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Function Alibi Witness Con / Prisoner Defendant Detective Eye Witness Ex – Con Judge Key Witness Lawyer / Defense Attorney Description A witness upon whom a criminal defendant relies in establishing an alibi. A convicted person The party against whom a criminal or civil action is brought. (As by making an affidavit or complaint charging the defendant). A person engaged or employed in detecting lawbreakers or in getting information that is not readily or publicly accessible. A witness whose testimony is necessary for trial and whose presence may sometimes be secured by the state by recognizance A convicted person who has already served it’s time in prison. A public official vested with the authority to hear, determine, and preside over legal matters brought in court. The main link person to testimony in order to solve a crime. A person authorized to act on another’s behalf for a defendant’s opposition to an allegation in a complaint or to a charge in a charging instrument. Or one whose profession is to advise clients as to legal rights and obligations and to represent clients in legal proceedings. A witness whose testimony is necessary for trial and whose presence may sometimes be secured by the state by subpoena, custody, or recognizance. A body of individuals sworn to give a decision on some matter submitted to them. Also sworn to inquiry into a question of fact and to give their verdict according to the evidence. A person who institutes a prosecution. A special selected panel of jurors called upon request of a party from a list of presumably more intelligent or knowledgeable prospective jurors for a case involving complicated issues of fact or serious felonies –Also called Blue-Ribbon Jury, Struck Jury. One who gives evidence regarding matters of fact under inquiry Portuguese Testemunha Alibi Presidiário/a Acusado/a Detetive Testemunha Ocular Ex Presidiario Juiz Testemunha Chave Advogado de Defesa

Material Witness Member of Jury Prosecutor Special Jury

Testemunha Material Membro do jury Promotor/a Juri Especial



An attorney holding a public office whose function is to advise and represent the city in legal matters. in civil actions within the federal judicial district to which he or she is assigned. report on. Also called: City Solicitor or City Counselor. a legal representative who officially accuses someone of committing a crime in a court of law An attorney who represents the government in instituting and proceeding with criminal actions. and supervise the conduct of convicted offenders on probation.S. A person holding a public office the nature of which requires that in order for the person to prevail in a defamation action he or she must show actual malice on the part of the defendant.People in higher positions with the law: Function Government Attorney Probation Officer Prosecuting Officer District Attorney / or Prosecuting Attorney / Counsel Public Official Town Counsel / City Attorney United States Attorney Description Who represents the state’s case against the defendant in a criminal prosecution An officer appointed to investigate. An attorney in the Department of Justice who is appointed either by the president or the Attorney General of the United States and acts as the prosecutor in federal criminal cases and as a Counsel for the U. Portuguese Advogado de Defesa Federal Promotor de Condicionais Promotor/a Advogado de Defesa Regional Advogado de Defesa Estatal Advogado de Defesa Governamental .

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