
treatment of tuberculosis: logy 4th ed
to rapidly eradicate the strains of tubercle bacilli Rang
to shorten the infectious phase Page 706
to decrease the emergence of resistant organisms
to prevent complications of tuberculosis
Which of the following is NOT a first line agent in the D Pharmaco- 1.0
treatment of tuberculosis? logy 4th ed
A. Ethambutol C. Rifampicin Rang
B. Pyrazinamide D. Streptomycin Page 706
32.A patient taking warfarin was also being treated for fungal B Pharmaco- 0.25
infection. After 7 days,the patient developed epistaxis. Which logy 4th ed
of the following antifungal agents was given? Rang
A.Nystatin C.Flucytosine Page 317
B.Ketoconazole D.Amphotericin B
33.If the physician makes a prescription order that utilizes a C Generics 0.25
drug supplied by the pharmaceutical company, what class of Acts of the
prescription order was made? Philippines
A.Extemporaneous C.Precompounded
B.Compounded D.Erroneous
34. Which among these antithrombotic drugs inhibit the B Pharmaco- 0.50
synthesis of thromboxane by irreversible acetylation of the logy
enzyme cyclooxygenase? Goodman
A. Abciximab C. Integrilin and Gilman
B. Aspirin D. Ticlopidine 10th ed. Pp
35. A 60 year old was seen at the OPD due to epistaxis which D Pharmaco- 1.0
occurred thrice for the past week and easy bruising. He is logy 4th ed
taking warfarin for AF. Perinent Lab exam: INR-4.5 Rang
The INR result is brought about by which of the following? Page 316
A.increased thrombin activity
B.decreased platelet activity
C.diminished levels of vitamin K
D.decreased levels of factors II, VII,IX and X
36. A 67 year old with atrial fibrillation is currently taking A Pharmaco- 0.25
warfarin and digoxin. In the event this patient develops logy 4th ed
massive bleeding, which of the following would be appropriate Rang
for him? Page 319
A.give vitamin K
B.change to LMWH
C.give protamine sulfate
D.transfuse platelets
37.A 26 year old medical student was brought to the ER for B Pharmaco- 0.25
an apparent suicide poisoning due to a broken heart. The logy 4th ed
maid could not recall the medication but claimed the bottle Rang
contained medicine for headache. On PE, the physician noted Page 232
cyanosis of the oral mucosal, tongue and nail beds. Which of
the following is the drug most likely ingested?
A.Aspirin C.Flurbiprofen
B.Acetaminophen D.Meloxicam
38.A 52 year old woman was suffering from severe joint pains C Pharmaco- 0.50
and was diagnosed to have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Apparently, logy 4th ed
she also appears to be suffering from acid peptic disease. Rang
Among the following, which is the safest to give her? Page 234
A.Aspirin C.Celecoxib
B.Ibuprofen D.Phenylbutazone
39.A 21 year old male, took a bottle of insecticide from their C Pharmaco- 0.25
garden approximately 30-40 cc in amount. He later developed logy 4th ed
dizziness, visual blurring, generalized body weakness, Rang
numbness, severe epigastric pain and shortness of breath. He Page 122
was found lying on the floor with stiffening of the trunk and
extremities and soaked with sweat. He was rushed to the ER,
pertinent findings included drooling of saliva with 3 episodes
of non projectile vomiting. Which of the following should be
A.Pilocarpine C.Atropine
D.Physostigmine D.Carbachol
40.This inhibits de novo synthesis of cholesterol by inhibiting A Pharmaco- 0.50
HMG CoA reductase- logy 4th ed
A.Atorvastatin C.Gemfribozil Rang
B.Colestipol D.Niacin Page 305
41.An asthmatic patient came to the ER because of B Pharmaco- 0.50
generalized wheezing in the lungs. Urgent management was logy 4th ed
done. However, after a while, hypertension was noted. Which Rang
of the following medications was probably given? Page 160
A.salbutamol C.terbutaline
B.isoproterenol D.salmeterol
42.A flight attendant has been having allergic rhinitis. She C Pharmaco- 0.50
comes to your clinic asking for medication prescription two logy 4th ed
hours prior to her flight. What will be appropriate for her? Rang
