"In the name of ALLAH, most Gracious, most Compassionate".

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited,


Muhammad Asim Rashid



Alama Iqbal Open University Islamabad

Table of Content
Preface Acknowledgment Overview of organization 1-21
Introduction Brief history Current situation Main offices Technical & operational network Current PTCL network Technical and operational mile stones

Services of PTCL 21-22
Services for customers Value added services Services for corporate customers

Financial analysis 23
Activity ratio

Competitors & subsidiaries 24
Subsidiaries 25-27 Ufone Multi Media Broad Band

Competitors 28-29
Mobilink Telenor Warid

Brief on my internship work 30-41
Marketing department Customer care & customer services department Revenue department

SWOT Analysis 42-44 My project 45-67 Current HR Issues Of PTCL 68-69

Weaknesses 70-71 Recommendations 72 Conclusions 73 Appendix DFD‘s Organization Chart Financial Statements .

different services and different strategies of the organization have been explained. then the mission. values. The sole objective is to familiarize the student with the practical manipulation of business organization. In the first phase of the report there is the general introduction about the company and then different terms have been explained. Author .PREFACE This report is the practical part of the most vital practice of our MBA-HR program. and then in the end most important my experience while working in the PTCL as internee is explained. In the next part. This report has been written to know how big organizations like PTCL manage their teams to achieve their common goals. SWOT analysis of the firm have been done by the help of which it is identified that what are the strong areas of the company and where it lacks so that it can improve.

friends come next in the list of those whom I have to thank. classmates. I pay special homage to the following persons. and subordinates who assist me on every occasion to enable me to write this report. Irshad Ahmed Engineer Operations Vehari. Muhammad Nawaz Joiya Senior Engineer Operations. I extend my heartiest thanks to my seniors. Bashir Ahmed Malghani (Manager HR MTR). My parents. colleagues. and who give me strength to write this internship report in a different way. . Mr. Mr.Internship Report ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In the name of Almighty Allah who is most merciful. Mr.

Besides this. Cell # 0314-600-2121 E-Mail: aasibrw@gmail. Because of my analysis. My major recommendation is this: PTCL should improve their contact with middle & lower level employees’ especially supervisory level and establish internal performance appraisal system to avoid the future complications & to evaluate the employee performance & encouraging them. I also studied the role of C.Internship Report TRANSMITTAL MEMORANDUM To: Department of Management Sciences Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad From: MUHAMMED ASIM RASHID ROLL# Q-579523 REG # 05-PVI-0070 Chak 435/EB Burewala Distt.com SUBJECT: INTERNSHIP REPORT ON PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED Internship report on any organization is a necessary element to get the MBA degree from any university. I Inshallah will try my best to do it more well way. . I have written an internship report on PTCL and review its Human Resource system / procedures adopted for such purpose. That conclusion was arrived at after eight weeks extensive practical training/study in the HR department of the company.B. At last I thankful to the University who give me an opportunity to review/study the HR system/process of company. colleges. Vehari PH # (067) 3355567. and subordinates who assist me to complete this comprehensive report in an excellent way. company’s officials felt these flaws in the system & are agree on my suggestions and wanted to implement them in near future.A during the latest proposal of Volunteer Separation Scheme (VSS) for employees. If the members of the review committee of this report have any additional questions. I am grateful to my seniors.

and Human Resource Management practices followed by the company seen practically whether the company adopted them according to the international labor law standards or not. The main purpose of this report is. Department of management sciences of the university advised every student to submit. I was in a better position to review the system in an efficient way. I had been working in this organization since five years. Another problem is lack of trained staff & political pressure for . PROBLEMS: A central problem in the HRM systems of the company is lack of contact & feedback from & to employees there is a lack of co-ordination between different departments of the organization as well as into a specific branch. review of the human resources techniques & systems adopted by the organization. I strongly recommend that company should improve their contact with middle & lower level employees’ especially supervisory level and establish internal performance appraisal system to avoid the future complications & to evaluate the employee performance & encourage them. It was done after the completion of all subjects. Therefore.Internship Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY TITLE: AN INTERNSHIP REPORT ON PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED AUTHORIZATION REOCMMENDATION: This report is a necessary part of MBA degree program. Find out their weaknesses and give suggestions for improvements. 2005-2007 were taken for analysis. PROCESS OF REVIEW METHODOLOGY: Data from June.

I point out those weak areas. if the recommendations are accepted. and hope that company if.Internship Report transfers/postings etc on middle management. the program could be. adopted my suggestion and recommendation can overcome the problems. This will also benefit for the other systems of the company. Like wise lake of automation and state-of-the-art latest IT technology for correspondence between the contents of the company causing the delay in work and negatively affecting the over all performance of the company. . put into effect within six months. TIME FRAME: Finally.

Internship Report -1- .

The results have been impressive. allow. So far PTCL is the sole land line service provider of Pakistan. of telecommunication. improve and channelize all these services and -2- . This is the future we dreamt of so fondly. history and current situation. with a majority of countries having adopted these policies to advance their telecom sector. This part of the report contains a brief introduction of PTCL. which have become complementary to our lives. Islamabad INTRODUCTION S even years into a new century. PTCL is the giant of Pakistan telecommunication industry and enjoying the monopoly. the industry has grown at unprecedented pace. especially in the cellular mobile communication and in the internet. This introduction is divided into two parts. technology has changed the concept of communication and what was thought to be a fictional only a decade ago. yet the late density remains almost stagnant. Welcome to the modern age.Internship Report PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED (PTCL) Established on January 1. has actually made its way through to our hands today. Although there has been a phenomenal growth in Pakistan. But there must also be an anchor to introduce. BRIEF HISTORY Over the years. Privatization and competition are the order of the day. 1996 Head Office: - Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited G-8/4. the telecom sector of world finds itself at crossroads after changing itself almost beyond recognition over the last 25 years.

This is characterized by a clearer appreciation of ongoing telecom scenario where in convergence of technologies continuously changes the shape of the Sector. PTCL is a story of commitment and vision. the Government in 1991. It also paved the way for the establishment of an independent regulatory regime. services and infrastructure providers are set to face even bigger challenges. As telecommunication monopolies head towards and imminent end.Internship Report innovations sweeping through the globe. paging and. card-operated Payphones. taking over operations and functions from Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department under Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Act 1991.In 1995. The Provisions of the Ordinance were lent permanence in October 1996 through Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Act. In Pakistan same anchor is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited from the humble beginnings of posts & Telegraph Department in 1947 and establishment of Pakistan Telephone & Telegraph Department in 1962. Since then. Pakistan Telecommunication (Reorganization) Ordinance Formed the basis for PTCL monopoly over basic telephony in the country. data communication Services. A measure of this understanding is progressive measures such as Establishment of the company’s mobile and Internet subsidiaries (U-fone & Paknet) in 1998. and in 1994 issued six million vouchers exchangeable into 600 million shares of the would-be PTCL in two separate placements. Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation (PTC) set sails for its voyage of glory In December 1990.10 per share. Pakistan also entered -3- . PTCL has been working vigorously to meet the dual Challenge of telecom development and socio-economic uplift of the country. Each had a par value of Rs. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited was formed and listed on all stock Exchanges in Pakistan. announced its Plans to privatize PTC. These vouchers were converted into PTCL Shares in mid 1996. to this very day. The same year. lately. This coincided with the Government’s competitive Policy. encouraging Private Sector participation and resulting in award of licenses for Cellular. Pursuing a progressive policy.

-4- . At the same time. a comprehensive liberalization policy for Telecom sector has already been announced now. On the Government level. cross-national ownerships. operations and partnerships are being evaluated with a view to developing and diversifying the business. Now PTA have issued License to two new telecom companies in Pakistan TELENOR international and WARID TEL this act will put some challenges for PTCL to cope with.Internship Report post-monopoly era with deregulation of the sector in January 2003. PTCL is in process of enhancing organizational and business Proficiency through vertical integration and horizontal diversification.

000 Waiting list: 900.000 lines initiated (500.Internship Report These are few historical developments of PTCL through the years. About 5 % of PTC assets transferred to PTA.000 lines PTC/GOP own resources).000 Expansion Program of 900. FAB & NTC.000 lines by Private Sector Participation 400. PTCL Formed listed on all Stock Exchanges of Pakistan Mobile & Internet subsidiaries established Telecom Policy Finalized Telecom Deregulation Policy Announced 26 % Shares by Etisalat UAE through open bidding 1995 1996 1998 2000 2003 2005 -5- . Historical Background 1947 1962 1990-91 Posts & Telegraph Dept. established Pakistan Telegraph & Telephone Deptt. Pakistan Telecom Corporation ALIS: 850.

i. which is responsible for what.In this part focus will be on the:      Structure of organization Technical & operational Net work Services provided by PTCL Financial front of PTCL Competitors and subsidies Structure of organization An Organizational Structure clarify the roles of personnel of an Organization and to determine who has to do what task.e.Internship Report CURRENT SITUATION OF ORGANIZATION After having brief introduction from past end of PTCL now we move towards the current situation of the company .making and communication networks reflecting and supporting organization objectives. Then come the SEVPs (Senior Executive Vice Presidents). Then there is a chain of Executive Vice -6- . The head of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is called “President”. SEVP (Technical). who is to report to whom and to remove the obstacles for performance caused by confusion and uncertainty of job assignment as well as to make easy decision. SEVP (Operations). objectives to be achieved. and SEVP (Human Resource Management). SEVP (Finance). SEVP (Marketing & Business Development).

