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Crete, Greece

No 231
on travel and tourism in Greece

MAR 2011

The first and only

complete site
“Quality Time Re – Invented” No 232
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NEWS contents
Hoteliers set sights on new ‘Greek Breakfast 4 Greek breakfast is not a gimmi
“its a way of life!”
Culture and Tourism Minister
addresses American-Jewish conference 4
George Koletsos is GNTO General Secretary 4 breakfast,
month cold and our body needs a good
March is probably the most important again its all about energy.
k touri sm. Its the mon th that the
‘Giving value to the experience of eating’ 5 for Gree
Tourism and branded Greek Wine: who-is-who of travel and tourism, Now lets fast forward a couple of
e in the
a relationship of mutual benefit 5 wide, goes to Germany to participat Lets say July or August. At this time
we are in
renown exhibition ITB-Berlin! full swing into the summer seaso
n, in the
tourists in
this mega high 30's C, and we are receiving
SITE Greece awards ‘unsung heroes’ of Every year we all prepare to go to Greece. They too come to our hotel
s, check-
lots of ex-
Greek tourism 5-6 event. In our “luggage” we pack in and we tell them the essen tials, among
price lists,
pectations, anxiety, brochures, which is when and where the brea
kfast is
a one way
International award for five business cards, etc., etc., etc. Its served. Up until now we have been
have to
Greek organic honeys 6 road, we have to be prepared, we America, British and/or Continent
al break-
gh and we have to bring in the
come throu them this
PODIX cutting of the New Year’s cake 6
last oppo rtuni ty. fast. Why have we been serving
business – its the fasts? Because that is what they
kind of break
is what
OMIROS’ golden formula for success 7 ably we eat regularly up in the north or that
Summer Holidays EXPO 20-22 May in Athens 7 The one thing we all do and prob the TOs asked the hotels to have
in absence
ities is
don't place it high on our list of prior of something else. Whatever the reaso
n, that
Hertz To Go Solar;
book a fligh t and a hote l for this event.
to is what we have been serving.
The Company Will Install 16 Solar Power Systems 7 t has to
Our specifications are that the fligh
and the
be direct and at a reasonable time But wait a minute, this is the Medi
of what
The Snow Train takes you to Kaimaktsalan 8 hotel has to fulfill our personal specs the climate is totally different as
well as the
a business
Developing modern port infrastructure a hotel has to be when going on kind of energy required. The “clas
sical” bea-
required to grow cruise industry 8 trip. We just simply have to do it. con and eggs, sausages, potatoes,
etc, in
Louis Cruises lowers the Greek flag ce when the temp eratu re is in the high
hotel to Gree
from their cruise ships 8 So we land in Berlin and head to the 30's will make your body run like
a locomo-
and oc-
check-in. Usually the weather is cold tive. What your body needs is a
Entertainment is a big Allure on casionally, rainy or even snowy. The ranean breakfasts or better put
a Greek
the essen-
tion gives us our key and tells us breakfast! It will give our visitors
the kind of
Royal Caribbean’s newest ship 9 where
tials, among which is when and energy that will pull them trough
the day till
Norwegian Cruise Line presents its serve d. If we have staye d again
breakfast is their next meal witho ut havin g their body
what the
new promotion with great family savings – in the particular hotel we know working like crazy to burn the
what they
a moment
Kids cruise half price 9 breakfast is all about. If not, for consumed.
be. All is
Travelport expands Africa footprint in Algeria 9 we start thinking what might it
ed in the morn ing at the breakfast not some-
clear Naturally, the “Greek breakfast” is
Business on Board and Hilton Honors from Olympic Air 10 room. Its America, British and/or thing know , prob ably not even to the aver-
tal. to make an
Aegean: net losses for 2010 after taxes age Greek, which means we have
ts that we
are estimated at €22-24 million 10 sure we extra effort in explain to our gues
Ryanair opens 16 new routes to Kos & Rhodes 10 We all (or at least, most of us) make have a Greek breakfast, along with
the clas-
a good break fast - beac on and eggs, why they
have sical breakfast they know, and
we might
sausages, potatoes, etc, although should prefer it over the other selec
New online application lets travellers rate . Why
have a very light breakfast back home
all the
LH destinations in ten categories 11 do we do it? The first is that we need The Greek breakfast is not a prom
the whole
easyJet passenger numbers rise to 50m each year 11 energy we can get to pull through gimmick, its a way of life.
is that its
Etihad welcomes ACCC authorisation of day at the exhibition. The second
Virgin Blue Alliance 11
Hellenic Travelling
Olympic Handling’s new service at El. Venizelos airport 11
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Athens Training and Development Center

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Athens Training and Development Center

will provide students and professionals with the

opportunity to learn online Marketing strategies.

These skills will translate into real life applications.

Additionally, participants are eligible to sit

for the CeMA Certification Examination
once they have successfully completed the four required courses.