A.diphenhydramine C.loratadine Page 345
B.chlorpheniramine D.promethazine
43.This acts by inhibiting the immediate phase of asthma as it A Pharmaco- 0.25
prevents mediator release from mast cells- logy 4th ed
A.cromolyn sodium C.montelukast Rang
B.beclomethasone D.zileuton Page 347
44.A patient with severe persistent asthma was treated for six A Pharmaco- 0.50
months now with prednisone. Which of the following would be logy 4th ed
the expected side effect. Rang
A.cushingoid facie C.hyperkalemia Page 423
B.hypoglycemia D.leonine facie
45.FM, 40 year old male was seen at the clinic for check-up. A Pharmaco- 1.0
He has bradykinesia, muscle rigidity, pill rolling movement, logy 4th ed
resting tremors and shuffling gait. The single most effective Rang
agent in the treatment of this disorder is: Page 509
A. Levodopa C. Carbamazepine
B. Baclofen D. Tacrine
46. Which of the following is a selective inhibitor of MAO-B? A Pharmaco- 0.50
A. Selegeline C. Tolcapone logy 4th ed
B. Amantadine D. Bromocriptine Rang
Page 511
47. Which of the following statement is NOT true regarding D Pharmaco- 0.25
Levodopa? logy 4th ed
A. It is almost always used in combination with Rang
decarboxylase inhibitors. Page 510
B. It has a short half-life about 1 – 3 hrs.
C. If administered with meals, its absorption is
D. It has very little side effect and can be withdrawn
48. What effect does the use of oral contraceptive (OC) have C Pharmaco- 0.25
on a patient with hypothyroidism? logy 4th ed
A. Low dose OC are unlikely to affect her thyroid Rang
function tests. Page 630
B. Estrogen may falsely increase TSH due to alteration
in TSH secretion.
C. Estrogen may falsely decrease FT4 index due to
alterations in TBG
D. Estrogen may falsely elevate total T4 levels due to
alterations in TBG
49. If a hypothyroid patient pregnant, how might her A Basic and 0.25
levothyroxine replacement be affected? clinical
A. She might require an increase in dose. Pharmacol
B. She may need a decrease in dose. ogy 9th
C. She may need to stop the medication. Edition
D. She may have to change levothyroxine to Katzung p
liothyronine. 631
50. A 62 year old with atrial fibrillation was seen at the ER A Pharmaco- 0.25
with light headedness and palpitations associated with logy 4th ed
exercise usually relieved by rest. At present his heart rate is Rang
at 140/min. Which of the following is least likely effective in Page 265
controlling his heart rate?
A. Digoxin C. Verapamil
B. Diltiazem D. Atenolol
51. Patients receiving insulin therapy generally require which A Basic and 0.25
of the following interventions with progression to end-stage clinical
renal disease? Pharmacol
A. decrease total insulin dose ogy 9th
B. increase total insulin dose Edition
C. increase frequency of insulin administration Katzung p
D. no change in insulin regimen 694
52. The inhibitor of GIT lipase is useful in the treatment of C Pharmaco- 0.25
obesity and has minimal side effects: logy 4th ed
A. sibutramine C. orlistat Rang
B. phentermine D. glucosan Page 407
53. An experiment on GI drugs was done. The baseline B Pharmaco- 0.25
gastric volume 2 cc and when tested with litmus paper, The logy 4th ed
paper remained pink. After administering drug A, the gastric Rang
volume was 2 cc and litmus paper turned blue. This means Page 375
A. drug A is effective in lowering gastric pH
B. drug A is effective in increasing gastric pH but no
effect on volume
C. The drug is effective in lowering the gastric pH and
D. The drug has no effect on the volume and pH of
gastric juice
54.A patient taking this drug came into the clinic due to visual A Pharmaco- 0.50
disturbances, constipation, difficulty in urination and dry logy 4th ed
mouth. This drug could be: Rang
A.Muscarinic antagonist Page 122
B.histamine H2 antagonist
C.dopamine D2 antagonist
D.gastrin antagonist
55.The onset and duration of action of NPH insulin are B Basic and 0.25
extended because: Clinical
A.protamine decreases the rate at which insulin is Pharmacol
absorbed ogy 9th Ed.
