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The reason for this book is to help all of you sell more and I guarantee you will - but

only if you first learn by heart and then use the techniques in this book in the right place at the right time. Please study this book carefully. It's packed with great ideas. You may know some of the techniques already. If that's the case then I hope you'll find this booklet invaluable as an easy to carry reminder of the closes you already know plus those ones that might be new to you. They are all great techniques, which you can use immediately. So good lucId Happy Selling! And when you do close more sales - as I know you will - please let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

1. Five words That ReaDy Tum Customers On

Research has shown that there are five words thai always make customers sit up, listen and remember after the salesperson has left. They are: INCREASE • IMPROVE REDUCE • SAVE • GAIN The more often they are used - all of them - thE better, both throughout the presentation and throughout the closes.
2. Professional Salespeople don't lie Honesty is notthe best policy; it's the onlj-rpolicy

However in the interest of furthering good customer relations, all salespeople are allowed three tiny white lies...
1. Youreright 2. It's my fault 3. It's been a pleasure to meet you 3. One way to deal with "It costs too much!"

This book is for my new Super Selling Friend

• NEVERARGUE • Instead simply say, "Compared to what?"

4. Before you talk to your custome~ by phone 0, in person, always psyche yourself up by EndJusidSdcd{(y,

affirming ... "I CAN, I MUST,AND I WILL!"
(A Bonus Tip: Affirm this SILENTLY - not out loud)

5. High-Tech Favorite Closes

Harry D. Pound

A survey of 200 very successful salespeoplE concluded that their number one favorite clOS was the Alternate of Choice Close. 3

" (Pause. I understand your company uses a lot of widgets.NO SHORTCUTS! You can assume however that: Today is the day You do offer the best value-for-money You do stand by everything you say 10. To find out if they are the decision-maker without hurting their ego. Please may I ask you a direct question?" (Here it comes.. It's only the M. For Example: If we can reduce the cost by another 2%.A. Suppose you like the product...Be Mega Polite . keep on talking to those types of peopl~. the guard.) "My company sells widgets.A. are you ready to go ahead and place an order with me today?" 9. For Example: Never assume you're talking to the Decision Maker . this is the biggest reason for newcomers in the business to lose heart and quit. stands for: Money: Can they Afford your Product? Authority: Can he/she authorize the purchase? Need: Do they need/want the product j 11. the assistant and many others are all only authorized to say 'No!' So if you're new in the business and want to hear 'No!' many times. . Suppose you like everything.Plan Each Call! 12. Use their Names . The ~uppose' Test Close "Suppose you like me . ask.N. . M. that you are automatically going to make a sale ALWAYS GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT. Always Assume the Customer Will Buy! 7 The Trial Close at the Beginning "Good morning..) "What do I need to do to get you to buy some of your widgets from us?" 8. It's only The Decision-Maker who can say YES! In my experience..N. Suarez. very good ones.Be Friendly but Not Familiar .. YOUR BEST SHOT .ASK! 4 Never assume you can't make the sale today ALW AYS ASK FOR THE SALE! Never assume because they agree to see you. Mr. They don't understand that the secretary. who can give you the 'Yes!' that you want to hear. can we go ahead today? Other clear favorites were: The Order Form Close The Summary Close The Fear Close The Verbal Proof Close 6. 5 .For Example: Shall we deliver or would you prefer to collect? Then came the Concession Close.. Don't Make False Assumptions Sales people waste a lot of time because they ASSUME. Suppose the price is acceptable .

