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Setian Frame Rite

Adapted from “The Seven Faces of Darkness” by Don Webb

Preparations: The Initial Call: Turn to the North and visualize
the Seven Stars of the Big
To be done during the night. Facing West, visualize a gigantic
Dipper. A dark Presence is
griffin which holds Osiris in his
Set up an altar in the centre of behind them, vast and powerful:
your temple with at least the
“PAKERBÊTH, who gives
following items: A red lamp, a ”ABLANATHANALBA, who
the sceptre of Djam called
symbol to represent your own holds Osiris in his paws, I call
„Giver of Winds‟, come to teach
uniquely divine nature (Temple you to slay stasis!”
me how to be reborn as a god!”
of Set members often use an
Turn to the South, visualize a
inverted pentagram medallion), Facing North with your altar in
leopard standing by a waterfall
four bricks to represent the front of you, feel the energy
(or an Eye in the middle of a
objective/physical universe. If spiralling into you. When you
storm cloud):
you are using this rite as the feel the energy of the Typhonic
framework for the working of “ERBÊTH, who causes Current of this world has reached
practical magick or a “spell”, ideas to be born, I call you to its maximum, touch the symbol
have the incantation written out quicken minds with ideas yet on your altar and say the Call to
and place the paper [or unmanifest!” Set-Typhon:
whatever] with the writing on it
Turn to the East, visualize an ass-
(hereafter called the “papyrus”)
headed god holding iron knives:
on the bricks.
“IÔ, who slays Apep,
Perform ceremonial cleansing of
come to drive illusion from my
the body and don your ritual
mind and clear the way for the
Light the red lamp.
“O mighty Sut-Hek, O Set- my Will, and erect a tenemous First address Set-Typhon by
Typhon, O mighty Bepon- to my nous which liveth on with sending the initial streamer of
Beput-Bata, great in magic, I the days of Set-Typhon!” energy outward toward the Big
have brought thy enemy Osiris Dipper constellation:
The Arrival of the Powers:
before thee in chains. I have
“Oh Akh of the Seven
wandered through the hollow of Allow power to stream into you.
Stars, model of what I shall
the cosmos OSORONOPHRIS Perform any action that you feel
become, receive this gift of
seeking to perform deeds to symbolizes the taking in of
power. I praise thee Set-Typhon
your honour and my own. power.
and thank thee for reminding
Necessity requires I perform
Look at the things on your altar. me that I may act as a god while
this act of magic. Hasten
Invest them with meaning until still alive. I will increase your
quickly, quickly from thy starry
they glow with magical life. Lore on the Earth and my Power
solitude. I endeth thy exile. I
in the Heavens through constant
know thee Typhon, Python, Set, The Spell or Incantation: striving!”
IÔ APOMX, and You know Me.
If you have a papyrus to read, do
Send energy to each direction in
“By your glance fresh so at this point.
reverse order, starting with
from Setheus, the secret place, I
The Closing: North:
Know my Unknown Soul. I
Remember myself at this To end the rite, send back the “PAKERBÊTH, glorious
moment and my Soul is energy which you have called to Nine of the North, cause the
Immortalized, carried through your chamber, including the stars you rule to be friendly to
the Seven Stars. In the Cycles of additional energy created me as I am your friend.”
Four, Seven and Nine do I bind during the rite. This energy does
this world in the rope of magic, your Will and adds to the
create the kaw which sustain Typhonic stream.
In the East: Touch your Heart and say, “My
feelings are made strong by my
“IÔ, glorious Nine of the
East, cause each dawning day
to bring me further truths, as I Pass your hand over the bricks
help you to slay Apep.” and say, “My world is made
strong by my Will.”
In the South:
“What I have set in motion
“ERBÊTH, glorious Seven
will advise and test me.”
of the South, cause new ideas to
burn in me as I cause thee to Extinguish the red lamp.
burn with Life.”
Break down the temple or set
In the West: things in order.
glorious Eight of the West,
make me steadfast in my Immediately engage in
something unrelated. Maintain
resolve as I establish you over
silence on the rite for at least 24
all of Osiris‟ domain.”
hours. After this period of silence
you should also record what you
remember of the rite and the
Touch your Head and say, “My
reasons for its performance in
thoughts are made strong by
your magical journal.
my Will.”