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As I sum up my study, I appreciatively bring to mind the contribution of all those people without whose support and help, this study would have ever taken its present form. I thank Mr. Vikram Singh(Faculty Guide), Mr. Pravin Sharma for supported me & Col. Anil Gulati(CRC) of Amity Business School, Manesar - for giving me the opportunity to do my internship at Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. First of all I would like to thank the Management of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. for giving us the opportunity to do two-month project training in their esteemed organization. I am highly obliged to Mr. Bhupender Yadav(Unit Manager) for granting me to undertake my training at Ahmedabad Branch. My express thanks to all Sales Managers under whose able guidance and direction, I am able to give shape to my training. Their constant review and excellent suggestions throughout the project are highly commendable. My heartfelt thanks go to all executives who helped us to gain knowledge about the actual working and the processes involved in various departments

TABLE OF CONTENTS Declaration Acknowledgement Certificate Chapter I • Introduction • Significance of the study • Conceptualization • Focus of the study • Objectives of the study • Limitations of the study Chapter II • Industry Profile • Company Profile Chapter III Review of Existing Literature • Research Methodology Chapter IV • Analysis and Interpretation Chapter V • Findings • Recommendations • Conclusions Bibliography Annexure .

There was a major in yr. A study was undertaken to determine the growth of various online trading companies in India in terms of trade done by them through online and services provided by them. There are two types of online trading companies one is the banking online trading companies and the other is non-banking trading. On the other hand non banking trading companies are Motilal Oswal Sec Ltd. Reliance Money etc. Major findings indicates that out of a survey of 100 respondents it was seen that 40 investors prefer online trading because of few major factors such as time saving convenience. Today the online trading companies having cut-throat competition in our offering whose brokerage discounts lower margin money and zero balance accounts. 2000 when lots of online trading companies came with a bang but only few were survived because of lack of computer knowledge and low internet penetration. . although during my research project I’ve seen that most of the respondents feel online trading. Due to the rising education awareness and use of interest there is a huge potential for online trading in future and companies must come up with innovative offerings to capture the untapped market. Sharekhan. Online trading was initiated by NSE in India and soon after the other exchanges also followed it. UTI securities etc.com. protection through Freudian brokers etc.com.CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION As per the title suggest the project report has been prepared regarding the future of online trading in India. a secure way of investing in stock marker still a few of them feel it unsafe and a bit complicated but they posses information about online trading. Today online trading contributes are about 14-16%. ICICI direct. A few examples of banking online trading companies are HDFC securities. It is continuously growing and ha a huge market potential. Angel Broking.

. is a private or public market for the trading of company stock and derivatives of company stock at an agreed price. commercial papers. the term market means the aggregate of possible buyers and sellers of a thing and the transactions between them. Nowadays this sector is facing cut-throat competition and also provides huge growth prospects.These orders are routed to the stock Exchange either out manual intervention and executed there on in a matter of a few second . typically. Tokyo Stock Exchange.. bonds etc are bought and sold. or (equity market). debentures. these are securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. you will access a stock broker’ sample size website through your internet enabled PC and place orders through the broker’s internet – based trading engine . Online Trading MEANING On line trading involves investment activity which takes place over the internet and it does not require physical inclusion of broker. The size of the world stock market is estimated at about $51 trillion. Stock market It is a place where companies come to raise their share capital and investors go to invest their surplus funds.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY: Since the year 2000 a big boom has been witnessed in the Indian Stock Market when the marker showed the coming up of Online Trading System. e. The term “market” is sometimes used for financial securities. Many online stock trading companies came but initially due to lack of online trading some companies vanished and some survived. you place order on your stock broker either verbally (personally or telephonically) or in a return form (Fax)but In on Line Trading. Stock markets are popularly known as stock exchanges. The study then goes to evaluate and analyze the findings so as to present a clear picture of the trends in the online trading sector CONCEPTUALIZATION: Market In economics. A stock market. The companies which survived are getting the handsome returns also attracting the foreign Investment Companies. There are many popular stock markets in the world. a stock exchange or commodity exchange. In the real world. Stock Market is a place where financial instruments like shares. ONLINE SHARE TRADING OR INTERNET TRADING: On line trading is a service offered on the internet for purchase and sale of share.g. London Stock Exchange is the most popular of the lot. NASDQ.

To understand the customer perception of online trading. To know – Appropriate Education level & Time for online trading LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY . This study gives knowledge about on line trading and also about the many different brokerage company which helps the customer to choose instrument and source. To understand the presence of major online traders in the Indian market and looking about the features provided by them. the study focused on the customer perception towards on line trading whether they are satisfied or not.In nutshell And here I want to discuss the main benefits what the customers should get by online trading as in earlier days if a customer wants to purchase share of any company there is much more paper work in purchasing and customer can’t purchase share in short period of time by these online services customer can purchase shares in a fast manner like earlier he has to purchase at least 100shares of each company but when these online services came into account there is no obligation on the customer that he has to purchase 100 shares here he can purchase 1 share also and sell also within seconds in market through online trading. So my study entitled a “THE FUTURE OFONLINE TRADING” has been designed with the definite focus that why the on line trading is going more and more accepted by customers and what are the features and advantages which makes on line trading useful for customers. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY To determine the growth and development of online trading in India. It also focuses the services of different companies and comparison b/w them which help the customer to choose the best company for their trading. but here he has to open demat account with any broking company . . So. Focus of the study As we all accept that 21st centaury is going to be India centaury. people are looking for the options which give them high monetary rewards.. To study the awareness of clients towards online trading. Accordingly they look for various options but what is the right way and from where they can get more and more benefit is very necessary to know.

• Lack of awareness of Stock market • Some respondents are unwilling to talk • Misleading concepts • Due to non response CHAPTER II INDUSTRY PROFILE HISTORICAL EVOLUTION .

Uttar Pradesh and Nagpur (1940) and Hyderabad (1944).000 at par to Rs 120. unlike the banks which during the pre-independence period were owned and run by the British.000 to Rs 54. there were about 1. other stock exchanges came into being in major cities in India. Share prices rose sharply even at that time. Consequently. on whose building steps share brokers used to gather to seek stock tips and share news.000 and that of Backbay Shares went up from Rs 2. disallowed them to gather there. who served as the Governor of Bombay at that time. Bombay. Reports on stock markets around that time indicate that an ordinary broker in 1864 earned about Rs 200 per day. coal (1904 and 1908) etc.000 brokers with the stock markets functioning from three places in Mumbai. Historical records show that as early as 1864. 20 insurance companies and 62 joint stock companies. it becomes imperative for any Net-based application to have a proven capability for scalability and robustness which ensures the ability to handle and process requests from multiple users at any given point in time. most of the brokers met their payment commitments. The stock markets gained from surge and boom in several industries such as jute (1870s). which later turned into the Dalal Street.Early Years The equity brokerage industry in India is one of the oldest in the Asia region. (ii) Bandwidth optimization: . at that time. banks. India had an active stock market for about 150 years that played a significant role in developing risk markets as also promoting enterprise and supporting the growth of industry. The boom period came to an abrupt end in 1865. tea (1880s and 1890s). The roots of a stock market in India began in the 1860s during the American Civil War that led to a sudden surge in the demand for cotton from India resulting in setting up of a number of joint stock companies that issued securities to raise finance. Madras (1937). In Jul 1865. In the aftermath of the crash. A share of Colaba Land Company during the boom period of the 1860s rose from Rs 10. An interesting aspect is that despite the collapse of the stock market. (I) Scalability and robustness of the trading system: The fundamental difference between the Internet as a transaction medium and the conventional closed user group network is that the Net is a universal platform providing concurrent access to infinite users at any given point in time. between 9 am to 7 pm at the junction of Meadows Street and Rampart Row. Success Factors for e-broking: There are three key success factors for e-broking. Calcutta (1908). “Never had I witnessed in any place a run so widely distributed nor such distress followed so quickly on the heels of such prosperity” thus wrote Richard Temple.000. A unique feature of the stock market development in India was that that it was entirely driven by local enterprise. Following the establishment of the first stock exchange in Mumbai. a huge sum in those days. thus forcing them to find a place of their own. from day break till 9 am and from 7 pm to early hours of next morning at Bazargate. was a major financial centre having housed 31 banks. namely Ahmedabad (1894). what was then used to be called the share mania ended with burst of the stock market bubble. This trend was akin to the rapid growth of securities markets in Europe and the North America in the background of expansion of railroads and exploration of natural resources and land development. at different points of time.