For inquires call Tel.: 210 800 1029 to arrange a meeting

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Δηλώσεις συμμετοχής και πληροφορίες σχετικά με το 9ο Συνέδριο του ΣΕΤΕ μπορείτε να βρείτε στο
4 | [NEWS]
HOTELIERS SET SIGHTS ON breakfast, Japanese breakfast etc.), originating countries’ consumer
trends, as well as breakfast models of competitive neighboring des-
Greece to offer a unique experience as a tourist destination and great
interest was expressed in the results of his recent trip to Tel Aviv for
NEW ‘GREEK BREAKFAST tinations. the IPTS Exhibition.In his speech, the Minister noted, among others,
“It is our pleasure to once again welcome you to Athens. It is even a
greater pleasure to welcome you to the NAM [New Acropolis Mu-
seum]. I am sure that those who have taken the tour here for the
first time felt the same impressive emotions as I did on my first vis-
it to the Museum.
During the tour, you passed in front of the monument of Calli-
machus. The Callimachus was one of the 10 generals who had to
decide whether to face Xerxes at Marathon or allow him to add the
Greeks to his list of subjects by sparing their city. Callimachus lis-
tened carefully, decided and voted for the battle and the battle was
won. According to Herodotus, we learnt that Callimachus fought and
died bravely in battle. He was one of the few who died. The same
Finally, consumer trends in food in general and the Mediterranean
The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) is intent on the creation and man who had doubts about the importance of the battle had no
‘diet’ in particular will be studied, and best practices will be summa-
establishment of a new commercial ‘trademark’ of sorts – that of doubts about sacrificing his life for the sake of the city. And therein
rized for breakfast in Greece as well as internationally.
the ‘Greek Breakfast’, to be offered at hotels and comprised of ‘tra- is the inherent strength of democracy.
For the best documentation of the Greek status quo, a questionnaire
ditional Greek products’. This aims at increasing the competitive- If you know our people you will understand that the reason why
has been designed and uploaded on the HCH website so member
ness of the Greek tourism product in general, and of the small and democracy was developed was because we do not tolerate anyone
hotels can contribute their standing on the matter. This will enable
medium-sized hotels in particular. The move is also being made as telling us what to do. We chose democracy because we preferred to
the HCH to get a clearer picture of the practices being followed on
a means of promoting Greek gastronomy as a tourism development go through the arduous process of making decisions for ourselves
how breakfast is offered to customers. A large number of members
‘tool’, as well as connecting tourism and the country’s strong tradi- rather than let someone else do it for us.
have already offered their input and as the study and dissemination
tion in agriculture. The Battle of Marathon and the vote of Callimachus happened to con-
of the results and suggestions to interested hotels draws to a close,
The Greek Breakfast will stand out as a product with particular fea- firm everything we have believed ever since: that the free man in a
the results are anticipated to be very satisfactory.
tures that will allow it to become well known through modern mar- free society is a source of much greater intellectual power than those
The αbove photos are from the HCH event where journalists were
keting techniques. The Greek Breakfast will be designed to: who choose to sacrifice freedom for any reason. And therein nestles
briefed about “Greek Breakfast”
Match current consumer trends in eating habits (Mediterranean nu- the power and beauty of the human race. I hope you enjoy Athens
and Greece. Do as many things as you can and keep us in your
trition, biological products etc.);
Highlight the ingredients and recipes of individual regions, as com- CULTURE AND TOURISM memories. We will be happy to see you in our country again.”
plementary tourist features;
Add value to local culture and histories of the region;
Be adaptable to various plates on offer and means of being served.
In developing this Greek Breakfast, special attention must be given
Factors affecting cost and the cost-benefit relationship of combina-
tions and products;
Creation an experience surrounding the breakfast;
The channels via which the image and sentiment of the breakfast
will be developed (underlying message, presentation etc.);
How hotels will highlight and promote the breakfast and offer it
(events, seminars, publications etc.);
Including the philosophy of the quality and its certification.
In all, the thoughts behind the idea focus on the Mediterranean ‘di-
et’, local products, the ‘myth’ of the destination-regions and the
tourist added value.
Studying the current situation A dinner was hosted last month at the New Acropolis Museum by the
During this phase, current practices of breakfast in Greece will be
Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr Paul Geroulanos for members The Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr Paul Geroulanos re-
investigated by categories separating small and medium-sized, city,
of the Conference of the Presidents of Major American-Jewish or- cently had a meeting with Mr George Koletsos, who is now Gen-
tourist resort and country-side hotels.
ganizations. eral Secretary of the Greek National Tourism Organization (GN-
Also, studies are concentrating on internationally established break-
A tour by Museum Director Mr Dimitris Pantermalis preceded. In pri- TO). Mr Koletsos, an experienced executive with studies in Eco-
fast models (English breakfast, American breakfast, Continental
vate talks Mr Geroulanos referred to the opportunity presented by
[NEWS] | 5

