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The Spiritual Property of Food

The Spiritual Property of Food REAL PURPOSE OF FOOD I N THESE days when so much is being published about diets, it seems strange that the subject of the spiritual effect of food is overlooked. Perhaps the lack of appreciation of the spiritual effects of food is due to the fact that few people understand the real purpose of food. The popular idea is that food is eaten solely to maintain the chemical and physical constitution of the body. But even here, the subject is not dealt with properly, for the chemical effect of food cannot be measured exclusively in its relationship to our purely physical side. People have a physiochemical constitution, as well as a spiritual-conscious nature. In the oldest of the secret writings regarding the nature of personality and character, there are many references to the fact that the spirit manifests through the physical body and that the spiritual aspect is dependent upon the condition of the physical body for its expressions and its manifestations. SPIRITUAL MAN We might compare this idea with the electric light within the electric bulb. The real source of the light is in the wires within the glass bulb, but the manifestation of that light is dependent, to a great extent, upon the nature of the bulb that envelops it. A frosted bulb will give a greater amount of light compared to colored bulbs of the same wattage. The physical body is more than a mere envelope or covering for the great spiritual light within the human body. It is an instrument or a machine by which the spiritual aspect within, manifests its power, intellect, and divine attributes. Without the physical body the spirit within would not be able to manifest more than a small percentage of the power that it possesses. The body is a necessary instrument for the carrying out of spiritual qualities. THE EMOTIONS Few people realize that there are many emotional centers in the human body. Most of these are concerned with the glands and with the psychic centers, or chakras, of the nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is particularly concerned with the expression of emotions. Emotionally, each one of us is precisely what our glands and psychic centers are manifesting. N ot only is our health affected by the proper or improper functioning of the glands, but our emotional and spiritual condition as well. These nervous and mental conditions producing emotional and psychological effects have more to do with peaceful living, success in life, and the enjoyment of life than most people realize.

Long before we ever invented or interpreted any of the religious doctrines. and consciousness. It is the spiritual self that is the leader. or how well cared for the electric machinery may be. but it has a far more important place in life than its association with religious doctrines. physical. manifesting through these glands and psychic centers and carrying o n its activities through the sympathetic nervous system. and limited ways of understanding. is much like the electricity that is flowing through the wires in your home . Namely. It is supplied to all parts of the body through the blood circulatory system. It develops intuition and foresight. And eventually brings the awakening of the powers of clairvoyance and clairaudience. we had a good comprehension of our spiritual nature. material elements and. No matter how good the lights may be or how perfect the motors. Our spiritual nature is a thing separate and apart from most of our physical side. that there are two ways in which this spirituality enters the physical body. vitality. the sympathetic nervous system and the spinal nervous system. had it not been for the development and evolution of the spiritual side of his being. and drink. It is that nature which keeps us attuned with the Cosmic forces and the universal energies. THE SOURCE OF SPIRITUALITY When we come to analyze the source of our spirituality. And the other is through the foods we eat. is a divine essence carrying with it life. In fact. if something is interfering with the supply of electrical energy in the wires. It makes God and the spiritual tendencies of the divine consciousness comprehensible to us. One is through the air we breathe. It constantly seeks to lift itself higher and onward. The psychic centers and glands are like electric fixtures where the light and electric motors are connected. brain. secondly. and all of the chemical. it is our spiritual part that leads and directs our evolution and takes us gradually away from the animal kingdom toward a more spiritual type of being. Spiritual energy. Through these two sources. the purely chemical. It tends to be religious. we find. narrow ways of thinking. It comes into the human body through various sources. a certain form of the spiritual elements that nature provides for us in the form of food. It leads to the greatest degree of evolution. material elements of our existence follow the spiritual progress going on within. we add two important elements to the physical body. Our physical body. It makes us more humanitarian and more brotherly in our actions toward all Mankind. or Vital Life Force. Primitive man would never have advanced out of his crude ways of living. the lights and the machinery will not function properly.The Spiritual Property of Food SPIRITUAL CONDITIONS Our spiritual nature. It is controlled by the glands and psychic centers. 2 .