B.protamine blocks insulin metabolism in the liver Katzung
C.protamine is basic and combines with insulin by p.697
charge interactions
D.protamine is slowly degraded proteolytically releasing
the bound insulin
56. An estrogen receptor antagonist which is useful for B Basic and 0.50
postmenopausal breast cancer Clinical
A. Megastrol C. Flutamide Pharmacol
B. Tamoxifen D. Leuprolide ogy 9th Ed.
57. The agent of choice in the treatment of gestational C Pharmaco- 1.0
diabetes logy 5th ed
A. Sulfonylurea C. Insulin Rang
B. Biguanide D. Acarbose Page 388
58. A 40 year old bank executive sought consult due to a B Basic and 0.33
difficulty of going to sleep but no problem in maintaining Clinical
sleep. He stopped drinking coffee, eating chocolates, and Pharmacol
smoking a month ago. The most appropriate drug for him is: ogy 9th Ed.
A. Diphenhydramine C. Phenobarbital Katzung
B. Midazolam D. Clonazepam p.362
59. A kidney transplant patient is given a drug for B Pharmaco- 0.33
immunosuppression to prevent rejection of the allografted logy 5th ed
organ. The drug is most likely Rang
A. Cyclosprine C. Cyclophosphamide Page 257
B. Azathioprine D. Vincristine
60. The preferred treatment for a patient who suffers a series D Basic and 0.33
without complete recovery is: Clinical
A. Diazepam C. Succinylcholine Pharmacol
B. Chlopromazine D. Ethosuximide ogy 9th Ed.
61. A company manager is suffering from allergic rhinitis. He C Basic and 0.50
has a series of staff meeting so he needs a medication that Clinical
will not make him drowsy. Which of the following would you Pharmacol
give? ogy 9th Ed.
A. Chlorpheniramine C. Terfenadine Katzung
B. Hydroxyzine D. Diphenhydramine p.266
62. A patient with severe liver disease eventually developed A Pharmaco- 1.0
encephalopathy. Which agent is important in the therapy of logy 5th ed
this condition? Rang
A. Lactulose C. Loperamide Page 375
B. Lactate D. Lorazepam
63. A substance that enhances the probability of ovulation by A Basic and 0.50
blocking the inhibitory effect of estrogen and thus stimulating Clinical
the release of gonadotrophin from the pituitary is: Pharmacol
A. Clomiphene citrate C. Tamoxifen ogy 9th Ed.
B. Danazol D. Progesterone Katzung
64. Which of the following combination (diuretic agent and C Basic and 0.50
MOA) is CORRECT? Clinical
A. Furosemide – inhibition of carbonic anhydrase Pharmacol
B. Acetazolamide – osmotic effect ogy 9th Ed.
C. Hydrochlorothiazide – inhibition of Na-Cl symport Katzung
D. Indapamide – inhibition of Na-K-2Cl symport p.249
65. Which of the following combination of diuretic and site of A Basic and 0.50
action on the nephron is CORRECT? Clinical
A. Ethacrynic acid – thick ascending limb of loop of Pharmacol
Henle ogy 9th Ed.