Marketing Managers. The HR experts are responsible for hiring & to further streamline its recruitment process. EVP (Accounts). Lower Division Clerks. -7- . Drivers. EVP (Marketing). and EVP (Revenue). There are also Regional Heads (General Managers) to head PTCL Regions then come the Senior Managers (Operations). EVP (HR) etc who are heading the other regions of PTCL in major cities country wide. Then there are Senior Managers. Assistants. EVP (Information Technology. Apart from these EVP. Stenographers. Upper Division Clerks. Assistant Directors. Account Assistants. Telecom Technicians. Financial Analysts.Internship Report Presidents (EVPs) like EVP (Finance Central). Naib Qasids and Peons etc. and IT Specialists etc. Line Men. Assistant Account Officers. Manager HR & his staff are responsible to take care of Personnel affairs at Regional Level. EVP (Operation).W Media. Wire Men. there are also EVP (Operation). There are also Senior Managers Finance. Senior Engineers (Operations). Engineers to look after the telecom system of Regions. All these are appointed at Pakistan Telecommunication Company. Headquarters at G-8/4. Then there are Chief Engineers and General Managers at H/Qs who report to their relevant EVP. Deputy Directors. Exchange Cleaners. Account Officers and Accountants to Handle Regional account and billing matters. Account Officers. Training & Research). Islamabad. Computer Programmers. EVP (HR Central). All the staff is recruited by the HR Department headed by SEVP HR. In non-gazetted staff there are Engineering Supervisors Operations /Switching /Power plant /Optical Fiber system/M. Key Punch Operators.

-8- .  Hazara Telecom Region Abottabad.  Lahore Telecom Region (North). operate and look after optic fibre systems/cables. Islamabad. it has Regional Headquarters like:  Islamabad Telecom Region.  Switching network Central region Lahore. These Regions provide Telecommunications services to the customers in their respective areas.  Rawalpindi Telecom Region.Internship Report MAIN OFFICES The Head Office of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited is situated in Sector G-8/4.  Multan Telecom Region.  Northern Telecom Region-I Peshawar.  Faisalabad Telecom Region  Southern Telecom Region-I Hyderabad  Southern Telecom Region-II Karachi  Southern Telecom Region-V Sukkur  Western Telecom Region Quetta.  Lahore Telecom Region (South). each headed by a General Manager to install. Besides. Apart from these. which is headed by the “President”. PTCL has an Optical Fibre Construction Region Lahore and Optic Fibre System Islamabad.

PTCL has 25 years license to provide telecom services in Pakistan with Stake in the Company with about 62% equity. PTCL has largest network and huge infrastructure for it’s more than 4. Switching Technology There are 7 different kinds of switching technologies currently operational in PTCL network.405.161users as on (Mar. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a license to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited for the provision of telecom services within Pakistan to private sector and the general public as the Federal Government may determine and during the exclusivity period of the Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) specified in above-mentioned Act. -9- . 2008).S telecom  ZTE With these different switching technologies PTCL is running its huge network and providing different communication facilities to its customers.  Alcatel  Siemens  NEC  Erricsson  Huawi  J.Internship Report Technical & Operational Net Work Pakistan telecommunication Corporation under the Act 1996.

2008 5273091 4.Internship Report Current PTCL Network Installed capacity Working connections Total exchanges Telephone density per 100 population Countries on ISD/(ISD STATION) Customer service centers Card pay phone NWD stations UIA stations Total length of main optical fiber link Optical fiber short haul links Optical fiber spur links Mar.405.161 2962 2. .490 2092 1898 4591km 127.2km 3241km These are few basic facts about PTCL network.9 242 154 387.10 - . So taking over from posts & Telegraph Department in 1947 to now providing sate of art technology it is really big achievement.

This was the brief introduction of PTCL network now we move further and develop our understanding about PTCL services and offerings.Internship Report TECHNICAL AND OPERATIONAL MILE STONES PTCL is continuously improving its network. Broad Band Services & IPTV. (18) Launch Of IN Platform To augment the capacity and introduce additional value added services a new Intelligent Network (IN) Platform was launched in October 2003. Computerized Fault Management System This feature of PTCL improved network & is being used to register & rectify Land Line Faults in a computerized way. .11 - .This platform has higher capacity for prepaid calling cards and provision for introduction of new services. Optical Fiber Junction Access Network To further support the launch of new services the optical fiber junction access network has been in implementation phase. During the year 2007 PTCL installed capacity was 4940154 but now in current year the installed capacity is improved. PTCL achieved 100% digitalization in this year. This system further supports the upcoming project of PTCL WLL (wire less local loop). This system was working in few cities but now it is available all over the Pakistan.

So whenever. User Friendly .12 - . b) Value Added Services: CLI (Caller’s Line Identification) Caller Line Identification (CLI): Calling line Identification (CLI) allow customers to identify the caller before picking up the phone receiver. PTCL is presently the only telecom company. Basically PTCL divide their services into two parts. services for consumers 2. who provided fixed-line telephony in the country. any Private business concern or any individual needs a new telephone connection for provision of telephone service. To subscribe to CLI services. a customer needs a telephone set with display capability or a CLI device attached to the phone.Internship Report SERVICES OF PTCL Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited not only Provides Conventional telephone facilities. a) New Telephone Connections: As mentioned earlier. services for corporate customers Services for Consumers These services are basically for the common users (Individual/home users) those use telephone in their home/work place and they are basically non business users. Advantages:    Check on obnoxious calls. We will briefly discuss below the product lines being offered by the PTCL. it also offers optical fiber services to the private sector. Complete record of incoming / outgoing calls with time & date. 1.

13 - . 100.Internship Report PREPAID CALLING CARDS: PTCL calling card is the most popular choice of millions of customers all over the country.       Comes in easily affordable denominations of Rs.   Dial PTCL’s toll free number 1010 from any digital phone. This service is basically providing billing solutions for the users. 500. Enter your card Number & Press #.  For International Call Dial 00+CountryCode+CityCode+PhoneNumber+#. 1000 and 2000. Dial 1 for Urdu & 2 for English Instructions. E-BILL PAYMENT Billing system is a part of customer services so providing connivance to its valuable customers PTCL launched a new billing service which is available through “ PTCL Calling Card” This is another service from PTCL. . It is now available with balance transfer facility and follow on call facility. nationwide and international access No line rent and no Phone bills 24 hours customer services through toll free number (0800-80800) How to use it:  Scratch off the security coating on the indicated strip to get your card Pin Number. 250. Easily available throughout the country Easy to use from any PTCL digital phone (Dial 1010) Fast and easy.

Through these cards customer can pay his bill on phone. The same PTCL Calling cards are used for this purpose. No additional charges for bill payment transaction.Internship Report How to use it: The basic concept of the service is to provide billing solution to PTCL customer.14 - . Call Waiting Don’t Disturb Call Transfer on (a) Busy (b) No Reply (c) Immediate Wake up call Absent Subscriber Code Barring . Advantages   Customer can save his time by paying his bill on phone Customer can pay his bill when ever he wants DIGITAL FACILITIES: PTCL offers a variety of features to digital exchange customers like:        Hotline Abbreviated Dialing.

Internship Report Prepayment Telephony Services (PPT) With the changing trends most telecoms are diversifying their services towards Prepaid solutions .It provides the facility to subscriber to load a prepayment Telephony card against their telephone number thereby generating an account on I/N platform and any call made from that telephone will be charged to this account. Target market Target market for the service can be segmented as follow:       Budget conscious subscriber Subscriber avoiding bill-depositing hassles People requiring casual connections(on short term bases) Subscriber not meeting documentation requirement Students living in hostels Defaulters Features:          Account number recharging Outgoing call pin setting Cancel out going call pin Balance query Follow on call Low balance prompt Balance shortage warning Call duration prompt Call cost prompt .15 - . the service will provide state of art technological facilities to the subscribers.one of such modern era telecommunication service is Prepayment Tele Phone (PPT).

PTCL Corporate Customer Centers can be contacted. PTCL offers a host of unmatched services to suite the needs of the Corporate Customers.Internship Report SERVICES FOR CORPORATE CUSTOMERS PTCL is striving hard to facilitate its valued corporate customers at each level of service. The list of Corporate Services is given as under. IN BASED VALUE ADDED SERVICES   0800-Toll Free PTCL Calling Cards Domestic And International Premium Rate Service 0900 Virtual Private Network VALUE ADDED SERVICES      Universal Access Number (UAN) Universal Internet Number (UIN) ISDN PRI TelePlus (ISDN/BRI) Local /Domestic/International Leased Bandwidth And Point To Point Leased Lines (DXX) Local Leased Circuits (2 Wire/4 Wires) (DXX) Digital Facilities Digital Subscriber Loop (DSL) Co Location Tele mail Call Centers (new)         . For more information regarding any of the following services.16 - .