The Negative blood must. exhalation. You would inhale deeply. By deeper breathing. and formed into the negative polarity of of the Vital Life Force in the blood. 3 . Ideally. From the liver these "Negative Elements" pass into the vein carrying blood to the heart. The hands and feet are kept apart As an alternate to these two breathing practices. enter the right side of the heart and from there they are sent through the two "pulmonary arteries" to the lungs. Breathing exercises allow us to take on an additional amount of positive energy for psychic experiments and for special healing work. purified. we cause more of the negative polarity in the blood to become charged with the positive vitality of the air and thereby make our blood greater in its vitality. followed by positive breathing." in the blood. This is done by first doing negative breathing. Then repeating it for about five minutes. The effect can be enhanced by putting the hands together in the “prayer position” and keeping the feet together. neutral breathing can be done. travels through the system it uses up its Positive Polarity and again becomes Negative in polarity. It is best to do the breathing exercises outside or near an open window if possible. the inhalation. Then exhale completely and hold the breath out for the same amount of time that you held it in. and immediately exhaling the breath completely and holding it out as long as comfortable. as explained in our monographs. Blood vessels lead from the intestines to the liver. Then repeat this for five or ten minutes. From the lungs this vitalized blood returns to the left side of the heart and there it is pumped out through the arteries to all parts of the body. In normal breathing. Then the "Negative Elements. Here it is filtered. but oxygen is not the same as the Vital Life Force. where the negative polarity attracts the positive polarity taken in through breathing. Which is basically combining the negative and positive breathing together. As this Positive blood. It is important however. This is simply breathing deeply and regularly for five or ten minutes. The negative polarity of the blood will attract as much positive vitality as we take in through breathing. hold the breath for a few seconds. This process is much like the process of distributing oxygen throughout the body. Then repeating it for about five minutes. holding it as long as comfortable. Another alternative. We can bring in the positive energy for healing and spiritual uses through special breathing. we merely take in a small amount of the positive polarity. or by holding the breath. then exhaling. and holding will all be the same amount of time for each. Which is done by taking a deep breath. but we must balance that energy afterwards. to realize that the negative and positive polarities must be balanced for optimum health. return once more to the heart and from there be sent again to the lungs to be vitalized. therefore. flat on the floor. which reaches the negative cells of the blood and charges only a small portion of the negative with the positive.The Spiritual Property of Food Nutrition from food is taken into the circulatory system. is to do square breathing. Negative breathing is accomplished by taking a deep breath. In many of our breathing exercises we attempt to take more of the positive polarity into our body than in the normal process of breathing. This is a continuous process. Then you perform positive breathing.

The Spiritual Property of Food The best way to perform the special breathing. since this is the natural way to breath. It is quite effective for revitalizing you when you feel tired or have engaged in intense physical or mental activity. and then relaxing it. Instead of using the muscles of your chest to breath. just after awakening. the water becomes impregnated with the positive magnetism emanating from your hands. The advantage of a bowl is that you have more room for the placement of your hands. you may use a glass. slowly drink the contents of the bowl or glass. If you wish. By doing this. This make for shallow. If you become tired from the breathing in a few hours. Close your eyes and. you can breath somewhat deeper all the time. is to charge or magnetize pure water and drink it. perform deep positive breaths. In fact. the lungs will be driven like a bellows. during the day. It is important not to strain when you start to breath more deeply. The diaphragm is located just under the lungs. This. In this way. or normal breathing for that matter. it will become a habit and you won't have to think about it. After concentrating in this way for about three minutes. or in the daytime between meals. By expanding the belly outwards. This enhances the power of purification and regeneration of the water. tense breathing. This practice provides a surplus of vitality to your body and it provides a feeling of well-being. above the stomach. This allows for deep breathing for an extended time. while concentrating on the psychic consciousness of your hands. After about a month of remembering to breath deeply with your diaphragm. we tend to use our chest muscles to breath. If you feel a tenseness or straining around your collar bone. 4 . The idea is to breath in more of the positive Vital Life force all the time so your body can use this extra Life Force to make itself into a more useful vehicle for spritual development. you are breathing too deeply to be sustainable. is to use diaphragmatic or belly breathing. you are breathing too deeply. This is the way babies naturally breath. use the diaphragm instead. The affect should be to make you feel vitalized and relaxed. The process is as follows: Take a bowl filled with pure water and hold it at the level of your solar plexus. Magnetizing Water A technique to enhance the vitalizing effect of positive breathing. The best results are obtained by doing it every morning. it is best to get into a habit of normally breathing with the diaphragm. in conjuction with eating more green leafy vegitables will give you the extra spiritual energy you need. If we become tense. placing your hands flat against the opposite sides.