nomics and Business Administration, made important contri- Visitors who only want to see the Acropolis or just lie on a The objective of the roundtable was to bring together represen-
butions during his assignment as President of the Organizing lounger are continuously becoming less. And there is a steady tatives of the tourism and wine sectors to identify potential syn-
Committee of the Mediterranean Games 2013. He has taken on increase of people who want to experience all that makes the ergies for their mutual benefit. According to Ms Tsokli, “Tourism
his new post at a crucial time for Greece’s promotion as a tourist people of our country so special, everything that makes this can provide an effective way out to the availability of agricultur-
destination. place unique. The numbers of these visitors may still be small, al production and the exploitation of agricultural production can
The GNTO presently has two main objectives: to establish a but their purchasing power is enormous and, more important- contribute as a catalyst in creating a diversified, quality, modern
framework of operations that will allow it to serve its function in ly, their respect for the culture of the area they visit is much (but with a timeless value) tourism product ... So I think that
the most effective way, and to implement an ‘aggressive’ strat- more developed. there is no better authority for an effective approach in the area
egy in approaching the markets of interest to Greece. These To put it simply: They come to a Greek island to experience its of tourism and agriculture than wine. Wine as a product-sym-
should be new, but traditional. The inclusion of Mr Koletsos in beauty, to taste the local cuisine, to experience its unique natu- bol of the Greek world, but also as a symbol of synergy, since it
the GNTO executive ranks will give the body the means to si- ral sights and not just to drink beer in a bar, in a country of little is the prime product of team toil and love.”
multaneously work towards accomplishing both of these goals. interest.That is why we have to stop thinking of only promoting The round table was attended by: Mr Aris Kefalogianis (Chief
From last year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the GN- the country’s sights and adapt our strategy to the level of an in- Consultant , Gaea), Ms Antonia Kyriazis (Director General, Greek
TO made cutbacks, stopped unnecessary costs and left behind tegrated experience. Annex Wine & Spirits Education Trust), Mr Stelios Boutaris
them a history of bad management, aiming to now correct the The products of the Greek land and the Greek sea, combined (Winemaker, Kir-Gianni Estate), Mr George Pittas (Member of
state of affairs. At the same time, and despite the economic cri- with the traditions and customs related to our diet, are a key el- the Board of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels), Mr Angelos Rou-
sis, GNTO paid off its debts towards foreign media channels, ement of our identity. They are the raw materials for a power- valis (President, Association of Greek Wine) and Mr George
which had created much negative publicity. This helped rein- ful and unique experience for every visitor. Chatzigiannakis (Selini Restaurant, Santorini).
state credibility, as well as set the basis for new methods of Moreover, one can ‘read’ about the history of a place through its The common goal of those participating in the round table is to
highlighting the Greek tourism product. cuisine. It is key to discovering the social and cultural mixtures go directly ahead with the drafting and signing of a Memoran-
A subtle strategy aligned with individual markets/targets has that have developed, shaped and ultimately characterized a so- dum of Understanding between the representatives of the
also since been created, taking full advantage of the Internet and ciety. So we need to highlight the uniqueness of Greek cuisine tourism industry and the wine sector so that the mutual desire
new communications technologies, as well as redefining and everything it represents in every way possible. It is there- for constructive cooperation can become a reality. The discus-
Greece as a destination with unlimited experiences. These ap- fore worth making the Greek diet and the Greek cuisine known sion was welcomed and attended by the Minister of Culture and
proaches will be strengthened in 2011, with the goal of further throughout the world. Tourism, Mr Paul Geroulanos. Also present were PASOK MP Mr
developing tourism and attracting new visitors from all over the I started by saying that in order to attract visitors to Greece we George Haralambopoulos, GNTO President Mr Nikos Kanel-
world, throughout the year. will have to ‘talk’ to the mind, the heart and the stomach. And lopoulos and President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Mr
that is what you, with the work you do here, can succeed in do- George Tsakiris. The event was held at the IMIC 2011 (Interna-
‘GIVING VALUE TO THE ing. Good luck.” tional Meetings & Incentives Conference) which this year was
themed ‘Giving value to the experience of eating’.
A special awards ceremony was held in early February at the
7th IMIC 2011 conference, for the members of the Society of In-
centive and Travel Executives (SITE) Greece, as well as elections
for their new Board of Directors.
SITE Greece awarded the ‘unsung heroes’ of Greek tourism,
honoring two of their colleagues, thereby expressing their
thanks for their important contribution to the field of business
Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr Paul Geroulanos was invit- tourism in Greece. Plaques were awarded by GNTO President
ed to address the international conference ‘Giving value to the Mr Nicholas Kanellopoulos to Mr Apostolos Papayannakis,
experience of eating’. Concierge of the Hotel Grande Bretagne, and to Mr Thanassis
“Dear Friends, Moursioti, Doorman at the Intercontinental hotel.
This conference comes at a crucial time for Greek tourism.At a The discussion with the topic ‘Tourism and branded Greek wine:
President of SITE Greece Mr Mihail Argyris pointed out in his
time when all institutions of tourism, economic factors and po- a relationship of mutual benefit’, inaugurated by PASOK parlia-
speech at the awards ceremony: “By awarding these people to-
litical leaders share the view that the way we project our coun- ment member (MP) Ms Maya Tsokli in her course of action as
day we thank and award all our colleagues for offering true
try should include all aspects that make a visit to Greece a com- Ambassador of Branded Greek Wine and rapporteur of the Par-
hospitality to our guests. With them we honor all those who
plete experience. liamentary Labor Division (CTD) of Tourism was held success-
welcome our guests at airports, who carry their suitcases, who
fully in early February.
6 | [NEWS]
drive taxis and buses and many others. We thank them for their
substantial and valuable assistance to our work. We know that
PODIX CUTTING OF THE New Year,” and referred to the general effort to reverse the at-
mosphere created due to the image presented recently by
no matter how well we did our jobs and no matter how suc-
cessful our journey was, your smiles could be the main reason
NEW YEAR’S CAKE Athens, but also touched on issues of reform and the modern-
ization of hotel training and of the existing hotel law.
why someone might come back!” PODIX President Mr John Kreis, after thanking those present for
SITE Greece also held its annual General Assembly, where the their warm response, referred to the current economic crisis,
actions of the Society for 2011, involving the active participation which unfortunately adversely affects tourism development
generally, and focuses, among other things, on the importance
of inbound tourism revenue and the lack of resistance to the
pressures of tourism organizations for reductions or rebates on
agreed prices. He reiterated the stated and effective support of
the Federation executives, not only to the state and the leader-
ship of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, but also to in-
vestors/hoteliers, for creating new jobs. He made a date for next
year, with the hope that the end of the coming season “will greet
Mr. D.imitris Kakaris,, President of the Hotel Managers Association of Athens,
Mr George Tsakiris, Chairman of the Board of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels
us all with a smile.”
(HCH), and Ms Natassa Antonopoulou, General Secretary of the Panhellenic Mr George Tsakiris, HCH President, referred to the need to mod-
Federation of Hotel Managers (PODIX). ernize the Greek tourism product based on new models, with
the collaboration of all stakeholders and with synergies for the
From left, Mr Apostolos Papagiannakis, Concierge of the Hotel Grande Bretagne, The reception marking the coming of the New Year and the cut-
development of alternative forms of tourism. Mr Nikitiadis men-
SITE Greece President Michael Argyris, Board of Directors President of the He- ting of the cake of the Panhellenic Federation of Hotel Managers
liotopos Group Costas Constantinidis and Mr Thanassis Moursiotis, Doorman at tioned the importance of tourism for the Greek economy, and
(PODIX) & Hotel Managers Association of Athens was success-
the Intercontinental hotel. the change in atmosphere over the last year, after a concerted
fully held at the Athenaeum Intercontinental.
of tourist matters in the country, contacts with the political lead- effort by the leadership of the Ministry and related agencies. He
Apart from the members of the Federation and the Association
ership for tourism, collaboration with other industry organiza- stressed the need for experienced managers in tourism busi-
of Athens, the reception was also attended by hotel managers
tions etc., were announced.The basic aim of the SITE Greece nesses and the importance of the position of director of the
and travel agencies, media representatives, especially for
Board is to attract new members from the entire spectrum of tourist scene in the country at large. He analyzed the online
tourism, representatives from embassies and tourism opera-
stakeholders in the tourism business. SITE Greece invites viewing of our tourist product, the actions concerning the de-
tors, who in a very intimate and very friendly atmosphere dis-
everyone to get to know the Society and to join, thus exploiting velopment and promotion of special thematic tourism and
cussed and exchanged views on critical every day matters con-
the full range of advantages offered, by being the most recog- urged restraint in prices and greater efforts with regard to con-
cerning tourism and the state of the sector in particular. The
tracts with tourism agencies.

