11i Apps DBA: Part 1 1. What is custom_top ? How will you define it ? 2. What is mean by GATHER_SCHEMA Statics ?

What information it contain. 3. What is statics ? What information it gives ? 4. Explain , How to install the oracle Application ? 5. How to change the GUEST password ? 6. What is Shared APPL_TOP 7. When a Patch is applied if it takes 12 hours to complete and mean while we want to apply small patch. How we will apply it ? 8. What is stage ? how we will create it ? 9. Which table is created and dropped , when patch is applied ? 10. What is J-Initiator ? 11. If a SQL Script takes 3 hours to run completely. How will you reduce it ? 12. What is mean by explain plan ? What information it contains. 13. What is mean by TKPROF ? 14. What are the steps happened when , we start oracle APPS ? Part 2 1. What are the different types of concurrent manager 2. What is Internal Concurrent Manager ? 3. How to trouble shoot the internal concurrent manager. If the internal manager Shutdown and other manager runs. How will you resolve this problem. 4. What is mean by Conflict resolution manager ? 5. How we can define customized concurrent manager 6. How we can assign one request to a newly customized concurrent manager. 7. what are the different types of patches ? 8. Explain c , d , g and u drivers 9. One main patch I want to apply without applying a prerequisite patch. How can I apply ? 10. While applying a patch I don’t want to apply a ‘ d ‘ driver How can I apply 11. What are the different types of patch options. 12. While applying a patch one sql script running , how we can run adpatch to complete 13. what is mean by database refresh ( cloning ) 14. What are the steps for doing cloning 15. What is hot backup ? 16. Why excessive redologs generated ? 17. Which tabales shows whether data is backup or not 18. Explain the difference between redolog and rollback 19. What is mean by undo segment 20. Explain crash recovery. 21. What is mean by profile ? 22. Where the concurrent logfiles stored Part 3 1. Are you done Installation of 11i ? What is the procedure to install 2. If we Run Rapidwiz it won’t installation screen so what you do ? 3. While Installing 11.5..9 on which tier first install ? 4. How you start Apache ? Where it located ? 5. If somebody user is reporting you forms are not coming ? what you do ?

How to restore the autoconfig session on application tier. Where the web server/ Apache server logfiles are stored ? 49. While using adrelink which driver is used to relink the files ? 35. What are the different types of drivers use ? 18. Where the worker logfiles are stored. 51.0. h How to stop the co concurrent manager from the command line. How will you quit a worker. 47. How to start the concurrent manager from the command line 30. What error you got while installation ? How will you resovle it . 39. Can you differentiate APPS. Explain the use of PMON. what is the role of conflict resolution manager. how to restart the failed worker ? 54. In concurrent manager the status is inactive manager what you do ? 20.5. how you exlude that worker ? 23. What types of backups you are taking and how ? 45. What is configuration files for Apache ? 32. Explain the use of Checkpoint. Which tops are come after your apps installations 11. Explain rapid clone ? Explain post clone steps ? 56. Who is the owner of the FND_INSTALL_PROCESS. Which option you used to restart the single worker ? 22. 53. How to restart the patch session 55. what are the background process started . What is the configuration files for Jserver ? 33. What is the path udump 13. How you see oracle apps version 11. APPLSYS & base product schemas ? 48. 37. Which patches you have applied ? 52. 7. How you register new product in Oracle apps . 46. If the patch process is aborted . 16. How did you do database health checkup 12. where the trace file is generated 29. how will you resovle it. What are users required for application installation . What is mean by Autoconfig ? 36. 27. Where adpatch log file is placed ? 40. where the 8. 31. Are . when you start an instance. How to change the apps password . While applying patch ? how did you see worker status ? 21. Are u applied patches ? What is c driver 17. How you exclude prerequisite for a patch.0 and oracle 9i version from tables ? 14. What actually does adsplicer. If one worker is failed . how it knows that previous session is not completed 26. you run autoconfig ? 24. How to check the concurrent manager is ruinning or not. 43. 28. 15. 9. Explain the Rapid Clone ? 38. what is the use of zone properties ? 34. If the request takes too long to complete how will you resolve it. 25. 57. After installing apps . 41. 50. 44.6. What happen if patch fails in between . How will you check whether the patch is already applied or not ? 19. How to restart the concurrent manager . 42. Explain about environment file . How you start middle tier ? 10. how many database you got ? 8.6 located.