check to see that if the discount is approved will they buy today.Say 'When you Own. They will almost certainly go for value. because the thing that you bought isn't capable of doing the thing which it was bought to do. If they won't . Early on in the sale. Send out 10 Thank You cards a day! (You haven't received one from me yet?) 19. The 2 PartJohn Ruskin Close 1.' Isn't it beautiful? No one can possibly argue with this because it's so logical. The common law of busines8 prohibits you from paying a little and receiving a lot-it can't be done. "Is there anyone else you would like to sit in on our presentation?" or. always try to go as high as you can to the President or General Manager! 13."Is there anyone else you would like to involve in our discussions?" or. you minimize your own 'price fight' and weaken customers' price resistance. Later. 7 . but you must make sure customers understand that! By adding value to the package you are offering. "Should I send a copy of the proposal to anyone else?" The rule is. If you deal with the. "If I give you a discount. that's all. When you pay too much you lose a little money. 15. Don't say 'Pay' . Giving away something for nothing is pointless! 6 17. the rule is never give anything away for nothing. Being the right kind of salesperson will make you a Professional and make you more sales.lowest bidder it would be as well to add soJnething for the risk you run. but when you pay too little you sometimes lose everything. Never Knock The Competition It tells the prospect what kind of person you are. Negotiate! For example.Say 'Own' or 'Invest' Don't say 'Sign' .don't give a discount! '" In selling. 2. ask "If I reduce it by 10% will you pay cash on delivery?" or.Say 'Agree' or 'Authorize' Don't say 'Ifyou buy' . The Right Way to Close on a Discount If a customer asks for a discount.Value Close You can charge higher prices only if you are giving added value. show them this from John Ruskin (18191900) 'It's unwise to pay too much. If you don't dose. you are working for your competitor. And if you can do that you can afford to buy 80mething better. 18. can you increase the order by 40%?" Professional Salespeople negotiate. but it is unwise to pay too little. The Added. ' 16. When your competitor doses a sale they have your money in theirpocket! 14. ask customers if they buy based on price or on value.

<t January 9 . "Well it looks pretty obvious doesn't it?" Then close. In it's simplest form. a copy of this is in all our salespeople's clear books. Most salespeople I've met have heard of it.OOO and that includes everything! VAT. Don't TeDit . you hand him the pen and ask him to write down in the 'Against' column. drawing a vertical line down the center and writing 'For' at the top of the left hand column and' Against' at 8 2. Then in the 'For' column you write all the benefits/ reasons you and the prospect can both think of that the customer liked and agreed upon. The people who buy on price alone are exactly the kind of people that this man is preying on. A Variation to The Benjamin Franklin Close A very powerful Sales tool that you can use every time. The Benjamin Franklin Close No book on closing sales· would be complete without this one. it will mean they'll have to pay more.write down what they will lose if they d()n't buy now. 24.. the B~n Franklin close involves taking a plain piece of paper. At our company. This gives you plenty of thinking time to come up with as many benefits as possible. Delivery.sJnply. For Example: 1." This will positively price-condition your customer. the top of the other column. You. The Special Christmas Discount 2 The 10%PriceIncrease on ). Insurance. 12 months guarantee on parts and a two year service warrantee. 23. And then.SeDit! When customers ask. but very few actually use it! That's a pity because it does work very well. he'll never be able to think of as many reasons 'Against' as you have 'For'. Instead.20. is to have a sheet of paper with all the benefits/reasons for going ahead under the 'For' column already printed out. Then you simply say to him.') For example: "Your investment would be only P25. all the things he didn't like. When that's finished. shut up! Let him struggle at this one alone . It's Impossible to get The Same Thing Cheaper John Ruskin wrote this potential Price Close: There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make just a little worse and selljust a little cheaper. 22. ' help from you (duh!) If you're good at your job. sell them everything they will receive for their investment. 'How much is it?' Don't simply tell them the price. (Use' investment not 'price. The 'What You Will Lose' Close This is a particularly powerful close when you know that by waiting and thinking it over.

If it isn't.Two Close Fill out your paperwork then put a pencilled . let's just run through them to see if they apply and are relevant to your situation. The One.the month they're thinking it over 27. That would be like a guest at a wedding eating all the wedding-cake. then return. 28. You may say for example. Never Sit Down in Reception Areas even if /ordered/ to do so." As you go through this. 10 A list of Customers' Objectives/Benefits from buying your product or service is a powerful sales tool. it'll be more effective if you can draw the wedding-cake with the slice taken out. The ~ Close The longer you can make this list .say 20% of your business. Then let's go ahead. the prospect will probably volunteer more I detailed information that will really help you to close when the time comes.. You can adapt this very effective close to suit you. 30. No need to say anything. if they won't or can't change to your company you can say. I've got them listed here.R. and you have the peace of mind knowing that we'll both be on our toes in the right kind of competitive spirit. This way. The Objectives Check List Close This one should become so natural you don't even have to think about it _. your style and your product. Many salespeople excuse themselves at this stage and go to the c. If you can bear it keep quiet. Are you happy with everyth~g? 2.the better. The loss of benefits your product will give for . offer your pen. How about if you give us just a slice of the wedding-cake . 25. Delivery before Christmas 4. Always Stand! You'D Feel Much More Confident and More in Control 29.. That way your existing supplier is happy. 26. once you've proved that your products are at least equal in quality to his existing supplier. you try us out. "I realize it would be unreasonable for you to give me all your business.3. The list should be shown at an appropriate early stage in the presentation.J where the customer needs to put his signature. Hopefully the order will be signed. and for you to abandon your existing supplier after all these years. "Our products are usually able to accomplish eight important objectives. The Wedding-Cake Close If they already have an established supplier. Then hand the paperwork to the customer. The Price is Higher/ Close This is only for /strong/salespeople 11 who have a . Words might let him off the hook. you can't lose! By the way. wait a few minutes.