The third international awards ceremony of organic beekeeping
(tasting and quality), BIOLMIEL 2010, was completed successful-
ly in Catania, Sicily, Italy.The event involved a significant number
of beekeepers from many countries, proving that the level of the
quality of their products is constantly improving. From 5-8 De-
GNTO President Mr Nicholas Kanellopoulos with SITE Greece President
Michael Argyris and the two award winners Mr. John Kreys, President of the Panhellenic Federation of Hotel Managers
cember 2010, the international panel evaluated more than 150
nized association of professional tourism managers in the (PODIX) , Ms Christina Tetradis from the Board of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, competing products, all of which had been chemically analyzed,
world. Mr. Nicholas Kanellopoulos, NTOG President, Ms Natassa Antonopoulou, and chose the winners. Parallel events relating to the bee and sus-
The new Board of Directors elected are: General Secretary of the Panhellenic Federation of Hotel Managers (PODIX), tainable apiculture also had great success.
Mr. D.imitris Kakaris,, President of the Hotel Managers Association of Athens The organization of the event was undertaken by: ICEA (Agency
President: Michael Argyris
Vice President: Vicky Evaggeliou event was honored with the presence of the Deputy Minister of Certification of Organic Products in Italy), CRA (Research Unit for
Treasurer: Maria Papadakis Culture and Tourism Mr George Nikitiadis, the GNTO President honey production) and CIBi (Italian Consortium for organic prod-
Secretary: Fotis Fotopoulos Mr Nicholas Kanellopoulos and the President of the Hellenic ucts). The organization for Greece was undertaken by the Or-
Education: George Barboutis Chamber of Hotels Mr George Tsakiris. ganization for the Audit and Certification of Biological Products
Marketing: Constantine Doukas Mr Dimitrios Kakaris, President of the Hotel Managers Associ- DIO. Of the eight Greek beekeepers who took part in the inter-
Member: Lisa Lehman ation of Athens, welcomed all attending, wishing them “Happy national competition with 13 products, two types of honey won
[NEWS] | 7

