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KUMAR Director . extensive student-teacher interaction. It has a tradition of imparting quality education and it continues to do so in the field of management through its MBA program to bridge the gap in management education in the country. I take this opportunity to acquaint you with the SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (SOM). since its inception. SUNIL KUMAR SARANGI. industry oriented sessions and has unique features like IT & operations orientation with specializations. Prof. of.DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE DIRECT MESSAGE I have a great pleasure in welcoming you to National Institute of Technology. which equips the student with several corporate skills to face the challenges of the highly dynamic business environment. The institute has a track record of industrial interaction and has recently taken up innovative steps in order to enrich its interaction so that students are trained in a setting that recognizes the real needs of the field and uses a more realistic approach. The full time program is unique in the sense that it is offered only to engineering graduates. Warangal (NITW). Our previous students are working with many reputed corporates and I expect you also to tie up in this mission of recruitment. case studies. It offers MBA program incorporating some of the best features of the present day management education. SOM is one of the exponentially growing departments of NITW due to the commitment and innovation of the faculty and students. Our program pivots incorporating some of the best features of the present day management education like rigorous pedagogy.

being fast learners. SRINIVASA RAO. Training and Placement Section . For a new recruiter. Dr. enthusiastic and ebullient future Techno-Managers. In order to keep pace with the changing global business scenario.How to follow the process of recruiting from campus? SOM welcomes you to participate in its recruitment process. I would like to say that the School Of Management cherishes its relationship with its corporate partners and wishes that it constitutes the same way for all time to come.PLA TRAINING AND PLACEMENT MESSAGE INCHARGE'S MESSAGE 2011. our management students possess sound technical skills to tackle today’s challenges faced by the industry. who would be graduating from the prestigious National Institute of Technology. I am sure that the current batch of our MBA students. MBA students need to acquire practical skills in addition to their conceptual knowledge gained from the classroom. In-Charge. Being engineering graduates. I take privilege to request your esteemed organization to cooperate with us in turning out better skilled and competent technomanagers by offering placements for our students. Warangal in June Dr. this brochure is meant to provide answers to some questions : . SRINIV RAO.What systems and processes make SOM such a fine Institution? .Why SOM is the right choice for you? .Who the people at SOM are? . S. I take immense pleasure in introducing to you the young. can adapt to your organization culture quickly and contribute significantly by way of their participation in the managerial activities.

relevance and synergetic approach to management education.HEAD OF DEPARTMENT’S MESSAGE DEPAR ART MESSAGE Ever since its inception. RAVIND VINDAR REDDY Dr. The first eight batches of our students have already found placement in prestigious industries in the country and are doing very well. The students learn not only the latest information but understand its applications in business and industry. Dr. internationally known for its excellence in technical education. the SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT (SOM). RAVINDAR REDDY. M. I wish them a grand success in all their future endeavors. School of Management . has provided a fertile ground for the successful conduct of the Business Management programme that is exclusively offered to engineering graduates. I am confident that our students will be an asset to any industry looking for management personnel with technical bent of mind. HEAD. National Institute of Technology. very good faculty and infrastructure. has established a close collaboration with industry and evolved a culture of commitment to quality.

the first in the chain of 23 NITs in the country. Industrial consultancy. Continuing education and Training programs for teachers and industrial personnel. the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.A.NIT .WARANGAL National Institute of Technology. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone for this institute on October 10. .. The placement service at the institute is one of the best of its kind. The institute is wellknown for its Research and Development.A. According to NASSCOM Data Quest Survey. was established in the year 1959. state-of-the-art infrastructure and excellent placement. The infrastructure in the Institute is being developed making it a student friendly campus. As a NIT. Research programs (PhDs) in Engineering.Tech) in engineering.Tech) in engineering. sciences and management. formerly known as Regional Engineering College. 1959.. NITW clinches the 7th rank among the technical institutes in the country. It is located on a site of 250 acres at a distance of 3 kms from Kazipet railway station and 140 kms from Hyderabad. it is in the process of improving its standards to the level of a global technical institute. M. M. It offers seven graduate programs (B.Sc. Sciences. and M.C. Humanities and Physical Education. Warangal (An Institute of National Importance). twenty four post graduate programs (M. The Institute is the premier institute in the country known for its dedicated faculty and staff.B.