Internship Report

Universal Access Number (UAN):

UAN (Universal Access Number) service is ideal for organizations Engaged in marketing of products or services. Here is a list of business who can avail UAN Service.        Banks Newspapers Airlines Hotels Shipping Lines Fast Food Outlets Consumer Products Companies        Insurance Credit Card Companies Travel Courier Services Utility Services Trading Companies Stock Brokers

 

Voice Messaging Service: (VMS)
With PTCL Messaging Service, you can have all for (or Desired) calls recorded when you are absent, busy on phone or do not want to attend the calls for any reason. You can, later on at your convenience, retrieve all recorded messages from any telephone anywhere in the country.

Security of message is ensured against eavesdropping through subscriber controlled password.

PTCL VMS is designed for those who do not want to miss a call or Fax because that can be beneficial.

 

Great for anyone owning a telephone or Fax, at home or business. Much more powerful and flexible than answering machine due to Message options available in your voice mail system.

- 17 -

Internship Report

Features       Call answer Fax Messaging Notification Capacity 10 messages Free for user paying RS. 2000/- or more bill/month.

 PTCL Messaging Plus:

PTCL MESSAGINH PLUS is designed for small and medium business enterprises having problems with managing telephone message.

PTCL MESSAGING PLUS will definitely handle these problems for you. Advanced messaging features save time, make you truly mobile and increase productivity.

Essential for time-conscious executives, frequent travelers and Professional groups.

 Call answer

- 18 -

Internship Report

 Co- Location Centers
Pakistan Telecommunication Company has taken land mark decision to establish co location centers throughout the country. Service concept This service is basically for telecom data and I.T companies. These companies will install their equipment directly in PTCL premises in ready fitted environment. The primary purpose is to provide a number of resilient and centralized connection and control facilities in which co-location center’s communication can be located. Benefits       Easy access to local & international connectivity Quick deployment of services Minimum capital investment and cost saving Higher reliability and quality of service Full connectivity under one roof Just plug in and start business

Target market

 IT companies  Telecom data companies

- 19 -

Internship Report  Universal Internet Number (UIN) 131 UIN 131 numbering scheme for internet services providers. UIN involves allocation of numbers to individual ISP’s who are licensed by PTA. Benefits   The benefit goes to the end users who happen to be any ISP customers. with promise of rich dividends in terms of customer care. Service concept The concept of the service just like toll free 0800 but charges a local call for each connectivity attempt. Once subscribed. Functionality The service functions under single – meeting billing system. Target market  ISP’s . the service means timeless communication for your customers. represent exclusive code to each ISP. allowing them to pay for a single call irrespective of its duration.20 - .

fast and hassle free. VPN enables organization to create a private network. When it comes to enabling your enterprise. The answer to this corporate need is virtual private net work. As the businesses increasingly depend on it. your communication got to be instant. Without necessity installation of dedicated resources.  Digital Cross Connect (DXX) Telecommunication networks are the most important infrastructure elements of any business today. Features  End to end digital connectivity on digital cross connect network    Country wide as well as global coverage Flexible bandwidth to suit the requirement Better quality of services . Service concept It is an innovative and intelligent private network to integrate business/enterprises having sub-offices with in a city or nation wide. quality of networks is gaining strategic importance.Internship Report  Virtual Private Network (VPN) Communication is the secret of success in today’s highly competitive market.PTCL digital cross connect (DXX) network provides the most dependable media for WAN connectivity with more than 200 nodes country wide.21 - . Service concept PTCL offers flexible and reliable data services solutions through a high quality platform of digital leased line network.

Internship Report Target market  Corporate customer  Software exporters  Data network operators  Airlines/travel agencies  ISP’s  Financial institutes  Courier services  ISDN BRI/PRI It is a near broadband experience suitable for household and small/medium sized organizations.22 - . Features      Faster and clear voice Fax and data communication on a single phone PRI provides thirty 64 kbps user channel plus two 16 kbps signaling channel BRI provides two 64 kbps user channel plus one 16 kbps signaling channel Cost effective .

L for the analysis purpose. Quick ratio: Quick ratio or the acid test ratio also performs the same task as is performed by current ratio but with more sophistication. Current ratio Current Ratio is an indicator to determine the short term debt paying ability or the liquidity of a company.C.C.T.C. The information derived from these types of analysis should be blended to determine the overall financial position. Quick ratio of the company is 1.1 but ratio is quite reasonable. One of the primary objectives is identification of major changes in trends. but it has not an independent organization so I have to analyze the P. The ideal condition is 1.5 up to Mar 31. common size analysis and the study of differences in components of financial statement.23 - . It tells us that how many current assets are available to pay for the current liabilities of the company. As I did my internship in human resource management.L we will analyze some important information about the company.67& is favorable for a company. As P.L is a service organization there fore the quick ratio is very good because there is not need of inventory as any manufacturing organization needs. In the financial analysis of P.T. 2008 its quick ratio is decreasing. This analysis includes ratio analysis. Current ratio of the company in 31 Mar 2008 is 1.T.Internship Report FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Financial analysis of any organization is very necessary for the evaluation and assessment of a firm. . amounts and relationship and investigation of the reasons underlying those changes.

PTCL Calling Cards (Product) Hello Cards. Telenor. U-fone (Cellular service provider) There are five competitors of Ufone in cellular phone industry i. World online. and Comsats WOL etc.e. However. Apollo.M Pak. presently PTCL has to face war with major competitors in mobile phone & WLL telephony operators.24 - . however. there are also competitors of its following subsidiaries/products: - SUBSIDIRAY/PRODUCT COMPETITOR Multimedia & Broad Band (ISP Product) There is about 100 competitors of product throughout the country to provide Internet service to the customers. Instaphone and C. Wireless Local Loop (V-Fone) Go CDMA. World Call. Call Mate Cards. Mobilink. Wateen Telecom & World Call are the Fixed Wireless Telephone competitors of V-PTCL. Waridtel. . Call Point Cards.Internship Report SUBSIDIARIES AND COMPETITORS As already mentioned. some of the major competitor ISP’s of product are Cyber net. Global Telecom Cards.

50/ which includes Rs. Total User Base of U-fone U-fone is currently enjoying 20. Ufone is growing cellular operator in Pakistan. It means U-fone has 17. .. Multan. which is a 100% owned independent subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunications Corporation Ltd.25 - . Ufone services are offered to you by Pak Telecom mobile Ltd.Internship Report BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF SUBSIDIARIES UFONE Launched on January 29. Jehlum. U-fone has been a highly successful venture both in terms of subscriber uptake and coverage.53% user of Pakistan mobile industry. Peshawar. Kohat. Lahore. Sukkur. 150/ of airtime. unmatched product leadership. Islamabad. Ufone has emerged to be the most prominent player & has 2nd largest customer base in the market in the short span of its operations. & Gujranwala including 1500 other small towns across the country. With fastest expanding coverage. Rawalpindi.800. Sialkot. Quetta. This expansion will also result in increase of Ufone coverage in many additional cities and highways. U-fone is in process of starting the sales of connections in a large number of other destinations across Pakistan. Gujrat. Faisalabad. 2001.424 subscribers. and consistent focus on customers. New Connections are available at all ufone centers and authorized dealers for just Rs. Current Situation of Ufone Ufone has started Sales in all the major cities of Pakistan which include Karachi.

In order to use any of the GPRS based services just call 333 and activate your GPRS subscription. and Pocket Stocks etc.Internship Report Main Features Both postpaid and prepaid Ufone subscribers can enjoy any/ all Ufone services including MMS. Global SMS. Ufone Internet.26 - . .

PTCL was running its Internet Division through its region by the name of Public Data Network (PDN).0 million per annum and is most likely to double in the next fiscal year keeping in view the market demand of Data products and expansion plans of the PTCL.27 - . It was formed in March 1999 and started commercial operation in January 2000. Besides Internet this region also provides data communication services like Clear Channel data links.Internship Report Multi Media & Broad Band (Phone n Net) Formerly Paknet Limited a fully owned Subsidiary of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is now merged in PTCL as Multimedia & Broad Band Region. 2008).0 million. On December 1999 the PDN region was dissolved and all the assets and Liabilities were transferred to Paknet Limited. In near future PTCL is introducing a new IPTV service for its valued customers. The Company commenced its business in January 2000 with a balance sheet size of over US $ 7. Frame Relay and Digital Circuits on Optical fiber cross connect systems etc.218 (Mar 31. Currently it has a revenue base of approximately US $ 5. It is now the biggest Internet Service Provider of the Country. Paknet made a fresh start with an Internet customer base of 6000 as of January 2000 and successfully achieved the target of its first year business plan of 50. .000 Internet customers. Now it became Multi Media & Broad Band Region which currently has a customer base of more than 130.

