Who we are: We’re Columbia

FeelGood, a student-run cheese-powered social entrepreneurship dedicated to sustainably ending hunger—not in 2100, but in our lifetime! FeelGood offers wholesome organic gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to the CU community in exchange for small cash donations. These donations are invested directly in The Hunger Project

Get Involved!
We're always looking for new faces, forward-thinkers, creative spirits and sandwichmakers to make all of this possible. To join our team, contact Amarynth at as3240@gmail.com.

Location- JJays Place HOURS

The Hunger Project: A strategic
organization that works to empower women and men to end their own hunger. Almost all of the ingredients for our delicious gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches are donated by our local Westside Market, Stannard Farms, and Organic Valley, so all donations we receive from you go directly to THP to affect positive, immediate change. Check it out at www.thp.org

Sunday-Wednesday 8pm-12am Thursday 8pm-9pm We cater!


Our ingredients list shifts on a weekly basis because we rely almost exclusively on donations, which enables us to maximize the amount of money donate to THP. We sincerely apologize if we are currently out of the cheese or bread that you're craving! Let us know and we'll try to stock it in the future!



 Cheddar Grilled Cheese
 country white bread with yellow
cheddar cheese 2.50 Swiss Grilled Cheese- country white bread with baby Swiss cheese Monster Sandwich- country white bread with 3 layers of melted Muenster Cheese 2.50


Holy Cheesus- Our craziest mash-up of every cheese we have on tap. The ABC- Apples, Brie and Cinnamon 3.00 3.00


American Provolone Baby Swiss Muenster Shredded White Cheddar Shredded Mozzarella Brie Pepper Jack Feta Cream Cheese Monterrey Jack

Pizza Dippers- Melted shredded 3.00 cheddar cheese and basil cut into strips with marinara dipping sauce on the side. NBD- Nutella, Banana, Desire. NBD, just the most amazing sandwich ever. Tomato Basil- Sliced tomato and basil flakes with your favorite cheese. The Pelopocheesian- Feta cheese with olive spread. 3.00



 Country White ((



Basil Apple Cinnamon Nutella Banana Olive Spread Marinara Sauce

Country Whole Wheat Country Whole Grain German Dark Wheat Country Oat Bran

.50 each