prizes and three others won distinctions, having demonstrated The prize draws, special offers and interesting parallel events
the quality of Greek organic honey internationally. that cover all the interests of the Greek family are expected to
The Greek bio-beekeepers who distinguished themselves in keep the visitors interest at peak. The aim of HELEXPO is for a
specific types of honey are:AWARD visitor to leave with the best impressions and the most afford-
• Honey Thyme: Dimitrios Gonidis (Dryopida, Kythnos) able purchases. The Summer Holidays EXPO is being held in the
• Heather Honey: Constantine Fasilis (Leonidio, Arcadia) capital for the first time, after four consecutive yearly events in
DISTINCTION Thessaloniki and, as in previous years, has the support of the
• Fir Honey: Constantine Fasilis (Leonidio, Arcadia) Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Greek National Tourism
• Fir Honey: Anthony Dimakopoulos (Argos, Argolida) Organization (GNTO).
• Thyme Honey: P. Maroulis (Langada, Amorgos)
Mr Nicholas Kontolaimos, beekeeping expert agronomist, for-
mer head of the Department of Apiculture YAAT, and distin- Mr. Thanassis Skouras, the executive chef of the Presidency of the HERTZ TO GO SOLAR; THE
guished taster registered in the European Register of Tasting
Judges was on the international panel. According to Mr Konto-
Hellenic Republic
prises and advice contributed significantly to the enhancement COMPANY WILL INSTALL
laimos, “The whole process was completely objective, since the of the dishes created. The effort of the participants during the
process was overseen and supported by the Hellenic Head
16 judges were divided into four groups, and the anonymous Car rental companies have spent the past several months trying
samples in six tables, tasting and testing was done by lottery.” Chef’s Club of Greece with its Chairman, Mr Miltos Karoubas,
to one-up each other when it comes to environmental initiatives,
DIO General Manager Mr Spyros Sgouros noted, “The results of and Executive Chef of the Presidency of the Republic, Mr
and now Hertz just announced that it plans to install solar power
the competition are an important success for our country. This Athanasios Skouras, who stood by the budding chefs.
systems at 16 of its car rental facilities by this fall, with the inten-
international recognition of quality justifies organic beekeeping The educational group OMIROS routinely has its students par-
tion of eventually expanding further.
in Greece and adds an incentive for continuous improvement on ticipate in competitions to gain experience and get closer to pro-
Sixteen of the company’s facilities will be retrofitted with a total of
the part of beekeepers, by offering strong export incentives.” fessionals in their field. OMIROS also supported the 1st Nation-
over 2.3 MW of solar photovoltaic systems to begin with. The so-
For more information about the competition, or a complete list al Congress of Gastronomy ‘Kalimera Breakfast’ with its pres-
lar project was initially piloted in December at the Denver Inter-
of the international winners, please visit, or ence, the first organized effort to establish local Greek food
national Airport. A 1,018 panel, 235 kW system was placed there
contact the Organisation DIO (+30) 210-8224384. products on the culinary tourism map, an effort that will con-
and Hertz said it is expected to produce 342,766 Kwh of AC output
tribute to the recovery of the Greek economy.
and will offset approximately 650,000 pounds of CO2 annually.
Hearty congratulations to the heads of the department and to
OMIROS’ GOLDEN the teachers as well as to Mr Evangelos Mitsotakis (Food & Bev-
Currently, Hertz has 8,400 locations in 146 countries worldwide,
and also operates the Advantage car rental brand at 26 U.S. air-
erage Manager of large hotel units), Mr Anthony Karpouzi (Ex-
ecutive Chef) and of course the students who competed.
The other stations being worked on are in Arizona, California, Col-
orado, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York,
SUMMER HOLIDAYS EXPO and Pennsylvania.
20-22 MAY IN ATHENS “Hertz leads the industry in sustainable practices,” said Richard
Broome, Senior Vice President of Hertz. “From our commitment to
HELEXPO started its sales promotion for the Summer Holidays electric vehicles and other low emission vehicles to our imple-
EXPO from the traditional village of Palaio Agios Athanasius Pel- mentation of reduced water usage and now our solar program, we
la and Lake Plastira. The events were organized by the elec- are at the forefront of integrating sound environmental practices
tronic platform Respond on Demand (with 700 Greek hotel with pro-consumer service, efficiency and growth strategies.”
members), which supports all the resources available to this Earlier this year, Hertz said that it would start renting out the
year’s Summer Holidays EXPO. Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle to its customers.
Presentations were given by the Chief Organizer of the Summer The company will also offer the Nissan Leaf this year at select
Chefs Club President Mr. Miltos Karoubas with members from the Chefs Club
from Crete and Thessaloniki, together with students from Omiros Holidays EXPO, Ms Cryssa Krassa, who briefed tourism opera- rental locations in the U.S. and Europe, while it will start renting
tors from both regions on the opportunities they would gain by out the all electric Coda EV sedan in California in 2012.
Students and teachers of the Department of Culinary Art/Chef participating in this year’s exhibition, to be held in Athens at the
of IEK OMIROS experienced total success with their participa- It currently offers a “Green Collection” in its U.S. fleet, including the
HELEXPO Palace from 20-22 May. Smart ForTwo, the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Altima hybrid,
tion in the competitive section of the 4th International Culinary At the Summer Holidays Exhibition, which is aimed at profes-
Forum, organized by the Chef’s Club at the HO.RE.CA exhibition. CNET reports.
sionals in the tourism market and the general public – who dur- Not to be outdone, Enterprise, which operates Alamo Rent A Car,
The school's contestants won significant awards in all the cat- ing that period will be planning their holidays – participants will
egories they entered, culminating with two gold awards and one Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and National Car Rental brands, said it
have three days to reach the public of Attica, who will visit the would reduce both energy use and costs by 20 percent over the
silver award. exhibition at a very low cost and to promote sales of their serv-
The big winner of Top Chef, Athinagoras Kostakos, an associate five years to 2015. The company plans to invest $150 million over
ices. At the same time, municipalities in their newly created the next five years to meet its goals. Enterprise has also begun to
of OMIROS and a member of the chefs of the Greek Olympic Kallikratis form will have the opportunity to present their tourist
team, supported his students’ and with his gastronomic sur- rent the Chevrolet Volt, and will be offering the Nissan LEAF and
8 | [NEWS]
Coda EV when they become available. Athanasios. Tickets: From SS Thessaloniki, and the option for auspices of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs Islands and Fisheries,
As we’ve said in the past, EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehi- purchase via the web ticketing service of TRAINOSE at the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping, the Association of Greek
cles fit well with car rental companies because it gives cus- will be available soon. For more information, Tourism Enterprises (SETE) and the support of MedCruise. Spon-
tomers an opportunity to experiment with the new technology call 1110. sors of the conference are the Port of Piraeus and the Athenaeum
before they decide to purchase it. It also helps them learn more Intercontinental Athens.
about charging infrastructure and the different options available
to plug-in cars. Besides, most people who rent cars, use them
for shorter trips, eliminating range anxiety. PORT INFRASTRUCTURE
YOU TO KAIMAKTSALAN CRUISE INDUSTRY Louis Hellenic Cruises, up to now the only cruise company fly-
Greece, the East Mediterranean and the Black Sea can reap the ing the Greek flag on their cruise ships, is changing their flag,
benefits of rapid growth in the European cruise industry, provid- which will result in the Greek cruise being removed from the
ed that they press ahead with new investments to upgrade the in- map.The company’s plans were revealed by the Pan-Hellenic
frastructure of their existing cruise ports and in the creation of new
Union of Merchant Marine Sailors (PENEN), in an open letter to
ports, according to Mr Giovanni Spadoni, President of the Euro-
Prime Minister George Papandreou and notification to all polit-
pean Cruise Port Union, MedCruise.
On the occasion of MedCruise’s announcement that puts the Posi- ical parties and their ministers, titled ‘Do not put the gravestone
donia Sea Tourism Forum under its auspices and at the same time on the Greek cruise and on Greek sailors’.
includes it in the official list of its events, Mr Spadoni stressed that With this letter we want to present the risk that is being faced for
this is an important initiative for the development of the cruise in- the first time in the post-war period of our country, the perma-
dustry in Greece and the wider region, and noted that such an ef- nent loss of Greek cruise ships under the Greek flag and the dis-
fort must be accompanied by a major investment program to up- missal of the hundreds of Greek sailors who have, until recent-
grade infrastructure of ports according to their individual needs ly, been working in these,” says PENEN. “This is the period when
and the specific characteristics of each destination. Greek sailors are usually recruited to man the cruise ships and
According to the official cruise industry statistics, the Mediter- the start of the new summer season. The only cruise company
ranean is expected to surpass the Caribbean and become the flying the Greek flag announced that it will lower the Greek flag
As of mid-February, ski and snowboard lovers and all guests of number one worldwide cruise destination within the next decade. and fly the Maltese flag, and that henceforth it will not employ
the Kaimaktsalan ski center can travel from Thessaloniki to This highlights the importance that the Greek ports will acquire, Greek sailors … Unfortunately, the law on the liberalization of