Life Life at SOM : Students experience at School of Management (SOM) is fascinating. Thus came to light the “School of Management (SOM)” at NIT Warangal. which is technology intensive and consumer oriented. VISION : To develop entrepreneurial managers and transform them into corporate leaders in an era of global competitiveness and technological advancements. Besides honing up the skills of individual decision making. encompassing an all round development of mind. Recognizing this. For those who find comfort only when mobbed by books. The pedagogical tools include extensive use of case studies. MISSION : To impart world-class education by creating a challenging environment and empowering knowledge to accomplish academic excellence.SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT In the contemporary world of rapidly changing global business. . The best thing about SOM is that there’s always a perfect environment to suit your mood. body and spirit. PEDA PEDAGOGY : The Department places heavy emphasis on the experiential and process-oriented learning. the acumen needed for managers is being revolutionized. and students at SOM experience firsthand how well it actually pays! Never in the wildest of dreams can a student imagine how amazing life at SOM Warangal could be. It is said “hard work pays”. the institute has designed a comprehensive MBA program exclusively for engineers. The most important lesson that students learn from SOM NIT Warangal is to be confident always. there are thousands of them waiting at the SOM library and online access is always a click away! If you want to give those calf muscles some exercise. simulation exercises. enough emphasis is laid on developing team skills and value focused decision making. The compulsory audit courses are designed for this purpose. Our teaching is backed by extensive research and consultancies that have gained wide peer for this purpose. head to the basketball courts for a quick two on two. industry oriented project works using databases like PROWESS and CMIE. it goes far beyond the reaches of pure academic training.

VIII PROJECT WORK .II DECISION METHODS FOR MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING MACRO ECONOMICS MARKETING ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR BUSINESS SYSTEM ANALYSIS & DESIGN QUARTER IV QUARTER . FIRST COURSE DESIGN FIRST YEAR COURSE DESIGN QUARTER QUARTER . 2-year. The core curriculum is covered in the first 4 quarters.VII ENTREPRENEURSHIP TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT ELECTIVES QUARTER QUARTER . the students are required to undertake summer training in any organization or industry of their choice pertaining to their respective specializations they are going to enroll in their forthcoming quarters.III BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODLOGY FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT STRATEGIC DESIGN OF OPERATIONS MARKETING MANAGEMENT HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT INDIAN ECONOMY QUARTER QUARTER . The 5th. in their chosen area of specialization and the project is evaluated by a panel of examiners on the basis of report.IV RETAIL MANAGEMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS ELECTIVES QUARTER QUARTER . The quarter system covers 42 subjects relating to various fields of management. full-time residential MBA program.V E-BUSINESS ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT ELECTIVES QUARTER IV QUARTER . the students are required to undertake live projects in the industry.COURSE STRUCTURE STRUC TRUCT The focus of SOM is on its premier. where strong foundation in all functional areas of management is laid.I BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS STATISTICS FOR MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING ECONOMIC ANALYSIS FOR BUSINESS DECISIONS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT QUARTER QUARTER . 6th. presentation and viva-voice examination. The course curriculum is spread over 8 quarters. In the last quarter. After 4th quarter. 7th and 8th quarters furnish an in-depth coverage of the respective fields of specialization emphasizing the focus on Operations & IT.IV OPERATIONS PLANNING & CONTROL VALUE INVESTMENTS DECISIONS BUSINESS LAWS & CONTRACT MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT SECOND COURSE DESIGN SECOND YEAR COURSE DESIGN QUARTER QUARTER .

Students are exposed to various cross-cultural teams and are entrusted with a lot of responsibility in their 8 weeks internship period. This internship should be carried after 1st year of the course. ELECTIVES TIVE ELECTIVES : RESOURCE HUMAN RESOURCE Training and development FINANCE Security Analysis And Portfolio Management International Finance Mergers And Acquisitions MARKETING Advertising And Sales Promotion Consumer Behavior Marketing Research Performance management Strategic Human Resource Management Industrial Relations Commodity Markets And Financial Derivatives Financial Markets.SUMMER INTERNSHIP : Students from School of Management have been gaining exposure to various companies around India through Internship programme. Instruments And Services Risk Management Bank Management Industrial Marketing Labor Legislation International Marketing Employee Compensation Organizational Change And Design Leadership International Human Resource Management Measure Human Resources Services Marketing Product Management Behavioral Finance Rural Marketing Market Forecasting . The minimum duration of a summer internship is 8 weeks.