597 users base which is the 36% of total cellular industry of Pakistan.958. Mobilink is basically competing Ufone which is subsidiaries of PTCL.347 Union Communication 3.28 - .059 Brain Limited 7. Telenor Telenor is another cell phone company it have 17. There are 03 big players in mobile phone industry but 3 of them are the competitor of PTCL: Mobilink  Telenor  Warid Tel Other players in Land Line industry: Operator Customers NTC 103.Internship Report COMPETITOR OF PTCL There is no meager competitor of PTCL in landline but with the growth of telecommunication industry of Pakistan competition increasing specially in mobile phone sector. Mobilink is currently having more then 31.376 World Call 11. In total there are more then 800 million subscribers of mobile phone.074 subscribers which is 20 % of total mobile industry.841. .500 Mobilink Mobilink is a largest mobile phone company of Pakistan.500 Naya Tel 13.

Internship Report Warid Tel Waridtel is also providing cell phone facilities in Pakistan. Below are the major competitors. Waridtel having more then 15. NEW COMPETITORS Other than mobile & land line PTCL is facing competition in F. .T (Fixed Wireless Telephone) product market.680 468.335 This has added competition for PTCL (1.29 - .W.678 subscribers which is 17% of Pakistan mobile industry.  Telecard  World Call 501.114.639) in WLL (Wireless local Loop) field.245.

and I will explain the work flow of these departments.30 - .Internship Report BRIEF ON MY INTERNSHIP WORK During my internship at PTCL I worked in fallowing department of PTCL     Marketing department Customer Care & Customer Services department HR department Revenue department Now we move department wise and give brief introduction of each department. .

growth & expansion. Thus Marketing department of an organization plays a pivotal role in its business development. For understanding the work flow and the operation of the department we have to move in certain manner. Marketing Strategy of PTCL For understanding the marketing department work flow and its function we must have clear picture of the PTCL’s marketing strategy. Through working there I gain so much practical knowledge that will help me during my practical life. So we will move in the pattern describe below: Marketing strategy of PTCL  Market segmentation of PTCL  Marketing mix of PTCL  Promotional strategy of PTCL 1. For developing clear understanding of marketing strategy of PTCL there is no one line statement or clear vision of marketing . During my internship I worked with PTCL marketing department. products and services are developed and positioned to give value to the customers. Marketing Department undertakes market research and gives feedback to management about customers needs and wants on the basis of which.Internship Report Marketing Department is called a revenue-generating department of an organization. We have to look the key operation the structure of the department and in the end the focus will be on the critical analysis.31 - .

TARGET MARKET PTCL’s 80% revenue comes from just 20% customers. defines the product and Pricing to appeal to this market and a strategy to deliver the product to the market. positioning by association and positioning by problem. The main focus of PTCL marketing efforts is on retaining and satisfying that 20% chunk of key customers at any cost. development & management. For this purpose.Classically. PTCL is now established Corporate Customer Services Centers in major cities to take care of these vital customers. household type. We will briefly discuss below the marketing strategy.e. The marketer identifies a target market. gender. and Digital Facilities etc.e. VMS. home ownership. Marketing Mix includes P’s i. product planning.Internship Report department so we have to move traditionally . distribution strategy and promotional strategy: Marketing Strategy Normally. as well as other services like CLI. PTCL targets general public and other small business companies for sale of its landline telecom services like telephone. positioning against an entire product category. employment. Promotion and place. positioning against a particular competitor. Marketing has been all about the “four P’s”: Product. Place. education. Thus the marketer is the steward of the value proposition. ensuring that the firm is delivering maximum value to its customers. Apart from these important customers.). Pricing strategy. income etc. positioning by product usage. Product. who are corporate customers and other big and small business organizations. Demographic Segmentation (age. fax. Internet. Geographic segmentation. Segmentation can be done on four types i. Positioning oneself by product can do positioning differentiation. race/ethnicity. Price and Promotion. a marketing strategy identifies the target markets. Market is targeted through market segmentation. Price.32 - . . the desired position in each market and the marketing mix that will persuade those target markets to part with their money.

it is the market leader in providing these services because there are no competitors to challenge its market leader status. The services like Internet. digital services etc. Thus presently PTCL is facing no problems in positioning its services in the market as a market leader because it enjoys monopoly in the industry. .33 - . are meant for mass market. segment the market on a customer basis: – – • Corporate Resident ional on the basis of services as: – Telephony – Data – Video PTCL has segmented its market for its services and products to effectively deal with its customers. POSITIONING STRATEGY As PTCL is the sole provider of the landline telecom services in the country. with the deregulation of telecom sector PTCL is gearing up itself to maintain this market leader position. Market Segmentation Basically PTCL segmented its market on two bases • To better implement customer services features. fax facility etc. However. Co-Location centers and virtual private network are specially targeted at corporate customers and business concerns.Internship Report 2. Some of its services like Universal Access Number. on the other hand competitors are doing to challenge it. are targeted at both the corporate and general customers. The other services like new telephone connections.

Y Y Foreign Missions Y Y RESIDENTIAL Y Y DATA DXX PRA BRA UIN VOIP CATV Co. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B.Internship Report Service vs. A. Type of PSTN UAN Tele. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 B. Customer Matrix S.34 - . Y Y Foreign Missions Y Y Y Y RESIDENTIAL Y Y Y .Loc DSL CORPORATE Companies Y ISP’s Y Y Y Financial Institutes Y Y Y Data Operators Y Y Special License Govt. 0800 0900 VPN PPCC VOIP Customers M BASIC TELEPHONY & VALU ADDED SERVICES CORPORATE Companies Y Y Y Y Y Y ISP’s Financial Institutes Y Y Y Y X Data Operators Y Special License Y Govt.# A.

But now marketing professionals have been inducted in the Company and they will definitely have a close coordination with engineering department in planning and development of products to satisfy customers’ desires. are launched as new products by PTCL. PTCL rolls out these products in the market. so far products had been planned and developed by the engineering department and marketing professionals had no role in product planning as there was no marketing department in the Company. After listening to the viewpoints of all the interested parties. The process is such that whenever PTCL intends to increase or reduce the rates of its services. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) fixes the prices of telecom services. PTCL is also in the process of hiring brand Managers to manage its different products in a thorough professional way. Pricing Strategy: Being a government organization. the new rates are enforced. It should also be kept in mind that PTCL is a technical organization enjoying state-of-the-art telecom technology. journalists and other interested groups for discussion on the proposal. it submits its Proposal to PTA for approval. If PTA approves PTCL’s proposal. even many products. as the Marketing department has been established now. But we cannot deny the fact that being monopolist. which have become obsolete in developed countries. PTA gives its decision. the Telecom Regulator Authority viz.Internship Report 3. PTCL is not authorized to determine the prices of its products itself. PTA then calls consumers’ representatives. MARKETING MIX Product Planning: In PTCL. However.35 - . PTCL is depriving customers of many digital services that are available free in many other countries. The services offered by PTCL are built in the technology and with the passage of time. it is expected that in future there will be close coordination and liaison between marketing professionals and engineers for planning and developing customers oriented products. It may be mentioned here that telecom technology is only .

Internship Report technology whose rates are on the decline with the passage of time. PTCL also rationalizes its tariff with the passage of time. Tariff rationalization process started in 1997 as part of GoP Telecom Sector policy for privatization of this sector. It was mainly focused on rebalancing the domestic process like NWD, international, local call, line rent etc. Rebalancing is completed by the end of 2003 (as per Tariff rates) with the objective to position PTCL for competition.

4. PROMOTIONAL STRATEGY PTCL is using following components of promotional mix for the promotion and Publicity of its product/services.  Advertising:

In promotional mix, PTCL’s main stress is on advertising in print and electronic media. PTCL periodically places its advertisements in print media on services like “H/Qs hotline 0800-44544”, “Caller line identification (CLI)”, “Voice Messaging Service”, “Digital Facilities”, “PTCL Prepaid Calling Cards”, “Inquiry 17”, “Complaint 18”, phone bill cards prepaid telephone etc. to remind the customers of these services. Sometimes, corporate ads are also released to print media to mark special occasions. PTCL’s Commercials on “Prepaid Calling Card”, “CLI”, “Voice Messaging”, “Digital Facilities” etc. are also broadcast immediately on electronic media as reminders to Customers.

Sales Promotion: PTCL charges 1/3rd rates on national calls from 06:00 pm – 07:00 am and local calls are free from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am to promote the usage of its telecom network. Moreover, PTCL offers special rate packages on special occasions like Ramadan Package and EID package, which offer customer reduced rates for specific timings. For Example, In EID Package PTCL charges half rates from 6:00am - 6:00pm and quarter

- 36 -

Internship Report from 6:00pm – 6:00 am to attract customers to use its telephone service. These rates result in increased revenue for PTCL and also facilitate the customers to talk to their near and dear ones on these special occasions on affordable rates.

Personal Selling:

As PTCL is enjoying monopoly in fixed-line telephony, the Company has no Professional sales force because the company has not felt any strong need to use the Services of a sales force for increasing the sale of its products. At the moment, PTCL’s Customer Services Centers are playing the role of sales outlets. Customers can make telephone calls; send fax messages from these Customer Services Centers. They can also get connected their telephone bills and get duplicate bills from these outlets. However, with the establishment of Marketing Department in PTCL, The marketing professionals are now in the process of inducting professional sales force for the company.