their favorite northern mountain range using a convenient and especially Piraeus being the main port of departure, intensifying cabotage, as we had then pointed out to the relevant govern-
economical combination of train and bus transportation, which the need for direct investments to be ready to welcome increased
is being inaugurated by TRAINOSE. ment ministers, will result in the abandonment of the Greek flag
traffic and create new destinations. and expulsion of Greek seamen. Moreover, the claims of pro-
With two pairs of routes from Thessaloniki to Arnissa and back, Greece’s total income of from cruises reached 598 million Euros,
TRAINOSE’s new service, the Snow Train, takes you not only to pagandists that the liberalization of cabotage will bring ships of
ranking it seventh amongst the beneficiaries of the European various flags of countries that would use Piraeus and other
the magical Kaimaktsalan but also to a new era of thematic and cruise industry, with a 4.3% of its total turnover generated from
modern rail transport. A modern train, equipped with bar and Greek ports as a starting point, have been proven to be myths
cruises to Europe. The fact that Greece was the first transit desti-
restaurant in three of its five wagons, a playground, and spe- and false hopes.”
nation with a 20.9% share and with total arrivals of 4,973,000 vis-
cial luggage rack for the easy transfer of your personal ski and itors highlights the preference of passengers for Greece and that, The President of PENEN, Mr Anthony Dalakogiorgos, addressing
snowboard equipment, makes your transportation from Thes- with appropriate investment and development of new services, the Prime Minister, said: “Sir, before the imminent threat to the
saloniki to Arnissa a pleasant and enjoyable experience. our country can reap a greater proportion of the total turnover Greek cruise ship industry to lose its identity and to Greek
In addition TRAINOSE provides a 50% discount on ski passes to generated by the industry. sailors (who have made an enormous contribution to the de-
the ski resort of Kaimaktsalan to passengers of the Snow Train Mr Theodore Vokos, Project Manager of the first Posidonia Sea velopment of our industry) to be ostracized from the cruise ship
and has negotiated extra discounts for catering products, rental Tourism Forum, stated: “The Mediterranean currently attracts 58% industry forever, we invite you to take the immediate initiative to
equipment, accommodation etc., with several businesses in the of European cruise tourists, mainly from the more mature mar- ensure that the Greek flag remains on cruise ships and to en-
old village of Agios Athanasios. There will soon be many more kets that are familiar with the product, such as England, Germany, sure the work of Greek seamen with structured rights.
deals and partnerships available for weekend accommodation France, Spain and Italy. This figure is expected to increase, and With regards to this, a meeting should be held immediately – a
packages, exclusively for passengers of the Snow Train. therefore it is imperative that the tourism product be enriched by meeting of stakeholders and decisions be taken in this frame-
Frequency: Every weekend. Cost: 22 Euros return (price in- adding new destinations, which highlights the future importance work, which will help the development of the economy, of ma-
cludes ticket and transportation by the TRAINOSE bus to of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea with destinations rine tourism on the islands, our jobs and the rights of our sea-
Kaimaktsalan and to the old village of Agios Athanasios). Extra that have not yet been saturated, e.g., the Western Mediter- men.”
discounts: 50% off the ski pass, significant discounts for food, ranean.”The Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum will be held under the
accommodation and equipment in the old village of Agios Louis Cruises issued a statement on their decision to change
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the flag: “The new institutional framework that is currently in the street. Photo ops with the characters are also available most a nominal fee) as well as a wide range of game and fun activi-
place with the lifting of cabotage makes cruise ships flying the days. ties like a separate children’s pool, waterslide, table tennis or
Greek flag uncompetitive, as is evident by the inequality pre- In addition to the productions listed, there are various other club teen disco.
sented in operating expenses when compared with similar ves- shows and bands available, including the very popular Comedy A special cruise highlight awaits families on July 24 on board
sels of other flags. For this reason, we have no choice but to Club. Norwegian Epic: The 7-night “Nickelodeon All Access” theme
change the Greek flag.” It’s suggested you go online and reserve the shows you really cruise will give guests exclusive access to a fun-filled cruise of
want to see before your cruise as well as for shore excursions Nickelodeon-themed entertainment all day, every day with the
and specialty restaurants as well. The more popular ones tend opportunity to meet famous Nickelodeon characters such as
ENTERTAINMENT IS A BIG to book up before the ship sails. But don’t worry, even without SpongeBob Square Pants as well as the stars of the Nick-
ALLURE ON ROYAL reservations, with a little patience, you can still get into the sold-
out shows. At 10 minutes before showtime, they open up the
elodeon show iCarly. Additional programming features signa-
ture messy game shows like Slime Time LIVE! and poolside
CARIBBEAN’S NEWEST SHIP doors for those standing by.
Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas sails out of Port Everglades
events as well as character breakfast every day of the cruise.
Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas is nicknamed the enter-
tainment ship for good reason. There’s so much to see and do,
in Ft. Lauderdale on seven night Caribbean cruises.
Jackie Roseboom is a regular contributor to Cruise Guide and
you’ll have a hard time seeing it all — even on a seven day
cruise. But you’ll have fun trying. AFRICA FOOTPRINT
While its sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, has Hairspray, the mu-
sical Chicago was brought to the Allure. It’s essentially the same NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE IN ALGERIA
performance as seen on Broadway. The huge ship affords a
large stage, which allows plenty of room for the performances, PRESENTS ITS NEW PRO-
including the full Chicago orchestra performing on stage, just
like in the original version. The story of fame, fortune and heart- MOTION WITH GREAT
break is located in the Amber Theater on select nights of each
cruise. If you know Chicago, you know it’s a little risqué and not
recommended for children.
Blue Planet is an environmental experience on the Amber The-
“Kids cruise half price”: that’s the new savings formula for fam-
ater stage. It transports you to all different parts of the Earth ilies travelling with Norwegian Cruise Line. Families who book
with music, dance and impressive set designs. Prepare to be a peak season summer cruise in the Mediterranean on board
wowed by heart-felt songs, energetic dances and things that Travelport, the business services provider to the global travel
Norwegian Epic or Norwegian Jade (travel dates: end of June industry and operator of both the Galileo and Worldspan plat-
may not be what they seem. until beginning of September 2011) between February 15 and
Oceanaria is billed as a mystical under-the-sea adventure. So forms, announces the launch of Travelport Algeria; Travelport’s
March 31, 2011 will now receive a discount of up to 50 percent exciting new venture providing GDS operations in Algeria. The
it’s fitting for it to be performed in the AquaTheater, making full off the adult price for a child of 17 years or younger sharing the
use of the pool, diving boards, trampoline and more. You’ll see announcement forms part of Travelport’s previously stated
stateroom with one adult. But the “Kids cruise half price” offer strategy of investing in Africa and expanding its footprint across
aerialist, dancers and divers all choreographed to music. It’s a is not only advantageous for single parents travelling with a
great show with a wonderful setting as you sit under a ceiling of the continent.
child. Travel agency customers in Algeria, will be supported by Trav-
stars. There are many performances throughout the cruise so Large families can also save by booking two staterooms at the
you shouldn’t have to miss it. elport Algeria, which will be headed up by general manager,
attractive single-with-child price and additionally enjoying more Lotfi Skander, who until recently served as director of sales and
Ice Games is a one of two ice skating shows. This one brings space for their perfect holiday at sea. Of course, the attractive
the beloved game of Monopoly to life, mixing in scenes from the marketing for Amadeus Algeria. With over 15 years’ experience
NCL child prices for children travelling as the third or fourth per- in the travel and airline industry, Lotfi Skander is a well known
ship. As with the other ice show, it features world class skaters son in the stateroom, which start at 99 Euro, remain in effect.
and can only be seen on the Allure of the Seas. You’ll join Hic- figure in the Algerian travel industry.
For example, as part of the current family promotion, one adult Commenting on Travelport’s latest investment, Mark Meehan,
cup and the gang in the adventure of How to Train Your Dragon plus child on the 7-night cruise “Barcelona & Western Mediter-
on ice. The mythical creatures are brought to life in a shortened managing director for Africa, said: “This new partnership marks
ranean” on board Norwegian Epic travel from 1.225 Euro per an important milestone for Travelport as we further strengthen
version of the DreamWorks family movie. stateroom. The 7-night cruise “Venice & Classic Mediterranean”
Let You Entertain Me is a fun and energetic show located in the our presence and provide increased localised support to our
on board Norwegian Jade from/to Venice can be booked for as travel agency customers in this region. Travelport Algeria will
AquaTheater. It stars the characters from the Dreamworks low as 1.191 Euro per stateroom with the “Kids cruise half price”
family movie Madagascar. Alex, Gloria and Mort need the audi- be better placed to work more closely with the local travel in-
offer, and the 7-night cruise “Venice & Greek Isles”, also from/to dustry and introduce exciting new and innovative products and
ence’s help in bringing water back to the jungle. If you’re trav- Venice, is available from 1.289 Euro per stateroom.
