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Minutes for Meeting of

Thurston County Democrats

and Legislative District 22 Democrats
28 July 2008

I. Meeting called to order by Chair John Cusick at 7:06 p.m. The pledge of allegiance was led by
Paul Donohue.

II. The agenda, with addition of Election Observer Training, and Update on Washington Clean
Campaigns before Unfinished Business, was adopted upon a motion by Linda Lombard.

III. The 23 June 2008 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved upon a motion by Linda

IV. Moment of silence for recently deceased Democrats, Bob Mickelson and Ev Fourre, and for Judge
Kip Stilz. Introductions were made. Four new members were listed – Michael Snodgrass,
Patricia Costello, Mark Messinger, Robert Mosebar.

V. Guest Speaker

Roslynne Reed, Candidate for Mason County Commissioner, spoke about her campaign. She has
raised more funds than her opponent. There are 4 candidates – an Independent, a Republican, and
two Democrats. There is opposition to her Democratic opponent (Tim Sheldon) for serving as
both Commissioner and State Senator, and for thwarting the Renaissance Fair in Belfair. She has
been door-belling and response has been positive and encouraging. She brought a sign-up sheet
for volunteers.

VI. Brief updates

Burger Booth at Lakefair – Joe Hyer presented facts and figures – see attached. Cooked 1 ton of
meat, last shift on Sunday by far the biggest. Net proceeds likely to be about $18,000.

Coordinated Campaign – Dylan Carlson (22nd LD), David Bremer (20th LD) – focus before the
August 19 primary will be to contact 10,000 “unreliable” voters – door-knocking to get out
primary vote. Long-term – talk to every household – register and get out November vote.

Gregoire Campaign – Veronica Marohn – new since last month – looking for lots of help.

Other campaigns

Cheryl Crist – CD 3 – meeting with Democratic groups, some door-belling, fund-raising picking
up ($20,000 compared to opponent’s $1 million), alternative voice, peace candidate.

Jim Cutler – LD 20 – having fun, excited about running, meeting new people. August 3 is Jim
Cutler Day in Centralia – door-belling, meet at 9:30 a.m. in Carpenters Hall. August 6 – Tenino
High School – volunteer work party – 5:30 p.m.

Jon Halvorson – thank his supporters – hurt to see negative campaigning against him. Stated that
he has stayed true to his values.

Jean Marie Christensen – LD 2 – nominated as Democratic candidate by wide margin.

Charles Williams – candidates for Judge will be elected at August 19 primary – many voters do
not realize that. He announced a fundraising event this coming Thursday.

Election Observer Training – August 4 – 5:30 – 7 p.m. Sandra Morasky will take lead of Oberver
team. Urges anyone to come for training, understand election process, answer questions. Sign-up
sheet was passed around – the names of those committed to the training will be turned in to the
Auditor’s office.

Washington Public Financing of Campaigns – Craig Salins – federal level especially, policy is
based on who pays. Can do something about it – state legislation – local option passed last year.
At state level, work with governor and state legislature for public financing of Supreme Court. At
federal level, during August recess, effort to get delegation to sign on with legislation for public
funding of Congressional races. Visit, phone, email Representatives and Senators. Check out the

VII. Unfinished Business

Resolution on Puget Sound Energy – Robert Martindale – Governor appoint a Utilities

Commission to study public ownership – moved, seconded, passed.

VIII. New Business

Campaign Services Committee Recommendations – Christi McGinley

• Terence Artz – PUD Commissioner

• Chris Stearns – PUD Commissioner
• Ken Valz – District Court Judge
• Roslynne Reed – Mason County Commissioner
The above recommendations were moved by Jerry Muchmore, seconded, passed.

Campaign Services Committee failed to garner 2/3 vote for Chuck Bojarski – LD 20 State Senator
– Committee concerned about quality of campaign. Moved to extend campaign services – Katrina
Wynkoop-Simmons, seconded. Discussion. Motion carried.

Erik Lee – LD 22 State Senator – introduced himself and his family, moved from Seattle,
Democrat – intern with Brock Adams, research with King County Democrats. Campaign
Services Committee raised the question of campaign viability. Jerry Muchmore moved to extend
campaign services, seconded. Discussion. Motion failed -- did not receive 2/3 vote.

IX. Good of the order

Chris Stearns- Ed Holm did not ask for endorsement – if he wins the Central Committee will need
to recommend a replacement for him as County Prosecutor.

Hillary Hunt – August 9 – Young Democrats doorbelling in LD 20.

Date of next TCD meeting > Monday – 25 August 2008 (room 152)

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.