it is. The salesperson finds out the prospect is a Frank Sinatra fan (from the secretary.yet rarely used. For example.he'll do it. HI'llsee This is a powerful quote to have on the back of your business card and can be adapted to fit most selling situations. using a quote from Victor Hugo: 'Nothing.' and shuts up again. says seriously. let's say the customer is insisting on an additional 3% discount. tells the customer. After a few seconds of silence the prospect says. After a few seconds of this. 32. . He asks the customer if he can use the phone to which the customer agrees.' and shuts up. The Victor Hugo Close This classic is for a salesperson trying to follow up a proposal.' and go ahead and buy. can hold a man as securely as poverty in old age. 'OK then. is there anything we can include for you?' 13- . but I need to speak to you about our proposal. could you please fax us the go ahead? Thanks. The salesperson phones his boss and explains the problem. copies it onto another tape and sends it to the prospect with a covering letter. The prospect says. That part is important. Suarez. 'Hi Mr." which fades back in. Is that OK?" This technique rarely fails to get the order. After a few minutes of Sinatra. Enjoy the music. Sorry to interrupt. The customer. 'I suppose you'll say that's because yours is better?' Again the salesperson nods and says seriously. the music fades and the voice of the salesperson says. A few days later. not even prison bars. We have a delivery in your area tomorrow Close This is a great close for those in the pre-need industry. The Frank Sinatra Close if the Boss because he's already asked if this is the only thing that's standing in the way of them doing business. I hope you like this tape. phones his secretary to send the fax. 34. impressed with the creative approach. After a few minutes of talking. Yes. will Approve it" Close The salesperson knows it's a final objection 31. the salesperson. with the phone still to his ear.' The salesperson nods. 'Your price is higher than your competitor.) He buys a Frank Sinatra tape (or whichever singer the prospect likes). Truck deliveries are nonnally schedulefi at least a week ahead. 33. which the salesperson doesn't have the authority to approve. ' Yes. but only if I can give him an order now. most customers will sigh and say. the customer listens to the tape in his car.quality product. If you have no queries. ' 12 Simple . 'My boss says . The schedule is given to a telemarketer who phones every customer on the day before delivery and says. it is. only to find his prospect is genuinely too busy to be reached over the phone. 'We have a delivery in your area tomorrow.

43.. They must need it.." Or. and want it before you talk about price. For Heavens Sake Ask. deep down. Make your Price Sound as SmaD as Possible 38. Harry's Luya Vendor can Teach Us a Lot A few years ago. rve also found that nobody can offer all thre~ it just can't be done. the finest quality. For example. Whenever you ask a Closing Question . which of the three would you be willing to give up? Good Quality? Excellent Service? Or the lowest price?' Nobody will ever admit to 'the lowest price... rm curious. I can Get it Cheaper Somewhere Else You answer. 'WelL I understand your concem but rve discovered over the years that most people look for three things when they spend their money. Never quote a price and then stop dead. anci of course. How's this for a Close? "Y ou wantit.and you'll sell more. You needit. We can learn much from 'Wet Paint' Signs Have you noticed that people tend to touch things that have a sign saying 'Wet Paint' on it? Sure they can read but it illustrates that. Always seD to the head of the household . 14 One major Communications Company in the States has banned the use of the word 'I' in all correspondence. but remember that it's normally the wife who controls the 'head' . 35. "It's less than you'd pay for a pack of cigarettes a day. for your long-term happiness. If you Don't Understand Something. Shut Up! 36. 'How do you mean exactly?' 42 Forget Always slide over price. my wife asked me to stop off at the Palengke to buy some ginger as she wanted to cook Chicken Tinola. You'D look more of a fool if he discovers you don't understand Ask Him to Clarify by saying. The point they're trying to get across is that you'll make more sales if you forget about yourself and focus more on the prospect. I guarantee it! 41. 15 . the best service. Is good advice. everyone needs the desire for proof Remember that desire the next time you're selling .This close is not only effective but is easy to adapt to other sales situations. Compare it to knick-knacks. "It's only a Mc Donald's meal a day. 7'and replace it with "You'! Avoid bringing up price too early. 40. You can aHord it . appreciate the value.' 37." . one of my favorite dishes. the lowest why not getit?" 39. Melt the 'ice' out of price by making it seem small.