- 37 -

Internship Report

PTCL has established its Customer Services Department at different levels the overview of the said department is as follows.

Corporate Customer Care Center Customer Services Centers Toll Free Help Lines

Operation Region Level Tehsil Level For Complaint & Enquiry

Now we briefly introduce the functions of these:  Corporate Customer Care Center To facilitate Corporate Customers PTCL has established Corporate Customer Care Centers at all Operation Regional Head Quarter Level, in all the meager cities country wide. The Corporate Customers can get their problems resolved under one roof in a one window environment by dialing UAN 111-20 20 2. The Customer Relation Officers register the complaints & forward these to the related office.  Customer Services Centers To facilitate consumers PTCL has established Customer Services Centers at all Tehsil Level cities/offices. Here the consumers can use Fax Facility, Voice Telephony for Local/NWD/ISD dialing. On divisional Offices Level duplicate phone bills may also be obtained from C.S.C’s.  Toll Free Help Lines PTCL offers state-of-the-art call center network to its all type of valued customers for convenient frequently asked Questions, Complaints regarding their services, T/No enquiry. The following three Toll Free T/Numbers are available for this purpose.

- 38 -

). . PTCL phone n net service activation. Private offices etc. This is centralized & is being used as Telephone Directory.39 - . WLL (V-fone). offices. The service activation is electronically ordered & activated within 24 hours through concerned department.Internship Report a) 1236 (Service Activation) This toll free No is used to change the tariff packages of land line. Govt. & for Broad Band customers. b) 17 (Telephone Directory) This facility is also Tol Free & is used to obtain the telephone numbers of some specific subscribers (College. c) 18 (Land Line Complaints) To register the faulty Telephone complaints PTCL has established a Toll Free No 18 where a computerized central node is used to register & rectify the consumer complaints for land line numbers.

iv. Bill Printing & Distribution The printing is basically carried out by regional billing computer center at every regional headquarter. The roles played by the Revenue Department are following.40 - . Collection of Defaulter Amounts The amounts defaulted by the customers or the bad debts are also collected through revenue department. For this purpose the revenue office deputes its staff for each Tehsil level PTCL office during the bill payment dates normally from 18th to 30th of each month. Bill Printing & Distribution. The revenue office is responsible for such kind of correction. Error correction of Bills. Error Correction of Bills In case of late payment or any other discrepancy due to missed collection by banks the previous amount is also included in the new bill. Each Telecom Recovery Inspector (TRI) is assigned a target of bad . i. ii. iii. Issuance of Duplicate Bills In case of missing or damaged bills received to customers the correction is also Revenue department’s responsibility. Issuance of Duplicate Bills.Internship Report REVENUE DEPARTMENT The revenue generated by the marketing department through selling the company services/products is collected by the Revenue Department. These printed bills are handed over to Post Office after sorting & stapling by the Assistant Revenue Officer’s staff at Distt level. Collection of defaulter amounts.

Now a days as incentive is also offered on more than 100% recovery each month. .41 - .Internship Report debts collection on monthly bases.

it means that there is a monopoly of PTCL. PTCL Enjoy Monopoly PTCL is sole provider of land line services in Pakistan .  STRENGTH  PTCL enjoy monopoly  State of the Art International Gateway Exchanges & Satellite Earth Stations  large earnings  good quality international connectivity  Customer Base of over 4 million  Government support These are the few basic strengths of the PTCL now we look each one in isolation.42 - . • • • • • • International Submarine Cables High Capacity National Fiber Optic Backbone Ring 36 Transit Exchanges with easy Facility of Expansion About 99% Digitization of Country Network Strong Platforms & Exchanges for Value added Services Access Network & Customer Base of over 04 millions . After carefully analyzing these true issues of an organization now I am able to understand the organization in right way so at the end of my report I will go for SWOT analysis of PTCL.so there is no competition regarding their basic service.Internship Report SWOT ANALYSIS OF PTCL Now we move towards the most important part of the internship report the SWOT analysis after working 2 month in the company I find some critical issues about PTCL.

Internship Report State Of The Art International Gateway Exchanges & Satellite Earth Stations PTCL have largest net work with its state of art technology and new digital exchanges. • • • • • International Submarine Cables High Capacity National Fiber Optic Backbone Ring 36 Transit Exchanges with easy Facility of Expansion About 99% Digitization of Country Network Strong Platforms & Exchanges for Value added Services Large Earnings As described earlier that PTCL with more then 4 million users having greet revenues this is another strength of the company Government support As you know PTCL is government organization so it has great support and it is strength for PTCL. These are the few important characteristics of PTCL network.43 - .  WEAKNESS  Image – Government organization  Image – Lack of customer focus  Image – Outdated people and technology (perception)  Lack of aggressive marketing  Lack of customer services  Ambiguous management style  Lack of corporate culture  Social responsibility .

44 - . Pre-empt competitors.  Migration to satellite and cellular telephony . more aware consumer  Time to establish brand loyalty.Internship Report  OPPORTUNITY  Growth in telecommunication industry  More aware and technology understanding consumer – a base that is growing at a fast rate  Market open for more number of products – less dependence on single category or product  Opportunity to introduce High Value Added Products / High margin products for the new. invest in technology and networks  THREATS  Internet Telephony & other rapidly evolving technologies  Expected competition due to the deregulation in December 2003  New technologies  Efficient operators  International players. co-opt partners. reduction in settlement rates.

45 - . or facilitative relationship to other departments in the organization. advisory.Internship Report My Project STAFF ROLE OF THE HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT The Human Resource department of the company operates in an auxiliary. The H. whether it be personnel or otherwise. Any staff unit. exists to help the line effectively. It has been created in the first place to take advantage of specialized talent and knowledge.R department of the company generally performs the following roles:     Policy Initiation and formulation Advice Service Control .

Ordinarily these are proposed to the president of the company. and it is up on the latter’s authority that the policy is actually issued.46 - . discuss the matter with colleagues and subordinates and give due consideration to the prevailing philosophy in the organization.R. .Internship Report POLICY INITIATION AND FORMULATION The SEVP of the H. survey other companies to determine how they handle similar situations. When proposing a new or revised policy the personnel director must analyze problem that have occurred in the past. Department is the individual most actively involved in policy revision to cover recurring problem or to prevent anticipated problems.

Another foreman may have the problem employee who he feels should be disciplined or even suspended.R. The H. and motives of other people. Countless examples can be given. How should production supervision handle this situation. It may have been instituted by the union in retaliation for the cutting of piece rates the week before. Management must seek to so direct and coordinate the efforts of the people that the goals of the organization are achieved while at the same time providing need satisfactions for the members of that organization. At the time of the annual review of all salaried personnel for possible pay increases. They must be feeling sensitive. Managers and their staffs are expected to be fully familiar with H. the operating manager plays a key role in advising operating manager on the administration of the program. . past experience and the needs and welfare of both the company and the employees in order to develop a sound solution.47 - . wants. At the same time they must continually be cognizant of their obligation to preserve the structure and functioning of the organization. the labor agreement. policy. this really is the essence of H. A shop foreman may be confronted with a grievance over distribution of overtime. In fact.R. management. Successful personnel specialist must be people centered.R.Internship Report ADVICE A major portion of the activities of those engaged in staff personnel work is in the nature of counsel and advice to line manager. An apparent concerted slow down may occur in the assembly department.

Dept. The tasks of recruiting. . department are apparent when one examines such things are as the employment.R. Dept. The maintenance of adequate employee records is a service function that permeates all functional specialties within the personnel field. interviewing and testing job applicants are performed in the H.R. Dept must see that adequate instructional materials and facilities are available.R. Training programs are planned. Organized and often staffed through the H.48 - . Once pension and insurance programs have been setup. Dept. H.R. all claims must be through the H.Internship Report SERVICE The service responsibilities of the H.R. training. and benefits functions.

and practices. .R. It monitors the performance of line department and other staff departments to ensure that they conform to established personnel policy. procedures. The control function of the personnel department is quite comparable to the activities of a quality control group that measures product variables to ensure conformance to engineering specifications or to the activities of the auditing staff that inspects accounting records to ascertain conformance with prescribed standards. Dept carries out important control functions.Internship Report Control The H.49 - .

This function includes recruitment. The H. Dept is one of screening with the final decision to hire or reject being made by the supervisor who requested the new employee.R. These are recorded in the form of job descriptions and job specification.Internship Report HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS H. Very commonly. Quite commonly the role of the H. Dept. and induction into the organization. Dept must develop and maintain adequate sources of labor. which may include interviews.50 - . The new employee’s supervisor bears important responsibilities for introducing his/her to the new work environment. The initial decision to add someone to the payroll is made by line management. the H. Management activities are carried on both by the staff H. selection. selection tests.R. and reference checks. in the case of large-scale hiring program of unskilled or skilled workers.R.R.R.R. Dept and by operating management in the course of directing the activities of the work force. It must set up and operate the employee selection system. However. a medical examination. . statements of job content and employee qualification have been previously worked out jointly between line management and the H. It is also its responsibility to determine the content of the job to be performed and the employee qualifications necessary to perform the job satisfactorily. Variation from the pattern described may occur in particular companies because of special circumstances. Dept is commonly granted full and final authority to make the hiring decision. This is often called orientation.


