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Vienna, Budapest, Austria Hungary
Who are we? A team of staff and students headed to central Europe with Youth With A Mission from the Creative Discipleship Training School in Ålesund, Norway. Our mission: To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ using art and prophetic words in the artistic and historical cities of Vienna and Budapest. Dates: 7th of March - 2nd of April We will be in Budapest 4th-20th of April, the rest of the time we will be in Vienna. What are we doing? We are the first team from here going to Austria so for planning it is a lot of “take it as it comes”. We are going to be doing a lot of street performances with music, painting, sculpture, and improv, in this the goal is to talk to people and love on them, invite them to evangelistic events, ect. In Hungary we are planning to go teach in schools for Human Trafficking awareness, play music in a cafe', homeless ministry, and street ministry.


Our Words: Sadie
Each week you will here from someone new in this space. I am the newsletter writer so I thought I would start. This week we are preparing for outreach with team building and teaching for sharing testimonies, preaching, working with children, and more. We are also preparing creative projects, like practicing songs and paintings for street performances. I am learning so much about the people in my team and figuring out how to work with everyone.

PRAY for:
- Team Unity - Safe Traveling, protection - Commitment to the team and our mission - More contact people and amazing opportunities - Good weather for street evangelism - Sensitive hearts to hear God's voice and letting him lead us

Austria - Hungary Team
Sent out from YWAM Ålesund, Norway Creative DTS

Justen . Andrew. Silvia . Ingrid . Josephin . Lyndsay Monica . Sadie . Alida

Get to know us...
Justen – A humble Canadian, he plays bass and various other instruments, composes, and enjoys all forms of art, Music Student Andrew- A wise man with a powerful voice from California, USA, loves to take pictures and explore, Music Student Silvia- Our lovely German leader, everything she touches becomes beautiful from her painting to her cooking, Fine Art staff Ingrid- A Bergen beauty of Norway, she plays piano, shares encouragement or you might find her creating an abstract painting, Music Student Josefin- Our pretty Swedish leader, is a wise women who's soft speech and lovely dance touches hearts, Dance Staff Lyndsay- A sweet girl from Washington, USA, beautiful smile shows her love of Jesus everywhere she goes, she communicates her heart with art, Fine Art Student Monica- An elegant Norwegian, who creates beautiful art with great stories behind them and loves to remodel clothes, Fine Art Student Sadie- An outspoken girl from Alaska, USA, she is curious, always seeking new ways to express creatively, Film Student Alida- A beautiful Norwegian from the coast, is a singer/songwriter who shows her artistic flare in her unique voice and clothes, Music Student

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