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VIVEKANANDA KENDRA Rural Development Programme NEMS) OEMTEIR SEPTEMBER TO DECEMBER - 2020 / Dear Sir / Madam, Vanakkam. We _ are happy’ and obliged to send you the report of the service & cultural activities conducted by VKRDP. The details of our activities, from September to December 2020, is listed for your ready reference and kind information. With regards, Yours Sincerely, S&S. Oayneerer™ (S.Ayyappan) Through 75 Creches, 1776 rural Children nurtured in all the Balwadis. Malt along with vitamin-rich cereals were provided to the children. In our Medicare Programme, 1863 patients were examined and treated for various common ailments through Allopathy in 14 Rural Medical Centers and 925 patients treated through a Siddha center camp at Hanji in Kanyakumari, Nellai and Thoothukudi districts. Medical Center- Achanpudur village Se ae ot Soe 3 Tailoring certificate distribution One year course certificates issued to North Chezhiyanallur Village 22 tailoing students at Chezhiyanallur- Nellai district on 25.09.2020. Tailoring unit - Sambavarvadakari } By 6 tailoring units are functioning well in Tenkasi, Nellai and Thoothukudi districts with the total attendance of 80. Sri. Saratha Tailoring unit was started in Sevalkulam on 26.10.2020. Around 35 members were present. Thoothukudi office - Deepavali Vallioor office -AAG rice & provition New cloths distributed distributed = a i Under “Adopt a Granny scheme’, 26 destitutes and old people were provided with monthly solatiums, in the form of rice, dhal,oil,etc., for their livelihood and 114 persons were provided with rice only in five Southern districts of Tamilnadu. In Deepavali festival all were distributed sweets and in Thoothukudi provided with new cloths (Sarees, dhoties and shirts PCa nae noon rman ters os SENT a Cultural activities Yoga varga - Kovilpatti Yoga Varga conducted at 2 places in Kovilpatti and Aruppukottai where 26 persons attended. Vivekavani Tamil magazine subscriptions including 556 annual, two years one, three years 4, Life 3. ‘Yuva bharathi English magazine three and 361 Patrons were collected. Shivalinga Pooja and Durga Pooja conducted in three places and 147 devotees participated in Kanyakumari District. Monthly Deepa poojas were organized in 78 village temples in five districts of Southern Tamilnadu, in which 2672 ladies participated and offered prayers for the welfare of the self, family and the society. In 94 Sanskara Vargas, 1952 students participated. The students were taught about the values of Indian Culture through games,lectures & lessons. 2007 deepa pooja conducted through online at Rameshwaram in Ramnad district where 2071 people from 58 villages participated. Views of 2007 Deepa Pooja Rameswaram Sannathi Street Office Online pooja doing in village local temples mtg od’. Universal Brotherhood day - celebrated on 11.09.2020 in 28 places from southern five districts of Tamilnadu and nearly 707 people participated Vijayaachambadu OThulukkapatti Kovilpatti office Swadhyaya Varga conducted at Kovilpatti and 27 persons participated . For the past 32 years running a balwadi in Elayarkulam village (Near Nanguneri - Nellai district) and constructed new building by the local people - particularly youth of Elayarkulam village and opened on 14.09.2020. Even in “Corona” period they collected money and many persons offered their labour to raise the balwadi. Nearly six lakhs rupees spent for the building, Mey ‘sof ening new eneae at Seay @ Sakthi Yakgna Pooja and Navarathri Vizha conducted in 9 villages for 9 days in and around of Thoothukudi Cultural conference - Courtallam On 02.10.2020 Cultural conference held at Courtallam, Ramakirhsna Asramam, Tenkasi district. 265 students from 12 cultural classes, 5 local people and Social workers participated in the conference. Group songs,Dramas, | © clocution, divine shows competitions were held. and the winners were gives prize books. Eknathi Jeyanthi day - Thattarmadam village - Thoothukudi district On 19.11.2020 Sri. Eknathji Jeyanthi was celebrated in 75 Creches and in the office campus. 3252 persons participated in these programme. All are supplied with sweets Under Amrita Surabhi Scheme, our Kendra workers collected 677 Kgs of rice from Southern five districts of Tamilnadu. Thiru. Sekar who had fulfilled 34 years of fruitful service in Vallioor branch retired on 30th September 2020. His sent - off function was held on 21.09.2020 in Vallioor VK - Office. Sri. Ayyappanji - Secretary, VKRDP and Smt. Janakipushbam who is in charge of Vallioor branch with other workers honoured the M7) function and all presented gift to Sri. Sekar. Cultural conference held at Edaikal, Kommadikottai and Vallioor and 306 students wellwishers, workers from 18 cultural classes participated. In this conferences students took part in group songs, Dramas, Divine shows, elocution etc. and prize books were given to the winners and all the participants served with special lunch. Edaikal Vallioor Kommadikottai The grand spiritual speech on religion is the soul of Bharath was held in Vivekananda Kendra, Thoothukudi. Sanjalak, Smt. Subathra Vetrivel, Sri. Ayyappanji the secretary VKRDP and the members of Sachidhananda sabha and Kendra well wishers attended the programme. Bhajan’s performed before the prog. Hr. Sec. School Level Boys camp conducted at Kanyakumari from 24.12.2020 to 27.12.2020. 