the vendor surprised me by answering. I'm amazed how many times.and I get through quite a few myself. I Guarantee that the lowest producers in any Sales Force have Poorly Rehearsed Closes.was somebody else's problem. the Prospect's polite way of saying. when I ask for a card.00 (I told you this was a few years ago) and asked the price. I have 4 different sizes of business cards ranging from the normal size (but with a raised portion to make it standout) right up to one which measures H"x 18. remember the luya vendor.I've run out. Next time your prospect tells you your price is expensive. If You Want to Close More Sales.. "Nor In The Harry Pound Company. Without another )'Vord. but when 1picked up a piece of ginger that 1thought would be about P2. "Ten Pesos." 1 responded. Do you want me to send you some?' your prospect could answer 'Yes' or he could say 'No'.don't argue. we never send out prices. 'I'm sorry .to close the sale. or would next week be okay?' They'll probably answer either. 46.Now I don't normally do the shopping. 'l quite see your point of view Mr. for instance .' My friend. What happened after the "close" . the Request for a Brochure is ~ .how satisfied the customer was.It's BIG.' Whichever they answer.check him out in the Guinness Book of World Records) gets through thousands of calling cards monthly . Salespeople sheepishly tell me. 'Agree .500 a month on cards. but rather we find out if there's a need.' Or 'Next week would be better.. 45.but not 'Yes' or "No' 47. .. Suare~ 1m glad you raised it but . And we get about 3 Sales a month because of the cards I give away.1 I spend about P3. Never Run If you ask. The Professional Sales Person 17 . she quietly replied. then set an appointment so we can discover the exact needs before we offer a solution. Agree? 44.5" (I mean . In Many Case. 'Before the weekend. Joe Girard (the #1 Salesperson in the Wodd .I bought the luya. 'Talaga!' That ended the price discussion completely. 'Would you like me to send you some before the weekend. "Ten Pesos? That's expensive!" With the wisdom gained from years of having to make a living for her family. And he'll probably say 'No. Whoopee.' If you ask. People don't want to be '~ld" be served They want to I Ij This is a goood way to answer an objection.' is goood advice. ' /1 out of Business Cards. which makes it a wise investment 49. Appointments lead to Sales! And No Need leads to No Sales! 48. 16 In the old-fashioned approach to selling. The Power of Choice . the sales person had only one objective . You've just closed another sale.

Never park in parking spaces that are reserved . so that they could call ahead and advise my prospect that I would be a few minutes late. check to see if you're looking your best and to mentally rehearse your presentation and its outcome. Always. Ask them any question and they will answer it. you've probably gone into a . No excuses. the wisest son of the east. third because you don't know the 'relationship' that person enjoys with their boss. "0 Prophet. came to see the herd of donkeys. No matter how late you are. Way back at the beginning of time a great sheik called Al Shun Air owned a herd of wise donkeys. no matter how much of a hurry you are in. By being polite and courteous to everyone you're playing it safe and will score 'points'. 51. one of the idle salespersons replied. Become an Expert! If you're like me. visit the washroom. Those who don't will be left behind. starting with the security guard and the receptionist. maybe with the boss and definitely with God. 18 The security guard may be a distant relative from the province. 53. All it takes is discipline and study! 54. the person you're trying to sell. but because of the salespersot:l'S ignorance of their product. store. 52. The secretary may be the boss's wife. That way you have time to calm down. With much pride. When I asked why everyone was waiting to speak to her. 50." 19 . The number one reason why I bought a cellular phone when they first came out was to call my office if I was stuck in traffic. "She's the expert. HCanyou lower your pricer' A Fable. you better become an II expert" as quickly as you can. always be guided by the security guard as to where to park your car. Be polite to EVERYONE!! Show everyone who works for your customer the same courtesy regardless of who they are.who II closes more sales" realizes the importance of keeping the customer happy (serving him well). A few weeks ago while I was in a computer store I saw four salespeople standing around doing nothing yet there were several customers waiting in line to talk to one saleslady in her midtwenties. One day the Prophet himseH. That's professionalism. test these wise and talented asses. Al Shun Air led him out to the donkeys and said. second because a low-level employee could become a key buyer tomorrow." If you want to rise in the wonderful profession of seIling. On time means 10-15 minutes early. First because it's the right thing to do. Be on time. decided to buy somewhere else! To me this is inexcusable. Watch where you park. wanting to buy something.

