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KLC 'Nash' Graduates
Jarluary 2011
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What is PR?
PR has a number of technical and academic definitions such as the ClPR's:
Public relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what
others say about you.
Public relations is the discipline which looks after reputation, with the aim of earnmg
understanding and support and influencing opinion and behaviour. It is the planned and
sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an
organization and its publics.
In practise, most people think of PR as securing media coverage of your work or business. The media
can take many forms these days from the traditional print press (newspapers, magazines etc) to
broadcast (TV and radio) to online (websites, blogs, social media).
Firstly, it's cheaper than other forms of promotion and there is a lot you can do yourself. This is
clearly important for when you are starting out in business or when budgets are tight.
This is particularly true with Interior Design. A full or even half page advert in a glossy interiors
woulJl cost thousands of pounds. However, if you have just completed a new kitchen
for a client for example, and an maga;;;-;anted to prmt the pictures,-thiScould end up
being a 3-5 page piece about your work. And it wouldn't necessarily cost you more than an email
A good write-up by a journalist has far more credibility to the reader than an advert or marketing
campaign. You can write what you like in your advert about how great you are but a 3rd party
recommendation in an article will carry far more weight with a potential customer.
In a similar vein, a reader of a well positioned article about your company will feel they have
'discovered' your business as opposed to an advert which can feel like it's forced upon you.
Who to target?
Who are your customers? Or who would you like to be your customers? This is a really important
question to ask yourself before embarking on a PR campaign. It is all well and good to get a write up
in a national magazine or newspaper but if your preferred design projects are private homes in
Surrey, then local media could be much more effective in attracting new clients. Likewise, if your
ideal work comes from a more commercial standpoint (restaurants and hotels, for example) then
trade press would be very important.
It is also worth keeping an eye out for any niche press. A write up in a little village magazine or even
those property supplements that are free in supermarkets could prove invaluable
t : 07515 280084 w: e:
Any coverage you do achieve can be used on your website and promotional materials. It is always
impressive to customers if they have seen your business written about in the media.
PR companies like Glow have access to databases and extensive contact lists for most publications
in the UK (and many abroad) and can ensure your press releases are read by the right people. We
are also in touch with journalists on a day-to-day basis about articles they are currently writing.
However, if you want to do It yourself, it is possible to get most journalists' contact details directly
from the publication itself or from a quick Google search.
What can I be doing?
Get professional photos taken of all your work, preferably by photographers who are specialised in
shooting interiors. I know this can be expensive but editors are far more likely to use your work if
you can provide these kinds of images. They can then be used on your website and portfolio.
Social Media
Research carried out last year found that 48% of those active on social media use it to research/find
products to buy*. Social Media is a brilliant PR tool and essential in today's media. The best part? It's
free! So no excuses!
Starting your own blog is an ideal way of demonstrating your tastes, skills and ideas to potential
customers. It can give your company an important web presence if you haven't got a website yet
anCl if you have, is great for Searc 1 Englne Optimization . .'our blog a 'dress can also be incluued In
press releases - it gives journalists a better idea of what you are about.
Twitter and Facebook are great ways of communicating with potential customers and others in the
industry. Flickr is a great tool to display photographs.
Does this all sound great but also like a foreign language? Glow can help! We are currently
offering an 'Introduction to Social Media' course, see below for more information.
·Lightspeed Research 2010
Get writing!
Your design work isn't all editors are interested in. If you flick through any interiors-related press,
you will notice that there are h u n d r e d ~ of articles based on 'Advice from the Experts.' That's you I
Have a sneaky feeling what will be en vogue in 20ll? Put pen to paper. A '10 Interior Trends to
Watch This Year' by Mrs KLC Nash could be just want an interiors Journalist needed to fill a page.
How about 'Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms'? Again, any images you can provide along with
these articles will stand you in even better stead. Even if they don't get used, it is more brilliant
material for your blog.
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And finally ...
PR is essentially a conversation. You want as many people as possible talking (positively!) about your
business. You are 'PR'ing' yourself all the time - how you conduct yourself with clients, suppliers,
builders and even friends and family all goes towards yours and your business' reputation.
Remember that everyone is a potential refereel
You also want this conversation to be cohesive. You are creating a brand. The most powerful brands
are those that are recognisable for strong and consistent messages
Introduction to Social Media course
Getting you started with Twitter, Facebook for Business and Blogging. We come to your home,
workplace or anywhere with a broadband connection! This course can be tailored to your exact
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: £99
(cost includes ongoing email support after completion of the course)
For more information on the course or any more general questions about the points raised
above/PR in general, contact Alexandra Minton at Glow Public Relations:
Mobile: 07515 280084
t . 07515 280084 W ' e.

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