When employees are moved from one department to another either because of the needs of the business or because of individual requests. and plant wide seniority rights must be observed. departmental.R. This decision is often made jointly between the H.R. Manager and the executive in change of the department where the vacancy has occurred. The actual final decision as to which candidate is chosen for the promotion is largely made by the executive in whose unit the vacancy has occurred. This can become complicated of combinations of jobs. When a vacancy occurs in a position. Layoffs typically are processed by the H. it may be filled by promotion from within or by direct hiring from outside the company. Dept serves primarily in a coordinative capacity. Many companies may establish policies to cover matters of this type.Internship Report TRANSFER. . PROMOTION. LAYOFF For these tasks the H.R. Dept to ensure that the proper order of preference is followed.52 - . the personnel records may be studied to ascertain that they posses the requisite skills.

T.S Multan R.S Lahore R. based at regional headquarter level such kind of Regional Telecom training schools are      R.T. The regional level staffs training schools are also involved for extending training facility to all the staff members of the organization. job rotation.T. The types of training being offered are: o Initial training for the new staff generally 03-06 months as per designation at T. It is the responsibility of the personnel industrial relations group to determine training needs in cooperation with the line management.T. performance appraisal.R. PTCL has established its own training facilities as detailed below:   Telecom staff College Hari Pur Telecom Staff college Lahore Cantt. . Once the needs are established. If the program takes the form of in service class room courses.Internship Report TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT On-the-job training and coaching are performed by the line supervisor or by a specially designated employee who acts in the role of an instructor. understudies.T. Coaching. o Refresher courses for existing employees. Dept. Department.S Faisalabad R.T. it usually is administrated by H. and post appraisal counseling.T. the personnel training specialists must design a program to accomplish the desired results.53 - .C Lahore/ Hari Pur.S Karachi R.S Islamabad etc.R.S.T.T. and special broadening assignments are largely executed by operating managers but coordinated by a central H.T.

54 - . . o Special emergent technology trainings.Internship Report o Promotion training courses. o Some times PTCL also sings contracts with its suppliers/vendors for foreign trainings.

G (New Compensation Pay Grades)  N. Following three types of compensation packages are being served to PTCL staff. department with some consultation with line managers. but any firm decision to rise or change the entire schedule is particularly always reserved for the chief executive officer of the organization.C (New Terms and Conditions) .P.T.Internship Report COMPENSATION ADMINISTRATION The work of designing and installing a job evaluation program is handled.B.R. dept.C. dept. and maintaining suitable records is are H. The day-to-day work of analyzing jobs.R. functions Periodic wage are conducted by the H.R.P. by the H. for the part.55 - . evaluating their worth according to a formal job evaluation plan.  N. The decision to adopt a particular pay structure with pay grades and fixed minimums and maximums for the grades is a top management responsibility.S (National Basic Pay Scale)  N.

heat.Internship Report HEALTH AND SAFETY A significant part on occupational health programs is the identification and control of agents within the working environment that can cause occupational diseases. biological substances and stress. treatment of minor ailments such as colds and headache. . fumes. The miner health problems are dealt by PTCL own medical facility/staff & other in which patient is to be admitted or operated are forwarded to the panel hospitals. education and enforcement. Large firms tend to be staffed with full time personnel’s in these areas. The safety program is directed toward the prevention of work injuries. periodic examinations for those working on jobs having exposure to occupational disease-causing agents. PTCL is offering both its own medical facility setup & the private hospitals on its panel. noise. and providing health education information. toxic chemicals and metals. Other important elements of an employee health programs are pre-employment medical examinations. dusts. radiation. Small companies typically hire physicians. PTCL also offers reimbursement of expenses to the remote areas staff as they can not reach to PTCL hospital in any emergency. Some agents may be gases.56 - . The main elements are engineering. nurses and industrial hygienists only on the consulting and part time basis. rendering of first aid. Industrial hygienists are employed to identify and control such hazards to health.

57 - .R. actual approval by the H. The H. In addition.R. In the first sense it means “training that molds or corrects.Internship Report DISCIPLINE AND DISCHARGE Discipline has two principal meanings. The reason is that discharge is a very serve penalty and should be used only when a very clear case can be shown. Frequently this list of rules and penalties is discussed and cleared with high-level line management before it is issued and communicated throughout the organization. These rules are called terms and conditions formerly known as Employment & Discipline (E&D) rules. The second meaning of the term discipline refers to punishment of wrongdoers. . department has to be obtained before and employee may be discharged. department commonly assumes the responsibility for formulating the list of necessary rules together with the range of penalties for each offense.” This means the achieving and maintaining of orderly employee behavior because the people understand and believe in the established codes of conduct. Most commonly. it is especially vital to achieve companywide uniformity in the handling of such cases.

The principal tasks involved in handling labor relations are contract negotiation. and other conditions of employment.I. In operating on a day-to-day basis under the terms of the labor agreement. handling of transfers and layoffs.R. and grievance handling.B. contract interpretation and administration.R.A) for the employees. . as the sole and exclusive bargaining agency (C. as the result of an election. hours of work. and the application of contract work rules.Internship Report LABOR RELATIONS When a union has been certified by the National Industrial Relations Commission N. department regarding such matters like allocation of over time. The director of industrial relation usually serves as a key member of the bargaining team often acting a chief management spokesman. rate of pay. The H. then management must bargain with it in regard to wages.R. department plays very significant role in labor-management relations. line supervision often finds frequently occasion to consult the H.58 - .C.

group life insurance.R. These programs are generally worked out in conjunction with insurance companies or insurance consultants.59 - . department. social programs. hospital and medical insurance. After these plans are installed. The actual decision to establish or to expand these programs is nearly always made by top line management upon the advice and consultation of the H. recreational programs and college tuition refunds plans. The actual design of pension and insurance programs requires a great deal of technical knowledge.Internship Report BENEFITS AND SERVICES Included under this category are pensions. department . sickness leave pay plans. loan funds. the day-to-day processing of claims is handled by the H.R. credit unions. supplemental unemployment compensation.

make communication more open and direct. directly confront problems and to tap the knowledge of all who can contribute to problem solutions wherever they may be in the organization. team buildings. enhance interpersonal skills. laboratory training and managerial grid exercises and projects.60 - . diagnose problems and work of solutions. Among the objective of the OD are to increase the level of trust and supportiveness among people in the organization. . Consultants are often involved in OD work they work jointly with management to collect data. Typical kinds of OD activities are interventions or confrontation meetings. survey field.Internship Report ORGANIZATION DEVELOPMENT Organization development is a general approach for improving the effectiveness of an organization that utilizes a variety of applied behavioral science methodologies. back conflict resolution.

Human resource planning is the process by which is a firm insures that it has the right number of qualified persons available at the proper times. 4) Designing programs to implement the plans.Internship Report HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING Another new function that has emerged in recent years in human resource planning (also called manpower planning).61 - . programming jobs that are useful to the organization. 2) Current human resource situation including skills inventory. 5) Audit and adjustment. 3) Human resource forecast including comparison of projected future demand for employees with projected supply. more commonly the responsibilities are shared by several people within the corporate personnel unit. Sometimes a specific person or office has this as its primary responsibility. The principal elements involved in human resources planning are as follows: 1) Goals and plans of organization. . and which provide satisfaction for the individuals involved.

Internship Report EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Very commonly the Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP HR) in the company bears the major responsibility for insuring that the organization complies with the various equal employment opportunity laws and regulations. whether she or he is called the chairman/chairperson of the board or the president. .R. She or he often delegates the dayto-day detailed administration to someone within the H. plays a key role in the formulation and implementation of equal employment policy.62 - . department who either specializes in this field of work or who performs these duties along with others department such as the employment function. Usually the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company.

employee benefits analysis. . Some companies have applied these capabilities to personnel work.Internship Report PERSONNEL INFORMATION SYSTEM Today. skills inventories. Among the applications have been human resources planning. computers. and productivity studies.63 - . and management information systems. many organizations have staffs of people trained in mathematical analysis.

the SEVP personally is the interviewer of the interviewees along with his team. . TRAINING: Then the qualified candidates undergo a training period under the banner of Human Resource Department . The Human Resource Department may advice the administration and the board of directors on special issues of the company and then it offers services in order to accomplish the task.The Head of the Human Resources Department is the SEVP and his team comprises of EVP’s & General Managers of different zones .Internship Report HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT OF THE PTCL: The PTCL has won repute in the field of land line & WLL services for the domestic & commercial customers .It has been achieved only due to the proper and exact functionality of the Human Resource Department .There are Telecom Staff colleges at Lahore & Hari Pur.64 - . Then the specified persons are appointed against each specified post so the best results are expected and hence the performance and good will of the PTCL is increased. offers services but also control the policies of the administration. RECRUITMENT: The department first determines the need of employees to be hired . It not only gives advice. The human resources are the ultimate deciders provided by the Human Resource Department.If there is a post of manager cadre.The post against each vacancy is advertised and then the applications are invited from the applicants .