CURA signifying “Thoughtfulness” is a platform to unleash the potential of the management aspirants all over India. vision and action. The campus is so designed to develop students in all aspects of social and professional life. In order to comprehend the complexity and select the intelligent pathways one should require not only the knowledge of technology but also the holistic perception through unity of thoughts.INFRASTRUC TRUCT INFRASTRUCTURE CLASS ROOMS : CLAS ASS School of Management has been designed by professionally experienced architects and has state of the art facilities for management studies and equal importance is being given to environment as well. presentation aids. Virtual Stock Market. trade journals. The institute also provides 24 hours Wi-Fi connectivity. Group discussions. New product Marketing. The variety of literature reflects current management knowledge and economic trends on global scale. The library also subscribes to a number of journals and news papers. With this regard Abhiyan Club an exclusive MBA student association was formed in year 2003. is one of the best. and is very well equipped with management. NITW to encourage budding managers across the country. . IBRARY LIBRARY : Library. It is equipped with air-conditioned classrooms with white boards. multimedia and audio visuals to facilitate effective learning. Personal Interviews etc. (National Le Manag anagement Meet) CURA (National Level Management Meet) : “CURA” is a momentous management meet conducted by the students of SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT. The classrooms are spacious to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the students. The library houses plenteous volumes of books selectively chosen for reading and reference. These activities are organized daily and occasionally with the presence of faculty members for better assessment of the students. etc. Undoubtedly this event is a beacon of light for all those who can balance and blend their skills with palatable and innovative ideas accompanied with verve. periodicals. The aim of the event is to elucidate the major business activities through different events thus to elicit the diverse responses from admiring students of management. literature. Abhiyan club organizes live events like Business Plans. XTRA-CURRICUL RICULAR TIVITIES VITIE EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ABHIY CLUB ABHIYAN CLUB : The non-linearity of Knowledge explosions is forcing the emergent business organization to become borderless complex adaptive system.

.Phil. Fr Sudhakar ar. Ph. K. Dr. Rithanjali Majhi MBA. IIM-K . Gopal B.Kozhikode. Hyderabad. Ph D. PhD. Dr. K. Mr. Dr.D.Tech. PhD Dr. P. Sunitha MBA. Mr. PhD. Sreenivasa murth eenivas thy Dr. Dr. Dr. P. agesh Prof. Mohan B. Rao Mr. Marketing.Tech. E-Commerce and TQM. Kes esa Rao. Mr. COO. Shreesh Chowdary. JNTU.V.K. P. MBA.Tech (M. antul aral Mr. Mr. P. B.N.G. Prof.Cordatus Technologies Mr.S.D. Dr. isw Dr. ASSOCIATED FACULTY ASSOCIA SOCIATED FACULT Dr. S. PhD Director.R. Business Communication Dr. Dr. G. Ph. HRM. M. Ph. D.A. IIM. Lakshmi Tulasi Devi. Nimesh Varma. Manager. Kesava Rao. Ravindar Redd eddy Dr. Ph.CULT FACULTY CORE FACULTY Dr. Ph. PhD . Ph.D. Francis Sudhakar. IPE. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Ramanasonti. of. officer (HR). Ramlal B.Tech). D. Viswanadham. S. R. Mr. MBA. Krishnanand. FACULT ADHOC FACULTY Dr. Shreesh Chow ary Prof. Hyderabad. Mr. Ravindar Reddy. Prakash. MBA (Finance) Mr. Prof.S.S. Sreenivasa murthy. Dr. S. International Business ADJUNCT/VISITING FACULTY Mr. IIT-Chennai. Pantulu Avasarala. Prakash. Padma MA (Economics). Sridhar.D Nageshw Rao. Chandrak akanth Mr.V. Madhukar. L. Mr. C. Statistics for Management.Tech.D. PGDIE.Tech. GUEST FACULTY of. . Saji Gopinath. MBA (IIM). MBA. SCCL. Economics. M. Sr .D. Accenture. Dr.Manager. of. Pantulu asarala. Operations Management. Raml amlal Dr. Mrs. Finance.Tech.D. Tata Consultancy Services . Ramakrishna Rao. Ph. Dr. ulasi Devi.V Rao . Ramakrishna Rao. M.C. Rithanjali Majhi Dr. M. Organizational Behavior. Mr. Mr. Mr. CINCOM (India).N. Dr. Madhukar.D. Mohan Mr. Padma Dr. adhukar Sr.K. Mrs.D. Chennai. Mr. S. Ramanasonti. Dr.V. P. M Phil. Krishnanand.D (Marketing) Indian School of Business. School of Management. CGM.D.S. Hanumantha Rao B-Tech (IIT). Dr. B. K. P.IIT-Mumbai. Sr. Finance. Sridhar. Value Multiplier Consultancy Service. Rao B. Nageshwar Rao. Marketing Management. Head of the department Economics.V. P. Ph. Chandrakanth Sharma Retd. of. M.

