W.A. Garcia IV-St.Benedict 1 No Boundaries Reflection Things are never what they seem.

All things in life go by and by, and never have thought that these necessary entities possess their own importance in our lives. Every day is a new day from another, and so we are to each other; we all carry our own burden, but we also doubt if we can carry it. There will be times of discouragement, depression, and deception. But even though this happens, we should not be deceived by the hardships in life. Instead, we should let it be an instrument of betterment within ourselves. In order for our aspirations in life to materialize, we should understand that it requires patience, motivation, determination and perseverance. We should persevere at amounts we cannot imagine. Sky is the limit, that s what they say. I believe in almost the same thing as this. The only boundary is fear . For in fact, being a coward will bring you nowhere. Just when you ve thought that curiosity killed the cat, think again. Being curious and interested in life is very important. Being inquisitive in things in our day to day lives will lead us contemplating to our own experience, which, to be exact, will help us to be aware of our imperfections. When this happens, there will be the aim for change that is leading to another prospective of change. When we tremble in fear, we stumble down; when we strive with courage, we triumph over the storm. We should see the challenges we face as opportunities to be the best we can be. What is a living coward compared from a dying hero? A hero who dies, dies, but with reason. A coward that lives, luckily, lives, but with what reason then? No boundaries is a song of an inspired person. If we place this inspired person within us, we should keep it a point that we should always have something to draw inspiration from. In order to motivate ourselves, we need to have the right mindset and perspective in life. There should be no room for being pessimistic. No room for too much Optimism. Instead, think of solutions. Don t be a what if thinker. Be a how thinker. Doubts are little footsteps left by a coward. We should learn how to trust ourselves. Courage is something hard to find, but I tell you, once you find it, no one can take it away. As a graduating student, this song tells me to follow my aspirations in life no matter how hard it might be. Of course, it will never be that easy, but that is just what makes it worth working hard for. We don t really aim for petty things, we live with a goal. Being easily distracted will not be good. But I m quite sure that being focused will pave my way to success. This is why Perseverance should always be an option, or should I say, a decision more than anything else. Seeing this life as a blessing will do no good, we should more often look at it as a commitment, because if we don t do our job to live it well, we will become astray. Most of all, there should be no boundaries.

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