As there are no apparent dangers to the employees and customers hence it is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department to see through the matter.Internship Report TRANSFER: Human Resource Department of the company also deals with the transfer of the employees because the Human Resource Department knows the demands of the job and the right person is employed over the right place by transferring him to that post.It bargains with the management in the light of the demands of the employees . . Health and safety matters are also handled by the Human Resource Department in the organization. UNION: The union plays an essential part for the labor management relation . Discipline and discharge is the necessity of each organization and it is maintained by the Human Resource Department of the company.65 - .The job appraisal system comprises of different questionnaire depending upon which the whole system is forwarded. he may be warned and depending upon the severity of the matter and allegation he may be suspended and even terminated. EVALUATION: The employees are then properly evaluated by different evaluation criteria and procedures in order to motivate them and to enhance the performance . Human Resources Department is also responsible for the dealing with other organizations running the same business. If an employee is creating problems for the administration for nothing.It is the responsibility of the Human Resource Department which holds the formal talks and the negotiations between the parties.

As the company is public dealing entity so the work place training is the integral factor for the good will and the status of the policies and services of the company. . It has comparatively low pay packages yet good ones. So they are equally and firmly evaluated and enhancement of their capabilities is achieved. ACR. Department.Internship Report WORK PLACE TRAINING: The work place training or on job training (O. qualification and seniority. 2) Promotion on seniority bases. The managerial posts are filled directly by the Human Resource Department. These are determined on the basis of performance. Refreshing courses are for the managerial and Technical staff.T) is the key factor of the policies of the Human Resources Department . In case of deceased employee. REFRESHING COURSES: The refreshing courses enhance the potential capabilities of the staff and the performance as well.So the qualified and the efficient workers are supposed to come up to the top. PAY PACKAGES: The packages are also determined by the Human Resources Department.J. According to qualification and skills it ensures the employee benefits. one of his children gets the job in the company according to his qualification. Human Resource Department also deals with the retention and firing of the employees. On the other hand the Technical Lower and mid level supervisory staff is hired by the means of: 1) Direct Hiring. The refreshing courses are conducted by Regional Telecom Training Schools (RTTS) and some times by Telecom Staff Colleges & are attended by the staff members on the recommendations and behalf of the H. The promotions are on the seniority cum fitness basis .66 - .R.

The whole Human Resource Department functionality depends upon the information system. It helps in the policy formulation and the running of the business affairs properly by providing the 1st hand and accurate information.67 - . The company is now in a process to develop its own HRIS system so that it may have good information system and be able to serve the employees as well customers through Human Resource Department efficiently and effectively.It is obvious that the Human resources Department is of key importance and is playing a complementary role in the development and promotion of the company. better the Human Resource Department. .Internship Report More over the Human Resource Department also cares for the old age benefits of the employees . INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY: The information system is the core of the operating of the each and every organization. Better the information system.

d) VSS will help PTCL make corporate image better. . 2007 to complete and submit the enclosed Option/Wavier Form to the VSS Support center using the enclosed pre. Employees interested in opting for VSS will have 60 days from the announcement date of 15 Nov.Internship Report CURRENT HR ISSUES OF PTCL PTCL offered VSS (Voluntary Separation Scheme) to its regular staff. The VSS is completely voluntary. Under this program. Employee decision either to participate or not to participate is voluntary at his will. b) Decrease in future staff pays payments by almost 40% each year. e) Ratio of staff with respect to the working capacity will improve up to 1570 Lines/employee. If an employee choose not to opt for the VSS & remain at PTCL under the current terms of employment. The support center remained available through out the VSS program rollout. 2007 are eligible to participate in this PTCL VSS.addressed & pre-paid envelop. The support center staffed with Support Officers that can help employees understand his individual VSS package & answer any questions he may have.pk} ACHIEVEMENTS THROUGH VSS PROCESS a) Decrease in Surplus/Not needed staff by 29979 staff members of all categories. Monday to Thursday 08:30 AM to 05:00 PM – Friday 08:30 Am to 12:30 PM (Break 12:30 PM to 02:00 PM) – Saturday 08:30 AM to 03:30 PM by calling toll free number 0800-13531.68 - . all regular status employees under the age of 58 as of 15 November. c) Opportunities open for new highly qualified/trained staff. ^ E-mail: {vss@ptcl. Additionally PTCL established a VSS support center to assist employees in the decision making process.net.

2007 Employees Submit option/Waiver Form to Accept or Decline VSS Post Marked No later than 14 Jan. 2007 15 Nov. 2008 . 2008 Employees Call VSS Support center to confirm Receipt of Option Form After 15 days of submitting Form PTCL Management Reviews & Accept or reject Applications Within 30 calendar days of Receipt of Option Form Employees Receive Letter of Acceptance or Rejection Postmarked No later than 24 Feb. 2007 Employees calls VSS Support center to report Errors in Personal information No later than 1st Dec. 2008 PTCL Management cuts Settlement Cheque Employees Submit Completed off Boarding & or Pension paperwork No Later than 15 days After VSS Acceptance No Later than 4 April.69 - .Internship Report VSS Process & TimeLine VSS Announced Employees Acknowledge Receipt of VSS notification No later than 26 Nov.

Human Resource Department is lacking employee training centers. .70 - . There are only two Staff colleges. not timely and frequently. Proper evaluation of the employees is not in the normal functioning of the company. The policies of the company are determined by the board of directors in accordance with the H. of Pakistan Employees have developed a psychology that promotion criteria & procedures of the Human Resource Department of the company are not justified. Department. The staff did not get any benefit for their higher qualifications in the shape of promotions or pay increments. On the other hand the training opportunity is not provided to all the staff equally. he has to take approval from the Human Resource Department of the company. Refreshing courses are on & off. The quality of service in areas is much poor hence creating the problems for customer.R. However there are certain policies in which the Human Resource Department is dependent on the Ministry of IT & T Govt.Internship Report WEAKNESSES: The Human Resource Department is not up to the mark for the proper appraisal system of the staff. there are certain bottle necks for taking such approval. The management also never encourages employees for enhancing there qualifications/technical skills. If an employee wants to study during the job.

Internship Report The proper information system is not in progress for the Human Resource Department. The automation process by the Human Resource Department is slow hence delaying the functioning of the company.71 - . . Human Resource department lacks trained & related qualified staff and it is very difficult for the SEVP Human Resource to do the right things for the organization and it takes much time for normal working of the organization.

Internship Report RECOMMENDATIONS The Human Resources should take less time in recruitment and training the staff. Agents for the promotion of the company policies and to facilitate the customers by the Human Resource Department may be appointed with proper check and balance system. This is the era of Information Technology. If there is lack of resources. It will enhance the performance & accuracy of the Human Resource Department and ultimately of the company. the training centers of the other organizations in the same capacity can be utilized by determining the terms and conditions. Pay packages may be revised in the light of profit earned by the organization. Human Resource Department should allocate resources for this purpose. it is difficult. More training centers should be established. Human Resource Department may advice and train employees for one window operation in order to reduce the time and conserve the resources. Refreshing courses should be adequate and more frequent during the year. . The promotional criteria by the Human Resource Department should be defined and be as per rules. Highly qualified & trained staff may be deputed in HR department.72 - . The functions and procedures of the company should be converted from manual to the automatic. The proper and competitive evaluation of the methods and procedures adopted by other competitors will enhance the performance of Human Resource Department. During the training by Human Resource Department the ethical values should be more emphasized.

designing compensation package.Actually it assign the specified duties to the specified persons in this age of specialization. Human Resource manager should be well versed and confident in his field. Human Resource Department plays the key role in the hiring. training. . He should be of the notion “victory is not everything. employee’s appraisal system.Internship Report CONCLUSIONS: No doubt PTCL is enjoying monopoly but the time is came when competition will force company to change its policies to become favorite telecom service provider in the market & keep its current place & customer base. well natured and have go face reading capabilities .It goes with out saying that Human resources are the most important in the organization and so does the Human Resource Department . staffing. He should be humane. motivation and promotion of the employees . but the way of fighting is”. retention. The actual working substances are the human beings . recruitment.All this ensures his success.It integrate all the activities and functions of the company like job analysis.73 - .

References CRC Send Document With Log in which he writes Address or May be Reason .Change of Address Customer Request Not Verified Customer Verification Verified CRS save the balance and Change the Address in Both System (CARES & Single View) NIC Name of Owner Father’s Name Address Ph No.

3. Post is received if yes then who is received give the name of this person.Bills Late Receive / Not Received/Return Customer Request Not Verified Customer Verification 1. 2. References CRC provide Bill @ that time and take corrective action 1. Address is right But Not Located by Post man Verified CRC Check the Reason of Problem NIC Name of Owner Father’s Name Address Ph No. Intimate the Post office as customer request . Address is right. Change the address 2.

Bill Amount Problem Customer Request Not Verified Customer Verification Verified CRC Check the Billing No Problem NIC Name of Owner Father’s Name Address Ph No. References Problem Show the Bills or Records of calls CRC Will Make the Adjustment .