MARKETING Qualification : B-TECH/BE(IT) Summer Project : Futures and Options Organization : INDIA BULLS .STUDENT PROFILES ANUSHA CHEPURI Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : HR .HR : B-TECH/BE(EIE) : Inventory Management : SINGARENI COLLIERIES : 7 months.MARKETING Qualification : B-TECH/BE(ECE) Summer Project : Futures and Options Organization : SHAREKHAN SECURITIES LTD BODDU RAMARAJU Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : CHAITANYA RAO CHAITANYA RAO Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization Work experience FINANCE. HR B-TECH/BE(ECE) Business Process Re-engineering BASIX BILLAPATI KRUPAKAR BILLAP APA KRUPAKAR Specialization : MARKETING .MARKETING B-TECH/BE(ECE) Ratio Analysis on Infosys SHAREKHAN SECURITIES LTD NALLANI NALLANI : FINANCE .HR Qualification : B-TECH/BE(CSE) Summer Project : Factors Effecting Consumer Behavior on Pure It Organization : HINDUSTAN UNILEVER Ltd BHASKAR GUGULOTHU GUGULO Specialization : FINANCE.FINANCE B-TECH/BE(BIOTECH) Factors Effecting Bond Market Returns and Duration Hedging with Bond Market Returns IIT MADRAS ANUSHA MANDALA MANDAL ALA Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : FINANCE . INFOSYS KALY DUGGIRALA DURGA KALYAN DUGGIRALA Specialization : FINANCE .

STUDENT PROFILES GOWTHAM REDDY GOWTHAM REDDY. Mafoi Randstad J. FINANCE Qualification : B-TECH/BE(CSE) Summer Project : Recruitment and Selection Organization : BRIGADE. HARIKRISHNAN. Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : HARIKRISHNAN.HR B-TECH/BE(CSE) Employee Engagement BRIGADE Corporation KARTHIK THADISHETT KARTHIK THADISHETTY Specialization : FINANCE . MARKETING B-TECH/BE(ECE) PORTFOLIO DIVERSIFICATION SHAREKHAN SECURITIES LTD KARTHIK KAMAT KARTHIK KAMATAM Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : FINANACE. Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization B : : : : N FINANCE .MARKETING B-TECH/BE(ECE) Technical Analysis in Stock Market INDIA BULLS : : : : MARKETING .MARKETING Qualification : B-TECH/BE(CSE) Summer Project : Portfolio Management and Performance Analysis of Equity Diversified Mutual Fund Organization : ICICI .VENKAT MADA J.MARKETING B-TECH/BE(BIOTECH) Worked on oracle financial package Satyam-Venture Engineering Services FINANCE. HR B-TECH/BE(BIOTECH) Asset Liability Management DHANALAKSHMI Bank HARSHIT GIRDAR HARSHITA JAGIRDAR Specialization : HR .VENKAT MADAV Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization VIJA PAL VIJAY PAL Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization KALY ODELA KALYAN VODELA Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization : : : : FINANCE . HR B-TECH/BE(IT) Factors Effecting Consumer Behavior on Pure It HINDUSTAN UNILEVER Ltd : : : : FINANCE.

MARKETING Qualification : B-TECH/BE(ECE) Summer Project : A Study on Telecom Sector Organization : SHAREKHAN SECURITIES LTD Work experience : 5 months.FINANCE Qualification : B-TECH/BE(CSE) Summer Project : Upgrading the frame work of AHRB Knowledge centre Organization : MIDDLE EARTH CONSULTANCY MAHESH MALVE MAHESH MALVE Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization : : : : MARKETING .HR Qualification : B-TECH/BE(TELECOMUNICATIONS) Summer Project : Mobile VAS in Rural and Urban India Organization : TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD .STUDENT PROFILES KARTHIK THOT KARTHIK THOTA Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization : : : : FINANCE.HR B-TECH/BE(ECE) Comparative Financial Analysis CAPITAL IQ.HR Qualification : B-TECH/BE(BIOTECH) Summer Project : Effect of Macro Economic Variables on Stock Prices in Emerging and Developed Countries Organization : IIT MADRAS KUMAR ALABOJU KIRAN KUMAR VALABOJU Specialization : FINANCE.HR B-TECH/BE(EIE) Factors Effecting Consumer Behavior on Pure It HINDUSTAN UNILEVER Ltd MARUPAKA MARUPAKA NIHARIKA Specializations : HR . HYDERABAD PRATHIMA KATUKURI PRATHIMA KATUKURI Specialization : FINANCE.FINANCE Qualification : B-TECH/BE (IT) Summer Project : Financial Statement Analysis Organization : Satyam Venture Engineering Service Pvt ltd URALI PAMUJULA AMUJUL MURALI CHANDRA PAMUJULA Specialization : FINANCE. ITES Associate in IEG MANIKANTA VUDA N V S MANIKANTA VUDATHA Specialization : MARKETING .MARKETING Qualification : B-TECH/BE(ECE) Summer Project : Study on Risk Management in Stock Market Organization : SHAREKHAN SECURITIES LTD MADISHETTI JHANSI MADISHETTI Specialization : HR .