eling with kids, make sure they see this production as well as services to travel agents in the region.”
For an unforgettable family holiday Norwegian Cruise Line of- According to Mark Meehan, Lotfi Skander is well qualified to
the Move it! Move it! parade that happens right down the center fers in addition to attractive prices the perfect entertainment
of the Royal Promenade. This your chance to see all of the take up the reins of Travelport Algeria. “Lotfi Skander has an ex-
programme for kids, with professional childcare in the Kids’ and cellent track record, which includes over seven years’ experi-
DreamWorks characters dancing, hooting and hollering down Teens’ Crews complimentary during sea days (on days in port at
10 | [NEWS]
ence within the GDS sector during which time he has gained a
deep understanding of local travel agency needs.”
The list of hotels that the Hilton group represents and which are
included in the program are: The Hilton Hotels, Conrad Hotels &
Lotfi Skander, general manager of Travelport Algeria, com-
mented: “This new partnership with Travelport means that trav-
Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resorts, Doubletree, Hilton
Garden Inn, and internationally acclaimed for providing spe-
el agents in the country will now have far greater choice when cialized services Hampton, Homewood Suites by Hilton and Em- EACH YEAR
it comes to selecting a GDS provider and I firmly believe that bassy Suites Hotels. easyJet, has reached an important milestone in its history as it
they will be as excited by the Travelport offering as I am; I think now welcomes 50 million passengers each year.
this is great news for the local travel industry.
In conclusion Lotfi Skander said: “I am confident that a local
AEGEAN: NET LOSSES The airline has seen phenomenal growth since it began oper-
ating in 1995, increasing in size from just two aircraft, with two
presence including a state-of-the-art customer helpdesk and
training centre will really encourage the further development
FOR 2010 AFTER TAXES routes and carrying 424,000 passengers in its first year. Today
easyJet is one of the largest airlines in Europe operating 196
of both the GDS and travel sector in Algeria.” ARE ESTIMATED AT aircraft on 552 routes, across 30 countries.
Increasingly both business and leisure travellers are choosing
BUSINESS ON BOARD AND €22-24 MILLION easyJet, because of our low-fares, convenient airports, and
Aegean Airlines carried 6.23 million passengers in 2010, 5% less friendly on-board service.
HILTON HONORS FROM compared to the previous year. In the international network,
with the addition of new routes, the company carried 3.06 mil-
To mark the milestone Laura Tabourin, who lives in London and
regularly uses easyJet to visit her family in France, became
OLYMPIC AIR lion passengers, achieving 9% y-o-y growth. On the other hand, easyJet’s 50 millionth passenger this year. She was travelling
due to weak demand conditions, passengers carried in the do- to Bordeaux from London Luton Airport and was presented with
mestic network declined by 16% to 3.17 million passengers with a bottle of champagne, and given a flight voucher for two peo-
a significant reduction in average fare. ple to travel anywhere on the network.
Revenue for 2010 settled at around €590 million while net loss- easyJet’s Chief Executive Carolyn McCall, said: “To carry 50 mil-
es after taxes are estimated at €22-24 million, including ex- lion passengers each year is a great achievement and is testa-
traordinary social contribution tax of €8 million. Demand weak- ment to the great service our people deliver on-board. easyJet
ness in the domestic market and the rise in the price of fuel has a strong position delivering low-fares, flying people to
were the main contributors to the loss. where they want to go to, at convenient times with friendly serv-
In order to address the effects of the Greek economy crisis, the ice. We aim to provide an easier travel experience for all our
company proceeded during 2010 with a significant fleet and ca- passengers, and look forward to our continued growth over the
pacity reduction, mainly in the domestic network. In addition to coming years.”
Mr. George EFstratiades, Deputy CEO of Olympic Air & General Manager of
that, new systems applied also due to the Star Alliance entry,
MIG.& Mr. Bart Van De Winkel, General Manager Hilton Greece and Cyprus..
An event hosted by Olympic Air to honor all members of the new
yielded positive results in the direction of the efficiency and cost
reduction. The operation of a one type fleet by the end of 2011 NEW ONLINE APPLICATION
corporate loyalty programs Business on Board was recently consisting of young Airbus A320 family aircraft is expected to
yield further benefits.
held at the Hilton Hotel. The event presented the great advan-
tages of this new program for passengers and the major new During 2011, weak domestic consumption will continue to im-
pact the results mainly of the domestic network but during the
collaboration with Travelair Club HHonors (Hilton Honors) of the
Hilton group of hotels worldwide. winter months also the international network, when there is on-
Business on Board is Olympic Air’s company loyalty program ly a small number of foreign visitors. Initial indications for the
that rewards all companies in Greece and abroad, offering sig- tourism season are positive, but it is too early for final esti-
nificant benefits to companies whose executives make their mates. Hence, given the further rise of fuel prices, it is very like-
business trips with Olympic Air. By registering for free for the ly that 2011 will also be loss making despite the improvement
reward program Business on Board, each firm earns miles that of the Company’s productivity.
can be cashed in for free tickets to any destination of the Mr. Dimitris Gerogiannis, Managing Director, commented: “De-
Olympic Air network. The benefit of the Business on Board is spite the difficult economic environment, the company will con-
two-fold. Along with the company, employees using their Trav- tinue during 2011 to develop its international presence, with
elair Club personal card can also enjoy unique privileges in the prudent gradual steps, in line with its strategic direction of the
air and on the ground, earning miles that they can cash in eas- last five years. At the same time, we will continue to invest in
ily for a choice of services or high quality products. further improving our productivity and unit cost efficiency to-
wards international best in class levels. This is essential to en- Thanks to the new online “City Ratings” application, Lufthansa
With regard to the new major cooperation between Travelair
able us to provide innovative services to our customers while customers can now ratethe airline’s worldwide destinations,
Club and Hilton Honors, passengers may choose to stay at any
having attractive fares and offers which are especially valuable share their personal recommendations with other passengers
Hilton family hotel in the world and earn 1 mile for the Travelair
during the current crisis“. or find inspiration for their next holiday based on other people’s
Club and 10 HHonors points for every US Dollar they spend.
experiences, ideas and travel tips.
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And they can find answers to questions like these: Which city Schedule: tion in the Australian market.
offers a fascinating range of cultural events and activities? Brussels Charleroi – Thessaloniki eff 14APR11 “The alliance will contribute to growing Etihad’s share of the
Which sights and tourist attractions make the hearts of young FR6446 CRL1310 – 1730SKG 73H 4 Australian corporate and leisure markets and increase our ap-
and old alike beat faster? Which major city has the most tempt- FR6446 CRL1400 – 1820SKG 73H 26 peal as the airline of choice for travellers to Australia and the
ing array of shopping options? And where can the best culinary FR6447 SKG1810 – 2025CRL 73H 4 South Pacific from the Middle East, Europe and UK.
highlights be enjoyed? FR6447 SKG1900 – 2115CRL 73H 26 “This is just the beginning. We hope to expand the partnership
The new application, which can be accessed via London Stansted – Thessaloniki eff 13APR11 over time, providing greater benefits to travellers by growing, will enable users to share their first-hand FR8582 STN1215 – 1750SKG 73H 15 competition and opening new routes.”
experiences and impressions – a valuable source of informa- FR8582 STN1235 – 1810SKG 73H 3 The alliance means that from 24 February 2011 Virgin Blue’s in-
tion for travellers before they embark on their journey. In order FR8583 SKG1815 – 1940STN 73H 15 ternational arm, V Australia, will commence direct services to
to use this function and give Lufthansa destinations worldwide FR8583 SKG1835 – 2000STN 73H 3 Abu Dhabi, moving towards a combined total of 27 weekly serv-
a star rating, all you have to do is log on to Oslo Rygge – Thessaloniki eff 14APR11 ices between Abu Dhabi and Australia.
and submit a brief personal profile. You can then award up to FR9433 RYG0640 – 1155SKG 73H 26 These services include double-daily flights between Abu Dhabi
five stars in each of the ten categories listed, which include FR9434 SKG1220 – 1535RYG 73H 26 and Sydney, daily between Abu Dhabi and Melbourne, and six
“Sightseeing”, “Family”, “Eating & Drinking” and “Nightlife”. Stockholm Skavsta – Thessaloniki eff 16APR11
frequencies per week between Abu Dhabi and Brisbane.
Users are free to decide whether they wish to award a star rat- FR1674 NYO0700 – 1215SKG 73H 47
The partnership will open up 45 new destinations in Australia,
ing for just one category or for all ten. The ratings are added to- FR1675 SKG1240 – 1555NYO 73H 47
New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, and the west coast of Ameri-
gether and then automatically averaged out to produce the city
ca. Etihad’s customers will now be able to fly from Etihad’s
rankings, which provide further orientation for anyone planning
a trip.
ETIHAD WELCOMES ACCC home-base in Abu Dhabi to Australia and connect seamlessly
Moreover, if passengers have special tips or personal recom-
mendations for other travelers, they can also submit a text that
AUTHORISATION OF VIRGIN to Virgin Blue destinations in the Australia-Pacific region. Cus-
tomers will also be able to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles
can be easily passed on to other users. BLUE ALLIANCE for any Etihad or Virgin Blue flight, along with reciprocal serv-
ice benefits and lounge access for top tier members of both pro-