Is the service already activated? CRC check the option of package and product. References Request accept CRC open the value added service . Request Reject NIC Name of Owner Father’s Name Address Ph No. If Value Added service is being offered by the PTCL. 2.Activation/Deactivation of Value added Services Customer Request Not Verified Customer Verification Verified 1.

Verify user’s previous payments clearance 2. References Amount is clear CRC Change the Package and send the Log .Change of Package Customer Request Not Verified Customer Verification Verified 1. What package user requested? CRC Check the Old Package NIC Name of Owner Mother’s Name Address Ph No.

Verify Cabinet /DP/Pair.S.L/M Updated Data base on CFMS Online software (The fault is rectified) Verification by CFMS by dialing customer T/No Customer replied the CFMS by pressing 1 on his T/phone set Customer replied the CFMS by pressing any other digit on his T/phone set Fault Rectified T/phone is working properly . 3. Handover the fault to E.S. Locate the concerned E. Verify Customer Name.L/M 4. Verify Customer Address. T/No & customer address verification along with Nature of fault Fault rectified By Line Man 1.Complaint Registration for Faulty Phone (Land Line) Customer request (Dialed 18) Complaint registered got Complaint Number Complaint forwarded to the concerned Eng. Ops on CFMS Fault not rectified Carried over Fault 1. Verify from Switch room. 2. 2.

.Staff Request Approval Process Request rejected Employee Request for Leave Parent SE Operation Verify Record Leave Balance Record in Master HRIS Data Sufficient Leave Balance in Hand Leave Balance Zero Forwarded to (Regional) Manager HR Leave Approved Leave Approved by (Regional) Manager HR Copy of Approval forwarded to G.M HR for master record (Leave) update.

Ms (Development) G.M (VAS) Expert I/Technology C.E (Proc-II) MD* (PTML) G. ** Posts do not exist.M OTR KR G.E (RRR) C.M (MM) Expert Data Network G.E Dev(S&T) C.M (CTS&S) C.M (R&D Fund) G.D G.E (T&S) C. Ms STR-I.E (Po & Reg. Ms GTR/LTR-I&II/ FTR/ CTR/ MTR G.M (TRANS DEV) G.M (T&T) G.M OTR IBA Expert Telecom B. III&V/ WTR C.M (IT DEV) G.M (C/Care) G.M (TH & VOIP) G.Plg) C.M (Software Audit&Sup) G. Care C.M (I/ AUDIT) SEVP (STATE MGMT) SEVP (FINANCE) SEVP (TECHNICAL) SEVP (OPERATIONS) SEVP (HR & ADMN) * Detail is on page 51* SEVP (IT) SEVP (CORPORATE AFFAIRS) EVP (Accounts) EVP (Finance) EVP (Revenue) EVP (Dev) EVP (Tech & St.M ** (I&I) C.M Expert B&C.E (I/C) G.M Computer G.M (SNCR) Lahore G. S SEVP (I/ AUDIT) G. (T&I) G.M (STR-IV) (S&T) KR G.M Legal ** Advisor C.M (Admn) G.E (M&O) Central C.ORGANIZATION CHART OF PTCL PRESIDENT & CEO COMPANY SECRETARY G.M (PR) G. Officers are working on Contract (QA) G.E (PSP) C.M (Trg & Res) G. M N.E G.) C.E (SBD) G.E (M&O-II) G. S.M (Tech Audit) ITR/NTR-I&II/ RTR/OFS/HTR G.E (M&O) South C.M.) .M (Marketing) C.M (ITI) KR (IBD) G.E (Proc-I) G.E (T&NE) C.E (St.M (Finance) C.M (DSR&D) G. Dev. Ms G.E (S&E) G. II. Care (Stores) Legend: * Not included in PTCL working strength.E (M&O-I) C. M (ITI) IBA Principal (NPGIT&I) C.M (Accts) C.E (Co-ord) G.M (OFS) Mntce.E Dev (LNW) C.E (HRM&P) C.M (Revenue) G. G.E (ITT&R) C.E G. Pl) EVP (O) H/QTRS EVP (O) CENTRAL EVP (O) SOUTH EVP ITT&R EVP I/C EVP (Marketing & C/C) EVP (Bus.M (FAN)IBA Chief Inspector (Telecom) G.M (OFC) Kr/Lh/Pe/Iba Expert B&C.O Expert HR Telecom.

Financial Statements Company 1/5 .

000) ordinary shares of Rs 10 each Insurance reserve General reserves Unappropriated profit 51.000 39.373.047 30.000 "B" Class Ordinary Shares of Rs.447. 2/5 .264 NON CURRENT LIABILITIES Payable to PTA against WLL license fee Deffered taxation Employees' retirement benefits Long term security deposits from customers non interest bearing 1. 2008 (UN-AUDITED) March 31.958 2.977 51.000 10.254 (June 2007: 5.223 12.414 152.000.217 110.948 171.749.148.459.000 111.870.145.626 1.000 150.930 94.994 708.000 Issued.357 16.860 19.855 CURRENT LIABILITIES Trade and other payable Short term borrowings Current portion of Suppliers' credit Taxation 22.900.000. 2008 June 30.925 2.664.100.000 2.903 1.744.784 17.047 30.749.899.195.000 150.000.097 25.000.500.500.421 1.000.000 39.100. subscribed and paid-up capital 5.000 1.161 18. 10 each 111.000.581 2.PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED CONDENSED INTERIM BALANCE SHEET AS AT MARCH 31.820.000 "A"Class Ordinary Shares of Rs 10 each 3.289. 2007 (Rupees in thousand) EQUITY AND LIABILITIES SHARE CAPITAL AND RESERVES Authorized Share Capital 11.016 CONTINGENCIES AND COMMITMENTS 138.000 27.957.850.

838 138.174. 2007 (Rupees in thousand) NON CURRENT ASSETS Property.069 1.022 CURRENT ASSETS Stores and spares Trade debts Current portion of loan to subsidiaries Receivable from Government of Pakistan for VSS Loans advances.542 150.660 54.358.000 2.618.072 5.399 18.729 7 9.870.531 7.882 3.850.483 3.317.742 5.414 152.860 3/5 . pre-payments and other receivables Cash and bank balances 5.763.137. 2008 June 30.776 1.560 33.411.879.881 10.355 3.820. deposits.087.609.202.PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED CONDENSED INTERIM BALANCE SHEET AS AT MARCH 31.140 98. 2008 (UN-AUDITED) March 31.164.572 441.124.191.929.514 43.159.532 76.411.412 400. plant and equipment Capital Work-in-Progress Intangible assets Long term investment Long term loans Deferred taxation 73.206 11.228.881 95.

962 1.936 (1.420.33 4/5 .792 (6.580 (11.128 (180.977.640 43.287) 48.141 (6.564.859.588. 2008 2007 2008 2007 (Rupees in thousand) Revenue Operating costs Operating (loss)/profit Non-operating income Finance cost (Loss)/profit before taxation Taxation (Loss)/profit after taxation 14. March 31.296) 3. 2008 (UN-AUDITED) Quarter ended Nine months ended March 31.977.451.540 (453.407.060 (56.398.PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED CONDENSED INTERIM PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT FOR THE QUARTER AND NINE MONTHS ENDED MARCH 31.963) (12.869.963.58 0.001.886.143) 3.715.439.000) 4.basic and diluted (Rupees) 0.903) 3.427.716) (9.816) 4.033) 18.580 982.532.940.724.865) 2.819 (33.102) 14.457 (326.389. March 31.940.054 (135.772) 5.503.335 15.217) 11.079) 3.924 Earnings per share .29) 2.105 (11.717 3.391.69 (1.727.127. March 31.992.261.200 (1.

000 (1.712 15.266.464 (10.924) (13.370.838) (455.996 2.847) Net increase in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of the period Cash and cash equivalents at end of the period (15.001 1.842.900) (516.835.374) 32.153 Cash flows from investing activities Fixed capital expenditure Intangible assets Long term investments Long term loans Loan to subsidiaries Return on deposits Dividend income Sale proceeds from disposal of property.137.439 18. plant and equipment Net cash inflow/(outflow) from investing activities (4.469) (4.344) 27.424 (123.073 39.706.473 250.193.520 - 10.512.756.445) (330.041.217.923 - 5/5 . 2007 (Rupees in thousand) Cash flows from operating activities Cash generated from operations Long term security deposits Employee retirement benefits Finance cost paid Income tax paid Net cash inflow from operating activities 17.625. 2008 (UN-AUDITED) March 31.655.911) (5.960.923) (13.188) (250.825.063.PAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED CONDENSED INTERIM CASH FLOW STATEMENT FOR NINE MONTHS ENDED MARCH 31.943 350.575) (9.636 249.497) 973. 2008 March 31.192) 31.301.876.571) (208.674) (404.962.147.144) (5.098 (3.377 (20.138) (9.096) (2.484 28.034) (982.652 17.481 402.518) 96.867) Cash flows from financing activities Repayment of long term borrowings Dividend paid Net cash used in financing activities 512.015.680.

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