B. Furosemide – proximal tubule Katzung
C. Hydrochlorothiazide – late distal tubule p.242
D. Spironolactone – distal convoluted tubule
66. Which of the following is preferred for a pregnant woman D Basic and 0.33
with hyperthyroidism? Clinical
A. Carbimazole C. RAI Pharmacol
B. Methimazole D. PTU ogy 9th Ed.
67. Drugs A and B act on the same tissue or organ through C Goodman 0.5
independent receptors, but with opposite effects. This is and Gilman
known as: 8th ed p
A. Competitive antagonism 53-54
B. Irreversible antagonism
C. Physiologic antagonism
D. Chemical antagonism
68. This pharmacokinetic value most reliably reflects the B Goodman 0.5
amount of drug reaching the target tissue after oral and gilman
administration 8th edition
A. Volume of distribution Pp2627
B. Area under the blood concentration-time curve
C. Peak blood concentration
D. Time to peak blood concentration
69. A 3 year old patient passed out noodle-like worms and B Goodman 0.5
was given an appropriate anti-helminthic. The and gilman
mechanism of the drug is most probably via 8th edition
A. interference with cell wall synthesis pp. 969-
B. inhibition of neuromuscular transmission 970
C. interference with cell wall division
D. interference with protein synthesis
70. A patient with nosocomial pneumonia is D Goodman 1.0
given ceftazidime and another antibiotic. and gilman
The most probabale purpose for adding the 8th edition
second antiobiotic is to: Pp1127
Increase renal excretion
Decrease systemic toxicity
Increase oral absorption
Prevent the emergence of resistant bacteria
71. About 75% of patients in this condition may suffer from B Goodman 0.5
vertigo, inability to perceive termination of movement and and gilman
difficulty in sitting or standing without visual clues 8th edition
Patients allergic to penicillin Pp1104 -
Patients receiving streptomycin therapy 1108
Patients on isoniazid for tuberculosis
Patients on amphotericin B
72. A kidney transplant patient is given a drug for B Goodman 0.5
immunosuppression to prevent rejection of the allografted and gilman
organ. The most appropriate drug is: 8th edition
Cyclosporine Pp1270
73. A hypertensive patient is treated by a doctor and C DiPalma 4th 0.50
experiences hemolytic anemia with a positive Coomb’s ed p. 472
test. This is most likely caused by:
A. Clonidine C. Methyldopa
B. Captopril D. Prazosin
74. In a hypertensive patient who is taking insulin to treat A Goodman 0.5
diabetes, which of the following drugs should be used and Gilman
with caution? 8th ed
Propanolol C. Hydralazine p.239
Methyldopa D. Prazosin
75. A patient has been taking Imipramine for depression. B Goodman 1.0
He would most likely experience which of the following and Gilman
adverse effects? 8th ed
Seizures C. hepatotxicity p.405-414
anticholinergic effects D. nephrotoxicity
76. Chlorpromazine may be used not only in treating A DiPalma 4th 0.5
schizophrenia but is also effective ed p.275-
in reducing nausea and vomiting 277
as an antihistaminic
as an antihypertensive agent
for treating bipolar affective disorder
77. A child suffers from lapses of consciousness or vacant C Goodman 0.5
stares lasting about 10 secs, often in clusters. The and Gilman
drug which may be most helpful for his disorder is: 8th p. 449
Phenytoin C. Ethosuximide – 453
Carbamazepine D. Phenobarbital
78. Upon taking Penicillin, a patient suddenly experiences B Goodman 1.0
respiratory distress and circulatory collapse. Which and Gilman
drug would be most helpful in this situation? 8th ed
Norepinephrine C. Isoproterenol p.198
Epinephrine D. Atropine
79. A gout patient developed nephropathy characterized B Goodman 1.0
by overproduction of uric acid and extreme and Gilman
hyperuricemia. What agent could have helped prevent 8th ed
this? p.678
Cyclophosphamide C. Sodium chloride
Allopurinol D. Antidiuretic hormone
80. A patient with peptic ulcer and on therapy with D Goodman 1.0
cimetidine may experience decreased effects of many and Gilman
other drugs because cimetidine is an inhibitor of 8th ed
A. the proton pump C. monoamine p.901
B. tyrosine kinase D. cytochrome P-450
81. The index of safety of a drug decreases as the median A Basic and 0.33
toxic dose: Clinical
decreases and the median effective dose increases Pharmacol
increases and the median effective dose decreases ogy 9th Ed.
the median effective dose decreases Katzung
the median effective dose increases p.30
82. What is the major second messenger of beta receptor B Basic and 0.5
activation that participates in signal transduction? Clinical
inositol triphosphates C. calcium Pharmacol
cAMP D. adenylyl cyclase ogy 9th Ed.
83. Which of the following bronchodilators is a xanthine C Basic and 1.0
derivative? Clinical
Terbutaline C. theophylline Pharmacol
ipratropium bromide D. salmeterol ogy 9th Ed.
325, 328
84. Myelosuppression is a common side effect associated A Basic and 0.33
with the use of the following anticancer drugs, Clinical
EXCEPT: Pharmacol
Vincristine C. Methotrexate ogy 9th Ed.