Ryanair, announced 16 new routes, including routes to current- OLYMPIC HANDLING’S
ly un-served markets, to the Greek holiday destinations of Kos
and Rhodes from April 2011. Ryanair now offers 30 Greek routes
to/from Kos, Rhodes, Volos and Thessaloniki. Ryanair’s Greek
traffic will grow to over 700,000 passengers in 2011 sustaining EL. VENIZELOS AIRPORT
up to 700 jobs and delivering over €350m in tourism revenues The company handling the Olympic Group recently launched a
for the benefit of the local economy. new children’s corners in the Olympic Handling CIP lounges, ‘A.
Ryanair celebrated its 30 Greek routes in 2011 by launching a 1 Onassis’ and ‘M. Mercouri’ rooms. The new service is offered
million €6 seat sale for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and free to passengers in Business Class on a total of 23 Greek and
Thursdays in late February and March which were available for foreign partner airlines of Olympic Handling. Access to the
booking until midnight Monday (7th Feb). Ryanair’s 16 new Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, rooms and the new service is also provided for a 30 Euro fee,
Greek routes go on sale on on Friday 4th Feb. has welcomed the announcement by the Australian Competi- regardless of location and airline used by the passenger.
Ryanair’s Melisa Corrigan said: tion and Consumer Commission (ACCC) granting authorisation This is an area that is simple, but warm and friendly like a
“Ryanair is delighted to boost Greek tourism and the Greek for an alliance between Etihad and the Virgin Blue Group of Air- child’s room, where passenger-parents can entertain their chil-
economy with 16 new low fare routes to Kos and Rhodes, in- lines for five years. dren traveling with them, so that the younger traveler’s flight
cluding new routes to currently un-served markets such as The authorisation gives a green light for the airlines to cooper- starts off relaxed and trouble-free.
Lithuania. Ryanair’s 30 Greek routes will deliver 700,000 pas- ate on joint pricing and scheduling of services across their re- Spatially and aesthetically the area is isolated from the rest of
sengers p.a., sustaining 700 local jobs and ensure over €350m spective networks. This means that Etihad Airways and the Vir- the lounges and is aimed at children aged 2-10 years old. The
to the local economy. gin Blue Group will offer their customers a new combined glob- children’s corners are equipped with tables and coloring books,
al network of more than 100 destinations worldwide. crayons, books, board and other games. The children are su-
Ryanair to launch Thessaloniki service from Apr 2011 James Hogan, Etihad Airways’ Chief Executive Officer, said: “To- pervised by their parents. The new children’s corner - CIP
Ryanair from mid-April 2011 is launching new service to Thes- day’s announcement by the ACCC to grant authorisation of Eti- Lounges demonstrate the importance that Olympic Handling at-
saloniki in Greece, its 4th destination in the country. It’ll offer had’s alliance with the Virgin Blue Group for a period of five taches to the safety and efficacy of high standards of its per-
service from Brussels Charleroi, London Stansted, Oslo Rygge sonalized services.
years is fantastic news for both airlines and for our customers,
and Stockholm Skavsta.
and is a positive step towards growing our already strong posi-