88 students from 29 schools parents & teachers -4, Volunteers - 21 participated in this camp. Group song In VRM at mid sea - KK Attention in the session Hr. Sec. School Level Girls camp was conducted at Kanyakumari from 28, 12.2020 to 31.12.2020, 101students from 31 schools & 13 parents & teachers participated in this camp, Students enjoying food Concentrate on class Geetha Jeyanthi function arranged in 19 places in Kanyakumari, Nellai & Thoothukudi didtricts and 886 people participated. Participants were give prasatham and Githa books Semponkarai Ambai Surandai Anna Pooja & Geetha Jeyanthi - Kovilpatti | jg Anna Pooja celebrated on 20.12.2020 in a grand mannar at “3 Kovilpatti, Gayathri marriage hall. Ms.Niranjana Nellaiappan Me _ lighting the lamp and Vivekavani editor Sri.Krishnamoorti @ Mg blessed the audience.Local well wishers and volunteers nearly SE 200 persons participated and all were served with prasatham and 6000 kg rice collected On 5.12.2020 & 12.12.2020 Cultural conference was held in Sivagiri & Sevalkulam. 259 students from 10 cultural classes, local people and Social workers participated in the conference. Bhajans, Dramas, Tabulaeu and elocution competition were held. The winners were given prize books and all students and volunteers served with special meals. Cultural conference - Sivagiri & Sevalkulam “Sri Rama Jeya Rama” Mantra was chanted during Deepa Pooja, Shivalinga Pooja and cultural class students and during monthly meetings of Social Workers. Every month nearly 88,152 times mantras were chanted in 84 localities. use that nature NARS RCS ese xX Inspiring Incidents Anitha — Shanmugapuram — Thoothukudi dist Aathieswaran, an | % years kid is in our Creche. He comes by 9.15 A.M. and stays till the evening] Really I wonder. When we sing Pambaram (Top) song he sings emotimally with actions. Though he can’t speak fluently his aim for saying Hara Rama Manthra before lunch makes me more impressed. Vimala — Aruvai — Kanyakumari district On 06.01.2019 in our religious class Gita Chanting was conducted. Two old ladies coming to the temple asked me whether they could come and listen to it. We cordially welcome them and they felt much happy and stayed till the end. They considered it as a great opportunity and expressed their pleasure. We are much impressed, Kavitha — Kallaveeriyanvilai — Kanyakumari district We celebrated Pongal Vizha in our Creche. Our kids stayed Sathiavan — Savithri drama. The boy who acted as Sathiavan never lay down during practice. But on stage he lay down as dead and got a big applause. This really touched my heart. Rani— Ramnad Distirict On 16.12.2018 eye-camp was held in V.V.R.Nagar. An old lady from Kannirajapuram was advised for surgery. But her son was not willing and hence she couldn’t do anything. Then I convinced her and her son. She was sent for surgery. After a few days when I met her that lady Muthammal took my hand and thanked me a lot for getting back her sight. I was much pleased Chandra — S.Mariyoor — Ramnad district Akash and Arunesh are twins in our Creche. Till two year they didn’t utter a single word and their parents were much distressed. After coming to our Creche they started speaking slowly by seeing the other kids and our kind attention. The Parents” happiness and gratitude touched my heart. Jeyanthi — Keelamunthal — Ramnad district On my journey to Ramnad I met a lady in the bus. She enquired me about my job and the me aning of Balasevika. After knowing everything she expressed her feeling that she had no children and hence if she get a job like Balasevika she would be more happy. Her feeling had impressed me. Chandra — Ambai - Tirunelveli district On 01.01.2019 Bhagavat Gita Chanting was held in Mannarkoil Creche. Payasam was served as Prasadam. The kids were given Payasam in their plates. No one touched it even after finishing the serving. When I asked them to take they asked me to say prayer. “When anything is served in plates we should pray before eating”- This is taught by their teacher. Moreover the next day those kids recalled the stories narrated by me while Gita class and their dedication and attention impressed me alot. Vasanthi — Vallioor ~ Tirunelveli district On 22.01.2019 Vallioor branch cultural competitions were held in S.V.B. Mahal, Vallioor. Escalin Ebanezar studying in Kalakad Kallikulam Nammazhvar Ele School participated in it. Before starting from home they got the news of her grandfather’s death (Mother’s father) in Gangaikondan. She told her father that after my speech they could go. Hence her father brought her to the Mahal and told us everything. He also admitted that she had developed much self confidence after participating in Kendra competitions. This touched my heart.

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