which are already contributing substantial business volumes to mainline exchanges such as NASDAQ and the NYSE. it is imperative to have both – A robust business model and Comprehensive technology strategy. (iii) Integration with third party systems: On the Net. derivatives and commodities backed with investment advice tempered by decades of broking experience. it is prudent to deploy applications that are built on open architecture methodology for interfacing with third party systems in the new Net age. (ICICIdirect.In the Indian context where availability of a sufficient bandwidth is limited. A research and analysis team is constantly working to track performance and trends. with information feeds available from multiple points. S. information feeds.com): Sharekhan. ICICdirect. exchanges worldwide are looking at striking strategic alliances such as the Global Equity Market (GEM). PLAYERS OF THE INDUSTRY S. This will not only ensure lower trading costs in terms of offering cross services but will also help in maximizing Rolls. for efficiency in trade completion and reducing duplication of client information. the international securities marketplace is fast becoming a "global village" through the creation of a universal virtual equity market. Challenges In Internet Trading: For Internet trading to succeed. Therefore the challenge for the technology providers is to develop and deploy advanced e-trading tools and applications using electronic straight through processing technologies. The service providers will have to go beyond the stage of mere order execution and emerge as "informediaries" rather than "intermediaries". Future Of Internet Trading: International marketplaces are already witnessing re-alignments and changes with the emergence of electronic communication networks (ECNs) such as INSTINET and ISLAND. . it is both prudent and essential for a broker/intermediary to offer total solution to the clients at a single point. Concurrently. ICICI Web Trade Ltd. and offers you depository services and trade execution facilities for equities. Total solutions would essentially mean offering interfaces with banks. Kantilal Ishwarlal Securities Pvt. (sharekhan.com was the first entrant into e-broking. Some of the challenges are discussed: Transaction fulfillment--In the Net-based economy. etc. India’s leading stock broker is the retail arm of SSKI. Ltd. depositories. the application software should demonstrate intelligence in optimizing the available bandwidth by deploying advanced technologies such as streaming. A true Internet trading system should deliver cost effective transaction fulfillment at a single point.com): ICICIdirect.com provides the 3-in-1 to the users which ties in their saving bank account and their Demat account to their brokerage account electronically. With Net trading in securities and rapid consolidation between multiple stock exchanges.

research-based value investing and implementation of cutting-edge technology have enabled it to blossom into a thousand-member team. has been the largest in IPO distribution . The institutional business unit has relationships with several leading foreign institutional investors (FIIs) in the US. India Info line was founded by a group of professionals in 1995. Alliance Capital MF. The company offers a slew of products such as stock and derivatives broking. India Bulls: Indiabulls is India's leading retail financial services company with 77 locations spread across 64 cities. 5paisa has emerged as one of leading players in e-broking space in India. Indiabulls is lead by a highly regarded management team that has invested crores of rupees into a world class Infrastructure that provides real-time service & 24/7 access to all information and products. Birla Sun Life MF. one of the leading technology companies in the world promoted by the UK government. Kotak Securities Limited (kotakstreet.com): Kotak Securities Ltd. (MOSt): One of the top-3 stock-broking houses in India. Reliance Capital MF. our over 750 Client Relationship Managers are dedicated to serving your unique needs. India’s leading and most popular finance and investment portal. respect for professionalism. 5paisa is a wholly owned subsidiary of India Infoline Ltd. with just two people running the show. The retail business unit provides equity investment solutions to more than 50.com: 5paisa is the trade name of India Infoline Securities Private Limited (5paisa). Its institutional investors include Intel Capital. commodities broking and mutual funds.It was ranked number One in 2003-04 as Book Running Lead Managers in public equity offerings by PRIME Database. Franklin Templeton India MF. Mumbai. In a recent media report MOSt was rated as one of the top-10 brokers in terms of business transacted for FIIs.one of the world’s leading investment banks and brokerage firms) is India’s leading stock broking house with a market share of 5 . Standard Chartered MF. MOSt is amongst the best-capitalized firms in the broking industry in terms of net worth.000 investors through . TDA and Reeshanar. Its size and strong balance sheet allows providing varied products and services at very attractive prices. ICICI. IL&FS MF. JM MF. Principal MF. HDFC MF. . member of National Stock Exchange and The Stock Exchange. MOSt was founded in 1987 as a small sub-broking unit. Hong Kong and Singapore. UK. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. with a dominant position in both institutional and retail broking. ethical and transparent business practices. a strategic joint venture between Kotak Mahindra Bank and Goldman Sachs (holding 25% .6 %. margin or spot segments.. Focus on customer-first-attitude. It has also won the Best Equity House Award from Finance Asia April 2004. Sundaram MF. An investor can also invest in 14 Mutual Funds (Prudential ICICI MF. 5Paisa. Kotak Mahindra MF. TATA MF and DSP MERRILL LYNCH MF) through their trading account.ICICIdirect.com has the option of trading in shares in cash. Kotak Securities Ltd.

which has been promoted by the HDFC Bank & HDFC with the objective of providing the diverse customer base of the HDFC Group and other investors a capability to transact in the Stock Exchanges & other financial market transactions. equities brokerage.Mega Funds . 1994 by Unit Trust of India as a 100% subsidiary and on the repealing of the UTI Act. Commodities Trading. MOSt provides Advice-Based Broking. institutional and corporate clients. offering a complete suite of products and services to individual. The services include fixed income trading. portfolio management and distribution of financial products.: (UTISEL) UTI Securities Ltd was incorporated on June 24. HDFC Securities Ltd (HDFCsec): HDFCsec is a brand brought to you by HDFC Securities Ltd. In a few months. debt and equity derivatives. The Company has presence in major cities with 20 branches and 50 franchisees to service a wide range of clients. The services comprise online buying and selling of equity shares on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). IDBI Capital is a leading Indian securities firm offering a complete suite of products and services to individual. Depository Services.270 outlets spanning 150 cities and 22 states. research. Buying and selling of select corporate debt and government securities on the NSE would be introduced in a subsequent phase.motilaloswal. is a leading Indian securities firm. a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI). UTI Securities has been working as an independent professional entity for providing financial intermediary and advisory services to its corporate and retail clientele.while in 2000 and 2002 it has been rated as the Best Domestic Equity Research House and Second best amongst Indian Brokerage firms respectively. IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd.com/eag. Portfolio Management Services (PMS). depository services. and IPO and Mutual Fund HYPERLINK "http://www. Standard Chartered UTI Securities (P) Ltd IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd. In Asia Money Brokers Poll 2003 MOSt has been rated as the Best Domestic Research House. institutional and corporate clients. they will also start offering the following online trading services on the BSE and UTI SECURITIES LTD. .htm" µInvestment Advisory Services§. the capital is now held by the Administrator of the Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India (ASUUTI). Its Value PMS Scheme gave a 160% post-tax return for the year ended March 2004. (IDBI Capital). private placements. The company has also invested in the joint-venture company with Standard Chartered Bank viz. E-Broking Services.