medium course should be pursued in the preparation and eating of food Another serious condition regarding the modern preparation of food is that either in cooking or preparing the food. constitutes a vital energy that is necessary to the spiritual side of life. is filled with a large amount of spiritual essence which the leaves and stems have received from the sun and the moisture in the air. or boiling these greens. the tendency has been to alter nature's products before we eat them. The ancient mystics who went into this subject very deeply have preserved their discoveries. Fire. may look more delicate. is cut away and destroyed. through heat and cooking. the thin layer just beneath the skin. Fire. On the other hand. But its nature is always to change things. much. But when it comes to the cooking of green things. and may be more refined in many ways. We are all familiar with the fact that the most nutritious part of the potato is the skin. all living vegetable life that has stems and branches and foliage rising above the surface of the earth. It may be more tasteful. but it has lost. stewing. but it will not build up the spiritual side. so much of the better part of the food is removed. Only a few foods were cooked. the electromagnetic juice containing the Vital Life Force. This essence. This center pulp will build up the chemical side of the physical body. A moderate. the very best part of the food is cast aside. raises the rates of vibrations and changes the nature of things in a different way. on the other hand. Primitive man began to cook some food in order to make it more more palatable. Water is a solvent and dissolves things or changes the nature of things through solvency. we change it so greatly that it no longer represents what nature intended us to eat. is a destructive agency as well as constructive one. of the spiritual essence in it. people commit the greatest error in the preparation of food. Most of them were eaten raw. as the alchemists knew. Cooking any kind of food changes its original nature. is boiled out and changed in its nature. said the ancient alchemists.The Spiritual Property of Food THE WRONG FOOD In our modern world. and we find them in the ancient writings of the various schools of spiritual thought. In the ordinary process of peeling a potato. By cooking. According to these ancient ideas. flowing in the leaves and stems of the vegetables or plants. or those things of a green-leaf nature. Fire and water. were the two great forces in the universe for producing the millions of changes we see going on. eating raw food exclusively is not recommended. 5 . Then gradually civilization invented ways and means of altering nearly all foods so that today very little of the food we eat enters our bodies in its natural condition. the most important essence. Only the center pulp of the potato is eaten. And when the boiling water is drained off. The moment we add fire or heat to our food. and if we eat an abundance of cooked food we are not deriving the proper benefit from the food. if not all.

As for which types of vegetables are the best. and are not soluble in water. The important point is that the best results are obtained by eating those green vegetables you enjoy. but it is a means of maintaining the proper spiritual qualities within the physical body so that character and personality may evolve and the higher spiritual faculties may unfold and function. The amounts to be taken are to be determined. but an excess of meateating. Uncooked green peas and green beans are also excellent and absolutely necessary as part of the daily or weekly diet. greenleaf lettuce. thereby weakening the nerve energy. is not in our best interests. by the enjoyment one derives from eating these things and. like an excess of the eating of cooked vegetables. Water cress and dandelion are excellent as raw foods and help make other foods tasteful. the negative energy contained in the right kind of food and the positive energy brought into the body through breathing. by the sense of increasing vitality and energy experienced after the first few weeks of regulating the diet in this manner. 6 . we see that food is not only a means of building up and maintaining the physical and material strength of the body. SUMMARY From all of the foregoing. No matter how these green plants may be eaten and chewed. The proper energy and vitality for the blood can be supplied through only two ways. We see that proper breathing. second. Absolute abandonment of meateating is not necessary in order to develop a normal body. they retain their form and their pure vital essence if they are not boiled or modified by heat. and similar vegetables with green leaves can be enjoyed as a salad. go directly through the digestive system of the mouth and stomach into the blood stream and there they discharge their vitality and energy. highly charged with spiritual essence. Celery. fundamental cause of disease lies in an abnormal composition of the polarity of the body. along with exercise. VEGETABLE FOOD An important point is that these green cells in green vegetation are not destroyed by chewing. If you force yourself to eat food you dislike. wholesome liquids. green vegetables. and vital foods are essential to life. is to add plenty of fresh. this must be left to the individual. the food we eat is just dead matter. And in an improper functioning of the glands because of a lack of the proper energy. but it will not supply the subtle vitality which is also needed for health and spiritual growth. first. But are injured by heating and boiling. The real. these millions of little green cells. it will not be as beneficial. Therefore.The Spiritual Property of Food Without this Vital Life Force. The only way to correct the effects of modern diet. Namely. It will satisfy the chemical elements necessary for physical health. We see that eating meat is something that must be regulated and it must not overshadow the eating of vegetables.

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