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therightthing ---- presents

Home 2 October 2007
2 Guildhall
and effective
practice in
working with
9.30am – 5pm

HOME TRUTHS 2: BOOK NOW or call or fax 01332 780 096
Conference Chair: What we will cover:
Graham Hopkins, Practice Editor, Community Care magazine
Keynote addresses:
John Dunworth, domestic violence lead, Home Office  Services for children experiencing or
Anthony Douglas, Chief executive, Cafcass
witnessing domestic violence
Conference drama:
Out of Harm’s Way – performed by Gripping Yarns  Forced marriage
Workshop leaders:
Kathleen Baird, senior lecturer and researcher in Midwifery,
 Domestic violence family safety units
University of the West of England  Perpetrator programmes
Dr Helen Baker, lecturer, Liverpool Law School
Lynn Baxter, Senior Social Work Lecturer, Greenwich University  Male victims
Mark Coulter, Male Victims Development Officer, Respect
Linda Finn, Project Co-ordinator, Sutton council
 Domestic violence in pregnancy
Dr Geetanjali Gangoli, School for Social Policy, University of Bristol  Multi-agency approaches
Chris Green, Executive Director, White Ribbon Campaign
Davina James-Hanman, director, Greater London Domestic Violence  Involving men in anti-violence
Project campaigning
Rachel Martin, Domestic Violence Co-ordinator, Devon Council
Jo Sharpen, Children and Young People’s Service Development  Community group treatment
Officer, GLDVP
Roy Tomlinson, Community Safety Officer, Devon Council
Paul Wolf-Light, Ahimsa
…and practitioners from Cheshire and Derby
Here are some Home Truths, too:
It is in the home that 1 in 4 women will experience
violence in their lifetime from a partner or ex-partner;
domestic violence makes up a quarter of all violent
crime and has the highest repeat victimisation rate of
any crime; domestic violence kills two women every

Violence can be physical (“He grabbed hold of my hair

and held my face to the fire”); it can be being kept
captive (“I was locked in a room and only allowed out
to pick up my daughter from school”); it can be
psychological (“He would call me a fat ugly cow, a bad
mother and a useless piece of … in front of anyone”).

Home Truths 2: the programme What delegates said about last

year’s Home Truths conference:
9.00 Registration and refreshments “An inspiring conference – so many
9.30 Chair’s welcome highlighted problems – this conference
seemed to look at potential solutions and
9.35 Keynote address 1: Anthony
offered examples of good practice.”
Douglas, chief executive, Cafcass
10.00 Workshop 1 “Thank you very much for a really useful,
different and informative day.”
11.00 Break
11.20 Workshop 2 “It was a very well organised and informative
conference, I learnt a lot from the day and
12.30 Lunch would love to attend the next conference if
1.15 Conference drama: Out of Harm’s there is going to be another one. What I
Way learnt on the day will help me greatly in my
job, thank you for such a good day.”
2.00 Workshop 3
3.00 Break “I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. It was
very well organised and run - well done!!”
3.15 Keynote address 2: John Dunworth,
domestic violence lead, Home Office “A packed and fascinating day, thoroughly
well worth attending.”
3.45 Workshop 4
4.45 Chair’s closing remarks “A really good event giving lots of analysis and
5.00 Conference close thought provoking questions and action
We listened to what delegates told us last year – and have made
“Thank you – great day, well organised,
more time available for interactive workshops that showcase the very
best practice in the UK. different, good choice of speakers, drama
pieces were really good idea to break things
Watch out for Arts’n’Care – best practice in using the arts in up.”
social and health care. Assembly Rooms, Derby: 11 October.
Workshops and performances of music, drama, comedy, dance, “A very informative and useful day that will
poetry and more: contact for more info… generate much discussion and reflection.”
Another conference from Do The Right Thing…
Home Truths 2: The workshops
Reducing domestic violence homicides and serious assaults: Domestic Violence Course- “It’s sort of therapy and
The London experience learning in one course”
Since 2001 domestic violence homicides in the capital have Lynn Baxter is Course Coordinator for the innovative
reduced by 57% (nationally it’s been around 16%) and there multi- agency Domestic Violence Course at Greenwich
has been a sharp reduction in serious assaults. This workshop University.
will explore some of the strategies employed to achieve these
remarkable results. Davina James-Hanman is Director of the Responsible or in need of protection? Examining the
Greater London Domestic Violence Project needs of homeless young people who have
experienced domestic abuse
Understanding and Combating Forced Marriage Dr Helen Baker has worked in the field of domestic
What is forced marriage? What are the differences between violence since 1997 and is co-author of “Evaluating
forced and arranged marriage? What are the best ways to Service Provision for Children Who Experience Domestic
combat forced marriage? Dr Geetanjali Gangoli is a member Violence in Rural Areas”.
of the Violence Against Women Research Group.
Involving men in anti-violence campaigns
The Proud Labyrinth Chris Green is Executive Director of the White Ribbon
This interactive artwork designed and produced by Cheshire Campaign (UK)
families invites participants to follow the journey of a group
of women and young people in their pathway to recovery Working with children who witness or experience
from domestic abuse. The workshop will be led by those domestic violence: what works
involved in the process – facilitators, supporters and survivors. This workshop will look at the peer educator project
(with the National Youth Theatre), good practice
Domestic Violence Family Safety Units guidelines for schools, and producing leaflets about
DVFSUs are a focal point for a co-ordinated community domestic violence for parents and carers and for young
response to domestic abuse, providing advocacy and support people. Jo Sharpen is Children and Young People's
both for survivors of domestic abuse and the agencies to Services Development Officer, Greater London Domestic
whom they disclose. Cheshire Domestic Abuse Partnership Violence Project

Changing Places Community Group Treatment Programme

This is a 10 week change programme for young people at risk An integrated community group programme for
of developing patterns of abusive behaviour. Early outcomes children and their mothers who have experienced
demonstrate its effectiveness in preventing abuse and woman abuse. Linda Finn is project coordinator, London
fostering healthier relationships. Cheshire Domestic Abuse Borough of Sutton
Working with male victims
Domestic Violence in Pregnancy: An Issue for Health Care Mark Coulter is Male Victims Development Officer,
Professionals Respect
Kathleen Baird is a Senior Lecturer and researcher in
Midwifery at the University of the West of England. Here are some more Home Truths, too…
Every year in the UK, three million children and young
Working with male perpetrators of domestic abuse.
people witness domestic violence. It is believed that 90
An overview of the issues involved in working with male
per cent of all domestic abuse takes place with a child
perpetrators of domestic abuse and the requirements of a
either in the same room or close enough by to be aware
perpetrator programme in terms of community context,
of what’s happening.
structure, content and training. Paul Wolf-Light of Ahimsa
has been working with male perpetrators of domestic abuse
Such an impact on children cannot be underestimated.
since 1992. He is vice chair of the executive committee of
As one female victim said, “I left to protect my child. He
put a pillow over his head, ‘Shall I kill you or him first?’ I
only got out because the neighbour heard my
A multi-agency approach to conquering domestic violence
screaming and called the police.”
Rachel Martin is Domestic Violence Co-ordinator, Against
Domestic Violence and Abuse in Devon; and Roy Tomlinson,
Community Safety Officer, Devon County Council Contact us:
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