com NSE NSE MF Companies MF Companies Kotak Securities Ltd Kotak Securities Ltd MF Companies MF Companies BSE BSE Kotak Securities Ltd Kotak Securities Ltd BSE BSE HUF HUF India Bulls India Bulls HUF HUF MCX MCX India Bulls India Bulls MCX MCX Institutional Investors MotilalLtd Oswal Securities Institutional Investors Ltd Institutional Investors Institutional Investors NCDEX NCDEX Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd Motilal NCDEX NCDEX Motilal Oswal Securities Oswal Securities Ltd HDFC Securities Ltd HDFC Securities Ltd HDFC Securities Ltd HDFC Securities Ltd Marwadi Finance Ltd Marwadi Finance Ltd Marwadi Finance Ltd Marwadi Finance Ltd SUBSTITUTES SUBSTITUTES SUBSTITUTES SUBSTITUTES Mutual Funds Mutual Funds Mutual Funds Mutual Funds Insurance Insurance Insurance Insurance Bank FD Bank FD Bank FD Bank FD .com HNI’s HNI’s NSE NSE 5paisa. Services Ltd. Services Ltd. IDBI Capital Mkt. BUYERS BUYERS BUYERS BUYERS SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS SUPPLIERS Small Investors Small Investors Small Investors Small Investors Web maintainers Web maintainers COMPETITORSCOMPETITORS Web maintainers Web maintainers COMPETITORSCOMPETITORS Franchise/BusinessFranchise/Business Franchise/Business Franchise/Business NSCL NSCL NSCL NSCL Partners Partners ICICI Web Trade Ltd Web Trade Ltd ICICI Partners Partners CSDL CSDL ICICI Web Trade Ltd Web Trade Ltd ICICI CSDL CSDL HNI’s HNI’s 5paisa. IDBI Capital Services Ltd. Refco Group Ltd. UTI Securities Ltd. IDBI Capital Mkt. Services Ltd.com 5paisa. Refco Group Ltd.com 5paisa. Refco Group Ltd. IDBI Capital Mkt.ANALYSIS OF STOCK BROKING INDUSTRY Industry Analysis using Porter’s 5 forces Model SHAPE \* MERGEFORMAT µ § POTENTIAL ENTERANT POTENTIAL ENTERANT POTENTIAL ENTERANT POTENTIAL ENTERANT Investmart Investmart Investmart Investmart Various Banks Various Banks Various Banks Various Banks Geojit Geojit Geojit Geojit Cipher Cipher Cipher Cipher UTI Securities Ltd. UTI Securities Ltd. Refco Group Ltd. Mkt.UTI Securities Ltd.

59 0.06 0. OBC. UTI.75 750 800 0. IDBI & Citibank ICICI Direct 750 NIL Indiabulls 5 paisa Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd Kotak Street HDFC Securities 0. which are charged when the shares are sold from the Demat account. UTI & ICICI Bank 500 500 700 NIL N.50 0.10 0. .05 0.A.05 N.18 250 NIL ICICI Bank 0.40 0.A. Axis Bank.A.15 SBI.Charges provided by the different companies for Online Accounts: (N. Kotak Bank & Citibank HDFC & Other 4 Banks If we check the above table.20 0. we can come to know that the rates of Sharekhan is quite competitive than other brokerage houses. HDFC. they won’t be charged any kind of Demat transfer charges.10 HDFC. = Not Available) Parameters A/c Opening Fee Brokerage Interface Trading A/c Demat Delivery Square Off Banks Associated with Sharekhan 750 NIL 0.50 0.50 0. Citibank. NIL 0. One other best point of Sharekhan is –if a person is having a online/offline trading account as well as Demat account with Sharekhan. OBC.

   3. medium net worth investors.com.   2. business partners. they cannot go for forward integration. SHCIL. that’s why stock broking houses like SSKI. ENTRY BARRIERS . While the bargaining power is moderate in case of HNI (High New Worth Investors)/ MNI’s (Medium Net Worth Investors) and business partners. institutional investors and mutual fund companies. etc. BUYERS  There are various types of investors who trade through stock broking houses like SSKI. Also these regulatory bodies have got an upper hand as the bargaining power stock broking houses like SSKI. Here again stock broking houses have to follow rules and regulation of the same. So here we can say that bargaining power of stock broking houses is high in case of small investors & HUF.SUPPLIERS  NSDL & CSDL are the regulatory bodies for Depository Participants like SSKI. But here there is one advantage that NSE/BSE have i. would be less. MCX & NCDEX are stock exchanges which trade in commodities and derivatives. which includes investors like small investors. have low bargaining power. ICICIdirect. etc. Here the bargaining power of stock broking houses depends on how big the investor is. NSE & BSE are under the purview of SEBI.e.

Sharekhan. etc. For a stock broking houses to plunge into the stock broking industry. it needs to have some kind of financial background and expertise. fundamental as well as technical script analysis. which in turn requires capital to employ skilled manpower. Regulatory Constraints: . It should comply with the regulation of the governing bodies like SEBI. COMPETITORS . To start a stock broking house. Network: . NSDL.Obtaining a license is a tedious job for a stock broking house. Huge capital: . Thus.The core competency in this industry is the services which are provided to the end-users and the research based activities which includes “TIPS”.”Network can come up as most difficult entry barrier to overcome. which say that.g. Also the most important thing which helps already established firms is-“TRUST” which people would be having on firms like SSKI . Thus. Marwadi). Technology: . Experience curve: . The network of the companies like Motilal Oswal. Stock broking requires huge capital to make their products user friendly. technology could be one of the entry barriers.”     4. etc.The “Reach” to the customer is the key factor in the industry. regulators constraints could be an entry barrier. and ICICI is very efficient and spreaded all over India. It will take time for a new entrant to establish such a huge network (e.Capital is necessary not only for fixed facilities but also for customer’s credit and absorbing start up losses. Motilal Oswal. one needs huge capital for technology up gradation and skilled manpower. this is very difficult for new companies to imitate.Technology for stock broking houses is life saving device.

insurance. Nationalized banks are also thinking to enter in this field by tying up with broking houses.   The companies and banks which are having these instruments can plunge into this industry.com. Jeojit and Cipher which are coming in near future to Rajkot City. mutual funds are the substitutes. 5paisa and Marwadi encircles the company form both the sides by providing online and off-line trading with competitive services.g. SUBSTITUTES  Here substitutes are such instruments which can be used instead of investing in shares. There are also other big names like Indiabulls.com and Kotakstreet. POTENTIAL ENTRANTS  The potential entrants in like Investmart. E. The instruments like Bank FD. INDIAN SCENARIO . The company is facing the competition from local as well as national level players. The local players provide facility for off-line trading while the national players like ICICIdirect.  6. If the use of this instruments increase this may be disadvantage for the stock broking houses. Motilal Oswal. HDFC Security provide online trading services. Bank Of Baroda.  5.

e. the market cap to GDP ratio for India is near 1 (i. BSE Market cap. we reach a total of $992 billion. NSE Market cap Investopedia explains Stock Market Capitalization To GDP Ratio The result of this calculation is the percentage of GDP that represents stock market value. In recent years. however. Thus. which is near the historical average for the U. To put in context. and note that it was only ~55% in 2004: Source: Worldbank Raw data can be found at the Reserve Bank of India site: GDP. 100%). the total bank deposits in 2004 was $500 billion and has crawled to about $650-700 billion in the same period. But notice how it compares to the historical average.Stock market capitalization VS.S. By including the capitalisation of Indian entities listed on London’s Alternative Investment Market. while a value of around 50%. determining what percentage level is accurate in showing undervaluation and . the global firms acquired by the listed Indian companies in the last two months and others that are often considered a part of the Indian universe. is said to show undervaluation. considering that the market cap was just about $150 billion in 2004. a result of greater than 100% is said to show that the market is overvalued. Typically. market. GDP for India The journey towards the $1-trillion mark is nothing less than spectacular.

