1. Are you aware of the terms and condition required to use job portals?

2. Do you think that the term and condition facilitate the usage of job portal?

3. Do you feel that the term and condition are difficult to understand?

4. Do you consider that the terms and conditions are available in every job portals?

5. Do you believe that the available terms and conditions are explained clearly in every job portals?

6. In which job portals the terms and conditions are clear in framing?

7. From any of the below given list of job portals indicate your utilization of them:

Naukri.com Monsterindia.com Clickjobs.com Timesjobs.com 1

Which job portals are offering the beat candidates? 9.2Jobstreet. They save times in terms of sourcing and screening resumes of candidates 2 . Which job portal you use often for recruitment in your organization? 12. Were you recruited through job portals in your organization? II. Job portals are effective means of saving recruitment cost? 14. In your opinion job portals are best suitable for the job positions in the organization? 10. How often you post job opening through job portal adds? 11. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF JOB PORTALS: 13.com 8.

Reliability on candidates are very low. The offer acceptance rate of candidates are high when recruited through job portals? 17. Have you experienced any delay in posting ads in job portal? 23. who are recruited through job portals 24. In your opinion which is the best metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of job portals hires? 18. Job portals are useful in the bulk requirements? 19. Easy automation of HRIS (Applicant tracking system) in recruitment is possible through Job portal recruitment? 20. Job portals facilitate high level of penetration/reach in the job market 16. Do you have the problem of sourcing unqualified resumes through job portals? 3 . Tools offered in job portals are easy to evaluate the skill sets of candidates 21. Resumes sourced through job portals are often outdated 22.15.

Do the employees selected through job portals stay for a decent time in the organization? 26. Rate the overall effectiveness of job portals on a scale of 10? 4 .25.

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