What is mean by OraInventory. How configure the oracle database ? 71. How to generate checkpoint manuallyW 74. If there are more than one rollback segment. how the database knows needs recovery. how can database knowns it ? How will recover it 70. How to change the rollback segment to undo segment. how it knows ? 83. It takes too long time 63. If the database SID is not changed how we changed it. 80. but the data is not same . 94. How will you determine on which port the apache is running 90. How will you install oracle 8i if root user password is provided ? 72.58. 84. From where autopatch gathers patch history information 100. What happen even after creating index.sql script ? 87. What are the new oracle 9i feature. What is mean by local inventory and global inventory . 62. 79. Explain features of 10g over oracle 9i ? 60. How to check whether the concurrent manager is up or not at os level 61. What is the certified Instance ( licence ) for 11. which rollback segment we are using.10 89. How you find if autopatch is complete successfully or not ? 101. What are the s/w versions required for cloning. How to check if ICM is running or not 102. 91. What information is provided by adutconf. when check point occur 75. What are the preclone steps and what will it do ? 93. Do you perform tuning ? Explain . to easily load and env variables. How u check single node & multimode environment ? 85. which table is used to check . How will you determine single node & multimode installation when instance is down 86. What is mean by pining process 78. . Where the oracle product information is stored ? 68. How you done database upgradation. How you find apps url ? 96. How will you check which instance is running . How you assign worker for autopatch or any adutilities .It provides initial connection to the guest usr . What is the difference between ad_bugs and ad_applied _patches tables ? 97. 77. 92.dbc. If one of the file missing . 66. What is the use of dbc file ? Ans :. it is a text file which store all information regarding to connect to a particular db. What is mean by PGA_TARGET 76. 99. It allows a user admin. How to known which oracle products installed ? 64. 82. What is large pool in architecture.srfapps. While applying patch if it fails because it needs to apply another patch then how will you apply it. What is mean by semaphore ? 65. 95. If one of the datafile is missing. 59.5. Is multithreading is supported by Unix. I have copied all files from source to target. How will you know which rollback segment we are using. 69. 67. What information recorded by checkpoint 73. If the datafile is there. 81. What is difference between mount and nomount ? 98. How to known the JRE version 88.

110.fnd_concurrent_requests and fnd_concurrent_queues. you are using hot backup without being in archive log mode. 108. What causes the ‘ snapshot too old ‘ ? how can this be prevented or mitigated ? 5.It will cleanup the concurrent_manager tables(dead process in internal manager log ) 105 What are all the configuration files you take before cloning.6 home and sid. Explain an ORA. It is a main configuration file which contain db connection parameters and form server Load balancing we need to edit appsweb. What is the use of cmcclean.Autonomous transaction.It contains 8.Open the form and go to help menu then we can find the version of form from backend 104. 107 What tables you will update when a request fails. Explain the difference between $ORACLE_HOME and $ORACLE_BASE. 109.env paths.when and why it uses . 106 How you are managing the clusters ? Ans :.Sleep time means the CM waiting time for the newly submitted requests. How can you tell if a tablespace has excessive fragmentation ? 9.env? Ans:.cfg This file is available in common_top/htm/bin.103.0. what is tkprof and how is it used ? 6. if you see contention for library caches how can you fix it ? 8. what can cause a high value for recursive call ? How can this be fixed ? 10. What is explain plan and how is it used ? 7. can you recover in the event of a failure ? Why or Why not ? 4. Init Exception 7) Dynamic SQL . What do you mean by sleep time for concurrent manager ? Ans :. How would you determine what sessions are connected and what resources they Are waiting for ? Part 5 11i Apps Developer question: ============================= 1) What is the company all about ? 2) Inbound & Bound Interface of oracle apps. 3) What is API (Standard & Customized) 4) Data flow of any interface 5) Purpose of Placeholder columns in reports 6) Type of Pragma in PL/SQL and their use with example . 12. Ans :. How to find the version of forms from the backend.01555 11. What information is available in appsora.Managing the clusters in the sense we are using the cmview type commands to see the Status of the clusters. What is the use of appweb.cfg ? Ans. What is the purpose of the IMPORT option IGNORE ? What it’s default setting ? 3.sql Ans :. *************************************************************************** Part 4 Oracle 9i DBA Questions ------------------------------1. Restrict Reference. Which table contain the names of all data dictionary views ? 2. Ans :.

if you have knowledge of that Comfort level working as a team member MD070 & BR100 documentation Types of Canvas command 18) 19) 20) 21) . block & form level Diff between when_validate_item trigger and key_next_item trigger Shell scripting – type of shell program . how to compile.item.how views increase the performance of a Form Materialized view Bulk array . diff between grep & find Pro*C related query .Bulk Collect & Bulk Bind Lexical parameter & Bind Parameter of Report SQL reports Forms trigger category Level of Triggers used in Form .8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) Types of triggers of Reports Views .

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