A series of measures announced in Union Budgets beginning FY92 laid the road map for the growth and resurgence of securities markets in India.in/EquityBroking/Indian%20Scenario. a sign of an overvalued market. as opposed to sales or total asset figures.co. this ratio may have some predictive value in signaling peaks in the market. market falling sharply after the dotcom bubble burst.S. Frequently referred to as "market cap". The investment community uses this figure to determining a company's size. Capital market reforms are a major constituent of the overall economic reforms in India.overvaluation has been hotly debated. in 2003. the ratio was around 130%.S. Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying a company's shares outstanding by the current market price of one share. according to statistics at the World Bank the market cap to GDP ratio for the U. Stock Market Capitalization To GDP Ratio Stock Market Capitalization To GDP Ratio Calculated as: http://www.asp India Broking……. These included • improving the investment climate by allowing foreign institutional investors to invest in equity and debt markets . was 153%.dnb. which was still overvalued but the market went on to produce alltime highs over the next few years Market Capitalization What Does Market Capitalization Mean? The total dollar market value of all of a company's outstanding shares. With the U. However. In 2000.

a choice of tax options in the form of choosing either long term gains tax or short term tax which ever they prefer and Regulation A new phase of securities market regulation in India began with the setting up of Securities and Exchange Board of India in 1992. Over the period. Major reforms that were brought in the Indian securities markets since 1992 are summarized below: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Nation wide network of trading terminals Electronic Trading and abolition of Open Outcry systems Dematerialisation of Shares Foreign Participation in Domestic Brokerage Business Foreign Institutional Investment in Indian stocks Venture capital Book Building Process for IPOs Investor protection guidelines Dual Fungibility of ADRs/GDRs Delisting Guidelines Corporate Governance and Disclosure Standards Introduction of Equity Derivatives Exchange Traded Market for Corporate Bonds Central Listing Authority Mutual Funds in the private sector Mutual Fund Investments Abroad> Demutualization and Corporatisation of Stock Exchanges Margin Trading Exchange Traded Funds Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines Electronic Data Information Filing and Retrieval (EDIFAR) Integrated market surveillance Rating of IPOs Securities Appellate Tribunal Unique Client Identification Markets . the Board has brought in several changes in the way securities markets are organized and conducted in India.• • • • • • expanding the product range offered by the stock exchanges strengthening the role and scope of capital markets regulation revival of commodities futures markets allowing Indian companies to issues ADRs and GDRs in international exchanges and enable them to raise resources through Euro Commercial Borrowings divestment of government ownership in state owned companies and financial institutions tax reforms in the form of introduction of transaction tax that streamlined the tax mobilisation from securities markets operations and also facilitated investors.

Both primary and secondary market activity experienced sharp surge. Market Structure Indian securities market is fairly large as compared to several other emerging markets. There are 22 stock exchanges in the country. India’s two leading indices.395.335 in FY06.In tune with the global stock markets that began to recover from the second half of 2003. and the one most used by the markets the National Stock Exchanges’ S&P CNX Nifty rose to record levels. though the entire liquidity is shared between the country’s two national level exchanges namely. the National Stock Exchange of India and the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.11 bn of the turnover at the National Stock Exchange and Rs 10. The regional stock exchanges are in pursuit of business models that make them viable. Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange. The number of brokers in all the exchanges together peaked to 10. A few aspects of the major developments in the India’s stock markets are described below.000. Much progress was made in further strengthening and streamlining risk management. For instance in FY01. the liquidity in these exchanges flowed to the national level system consisting of NSE and BSE. market regulation and supervision.71 bn as against Rs 13.71 bn.32 bn turnover at the Bombay Stock Exchange. With the abolition of the deferral products and introduction of uniform T+2 settlement cycle. such Badla and different settlement calendars prevailing at that time in these exchanges. Rs 247. Indian stock markets too witnessed rapid growth. when the markets were in upswing.213 in the year FY01 but gradually declined thereafter when the regional stock exchanges began to lose business in the light of wide ranging market structure reforms introduced since then. the most popular BSE Sensex.711 in 1994-95 to 9.47 bn. 1. In FY01. Pune Stock Exchange Rs 61. The number of brokers in various stock exchanges rose from 6. .32 bn. Ludhiana Stock Exchange Rs 97. several regional stock exchanges were generating business owing to the availability of deferral products. the Delhi Stock Exchange registered cash market turnover of Rs 838.

.957 in FY01 to 23. Sub-brokers work under brokers with specified limits for trading and risk management.479 in FY06. Sub -brokers are term as useful part in the value chain since they provide active interface with a large number of investors across the country and also extend the reach and access of the services of the brokerage firms.Indian Stock Markets: Growth of Market Structure (In Number) Source: Securities and Exchange Board of India Sub-brokers are an important constituent of Indian stock markets. the number of sub-brokers nearly doubled in the last ten years from 9. With the rapid growth of securities trading and deepening of the stock markets.

information published in official publications that is available latest for the FY06 are used in the following write up. Major aspects of business A brief description of the major aspects of market developments in India with particular reference to NSE and BSE are summarized below. In view of the need for consistent and comparative data on a wide range of aspects.Exchange-wise Brokers and Sub-Brokers in Indian Stock Exchanges 2005-06 Source: Securities and Exchange Board of India In the national level stock exchanges. 2. a large portion of the brokers are corporatised though enough incentive does not appear to exist for similar trends to appear in the regional stock exchanges. i) Market Capitalisation .

After Mumbai. 2. Share of Mumbai in NSE’s trading volumes rose from 40% in FY02 to 52% in FY06. and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. the value of trading in both NSE and BSE rose six times making the Indian stock markets the leading market in the Asian region. in which a major chunk of these companies are listed.39 bn and at BSE from Rs 500. from which BSE gets 75% of business.42 bn to Rs 15.64 bn to Rs 8. Several leading emerging economies have market capitalization as a multiple of GDP. Kolkata 1. BSE market capitalisation as of mid-2007 is about Rs 40. and is also remarkable as compared to the growth in the world equity markets. Equity investing is spreading to a number . Ahmedabad.30 bn in 2000.926. Chennai. Market capitalisation in India Source: Handbook of Statistics SEBI ii) Trading Volumes Secondary market operations gained greater momentum in the last decade. Kolkata 11% and others 8.Market capitalisation of stocks in India rose from Rs 67. from which NSE generates sizeable business in addition to Mumbai. In the last ten years. Cities.77%.160.1%.000 bn. During the period FY96 and FY06. and in the manner in which stock prices are appreciating in India. value of share trading at the National Stock Exchange rose from Rs 657. An important end in the volumes is the trading of a large number of small and midcap stocks as could be evidenced from the sharp rise in the number of scrips traded at BSE. other important centres contributing to its business include Ahmedabad 2. include Delhi from where it gets 13% of business.74 bn.168. Market capitalisation as percent of gross domestic product which was about 25% in the early 2000s.50 bn in 1980 to Rs 705. Information for the tables in this chapter is sourced from the handbook published by the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the websites of the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. now equals it.21 bn in 1990 to Rs 11. which in the background of the appreciating rupee. 3%.4%. takes it to among the small group of exchanges with a trillion dollar market cap.9%. the prospects for Indian market capitalisation rising further look good.

A major development in Indian equity markets is the dematerialization of shares which led to speedy securities settlement. Progress made in Indian markets in dematerialization was noticed in the international markets as an important achievement and landmark.of cities and towns in India. $ BSE Sensex: SENSEX is a basket of 30 constituent stocks representing a sample of large.22 bn. in FY01 to 174. By FY06.92 bn. more than 6.72 bn.000 companies signed agreements for dematerialization with NSDL and 5. Exchanges with national presence and infrastructure are gaining from this development which is expected to continue further in the future. liquid and representative companies. to 27. Key features of business Source: SEBI for turnover and CMIE for other indicators. Shares dematerialized forms a major chunk of the market capitalization. NSE Nifty: S&P CNX Nifty is a well diversified 50 stock index accounting for 22 sectors of the economy.21 bn. Base Value: November 1995=1000 . shares in CDSL during this period. Base Value: 1978-79=100.500 companies with CDSL. in FY06 in NSDL and from 1. Delays and bad deliveries also reduced after dematerialization. The number of shares that were dematerialized moved from 37.