"Can you deliver it to our office?" A. much less make a profit from the journey?" "True. the fair price for a 3day journey is 5 bundles of hay and 5 sacks of dates.The Prophet said. until finally one wise ass said he would go on a 3-day journey for only one bundle of hay. is because if you were thrown either of those objects. and still another for less. "Yes" (assuming it does) you don't have any commitment.doesn't it? 20 You want value for your money . Other examples of how to use the Porcupine are: Q. don't overuse it and use it at the right time. "'Would you like it delivered to you office?" Q. one would go for only 4 bundles of hay and 2 sacks of dates. but I have need for a 3-day journey but I don't have need for all you wise asses.Di Bah?'" 56. 110 Prophet. "that sounds like a fair price.don"t you? You'd rather deal with a reputable company wouldn't you? There are many ""tie-downs" in the English language.. The Porcupine or The Hot Potato The reason the next one is called either the Porcupine or the Hot Potato. ""Would you like it in blue?" The prospect will have to answer with a positive. "Can we order now and start p~ying next month?" A. why would you go for 3-days for one bundle when you know you can't live for 3-days on one bundle. A Proven Technique: The HTie-Down" All great salespeople use the ""tie-down"~ You simply make a statement (usually a benefit of your product) and then turn it into a question by adding such Htie-downs""as ." "Good. "What is a fair price for a 3day journey?" The asses counseled among themselves and then answered. But by 'throwing' the question back to the prospect by asking." said the Prophet.isn't it? It looks really good in blue .'''DiBah?" So make it a habit to use the '''tie-down'~ I mean you do want to close more sales .. NDoes it come in blue?" if you answer. 21 . but it appears that in Tagalog you can use just one . "Would you prefer to order it now and start paying next month?" The Porcupine is a great technique. "Poo!!" said Al Shun Air. and another for less. giving you a 'commitment'. but." And ever since then." said the ass. If you're asked. "but I wanted the order. you'd probably throw them right back at whoever threw them to you. That's exactly what you do with this close. asses have been known as fools and price-cutters known as asses.don't you? And you'd be earning a lot more money . (Unknown) 55. Isn't it? Doesn't it? Don"t you? Wouldn't you? Here's how you use them: It's vezy stylish . Which of you will go for less?" And behold.

I believeithat you may be right in deciding to wait. every now and then either the husband or wife would make an objection.couldn't hear a sound. If you've taken the time to establish good rapport. "Would you like me to tell you where you can get it serviced?" As in everything else. "OK" The other salesmen were closing only two out of five . the most dreaded. After ignorirlg all their objections. "For example if we'd waited 20 more years we could haVf~ afforded a really tremendous I 23 . and then say.For example. their mouths go dry and sometimes perspiration starts to bead up on their forehead.YOU! 22 "If the prospect wasn't willing to take action I'd say. Don't EVER ask them to 'sign' 59. he'll probably smile ~nd 'autograph' your agreement for you. My suggestion. at the end of his presentation he went ahead and asked for the order. know that when my wife and I got married. 60. After demonstrating what the vacuum cleaner could do. use your Common Sense and don't over-use the technique! 57. is to casually say something like. one stage should lead naturally and easily into the next. Mr. If this pretty much describes you . he just kept on going. the 'closing' should be a natural consequence. he would sit with the husband and wife at the dining table and proceed to go through the rest of his sales presentation using a clear book. It costs a lot of money. Are You Deaf? For most salespeople the hardest. "and now I'm going to make you a movie star and ask for your autograph right there" as you There's a true story of an extremely good salesman who was deaf . Prospect. ' The tension mounts. At Success '96 Zig shared The "Bride" Close point to where he has to sign. "we made a terrible financial mistake. 58.. In four cases out of five. the husband would look at the wife. The most important part of the Sales Process is the Salesperson . but as the salesman couldn't hear them and wasn't looking at th~m. He could lip-read but deliberately kept looking down at the clear book as he turned the pages making his presentation.there's something wrong somewhere. in order to relieve any tension at this point.because they weren't deaf! I'm sure all you experienced salespeople will agree that sometimes it pays to be deaf.. Selling is a process and if the process is done correctly. the customer will think you're insane if he asks. Of course. "Can you tell me where I can get it serviced?" and you reply. He sold vacuum cleaners. 'You know. If you've done everything else correctly. most awkward part of the sale is when they have to ask the prospect to 'sign' the contract.