Gemstech Hyd KISHORE K S B KISHORE Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization : : : : FINANACE.HR : B-TECH/BE(EEE) : Factors Effecting Consumer Behavior on Pure It : HINDUSTAN UNILEVER Ltd MAT RAVI MATSA RAVI Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization : : : : FINANCE . Sarala Fabrics Pvt Ltd. HR Qualification : B. Hyderabad . ANAGAM JANAGAM : MARKETING .HR B-TECH/BE(EEE) Investment Performance Analysis of Mutual Funds in Private and Public Sectors TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD RAVI KUCHARLAPA UCHARLAP RAVI VARMA KUCHARLAPATI Specialization : MARKETING.FINANACE B-TECH/BE(TEXTILE CHEMISTRY) Product Portfolio Expansion Adarsh Thoughtworks Pvt Ltd 18 months.MARKETING B-TECH/BE(CSE) Financial Performance of Major Players in Hotel Industry During Boom and Bust Period TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD SHASHANKA PONNOJU Specialization : FINANCE. HR Qualification : B-TECH/BE(IT) Summer Project : Impact of Earning Announcements on Stock Returns Organization : IIT MADRAS SOUJANY KOMM ANYA OMMU SOUJANYA KOMMU Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : FINANCE .FINANCE Qualification : B-TECH/BE(ECE) Summer Project : Factors Effecting Consumer Behavior on Pure It Organization : HINDUSTAN UNILEVER Ltd Work experience : 18 months.STUDENT PROFILES GAUT UTAM PUNEET GAUTAM Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : Work experience : RAMA KRISHNA Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization MARKETING .TECH /BE(IT) Summer Project : Effect of Macro Economic Variables on Bond Prices in Emerging and Developed Countries Organization : IIT MADRAS PENUGONDA SINDHU PENUGONDA Specialization : FINANCE . HR B-TECH/BE (IT) Ratio analysis of Capital IQ Capital IQ.

HR B-TECH/BE(CSE) Factors Effecting Consumer Behavior on Pure It HINDUSTAN UNILEVER ALLI VALLI SUDHA : HR.. Bangalore In 2008 (3monthsTraining And 3 ½ Months Internship ) RAYI SUNIL RAYI Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization VENKAT PAMMI VENKATA Specialization Qualification Summer Project Organization : : : : MARKETING. FINANCE Qualification : B-TECH/BE(EEE) Summer Project : Recruitment and Selection Process Organization : BRIGADE SGF Services Pvt Ltd KUMAR PEDA ALLY SUNIL KUMAR PEDAVALLY Specialization : MARKETING . Mahabubnagar SRI SINDHU RAVURU RAVURU Specialization : HR . FINANCE Qualification : B-TECH/BE(ECM) Summer Project : Employee Engagement Organization : Brigade Corporation KUMAR MALLEMUL ULA SUMANTH KUMAR MALLEMULA Specialization : HR .HYD .HR Qualification : B-TECH/BE(EIE) Summer Project : Inside Sales report of e-Soft Consulting Ltd. Work experience : HSA From HCL CDC.MARKETING B-Tech/BE (EEE) Employability skills Middle Earth . FINANCE : B-TECH/BE(ECE) : Content Up Gradation for International Workshops of Middle Earth Consultants.MARKETING B-TECH/BE(CSE) Complex Event Processing in Banking Sector TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES LTD HR .N Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : VEDARAJU APARNA VEDARAJU APARNA Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : FINANACE. : MIDDLE EARTH CONSULTANCY KUMAR VAMSI KUMAR .STUDENT PROFILES DHAGE SRIKANTH DHAGE Specialization : Qualification : Summer Project : Organization : MARKETING . for the products TWMS & QMS Organization : e-Soft Consulting Ltd.HR B-TECH/BE(CHEMICAL) Study on Retailer Satisfaction for BSNL Product and Services BSNL Products.




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