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Neuburger English 102-109 February 28, 2011 Annotated Bibliography: The Holocaust

Nazi¶s Come to Power
"The Nazi Rise to Power." Lexington Highschool, 1997. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This article goes through how Hitler and the Nazi¶s rose to power, leading up to the Holocaust and through it. The article goes in detail of Hitler¶s early life giving some background on his history. It tells of the Beer Hall Putsh, and how he formed the SS. The article explains the impact of the Great Depression here in America, and how much it helped gain Hitler power in Germany. The article explains The Night of Long Knives, which gives a lot of insight on Hitler¶s urge to kill. I will use this article to explain how rapidly the Nazi¶s and Hitler came to power, as well as how people were so desperate for an answer during that time in history that they believed the only thing heard. Nazi¶s Views on Jews Stein, S. D. "Statements by Hitler and Senior Nazis Concerning Jews and Judaism." HLSS - Social Sciences. 04 Mar. 2000. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. The actual words from Hitler¶s mouth, in this article, show the hatred of the Jews. The article will help me explain how the Nazi¶s thought of the Jews as an epidemic that had to be stopped. Also gives exact quotes that I can use to show the actual leadership of all Nazi¶s, how his words were what the Nazi¶s believed and carried out during the Holocaust. I will use this article to explain the actual plans and steps to carrying out the goal, also to fully explain the goal through Hitler¶s speeches and conversations. Nuremburg Laws

"World War II in Europe Timeline: September 15, 1935 - The Nuremberg Race Laws." The History Place. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This article tells of the new laws to the Germans and Jews. It explains who had rights as humans and who did not. There is a detailed chart that shows how they labeled each person. Also, it explains the marriage laws after Hitler enforced the Nuremburg laws. It shows that there were two different laws under the Nuremburg laws and explains each. It explains the confusion on


what a full Jew was. The article tells of the examinations you had to have in order to even receive qualification for a marriage license.


"The American Experience.America and the Holocaust.People & Events | "Kristallnacht" | PBS."PBS: Public Broadcasting Service. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This article explains why the Nazi¶s were enraged even before krystallnacht, and it shows that was µthe last straw¶ and was caused the final outrage. The article explains the reasoning of the destruction of all Jewish businesses as well as the laws that followed that night. The article explains how the Nazi¶s were successful, after krystallnacht, at removing Jews from German Economic life. It even explains that the Nazi storm troopers were not responsible for the damages, it talks about who was, and how much exactly. The article tells that krystallnacht shook the world but there was not any action enacted by any other country, everyone was in awe of the actions of the German Nazi¶s. The article also explains what the President of the United States did for the Jews that were currently in the United States visiting. Rounding Up Jews Vashem, Yad. "Daily Life in the Ghettos - Yad Vashem." Yad Vashem, 2011. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This piece explains how crowded the ghettos were and how daily life was for these prisoners. It also tells of how they tried to go on, and live above the situation they were in. It is a very informational piece on how violent the ghettos were, even before the death camps during the holocaust. It tells of how overcrowded they were and how unsanitary the place was, also tells of the executions there and how they did them in private and in public. This piece will give more insight on how the Jews lived in such fear and uncertainty. These ghettos were supposed to be temporary and ended up lasting for four years. Warsaw was the largest ghetto, Lodz was the second largest. Theresienstadt was where a movie was created about the life of the Jews under the Nazi¶s; all of the actors were sent to Auschwitz and exterminated. All of these places will help explain the different happenings in different ghettos. The Final Solution "The "Final Solution"" Holocaust Cybrary Remembering the Stories of the Survivors Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This article explains the actual plan that they acted out, but also explains the prior one that they never enacted, the Madagascar Plan. This article names a person responsible for the deporation


of the Jews. This article breaks down the plan of the Final Solution and how it was acted out. It explains how the plan was not only intended for Jews but for all non-Aryans. The program of the Nazi¶s mass murder plan is well described in this article. The death camps, ghettos and deportation were all plans of the Final Solution. The whole Nazi Regime had one goal and that was to exterminate all Jews and non Aryans. The Wannasee Conference was where the Final Solution all started. Selection "Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims - 5 Million Forgotten." Holocaust - Non-Jewish Victims of the Holocaust - Pictures - Stories. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This article well describes the selection of the people that Hitler wanted dead. The different religious groups, races, and countries are all described. The article describes the selection process well. Some groups had to wear different attire to set themselves apart and so that all Nazi Regime would know who they were. In the article it states that the root of all the discrimination and selection methods come from Hitler himself. The article is very particular and gives great detail on every different group that was not accepted to live under the Nazi law. It also tells us that some were immediately terminated some were just sent away some died in the terrible death camps. There were many different ways to be selected for many different methods of ³punishment´. Extermination Methods "Holocaust Education." The Danish Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. There were many types of extermination during the Holocaust. This article describes them all. They tested many of them and learned the best methods of killing the most they could as quickly as they could. This article explains where they learned of some of the methods of killing. The article also tells of the different places that they got the best results from the different extermination methods. They were trying to keep these secret, but not secret for long. As people learned of how they were killing these innocent people. The methods were an attempt to carry out the final solution. 5 Death Camps Austin, Ben S. "The Camps." Middle Tennessee State University. 02 Feb. 1996. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. As the author writes of more than just the five main death camps one can learn more about the particular killing techniques of each camp. This article tells of the lies of the Germans. They told the prisoners, mostly Jews that there was no hope for them. It tells of the worst camps with the worst conditions as well as all of the other camps during the Holocaust. The statistics of all of the Jews killed and how they were killed will come from this website. Some of the camps that are nearly forgotten, that do not have a lot of information will be included because of this


website. It tells of the greatest crime in human history and how the Nazi¶s and others involved got away with what they did. The final count of Jews killed will come from this website. Liberation "Liberation of Nazi Camps." United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. 6 Jan. 2011. Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. The Liberation of the concentration and death camps took some time. This article describes how the Nazi¶s tried to destroy evidence of killing all of the Jews and other non-Aryans that they had murdered. This article describes the specific countries that freed specific camps. It also explains that all the Liberators were confronted by awful conditions at these camps. The ones who survived through the camps were found barely alive. This article explains that it was not until after the liberation till the world grasped the reality of what had happened in these camps during this time. The article also tells us that some of the camps were so infested with disease that they had to be burned down to prevent any epidemic of the diseases. The article also tells of some of the remains that they did find from the ones that were murdered in the camps, the different items that were just left in heaps and piles afterwards, it show just how massive these murders were. What Happens to Jews After Liberation (formation of Israel) Until 1948 Rosenberg, Matt. "Displaced Jews." Geography Home Page - Geography at Web. 27 Feb. 2011. <>. This article explains that after the Liberation that most all of the Jews were left in the concentration camps. They were made to stay there, they brought in treatment so that they would stop dying, but were not allowed to leave. The militaries in charge of keeping them safe believed that they may harm those outside of the camps. The Jews that were left wanted to go to Palestine. This article tells of how they were surveyed and how other parts of the world were the reason that they started allowing them to flee to Palestine. The article describes how those that did not get better, those who died from the malnutrition and disease got buried. The article shows us that Britain lost control of Palestine in 1948, so that is when the emigration had to cease. This article explains what happened to all the Jews that were left over from the Holocaust.

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