A typical brokerage firm today offers trading in equities and derivatives. Major developments in equity brokerage industry in India i) Corporate memberships There is a growing surge of corporate memberships (92% in NSE and 75% in BSE). corporate nature of the memberships is enabling broking firms to expand the realm of their operations into other exchanges as also other product offerings ii) Wider product offerings The product offerings of brokerage firms today go much beyond the traditional trading of equities. exchange traded funds. and some even go to the extent of creating niche services such as a brokerage firm offering art advisory services iii) Greater reliance on research . distributes mutual funds and insurance and also offers personal loans for housing.Domestic and Foreign Flows Source: Handbook of Statistics SEBI 3. and the scope of functioning of the brokerage firms has transformed from that of being a family run business to that of professional organised function that lays greater emphasis on observance of market principles and best practices. With proliferation of new markets and products. most probably commodities futures. consumptions and other related loans. offers portfolio management services.

it becomes imperative for the broking firms to keep their staff continuously updated with latest development in practices and procedures. market tips to becoming extensively research oriented and governed by fundamentals and technical factors.Client advising in India has graduated from personal insights. thus making research important brand equity for the brokerage firms. paving the way for stronger brokerage entities and possible scope for consolidation in the future. Foreign firms picked up stake in some of the leading brokerage firms. it is mandated for certain types of dealers/brokers to seek specific certification and examinations that will make them eligible to carry business or trade. Keen competition has emerged in online broking services. Brokerage firms now have a compliance officer who is responsible for all compliance related aspects and for interacting with clients and other stake holders on aspects of regulation and compliance. A wide range of incentives are being created and offered by online brokerage firms to attract larger number of clients. Emergence of online broking enabled reduction in transaction costs and costs of trading. vii) Focus on training and skill sets Brokerage firms are giving importance and significance to aspects such as training on skill sets that could prove to be beneficial in the long run. With the nature of markets and products becoming more complex. Some others have dedicated online broking portals. money and resources to create efficient and effective compliance and reporting systems that will help them in avoiding costly mistakes and possible market abuses. vi) Foreign collaborations and joint ventures The way the brokerage industry is run and the manner in which several of them pursued growth and development attracted foreign financial institutions and investment banks to buy stakes in domestic brokerage firms. with some of these offering trading services at the cost of a few basis points or costs which are fixed in nature irrespective of the volume of trading conducted. vi) Compliance oriented With stringent regulatory norms in operation. Many brokerage firms are investing time. broking industry is giving greater emphasis on regulatory compliance and observance of market principles and codes of conduct. . Vast progress has been made in developing company research and refining methods in technical and fundamental analysis. which might lead to creating of greater interest in investing in brokerage firms by entities in India and abroad. The research and advice are made online giving ready and real time access to market research for investors and clients. v) Online broking Several brokers are extending benefits of online trading through creation of separate windows. Moreover.

Numerous small firms operate in this space. Emerging challenges and outlook for the brokerage industry Brokerage firms in India made much progress in pursuing growth and building professionalism in operations. v) Product Dynamics As domestic finance matures and greater flow of cross border flows continue. iv) Opportunities from regional finance Regional economic integration such as that under the European Union and the ASEAN have greatly benefited businesses in the individual countries with cross border opportunities that helped to expand the scope and significance of the business. Initial measures to promote South Asian economic integration is being made by governments in the region first at the political level to be followed up in regard to financial markets. wealth . Keeping abreast with developments in international markets as also familiarization with global standards in broking operations and assimilating major practices and procedures will become relevant for the domestic brokerage firms. Current requirements stipulation capital adequacy in regard to trading exposure. distribution of insurance products. ii) Capital Adequacy Capital adequacy has emerged as an important determinant that governs the scope of business in the financial sector. if they are well prepared. as also opportunities for investing abroad. but in future more tighter norms of capital adequacy might come into force as a part of the prudential norms in the financial sector iii) Global Opportunities Broking in the future will increasingly become international in character with the stock markets being open for domestic and international investors including institutions and individuals. brokerage firms had newer opportunities in the form of commodities futures. which could benefit the domestic brokerage firms. Given the growing importance of technology in operations and increasing emphasis on regulatory compliance. changes could be rapid and so as the challenges that emerge from time to time. smaller firms might find it constrained to make right type of investments that will help in business growth and promotion of investor interests. A brief description on some of the prospects and challenges of the brokerage firms are discussed below. new market segments will come into force.4. Given the nature of the brokerage industry being very dynamic. i) Fragmentation Indian brokerage industry is highly fragmented. in the last three to four years. For instance.

Firms found not having suitable infrastructure and processes to ensure investor safety and protection will encounter constraints from regulation as also class action suits that investors might bring against erring firms. The nature of penalties and punitive damages would become more severe.management. Global firms with higher levels of capital. . vi) Competition from foreign firms Surging markets and growing opportunities will attract a number of international firms that will increase the pace of competition. expertise and market experience will bring dramatic changes in the brokerage industry space which the local firms should be able to absorb and compete. mutual funds etc. Domestic broking firms should always give due focus to emerging trends in competition and prepare accordingly. broking firms will have an opportunity to introduce a wider number of products. and as the market momentum continues. vii) Investor Protection Issues of investor interest and protection will assume centre stage.

was founded in 1987 as a small sub-broking unit. respect for professionalism.57.COMPANY PROFILE Overview Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.373 registered customers. Today we are a well diversified financial services firm offering a range of financial products and services such as: Wealth Management Broking & Distribution Commodity Broking Portfolio Management Services Institutional Equities Private Equity Investment Banking Services and Principal Strategies         We have a diversified client base that includes retail customers (including High Net worth Individuals).5 per share) got a overwhelming response and was subscribed 27. with just two people running the show.308 Business Locations operated by our Business Partners and us. financial institutions and corporate clients. We are headquartered in Mumbai and as of June 30th. 2007. 2009. As at June 30th. mutual funds. 2009. In 2006. . we had 5. Focus on customer-first-attitude. ethical and transparent business practices. The issue which was priced at Rs. had a network spread over 555 cities and towns comprising 1. foreign institutional investors.48% of its equity with two leading private equity investors based out of the US – New Vernon Private Equity Limited and Bessemer Venture Partners.825 per share (face value Rs. the Company placed 9. research-based value investing and implementation of cutting-edge technology has enabled us to blossom into an almost 2000 member team.18 times in turbulent market conditions. The company got listed on BSE and NSE on September 9. The issue gave a return of 21% on the date of listing.

7 bn as compared to Rs. family and business wealth creation and management needs.com/Content. last year.aspx?ReportID=0C2B2131-A6CA-444E-A7A3C641AFEFB554 Rs. These are provided to customers through our Wealth Management service called ‘Purple’ Broking & Distribution services        Equity (cash and derivatives) Commodity Broking Portfolio Management Services Distribution of financial products Financing Depository Services IPO distribution . For year ended March 2008. the company showed a strong top line growth of 91% to Rs. asset management and fund based activities have contributed to this growth.19 bn. Crores Total Revenues EBIDTA PAT FY 2007.68 bn. http://www. associates and business partners Research based value investing Cutting edge technology to ensure world-class customer service Wealth Management Financial planning for individual. New businesses like investment banking.3. the group networth was Rs. MOSt Principles      Customer interest is paramount Ethical and transparent business practices Respect for professionals.08 701 270 156 Growth (YoY) 91% 97% 100% Credit rating agency Crisil has assigned the highest rating of P1+ to the Company’s short-term debt program.As of end of financial year 2008. 2008 was Rs.motilaloswal.7 bn and market capitalization as of March 31.

We also have strategic tie-ups with State Bank of India and IDBI Bank to offer our online trading platform to its customers.We offer these services through our branches. the internet and mobile channels. . Business Partner locations.