Cyclophosphamide D. Chlorambucil Katzung
85. The following anticancer drug, with its toxic effect, is D Basic and 0.50
correctly matched with the appropriate antidote: Clinical
cyclophosphamide-induced hemorrhagic cystitis – Pharmacol
ondansetron ogy 9th Ed.
methotrexate-induced myelosuppression – MESNA Katzung
cisplatin-induced nausea and vomiting – leucovorin p.914
doxorubicin-induced arrhythmia - dexrazoxane
86. Which of the following anticancer drugs act as a B Basic and 0.75
mitotic inhibitor? Clinical
Methotrexate C. Bleomycin Pharmacol
Vinblastine D. Carmustine ogy 9th Ed.
87. Radical cure for malaria is achieved by giving: D Basic and 1.0
Chloroquine C. Mefloquine Clinical
Quinine D. Primaquine Pharmacol
ogy 9th Ed.
88. A 3 year old was brought to the ER because of B Goodman 0.25
recurrent attacks of blank stares lasting for a few and Gilman
minutes. The anti-seizure agent that you will give the 10th ed
child is: p.535
Phenobarbital C. Lamotrigine
Ethosuximide D. Vigabantrine
89. The mainstay drug in the treatment of all types of B Goodman 1.0
leprosy is: and Gilman
Clofazime C. Isoniazid 10th ed
Dapsone D. Rifampicin p.1288
90. A patient on anti-TB drug developed peripheral C Basic and 1.0
neuritis. This was improved by giving Pyridoxine. The Clinical
drug taken must have been: Pharmacol
Ethambutol C. Isoniazid ogy 9th Ed.
Rifampicin D. Para-aminosalicylic acid Katzung
91. A patient with elevated cholesterol level is also taking C Basic and 0.5
warfarin for his deep venous thrombosis. The lipid Clinical
lowering agent that may enhance the effect of Pharmacol
Warfarin is: ogy 9th Ed.
nicotinic acid C. cholestyramine Katzung
lovastatin D. gemfibrozil p.574
92. A known diabetic patient was brought to the ER A Basic and 0.75
unconscious with random blood sugar of 900 mg/dl. Clinical
ABG study showed metabolic acidosis. Which of the Pharmacol
following preparation is appropriate? ogy 9th Ed.
regular insulin Katzung
insulin zinc preparation p.700
isophane zinc suspension
potassium zinc insulin suspension
93. Which of the following corticosteroids has the greatest B Basic and 0.5
anti-inflammatory potency relative to cortisol? Clinical
Prednisone C. Aldosterone Pharmacol
Dexamehtasone D. Triamcinolone ogy 9th Ed.
94. A 30-year old G2P1 patient suffers experiences a A Basic and 1.0
regular and increasingly frequent contractions at 6 Clinical
months of gestation. Which of the following agents Pharmacol
may help in this case? ogy 9th Ed.
Terbutaline C. Propanolol Katzung
Nicotine D. Tacrine p.138
95. The primary mechanism underlying the resistance of A Goodman 0.25
gram positive organism to macrolide antibiotic is: and Gilman
methylation of binding site on the 50S ribosomal subunits 10th ed
formation of esterases that hydrolyzed the lactone ring p.1250
formation of drug-inactivating acetyltransferase
decrease drug permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane
96. A prescription that has the generic name enclosed in a C Generic 0.5
parenthesis and written below the brand name can be Act of the
interpreted as: Philippines
violative prescription
imposiible prescription
erroneous prescription
correct prescription
97. The onset and duration of action NPH insulin are B Pharmaco- 0.25
extended by protamine because: logy 4th ed
it decreases the rate of insulin absorption Rang
it blocks insulin metabolism in the liver Page 697
it is a basic compound and combines with insulin by charge
it is slowly degraded proteolytically releasing the bound
98. The following anti-anginal drugs are vasodilators, C Basic and 0.50
EXCEPT: Clinical
A. Felodipine C. Metoprolol Pharmacol
B. Nitroglycerin D. Diltiazem ogy 9th Ed.
99. Which is a direct effect of nitrates when given in the D Basic and 0.50
usual doses for the management of angina? Clinical
increased preload Pharmacol
increased afterload ogy 9th Ed.
increased cardiac contractility Katzung
decreased preload p.190
100. The mechanism of action of Omeprazole A Goodman 1.0
A. inhibits H+-K+ ATPase pump and Gilman
B. promotes prostaglandin formation 8th ed
C. blocks action of histamine of H2 receptors p.902-904
D. neutralizes acid by increasing the pH of gastric