most conservative pair Who waited utiUthey could afford itr "There is seldom a 'perfect' time to do anything. treat you and your family as well as they deserved to be treated?" 61. "No Problem. I've forgotten most of the jokes. Upon returning. Starting our family was another mistake. can you think of any reason you should not at this moment. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single The Prospect must see the value! Would you pay a salesman PIOOOfor something you thought was only worth P500? When you negotiate with a prospect. he either doesn't have the money or he can't see the value! 25 . even if you use all the techniques in this book. do you believe the prospect will pay PI000 for something he definitely believes is only worth P500? Do you believe that.uncertain . Her footsteps . Now who is this elderly couple. can you afford the first payment and you've already told me that's no problem.honeymoon. While down the church aisle with a toothless smile The bridegroom in' wheelchair comes riding. I remember spending 2 glorious days with Zig. Zig Ziglar (the World's Number One Motivational Speaker) came to the Philippines at the invitation of my friend. Your first step is to make the decision.and about life . To be honest. white of hak is stooped over her cane. so you can go right ahead and think it over. and his other speakers.. I'll go get a cup of coffee and be back in fifteen to twenty minutes. but one quote I'll never forget which typifies Zig's philosophy about selling . uYou can get everything in Jjie you want jf you'll help enough other people get what they wantf" This philosophy has helped Master Motivator Zig Ziglar to become the best .#1. Remember Zigs Philosophy In 1996. He has such a wonderful sense of humor and kept us wide-awake with his jokes and stories. the prosp~ct! will pay PIOOOfor something he definitely believes is only worth P500? When a prospect says no. thus wed? Well. And that same philosophy will help you to close more sales! 63." Before the prospect has time to. Had we waited 30 more years we could have built a mansion.need'll find when you've closely explored it That here is that rare. If we' d wait~d 10 more years we could have afforded to give the kids so much more. Let Me Think It Over {only for the strong? Stand up and say. my role model. Trevor Roberts. resume where you left off. Children cost money. Since you want it. respond Get Out leaving the paperwork behind. "Did you decide on the quarterly or monthly plan?" 24 62. to be the Keynote Speaker of a 2-day Motivational Experience called "SUCCESS '96". Buying our house was a big mistake. The only problem with waiting until everything's 'just right' till taking action is that you might end up like this couple"· The bride.

the prosp~cti will pay PI000 for something he definitely believes is only worth P500? When a prospect says no.uncertain . he either doesn't have the money or he can't see the value! 25 . "Did you decide on the quarterly or monthly plan?" 24 62. at this moment. most conservative pair Who waited "till they could afford it!" "There is seldom a 'perfect' time to do anything. And that same philosophy will help you to close more sales! 63. treat you and your family as well as they deserved to be treated?" 61. Buying our house was a big mistake. but one quote I'll never forget which typifies Zig's philosophy about selling .need guiding. I'll go get a cup of coffee and be back in fifteen to twenty minutes. Remember Zig's Philosophy In 1996. Had we waited 30 more years we could have built a mansion. is stooped over her cane. even if you use all the techniques in this book. and his other speakers.and about life . The only problem with waiting until everything's 'just right' till taking action is that you might end up like this couple'" The bride. I've forgotten most of the jokes. Children cost money. To be honest. Your first step is to make the decision. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. can you afford the first payment and you've already told me that's no problem. The Prospect must see the value! Would you pay a salesman PI000 for something you thought was only worth P500? When you negotiate with a prospect. While down the church aisle with a toothless smjJe The bridegroom in' wheelchair comes riding. He has such a wonderful sense of humor and kept us wide-awake with his jokes and stories.#1. thus wed? Well.. Zig Ziglar (the World's Number One Motivational Speaker) came to the Philippines at the invitation of my friend. I remember spending 2 glorious days with'll find when you've closely explored it That here is that rare. If we'd waited 10 more years we could have afforded to give the kids so much more. Let Me Think It Over (only for the 'strong? Stand up and Her footsteps . to be the Keynote Speaker of a 2-day Motivational Experience called "SUCCESS '96". respond Get Out leaving the paperwork behind. "No Problem. do you believe the prospect will pay PI000 for something he definitely believes is only worth P500? Do you believe that. Since you want it. Starting our family was another mistake. Upon returning." Before the prospect has time to. Now who is this elderly couple. so you can go right ahead and think it over. Trevor Roberts.honeymoon. resume where you left off.. white of hair. my role model. can you think of any reason you should not. "You can get everything in Jife you want if you'll help enough other people get what they want!" This philosophy has helped Master Motivator Zig Ziglar to become the best .