8 bn. Bulls Eye Strategy. our clients also get access to our exclusive Customized Trading Advice on both the trading platforms. insurance companies. open offers/delistings and syndication of debt and equity. Trillion Dollar Opportunity Strategy and Focused Strategy Series I. we were empanelled with over 300 institutional clients including 200 FIIs. Motilal Oswal group has applied to the regulatory bodies for a license to operate as a Domestic Asset Management Company (Mutual Fund) and we expect to begin operations soon. share buybacks.2008. Besides access to the best of research in the form of Daily Fundamentals & Technical Reports on highly traded commodities. restructurings and spin-offs through Motilal Oswal Investment Advisors Private Ltd. private placements (including qualified institutional placements). As at June 30th. These include the Value Strategy.Commodity Broking Through Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker (P) Ltd our fully owned subsidiary. rights issues. 2009. (MOIAPL) We also offer capital raising and other investment banking services such as the management of public offerings. Investment Banking We offer financial advisory services relating to mergers and acquisitions (domestic and cross-border). we provide commodity trading facilities and related products and services on MCX and NCDEX. the internet and mobile channels Portfolio Management Services Motilal Oswal Portfolio Management Services offer a range of investments solutions through discretionary services. divestitures. Business Partner locations. mutual funds. and FIIs. banks. We offer these services through our branches. Institutional Equities We offer equity broking services in the cash and derivative segments to institutional clients in India and overseas. As of June 30th. Our knowledge of the markets together with our understanding of our customers and their risk profiles has helped us design a range of portfolio offerings for our clients. the Assets Under Management of our various portfolio schemes stood at Rs. We service these clients through dedicated sales teams across different time zones. financial institutions. . MOIAPL has closed 23 transactions in 2007-08 worth US$ 1. 2009.8 billion and had 18 mandates in hand as at March 31. We at Motilal Oswal have helped create wealth for our customers through our Portfolio Management Services.6. These clients include companies.

Private Equity In 2006. which was launched with a target of raising US$100 mn. Investors keenly await this annual study for the wealth of information it has on the companies that created wealth during the preceding five years. our private equity subsidiary. authored by Mr. Motilal Oswal Private Equity Advisors Private Ltd (MOPEAPL) was appointed as the investment manager and advisor to a private equity fund. From a fundamental. with investments typically in the range of US$3 mn to US$7 mn MOPEAPL has recently launched an INR 750 crores domestic Real Estate Private Equity Fund called “India Realty Excellence Fund” sponsored by Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. Our consistent efforts towards quality equity research has reflected in an increase in the ratings and rankings across various categories in the AsiaMoney Brokers Poll over the years Our unique Wealth Creation Study. The fund is aimed at providing growth capital to small and medium enterprises in India. At present we have 24 Research Analysts researching over 27 sectors and 16 commodities. Almost 10% of revenue is invested on equity research and we hire and train the best resources to become advisors. Raamdeo Agrawal. Focus on Research Research is the solid foundation on which Motilal Oswal Securities advice is based. Motilal Oswal's research reports have received wide coverage in the media (over a 1000 mentions last year). . technical and derivatives research perspective. India Business Excellence Fund. Managing Director. is now in its 13th year. Principal Strategies Group For effective management of treasury operations and to capitalize on market opportunities. the Group has set up a 30 member team which would be responsible for effective deployment of funds into different trading and arbitrage strategies.

 .Purple Motilal Oswal Financial Services ltd. Motilal Oswal and Mr. enters 'Limca Book of Records' for creating India's largest dealing room in Mumbai MOSL was 'Rated No.EZtrade . In less than a year it has managed to sign up more than 10.000 customers Starts Knowledge First campaign Introduces a separate brand for Private Client Group . 25% higher than the initial target of USD 100 million  2007      The Strategic partnership between MOSL and SBI . 2009  Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.Chairman and Managing Director has been appointed as a member of the Managing Committee of Indian Merchant Chambers.reaches an important milestone i. gets listed on the BSE & NSE Mr. when Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal met each other as students in a Mumbai suburban hostel in the early eighties. Motilal Oswal . 2006 Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd ties-up with State Bank of India to offer online trading.History & Milestones The story of Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd (MOSt) goes back many years.000 sq ft in Malad.1 – Best recommendations Mid & Small Caps' and won awards in 3 out of 4 categories at the Starmine India Broker Rankings 2009 from Thomson Reuters  2008 MOSL awarded the prestigous Nasscom . spread over 26. Thus was born their first enterprise called "Prudential Portfolio Services" in 1987. Mumbai  Motilal Oswal's India Business Excellence Fund raised USD 125 million. Both the young chartered accountants hailing from a rural & an unpretentious background had a common dream viz 'to build a professional organization with strong value systems.  Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd was declared as the Best Research House for Indian Stocks in 2006 as per AQ Research.e. to provide reliable & honest investment advice to investors'.CNBC TV 18 IT User Award 2008  MOSL awarded 'The Best Franchisor in Financial Services' by Franchisee World Magazine 2008 for the second consecutive year  MOSL creates one of India's largest Equity Dealing & Advisory rooms.

 Retail network completes coverage of 75 cities in India.  Launches two new Portfolio Management Schemes .  Acquires Capital Deal Stock and Share Brokers.2nd Best among Indian Brokerage firms.  Issues about 13% of companies’ equity to employees as ESOPs. 2004 Presence expanded to 375 Business locations in 190 cities. 2002 Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal as the Portfolio Manager.Avaya Global ranked MOSL as the second best company in the Financial Sector for customer responsiveness.  2005 Asiamoney Brokers Poll 2005 rates Motilal Oswal Securities . Head of Equity Research & Institutional sales.000 Retail and Institutional Investors.50. Best in Sales and Service.   Deepest distribution in the stock broking segment with about 700 Business locations in 296 cities and about 1.Value Hedging for derivatives and Discover Value for the Rs.A momentum based PMS launched.000 customers.  Bulls Eye PMS ..    Start of the Solid Research Solid Advice campaign.Local Brokerage  Investment Banking business advises Aban in their majority controlling stake of invest ASA – one of the largest investment banking deals of 2006.  Asia money Brokers poll 2006 rates Motilal Oswal Securities – Most Independent Research.    About 200 Business locations in 124 cities servicing over 15. Uniquely structured performance related fees.Best Local Brokerage. 2003 Enters the mutual fund and IPO distribution business.MOSt Independent Research Brokerage.  .  Received the Asia Money Award . MOSt Portfolio Management Services launched with Mr. inducted in the Board of Directors. Navin Agarwal. Value PMS delivers a whopping 160% post tax returns for the period ended April 2004. 5 lakh to Rs. (a proprietary concern based in Karnataka).000 Depository accounts.  Crossed 15. 50 lakh category.

 First Stock Broking house to brand its services as a research and advice based broker. 1998  Mr. First broking house in India to go on the web. Starts offering Derivatives products and advisory services on both BSE as well as NSE.  2000   Received the Asia Money award for the Best Domestic Equity house. Raamdeo Agrawal receive Rashtriya Samman Patra from Central Board of Direct Taxes for being amongst the top 50 tax payers in India fromFY94-FY98.com launched. Mumbai. 1996  Wealth Creation Study started. 1995  ”Motilal Oswal” gets incorporated as Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.  “Wealth Creation” Campaign started. Raamdeo Agrawal starts attending legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett’sAnnual General Meetings of Berkshire Hathway Inc. He still continues to attend it every year.   www.MotilalOswal. 1999 Mr. Motilal Oswal joins the Governing Board of The Stock Exchange.  The Wealth Creation Study started in 1996 culminates into Wealth Creation Seminarand Awards function in 1998.2001  Legendary marketing guru Shunu Sen’s services taken to revitalize retail marketing strategy and branding efforts. . First of its kind study initiated to identify biggest and fastest wealth creating companies in Indian Stock markets. Both Mr. Motilal Oswal and Mr.

Three Mr. Since then nearly 20% of revenue is allocated to research. Motilal Oswal and Mr. Inquire (Indian Equity Research) is formally created at a 2500 sq. The venture stands out from the rest due to their approach of Research-based broking even when sub-brokers. First Domestic Stock broking house to have such a strong Research focus. ft office in South Mumbai with bigger and better quality infrastructure than the corporate office.1994  MOSt acquires NSE Membership and plans for major expansion of its retail network.  1990  1987  . After just three years in the business. Raamdeo Agrawal lay the foundation of a great partnership by starting a sub-broking firm. ”Motilal Oswal” is formed through acquisition of membership on The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited is the holding company of the following five subsidiaries: .