Use this technique. You're going to be concerned about price only one time. 26 To close more sales. look your prospect in the eye and say. Consider: Wouldn't you agree that it's better to pay a little more than you expected rather than a little less than you should? (Let him answer. because by turning it back to him in the form of a question. persuasion. But if you pay less than you should and the product won't do the job. then you'll lose everything. The Desire to Gaill As I mentioned in the Introduction. It's Not What You Say But The Way That You Say It! 65. We decided it would be easier to explain price one time than apologize for quality forever. That's the day you buy! However you're going to be concerned about the quality for the life of the product.Your job in selling is to raise the value of your product ill the mind of the prospect! Until the value equals or exceeds the price. "You know there's a world of difference between . All of us get the prospect who suggests that the price is a little high or in some cases that it is ridiculously priced. that in fact he will lose product benefits if he doesn't buy from you.price' and 'cost'. "You know. "No. [Slight pause] And I'll bet you're glad we made that decision. "The price is too much. One gooood way to do this is to say." Yes. There's quite a difference. You'll filld you can use this ve.zy well with the John Ruskin quotations (Techniques 19& 20) 66. However whenever I'm with a bunch of salespeople I often share this techniqu~ with them. my selling friend there is a big difference between 'price' and 'cost'. "It's too expensive!" Lower your voice. I'm not in the habit of teaching Sales Techniques.) You see. most salespeople start to defend why it's priced the way it is. he is now forced to defend his statement instead of you having to justify the price. while some (the less experienced ones) even argue. it's not!" A better way to deal with this is when the prospect says. many years ago our company made a basic decision. if you pay a little more than expected we are only talking about a few pesos. 64. When this happens." You repeat back. that he won't lose out by buying from you. aren't you?" 27 . you do not have a prospect and all the techniques. This is important. and pressure are going to be useless. Mr. The difference in results is amazing. Prospect. word-for-word what he said: "The price [pause] is too much?" Your voice inflection (which I discuss at length in my "TeleMarketing Secrets" Seminar) must make it sound like a question. This puts you on the offense instead of the defense. The Fear of Loss vs. Quality Counts .Another 'Price' Technique The prospect says. you must convince the prospect that he's safe in dealing with you.

insist that the surgeon take a couple of drinks just before he opens you up? The point is obvious. consider the following 'shameful' statistics reported by Dr. You'll lose your mental sharpness and the sale." Okay. Buy Your Own Product You'll certainly close more sales if you 'believe' in your product. If you feel you need some explanation regarding the "NO DRINKING" Rule. (If in doubt what I mean by that. (author of Non-Manipulative Selling) in the Dec. Sell /em and leave /em . Real Estate. Selling is Enthusiasm In the average business.NO DRINKING If you feel you need some explanation regarding the "NO SMOKING" Rule. please refer to the Golden Rule) a NO! NO! 1 The clients lost because of indifference. I mea~ I really do believe in my product.been treated properly. Insurance. just ask any nonsmoker. With this in mind. To close more sales you need to be 'sharp~ Many drinkers have convinced themselves that a couple of drinks 'sharpens' their mind. When you can do that you'll close more sales! Enthusiasm!! 68. selling is simply a matter of transferring your enthusiasm about your product into the mind of the prospect. '82 issue of PMA ADVISER. 29 Your biggest source of new sales is from your 'old' clients.67. for example if you can honestly say that you yourself have insured yourself for One Million Pesos and can show them the proof. 68% of customers left because of indifference and the apparent lack of interest of the seller/s staff 14 % left because of unresolved complaints 9% left because they could buy cheaper 5% left to buy from a friend or relative 3% moved to another area % died Someone once said that. lack of interest and unresolved complaints (82%) would have stayed if only they had . read on. When in front of the prospect the rule is/' NO SMOKING . But if you're selling Pre-Need. I guarantee you'll close more sales. Liquor is a depressant. how much have you bought? How much of what you're selling do you own? Now if you're selling Jumbo Jets. if you were about to have major surgery. not a stimulant. wanting your surgeon to be at his 'sharpest best' would you . Encyclopedias and similar things to that. Anthony J. It's so much easier so sell to someone who has bought from you (or your company) before. I don't expect you to buy one of those things. Allessandra. "Hey Harry. Don't take a drink when you're trying to persuade someone to buy. "Oh!" I can hear some of you readers saying. 69. so if you believe in it so much. 28 [ I . that's not a problem with me. But.

SeUing is a Numbers Game. SO WHAT! . and continue to re-read the ideas and techniques I've laid out here for you.. Why? Because the prospect had already heard good things about our company. SW!-N! Which simply means . SC-SC. Even the greatest ideas on earth will not work unless you use them. Read the Books.Some Won't. of pouring over more than fifty books on sales. 75. New Closes.. Just One New Technique could make you RICH! 74.Some Can't.. and then forget all about it. New Techniques.. in fact he knew me from before. who confirmed what I knew all along . Both inexperienced salespeople and even some old-timers get very depressed when the prospect turns them down.. All my efforts will have been in vain if you don't seriously commit to memorizing the techniques. looking for the best techniques' that I know will help you in your quest to close more sales. Read.but he did not buy.71. when the prospect says it's not the price _ it's nearly always the price! was the price! 30 There is no such thing as a 'born salesman'. SD-SD. re-read. and Sign up for the Seminars. YOU CANNOT AFFORDTO BEDEPRESSED! DEPRESSED PEOPLE DON'T SELL THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! SW -SW. New Approaches. I mean I just knew this was going to be a sale. Then I got one of my staff to contact his secretary. he even recognized that his people needed attitudinal training . Some Will . your purse or your briefcase. every time I spoke with him he insisted that it was not the price. You'D continue to seD more if you continue to learn . put away in a drawer. Some Do . but he refused. don't be fooled. You'D SeD More by Memorizing This Book! This is not the kind of book you read once. Is ~7TiceHthe Problem? Friends please mark my words well. We were out on a presentation and everything was going beautifully. All the GREATpeople in selling workeclreal hard at learning what to do and how to do it! If you're reading this book and you're new in selling.. Please highlight this next bit. in your pocket. I 31 . This book is supposed to be with you wherever you go. I called him back several times to try and close the account. To Close More Sales You Must Commit! Just recently I was training a new member of our staff.NEXT! 72. Attend the Training.Some Don't. Some Can . It took me more than three months of research. Funnily enough.

OOO month . Di Bah? 76 SeD from your HEART In this book.III urge you to give it at least six months. Persisting. Failing and Trying again. Learning. Practicing. I've given you a lot of ideas and techniques. all of which will work. Persisting. Always a 'popular' speaker at conferences and sales conventions he leads a hectic speaking schedule speaking to an average of four to five groups every week. you tell people from your head . you sellfrom your heart. but in reality. 2600 Roxas Blvd. Failing and Trying again.Be Happy'is gooood advice Lighten up! Enjoy!Have fun! Happy Selling!! 32 Philippines Tel: (632) 890-2158 / 897~3820 Fax: (632) 895-6893 E-mail: hpoundco@pworld.pJl . Most people get into selling because they were told it's an easy way to make Practicing. mental and spiritual reserve is for tough . that's a mighty nice neighborhood to be in. together with discipline and hard work.and let's face a it my friend. Discipline. Phils. H in the heart of your sales is honesty !.net I 77.and the toughest thing is LOVE! And the HEART of your sales career is your very own and if your heart is right your sales career will be right. Manila. Harry actively encourages other speakers to join him so together they can help even more people by offering a wider selection of top quality In-house programs and Public Seminars For further details on: • MEGA VISION Books • MEGA VISION Seminars & Workshops • MEGA VISION Personal Development Tools • MEGA VISION Free e-mail Newsletters Please contact: MEGA VISION The Harry Pound Company Suite 17A. Legaspi Towers 300. This is true . you've just got to be earning in the neighborhood of P50. ~ Originally' from England.but only if you're gooood! . Tel: 526-1909 TeleFax: 523-1718 Txt: 0917-3731103 E-mail: HarryPound@sk)'ine~. To be good at selling you need to discipline yourself to six months of hard work! After six months of Commitment. is empathy A is your attitude toward you and your prospects B is your physical. Discipline. Learning. 'Don't Wony .but you persuade. Harry ~ound has become one of the most sought-after Speakers in the country... but give it six months of Commitment.

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