Major Services  Equities  Derivatives  E-Broking  IPO  Portfolio Management  Mutual funds  Commodities  Depository Services .

derivatives and other leverage products to help you reach your investment goal. Trading 0. Derivatives 0. who act as your Equity Advisor. We believe in picking investment opportunities where the underlying value is higher than the market price. Profiling takes into consideration issues like your attitude towards risk. Benefits MOSt EAG team has highly trained equity professionals. investment horizon. who act as your Equity Advisor. Normal Fees : Delivery base 0. .10 %.Equities Most Equity Advisory Group In keeping with its tradition of personalized service. MOSt Equity Advisor proactively helps you take informed equity investment decisions and build a healthy portfolio. Investments & Trading : MOSt Equity Advisor are experts in providing value based investment solutions as well as advising you in positional trading. Portfolio Tracking Software : Your equity portfolio is continuously monitored using Portfolio Tracking Software.. Minimum requirements and fees structure : Portfolio size should be 25 lakhs plus and fees structure varies from case to case.10%. EAG Process Client Profiling : MOSt Equity Advisor determines each EAG client's profile before deciding the ideal asset allocation. Most EAG team has highly trained equity professionals. life stage. Integrated Approach : We use integrated approach in our investment strategy using a combination of cash. Equity Research is an inherent strength of MOSt. news flow and events where risk reward ratio is favorable. Motilal Oswal Securities Limited set up MOSt EAG to provide customized and integrated equity solutions to High Net worth Investors like you. Our trading ideas are based on technical.50%. Most Equity Advisor proactively helps you take informed equity investment decisions and build a healthy portfolio. as per your profile. The Equity Advisor keep a close watch on the performance of each stock in your portfolio and suggest changes as and when there is a significant trend reversal or deterioration in a company's performance. and return expectation and investment objectives.

Portfolio Tracking Software : Your F&O position will be continuously monitored using Portfolio Tracking Software. we will suggest aggressive strategies like buying naked futures. equipped with all the required skills and understanding of Equity Derivatives. which provides equity and derivative trades execution through off line and on line channels for the customers. E-Broking . which derive their values from equity as their underlying. we can suggest certain portfolio hedging strategies to ease your worries. if you are risk averse and would like to protect your self moderating some of your incremental gains but finding it difficult to digest the bouts of volatility in the markets. Derivatives give an ability to leverage. Minimum requirements and fees structure : Margins as per NSE requirement and fees structure varies from case to case. Trading : The MOSt Equity Advisor is an expert in swift & timely execution of trading ideas at the same time monitoring those ideas as per your profile. Integrated Approach : We use integrated approach in our trading strategy using a combination of futures and/or calls and/ or puts to help you optimally capitalize your view reach your trading goal. Why F&O : Derivatives instruments are primarily hedging tools. Our advisory is skilled to help you in maximizing your gains from your existing corpus using numerous strategies based on the direction and intensity of the views. On the other hand. Hence our Equity Advisory Group (EAG). Our Company is a member of the National Stock Exchange.10%.Derivatives MOSL F&O : Futures & options are derivatives. will act as your advisors in futures & options segment as well to help you take informed trading decisions. given the risk appetite clients can extrapolate their gains with the timely assistance of our advisory. Clients can be assisted in protecting the downside risk to their portfolio using appropriate combination of options. Normal Fees : Derivatives 0. If you have a good risk appetite & are willing to take riskier bets for reciprocating returns. EAG Process (Derivatives): Client Profiling : MOSt Equity Advisor determines each EAG client's profile before deciding the set of derivative strategies that will ideally suit you.

 Access to latest research reports. default market watch – NIFTY. . along with top gainers / losers. trades executed. derivative dairy. You can add NSE-Cash.  View top 20 shares by value or volume traded.  Get access to various online reports like margin report. BSE Cash.  Live quotes of NSE–Cash/Derivative. Create multiple market watches.  Instant order/trade confirmation gives you similar trading experience as exchange based software without the burden of overhead and maintenance cost  A refreshing experience of getting outstanding research based advise equity and derivatives on the same screen. Commodity. daily market dairy. Derivative & BSE script on the same market watch. pivot points. without going through the hassles of giving transfer instruction. writing cheques. SENSEX. turnover report.Key benefits of trading online with mybroker  Single screen order/trade entry. Industrial. net position report with mark to market profit/loss and realized profit.  Online transfer of funds through multiple banks. Demat A/c details.

income funds. Portfolio Management In today's complex financial environment. given your other commitments. Investing in equities. Depending upon the bids received at different price levels the issue price is ascertained.IPO Background Book Building and Fixed Price Issue are the two types of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) through which a corporate can raise money in the capital market. investors have unique needs which are derived from their risk appetite and financial goals. Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd brings with more than 2 decades of experience & expertise in equity research and stock broking. time and a right mind-set. bonds. Equity as an asset class also requires constant monitoring may not be possible for you to give the necessary time. every investor seeks to maximize his returns on investments without capital erosion. Portfolio Characteristics Value based stock selection Investment Approach : “Buy & Hold” Investments with Long term perspective Aim to Maximize post tax return due to Low Churn Focused portfolio construction Capital preservation consciousness*       . We are one of the leading portfolio service providers. 590 Crores. In a fixed price issue the issue price is pre ascertained by the issuer. But regardless of this. While there are many investment avenues such as fixed deposits. with asset under management worth Rs. require knowledge. equities etc… It is a proven fact that Equities as an asset class typically tend to outperform all other asset classes over the long run. In a book building public issue the bids are received at different price levels and the demand for the issue is built up over a period of time.

That’s not all. The following portfolio reports are accessible online :     Performance Statements Portfolio Holding Reports Transactions Statements Capital Gain / Loss Statements Dedicated Relationship Manager Your Relationship manager will help you carefully understand your financial goals and advise you the . We provide periodic reports on the performance and other aspects of your investments. Transparency You will get account statements and performance reports on a monthly basis. Convenience Our Portfolio Management Service relieves you from all the administrative hassles of your investments. The aim is to identify potential long-term wealth creators by focusing on individual companies and their management bandwidth. Risk Control Well defined investment philosophy & strategy acts as a guiding principle in defining the investment universe. monitoring and the risk management processes. Constant Portfolio Tracking We understand the dynamics of equity as an asset class. We have a very robust portfolio management software that enables the entire construction. so we track your investments continuously to maximize the returns.Investment Philosophy Identify and purchase a piece of great business at a fraction of its true value.  Margin of Safety   Benefits of Portfolio Management Service: Professional Management The service offers professional management of your equity investments with an aim to deliver consistent return with an eye on risk. Investments with a Long-term investment View. The fund manager strongly believes that “Money is made by Sitting”  Investments are identified by a Bottom up Approach. web access will enable you to track all information relating to your investment on daily basis.

. and account performance reports. The relationship managers. the one point contact will bestow personalized service and ensure that you receive periodic updates.right product mix.

The client may choose to apply online for Mutual Funds or call up one of our relationship managers to help you place orders in Mutual Fund schemes.Mutual Funds Mutual funds… realize your financial goal through MOSt MUTUAL. At Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd. KVP etc are becoming unattractive with the interest rate falling continuously. one needs to look for other investments alternatives.      Monthly review of portfolios. Knowledge sharing through educational seminars and workshops. NSC. we understand the importance of financial goals of our privileged clients and provide you comprehensive solutions to all your financial needs. Since all the traditional investment avenues like bank deposits. Monthly Fact-sheet covering our analysis of various funds. fully backed with solid research. Dedicated Mutual fund advisors to understand your needs and help you build a tailor made portfolio. Through our tailor made portfolios. . RBI Bonds. Investments can seem complicated and mystical. Mentioned below is a brief description of the services that we offer to our clients : Need based advisory. Services Offered At Motilal Oswal. we offer two distinct modes of investment to suit your specific needs. we serve your needs better and help you make informed investment decisions.

Local Brokerage" by Asia Money Brokers Poll 2006. This accounted for the indirect investments in commodity assets. 3400 crores. Commodity markets have a huge potential in the Indian context particularly because of the agri-based economy. The promising nature of these markets has made them an attractive investment avenue for investors.000 accounts. Over the years commodities markets have been experiencing tremendous progress. . With the government's initiative for agricultural liberalization.Commodities Ever since the dawn of civilization commodities trading have become an integral part in the lives of mankind. commodities' trading in India has gained increased momentum in activities. The trust they have in Motilal Oswal is reflected by their cumulative holding in MODES worth over Rs. You receive regular account reports and an efficient service at all times. Clients having holdings over Rs. The non-trading clients can also avail of MODES. In terms of number of accounts MODES is the second biggest Depository Participant in CDSL with over 150. Earlier investors invested in those companies. The very reason for this lies in the fact that commodities represent the fundamental elements of utility for human beings. which specialized in the production of commodities. They get recommendations on their holdings based on Motilal Oswal Research rated the "Most Independent Research . Today MODES is available at all business locations of Motilal Oswal. 10 lakh receive special SMS service. which is evident from the fact that the trade in this segment is standing as the boon for the global economy today. Depository Services In the times of T+2 having a demat account linked to your trading account becomes really convenient.

Some of them are: 2009 Rated ‘Best Overall Country Research’ for a Local Brokerage in the 2007 AsiaMoney Brokers poll  Rated India’s top broking house in terms of total number of trading terminals by the Dun & Bradstreet survey  Rated ‘Outstanding Commodity Broking House-2007’ by Globoil India  Ranked second best for Customer Responsiveness in the Financial Sector at the Avaya GlobalConnect Customer Responsiveness awards. 25% higher than the initial target of USD 100 million  Asia Money Brokers poll 2007 rates Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.000 sq ft in Malad.  MOSL was 'Rated No.Local Brokerage 2007  Motilal Oswal Commodities Broker Pvt Ltd (MOCBPL) bagged Globoil India's prestigious 'Outstanding Commodity Broking House .Local Brokerage among Hedge Funds' by Asia Money Brokers-Poll 2006” . Mumbai  Motilal Oswal's India Business Excellence Fund raised USD 125 million.2008  MOSL awarded 'The Best Franchisor in Financial Services' by Franchisee World Magazine 2008 for the second consecutive year  MOSL creates one of India's largest Equity Dealing & Advisory rooms. featured as a case study in Harvard Business School  Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd ranked as the 'Most Independent Research . spread over 26.1 – Best recommendations Mid & Small Caps' and won awards in 3 out of 4 categories at the Starmine India Broker Rankings 2009 from Thomson Reuters 2008  MOSL awarded the prestigious Nasscom .2007' Award  Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd. .Awards and Accolades Motilal Oswal Financial Services has received many accolades in the year gone by.Best Overall Country Research .CNBC TV 18 IT User Award .

. a rough draft was prepared a pilot study was done to check the accuracy of the Questionnaire and certain changes were done to prepare the final questionnaire to make it more judgmental.CHAPTER III RESEARCH METHODOLOGY . Exploratory and Descriptive Research The Research is primarily both exploratory and descriptive in nature. RESEARCH DESIGN Non-Probability The non-probability respondents have been researched by selecting the persons who does the stock trading. The source of information will collect from primary and secondary. A well structured questionnaire was prepared for the primary research and personal interviews will be conducted to collect the responses of the target population. Sampling Technique Initially. Sampling Area Ahmedabad city. Sample Size The sample size was restricted to only 100 respondents. Thos persons who do not trade in stocks will not been interviewed.

.CHAPTER IV RESEARSH ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION 1) Do you own a computer? Yes 80 No 20 INTERPRETATION  Out of 100 people surveyed found that 20 people do not have computer while 80 people having computer.

2) Do you have an Internet connection? Yes 60 No 20 INTERPRETATION:  80% people having Internet Connection while 20% people do not have Internet Connection. .

40 people Trade Online out of 60 people.3) Do you trade Online? Yes 40 No 20 INTERPRETATION:  In the present scenario. .


Through which Technology do you trade Online?
Web Based Technology 28 Software Base 12

INTERPRETATION:  From the survey of 40 (on line) people, found that 28 people preferred Web Based technology while remaining 12 are using Software based technology.


Do you think online trading is easy and fast way of trading?
No 2

Yes 38

Yes No

INTERPRETATION:  Survey of 40 people 38 people perceived that Online Trading easy and fast way trading.


Which of the following companies do you preferred to Online Trading?
Motilal Oswal Sec. Ltd
5 7

ICICI Direct



Kotak Securities


Any Other

INTERPRETATION:  Among the 40 people of online trader, 11 people preferred ICICI Direct while 8 people preferred Sharekhan follow by Motilal Oswal Sec. Ltd and which is preferred by 7 people.

) How would you rate the internet and telecommunication Services? Excellent 7 Good 20 Average 10 Poor 3 INTERPRETATION:  Among the 40 people of online trader found that 7 people rated Excellent Internet while 20 people rated Average service of Internet.7. .

9) What factors do you consider when you trade online? Strongly Agree 1 Agree 2 Neither Agree Disagree Nor Disagree 3 4 Strongly Disagree 5 Strongly Agree Agree Neither A Nor D Disagree Strongly disagree Total Time Saving Convenient 12 20 7 1 0 40 15 22 2 1 0 40 Instant Transfer Security 19 15 16 16 5 7 0 2 0 0 40 40 .

) Do you think that online trading has helped in growth and development of online stock market? Yes 40 No 0 INTERPRETATION:  40 Respondent believe that online trading will help for growth and development of stock market.10. .

.10)Do you think introduction of online trading has helped in attracting the new investors thus increasing the trading volumes of Stock Market? Strongly Agree Agree 15 18 Neither Agree Nor Disagree 7 INTERPRETATION:  15 respondents are strongly Agree that online trading has helped in attracting the new investors to increase volume of stock market while 18 respondents are agree.

11) Do you feel that the trading volume will increase in near future because of online trading? Yes 35 No 5 INTERPRETATION:  Out of 40 respondents. . 35 are believed that online trading accelerates to increase trading volume in near future.

Do you think M-Trading (Mobile Trading) will prove to be a new concept? Yes 38 No 2 INTERPRETATION:  Out of 40 samples. 38 are believed that M-Trading increase trade volume and 2 respondent are not sure.12) Now Technology is Diversified. .

Online trading in near future become so popular that everyone should start trade online by PC’s or may be through mobiles. because of its rapid growth & development and huge acceptance. 4. Still there are many people who have not computer or internet connection or they do not trade online. More investors are consider online trading as a better. 4. but because of lack of knowledge about using it they still stuck to the offline. Company should more focus on the promotion of its online offering. Company should find out its existing customer. Company has to facilitate its online services with solid research and advices which help the investors to do the various investments. 3. who are doing offline trades and make them aware about the ease and benefits of online trade. 5. Company has to provide online trading software at the minimum or free charges. to every customer with trading & DMAT account. Online trading option help companies for more clients’ acquisition. 6.CHAPETR V FINDINGS 1. 5. . Online trading should provide online a/c. The future of online trading is very bright. 2. People are moving towards online trading from offline. RECOMMENDATIONS 1. 2. 3. and trained them if required.

They also consider the factors like time saving in doing the online transaction. The year 2008 has not been so good for the stock market and the Sensex and Nifty has been dipping and affecting the business negatively for these companies.1 billion in 2004 to USS1492. convenience etc. and is expected to reach USS6535. The mantra for success I the current situation will be educating the customers about the benefits of online trading and the amount of ROI that can be generated through it. Zero balance accounts. It is also a found fact that during the bearish market the ratio of online trading becomes very less. Although some people feel that online trading is not secure but the people doing the trading online is happy about the increasing security concerns among the companies. The other factors being that the India Investor nowadays wants to deal himself in trading rather than depending upon other middlemen. As the internet penetration is growing in Indian this business holds a huge potential for growth. So the companies have to reduce their account opening fees to attract more and more customers. waiving a/c opening fees and AMC etc. This is due to the fact that at these times people do not prefer to open the DMAT and Trading accounts.1 billion in 2005.7 billion by 2015. Also people trade very less in the bearish market and the company’s profits against brokerage fees soars downwards. The total trading volume of brokerage companies has increased from USS1239. Also there is an intense competition among the companies and the companies come up with new and new promotion schemes such as discounted and negotiable brokerages.CONCLUSION The online trading is growing with a rapid pace with the rising level of education among the customers. .

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